make sure you're feeding Good Foods for Your Pets

December 30
Birds, Butterflies, Bats and Sharks Affected By Weather

December 28
Mascot Cat Retires From Mountain
December 26
Tiger Kills Man at San Francisco Zoo
Talk About a Full House: Great Dane Gives Birth to 19 Puppies
December 23
Camel 'Plague' Puzzles Scientists
Study: Giraffes are More Than One Species
Disappearing Bees & Pollinators: Status of Pollinators in North America
December 21
Family Adopts Fallen Marine's Dog
December 20
Are “Spot-On” Flea Killers Safe?
December 18
Dog Saves Owner's Life TWICE!
Canine Saves Woman, Pets From Fire - video
December 17
Further Tests in Bluetongue Case
December 13
Dogs of War Bring Soldiers Peace of Mind
Fallen Marine's Family Allowed to Adopt Military Dog
Dogs Save 2-Year-Old Boy From Drowning
Pet Ownership Hits New High in US
December 12
Great Beasts Peppered From Space
Vick's Cell?

December 11
Dog Torturer Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Jail
Just Like With People, Diabetes Rising in Pets
Antarctica's Penguins 'Threatened by Global Warming'
December 9
Dog Missing Since Halloween Being Held for Ransom
December 7
Water Released to Save Drought-Threatened Frogs
December 6
'Monster' Arctic Reptile Remains Found
December 4
Young Chimps Top Adult Humans in Numerical Memory
Are You Smarter Than a Monkey? - video
November 28
Climate Change Makes Bats Drop Dead: Study
November 27
Bees Are the New Silkworms
Scientists Mystified by Jellyfish Attacks on Fish Farm
Biologists Debate Relocating Imperiled Species

