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We had completely sold out of
Dare To Prepare last month and rather than hit the 'reprint button,' Dare received a complete update – now the 6th Edition. Product suggestions from companies, where to purchase them and most photos have changed. The material has all been thoroughly vetted and yes, some of the information has changed, too. Had originally thought revisions would take a weekend. Instead it required 6-1/2 weeks to research and another week to get it ready for the printers, working every day to give you the most current, best book. I promise, it was worth the wait!

All of our books, DVDs and CDs are 100% American-made.

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UPDATE NOV 27: The EMP SHIELDs began shipping today.

Stan announced on The Hagmann Report Sept. 26 that he would make available in the coming weeks an EMP Shield that will protect your home or business. It is mighty!4x stronger than military grade – and just in time with all the reports of nuclear war and increased threats to the power grid! NOTE: This is a different project from the alternate energy device described above.

On Nov. 22, the EMP SHIELD received all accreditation from the Dept. of Defense EMP Shield testing lab in Pittsburg. Here are the test results. See for yourself! They tried their hardest to make it fail and it passed with flying colors. They were amazed! The EMP Shield is easy to install. Click here for installation instructions – it's a simple 2-page PDF.

If you are among the first 500 to order, Stan will send you a discount for a $50 SAVINGS. This applies to multiple-unit orders saving $50 on each EMP Shield. Email Stan with EMP Shield in the subject line or use this: Once you receive the code, go to

DEC 15
Nikki Haley: Missile Wreckage Proves Iran Is Violating Rules on Weapons Transfers

Related: Why Is Iran Testing Ballistic Missiles After the Nuclear Deal?

Related: Iran to Take 'Any Action Necessary' to Respond If US Passes Sanctions Over Ballistic Missile Program

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Iran's Ballistic Missiles

The US Said It Might Block NKorean Ships – and Pyongyang Called It a 'Big Step' Toward Nuclear War

Member of NKorean Leader’s Inner Circle Vanishes, Reportedly Executed By Death Squad
US Fighter Jets 'Head-Butt' Russian Jets in Syria: US Official

Putin Blasts American Establishment's "Russian Spy Hysteria"
California's Thomas Wildfire Has Nothing to Do with Climate Change

Net Neutrality: The FCC Voted to End It. What That Means for You
10 of the Most Ridiculous Overreactions to the Net Neutrality Vote
New F-35A Fighter Jet Gets a New Powerful Bomb
DEC 15
GOP Turns Focus to FBI's McCabe after Text Suggests Officials Discussed Anti-Trump 'insurance Policy'

Comey Edits Revealed: Remarks on Clinton Probe Were Watered Down, Documents Show
Clintons 'Systematically Destroyed' Secret Service's Integrity – Let Chinese Generals Walk into the WH with Unchecked Brown Paper Bags, Claims Ex-Officer

Paul Ryan Reportedly Retiring after 2018 Midterms; Speaker Denies

Are President Trump’s Enemies Using HAM Radio to Evade Surveillance?
Teen Gets Plea Deal in Rape, Murder of 12-Year-Old Girl He Lured with Lost Cat Story

'Porch Pirate' Accused of Stealing $6,500 in Goods Including Socks, Bed Frame, Shampoo

Dem Senator, Tom Carper, Admitted to Hitting Wife in Interview
Why Would Anyone Trust Feinstein and Schumer to Support Their Gun Rights?
Deep State’s Christmas Present to America: Surveillance That Never Ends
NY Times Reports Obama Only Told 18 Falsehoods During Entire Presidency

Obama Lies the NYTimes Chose Not to Call Out
Related: Obama's Shocking List of Lies

Commissioner Suggests U.N. Send Troops to Fight ‘Quiet Genocide’ of Gun Violence in Chicago
April Ryan's Riculous 'Piegate' Resolved When Sarah Sanders Invites Her for Some Chocolate Pecan Pie at Press Potluck – HOLLY NOTE: The left continues to reveal itself to be as petty as most conclude. Talk about grasping at nothing to write about…

Step Inside the US' New $1 Billion Embassy in London – the Most Expensive Ever Constructed

Naked Man Jumps on Moving Truck, Stabs Roof, Attacks Driver
DEC 15
ISIS Threatens National Cathedral in Fiery Propaganda Image

ISIS Threatens U.S. Attacks Over Trump’s Jerusalem Decision – “We Will Do More Ops in Your Land, Until the Final Hour and We Will Burn You with the Flames of War…”
Weapons Went from the CIA to ISIS In Less Than Two Months, New Study Reveals
SKorea Braces for Terrorism at the 2018 Winter Games
Trump Cuts 22 Regs for Every New One
Trump on Deregulation: 'We Beat Our Goal By a Lot'

Sen. Marco Rubio Says He’s a ‘No’ on Tax Bill Without Child Credit Changes
Bank Believes It Found Identity of Who Is "Propping Up the Bitcoin Market"
A Delighted Dormouse Is Crowned Winner of the Comedy Wildlife Awards, Shocked Seal and Frisky Bears among Runners-Up

Hilarious Holiday Feast: 13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating with Human Hands

17 Host Gifts to Bring to the Party That Are Better Than Wine

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