December 30
China Using Snakes to Predict Earthquakes
December 28
Polar Bears Could Be Listed as 'Endangered'
December 26
Climate Change vs Mother Nature: Scientists Reveal That Bears Have Stopped Hibernating
December 20
Animals Dream in Pictures, Too
December 15
The Dog Who Ate a Butcher Knife, and Other Tales
Horse Doc: Barbaro Doing Very Well
Many People Say Their Pets Felt Yesterday's Earthquake Coming
Climate Change Has Animals Heading for the Hills
December 13
Hundreds of Dead Fish Found in Va. River
December 11
Drought-Struck Camels Go on Rampage
Party Animal
December 8
Courts Ponder Value of Man’s Best Friend
Ebola Killing Thousands of Gorillas
Womb With a View
December 5
Cattle Ate Traces of Animal Remains
Dog Tunnels Through Snow to Save Owners
November 29
Preparing Your Horse for Disasters
November 24
In Trials for New Cancer Drugs, Family Pets Are Benefiting, Too
November 22
Customers Pitch in After Fire at North Seattle Pet Store
November 16
Experts Can’t Predict Big One? How ’Bout Pets?
Fewer Polar Bear Cubs Survive in Alaska
November 13
Deer Breaks Free of Plastic Jack-o'-Lantern
November 10
Deer's Head Stuck in Fake Pumpkin for Days
November 8
Dogs and Cats Comfort the Homeless and Others Who 'Don't Have a Lot'
Leader of the Pack
November 6
Animals: Smarter Than We Thought?
November 4
Dutch Riders Rescue 100 Horses From Flood Water
November 3
Dutch Rescuers Try to Save Horse Herd Threatened by High Water
Global Map Shows New Patterns of Extinction Risk
November 2
Willie Nelson: We Have a Lot to Learn From Horses
October 31
Elephant Self-Awareness Mirrors Humans
October 30
Black Cat Adoptions on Hold
October 25
Couple Fishing Off Boat Catch Drowning Dog
Dog Helps Kids Learn to Talk
October 24
Scientists Fret over Starving and Missing Whales
October 20
Bear Cubs Trapped in Bear-Proof Dumpster
October 19
Leaping Stingray Stabs Florida Man Near Heart
Bees, Other Pollinators May Be Declining in U.S.
October 18
Dog Saves Owner From Fire, Dies Trying to Help Cat
October 17
Extreme Environment Changes Fish Appearance
October 16
'Jolted' Fish Gave Early Warning of Hawaii Quake
October 14
Dog Takes 1,400-Mile Trek
October 12
Why Before a Major Earthquake or Tsunami, Animals Behave Differently
Animal Instinct, Human Foresight
October 10
The Secret to Hummingbirds' Amazing Energy
Thieves Kill Shelter Animals
October 6
Injured Dog Takes Himself to the Hospital
Intelligent, Emotional, Ingenious: the Amazing Truth About Whales and Dolphins
September 28
Mountain View Plagued By Squirrel Attacks

September 27
Animal House: Hotels That Leave the Dog Biscuit Out for You
September 25
A Dog’s Life, Upgraded
Injured Dolphin May Get Prosthetic Tail
300 Orphaned Lebanese Pets Getting New Homes
September 23
Ancient Pet Cemeteries Found in Peru
September 18
Scientists Discover 'Walking' Shark
September 10
Man's Better-Than-Ever Friend
Saudi Religious Police on Prowl for Pets
September 9
Traveling With Your Dog? Here's Where to Eat
September 8
Experts Warn of Total Amphibian Extinction, Fearing Cataclysm
September 7
Reunited: Stolen Puppy Belonging to Boy With Cancer
'Intersex' Fish Spark Pollution Debate
September 6
Dogs Overdosing on Pot, Other Illicit Drugs
Both Sides in Horse Slaughter Debate Rally Forces on Capitol Hill
September 5
Dog Study Gives Paws for Thought
There's a Lot to Love About Little Critters
Rescuers to Carry Oxygen Masks for Pets
Woman Orders Bears Out of Her Kitchen
Lost Thames Whale Had Arthritis
August 30
Caring for Animals When Disaster Hits
August 25
Hundreds of Pets Homeless in New Orleans a Year After Katrina
August 11
Colorado-Born Lynx Has Twin Kittens
Ancestral Cell Infects Dogs with Contagious Tumours
Mass Fish Death in River Puzzles Taiwan
August 9
A Dog’s Life, Sure, But With Aromatherapy and Massages
Giant Panda Gives Birth to Giant Cub
Turkey Fights Ebola-Like Fever Outbreak
August 8
Cats Infected With Bird Flu in Iraq
August 7
Pets Now Included in Disaster Plans
Threatened Tortoises Facing Even More Obstacles
August 3
Did Portland Dogs Sense the Earthquake?