November 25
Monkeys Strike for Better Rewards: Our Hairy Relatives Also Know When They Are Being Exploited
November 22
Puppy Love Knows No Economic Boundaries
Scientists Uncover Fossil of Biggest Bug Ever at 8 Feet Long
November 19
Dog Gives Up Life to Save Man From Fire
Fear for Humpbacks as Japan Whaling Fleet Sets Sail
November 14
Progress on 'Collapsing' Beehives
Progressive Car Insurance Adds Collision Benefit for Pets
China Pandas Forced to Migrate for Food
World's Smallest Bear Faces Extinction
New Ancient Ape Species Discovered
November 13
The March of the Ants Holds Clues for Humans
Man in India Marries Dog as Atonement
November 11
Crazy French Police Dog Attacks
Australian Scientists Decode Whale Sounds
November 10
Dolphins Save Surfer From Becoming Shark’s Bait
Dolphin Massacre in Japan
Florida Dog Owners Fear Flying Menace
November 7
Car Wash Washes Your Dog Too
Minn. Lake Has Die-Off of Bluebill Ducks
November 6
Scientist Claims to Find New Pig Species
Wis. Boy, 3, Finds Woolly Mammoth Tooth
November 5
Loyal Dogs Stay at Owner's Side, Even After His Death
November 2
Dog That Gave Heimlich Honored for Life-Saving
Mighty Mouse: Runs For Hours; Lives Longer; More Sex; Eats Without Gaining Weight
Miniature Horse Helps Disabled
November 1
Does Fido Know When a Quake Is Coming?
October 31
Dog Fights for Life After Saving Owner From Snake
October 30
Scientists Find Oldest Living Animal, Then Kill It
Frog Killer Fungus 'Breakthrough'
October 29
Colony Collapse Jeopardizing Beekeepers
October 28
California Wildfires Could Snuff Out Rare Species
Beavers Build Dam, Flood Farm
October 23
Wild Turkeys, Once Unseen in Massachusetts, Are Showing Up in Big Numbers in Cities and Towns
Polar Dinosaur Footprints Found in Australian Outback
Wild Elephants Get Drunk — and Die on Power Lines
October 22
Obsession with Pets at All-Time High
Indian Official Dies After Attack By Wild Monkeys
October 19
How to Detect and Find Treatment for Pet Cancer
Jack, the Dog, Beats Cancer
October 14
Dog Walks 3 Days to Find His Home
Denver Will Allow Dogs At Outdoor Cafes
October 12
Sandpiper on Brink of Extinction
Moose Moms Prefer Traffic to Grizzly Bears, Study Says
October 10
Following Honeybee Disappearance, Bumblebees Begin Vanishing
How Baboons Think (Yes, Think)
Elephants Run From Bees
Moose Use 'Human Shield' to Avoid Hungry Bears
Retiree Welcomes Neighborhood Bears
October 8
The Water Baby: Amazing Pictures That Capture the Moment a Dolphin Joins the World
October 5
Thousands of Walruses Abandon Ice for Alaska Shore
N.D. Moose Suffers Identity Crisis
Salmon Need Help to Survive Climate Change
October 4
Federal Officials Say U.S. Free of Canine Rabies
October 1
Pet Guru Advocates a Human-Edible Diet
Lion Reunites with Humans - video
Two-Headed Turtle Displayed in Suburban Philadelphia Pet Store
September 27
Fish Die-Off Prompts Closing of Aquarium
India's Tigers Need Miracle to Survive
Queensland Declares Horse Flu 'Disaster'
September 24
Raw Pet Food Recalled for Contamination
Bambi vs. the Bureaucrats
Escaped and Raging Bull Charges Conn. Home
Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors
September 18
Pets Get Back-to-School Blues, Too
Glamorous Lives of Pampered Pups - video
Dung From Mammoths Sends Warming Signal
Bees Smother Invading Hornets to Protect Hive
Woman Sees Zebra Trotting Down Driveway
New Case of Foot-and-Mouth Found in Surrey
September 15
Vets Issue Warning on Dog Treats From China
Firefighters Save Donkey Trapped in Well
The Abandoned Monkey Who Has Found Love With a Pigeon
Baboon Adopts a Chicken at Lithuanian Zoo
Deadly Virus Infects Indiana Deer
Catfish Deaths Being Investigated
Hungry Bears Plague US West After Record Drought
Pets Killed for Food in Zimbabwe
Ebola Said Depleting Gorilla Populations
September 12
Gifted Research Parrot Alex Found Dead
Africanized ‘Killer Bees’ Descend on New Orleans
New Foot and Mouth Case Suspected
September 10
Black Bear Encounters Becoming Problem Across West
From Fluffy to Foamy: Cats Top Dogs as Rabies Risk
September 7
Deer for Breakfast - great video
Woman Has Yard Full of Snapping Turtles
Behavioral Science Turns to Dogs for Answers
Horse 'Flu Outbreak a Disaster: Vets
Bird Deaths Key to Unveiling Lead Contamination
September 5
Livestock Breed Extinction Concerns U.N.
September 4
Secondhand Smoke Causes Cancer in Pets
Outback Race to Beat Horse Flu
Pig Disease Spreads Through China
August 30
Honeybees Continue to Plague South Texas
August 28
Equine Flu Halts Horse Races in Australia
August 25-26
Krasdale, Red Flannel Dry Dog Food Recalled Over Salmonella
Pet Cemetery, the Reality
August 22
Dog Buried Alive, Trapped Four Days Underground Rescued - excellent video included
Dogs to the Rescue Off Italian Shores
Scientists Ask: Where Have All the Dolphins Gone?
August 21
Wal-Mart Quietly Pulled Dog Treats
August 20
Hungry Bears Causing Twice As Much Trouble
Dust With Retardant May Harm Cats
Hundreds of Saudi Camels Die From Mystery Ailment
Tortured Calif. Tortoise Returns Home
August 18
Monster Jellyfish Invade Gulf of Mexico
August 16
Dinosaur Mass Grave Discovered
Dozens of Headless Walruses Wash Up in Alaska
August 14
Thousands of Dead Fish in Wash. River
Philippines Massive Fish Kill: 31 Tons of Tilapia Lost
China Builds New Great Wall to Defend Against Mice, Not Mongols
Squirrels Heat Their Tails to Fend Off Rattlesnakes
K-9 Dog Dies After Being Left in Hot Patrol Car
August 13
Soldiers Find Loyal Comrades in War Dogs
Beheaded Rattlesnake Sends Man to Hospital
British Livestock at Risk From Deadly Bluetongue Virus
Texas Man Attacked, Killed By Bees - video
August 8
Fist-sized Monkey Flies From Florida to New York
New Species of Bat, Frogs Found in Congo
August 6
L.A. Dog Missing for 3 Years Found Safe in Phoenix
What I learned From Losing My Dog

