December 29
Second Storm in a Week Pounds Colorado
Colorado's Newest Winter Storm Closes I-70 to Kansas
Forecasters: Hits to Keep on Coming
DIA Struggles to Stay Open
Drought Cuts Missouri River Barge Traffic to 55-Year Low
Texas Weather Story of the Year: Drought
Wet, Windy, Snowy Weather Tops British Columbia Year's List
Ancient Ice Shelf Snaps, Breaks Free From the Canadian Arctic
Collapsed Arctic Ice Shelf Poses Risk: Expert
Extreme Weather Caps Year
Review of the Year: Global Warming
Scientists Work on Map of Climate Change
December 28
Freak Hailstorm Leaves Wake of Destruction
Landslide Tsunamis - Huge and Deadly: Biggest One on Record was 1/3 of a Mile Tall
Nevada Winds Stop Planes, Topple Trucks
Denver Likely to Get Hammered Again
United, Frontier Issue Travel Waivers for Coming Storm
NZ Supervolcanos: Double Trouble
Taiwan Quake Disrupts Phone, Web Service
Experts Warn Insurance Regulators About Dangers of New Madrid Fault
Scientists Question Preparedness for New Madrid Quake
Seattle on Shaky Ground, Map Shows
Mudslides Shut Down Seattle Trains
Five-Minute Warning to Leave Means Being Prepared
No Warning
Maryland’s Hurricane Risk Increasing
Natural Disasters Still on Mind of SCSU Prof
December 26
7.1 Mag. Earthquake Strikes Near Taiwan, Then, 7.0 Aftershock Hits
Fears of Tsunami Ease After Taiwan Quake
Asian Nations Mark Tsunami Anniversary
Tornadoes Trash Florida Homes Christmas Day
Montana Wind Record Broken
Climate Change vs Mother Nature: Scientists Reveal That Bears Have Stopped Hibernating
Disappearing World: Global Warming Claims Tropical Island
Lake Tahoe Fault Could Deliver Massive Earthquake

Fault Under Lake Tahoe Tied to Tsunami Threat
Fourth Small San Francisco Quake Felt in Six Days
Largest UK Earthquake of Year Hits Scotland
"No Risk of Earthquake Before 2225"
The BIG Dry
December 23
How to Super-Size a Volcanic Eruption
Mount St. Helens' Steam Plume Visible in Portland
Third Earthquake in 4 days Rattles San Francisco Bay Area
Christmas Tree Rises From Ashes
December 20
Freak Warmth Seen Lingering into Early January
Threat to State Economy as Water Drains to 21-year Low
Drought to Increase Christmas Family Violence
Australia's Climate Change Warning
Tectonic Earthquakes Threaten Sumatra
Seven Dead in Sumatra Earthquake
Visitors Kept Away From Hawaii Volcano
Earthquake Rattles East Tennessee
Researchers Complete Seismic Borehole in Kentucky
Louisiana Moving Down and South
Shiveluch Volcano on Kamchatka Spews Ash to 10 km Height
December 18
It's More Than a Drought, Say Scientists
2006: Drought, Floods, and Broken Records
Yellowstone Domes Rising at 'Really Pronounced' Pace
Hawaiian Earthquake Had Surprising Trigger
Glaciers Melt into Memory
December 15
Powerful Storm Socks Northwest; 3 Dead; 1.5M Without Power
Wind Batters Planes in Seattle - video
String of Warm Years Continues in 2006
NOAA Reports 2006 Marked By Severe Heat Waves, Widespread Drought, Wildfires
Did Quake Cause Water Woes in Denver, PA?
Solar Cycle 24's Severity Unclear
Indonesian Scientist Warns of Another Huge Quake
Discovery Sheds New Light on Cause of Earthquakes
December 13
Even Small, Regional Nuke Would Cause Global Environmental Catastrophe
El Nino Promises Warmer, Drier Winter in North
Arctic's Summer Sea Ice 'Could Disappear Completely by 2040'
Vast African Lake Levels Dropping Fast
Extreme Life, Marine Style, Highlights 2006 Ocean Census
December 11
UN Downgrades Man's Impact on the Climate
Rogue Wave Sank Ship
Typhoon Utor Lashes Philippines: 4 Dead, 90,000+ Forced to Evacuate Area Already Devastated by Typhoon Durian
Melbourne's Hottest Day in 53 Years
Victims of London Tornado Face Christmas Away From Their Homes
Mayon Volcano Hazard Solution: Permanent Evacuation
December 8
El Niño Gains Strength
Brewing Storm: Hurricanes Have Gotten Stronger in the Past 35 Years
Forecaster Sees High Hurricane Activity for 2007
Australians to Study Giant Antarctic Ice Cracks
Australia's State of Emergency
Australians Prepare for Horror Bushfire Weekend
Researchers Learn From Analyses of Rare Tsunami Earthquake
Towering Ancient Tsunami Devastated the Mediterranean
Hotspots or Not? Isotopes Score One for Traditional Theory
December 7
Tornado in North London Rips Roofs off Homes
December 5
Ski-less in Switzerland? Alps Experiencing Warmest Time in 1,300 Years
Rare Tornado Twists Pennsylvania
US Seeing Above-Average Twisters
Rare Tornado Snapped in Eqypt
El Nino Drought Here for Months
December 4
4 Die in Missouri as Temperatures Plunge
Hopes Fade for 1000 Mudslide Survivors
An Inconvenient Truth Squeezed from Classrooms
Firm Offers to Pay for Pupils to See Gore Film
December 1
2.4 Million Without Power, At Least 4 Dead in Midwest Whiteout
Watch/Warning Map
Ross Ice Shelf Could 'Collapse Quickly' Without Warning
Scientists Fear Results of Collapsed Ice Shelf
Saved By El Nino! Warm Pacific Means Fewer Hurricanes
Typhoon Durian Kills 200+ People in Philippines
Super Typhoon Durian Blows Away Houses, Kills Power as It Slams into Philippines
New Breed of Earthquake Identified
Drought Zapping Australia's Christmas Trees
Towering Ancient Tsunami Devastated the Mediterranean
November 29
Mount St. Helens Has Something in Her Throat
California Quake Raises Worries for 'the Big One'
Earthquake Rattles Northern Ontario Overnight
Scientists Tackle Underwater Fault
Volcano in Eastern Congo Spews Lava
Giant 8,000-Year-Old Tsunami Is Studied
California Coast Not Fully Prepared for a Tsunami
UK Village Cleans Up After Tornado
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Have Doubled Since the 1990s, Austrailan Report
November 27
Earthquake, Tsunami Hoax Alarms Hundreds on O'ahu
Kona Earthquake First of Two Weekend Hawaii Quakes
Seismologists Measure Heat Flow From Earth's Molten Core into the Lower Mantle
Somalia Flood Toll Nears 100
November 24
Quiet Hurricane Season 'Only a Respite'
Earthquake Hits Hawaii's Big Island
Mount St. Helens Brooding, Not Bursting: Experts
Power Jitters as Heat Bites Australia
Researchers Gaze at Cloud Formations
Coral Reefs Are Increasingly Vulnerable to Angry Oceans
November 22
Frosty Flakes Fall in Florida!
Pace of Global Warming Causes Alarm
Earthquake Shakes Southwest Colorado
Earthquake Swarms Not Just Clustered Around Volcanoes, Geothermal Regions
Earthquake's Area of Influence Larger Than Previously Thought
Icelandic Volcano Caused Historic Famine in Egypt
Historic Volcanic Eruption Shrunk the Mighty Nile River
November 21
Scientists Rank Top 10 U.S. Quake States
New Zealand Warned Earthquakes on the Way
Iceberg Spotted From New Zealand Shore
Icebergs Cause Civil Aviation Headache — Attract Tourists
The Earth is Shrinking
November 20
Flames Reached 90 Feet in Calif. Blaze
Flood Damage Keeps Mt. Rainier National Park Shut
Maps of Ancient Earth Need Revising
November 18
California Caught Off Guard By Tsunami
Amazing Tsunami Video of Kuril Quake — NOAA
Wash. Rain Damage — $34 Million
Glacier National Park Officials Assess Flood Damage
Snow Falls in Spring
November 17
12 Dead Throughout the South — At Least 8 Killed by N.C. Twister
Volcano Pierces Small Hole in Ozone Layer
Rare Washington 'Hurricane' Turns Off the Lights
Himalayan Megaquakes Powered By Elastic Energy in Tibetan Plateau
November 16
At Least 6 Dead in N.C. From Storm System, Tornadoes in South
Tsunami Surge Smashes California Harbor
Hurricane Sergio Becomes Strongest Recorded Late Pacific Storm
Storm Wallops Coastal B.C. — Towns Isolated, Thousands Without Power
Seattle's Wettest November and It's Not Over Yet
Earthquake Near Japan Could Have Indications for Salt Lake
California Volcano Showing Signs of Life, Professor Says
November 15
Mysterious "Freezing" of FNMOC's SST Maps
Mag. 8.3 "Bell Ringer" Slams Northern Japan, Small Tsunami Followed
New Earthquake Model Finds L.A. Faults Moving Faster Than Expected
Tsunami Warning System Participants in the U.S. West Coast States, Alaska, and British Columbia
Crescent City, Calif. Docks Damaged In Tsunami Surge, No Injuries Reported
Small Tsunami Surge Hits Hawaii Shores
Scientists Say They Nearly Issued Tsunami Evacuation in Hawaii
Global Warming Triggers North Sea Temperature Rise
Tropical Storm Sergio Forms in Pacific Off Mexican Coast
November 14
Sweden Tops Climate Change Efforts, U.S. Near Bottom, Environmentalists Say
November 13
CU Professor Worries About Possible Mega-Quake
6.7 Earthquake Strikes Argentina
More Recent Stan Quake Hits for Nov. 11: 

Mag. 6.0 New Guinea, forecast on Nov. 7
Mag. 5.9 Kuril Islands, forecast on Nov. 3

November 10
Mt. Rainier Park Closed; Damage "Amazing"
Deadly Storm Wipes Out Road at Mt. Hood
Global Climate Efforts 'Woeful'
Second Tornado Spotted at Time of Killer Twister
Earth's Newest Real Estate — great photos
November 9
Stan's Most Recent Earthquake Hits
Drenched Oregon Prepares for Next Two Storms
S. Florida Enters First Drought in 5 Years - Water Limits Planned
Denver Records Highest November Temperature in History
After Wild Weather, QLD to be Hit with Heatwave
High Winds Cut Power, Rip Roofs in Auckland
New Volcanic Island Reported in South Pacific
Quiet Hurricane Season Marks 2006
November 8
Northwest Rains Ease, But Homes at Risk
Third S.E. Portland Quake Poses Puzzle for Experts
Flood Threat Menaces Oregon Pineapple Express Pours It On
November 7
Strong Quake Hits Off Papua New Guinea
Rains Hammer Washington With Vengeance
Australian Drought is 'Worst in 1,000 Years', Expert
Persistent Dead Zone Off Oregon Coast Linked to Global Warming
Tornado Kills 9 in Japan, Worst in Country's History
UK Flood Damage Could Hit £16Bn
US Hazards Assessment Map
Global Warming Could Trigger Insect Population Boom
Enlightened Survivalism
November 6
IoS 2060: Tsunami Horror Hits Britain
100 Icebergs Only 160 Miles Off New Zealand
Can New Zealand Weather the Changes?