Cute, Stinky and Beached, Seals Cause a Squabble
July 31
Rescuers Save Dozens of Pets Trapped in Ohio Flood
July 28
Doggies From Hurricane-Wracked Mississippi Look for Homes in Florida
July 27
Big Cat May Be Stalking Western Sydney
July 21
Deadly Fish Virus Spreads in Northeast
July 13
Dog Flu Spreading, But Needn't Be Deadly
To Get Past Disaster, They Want Their Dogs
July 10
Tai Shan Holds Zoo’s Hopes, Public’s Heart
July 8
Crow Believed to Be Oldest in World Dies
July 7
Pet Rabbit Alerts Family to House Fire
West African Black Rhino 'is Extinct'
July 6
Orphaned Cub Found After Tornado Roars Through Bear, Idaho

Mount Merapi Besieged By Famished Monkeys
Malaysian Bigfoot Shares Human Roots
June 27
Starving Baby Pelicans Wash Up on California Beaches
June 25
Polar Bears Left High and Dry By Shrinking Arctic Ice
Harriet, World's Oldest Animal Dies at 176
Drunk Pelican Causes Crash
June 23
Bear Found the Oatmeal Was Just Right
June 20
Beagle to be Awarded for Saving Owner
June 18
Shelter Reunites Dog Missing 4 Years With Encinitas Family
June 16
AKC Survey Finds Majority of Owners Would Defy Emergency Evacuation Orders and Stay with Pets
Deer Chooses Colorado Springs Yard to Give Birth
June 14
Pets are Secret Weapon to a Long, Heathy Life
June 13
Pets Deserve a Place in Disaster Planning
June 11
Jack the Cat Chases Black Bear Up Tree
June 5
Many Won't Evacuate Without Their Pets
Man's Best Friend Invited to Dinner
June 1
Cat Returns to Owner After Tornado Destroys Gallatin Home
May 30
Florida Man Pries Puppy From Jaws of 7-Foot Alligator
Can Barbaro Beat the Odds?
May 27
World's Ugliest Dog, or What?