July 27
Hero Dog Who Helped in 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina Rescue Efforts Dies
Cat Accurately Predicts Deaths of Nursing Home Residents
Missing Dog in Australia Found 2,000 Miles From Home
Animals Now a Part of Disaster Planning
Domesticated Elephants Kill 8 in Northeast India

July 24
Hero Chihuahua Saves Infant Attacked By Rattlesnake

Small Pet Owners, Beware: Coyotes Take to City Life
July 11
Will You Love Me Fur Ever?
Samson: 6' 5" Tall Dog!
20 Surfing Dolphins Line Up to Catch a Wave
Baby Mammoth Discovered in Siberia
Bus-Sized Squid Washes Up on Beach
July 10
Chinese Region Overrun by 2 Billion Mice

July 4-5
The Comeback of the Poisoned Pet Food Manufacturers
French Swans Have Deadly Bird Flu
Bee Colony Collapse Mobilizes Federal Rescue Effort

July 2
Border Collie, Smooch, Saves Drowning Couple

The Strange Case of the Vanishing Bees
Weird-Looking 'Lake Snake' Sought by Illinois Authorities
Toxic Spill Kills Nearly 20 Tonnes of River Fish in Serbia
June 26
Vets Probe Possible Case of Virgin Shark Conception
Fox Attacks 2-Year-Old Girl
June 23
Fireworks Safety Tips for Pets
Idaho Dog Drives Owner's Car Into River
Neighborhood Battling an Invasion of Hungry Grasshoppers
June 18
Why Is the Pet Food Industry Killing Our Pets?

June 11
Suddenly, the Bees Are Simply Vanishing

Growers Fear the Sting of Bee Die-Off
Calif. May Require All Pets to Be Fixed
Missing Dog Turns Up 430 Miles From Home
June 7
Yet Another Harmful Chemical Found in Pet Food

Dog Food Recalled for Possible Salmonella
Do Pets Really Have Personality?
Lost Cat, Lost Heart
June 4
Baby Hedgehogs Rescued After They Are Born Too Early

May 31
Miniature Mice Plague Fort Lauderdale School

May 30
Judge Tells Pet Food Reps to Back Off

May 24
Captive Shark Had 'Virgin Birth'
Snakebite Season May Set Record, Surpassing Avg. of 8000 Venomous Bites
May 21
Pet Food Giant Drops China Imports

Dog Nurses Tiger Triplets at China Zoo
Happy Endings: Pets, Owners Reunite After Greensburg Tornado
New DNA Test Reveals What Breeds Make Up a Mutt
Wayward Whales Head From Sacramento Toward the Sea
Coming Soon: Brood XIII
Crops Are Alive, But Bees Are Missing in Action
Tides, Drought Having Negative Impact on Fishing
Report: Mystery Illness Kills China Pigs
First Came the Bird Flu. Now China’s Pigs are Succumbing to a Violent Infection. Is a Human Disease Next?
May 20
So a Bear Enters a Clinic ... and Gets a Shot
Cute Duckling Story Turns Ugly at Courthouse
Official: Ducklings 'Doing Fine'
West Nile Killing Off Beloved U.S. Birds: Study
Whale Songs Not Working, Scientists Say
May 15
Birds Dropping From Sky, Flying into Buildings After Exposure to Smoke
Shrinking Giants: Grey Whales Under Threat From Starvation