Activists Push for Action on Global Warming
Rich Countries to Carry Finance Burden of 'New Kyoto'
Melting Arctic Makes Way for Man
November 4
Climate Change Gases Reach Record Levels in 2005
Despite Prediction of Wet Winter, S. Florida Faces Threat of Water Restrictions
Crocs Hamper Ethiopia Flood Recovery — 280,000 People Homeless
November 3
Early Snow Catches Central Europe Off Guard
No Injuries Reported as 4.5 Quake Rattles SoCal
4.3 Earthquake Shakes Southwest Virginia
Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Town
Another Earthquake Shakes Winston-Salem
November 1
Seattle Fault Old, Active and Just 8 Miles Down
If the Seattle Fault Ruptures. . .
3.6 Earthquake Jolts San Andreas Fault
Alaska's Cleveland Volcano Launches Ash 20,000 Feet Up
Philippine Volcano Belches Ash for Second Day
Unusually Cold Weather Plagues U.S. Farmers for 3rd Week
Scientists Use Coral to Track Underwater Earthquakes
Crisis Warnings Sounded as Major Australia May Run Dry
Drought-Hit Australia Battles Climate Change, Heartbreak
El Nino Pushes October Rains to 92-year Low
Crisis Warnings Sounded as Major Australian May Run Dry
Mass Graves for Australia's Drought-Stricken Animals
Worst-Ever Drought Intensifies Australian Climate Change Debate
At Least 22 Dead in Turkey Flash Floods
October 31
"Dinosaur Killer" Asteroid Only One Part of New Quadruple-Whammy Theory
Global Warming Will Crush World Economy
Global Warming Could Cost Trillions of Dollars
October 30
Hurricane Created Rare 'Trapped Wave'
Coastal Florida May Have Northern Africa to Thank
Climate Report Issues Wake Up Call to World Leaders
Pay Up ... or the Planet Gets It
"Puny" Earthquake Does Major Damage
Half of Australian Farmland in Drought
October 28-29
Strong Winds Knock Out Power From Maine to Florida
One of Strongest Ever Typhoons Rips Philippines
Study: Underwater Landslide Caused Tsunami in Lake Tahoe Long Ago
More Droughts for Australia on the Way, Expert Warns
Apalachicola Tornado Causes Damage, Knocks Out Power
Swans Deliver Climate Change Warning
October 27
Winds Keep Spreading Deadly Calif. Wildfire
Etna Springs Back to Life
Rising Seas and Stronger Storms Threaten New York City
Rising Tide of Global Warming Threatens Pacific Island States
Biggest Ever October Storm Dumps More Than 2 Feet of Snow
Climate Change May Trigger Global Recession
NASA Satellite Identifies World's Most Intense Thunderstorms
October 26
4 Firefighters Killed, 1 Critically Injured in California Wildfires
Blizzard in Colorado; Strong Storms on the Plain
Earthquake Swarms Not Just Clustered Around Volcanoes, Geothermal Regions
Mt. Bulusan Spews Ash Anew
California's San Jacinto Fault Younger Than Thought
Earthquake Shakes Southern Italy
October 25
Newsweek Changes Media Climate 31 Years after Global Cooling Story
Gulf Bay Double Whammy: Rising Seas, Dammed Rivers
Australia's Drought Crisis Worsens
October 24
Swarm of Earthquakes Recorded in Yellowstone
4.4 Earthquake Hits Near Eureka
More Earthquake Activity Strikes Bar Harbor, Maine
6.8 Quake Hits Japanese Islands, No Injuries
Recent Australian Quakes Not 'Too Far Outside the Norm'
Philippines Records 700 Aftershocks after Earthquake Friday
Italy's Mount Etna Erupts for 6th Time in 2 Months
October 23
Hurricane Paul Becomes Category 3 Storm
Latest Global Warming Study Predicts ’Wild Ride’ of Droughts, Heavy Rain
Drought-Stricken West: Daily Routines Tapped to Save Water
Australian Farmers Face Ruin as Five-Year Drought Worsens
CO2 Levels 'Are Highest Since 1997'
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Autumn
Cracking Up: Ice Turning to Water, Glaciers on the Move - and a Planet in Peril
October 22
Cascadia Subduction Zone and Seismic Worries
Four Quakes, 591 Aftershocks Rock Luzon
Rare Earthquakes Rattles Australian City
4.0 Earthquake Shakes Second Australian Region
Tropical Storm Paul Remains in Open Pacific Off Mexico's West Coast
October 20
Peru Shaken by "Strong" 6.5 Quake
No. California Rattled by 4.5 Quake
Philippines Thumped By Twin Quakes
Turkey Shaken by 5.0 Quake
The 100-Year Forecast: More Extreme Weather
Hundreds of Ecuadorean Villagers Evacuated as Tungurahua Volcano
Biggest Ever Ozone Hole Over South Pole Detected
Number of Ocean 'Dead Zones' Rise
October 19
Scientists Say Hawaii Hit by Two Quakes
Hundreds of Hawaii Aftershocks Could Continue for Weeks
Grower's Hopes for Rain and Aid Going Dry
Aussies Busy Battling Worst Drought Ever
Storms Flood Dozens of Southern Greek Islands
October 18
Plotting Danger Zones
Strong Earthquake Strikes Near New Zealand
Drought Shuts Down Missouri River Barges Early
October 17
4.9 Quake Strikes Off Northern California Coast
Strong Quake Hits Off Papua New Guinea
Small Quake Rattles North Carolina
North Korea's Nuke Test Triggered Earthquakes: Geologists
October 16
Mystery Surrounds Temblors' Origins
Inspectors Check for Damage in Hawaii After Quake
Severe Storms Pound Texas
October 15
Hawaiian Earthquake in a Volcanically Active Zone
Magnitude 6.6 Quake Hits Hawaii, Knocking Out Power and Causing Landslide; Disaster Declared
El Salvador Declares Alert After Volcano Begins Rumbling
October 14
2.6, 2.7 Earthquakes Registered Near Mount Rainier
Flood Watch Follows N.Y. Snow
October 13
Buffalo Slammed By Snow; 380,000 Lose Power in 'Extremely Rare Event'
Rare Early Snow Clobbers Western New York
Severe Storms, High Winds Damage Homes in Central Columbus
Early Snow Breaks Records Across Central USA
Fall Colors: Another Indication Weather is Skewed
Mountains Losing Ice Caps
Apocalypse Imminent? Look Around You
Families Living Near Mt, Bulusan Evacuated After 3rd Day of Eruptions
Water for Millions at Risk as Glaciers Melt Away
10,000 Alaskan Lakes Dry Up
Group Warns African Mountains Will Lose Ice Caps
Living on the Edge
Australian Firefighters Battle Hundreds of Wildfires
NASA Live Tropical Seas Surface Temps Gives Climate, Hurricane Clues
October 12
6.1 Quake Hits Central Chile, No Injuries
Forecasting the Next Great San Francisco Earthquake
Climate Catastrophe: Global Warming Could Devastate Asian Economies
Mammal Extinction Blamed on Earth’s Wobble
October 11
Warm Winter Predicted for Most of U.S.
October 10
Aftershocks Rumble at Mount Rainier
Chances of Avoiding El Nino Nil, Climate Centre Says
October 9
NASA Data Captures El Nino Return in the Pacific
October 8
Earthquake Felt Across Western Washington
October 7
Mount Tavurvur Erupts on Papua New Guinea Island
October 6
USA has Most Destructive, Expensive Wildfire Season in 50 Years
Current Fire Danger Areas
High-Risk Warning for Mt. Ruapehu
Earthquake Rocks Koryak Causing Power Blackout
Many Funnel Clouds Sighted
October 4
Maine Quake Causes Dramatic Drop in Well Water Level
Series of Quakes Shakes Maine's Rock-Solid Reputation
Drought, Irrigation Sink Groundwater Levels by 50 Feet
Novarupta and the Next Nuclear Winter
Ecuadoreans Learn to Live With Volcanos
Typhoon Toll Nears 250 In Vietnam/Philippines
October 3
Another Earthquake Rattles Maine
Insurance Companies May Have to Save the Climate to Save Their Bottom Line
Changing Climate Threatens Australia's Food, Water, Energy ... and Security
Atlantic Hurricane Season Nearly Over: Forecaster
Waves from Top of the World Destroy Huge Iceberg at Bottom
Tornado Hits Sussex Coast
Record Ozone Loss During 2006 Over South Pole
October 2
St. Helens' Sister
Mt. St. Helens Slowing, But Eruption Not Over Yet
Newfoundland on Alert; Tropical Storm Isaac Nears
Tornadoes, Extreme Weather Hit Auckland
Eastern Venezuela Shakes to 6.1 Richter Scale Earthquake
October 1
Hurricane Isaac Could Hit Canada
New Zealand Coming Apart at the Seams
September 29
The Land Down Under Going Under
September 28
Strong Quake Near Samoa Triggers Small Tsunami
Alaska Volcano Awake, Snorting After 10,000-Year Slumber
Rare Water Tornado Stuns Shoreline Residents
Sprawling Calif. Wildfires Inch Closer to Homes
Changed Climate Will Cook Elderly People
September 27
Huge So. Cal. Wildfires Rage, Forcing Evacuations
September 26
Global Temperature Highest in Million Years — Near Critical Level
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (pdf).
California Wildfires Prompt Voluntary Evacuations
Weekend Storms Trigger State of Emergency
September 25
Hurricane Katrina's Waves Felt — in California!
Second Earthquake in 3 Days Rattles South Carolina
New Mount St. Helens Sensors Will Take Its Pulse
Strong Earthquake Shakes Northwest Argentina, No Injuries Reported
Scores of Fires Scorch NSW, One Man Killed
September 23
Global Warming Scientist Silenced, Official
Severe Storm Kills 1 in Ark.
