December 30
Happy Ending to a Frozen Tail
December 29
"Tsunami" Hippo, Tortoise Mark Year Together
Toga's Parents are Building a New Nest
Squirrel Returns to Visit Surrogate Mom Dog, Family
Beau, the Guide Dog Who Took the Senate Floor
December 27
Scientists Train Wasps for War on Terror
December 23
Dog Stuck on Frozen Railroad Tracks Rescued
Pet Food Recalled in 23 States After Deadly Fungus Found
Australians Swat Away Plague of Bush Flies
December 22
Outlook Grim for Stolen Penguin
December 19
"Katrina Pets" Deadline Passes and Adoptions Begin
Victoria Battles Worst Locust Plague in Decades
December 16
Plague of Locusts Nears City
December 13
Extinction Alert for 800 Species
December 12
Continental, American Airlines Log Most Pet Deaths
Red Tide Kills 79 Manatees off Southwest Florida in 2005
December 8
New Creature Found on Tropical Island
In Dog Genome, Scientists See Man's Best Hope
December 6
Bear Decides to Hibernate Under Pa. Porch
December 1
Chick Magnet
November 29
Sir Paul McCartney Boycotts China Over Cat and Dog Abuse
November 26
Dog Found in Smashed Truck Day After Crash
November 25
Hurricanes' Animal Survivors Need More Help
World's Ugliest Dog Dies at 14
November 23
Owner Says Dog Found Her Cancer
November 22
Dog Treat May Carry Danger

Lulu the Roo Hops to Bravery Award
November 17
Can Animals Predict Disaster?
November 11
Dog Honored as "Cat of the Year"
Giving Military Dogs Their Due
Soldier and Dog Reunited
Gigantic Apes Coexisted With Early Humans, Study Finds
November 10
Golden Retriever Gives Birth to Green Puppy
November 9
Two Drunken Moose Invade Home for Elderly
November 6
Rare White Alligator Awes Zoo Visitors
November 5
Behind the Recent Spate of Vampire Bat Attacks
November 4
Shaggy Survivors Hanging on After Katrina
The Survivor: Tough Kitten Overcame Hurricane and Fire
Deer Attacks Puzzle Wildlife Officials
November 3
Man Saves Dog, Dog Saves Man
October 31
Pampered Pets Rack Up $36B
October 26
Why Your Dog is Smarter Than a Wolf
October 24
Cunning Rat Outsmarts Scientists
October 23
More Horses Die Suddenly, Mysteriously
October 21
Dog Flu Hits Louisiana Kennel Full of Hurricane 'Evacuee Dogs'
October 20
A War Dog's Faithful Friend
Inmates Welcome Cats Orphaned by Katrina
October 19
Starving Polar Bears Terrorize Siberian Locals
October 17
Critics of Montana Hunt Say Bison Aren't Fair Game
October 16
Pet Owners Worry About Dog Flu's Spread
October 14
Earthquake Sniffer Dogs Face 6 Month Quarantine
October 12
Congress Aims to Include Animals in Emergency Plans
Pooch Back Home After 1,900-Mile Hurricane Trek
October 7
Trapped New Orleans Pets Still Being Rescued
New Orleans Hurricane Victim and Abandoned Dog Reunited by Fate
New Orleans Dog Reunited With Family

After Arduous Search, Man Reunited with Dog from Hurricane Katrina
Pet Owner Says Dog Nearly Choked on Popular Pet Treat

October 6
Honda Designs Car Friendly for Dogs
All-Female Turtle Population Very Possible
September 30
California Fire Rescuers Round Up Frightened Pets
Biologists Observe Gorillas Using Tools
Dead Cats Discovered in Freezers
September 28
Experts: Mystery Dog Virus is Flu Strain
More Dogs Displaced by Hurricane Katrina Expected in Sacramento
Scientists Capture Giant Squid on Camera
September 27
Trooper Just One of Many Dogs Needing Homes
September 25
Puppy Swallows 13-Inch Knife, Survives
How to Protect Your Pets in an Emergency
Beloved Pets, Animal Rescue, and Disaster Preparedness
Black Bear Bites Colorado Springs Woman, 85
September 23
A New Deadly, Contagious Dog Flu Virus is Detected in 7 States
Bill Would Require Safety Plans for Pets
NOAA Rescues Last 4 Trained Dolphins Washed into Mississippi Sound After Katrina
September 16
Pets Vulnerable to Post-Traumatic Stress, Too
September 15
Pet Evacuees Need Foster Homes
Bay Area Takes in Canine Survivors: 152 More Pets Flown into San Francisco
Lost in Katrina, Dolphins 'Flipping' to be Found
September 9
Katrina Survivors Face Dilemma Over Pets
September 8
Time Is Running Out for Stranded Pets
Groups Try to Reunite People, Pets
HSUS Search and Rescue Teams Scour New Orleans for Stranded Pets
September 7
Sad Story of Little Boy and His Dog Grips U.S.
West Virgina Finds First Case of Chronic Wasting Disease
September 6
Whales, Seals Used As Ocean Reporters
Zoos Weather Katrina Well
Jumbo Dies In Kenya's Massive Elephant Relocation
September 5
New Orleans' Animals Suffering in Aftermath of Katrina
September 1
Dolphins Weather Storm In Pool
August 29
Katrina Displaces Sea Turtles
August 26
Kenya Elephant Evacuation Crumbles Under Jumbo Load
August 25
Re-Wilding North America Seen as Unrealistic
August 24
Coyotes Put Bite on Chicago Pets
August 18
Plan Would Move African Animals to U.S.