May 11
Pet Food Probe: Who Was Watching Suppliers?
Honey Hives Stricken in 27 States
No Organic Bee Losses

60,000 Bees Swarm Spokane City Hall
Plague Found in Denver Squirrels
May 9
Cattle Struggle to Keep Afloat After Field is Flooded - video
Tainted Pet Food: Flour, in Disguise, Is the Culprit
No Food For Hungry Gray Whales
May 6
Aussie Honeybees Face Devastation

Cat Cares For Newborn Chicks
May 3
Declining Honeybees a ‘Threat’ to Food Supply
Deserted Beehives, Starving Young Stun Scientists
China Makes Arrest in Pet Food Case
China Pet Food Components Were Mislabeled to Avoid Inspections
FDA Pet Food Probe Checks 4,000 Pet Deaths
Poisoned Pet Food Caper
April 30
Filler in Animal Feed Is Open Secret in China
Alligator Sightings Rise Amid Drought
Killer Bees Spreading to Central Florida
Ebola-Like Virus Killing Fish in Great Lakes
Dolphins, Sea Lions Succumbing to Killer Algae
Include Pets in Disaster Plans
April 25
China to Allow Pet Food Investigation
Hogs Quarantined After Eating Tainted Pet Food
April 22
Royal Canin Recalls Five Pet Food Products
Tainted Pet Food Found in Pig Feed
Official Takes Risks Warning on Pet Drug
Dog Fence No Match for Amorous Camels
Firefighters Rescue Puppy Trapped in Wall
Red Tide Poisons Food of Sea Cows
Fish-Killing Virus Spreading in the Great Lakes
April 20
FDA: Pet Food Tainting Might Be Intentional
April 19
New Pet Food Worry: Contaminated Rice
P&G Vows More Control of Menu Foods
Koalas Could Disappear Within a Decade
NYC Whale Beaches Itself, Dies Suddenly
Mystery Animals Roam Northeast Ohio Woods
April 18
Yet Another Pet Food Recall - Natural Balance Recalls Dog, Cat Foods
Pet Food Recall — Latest Updates
Ebola Outbreaks Killing Thousands of Gorillas and Chimpanzees
Scientists Unveil Australia's First Cloned Beef Cow
Whale Found Swimming in New York Harbor
April 16
Are Mobile Phones Wiping Out Our Bees?
Concern Mounts Over Falling Bee Population
April 13
Pet Owners Alert - Tainted Pet Food Still on Store Shelves
Cornell Scientists Find a Second Contaminant in Pet Food
Pet Food Recall: Why It Took So Long
Mysterious Bee Losses Continue; Threaten Crops
Honeybees Vanishing, Food Shortages Coming?
April 11
Menu Foods Issues Third Pet Food Recall
Tainted Food May Have Hurt 39,000 Pets
New Virginia Law Will Leave No Pet Behind During a Disaster
Mystery Cat Takes Regular Bus to the Shops
Coyote Attacks 20-Month-Old Boy in New Jersey
April 9
Pet Food Recall — Latest Updates
Pet Connection — Report Sick or Deceased Pet Due to Contaminated Pet Food
Bigger Than You Think: The Story Behind the Pet Food Recall
Senator Wants Pet Food Hearing
One Beekeeper's Chaos Theory
Hundreds of Seals Found Dead on Caspian Sea Shore
April 6
Wal-Mart Dog Biscuits Added to Pet Food Recall
38 Pets in Oregon Suspected Dead From Tainted Food
FDA Issues Another Health Hazard Alert for Pet Chews Due to Contamination with Salmonella
Unraveling the Pet-Food Mystery
Poison Pet Food May Be for Sale in China
China Denies Role in U.S. Pet Deaths
Foods Potentially Poisonous to Pets
Plants Potentially Hazardous to Pets
Hero Cat Roused Sleeping Owner as Carbon Monoxide Filled Family's Home
Dog Found in Montana Reunited With Missouri Owners After 4 Years
Quizno's Coyote on the Loose Again
Mysterious Disappearance of US Bees Creating a Buzz
What's Happening to the Bees?
The Silence of the Bees
The Bees Who Flew Too High
Are GM Crops Killing Bees?
Indiana Cold Snap Could Kill Many Mosquitoes
April 3
Polluted Pet Food
You Can Make Your Own Pet Food
Pet Foods — Ingredients Definitions
Pet Treats Recalled for Salmonella Contamination
Puppy Love Suicide Pact
April 1-2
Pet Food Recall Expanded to New Wet Food Brand
Pet Food Chemical May Be Worse for Cats
Pet Owners Likely to Get Little in Suits
March 30
Good Foods for Your Pets
Recalled Pet Food Probe Found Melamine - Chemical Used to Make Plastics