"Summer" Snow Hammers Colorado
Storms Leave 170 Dead In Bangladesh, India
September 22
Maine Hit with NINE Earthquakes
Small Earthquake Rattles Northeastern South Carolina
Powerful Quake Hits Panay, Philippines
Red Flag Warns of Critical Conditions as Firefighters Battle California Blazes
Wild Aussie Weather Produces Record 64 Foot Wave
September 20
USA Untouched by Hurricanes So Far, But Season Has More Than Two Months Left
Boulder Scientist Has Grim Drought Forecast for West
Volcanic Activity Increases Near Afognak
Steaming Fourpeaked Volcano Attracts Attention
Scientists Find New Global Warming Threat From Melting Permafrost
England's Warming 'Not Natural'
Why Next Summer Could Well Be Even Longer And Hotter
Global Warming — Two Conflictinig, Scientifc Points of View:
Colorado State Professor Disputes Global Warming is Human-Caused
Study Acquits Sun of Climate Change
September 19
Scientist Helps Uncover Evidence of Last Great NW Earthquake -- and Warn of Next One
Drought as the New Norm for Weather
Drought in NSW Expected to Cost $2 Billion
Hurricane Gordon Threatens Britain
September 18
Helene Becomes Second Major Hurricane of 2006
Strong Earthquake Shakes Western Argentina
September 16
Hurricane Lane Strengthens Into Category 3 Storm, Heads for Mexico's Pacific Coast
St. Helens Dome Continues to Grow
West Coast Tsunami Fears Affecting New Housing Plans
September 15
2006 Hotter Than Ever So Far in U.S.
Climate Change is Biggest Global Threat, Say Britons
Tropical Storm Lane Heads Toward Baja Calif., Lashes Mexico's Pacific Coast
Three Storms in the Atlantic
Tornado Blows into NM, Interstate Closes, Hail Pounds Cars
Earthquake Hits Northern Taiwan
September 14
Gulf Makes the Shakes — Florida and New Madrid Earthquakes Related?
February Gulf of Mexico Quake Bolsters Interesting Theory
Gulf Earthquake Triggers Comments, Questions
Tearing Apart a Continent (New Madrid)
Offshore Oilrigs Vulnerable to Gulf Earthquakes
New Madrid Earthquakes and the Reefoot Rift
GRACE Gravity Plot
El Niño Reutrns — Expect a Warm, Wet Winter, but Fewer Hurricanes
Arctic Ice Melting Rapidly, Study
Gordon Holds Its Category 3 Strength
Tropical Storm Helene Moves into Open Atlantic
An Unnatural Disaster
Dozens of Fires Burning Across West
Wildfire-Burned Acres Sets 45-Year High
Canada's Sizzling Summer Was Second Hottest on Record
Hurricane Gordon Veers North as Category 2 Storm
Earth Storms Disrupting Atmosphere
September 13
First Climate Change Refugees
Gordon Strengthens Into Hurricane
Northern Fire Danger Increases with Continued Drought
2006 Fires Already Rate Among Montana's Most Destructive
Firefighters Battle Blaze Near L.A.
Oklahoma Drought Worst in 50 Years
Climate Change Shifting European Seasons
Las Vegas Could Be Due for an Earthquake
Experts Downplay Fla. Earthquake Fears
Florida Earthquake Leaves Experts Baffled
September 12
Global Warning-Hurricane Link Found, Study
Philippine Scientists Lower Mayon Volcano Alert Level
Tropical Storm Gordon Aiming for Just-Battered Bermuda
Florence Leaves 23,000 Without Power
September 11
Scientists Watch Volcanic Bulge on Oregon's South Sister
Europe's Largest Volcano Erupting —  with video
Another Volcano Rumbles — Alert Level Raised
Early Winter? Freezing Temperatures in Some Areas — Brrrrrrrr
El Niño Might Shorten '06 Hurricane Season
September 10
Gulf of Mexico Earthquake Felt in Southeast US
Stan forecasted this earthquake on Sept. 4
Magnitude 6.0 Hits in Gulf of Mexico
Stan forecasted this earthquake on Sept. 4
Wildfires Rage in California, Nevada
Florence Strengthens into Hurricane
September 9
New Madrid State Prepares for Earthquake Response
Tropical Storm Florence Heads to Bermuda
Firefighters Fight 60 Wildfires in West — 1 Million + Acres Charred in Idaho, Montana and Nevada
Global Body Predicts Powerful Quake
Strong Undersea Quake Rattles Western Indonesia
Landslide Kills 10 in Mexico
September 8
Florence Likely to Make Waves Off East Coast
Montana Fire 45 Percent Contained After Charring 196,000 Acres
Quake Predicted in Assam, India on Friday
Major Tsunami 'Before End of the Century'
Climate "Time-Bomb" Warning Issued on Thawing Permafrost
Nature Blooms Early Due to Climate Change
September 7
Why Do Volcanoes Blow Their Tops?
New Trigger Found for Volcanic Eruptions
In the Shadow of the Tungurahua Volcano
Wildfires Sprouting as Drought Worsens
An Ice-Free Arctic ... Happening Before Our Eyes
September 6
Florence Could Become Hurricane By Weekend
Fourth Earthquake in Week Hits, This Time Off Big Island
Fire Danger Map for Wednesday
Australia Records Driest August
Australian Scientists 'Surprised' by Rapid Climate Change
Australians Urged to Adapt to Changing Climate
How Weather Killed Britain's Population Seven Times
Canadians More Worried About Climate Change, Support Kyoto Targets
Big B.C. Wildfire Spreading Fast
Indonesia Raises Alert Level as Mount Bromo Smokes
Montserrat Shows No Sign of Ending Eruption
Mt. Mayon Quivers Under 13 Volcanic Earthquakes
September 5
336-Hour Kits More Practical — Authorities Come Around to "New Thinking"
Montana Fire Officials Order More Evacuations; 180,000 Acres Scorched; 26 Homes Destroyed
Tropical Storm Florence Brewing in Atlantic
Montserrat Volcano Spews Ash and Steam; Scientists Warn of Increased Activity
400 Kashmir and Jammu Villages Inundated in Worst Flooding in 20 Years
Officials: Drought In Spain Could Affect Water Supplies to Up to 2 Million People
Average Daily Temperatures Continuing to Increase: Scientist
Study: Summer is Getting Longer
UK 'Can Expect Extreme Rainfall'
Deep Ice Tells Long Climate Story — Gas Concentrations Unprecedented
"Solar Sentinels" to Monitor Solar Activity
September 3
Worst Drought in 50 Years Hits US Farmers
Snow in Sept: Freak Weather Continues
Mayon Volcano Still ‘Erratic’
September 2
Ernesto Cuts Power to 460,000+ — Soaks Coast; Forces Evacuations
Hurricane John Pounds Main City in Southern Baja California
Major Hurricanes to Affect Mexico
Forecasters Reduce Expected Number of Atlantic Hurricanes
Mount St. Helens Update
Indonesia Raises Alert Level as Mount Bromo Smokes
MontserratShows No Sign to Eruption's End
Earthquake Exercise Planned in Helena, MT Wednesday
Major Earthquake Predicted in India's Asom
September 1
Montana's Derby Inferno Destroys 20 Homes, Keeps Raging — 156,000 Acres Scorched
Ernesto Soaks Mid-Atlantic, Weakens to Tropical Depression
Hurricane John Strengthens; Nears Mexican resorts in Baja
Super Typhoon Knocks Out Weather Sensors
China's Biggest Drought 'in 100 Years'
50,000 Villagers Forced to Evacuate as Mayon Volcano Spews Ash and Gas
Strong Quake Strikes Near Papua New Guinea
Earthquake Hits Kamchatka
Quake Rattles Tokyo During Worlds Game
802,000 Join Japan's Nationwide Earthquake Drills — U.S. Military Participates for First Time
August 31
Super Volcanoes: The Yellowstone Threat
Climatic Rerun, Only Faster This Time
Drought Shrinks Big Muddy
Netherlands Reports Extra 1,000 Heatwave Deaths in July
August 30
No Comfort in "Last Days"
Blistering Drought Ravages Farmland on Plains
Hurricane John Now a Category 4 Storm
Caribbean 'Faces Stormier Future'
'Minor' Earthquake Grabs Attention of Thousands
Missouri Homes Evacuated After Sinkhole Swallows Man's Garage
Tornado Strikes UK Camp Site
Scientists Pinpoint Polar Cataclysm Date
August 29
Tropical Storm Ernesto Drenches Cuba
Florida Braces for Ernesto
Buying Frenzy as Ernesto Nears
Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Oregon Coast
Ancient Volcano Could Have Blasted Atlantis
Wildfires Ravage Northwest
138 Feared Dead as Drought-Prone Barmer Turns into Sea
August 25
Kentucky Exercise Tests Earthquake Response
Ohio Becomes Part of National Earthquake Study
On Occasion, Ohio Rocks
Emergency Responders Planning for Earthquake Along New Madrid Fault
Another Earthquake Felt in Southern Oklahoma
Hurricane-Ready Sea Surface Temperatures
Tropical Storm Ernesto Strengthens in Caribbean
Flooding Torments N.D. Town's Residents
The Day the Earth Fell Over
Global Warming Boost to Glaciers
Americans Warm to Reality of Climate Change
Worst Red Tide in Years Hits Puget Sound
Mysterious Algae Clouding Keys
Study Rules Out Ancient Bursts of Methane from Seafloor Deposits
August 24
7.9 Quake Would Topple Structures Built to Code
Deadly, Major Quake Predicted to Strike New Zealand, Experts
China to Build Earthquake Warning System at Three Gorges Reservoir
Tungurahua Eruptions Leave Thousands Homeless — All Water Contaminated
August 22
With Disaster Facing Us ... Why We Don't Prepare — Not Sure There's a Reason?
