December 30
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 13
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 14
Unlicensed DUI 'Illegal' Kills Mom, 2 Children
Illegal Immigrant Births Cost Medi-Cal $400M
December 28
McCain Joins Kennedy to Push New Fast-Track Amnesty Bill
December 26
Will Taxpayers Now Pay Legal Bills for Illegal Aliens?
Lettuce Take Back Our Country
December 23
Agents Remove 2,300 Illegal Aliens in Two Weeks
Immigration Issue Blew Up in 2006
December 20
Police Detain Suspected Illegal Immigrants -- in Maine
December 15
ID Theft Poses Challenge to Immigration Officials
It's Okay for Illegals to Steal Your Identity!
Roundup of Criminal Aliens Finds Rapists, Kidnappers, and Thieves
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 12
December 13
ICE Agents Raid Meat Plants
December 8
Application to Become an Illegal Alien (spoof)
December 7
The Immigration Imams
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 11
December 4
Up to 20 Million Illegals on Their Way to US Citizenship
Repercussions of Senate Bill 2611
Immigration Shock! Politicians Caused It, Only Politicians Can Solve It — video
Truck Driver Guilty in Deaths of Smuggled Illegals
GOP Reps Call for Immediate Hearing on Border Patrol Agents Case
December 1
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 10
Incursions at US-Mexico Border Create Tension
Immigration Agency Lost 100,000 Files, GAO Says
November 29
Rep. Tom Tancredo: Miami Is a 'Third World Country'
Illegal Aliens Murder 12 Americans Daily
Van With Illegals Crashes in Colo., Kills 4
Immigration’s Sickening Futility for America
Border Fence Plan Alarms Landowners
November 27
Immigration’s Sickening Futility for America
November 24
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 9
November 17
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 8
Guard: $1.1 Billion Set Aside for Border
Dem Congress May Scrap Border Fence
Nevada Town Passes Law Making It Illegal to Fly a Foreign Nation's Flag By Itself
November 15
Farmers Branch Passes Immigration Measures
November 14
Family of Amnesty: Pelosi, Reid, Bush
US: Immigrants May Be Held Indefinitely
November 13
The Real Motive Behind Illegal Immigration is Greed
U.S. Agents, Mexican Cops Had Standoff
November 10
Another Drunk Illegal Kills 3 More Americans
November 7
The Next Added 100 Million Americans, Part 7
Cheap Labor My Armpit
November 6
Al Qaeda Leader: Materials Smuggled Across Border
A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border
November 4
Texas Broadcasts Live Images of Border on Internet, Asks Public to Report on Crime
November 2
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 6
Sacrificing American Patriots to a Socialist Cause
1,500 Migrants Arrive in UK Daily
October 31
44 Arrests in Immigrant-Smuggling Probe
Hispanics Flee PA Town Before Crackdown
October 28
UN to Debate on Mexico-U.S. Border Wall
Mexico's President-Elect Says U.S. Border Fence Shadows His Upcoming Visit
October 27
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 5
12 Congressmen Demand Pardon for Border Agents
October 26
Feds Pass Up Tips on Illegal Immigrants
Bush to Sign 700 mile Border Fence Bill
Mexico, 27 Nations for Declaration Opposing U.S. Border Fence
Poll: Americans for More Border Cops, Not a Fence
Push for 'Official' English Heats Up
October 23
Wake Up and Smell the Invasion
October 20
Ex-Border Agents Sentenced for Shooting Smuggler
Transcript: Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos Convicted of Shooting Illegal Alien, Drug Smuggler
Pledge to Mexican Flag Captured on Video
Mexico's Lawless Border Threatens U.S. — Part 2
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 4
America 2050: A Nation of Turtles
October 19
So You Want to be a Border Guard? Training is Tough
The Barbarians Are Past the Gate — Part 1
Border Patrol, Lawmen Outgunned By Cartels
Remittances to Mexico: More Money on the Move
October 18
Border-Fence Bill Awaits Signing
October 12
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 3
Illegal Aliens Pulled Out of Storm Drain
Legalization for Aliens a 'Must,' Bush Announces
October 10
Mexico May Take Border Fence Dispute to U.N.