FDA: Plastics Chemical In Recalled Pet Food
PETA: FDA Should Expand Pet Food Recall
Dog Rescued from Precarious Perch Atop Oak Hollow Dam - with video
Big Atlantic Sharks Disappearing, Study Warns
March 29
Dog Saved Owner With 'Heimlich'
Dog Saves Man in Diabetic Crash
March 27
Pet Food May Have Sickened, Killed Scores More - More Than 1,700 Reported Dead
Good Foods for Your Pets
Comprehensive Menu Foods Pet Food Recall List with Websites
NY Lab Doing Further Pet Food Testing
First, the Dogs and Cats Die ...
House Passes Animal Fighting Bill
Mystery Disease Stings Honey Business
Australians Capture 'Monster' Toad the Size of Small Dog
March 24
One Dog's Lucky Day: A Rescue Story
Dog Food Eye Opener - After seeing the latest dog food horror stories, if you're prompted to change your pet's food, please watch this video. Read the text version. Stan and I urgently ask that you spend a few minutes on this site - especially if you want to ADD YEARS to your animal's life and protect them from the 4Ds. We are not in any way affiliated with this company. We simply want the best for your 4-leggeds just like ours. We are switching Seismo and Taco's diet TODAY.
Rescued from Katrina, Dolphins Are Now Pregnant
March 23
Owners of Deceased Pets Devastated by Pet Food Recall
Pet Food Recall Maybe More Widespread
Pet Owners File Class-Action Suit Over Tainted Food
Bone Appetit!
Organic Pet Food May Benefit From Recall
Bounty Offered to Kill 2 Sniffer Dogs in Malaysia
Cute Knut Greets His Fans
March 21
FDA: No Firm Leads in Pet Food Recall — List of Contaminated Foods Expanded
March 19
Pet Food Recall Has Animal Owners Frantic
Dangers of Rawhide Chews
Bison Once Again Roam Eastern Colorado
The Change in Climate is Changing Sheep
March 16
Firefighters Rescue Beagle Stranded 4 Days
The Killer Frogs of Lily Pond
March 14
Up to One Million Fish Found Dead in Thai River
March 12
Washington Vet Investigating Cow Deaths at Dairy
Lead Poisoning Likely Cause of Esperance Bird Deaths
Man Saves His Drowning Dog With CPR
U.S. Pets Increasingly Medicated
Vanishing Bees Threaten US Crops
March 9
Biologists Try to Solve Duck-Die Off
Courageous Dog Dies Saving Owners From Fire
March 7
Firefighter Rescues Dog Rescued From Icy Lake
Baby Squirrel's Hand of Kindness
March 5
Kidnapped Dogs Returned to L.A. Owners
Monkeys Hug to Head Off Conflict, Study Finds
Protecting Pets From Domestic Violence
He's Superman to the 4-Legged Set