Worst is Yet to Come, Hurricane Chief Says
A Third of the World Population Faces Water Scarcity Today
Mayon's Eruption Traits Unique, Should Be Named 'Mayonian'
Renewed Volcanic Activity at the Phlegrean Fields
Australia Sees Worst Snowfall on Record
Powerful Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake Hits Near South Pole — No Tsunami
'Dramatic' Bulge at Kilauea Could Spell Summit Eruption
August 17
Backward Sunspot —  the Next Solar Cycle is Beginning
'Alarming Increase' in Lightning Deaths, Weather Official
Lightning Bolt Strikes Cape With Force of 'Bomb'
Destructive Strike a Rarity
Small Quakes Keep Shaking Ohio
367 Tremors Rock Restless Volcano
54,700 Dead or Missing in Worst North Korean Floods Ever
August 14
Natural Disasters Rising With Staggering Consequences
New Madrid Fault Study in Midwest Indicates Large Earthquake a Threat
'Clusters' of Earthquakes Yield an Ominous Scenario
Catastrophic Tsunami Possible on West Coast
Strong Quake Could Trigger a Tsunami in Southern California, USC Researchers
Mayon Volcano Enters ‘Really Dangerous Phase'
Italy's Etna First Active Volcano to Get "CT Scan"
Greenland Ice Sheet is Melting Faster, Study
Climate Change Could Cause Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions, Scientists
Antarctic Snow May Hide Climate Shock
East Coast Prepares to Face 'Great Flood'
Sizeable Earthquake Shakes New Zealand
Drought's Crop, Livestock Toll is Called Texas' Worst
Drought Cripples China's Water Supply — 17M Without
Drought Killed Giant Marsupials
Drought Fears in South Call for UK National Water Grid
August 11
Earthquake Hits Mexico City; Witnesses Say Skyscrapers Swayed
Weak El Nino Possibly Forming
Ontario Hit by 8 Tornadoes — the Most to Strike in Two Decades
'Ominous Quiet' at Mayon Volcano
Philippine Authorities Tighten Security Around Restive Volcano
Ethiopian Flood Toll at 254; 250 Still Missing
300 Die and 4.5 Million Flee as Rains Flood India
Wildlife Hit Hard in Worst Drought for 100 Years
Ga. Drought Halts Boats, but Not Gators
Typhoon Saomai Lashes China, Killing at Least 104; 190 Missing
Volcanic Eruptions Score Melodies
August 10
Strongest Typhoon in 50 Years Hits China
New Mexico County Declares Emergency Over Flooding
August 9
Quakes Threaten Eastern U.S. and Canada
Freak Tornao Flattens 26 Homes, 1000 Without Power; Australian Hamlet 'a Disaster Area'
Places That Don't Normally Shake Experiencing Earthquakes
England's Storms Rival Worst From Tornado Alley
Indian Floods Worsen, 4.5 Million People Homeless
Full Moon Fear for Mayon Volcano
August 8
U.S. Fries in 2nd-Hottest July on Record; Drought Conditions Worsen
Superheated July Just Shy of Record
America’s Drought Predicament
Violent Storms Spawn Tornado in NW Kansas, Injure 4 — No Warning
Tens of Thousands Flee Philippines Volcano
Quake Strikes Vanuatu, Philippine Volcano Spews
Forecasters Lower U.S. Hurricane Predictions
Tropical Storm Bopha Approaches — 9th to Hit China This Year
Tropical Storms Maria, Saomai and Bopha Formed Together
Philippines Rushes Evacuation as Volcano Rumbles
August 7
Volcano Eruption Imminent
Weather Forecast: Scary Future for California
Queensland Faces Drought 'Emergency'
Wind, Tornado, Snow and Flood Hit So. Africa in One Week
Mayon Lava Flow Intensifies
August 6
Flash Flood Warnings, More Rain in Waterlogged El Paso
Weather Official: 'Alarming Increase' in Lightning Deaths
More Than 100 People Killed in Ethiopian Flooding
Earthquakes Main Natural Disaster Killer in China
South Africans Shiver Through Harsh Winter
August 4
Mayon Lava Trail Longest in 30 Years
Scientists Record 51 Earthquakes Near Mayon Volcano
Mount Merapi Spews Out Glowing Lava
Scientists Study San Francisco 4.4 Quake
Satellite Data Reveal Gravity Change From Sumatran Earthquake
Evacuations and Transport Havoc as Typhoon Heads for China
August 3
4.4 Earthquake Hits San Francisco Bay Area
3.8 Earthquake Rocks Portland Area, South of Mount St. Helens
Experts: Worst of Hurricane Season Yet to Come
Tropical Storm Chris Sweeps Through Caribbean
New Orleans Warily Eyes Tropical Storm Chris
East Coast May Be Overdue for Killer Storm
Record-Breaking Heat Staggers East
Hot Summer Nights Getting Hotter
Drought Hits Over Five Million in China
Movie of Mount St. Helens New Dome Growth
Lava Views Improve at Pu`u `O`o, But Beware Bench Collapse
Alaska's Augustine Volcano Follows the Script
Typhoon Slams Into Southern China
August 2
From Volcanoes to Asteroids, Risks Revisited
Jolts Pierce St. Helens' Steady Rumble
Earthquake: What Would Happen in New Madrid?
6.4 Quake Hits Off New Zealand; Too Deep for Tsunami
Rampaging Lava Ignites Fires in Philippines
Mayon Lava 100 Meters From Danger Zone Boundary
Heat Wave Cooks Eastern U.S.
Heat and Drought Plague the West
Violent Quebec Thunderstorm Leaves One Dead, 452,000 Without Power
August 1
Sixty Western Wildfires Stretch Crews to Limit
Scorching Heat Puts Strain on People, Power Supply
The Night the Canyon Roared
A Night They’ll Never Forget
Where Are All the Hurricanes?
Third Tropical Storm of 2006 Brews Near Leeward Islands
Monsoon Rains Kill 12, Paralyse Pakistan's Karachi
July 31
More Than 60 Percent of U.S. in Drought
New Drought Seasonal Outlook — U.S.
Heatwave With a Global Grip
6-10 Day Excessive Heat Outlook
Global Warming a Threat to 12 National Parks
Global Warming Threatens Glacier National Park
Climate Change: Whodunit?
Moderate Quake Shakes Mexico's Southern Baja California Region
An Earthquake Every Two Weeks? It's Happening Near Cleveland
Quake Shakes Tajikistan, At Least Three Dead
Mayon Lava Flow to Reach Danger Zone In 2 - 3 Days
Mayon Volcano Ash Hits Residents of Daraga and Legazpi
Indonesian Villagers Court Danger at Simmering Volcano
Red Tide May Be Worst in 60 Years
Ohio Hit By 'Devastating Storm' — Hundreds Homeless, Damage in Millions
Tonga: Increasing Exposure to Tsunami Risk
July 28
Drought Reduces Famous Brazilian Waterfall to a Trickle
Flooding in Ohio Prompts Evacuations
Death Toll From Calif. Heat Rises to 132
Indonesians Flee Volcanic Eruption — Thousands Evacuated
New Volcano Type Found in Pacific?
Tsunami Warning Hit Spam Barrier
Strong Quake Shakes Taiwan, Japan
July 27
It's Bad Here But the Rest of World is Also Under the Weather
California's Heatwave: "Freakish, Epochal, Unprecedented"
Heat-Related Deaths in California Reach 81

California in Death Grasp of Heatwave; Toll Rises to 41
Californians Expect Another Sweltering Day
Boiled Alive
July Hottest Month in Netherlands in 300 Years
France Heatwave Kills 40
Another Earthquake Rattles Mount St. Helens
Another Strong Earthquake Hits Indonesia
100 Capsized By Freak Tornado
3,000 Dead in North Korea Floods
Birthplace of Hurricanes
Ash Spews From Kamchatka's Karymski Volcano
Mayon Volcano Ready to Explode? — Evacs Speeded Up
Scientists Predict Bigger Gulf 'Dead Zone' This Year
July 21
Heatwave Death Toll Rises in US
Second "Rare" Tornado Hits NY
Indonesian Tsunami Kills at Least 550 People
Mass Grave for Tsunami Dead
China's Flood, Storm Death Toll Jumps to 482
Heavy Snow, Very Cold, Rainy Weather to Hit — Africa
July 20
Storm Warning On as Beryl Moves North
2006 Hottest in U.S. History, More to Come
Magnitude 3.6 quake Closes Mount St. Helens Again
Thirty Injured By High Winds at Busch Stadium
Lake Power Down, Scenery Up
Lake Powell Barely Half Full — Continues to Shrink
Britain Sizzles in Heat Wave Sweeping Europe
Europeans Struggle to Keep Cool in Heat Wave
New Wave Rumours Panic Tsunami Town
Ecuador Volcano Unpredictable — and Busy
Tsunami: Wave of Change
The Red Sea Parts Again
Australian Farmers Losing Their Women Because of Drought
July 19
Indonesian Tsunami Death Toll Climbs Past 550
New Earthquake Rocks Indonesian Capital — Buildings Sway
Recent Pacific Rim Earthquakes
5.0 Quake Shakes N. Calif.
Etna Awakes With Storm of fire and Lava
Philippines Tells Farmers to Flee Mayon Volcano
State of Calamity Declared Near Philippine Volcano
Fast-Growing Plants Herald Volcano Blast
U.S. Swelters Under Deadly Heat Wave
Drought Looming As One of Worst
Did Increasing Solar Activity Drive 20th-Century Global Warming?
Tropical Storm Watch Cancelled for NC Coast
July 17
7.7 Earthquake Strikes Indonesia - Multiple Aftershocks - Tsunami Kills at Least 86
Multiple Earthquakes Strike Indonesia
Sumatra Quake Fault Kept Moving After 2005 — flashback
120 Degrees in South Dakota?
Excessive Heat to be Felt From Coast to Coast This Week
Paris Swelters as Heatwave Engulfs France
Early Warning System Set Up in Colorado to Detect Global Warming
July 16
Can Moon Cycles Predict Droughts, Wet Weather?
S Korea Issues Flood Crisis Warning
Blistering Heat Expected From Coast-to-Coast on Sunday
July 15
4.0 Quake Shakes Idaho
It’s Official: That Severe Storm in New York Was Rare Tornado
Calif. Wildfires Merge — 61,000+ Acres Charred
US Wildfire Outlook July - October 2006
Scorching U.S.: First Half of 2006 Sets Heat Record
Excessive Heat Forecast Prompts Advisory in Missouri
Extreme Heat Advisory, Power Watch Issued for Southern California
Global Weather Extremes in June 2006
Ecuador Volcano Spews Rocks, Villages Evacuated
Mayon Volcano Erupts in Philippines
PNG Volcano Fears
More Activity Recorded at Soufriere Hills Volcano
Massive Chunk Falls off "The Eiger"
Worst Storms in 45 Years Hit Jiangsu, China
Beijing to Set up 130 Stations to Monitor Earthquakes
July 14
Preparing for a Quake With Four Times Katrina's Destruction
Suburban Cleveland County on Shaky Ground Since Jan 1
U.S. Considers Closer Watch on Volcanoes
Mt. Mayon Lava Fragments Collapse
8,000 Colombian Evacuated After Galeras Volcano Erupts
July 13
Rare Tornado Hits 20 Miles North of Manhattan
Disaster Declared as Fire Forces More Evacuations in Montana
Expert Warns of Possible East Coast Tsunami
Tsunami Threat to Hawaii and West Coast Underestimated
Rogue Giants at Sea
Drought Makes La. Feel More Like Texas
Up to 9 Inches of Rain Flood Ind., Ohio
Calif. Wildfire Routs Desert Residents
Trees could grow in Antarctica Within Century
Hurricane, Tropical Storm Near Mexico
Colombian Volcano Spews Ash, People Evacuated
July 10
Tornado Hits Pueblo West, CO; Flooding Shuts Down Roads
Drought Ripping Nebraska Apart
Record Drought Sows Seeds of Suicide
Los Angeles County Getting Ready for the Big One
In Our View: New Madrid Earthquake Scenarios
Vancouver's at Fault, Geologically
Earthquake Rattles Juan de Fuca Strait
Networking the Volcano
July 8
Drought Conditions Worsen in Parts of U.S.
July 7
Massive Chunk Set to Fall Off Eiger
Global Warming Fuels U.S. Forest Fires
July 6
Taking Extreme Measures to Survive a Severe Drought
Geologists Predict the Worst
Silent Earthquakes Might Predict Major Events
Scientists Issue Dire Warning on Marine Life
Thousands Flee Forest Fires in Western Canada
How Volcanic Activity Influences Climate
Mother Nature Turns Very Ugly in Ontario
Tornado Hits New Brunswick
July 3
Northern Calif Earthquake Activity Continues
The Big One … Overdue!