Illegal Immigration: War with Mexico
Motor Vehicle Worker Makes Thousands Selling Licenses to Illegal Aliens
Border Fence Meets Wall of Skepticism
Illegal Aliens and the Secret Monster Highway
October 6
Congress Reneges on Border Fence
Interstate Smuggling Corridors, I-40 & I-70 to the Heartland
Campus Protesters Quash Minuteman Speech
October 5
Bush Signs Bill Paying for New U.S. Border Fence
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 1
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 2
Illegal Immigrants Charged With Sexual Assault on Girls
Slow Motion Terrorism — flashback
October 4
Mexico: No Border Fence
Supremes Hear Deportation Debate
October 3
Mexico Pleads to Bush to Veto Border Fence Bill
Thanks for Helping Secure Our Border
October 1
Illegals Trashing America
City Sued: Didn't Teach Cop Spanish
September 29
Mexico Opposed to U.S. Border Fence
September 26
Illegal Alien Kills Cop, Sparks Immigration Debate
Immigration Setback for GOP
September 25
Frist Wants Immigration Vote This Week
September 22
Bush Ready to OK Border Barrier
Towns Take a Local Approach to Blocking Illegal Aliens
Spinach Salad Anyone?
Immigrants Found Packed in Duffel Bags
September 21
Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Colo. Dragging Death
Suspected Illegal Alien Workers Arrested at Military Housing Site
Poll: Immigration Top Issue
Senate Republicans Focus on Border
Plenty of Holes Seen in a 'Virtual Fence'
House OKs Voter ID Bill
September 19
Firms Compete on High-Tech Border Security
September 18
More Mexican Migrants Speak No Spanish
September 16
Immigration Raids Make a Ghost Town in Georgia
September 14
House Passes 700 Miles of US-Mexico Fence
September 13
Mexican Soldiers Regularly Cross Border
Nick Inzunza Wants to Turn National City into a "Sanctuary City"
September 10
More Illegal Aliens Tried in Gang Rapes
September 9
More Muslims Arrive in U.S., After 9/11 Dip
Pennsylvania Town Strengthens Illegal Immigration Law
Illegals Costing American Taxpayers Billions Because of Apathy
September 8
As Congress Stalls on Immigration, a Backlash Brews
September 6
Third World Invasion & Conquest of America: A Book Review
Sheriffs Need to Take the Lead
September 5
Immigration Activists Spar at Phoenix Rally
September 3
ICE Arrests 15 Aliens in Roswell, NM, Working for U.S. Military Contractor
Illegal Aliens Trying to Cross the Great Divide
September 1
Secure the Southern Border — Alarming Stats
Good Border Cops Face 20 Years in Prison
States Fight Illegal Immigration Invasion
August 29
Report from Invader-Infested Maywood, California
August 22
Mexico Migrants Use Cycles to Cross Arizona Desert
August 11
U.S. Border Agents Fail to Detect Fake IDs
August 10
U.S. Weighs Relaxing Cuba Immigration
August 9
Stitch This: Illegals Sewn into Van Seats
August 7
Bush Asks Congress to Permit More Immigrants to Enter U.S.
August 3
Prostitution Ring Run by Illegals, for Illegals
August 1
The Reconquista Movement: Mexico's Plan for the American Southwest
No Border, No Order, No Nation
Border Narcotics Smuggling, Stolen Vehicles, Illegal Aliens & Politics
Secure the Border Now—Not Two More Years From Now
July 31
Illegals Immigrants Burying Border in Garbage
July 28
Chertoff Hails End of "Catch-and-Release"
Illegals Winning, Americans Losing
July 19
Press 1 for English. Press 2 to Call Back When You Learn English
Billions to Secure Iraq - Not a Dime To Secure America
July 14
Sheriff Seeks Answers in Bullet Barrage From Mexico
July 13
Illegal Aliens: America's 21st Century Slave Class
Bush's Disconnect on Illegal Immigration
July 8
Where Are Mexican Town's Men? Working in U.S.
House to Vote on Ban of Services to Illegals
Border Patrol Says Captures Way Down on Arizona Border
FBI Resumes Flying Illegal Immigrants Across Border
July 5
Tom Tancredo Attacks Calif. Governor for Encouraging Illegals, Not Securing Border
Smugglers of Illegals Becoming More Violent
Dear Mr. President: Come Clean
June 29
4 Tons of Pot, 805 Pounds of Cocaine Seized in Border Probe
All Legal American's Left Behind
June 25
Illegal Aliens Linked to Rise in Crime Statistics
June 20
Immigration Overhaul Dead?
