December 28
"Felony" Flatulence Sparks Jail Fight
December 26
Nepal's Mystery "Buddha Boy" Reappears
December 18
Shadowing Bigfoot: "When You See Something Like That, It's Not Really a Question of Do They Exist, But What Are They?"
December 11
Professor Puts His Stamp on the Legend of Bigfoot
November 27
Bookcase 'Trap' Killed US Woman
November 18
Australia's Mystery Humming Sound Captured
October 19
Finger Forecasts
September 29
Scratching Out a World Record
Parasitic Weed Seems to Smell Its Prey
September 28
Dirty Birds Wear Out Welcome in Southern California
September 27
Idaho Couple's Home Infested With Snakes
September 26
Is There Anybody Out There? How the Men From the Ministry Hid the Hunt for UFOs
September 25
Woman Finds 1.30-Carat Diamond in Park
September 23
Unique Cloud Forest has Self-watering Trees
September 22
Jesus Rocks in the Scottish Highlands
September 19
Sudan Man Forced to 'Marry' Goat
September 12
Meteor's Massive Sonic Boom Startles N. Zealanders
September 9
The Gray Ooze That Ate the Indonesian Villages
September 8
Cell Phones Found Inside Four Prisoners
September 6
Israeli Workers Ask Kabbalah Rabbi to Lift Office Curse
September 3
Bird Deaths Puzzle Unalaska
September 1
Chemtrails: GAO Report Admits "Chaff" — Lab Report Reveals Much More
August 30
Australian Brothels Offer Discounts on Gas Bills
August 29
Dog's Driving Lesson Ends in Crash
August 17
Maine Mystery Beast Possibly Killed by Car
August 14
Mystery Beast Blamed for Killing 3 Dogs
Mystery: Tree Does its Own Watering
August 11
Second UFO Over Bahrain
August 9
Tough Choice: Celibate Marriage or No License
August 6
Extreme Body Modifications Gain Wider Acceptance, But Remain Shocking
August 4
Fireball Over Texas 'Turned Night Into Day'
July 28
Graves Searched for 'Black Paul Bunyan'
July 20
Gone to the Dogs: The Girl Who Ran With the Pack
July 19
Carved Stone Still Mystifies Scholars
July 14
Sandton Ice Ball Fell Out of Clear Sky, Says Scientist
June 27
Weather Makes Earth Wobble
Ghost’s Presence Creeps Out Office
June 23
Sinkholes Draining Florida Lake
June 16
Earth's Heart of Gold
June 13
Fire in the Sky
Wedding Pics for the Brides Who Don't Blush
June 8
Rainbow Sets Sky on Fire
June 6
Ancient Rock Art May Depict Exploding Star
May 30
Tall Tale or Texan? An Exhibit Takes Serious Look at the Existence of Bigfoot
May 27
Volcano-Like Explosion Near Tamil Nadu-Kerala Border
May 9
Yellow Dust Plague Mystery in England
May 7
Follow the Nitrogen to Extraterrestrial Life
May 5
Pyramid or PR Stunt? Critics Blast Bosnian Find
May 2
Coffee Makes Us Say 'Yes'
April 27
Man Killed by Lightning While Chatting to Neighbor
April 24
What's Behind Mysterious Booms?
Man Dies When Sink Hole Opens in Home
Oregon Man Survives 12 Nails to the Head
Man, Son, Neighbor Sucked Into N.Y. Cesspool
April 20
Malaysia Denies Capturing Baby "Bigfoot"
April 17
UV Tattoos: For Those Who Want to Get Marked Up But Be, Like, Discrete
April 4
Mega-Wave Breaks Off Scotland
March 24
Annoying Noise in Brooklyn Persists
March 21
Tornado Throws Man Four Football Fields
March 14
Creamy Pink Snow Covers Russian Region
March 11
No Alien Attack; No Green Men
March 7
Plant Glows When Thirsty
March 2
Mysterious Orbs of Light at North Texas Church
February 27
Scores of Fish Beach Themselves in N.C.
February 25
Earth’s Wobble Remains Paused
Somerset Maine Rumbles, But Why?
February 22
Mystery Blob Eating Downtown
February 21
California Woman, 62, Gives Birth to 12th Child
Body Parts Snatching Case Sparks Fears
February 17
New Videos Help Explain Mysterious Flashes Above Earth
January 31
Dreams – Traveling to Parallel Universes and Ocean of Multiverses
January 27
Team to Track 'Bigfoot'
January 26
Hydropolis - The World's First Underwater Hotel
January 24
Year's "Most Depressing Day" Behind Us: Welch Scientist
January 13
Friday the 13th Phobia Rooted in Ancient History
January 7
"Hungry" Ghosts Keep Tourists From Tsunami-Hit Resorts
January 5
Streaker Surprises Midnight Mass Worshippers
TV Psychic Misses Mark on Miners