Expected Ground Shaking From Future So. San Andreas Fault Rupture - very cool video (courtesy of SDSU, UCSD, and San Diego Supercomputing Center, download 15 Mb)
Shakin' Up Southern Calif. — Earthquake Activity Increasing
Some Earthquakes May Be Linked to Climate Change
How Melting Glaciers Alter Earth's Surface, Spur Quakes, Volcanoes
4.3 Quake Shakes Southeastern Idaho
Freak NY Tornado Flips Truck on Highway
Melbourne Sees Driest June for 148 Years — And It's Cold
Dome of Montserrat's Volcano Partially Co
Freak NY Tornado Flips Truck on Highway
June 29
Quake Shakes California Desert Area Near Salton Sea
Volcano in Western Mexico Shoots Ash
Northeast U.S. Floods Stir Global Warming Debate
History of New York Hurricanes — Including the Day Hog Island Disappeared for Good
Thousands Flee Rising Delaware River
Evacuation Order Lifted for Pa. Communities
Global Warming May Lead to Colder Winters in Britain
Montserrat Volcano on Level 4 Alert
Massive Algae Bloom Swirls Off West Coast
Kilauea's Sides Undergoing 'Slow Quakes'
Officials Fear Worst is Yet to Come
Scientists OK Gore's Movie for Accuracy
Nevada Governor Declares Fire Emergency
How's the Weather? Weird
June 27
Does Earth Have Its Own Early Warning System for Earthquakes?
Earth's Climate Warming Abruptly, Scientist Says
Global Warming Surpassed Natural Cycles In 2005 Hurricane Season
NASA Finds Intense Lightning Activity Around a Hurricane Eye
Lloyds of London: 'Adapt or Bust' on Climate Change
June 25
Volcanoes Currently Erupting
Greenland's Ice Sheet Is Slip, Sliding Away

Dry Southwest in the Line of Fire
Why You Can’t Ignore the Changing Climate — It's Already Affecting Your Life and Costing You Money
Ohio Swamped, Staggered By 'Rain of Biblical Proportions'
Powerful Earthquake Strikes Indonesia
Residents Flee as Boulders Rumble Down Philippine Volcano
Tropical Storm Domeng Raises Lahar Risk on Mt. Bulusan
New Zealand's Ngauruhoe Rumbles With Activity
June 23
Earth is Hottest Now in 2,000 Years
Second Largest US Lake at Lowest Level in 4 Years
Lake Powell, Lake Mead Expected to be Only Half Full by September
Gas, Debris Surge From Indonesian Volcano
June 22
So. San Andreas Fault Waiting to Explode
San Andreas Stress Buildup Makes Major Quake Imminent
Report Shows California Must Prepare More for Earthquakes
3.4 Earthquake Rocks Near Cleveland
Sea Surface Temperatures Fuel Hurricanes
June 20
20-Foot Waves Destroy Homes in Nicaragua — Not Tsunami
Rain Might Worsen Merapi Slides
Sizzling Days of Summer are Here — NOAA Forecast
Montserrat's Legacy
'No Ordinary Drought'
June 18
Expert Warns of Earthquake in New Madrid Zone
Bulusan Volcano Ejects Ash, Threatens Villagers — 20,000 Residents Evacuated
Volcanic Ash Kills Town River
Caught in the 'Ring of Fire' the Philippines is a Disaster-Prone Country
Alberta's Wild, Wild Weather Brings Rare Tornadoes
Perth Australia Weather Breaks Another Record
Gulf Coast Drought — Some in "Extreme"
US Heartland Forecast — Dry and Drier
June 16
Earthquake Activity Increases in Alaska, California
Quake Shakes Western N. Carolina
Mount St. Helens Keeps Huffing and Puffing
Merapi Eruption Claims Two Lives
Philippines Prepares Evacuation Plans Near Bulsan Volcano
"Don't Panic", Philippinos Told as Kanlaon Volcano Continues to Spew Ash
Drought Expands; Half of US 'Abnormally Dry' or Worse
Fires Burn in Colo., Ariz., Utah, Alaska
Red-Flag Warnings Issued for Wildfires
Green Goo Globs up Great Lakes
New South Wales Sees Driest May in 50 Years — 90% of State in Drought
Global Warming Could Release Permafrost Carbon
Arctic Dips as Global Waters Rise
June 15
Earthquake Shakes Parts of California
New Zealand's North Island Rocked By 5.6 Mag. Quake
Highest Alert Raised Again for Mt Merapi
2 Trapped, 5 Missing After Volcano Erupts
New Zealand's North Island Rocked By 5.6 Mag. Quake
June 14
Geyser, Inactive Since '98, Erupts
Java Volcano Spews Clouds of Gas
Moderate Quakes Jolt Indonesia's Aceh
Strong Earthquake Hits Aleutian Islands Off Alaskan Coast
June 13
Little Damage Reported As Alberto Hits Fla.
Alberto Prompts Evacuation on Fla. Coast
5th Crater Found on Bulusan Volcano
Under the Volcano, Little Sleep
Tsunami Strikes; One Dead, Two Injured
Gales, Snow, Tornado: Chaotic Weather in NZ
Japanese Volcano Expected to Erupt Again
Powerful Earthquake ‘Overdue’ in Philippines
June 12
Hurricane Warning Issued for Florida — One of the Earliest on Record
June 11
Strong Quake Shakes Japan
First Tropical Storm of 2006 Season Forms
New Quake at Mt. St. Helens Sends Steam, Ash 15,000 Feet High
Indonesian Volcano Spews Lava 80 Times
June 8
Subduction Zone Quake Would Cut Roads to Washington Coast
Earthquake Shakes West Highlands
15,000 Flee Indonesian Volcano Ruptures
Are You Prepared for the Next Big One?
Experts Study Quake Zone in Central U.S.
Arkansans Told to Prepare for Quake
Midwest Earthquake Could Cost $60 Billion
Waiting for the Big One: Is New York Prepared for Earthquakes?
RMS Updates Earthquake Model for Eastern U.S. and Eastern Canada
Earthquake Aftershocks Not What They Seemed
New Zealand's Mt. Ngauruhoe Alert Level Prompts Warning
Indonesia Volcano Emissions Spread, Intensity Drops
Spain Heading for Worst Drought Since 1947
Australia: 40 More Years of Drought?
June 6
8 Volcanoes to Erupt?
11,000 Evacuated as Mt. Merapi Spews Lava, Gas
Mt. Ngauruhoe Volcano Alert Level Increases
Philippine Volcanologists Warn of More Ash Explosions of Bulusan Volcano
Warning Up After Kanlaon Emits Steam
U.S. Unprepared for Tsunami Disaster, GAO
Category 3 Katrina Spurs Debate Over Accuracy of Hurricane Scale
Scores Killed as Storms Sweep India
June 5
Raging Heat Continues in Southwest US
On Perilous Terrain
Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in South Japan
Merapi Volcano Erupts — Again
Peru Volcano Activity Has Authorities Preparing Evacuation
Desert Cities Living on Borrowed Time
June 1
Many Cities are Not Prepared, for Hurricane Season — It's Up to YOU!
Powerful Hurricane Season Looms in Atlantic
Experts Say Global Warming is Causing Stronger Hurricanes
Hurricanes to Unleash Dormant, Hidden Power
Rising Seas Imperil Everglades
It Happens Like a Boat Tipping
Animals Scramble as Climate Warms
A Warmer World May, Or May Not, Be Wetter
Scientists Say Arctic Once Was Tropical
Jet Streams Off Track, May Affect Weather Patterns
New Orleans Sinking Faster Than Expected
Parts of China Suffer Worst Drought in Over 50 Years
May 30
Indonesian Disaster Death Toll Tops 5,400 - 6,500 Badly Hurt; Hospitals Overwhelmed
U.S. Lags in Quake Warning
Boston's Earthquake Problem
Wisconsin Roads Buckle Up in Record Heat

90 Die From Extreme Heat in Pakistan
More Quakes Show Power of Pacific 'Ring of Fire'
String of Earthquakes Urelated, Scientists Say
May 28
Volcano's Lake Turns From Blue to Red
Comoros Volcano Erupts, Spews Lava
Florida Keys... Could Become One of the Scariest Places in the Nation
3" Hail Hammers North Dakota
Aid Pour in After 6.3 Temblor Kills at Least 4,600 on Java island; 200,000 Homeless
Stan's Recent Earthquake Hits
So.Cal-Baja Earthquake Swarm Continues to Grow
Strong Earthquakes Hit Papua New Guinea, Tonga
First Tropical Storm of Season Forms off Mexico's Pacific Coast
Drought Order Leaves British Clowns High and Dry
May 27
Stan's Recent Earthquake Hits
Indonesia Earthquake Kills at Least 2,700 — see Stan's earthquake forecast of May 25
Earthquake Leaves Thousands Dead in Indonesia
So.Cal-Baja Earthquake Swarm Continues to Grow
Four Vanuatu Volcanoes Showing Signs of Eruption
Deserts Might Grow as Tropics Expand
Sinking Scare—Rising Seas Could Make Tuvalu's 12,000 People Environmental Refugees
May 25
Stan's Recent Earthquake Hits
Earthquake Swarm Rattles So.Cal-Baja
Where Have All the Icebergs Gone?
Rare Earthquake Shakes Stockholm
May 24
Rare Earthquake Shakes Stockholm
New Orleans 'Top Target for '06 Hurricanes'
Magnitude 5.4 Quake, Aftershocks Shake California-Mexico Border
Earth-Solar Cycle Spurs Greenhouse Gases: Studies
Underwater Volcano Erupts on Video
San Francisco Peaks Volcano Field
Strong Earthquake Rocks Papua
May 23
Indonesian Volcano Spews Lava, Ash
Thailand Flash Floods Kill at Least 50, Trap Thousands
Global Warming - Will Malta Vanish From the Face of the Earth?
Secrets of Supervolcanoes
Would You Be Prepared If a Disaster Struck Your Area? - poll
May 22
NOAA: North Atlantic Could See 10 Hurricanes This Season
As Bad as Katrina Was, It Can Be Worse
Seattle on Shaky Ground, Map Shows
Arkansas Residents Urged to Prepare Now for Possible Earthquake
3-D Images Reveal Yellowstone Plume
Strong Quake Hits North-Eastern Russia
Alaska Earthquake Felt From Anchorage to Palmer
Two Earthquakes Hit Zimbabwe
Dome of Montserrat's Volcano Collapses
Merapi's Hot Clouds Again Billow Reach 1.5 Km
Ash From Caribbean Volcano Grounds Flights
Five Die in Freezing Weather — in Africa
May 19
Number of Deaths From Katrina Rises
Freak Tornado-Like 'Dust Devil' Hits New Mexico
Mountain Moved 62 Miles in 30 Minutes - Land Speed Record
Heatwave Melts Glacier Park Fast and Early, Rivers May Flood
Hurricane Intensity vs. Ocean Temperatures
Millions of US Coastal Residents Not Taking Hurricane Threat Seriously: Poll
Mount St. Helens Cooking a Mystery
Mount St. Helens Activity Update
Earthquake Rattles Town Near St. Louis
Robertson: God Says Storms, Possibly Tsunami, Will Hit US in 2006
Strongest May Cyclone on Record Kills 21 in China
Typhoon Kills 28 Vietnamese Fishermen
150 Fishermen Missing After Asia Typhoon
Freak Tornado Sweeps Through Donegal Town
May 17
Giant Slab of Earth's Crust Found Near Core
Wild Weather: Global Warming or Just Weird?
