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This survey commissioned by National Geographic found that
41% of Americans believe that stocking up on supplies or building
a bomb shelter is a wiser investment than a 401(k).

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Editorial of the Day 1, 2 – Re: #2. A woman recently retired from the military sent this in and said she wished all Americans would read it. The message is as true today as it was when penned 15 years ago. H/T Marilyn B.
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APR 24
South-central US May Face Severe Weather Outbreak By Next Weekend

Europe’s Most Active Volcano Etna Continues to Spew Lava & Smoke
July-like Heat to Overtake Much of Eastern US Toward End of April

Peter Ward on Extinctions and the Future of Earth (begins 21:08 min. in)
Friday's Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm – HOLLY NOTE: If this is the cause, it's a reminder of what happens when the Sun throws a fit. More of these are predicted that will be much worse, so now would be a good time for those who haven't prepped for emergencies to get busy. For the rest who are well-stocked, use this time to complete those preps that have been put off till later'. In the midst of any disaster isn't the time to regret, shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Related: Solar Storm Scientists Prepare for Geomagnetic Event That Could Destroy Technology Across the World for Years – HOLLY NOTE: While this article this article suggests scientists are 'preparing', the grid that sustains ALL life as we know it, is not yet hardened. 'Preparing' could mean anything from forming committees to address the problem or even just talking about they ought to be doing something. It certainly doesn't mean the grid is ready for an EMP hit – evidenced by the Friday's San Francisco power outage.
Harvard University LGBT Fact Sheet Claims Gender Can 'Change Day to Day'
Zika Outbreak Feared on Texas Border
New Study: Unborn Babies Feel Pain in 1st Trimester – Adult-Like Pattern of Skin Innervation Established Before End 13 Weeks

Michigan: Muslim Doctor Held for Performing Female Genital Mutilation Is Wife of Mosque Leader
Vitamin D May Be Your Best Defense Against Respiratory Infections, New Science Finds
1 Christian Killed Virtually Every Hour – 90,000 Christians Murdered Last Year Alone – and 1,000s Still Put Their Lives at Risk for Their Beliefs
Outraged Muslims to March on Amazon Over Prayer Breaks

APR 21
US Southern Plains at Risk for Dangerous Wind, Tornadoes and Flash Flooding on Friday

Earthquakes General Comment – HOLLY NOTE: There is a distinct lessening of Richter 7 quakes. Magnitude 8s are completely absent for this year and last. In fact, since Jan. 2014, only 2 Richter 8s have occurred, which is low by HALF and not even that many 6s have struck. This could indicate building pressure around the globe along faultlines.
5 Killed By Lightning Strikes in Bangladesh
Coldest Temperatures in Decades Recorded across the Netherlands
Snow and Frost Put Spring on Hold in Switzerland

Trump Has Eliminated $86 Billion in Regs

Number of People Collecting Unemployment Reaches 17-Year Low
Nobody Works in 1 in 5 U.S. Families: Parents with Children in Home More Likely to Work
Taxpayer-Funded Duck Penis Researcher Now Studying Whale Penises – Attending 'March for Science' to Protest Budget Cuts
Trump: 'Good Chance' of Passing ObamaCare Repeal 'Soon'
Study: Daily Diet Soda TRIPLES Stroke Risk
Every 98 Seconds, Someone Is Sexually Assaulted
Lyrid Meteor Shower to Peek Early Morning of April 22

NASA Captures Images of Large Asteroid Flying By Earth
What Would an Asteroid Impact Be Like: 1,000-MPH Winds and Powerful Shock Waves Deadliest Effects
Ancient Stone Carvings Confirm How Comet Struck Earth in 10,950 BC, Sparking Rise of Civilizations
Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza Part of 1,200 InterContinental Hotels Cyber Attack
Experts Baffled By Discovery of Hundreds of Mysterious Tunnels in Brazil
One Pair of Rats Could Produce Half a BILLION Descendants in Just 3 Years If Left Unchecked
Unknown Ancient Reptile Roamed the Pyrenees Mountains

APR 24

Independent Evidence Conflicts With Dossier on Suspected Trump-Russia Conspiracy
The Shadowy Extremist Group Behind the Anti-Trump Riots

Massive Nuclear Drill in NY/NJ: Operation Gotham Shield, April 24th – Media Silent
Trump to Sign EOs on Drilling, Cybersecurity and a Rural America Task Force
Trump Eyeing Second Supreme Court Seat
Was Hillary Clinton Behind the Transfer of Chemical Weapons Used in Idlib, Syria?
Seymour Hersh: Hillary Clinton Sold Nerve Gas to Terrorists in Syria
Why Can’t the Clintons Just Go Away?
Political Correctness Is Ruining Our Strategy to Defeat Terrorism
Damage in the Wake of ‘No Drama Obama’

My Heart on the Line – HOLLY NOTE: A woman recently retired from the military sent this in and said she wished all Americans would read it. The message is as true today as it was when penned 15 years ago. H/T Marilyn B.
Iran Wants to Import 950 Tons of Uranium: Nuke Deal Opponents Want Trump Administration to Say No
NKorea Arrests 3rd US Citizen, Threatens to Sink US Aircraft Carrier as Japan Deploys Warships
NKorea Warns Australia It's in Nuclear Weapon Range
…Could Wipe Out the World with Just 3 Nukes Brags Kim’s Man in the West
Kim Jong Un Party Paradise: Dictator's Resort Revealed as Millions of His People Literally Starve

