December 26
Vision of the End of the U.S.
Russians Bomb the United States!
December 23
The Real Time
Is Another Babylon Prophecy About to be Fulfilled?
November 29
God and Time/Space
Lightning Strike Kills Extremely Rare White Buffalo
Miracle the Buffalo: Power to Heal? In a Sense, Yes
November 21
America Breaks in Two
November 16
A New Year's Dream: Nightmare or Prophecy?
November 13
CNN Announces End of World!
Dream of an Ark
November 9
Time to Leave Florida - Confirming Info
November 7
Time to Leave Florida - Confirming Info
October 31
Time to Leave Florida
October 30
War is Coming to Your Land
October 25
A Word From the Lord for His Church.... Come to Me
Vision of Persian Gulf
October 22
From Prophets to Geologists, Warnings Issued for Potential East Coast Quake
October 2
The Commissioning of the Birthed Has Begun
September 29
Nathan Spotted Hawk
September 25
The Wedding Supper
August 25
The Warnings Have Ended — The Age of Indifference
August 11
The Bible Codes, Sir Isaac Newton, and 2006 in Prophecy
July 27
The Time Shall Come
July 18
Javier Solana as Antichrist Candidate?
June 23
Newest Message from The Trumpeter
June 8
God is Good All of the Time
June 5
A Warning for the People of the Willamette Valley
May 25
I'm Stepping Up the Pace
May 24
America's Ultimate Destiny
May 12
Signs and Wonders in the Heavens and Earth
May 5
Warning for America
May 1
Time is Up. The Hourglass is Empty
The Winds of War Are Blowing
April 26
April 14
The Final Gathering Has Sounded
April 11
The Shaking Glory Has Been Released
April 9
EU, Javier Solana and 666
March 21
Bush Admits: I Haven't Considered Apocalypse
March 6
Big Foot
February 23
Mark My Words
February 5
California Earthquake Vision
Vision of Burbank California Earthquake
February 4
The Coming Pole Shift
A Strange Vision (of a California Earthquake)
Hopi Prophecy Fulfilled (But Look Out for Red October)
February 3
A Great Earthquake Coming
January 31
Iranian President—Looking for Mahdi to Appear Soon
January 26
Solar and Lunar Calendars Coincide
Year of Dog Signals Calm Before a Storm Say Chinese Soothsayers
January 24
The Weeping Room, Pathway to Strategy
January 13
Reports of Impending Attacks on America
January 6
C2C AM's Noory to Host His First TV Special on January 12
January 5
Coming Earth Tilt
Stay the Course
January 3
Revelation of Pastor in India