600,000 Evacuated as Typhoon Targets China; Strongest on Record in May
Mount Merapi Finishes Nap, Shoots Ash Cloud Into Sky
Critics Raising Alarm Over Elk Dying Around Volcano
U.S. Has Warmest April on Record
UK Considers Drought Tanker Ships
Drought Conditions Push Cow Slaughter Up
Ecuador on Alert as Activity Increases at Volcano
Real Quake Shakes Tsunami Drill
May 16
Indonesia Hit by Magnitude 6.9 Tremor; Local Tsunami Possible
Major Quake Rocks Islands Near New Zealand
Indonesian Volcano Spews Ash in Biggest Eruption Yet
New England Sees Worst Floods in 70 Years
Earthquake Cluster Hits North Bay, Calif.
Satellite Detects Uplift in the Yellowstone Caldera
Tsunami Risk of Asteroid Strikes Revealed
Unusual Weather Pattern Responsible for New England Deluge
Forecaster: Three Big Hurricanes to Hit U.S.
Tough Curbs on Water Use as Drought Hits Britain
No Weather Relief for Drought and Flood-Hit China
Climate Change Could Kill 185 Million Africans
May 14-15
Snowy Mountaintops in Africa to Disappear
New England Rain, Flooding ‘Going to Get Worse’
States of Emergency Flooding in Mass., Maine & N.H.
Indonesian Volcano Spews Ash in Biggest Eruption Yet
Thousands Flee Slopes of Indonesia Volcano
Some Villagers Ignore Warnings of Impending Eruption
Ecuador Volcano Shows Signs of Activity
The Great Coral Reef Disaster
May 12
Freak Tornado Kills Woman, Leaves Hundreds Homeless
Climate Change Evidence Stronger: Scientist
May 10
Area Where Hurricanes Develop is Warmer, Say NOAA Scientists - with video
Hurricanes: A Global Warming Connection?
May 9
Plankton Blooms Linked to Quakes
Sun's Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming - flashback
Bezymyanny Volcano Erupts on Kamchatka Peninsula
May 8
Forecasters : Major Hurricane Season Brewing in the Atlantic
Katrina-Size Storm Would Devastate South Florida, Scientists Say
May 7
Global Warming - Is It Real, Are Humans the Cause, and Can Anything Be Done?
Skiing Forecast: No Snow Here by 2020
More Lava Spews as Volcano's Dome Grows
May 5
Mount St. Helens New Fin the Size of a Football Field
Watch "Movie" of Mount St. Helens' Growing Fin — and This is Only 6 Days!
5,000 Indonesians Evacuated, First Lava Oozes From Mount Merapi
Giant Ozone Hole 'Forming Over Tibet'
May 4
Tsunami Warning Lifted After Tonga Quake
Mount St. Helens Adding 6 Feet Daily to New Dome
Storm Surges Could Be Isabel Times Two
Hurricane Alley Heats Up
Global Warming Weakens Trade Winds
Indonesia's Merapi Volcano Spewing Lava
May 3
Magnitude 8.1 Quakes Strikes Tonga Islands — Stan's Analysis Predicted This Event 3 Days Ago
Quake Prompts Tsunami Warning For Fiji, New Zealand
May 2
Magnitude 6 Quake Shakes Panama
Stan's Analysis Predicted This Event April 30
Three Earthquakes Hit Northern Chile
Stan's Analysis Predicted This Event April 30
Volcano Grows 30 Feet in Three Days
Busiest Tornado Month Getting Even Busier
Wicked Weather Stirs Worries
More Than 10 Million People Threatened by Drought in China
China Considers Adding "Dust" into Weather Forecasts
Ancient Climate Change Made Plants Shift Range
April 30
New Earthquakes Rock Remote Russian Region
April 27
Weird Weather: Changing Temperatures Means Rethinking Garden Zone Maps
April 26
Global Warming Blamed for '05 Hurricanes
April 20
Magnitude 7.7 Quake Rattles Remote Russia
Some East Coast States Have Driest March Ever, Severe Drought Continues in Southwest, Southern Plains, Record Rainfall in Hawaii
Summer Forecast Doesn’t Hold Water
April 18
Predicting Quakes? Seconds May Be All We Have
Timeline of Shaking in the San Francisco Bay Area
Constant Seismic Activity Found Off Oregon Coast
Indonesia Vulcanologists Warn of Major Eruption
April 17
5˚F (3˚C): Chief Scientist Warns Bigger Rise in World's Temperature Puts 400 Million at Risk
One More for the Record Books — Make That 28 Tropical Storms
Emerging Ocean Volcano Has 'Moat of Death'
April 14
Tornadoes Kill at Least One in Eastern Iowa
Big Earthquake Could Devastate U.S. Midwest, Experts Warn
7th Earthquake This Year Strikes Lake Erie
Stark Warning Over Climate Change
April 13
Volcano-Like Tremors Detected Near San Andreas
Pacific Northwest Tectonic Plates Are Moving
San Franciscos Catastrophic 1906 Earthquake a Warning for Today
Shock Tactics: Dynamiting the San Andreas Fault
Freak Tornado Leaves Trail of Destruction in UK
Indonesia Boosts Alert Level at Huge Volcano, Fearing Eruption
Global Warming's Next Casualty: Igloos
Quarter of Species Gone by 2050
April 11
"Super" El Nino Predicted for Next Winter
Indonesia Bans Climbers as Java's Mount Merapi Volcano Heats Up
1,000 Homeless After Rare Tornado Hits Bangladesh
April 9
Wild Tornado Season: Expect More
Air Trends 'Amplifying' Warming
Mammoth Area's Beauty Masks Its Natural Dangers
Huge Drill Spawns Mock Disasters Across Nashville
April 7
Series of Earthquakes Rattle California Coast
Muzzled Climate Researchers Feeling Heat From White House
April 6
Up to Our Necks in Extreme Weather
April 5
Hurricane Forecast: Rough '06
NOAA Reports Tornado Season Starts Busy
Mount St. Helens Volcano Watch
Tanzanian Volcano Erupts

April 4
5.9 Quake Hits Off the Coast of Jalisco, Mexico
Next Great San Francisco Quake Losses: $105 Billion Projected, Insurers
As We See It: Earthquake Preparedness is Needed
April 3
Fort Lauderdale Saw Driest March on Record
April 2
Picturesque Newberry Volcano Still Packs a Lot of Potential
Rainiest March on Record in West - Driest in East
Tornado Cuts 17-Mile Swath Through Ohio
March 31
6.1 Quake Shakes Indonesia
6.5 Quake Shakes Kermadec Islands
Sumatra Quake Could Be Set to Rumble Again: Study
Three Quakes in Iran Kill at Least 66
Spring? Lake Tahoe Area Records Most Snow in 35 Years
Upcoming Hurricane Season Likely to Be Stronger Than Average
Are Shifts in the Earth's Crust Causing New Orleans to Sink?
Baby Walruses Stranded by Melting Arctic Ice, Experts Say
March 29
4.1 Quake Jolts So. California
Mega Eruption if Yellowstones Southern Twin
March 28
Sumatran Megaquake Defied Theory
TIME Cover: Amazing Climate Crisis Poll
"Natural Spring" Leaps Ahead
6.0 Earthquake Jolts Southern Japan, Felt in Tokyo
March 27
New City-sized Iceberg Created Near Antarctica
California Fault Line Primed for Big Earthquake, Experts Predict
You Don’t Need a Coast for a Disaster
Drought Leads to Forced Marriages
March 25
Juan de Fuca Plate Hit by Numerous Shakers
A North Coast Tsunami Would ‘Equal Sumatra’s’
Strong Quake Hits South Iran
Rare Tornado Adds New Twist to Storms
Rare Hail Gives Big Island Residents a Scare
Tribute in Pictures to Montana's Disappearing Glaciers
Snow Melting Earlier In Eastern North America
March 24
Greenlands Glacial Earthquakes Increasing in Frequency
Global Warming: Calculate Your Impact
March 22
Action Hot and Heavy Beneath Yellowstone
Adapting to Hotter World
Treading on Thin Ice
March 21
3.7 Quake Jolts E. San Francisco Bay
Erupting NZ Volcano 'Still Volatile'
Hokkaido Volcano Erupts for 1st Time Since 1998
Vulcanologists Watching Mount Merapi
Weather Experts Predict Busy Storm Season
New Cyclone Set to Strike Australia’s Coast
March 20
Welcome to Spring. It's Flooding and Snowing
March 18
Cosmic Rays, Not Greenhouse Gases, Cause Global Warming, Esteemed Ottawa Scientist
Worker Was on Hot Spot When Volcano Blew
New Zealand Workers Rescued From Erupting Volcanic Island
24 Foot Tsunami Strikes Maluku’s Buru Island
Magnitude 3.0 Hits Southern Colorado
March 17
Warmer Seas Creating Stronger Hurricane, Study Confirms
NOAA Spring Outlook Focus: Drought and Wildfire
New Madrid Region Urging Readiness for a Big Quake
Kauai Has 6 Times More Rain Than Normal for ALL of March
Perfect Disaster Series
March 16
Geologist: Africa Splitting Apart
Mt. Merapi Shows Sign of Increased Activity
Barren Volcano Still Very Active
Quakes Rock Indonesian Island, Hundreds of Houses Damaged
Tourists Watch Glacier Collapse
Killer Drought Rendering Horn of Africa Bone-Dry
March 15
Tornadoes Set Records for March
People Globally Suffering "Exceptional Drought"
March 14
Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us - flashback
We're Going Over the Climate Cliff and — We Live in Denial
Sharp Rise in CO2 Levels Recorded
Weather Expert Warns of Costly Hurricanes — 2005 Just the Beginning
Worst Wildfire in Texas History Claims 11
Ohio Area Shaken Up - Again
Powerful Quake Rocks Eastern Indonesia
Nicaragua on Alert After Volcano Spews Large Columns of Gas, Ash
March 13
The Day the Panhandle Burned
Grass Fires Char 70,000 Acres in New Mexico
Tornadoes in Midwest Leave 2 Dead
City Shaken: Earthquake Swarm Similar to 1982
Thailand Warns About Undersea Tremors
March 11
31 Quakes in Two Days Spur Tsunami Alert
Climate Chaos Reaches Southern California
March 10
Baseball-Sized Hail Hammers Oklahoma
In Phoenix, Even Cactuses Wilt in Clutches of Record Drought
Drought Continues in Hot and Dusty Phoenix; 141 Days Without Rain