A Definitive Immigration Policy
June 18
Mexican Border Towns Fear U.S. Crackdown Will Strand Thousands Along Frontier
36 Indicted In Mexican Mafia Crackdown
Ranchers Add Ladders to Border Fence
No Tolerance at Border Crossing
June 16
Minuteman Border Fence Vandalized
June 14
Hastert Deals Blow to Immigration Bill
Whistleblower: Immigration System Corrupt
Bilingualism Issue Rises Again
One Country, One Language
No More Anchor Babies
Canada's Wide-Open Doors Face Intense New Scrutiny
Company to Expand Texas Border Detention Facility
Denial of Services to Illegals Can't Appear on Ballot
National Guard to Work U.S.-Mexico Border
Homeland Security Glitch Delays Wedding Bells for Thousands
June 12
Guest Workers Aren't Cheap; They're Expensive
We're Being Cheated
June 11
Overhaul Must Break the Culture That Encourages Illegal Work Force
Illegal-Immigrant Pastor Accused of Sex Assault, Kidnapping
Unchecked Immigration Holds Economic Disaster
June 8
Bush Emphasizes English, Assimilation for Immigrants
Illlegals Invasion & the Seventeenth Amendment
June 6
Nearly Half of 12 Million Illegal Migrants Entered U.S. with Valid Visas — and Never Left
June 5
The Insane US Senate
June 1
Send-a-Brick, Build-a-Fence
1 Million Sex Crimes By Illegals, Says Study
Leaked DHS Memos Reveal Major Flaws in Border Militarization Plan
May 30
10 Reasons We Need to Secure Our Borders Now
Mexico Aims to Maintain Easy Flow Over Border
Border Bill Envisions Secure Licenses
'Speak English! This is America!'
May 27
Minutemen Building Ariz. Border Fence
Senate Immigration Plan Biggest Power Grab Since The Great Society
The Senate's Immigration Witch's Brew
Vicente: Senate Bill a Reward for Mexicans
Mexico's Fox Praises U.S. Immigration Vote
National Guard Units to be Armed, Close to Border
May 25
In Mortal Danger: America
Tough House-Senate Negotiations Over Immigration Expected
Sheriffs Say They Need Manpower to Seal U.S.-Mexico Border
May 22
10% of Mexican Population Now Living in U.S.
May 19
‘It Will Always Be Like This’: Mexicans Vow to Continue Entering US Illegally
Senate Sends Mixed Signals on English
Americans Don't Like the Sound of 'Amnesty'
Tidal Wave - Senate's Loony Immigration Bill
Border Wall to Cost $3 Million Per Mile
U.N.: No Such Thing as Illegal Immigration
May 17
Mexicans Say Guard Won't Slow Illegals
Mexico Threatens Lawsuits Over National Guard
Protesters Want Citizenship Now
Bordering on Disaster
12 Steps to Effective Immigration Control
Stop the Border Bleeding
Sampling of Hispanic Opinion on Immigration
May 16
Yankee Ingenuity - One Approach to the Illegal Alien Worker
A Letter From a Slave to an Illegal Alien
Senate Bill Would Allow 100 Million New Legal Immigrants Over Next 20 Years
Bush Unveils Border Guard Boost
Illegal Immigrants in the US: How Many are There?
May 14-15
Reform Bill to Double Immigration
Backlog At Borders, Cracks in the System
Immigration's New Lawless America
Immigration Billboards Going Up In North Texas
Bush May Deploy Troops to Mexico Border in Immigration Crackdown
Frist: Guard Troops the Best Short-Term Border Fix
Blacks See Threat From Hispanic Illegal Aliens
Immigration: Bush's Dog & Pony Show
Economic Impact of Immigrants Unclear
What Jobs Americans Won't Do?
May 12
Immigration Billboards Going Up In North Texas
Senators Agree to Revive Immigration Bill
May 10
Arizona County Uses New Law to Look for Illegal Immigrants
Osama's Exploits South of Border
LA immigration Activists Mobilize for Washington
US Notifying Mexico of Civilian Border Patrol Locations
What is it Going to Take?
May 9
Mexico's Immigration Law: Let's Try It Here at Home
Guest-Worker Debate Boosts Alien-Smuggling Business
May 7
Hiding In Plain Sight in Florida
Hiding in Plain Sight in Georgia
4-State Sheriffs Coalition Say Border Wide Open
Border Resident Want Change; They're Sick of Crime Caused By Illegal Immigrants
When Illegal Immigrants Crash, Taxpayers Usually Foot the Bill
A Day Without Illegal Aliens
Illegal Invasion Flourishes, Congress Snoozes
Illegals Protest In Sacramento; Photos & Propaganda - Part 1
Illegals Protest In Sacramento; Photos & Propaganda - Part 2
May 5
Fighting Back - Opponents of Illegal Immigration Increasingly Vocal
Ariz. Posse to Arrest Illegal Immigrants
Reconquista is Real
Bush Tells Immigrants to Learn English
The Pro-Illegal Alien Media
The Day the Music Died: Immigration Marches Signal New Democracy
May 2
Myth vs Fact of Illegal Immigration
Dobbs: Radical Groups Taking Control of Immigrant Movement
Do You Support the Activities Organized for the 'Day Without Immigrants'?