Meet Sam Simon, The Dog Nut
Scientists Ask: Where Are All the Bees?
Beekeeping In Jeopardy
Parrots Predicted Calif. Earthquake By Unusual Behavior
Museum IDs New Species of Dinosaur
March 1
Drought Suffocates 3 Million Fish in Colombian Reservoir
Police Chief's Degree Gives 'Paws'
Tortoise and Hippo Friendship Deepens Post Tsunami
February 28
‘Miracle Dog’ Saved Man From Black Bear
Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril
February 25
Earth Life Threats - Alarming Disappearance of Honey Bees
February 22
Birds, Like Humans, Can Plan Ahead
As Pets Live Longer, Doggie Dementia on the Rise
Extra-Special Cat Has 26 Toes
February 20
Dog Helped Saved Mount Hood Climbers
Turtle Eaten By Golden Retriever Lives
February 19
Mysterious Duck Deaths Spread
Magnetic Bees
February 16
Mama Cat Adopts Baby Rottweiler
Zoologists Plan 'Ark' to Save Frogs From Extinction
How Did a Shark Get in Lake Taupo? Shark Mystery in Turangi
February 14
Costa Rica Investigates Mysterious Deaths of About 500 Brown Pelicans
Ancient Chimps 'Used Stone Tools'
Mexican Man Finds Forty Dinosaur Prints in Desert
February 12
Mystery Ailment Devastates Honeybees in U.S.
Boy Distributes Oxygen Masks for Pets to Area Fire Departments
Europe Fights to Save Its Fish Stocks
Cat Survives Being Frozen in Trough
February 10
Tens of Thousands Dead Fish Flood Shores
1,000 Giant Dead Turtles Wash Ashore in Bangladesh
Chimps Really Are Cheeky Monkeys
February 7
Coors Sends Feed to Aid Storm-Stressed Cattle
Iceland Fears Bears That Go With the Floe
Emergency Relief for Sweden's Starving Reindeer
February 5
More Than 100 Dinosaur Eggs Found in India
Eighteen Panda Cubs Go Nuts Being Cute
February 4
Stray Dog Rescues Georgia Woman From Crash
Barbaro's Death Grips Many
February 1
Vet Mourns For Barbaro
January 30
PETA Kills Animals
January 29
Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro Euthanized
January 27
Survey Finds Mercury in Fish in West
January 24
TV Helicopter Pilot Saves Stranded Deer By Blowing It Off Frozen Lake - amazing video
January 22
Hundreds of Dead Ducks Discovered in Denver
Dog-Owners 'Lead Healthier Lives'
January 19
Cat Found Hungry But Alive After 3 Weeks in Plane's Cargo Hold
Killer Bees Responsible for Brutal Florida Attack
January 17
Labradoodle Awakens Owner During Fire
Neighbor Rescues Dog Buried Alive in Pensacola Backyard
Dog Recovering After Being Buried Alive - video
23 Greyhounds Found Dead, 'Experienced Prolonged Suffering' at Alabama Race Track
Pet Owners Face Dilemma With Shelters
Dogs Get Found, Cats Stay Lost
January 15
Dolphins Stuck in Shallow Waters of East Hampton
January 13
More of Barbaro's Hoof Removed: Horse Has Severe Laminitis
Day the Birds Fell Dead
Avian Deaths in Australia Not Bird Flu
The Doctor Gets Some Licks In
Scientists Baffled by U.S. Stranding of Dolphins
January 11
Disease a Big Threat After Storm Leaves at Least 10,000 Sheep Dead
Dead Birds Rain Down on Towns Half a World Apart
Mystery as Thousands of Dead Birds Fall From Sky
'Catastrophic': Now Thousands of Birds Fall From Sky
Are the Dead Porpoises on Scottish Beaches More Evidence of Global Warming?
Colorado Cattlemen: Blizzard Loss Could Be 15000 Head
Hello, Goodbye: New Frog's Days Numbered
Vets: Barbaro is 'a Horse That Wants to Live'
January 8
Amber Alert for Pets
Dead Birds Shuts Downtown Austin
January 6
Lost Colorado Dog Turns Up ... in Tennessee
Dog Saves Mom, Boy From Fire
Diet Pill for Portly Pooches
January 4
State, Ranchers Fear Record Loss of Cattle
Baling Out Trapped Herds