Stronger Storms Change Heat and Rainfall Worldwide, NASA
Fifth-Warmest Winter on Record Nationally
Satellite Confirms Polar Ice Loss
March 9
Magnitude 4.5 Hits off Oregon Coast
Volcano in No Coast is Safe — All Tsunami Signs Point to Hawai'i
Mt. Hood’s Glaciers Melting Away
Drought Prompts Cut in Nile Flow
Volcano in Nicaragua Spews Gas, Ash
Antarctica is Melting Faster
March 8
New Zealand Tornado Sucks Up Sheep, Silo (gotta see)
When the Next Catastrophe Strikes
Hurricanes, Other Vortices Steal Energy in 'Hostile Takeovers'
Growing Solar Storms Threaten Communications, Astronauts
Augustine Has a Spit Fit
March 7
Sun's Next 11-Year Cycle Could Be 50% Stronger
Think Pompeii Got Hit Hard? Worse Eruptions Lurk
Augustine Volcano: Building Up Steam
Recording Earthquakes on the Sea Floor
March 6
Magnitude 6.4 Hits in Mid-Indian Ridge
Southwest Suffers Historic Drought
Britain Thirsts for End to Record Dry Conditions
Pressure Building Inside Volcano - Again
Heavy Snow Kills 17, Wreaks Travel Havoc In Europe
March 5
Prepare NOW for Coming Storms, Hurricane Center Chief Warns
Unprecedented Signs Pointing to Looming La Nina
cRains Robbing Hawaiian Farmers — More Wet Stuff Coming
Arizona Hit by Driest Winter in 65 Years
Parts of Missouri Facing "Unprecedented" Drought
So. Colorado Braces for Drought
March 3
Earthquake Jolts Parts of Mendocino County
Experts: Utah Should Prepare for Big Earthquake
Hurricane Season Could Match '05: UN
Earthquake Recorded In Southern Illinois
107-year-old North Texas Weather Record Falls
Flooding Paralyzes Windward O'ahu
Floodwaters Trap Thousands, Mudslide Threatened
Parts of UK Heading for a 1-in-100 Year Drought
Second Quake Shakes Canberra
Indian Ocean Quake 'Broke Some of the Rules', Study
Scots Will Bear Brunt of Climate Storms
Antarctica Losing Ice, Contrary to Expectations
March 2
Consensus Grows on Climate Change
Record-Breaking Heat, Wind Fuel Okla. Fires
Fourth Small Earthquake Shakes Up Bay Area
Supervolcano Raises Yellowstone, Fuels Geysers, Study Says
U.K.'s Reid Warns of Looming Water Wars
Flooding Imperils Thousands in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador
March 1
Magnitude 3.4 Quake Hits San Francisco Bay Area
Yellowstone Volcano Grows as Geysers Reawaken
"Ugly" Drought Keeps Breaking Record — Leads to Warnings
Water Restrictions Loom as New Zealand Drought Continues
February 28
100mph Gusts Black Out 110,000 in No. Calif, Storms Trigger Flood Watch
Scientists Find Lost Civilization Buried by Volcano
PNG Volcano Erupts, People Told to Evacuate
Drought and Starvation Return to East Africa
Freak Heavy Snow "Totally Paralyzes" African City
Extreme Weather Raises Concerns
February 27
Dry Winter Points Way to Summer Drought for Europe
Much of California Under Flood Watch
Drought Drives Indians to Desert Old People, Children
Texas Faces Dangerous Conditions if Drought Continues
Climate Change Forecast Getting Worse
Blizzard Hits Sakhalin, Kurile Islands — Closes Airports, Seaports
February 25
US Seasonal Drought Outlook
Get Ready for Worst Drought in 75 Years, Water Firms Told
Drought Intensifying in Cuba
'Strongest Quake in a Decade' Shakes Canada
FEMA: New Madrid Earthquake Preparedness is #1 Priority
February 24
Magnitude 4.5 Hits Ontario-Quebec Border
Magnitude 4.2 Hits Off the Coast of Oregon
Is America Headed for Another Dust Bowl?
1930s Dust Bowl Revisited
The Mother Lode of Cold Arrives
La Niña Returns — and its Implications
Yorkshire Scientists Lift The Lid on Volcanoes
At Old Volcanoes, Slopes Turn Mudflows Deadly
9 Earthquakes Recorded in Philippine Volcano
February 23
Deaths Confirmed After Mozambique Earthquake
Tennessee Entering Peak Tornado Season
Another Busy Hurricane Season Possible
February 22
7.5 (revised) Quake Shakes Mozambique
Scientists Question Preparedness for New Madrid Quake
Study: Midwest Not Ready for a Major Quake
Unearthing Explanations For New Madrid Earthquakes
Congressional Panel to Conduct Earthquake Hearing in St. Louis
Stanford Professor Explains Earthquake Mystery
Preventing the Next "New Orleans"
Texas Copes With Drought
Augustine Ain’t No Saint
Instruments on Alaska's Augustine Volcano Provide New Insights into Volcanic Processes
Mayon Volcano Alert Raised
Atlantic Ocean Warmer Than a Hot Tub
February 21
A Global Warning
February 20
Expect Increase Severity and Frequency of Extreme Weather Events
Rolling Blackouts Hit Denver
Oceans May Soon Be More Corrosive Than When the Dinosaurs Died
Flashflood Wreaks Havoc in Central Vietnam
Sandstorm Pounds NW China
Rains, Earthquake Spur Evacuation in Davao Areas
February 18
Winter Storm Slams Northeast; Hundreds of Thousands Lose Power
4.5 Quake Strikes Northern Yukon Territory
Winchester's Earthquake Saga Exposes Danger Beneath Our Feet
Is California Ready for The Big One? FEMA Says No
Seismically Busy Washington Has No Active Faults Map
Japanese Volcano Spits Minor Eruption
February 17
People Flee as Massive Waves Pound Spain
At Least Five Dead as Weather Wreaks Highway Havoc in Ontario, Quebec
Canadian Winter, Formerly Missing in Action, Awakens With a Vengeance
The Mountain Exploded — Philippine Landslide Buries Homes, School
Greenland Ice Cap Melting FAST
Sea Levels Likely to Rise Much Faster Than Was Predicted
Global Warming '30 Times Quicker Than It Used to Be'
New York Senator: We Are Not Prepared for Disasters
Greenland's Ice Melt May Swell Oceans by 23 Feet
Landslide Slams Philippine Village, 1,500 Missing
Drought Forces Somalis to Drink Own Urine - Oxfam
Minor Earthquake Hits Northern New Jersey
Major Quake In Tokyo Would Kill 4,700
February 16
Magnitude 2.6 Quake Strikes New Jersey
When The Big One Strikes
FEMA Provides No Quake Plan
Quakes Strike Near Mammoth
4.7 Quake Strikes Northern Yukon Territory
Glaciers Melting Like Popsicles in August
February 15
Strong Earthquake Hits Mariana Islands
February 14
Expert Has 'Bad News:' 06' Hurricane Season Could Repeat 05'
Montserrat: Volcano Shoots Out Ash
Volcanoes Currently Erupting
Floods Hit 50,000 Sahara Refugees
February 13
Australian Scientists Say They Were Silenced on Climate Change
Dramatic Rise In Myanmar Quakes Over Past Two Years
Midwest Earthquake Dangers
New Madrid Could Dwarf Katrina
USGS Map Highlights Central U.S. Earthquake History
Volcanoes Helped Slow Ocean Warming Trend Researchers Find
February 12
Northeast US Hammered By Record-Breaking Blizzard
February 11
KY Earthquake Preparedness Week
Magnitude 5.2 Quake Rattles Gulf of Mexico
Small Earthquake Rattles Glenwood Springs, CO
U.S. Climate Experts Agree: We’re Having a ‘La Niña’ Year
Japan Government Prepares for Possible Eruption of Mount Fuji
February 10
25% Probability of 7.0 Earthquake Hitting San Francisco by 2025
6.5 Earthquake Could Cut Off California's Water Supply
Hurricane Could Hit San Diego
Biggest Recorded Earthquake Brewed for Four Centuries
Safe and Secure?
U.S. Geological Survey to Study San Andreas Fault
Climate 'Warmest for Millennium'
February 9
North American Quakes in Last 48 Hours
Volcanoes Currently Erupting
Genoa Fault a Valley Disaster Looking for a Time to Happen
Huge Quake Could Devastate Reno Economy, Study
300 Earthquakes Hit Karymsky Volcano
Russia's Mount Karymsky Volcano Erupting Ash
Indian Satellite Can Predict Quakes Globally
More Than 800 Dead From Cold in Ukraine
Remanent Swiss Ice Cap Melting Fast
February 8
North American Quakes in Last 48 Hours
Earthquakes in Canada: Surviving the Moderate Ones
Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic
Question in Nevada is When — Not If — a Major Quake Will Occur
Oregon Tsunami Telephone Warning System to Be Tested
Oregon Architect Designs Home to Withstand a Tsunami
Colorado Snowpack Below Average
Horn of Africa Drought Hitting 1.5 Million Children
Govt Set to Approve Mt. Fuji Eruption Disaster Plan
February 7
Mandatory Evacuations Ordered in Anaheim Hills, Calif., Fire Chars 1,800 Acres
Escaping Fire
Mag. 7-8 Earthquake Possible This Year in Kyrgyzstan
Europe's Winter Death Toll Rises as Temperatures Dip Again
7.0 Mag. Quake Shakes Mountains, Rattles Towns
North American Quakes in Last 48 Hours
Tornadoes Touch Down in Virginia, Rare in February
January Broke Many Records Across Nation
Only 3% of Floridians Prepared for Disaster
Second Volcano in Aleutian Islands Sends Up Ash Cloud
Most Greek Land Becoming Arid
Wetlands Facing Drought Disaster
February 6
Colima, Mexico Ash Advisory
US Area Quakes of Interest, Last 48 Hours
San Andreas Fault Not So. Cal's Most Dangerous
L.A. Fault Line Has Geologists Quaking - flashback
Quake on Puente Hills Fault Would Cause Strong Shaking Up to L.A.
Major Losses Projected for Quake on Los Angeles Puente Hills Fault
California's Preparedness for Disaster in Question
Blaze Claims About 800 Acres in Cleveland National Forest
1,000 Homes Rebuilt in Burned Areas (Stupid is as Stupid Does?)