May 22
Rogue Elephants to Escape Death by Entering Rehab
Katrina's Tuxedoed Evacuees Head Back Home
Hound Has a Nose for South End of a Northbound Whale
May 22
Couple Gets Sentenced For Dumping Neighbor's Cat In Everglades
May 19
Dog Rescues 9-Year-Old Boy From River
Some Apes, Birds Can Think Ahead, Studies Show
May 17
Critics Raising Alarm Over Elk Dying Around Volcano
May 15
Alligator Attacks Kill 3 in 1 Week
May 10
Dolphins, Like Humans, Recognize Names
May 9
California Sees Worst Butterflies Season in 35 Years
May 8
New Orleans Unveils Rescue Plan for Pet Disaster Victims
May 5
Town Plans Curfew -- for Dogs
May 4
Rich Gallery of Deep-Sea Life Discovered in Bermuda Triangle
May 2
Mother, Daughter Train to Help Pets Displaced by Disaster
Rise in Dead Fish is Linked to Weather
April 28
400 Dolphins Found Dead on Zanzibar Coast
April 27
Sea Otter Recovers From White Shark Attack
Songbirds Can Learn Basic Grammar
April 26
Warm Weather Poses Danger for Pets in Cars
April 24
Anthrax Found in Welsh Cows
Rejected Puppy Welcomed into Feline Family
April 21
With Faith, Nothing is Impossible — got-to-see video (5.6 MB)
April 17
NYC Cat Finally Rescued After 14 Days
Cat Saves Baby's Life
More Pets Get Acupuncture for Ailments
April 14
Stranded Walrus Pups Cry for Help
April 9
Animal ID System to Be in Place by 2009
April 7
Fossil Called Missing Link From Sea to Land Animals
April 6
Family Gets Dog Back After Nearly 5 Years
April 4
Dog Mutilations Rattle Small Michigan Town
Web Site Helps You Take Pets on Planes
April 3
Insect Activities Worth 57Bn In US Alone
March 24
New York's Wild Whippet Chase Picks Up With Recent Sightings
March 18
Rescuers Get Oxygen Masks for Pets
When Disaster Hits, Saving Pets is Group's Priority
March 17
Trucker Drives 1,000 Miles to Retrieve Lost Dog
March 15
U.S. is a Nation of 360 Million -- Pets
Pets Must Be Protected From Bird Flu
March 10
Killer Bees in City Early — Blame the Drought
March 9
Frogs, Beetles Sound an Alarm
March 6
Willy the Hog Pairs With Antelope at Zoo
March 2
Bears' Deaths Spark Uproar in Richmond
Faith - Two-legged Wonderdog
Deadly Plague May Kill 9 of Every 10 Rabbits
March 1
Giant Squid Grabs London Audience
February 28
Russia: 39,000+ Chickens Killed By Plague-Like Virus
Fla. Bill Would Give Dogs a Place at Table
February 24
Marine Mammals Suffer Human Diseases
February 23
Ocean Depths are Shark-Free
February 21
23 Dog Deaths in Israel Add to Toxic Pet Food Toll
Pet 911: How to Spot an Emergency
February 20
Searing Drought Killing Hippos, Disrupting Migrations
February 17
Tsunami Stray Rescued By Dentist
Cat Eats Squirrel, Both Positive for Plague
February 11
Whale Meat 'Made into Dog Food'
February 10
Polar Bear "Endangered" Due to Climate Change
February 8
Good Job, Dog
February 6
Cat Adopts Bird
February 5
Lion Cub and Puppy Become Best Friends at San Diego
February 3
N.Y.-Bound Puppies Used As Drug Couriers
January 30
Scientists Fear Unusual Weather Behind Massive Seabird Die-Off
Killer Bees Join List of Hazards of Florida Living
January 29
Forecasting Pachyderm Predicts Rough Weather Ahead
January 27
Illegal Animal Trade at $6 Billion Annually
January 26
Lassie Reportedly Helps Rescue Farmer, 90
January 24
Egg Joy for Parents of Stolen Penguin Toga
Hamster, Snake Best Friends at Tokyo Zoo
Tough Critters May Be in Trouble
January 23
Puppy Power
Australia Threatened by Multiple Plagues: Deadly SpidersMosquitoesLocustsRabbits
January 15
Air Force 'Soldier' Gets a Doggone Good Home
Pets Need Dentists, Too
January 13
Dogs Try to Talk to People
January 12
Frog Deaths Tied to Warmer Earth
January 10
Toxic Pet Food May Have Killed Dozens of Dogs
Polar Bears in Toxic Peril
Five Deep-Sea Fish on Brink of Extinction
January 9
Pets Disappear After New Year's Holiday
Mouse Escapes Bonfire and Sets House Ablaze
January 7
100 Dogs Dead Despite Toxic Pet Food Recall
January 4
Rescuing Pets from "Death Row"
Large Whales Found in Unexpected Places
January 3
"Miracle" Cat Hangs Under SUV for 70 Miles
Two-Headed Snake for Sale for $150,000
January 2
Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner, Police Say
Puppy Boom Unleashed After Hurricane Katrina