Dogs Beefing Up Border Security
Immigrants Try to Extend Boycott Momentum
Look What the Fox Drug In
On Immigration, 'They've Gone Too Far'
April 30
Minuteman Volunteers Build Fence; Immigrants Ready for Protests
Hey Gringo, I Don't Have to Show You Any Stinkin' Papers
Border Agents to Americans: "You Have Been Invaded"
Immigrant Myths vs Facts
Mexicans, You Are Marching in the Wrong Country!
April 28
May 1 Immigrant Boycott aims to "Close" US Cities
Spanish Version of ‘Star-Spangled Banner’?
The B.S. Express With McCain and Bush
Charlie Daniels on Illegal Immigrants
April 27
Day Without America — U.S. Lobbyists Lash Out at Mexican Boycott
Senate OKs $2 Billion to Stop Illegals
Religious Communities at Odds on Immigration
April 26
Senate Moves War Money to Border Control
Northern Border States Rebel Against ID Requirements
The Victims of Illegal Immigration
Bush, Senators Agree on Alien Citizenship, Shut Out Critics
Citizen-Built Border Fence Gains Steam
Hey Gringo, Pack Your Bags and Get Out
What if Disneyland Shut Down the Rides?
April 24
Mexicans See Immigration to U.S. as Inevitable, Part of Life
Black Activists Join to March With Minutemen
Minutemen Lead Caravan to D.C.
Mr. President: They Didn't Die For Open Borders
A Look Behind America’s Immigration Nightmare
April 20
Minutemen to Bush: Build Fence or We Will
1,000+ Nabbed in Immigration Raid
April 18
How to Destroy America
Illegal Aliens Recruit Workers
Georgia OKs Tough Actions Against Illegal Immigrants
April 17
Mexican Aliens Seek to Retake 'Stolen' Land
April 14
Amnesty Called an Alien Invasion
Arrival of Aliens Ousts U.S. Workers
April 13
Migrants Rush to Border Hoping for Passage
Forget About Civil War in Iraq, One is Coming to America
April 12
GOP Leaders to Drop Felony for Immigrants
April 11
'We Decided Not to Be Invisible Anymore'
Horrific Consequences of Guest Worker Program
America the Infiltrated
April 9
250,000 Protest Immigration Reform in Dallas
Wave of Immigration Rallies Begins Today
Are You Listening, America?
Other Ethnic Groups to Join Rallies
From Latinos' Rally, Hopes for a Movement
April 8
Fox Poll: Views on Illegal Immigration
April 7
Immigration Bill Falls in Senate Test Vote
Illegal Immigration Reaches Critical Mass
April 6
Senate GOP Revises Immigration Bill
How Do You Deport Millions of Illegals?
A Day Without Illegal Aliens
The Mexican Solution
22 Stowaways Nabbed at Port of Seattle
Senators Warn Dispute Threatens Immigration Bill - Showdown Looms
Just Say, 'No!' (To Bad Immigration Bills)
How Does Mexico Treat Its Illegals?
April 5
U.S. Spending $56M to Fly Immigrants Home
April 4
Ten Traitors Plus One
April 3
Frist Wants Immigration Vote This Week
A Day Without Americans
Majority Supports Illegal Aliens Gaining Legal Status
"No Illegal Alien Left Behind"
'Guest Worker' Proposal Splits Republicans
The Catholics: A Cardinal's Campaign in the 'Illegals' Controversy
April 2
Civil Rights? How About Lawlessness?
Minutemen Back on Patrol Along Arizona’s Border
Immigrant Issues Are Personal for Bush
March 31
"We Have Got to Eliminate the Gringos"
Invasion By Invitation
Sen. John McCain's Amnesty Pill for Illegal Aliens
Latinos Plan Nationwide Worker Strike
Illegals: Nothing Will Stop Us from Working In U.S.
Amnesty on Illegal Immigrants is 'Worth £6Bn (USD10.4Bn) to UK'
Bush Pushes Congress to OK Immigrants
March 29
Marchers Say Gringos, Not Illegals, Have to Go
Engraved on America's Tombstone?
When Illegals Go Berserk, Will Your State be Prepared?