The Cannibals of North Korea
North Korea Eats Itself
Far-right Le Pen, Centrist Macron to Meet in French Presidential Runoff Election

Italy Migrant Crisis: Charities 'Colluding' With Smugglers

Pope Francis Calls Refugee Centers Concentration Camps
UK: Muslim Mayoral Candidate Delivers BBC vIdeo Manifesto Entirely in Urdu
April the Giraffe's Baby Boosts Funds for Tiny Zoo's Upkeep, Conservation – Millions Waiting for Boy to Be Named

Great Dane Weighs the Same as a BABY ELEPHANT and Is 7Ft Long Challenges to be UK's Biggest Dog

APR 21

Trump Sidesteps Direct Blame on China as He Orders Investigation of Steel Dumping
Obama Operatives Direct Town Hall Disruptions Nationwide 

EPA Begins Trump's Process of Weeding Out Workers
U.S. Intelligence Officials Announce Manhunt Is Underway for ‘Traitor’ Who Revealed Surveillance Secrets
CIA Admits Russia NOT Behind Hack, and Obama CIA Chief IS Behind Trump-Russia Rumors
Ann Coulter Rejects Berkeley's Proposal to Reschedule Her Speech

Coulter: Your Choice – A Green America or a Brown America
The Anti-Free Speech Movement – UC Berkeley’s Gravediggers of Freedom

O'Reilly Not the Left's Real Target
Wellesley Students Advocate Hostility on Campuses to Silence Conservative ‘Hate Speech’

How to Talk Like a Social Justice Campus Crybully

Census: More 18-to-34 Now Live with Parents Than Spouse
Are All White People Racists? One Leftist School Is Teaching This
College Basketball Team Displays Anti-Gay Banner, Outrage Ensues
New York Times Exonerates Palestinian Arch Terrorist and Murderer

Russia Outlaws Jehovah's Witnesses
It's Supernatural! What It Takes to Hear God Speak

APR 24
Mulvaney: Democrats Obstructionism on Border Wall ‘Stunning’

Trump May End Repeatedly Extended Haitian Migrant Program: 'Temporary' Protected Status for 50,000 Refugees Living in U.S. under DHS Review
California Democrat Leader de León: Trump Immigration Crackdown ‘Based on Principles of White Supremacy’

Pence Embraces US-Australia Partnership After Trump Spat
REPORT: ICE Failures Under Obama Leave 2.2 Million Deportable Aliens with Criminal Records on the Streets
Former NYPD Commissioner Weighs in on Sanctuary City Debate

5 Border Horrors Establishment Media Mostly Ignore

ICE Deports Twice-Removed MS-13 Gang Member Wanted for Murders in El Salvador

Chutzpah: Imam of 9/11-Linked Mosque Demands Open Borders in San Diego
Perfect Storm Advancing Upon America: National Suicide
Drug Traffickers Killed in Shootout Near US-Mexico Border Spark Huge Riots

U.S. Soldier Who Supports War Against Islamic State Files Lawsuit Calling It Illegal
Paris Terror Attack: Did ISIS Make an Error Naming Extremist?
Pakistani Government Sheltering Al-Qaeda Top Dog Zawahiri

Israel Honors the Millions Who Perished in the Holocaust
'There Will Be No Palestinian State Without Gaza'

Trump: America Stands Strong with Israel
APR 21
More Russian Spy Planes, Bombers Approach Alaskan Airspace in 4th Consecutive Night

U.S. Sends Nuclear Sniffer Plane to Korea

NKorea Has Nearly Completed Work on Its Advanced Submarine Missile Program, UN Experts Claim
Putin Sends Troops to Russia-NKorea Border Over Fears Trump Will Attack Kim Jong-Un, Sparking a Tidal Wave of Refugees
Chinese Bombers ‘On High Alert’ for Possible ‘North Korea Contingency’

Western VIPs Converging on New Zealand in Secret Meeting
Taliban Decry Environmental Impact of U.S. MOAB Explosion

Italy's Prime Minister: Don't Let Africa Become 'Second Chinese Continent'
DHS Secretary Kelly says Dreamer Lost Status Because of ‘Illegal Actions’

ICE Is Overworked and Losing Track of Immigrants Who Pose National Security Threats
Border Wall Will Move Forward By Summer's End
Jeff Sessions Cites 'Incredible Progress' on Immigration at the Border
Mexico to US: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Is a 'Violation' of Rules

31 Border Patrol Agents in Texas Recognized for Heroism
Four MS-13 Members Convicted in Racketeering Case

City Under Siege: Latest Attack in Paris Would Be the 6th Terrorist Strike on French Capital in 3 Years

Jailed for 20 Years, But Released Early – Freed to Kill More Police
ISIS Claims Responsibility…

Le Pen Calls for France to Restore Border Controls

Gates Fears Rise of Bioterrorism

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