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The following links give you a quick, bottom line look at today's concerns. There are many other sources available, but these give you a comprehensive overview without chasing around the Net. We have included information for our Canadian friends where available. —Holly Deyo

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Solar Articles

º Changes in the Sun’s Surface to Bring Next Climate Change
º NASA Satellites Capture Start of New Solar Cycle
º Solar Cycle 24 Heats Up - Could Wreak Havoc
º Solar Cycle 24 Has Started
º Ulysses Flyby of the Sun's North Pole
º Solar Forecasters Warning Sunspots May Affect Cell Phones, GPS, Other Communications
º It's the Sun, Stupid
º Solar Wind is Cause of Warming Earth
º Sun to Blame for Mysterious Blemishes on Saturn Moon
º The Sun Rips Off a Comet's Tail + video
º Vibrations on the Sun May 'Shake' the Earth
º Moving to the Rhythm of the Sun
º Radio ‘Screams’ Forecast Dangerous Solar Storms
º Climate Change Hits Mars; Southern Ice Cap at Risk
º The Sun Goes Haywire - flashback
º Latest Sun Flare Put at X28, Strongest on Record - flashback
º Sun's Massive Explosion Upgraded to X45 * - flashback
º Sun Shoots Monster Flare at Earth - flashback
º Space Storm Hits, Earth Survives - flashback
º Sun in Frenzy Since 1940, Germans Say - flashback
º 2012: Repeat of 1859 Solar "Super-Storm" Catastrophe?
º Sun Burp Blasted Ozone Layer in 1859
º Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says
º Sun Still Main Force in Climate Change
º The Sun Moves Climate Change
º US Urges Scientists to Block Out Sun
º Huge Solar Storms Could Zap Earth, Scientists Warn
º Scientists Warn of Immense Solar Storm Threat
º Global Warming on Jupiter?
º Brighter Sun Adds to Fears of Climate Change

Muzzled Scientisits: Silence is Golden?

º NASA Downplayed Global Warming to Protect Bush
º What Government Doesn't Want You to Know and Rewrote the Science
º Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him
º Global Warming Scientist Silenced, Official Says
º Muzzled Climate Researchers Feeling Heat From White House
º Climate and Ocean Scientists Put Under New Speech Restraints
º Australian Scientists Gagged on Greenhouse Emissions, Rising Sea Levels
º Australian Scientist Encouraged to Resign Over Climate Warning
º Federal Scientist Told Not To Speak About His Novel; Government Also Axes 15 Kyoto Research Programs
º Minister Stops Book Talk By Environment Canada Scientist