Arctic Weather Continues to Buffet Moscow
February 5
California "Dodging Nukes"
"The Big One" Could Be California's Katrina
4.6 Quake Rattles Southwestern Montana
February 4
3.1 Mag. Earthquake Shakes San Francisco Bay Area, California
Separate Quakes Shake Indian and Indonesian Islands
2006 May Not Be Good Year for Earthquakes: Scientists
Satellite Imagery Shows Extent of Drought in East Africa
February 3
Four (actually 5) Strong Earthquakes Shake Japan in Rapid Succession
Race is On to Prepare for Northwest Tsunami
La Nina's Return May Threaten More Hurricanes & Drought
Government Revises Tornado Ratings Scale
Alaska Volcano's Threat Level is Lowered
KY Earthquake Preparedness Week
Scientist Web Log Follows Exploration of Submerged Volcano
February 2
Tornadoes Blow Through New Orleans
Upgraded Quake Could Signal Larger Future Temblors
Mother Nature Opens Up Entire Weather Playbook
Canada: Warm Spell Even Has Trees, Birds Thinking Spring
Normal Weather Becoming Unusual
Ireland Examining Need for Tsunami Warning System
Federal Grant for Ohio Earthquake Monitor Cut in Half
Snowfall Scale to Rank Storms' Impact
January Rarity: Thunderstorms Rumble Across State
Conflicting Claims on Global Warming and Why It's All Moot
Vancouver Sets Wet, Wet, Wet Record
Preparedness Key When Living Near Fault
February 1
Sediment Could Be Major Factor In Big Subduction Zone Earthquakes
Strong Quake Shakes Tokyo, No Tsunami Warning Issued
Polar Ice Sheets Could Start to Melt This Century
Climate Challenge Video — well done, but doesn't address the Sun's role in global warming
Indonesian Quake Leaves Two Dead
Ukraine's Bitter Cold Kills Nearly 600 in 2 Weeks
Weather: From the Oven to the Fridge
January 31
Augustine Eruption Continues; Alaska Airlines Cancels Flights
Natural Disasters Rose by 20% Last Year
Northwest Storms Hammer Washington and Oregon
Freezing Weather Reaps Grim Toll in Poland
NASA Satellite Catches a Hurricane Transforming Itself
Wet-Weather Woes Won't Let Up
January 30
Similar Quake Hit Seven Months Ago, Hints at Unknown Fault
Western Fiji Under Water, More Rain Coming
Second Tornado Lashes Mthatha Area
Five Billion-Dollar Disasters Recorded in 2005
Hurricanes Shape New Natural Order Along the Gulf Coast
Alaska Volcano Continues to Belch Ash
Warming Debate Shifts to ‘Tipping Point’
Arctic Summer
January 29
Phoenix Record Broken: 102 Days Without Rain
Minor Quake Hits Portland, Oregon
Alaska Volcano Erupts a Fourth Time Since Friday
Freezing Weather Worsens Georgia Energy Crisis; Millions Without Power
Heat is On as Ocean Levels Rise — Portions of Sotheast U.S. Under Water
Flood Watch: Tides, Sea Level Encroaching on South Coast
Frozen Tsunami — Mountains of Ice Coming Ashore, Threatening Property, Lives
January 28
Banda Sea Quake "Rang the Planet"
January 27
7.7 Quake Triggers Panic in Indonesia
Up to 15,000 Australians May Die From Climate 'Catastrophe'
2005 Season Upgraded to 15 Hurricanes - Busiest, Most Intense Ever
2006 Hurricane Forecast
Baffled Scientists Say Less Sunlight Reaching Earth
Blobs Inside Earth Might Explain Rapid Mountain Building
January 26
Wind Gusts to 200 Mph in Mountains
306th Anniversary of 9.0 Cascadia Earthquake
Japan Panel Posits Worst Case Earthquake
Earthquake Drills to Happen Soon in New Madrid Zone
In the Line of Danger
Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006
Last Year Was Warmest in a Century, Maybe Ever
Drought Taking its Toll in Texas
Firefighters Ready for Extreme Weather
Arctic Front Maintains Death Grip on Europe
January 25
Norfolk is Tsunami-Ready and Has a Sign to Prove It, But are They TRULY Ready?
Computer Simulation Shows Effects of Tsunami on East Coast
Small Quake Jolts Hills Near San Jose
New Zealand Linemen Battle Weather to Restore Power; Thousands in the Dark
January 24
Freak Snowstorm Closes Hawaii Volcano to Tourists
Killer Cold Grips Europe: 100 Dead
Massive Climate Changes Bring Wild Weather
Hurricanes No Storm in Teacup
Cold Snap Affects Czech Nuke Plant Reactor
High Winds Rage Across So. Cal. Across So. Cal.
Australian 'Blown Off' Volcano
Torrid Heat to Fan Australian Flames for Days; 3 Lives Claimed
Wild Weather Whips New Zealand
January 23
Powerful Quake in Colombia Jungle, No Victims Yet
6.2 Quake Strikes Off Coast of Vanuatu
Eastern Europe Freezes as Australia Burns
Freezing Weather Grips Europe, Kills at Least 41
Texas Governor Declares Statewide Drought Disaster
Disaster Preparation Urged
R.I. Concedes It's Not Ready for Catastrophe
Official: Illinois Gas Stations Considering Closing in a Disaster
Huge Tsunami Could Hit North Japan In Quake Scenario
January 16
Small Earthquake Shakes Vancouver Island
Kobe Quake Survivors Feel Disaster Lessons Being Forgotten
West Australia Mops Up After Record Floods
2005 Wildfire Summary
Earthquake Occurrences Above Norms
Global Warming to Speed Up as Carbon Levels Show Sharp Rise
Environment in Crisis: 'We are Past the Point of No Return'
Are You Prepped? See How Others Rate Themselves
Oops Recount: 2 Million in America Displaced by Storms
Japan Battling Deadliest Winter in Two Decades
Russia Cold Forces Evacuations
January 15
6.2 Earthquake Rocks East of Indonesian Archipelago
Eruptions Continue From Alaskan Volcano, Closing Schools, Canceling Flights
10 Volcanoes in Indonesia Declared in Alert Status
Oregon Homes Become Lakeside Properties
Colorado Stuck in Rut of Bizarre Weather
Firefighters Brace for High Fire Danger
OK: Will it Ever Rain?
Current Fire Danger Map — Unusual for Winter
Global Warming to Speed Up as Carbon Levels Show Sharp Rise
January 14
Tornadoes, Storms Kill 1 In Ala., Hurt 13 Fla. Children
January 13
Flood Damage in Oregon Hits $22 Million
Augustine Erupts Again
Are You Ready for Volcanic Ash Fall?
Arizona Could Have Driest Winter in Centuries
USGS National Earthquake Center Goes 24/7
January 'Heat Wave' Hits Upstate New York
Grass Fires Devastate Farms and Ranches
January 12
Alaska's Augustine Volcano Erupts for First Time in 20 Years
Flight to Check Volcanic Eruption in South Sandwich
Tips on Dealing With an Eruption
Could Forests Worsen Global Warming
Current Hazards Assessment — NOAA
Drought Expected to Last into Spring
January 11
4.9 Earthquake Strikes Off the Coast of Oregon
Observatory Raises Warning Code to Orange
Colorado Wildfire Explodes Overnight, Forces Evacuations
Abrupt Climate Change -- How Bad Could It Be
Climate Woes: Prepare for Worst
Researchers Confirm Role of Massive Flood in Climate Change
Winter Death Toll Now 230
January 10
Climate Fears, Water Shortages Haunt Europe
Lots of Lightning in 2005 Hurricanes Baffles Scientists
Sinkholes Continue to Plague Community
January 9
Calif. Quake Clock is Ticking
4.2 Earthquake Felt South of Montreal
Flood and Tidal Fear as Cyclone Clare Lashes Northern Australia
Air Force Watching the Sun for Flares
Texas May Burn Another 2 Months
Brush Fires Continue to Plague Dry Central Texas
Delhi Gets First Winter Ice in 70 Years, Indian Cold Toll Soars
Death Toll in Record Japan Snowfall Rises
Killer Cold Has Tight Grip on Vast Portions of Asia
January 8
6.9 Earthquake Shakes Greece
January 7
2005 Ties for 2nd Warmest Year Ever — Trend Will Bring Increased Violent Weather
Hottest Australian Year Boosts Global Warming Worries
Augustine Volcano Showing More Unrest
South American Quake Shot Tsunami to Austalia
Seattle Leading Way in Tsunami Research
Malawi Floods Leave 40000 Homeless
January 6
"Ostrich" Attitude Puts Californians in Earthquake Peril
Strong Earthquake Detected South of Panama
"Unusually Severe Snow", Sub-Zero Weather Hit Asia — At Least 57 Dead
National Study Shows Many Schools Unprepared for Disaster
Disaster Kit a Must-Have
Past Gives Clue to Climate Impact
Anomalous Worldwide Tectonic Event
January 5
Scientists Plot Mission Into Crater of Mount St. Helens
Minor Earthquake Hits Illinois, Tremors Reported in Indiana, Kentucky
Preparing for the Next U.S. Tsunami
Nuclear Warning Sirens Become Tsunami Warning Sirens
Disaster Insurance Rates Set to Jump in 2006
200 Indonesians Feared Dead After Landslides Bury Villages
Mozambic Floods Claim 18 Lives
January 4
Stan's Earthquake Hits Over Last Week

Tropical Storm Zeta Maintains Strength
Mexico Hit by Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake in Gulf of California — See Stan's Map yesterday
Western Governors Call Emergencies Over Floods; CA, NV Governors Make Declarations as Damage Estimates Climb
Fire Crews Battle Blaze in Three States — Hundreds of Thousands of Acres Charred
Bushfire Disaster Zones Declared in Australia
Eco Disaster Looms as Fires Rage in South Africa
Monday Tornadoes Rated F1 to F3
Dozens Feared Dead in Indonesia Landslide
Is It Wicked Weather or God’s Wrath?
January 3
Dry, Warm Wind Threatens Southwestern Fire Zone
Can Alaska Deal with Volcano Blowup?
Women Recall Three days of Being Stranded — and How to Prepare
3.6 Earthquake, Storms Hits New Madrid Area
Environment: Climate Watchers Fear Impending Worst-Case Scenarios
China Enduring Coldest Winter in 20 Years, Temps Set to Plummet Further
Tropical Storm Zeta Strengthens Unexpectedly, Poses No Threat
January 2
Magnitude 7.1 Quake Shakes Fiji
Southwest Wildfires Cause Evacuations, Mass Destruction in 3 States
Oklahoma Seeks Disaster Declaration
112oF! Hottest Day in Australia Since 1939; Blackouts and Wildfires Rage
Storms Continue to Pummel California — More on the Way
Mount St. Helens' Lava Astounds Scientists
Mount St. Helens Volcano Watch
Strong Quake Strikes South Atlantic
Tsunami Alert Systems 2-3 Years Away
Experts Say Expect Eruption Within Weeks
Flash Floods Kill 34 in Indonesia
January 1
Calif. Residents Brace for Second Storm
Natural Disasters Kill 300,000 and Cost $137 Billion: Are We to Blame?
Government Prepares for Next Big Disaster

December 30
2005 A Year of Extremes; Will 2006 Be as Bad?
Wall of Rain to Hit the Northwest
Drenching Storms Swell Northern California Rivers
Few are Ready for a Flood
America's Weather was Extreme this Year
New Grass Fires Burn in Oklahoma
Fires Reflect Wider Disaster: Drought
Drought Outlook Through March 2006 — Rough for Already Baked States
Latest Hazards Assessment
Freak Tropical Storm Zeta Forms in Atlantic
Assumptions About Katrina Victims May Be Incorrect, Data Reveal
Augustine Volcano Builds New Vents; Sees Up to 50 Earthquakes a Day
Number of Arkansas Tornadoes Doubles During 2005