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NEWS for SEPT 18 – National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Observatories Closed Worldwide For Unspecified Reasons – HOLLY NOTE: Last Thursday we were going to post this article with clarifications, but since it'd rotated around the Internet for several days, we figured by then everyone understood the errors. But this topic isn't going away. We're still getting questions and alarmist 'news' stories about it. Click bait. If people had read only the headline and not the article, they would have gotten a very wrong impression.

Yes, the solar observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico is closed and people were evacuated and yes, there are no specifics. So imaginations are going every which way. I called the Apache Observatory just a mile away on the 14
th. They don't know what's going on at Sunspot, but Apache Observatory is open for business.

So back to this article. Out of the 7 mentioned observatories, only Sunspot is closed. However the World Tribune article doesn't reveal this till the very bottom of the piece. The other named sites' webcams are down
– the observatories are not closed.

In association with this story, at least one website ran the story that there's an "80% Probability of Planet-Wide 'Carrington Event' Within Weeks; That's Why Solar Observatories Closed". This is the response we gave to
a concerned site reader:

"This is nonsense. First, we're in a solar minimum indicative of very low solar activity and it's declining more quickly than forecast. See graph here. Read current analysis here.

Second, a planet-wide CME event isn't possible because particles can only affect Earth where they strike directly. One side of Earth faces the Sun, the other doesn't. They can't 'wrap around." That's why when solar flares and CMEs occur, scientists are only concerned if they're Earth-directed.
No Aliens? Mysterious FBI Closing of Sunspot Solar Observatory Is Finally Explained – HOLLY NOTE: If this is an adequate explanation then Obama is a saint. At the very least, the 'explanation' leaves a lot to the imagination.

“The Magnificent Seven’ — Hubble Detects a Neutron Star With Features Never Seen Before in a Group of Strange X-ray Pulsars

Officials Kill 2 Grizzly Bears Suspected Of Killing Hunting Guide, Injuring Client in Wyoming

Donald Trump Orders Declassification of Russia Investigation Records

Andrew McCarthy: FISA Warrants Show Trump Was Criminal Target From The Beginning

Lisa Page: Possible ‘Literally Nothing’ to Russia Collusion Story Before Mueller Appointment

Who Will Investigate the FBI and DOJ Top Secret Leaks to the Media?

First Man – Continued Deconstruction Of America To Make Way For The New World Order
Kavanaugh, Accuser to Testify at Monday Hearing, Thursday Vote Is Off

Joe Biden: ‘Dregs of Society’ Support Donald Trump
FEMA Postpones Test of ‘Presidential Alert’ Broadcast to Nation’s Cellphone Users
Elizabeth Warren Fundraises Off Sexual Assault Allegation Against Kavanaugh
Capital Expenditures Surge to 25-year High, R&D Jumps 14% as Companies Spend Tax Cut Riches Freely

Cancer Spreads from Organ Donor to 4 People in 'Extraordinary' Case

Targeting This Key Bacterial Molecule Could Reduce The Need For Antibiotics in UTIs
Anne Hathaway Tells Crowd to ‘Tear This World Apart’ During Speech Blasting ‘Cisgender Privilege’
When Doctors Predicted These Coma Patients Would Not Wake Up, AI Disagreed. Then All 7 Patients Woke Up.

Emergency Declared at Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant in North Carolina… All Personnel Blocked From Entering The Facility as "Hot Shutdown" Under Way

Related: Hot Shutdown In Progress at Brunswick Nuclear Reactor N. Carolina – HOLLY NOTE: This is an on-going update page, so search for the word 'shutdown'.

UN Report Identifies Where Global Harvests Will Rise And Fall By 2050 – HOLLY NOTE: Is there any question then why China is buying up great chunks of Australia, the U.S., Canada, Europe and surprisingly Africa. I wrote about this dangerous trend in Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed two years ago. Countries with already imperiled land and water will be most at risk in the coming prophesied famine. This doesn't leave the rest of us exempt because weather and volcanic explosions can wipe out crops in a heartbeat.

China is home to 20% of the world's population. They have managed to destroy most of their own water resources through horrible farming techniques and unclean practices.

Think dead pigs. In 2013, Chinese disposed of over 16,000 dead hogs found rotting in their 2
nd largest river – the Huangpu River, which supplies Shanghai with some of its drinking water. China's water is so foul that residents who can afford it drink nothing but bottled water. Now China is coming for other countries' precious farmland and water resources.
Migrants Illegally Entering Arizona by the Hundreds, Says Border Patrol

Washington Post's Damning Report Claiming the Trump Admin. Denied Passports to Hispanics Who Are U.S. Citizens Had Glaring Factual Errors, HuffPost Finds

Southern Surge: 25% of All K-12 U.S. Students Are Hispanic

Border Wall - A Love Story – HOLLY NOTE: This is not what Americans voted for. One viewer on YouTube astutely commented: "This wall looks to be about 16 or 18 feet high and could easily be scaled. Throw a rope over, tie it off and climb up and over unless it's got some type of built in sensors it won't stop many people. Two 20 foot ladders tied together could put 100 people over this wall in an hour. What happened to the new border walls that are 30 feet high?"

U.S. Congress Flooding the U.S With 44 Million Foreign Born
Will Stalled Immigration Reform Shape Midterm Elections?
Mexico Finds 124 Central American Migrants Aboard Trucks
A Needed Pause: Trump Administration Caps Refugee Admissions at Record-Low 30,000

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