Plans for US-Mexico Border Fence Draw Fire
Red Alert: Amnesty For Millions of Illegals on The Horizon
Immigration Influx Changes States Far From Border
Fear Growing Among Legal Immigrants
March 27
Rep. Tancredo: Illegals Are a 'Scourge That Threatens Very Future of our Nation'
Should the United States Restrict Immigration? - Live Poll Results
Mexico is Global Turnstile to U.S.
Condemnation of Border Rapes Pushed
Miscue Enables 15 Illegals to Go Free
To Halt Flood of Illegal Immigrants, Seal Our Borders and Register Aliens
March 25
Mexico’s War on America: Resultant Collateral Damage
Immigration Protests Draw Thousands Nationwide
March 24
Calif. City to Enforce Immigration Law
March 22
Illegal Alien Rapes 10 Year-Old in W. Virginia, Unaware it was "Bad Crime"; Normal in Mexico
The Big Gov't. Lie: Illegal Immigration Benefits Americans
Welcome to Maywood, Calif, Where Roads Open Up for Immigrants
March 21
Mexico Urged to Act on Border Tunnels
How My Husband's Boyfriend Got His Green Card
March 20
Mexico's War on America
Wily 'Coyotes' Win U.S. Border Battle
Kennedy: Immigration, Border Control 'Broken'
March 17
The Illegal Immigration Time Bomb
March 16
Terrified and Furious About Immigration
US Says China Refuses ~40,000 Deportees
Frist Orders Border Security First
March 15
I Am Outraged!
March 11
Homeland Security Reports 'Criminal Immigrant' Gang Arrests
41 Illegal Immigrants With Gang Ties Held
Border Patrol Agents Tied to Migrant Smuggling
100,000 March in Favor of Immigrant Rights
Guest Worker Program: Observation on Population
March 8
Arizona Gov. Napolitano Signs Order to Send Guard to Border
Illegal Immigration in USA 'Grows By 500,000 Annually'
Build a Fence
Loose Border Saps County Coffers
Illegals Create Emergencies
March 6
Arizona Crackdown Charges Illegals as 'Felony Conspirators'
March 3
If You Think Illegal Aliens Stay in the Southwest, Think Again
March 2
Border Violence at Record High
March 1
More Americans Abducted Along Mexico Border Than in Iraq
February 25
Immigrant Group to Picket Watchdogs
Mexican Incursion Confirmed
21st Century Paul Revere Ride
February 16
February 14
Spiral of Immigrant Corruption in America
February 13
U.S. Gives Mexico Millions for Security
February 11
U.S. Cites Rise in Violence Along Border With Mexico
Arizona Plans to Tackle Illegal Aliens
21 Injured in Border Chase
February 10
The Threat is Real and It Grows Every Day
February 9
When the President Won’t Protect Our Borders
US Lawmaker Sees Border 'War' with Renegade Mexican Troops
February 8
Mexican Incursions Inflame Border Situation
February 4
It's Time to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration
Country Cursed By Plague of Illegal Aliens
February 3
Another Armed Incursion on U.S.-Mexico Border
Bush Slammed for Scant Mention of Border Issues
February 1
Ohio Sheriff Bills U.S. Government for Jailed Illegals
January 31
Mexico Says Immigration Official Arrested
January 30
U.S. Nabs Mexican Official Accused of Helping Immigrants Cross Border
Mexican Police Arrest 4 Undocumented Iraqis Heading for U.S.
The Decline and Fall of America
Language Issue Part of the Plague — Op Ed
January 27
Mexico-U.S. Relations Deteriorating
Eleven Illegal Aliens Captured at Air Force Base; One is Violent Felon
Authorities Find 'Massive' Border Tunnel Full of Pot
January 26
Mexico Halts Border Maps Hand-Out
Bizarre Scene Fuels Border Concerns
January 25
Activists to Provide Migrants Ariz. Maps
January 23
62 Illegals Caught and Released (Where is Chertoff's Promised Crackdown?)
Doing The Jobs Americans Won't Do
January 12
Border Agents Discover U.S.-Mexico Tunnel
January 11
Mexico Demands U.S. Allow More Immigration
Feds to Border Agents: Assassins Targeting You
If I Were President of The United States
January 4
Splits on Immigration Reflect Voter Ambivalence
January 3
The Great Alien Invasion — Part 1
The Great Alien Invasion — Part 2
Border Crackdown Reporting Success: Feds' Zero-Tolerance Experiment Implemented in Key Texas Sector
Illegals Threaten Closure of Emergency Rooms
'Sex for Visas' Claim Probed
January 1
Immigration Reform Moves to Front Burner
Virginia Denies Benefits to Illegals