December 30
Vatican to Create More Exorcists to Tackle 'Evil'
Vatican Denies Exorcist Expansion
Which Church Is the True Church of God?
The Messiah’s Gate
Mega-Churches Inspire Reform
December 28
American Christianity Remains Strong in 2007
Priests Brawl at Bethlehem Birthplace of Jesus
'Gospel of Wealth' Facing Scrutiny
'In God We Trust' to Resume Prominent Place on $1 Coin
December 26
GALLUP: More Than 8 Out of 10 Americans Identify With a Christian Faith
Evangelicals Fund Jews Departing Iran
December 23
Prominent ''Faith'' Stories of 2007
Christmas Miracles Near and Far
Why the Christmas Wars Matter
Pope Stresses Obligation to Preach the Gospel
Anti-Semitism: Its Roots and Perseverance
Scholars Link 1st Yule Church to Pagan Shrine
Israeli Scientists Fit Bible on Pinhead
Christmas Under Hamas Rule
China Plays Role of Scrooge for Chinese Christians
Former UK PM Tony Blair Converts to Catholicism
December 21
What Your Brain Looks Like on Faith
December 20
Archbishop of Canterbury Dismisses Nativity Scene as Nothing but 'Legend' Jazzes Up the Word With Video
More College Students Seeking Spiritual Answers
December 17
More Blessed to Give Than Receive - video
'Twas the Night Before Jesus
December 14
What is the Meaning of Christmas?
British Muslims Say: Put Christ Back in Christmas
December 13
Could There Be a "Partial" Rapture?
Dems: Amen to Ramadan, But Forget About Christmas
December 12
Female Worshipper Who Shot Gunman Credits God
Find Out Who's Censoring Christmas
The Attack on Christmas 2007: How Retailers Rate
December 9
'Imagine No Religion,' Says Atheists' Display
Bible Fires New Revolution of Faith in China
'Golden Compass' Disappoints at Boxoffice
Pope Laments 'Materialistic' Christmas Mentality
Diocese Splits with Episcopal Church
Muslim Apostates Threatened Over Christianity
December 6
What Validity, If Any, Should Be Given to the Prewrath Rapture Theory?
T'was the Month Before Christmas
Catholic Coloring Book Warns US Kids of Pedophile Priests
December 5
Americans Believe in God, Devil, Heaven, Hell, Witches, Astrology: Poll
What the Christmas Star Tells Us About God
Trends Analysis: Americans Reformulating Christianity
Baptist Church Grapples Over Including Gay Couples Photos in Directory
December 4
Baby Jesus Stolen From Nativity Scene
November 28
Canada: Prison for Posting Bible Verses Online?
County Investigates Sheriff for Supporting Christmas
November 27
The Jesus I Know Part 1
November 25
Christian Bookshops Refuse to Stock Gay Study Bible
School Board Pulls ‘Anti-God’ Book
Americans Fed Up With 'Happy Holidays': Give Us 'Merry Christmas'
Tony Blair: Mention God and You're a 'Nutter'
November 22
Integrity, Accountability and the Grassley Investigation: Six Charismatic Ministries Under Microscope as a U.S. Senate Committee
Joyously Giving Thanks
November 21
Thanksgiving Day in America – The Secret Riches of Thankfulness
Thanksgiving, and our Scapegoat
November 19
Families of Fallen Utah Highway Patrol Troopers Fight Atheist Group Over Roadside Cross Memorials
Congregation Gives Thanks After Tornado
No Reason for the Season
Israel Haven for New Bahai World Order
Bishop Gives Anglicans New Option
$50M Priest Abuse Deal Reached in Alaska
Hundreds Pray to Transform Hollywood
November 17
What Makes Christians Different from Anybody Else?
November 16
Miracle in Iraq: Tellthe Christians to Come Home
Drought 'Caused By Sin', Says Aussie Pastor
Sheriff Ridicules Ban on Red, Green Lights
Hotels Replacing Bibles With New 'Intimacy Kits'
Lowe's Blasted for Selling 'Family Trees' Instead of Christmas Trees - video
At PetSmart, Christmas Doesn't Exist
November 14
The Muslim Student Union: Where “Community,” “Prayer,” and Jew-Hatred Come Together

November 13
Pope to Visit US, Including Ground Zero

November 11
Archaeologist Uncovers Scriptures' Famed Wall
Mt. Soledad Challenge to Remove Cross Loses Again!
Israel Seeing Growing Number of Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) - video
November 10
China's Olympic Blacklist

November 6
Pope Meets a Saudi king for the First Time

November 4
“Cancel Christmas” Says “Favourite” British Labour Think Tank
Former Atheist Darwinian Philosopher Explains his ‘Conversion’ in a New Book

New Age Creeping into the Church
Christians Commence California Firestorm Clean-Up Operation
The People God Uses
Freedom of Speech: Clergy Deserve It, Too
November 1
Church Fined $11M for Anti-Gay Protest at Funeral

October 30
VA Bans Religious Flag Ceremony
Marines in Iraq Look to Pastor for Answers to Tough Questions
Christian Groups Claim Pro-Atheist 'Stealth Campaign' in Nicole Kidman Fantasy Film 'The Golden Compass'
Anglicans Knocking on Vatican Door
October 28
The Judas Church

Fewer Minorities Trick-or-Treat
Rabbi Reveals Name of the Messiah - flashback
Vatican Beatifies 498 Martyrs From Spanish Civil War
Who Shall Partake? Churches Grapple With the Question of When to Deny Sacrament
Daughter of Polygamist Writes of LDS Women
October 26
Prophetic America Can Choose to be Blessed Or Cursed

October 23
Reaching the Masses: At Home in the World
Joel Osteen's "Prosperity Gospel": No Crosses, No Religious Symbols
Most Americans Believe Jesus Rose from Dead, David Killed Goliath Literally
October 22
No Christmas at Seattle Airport
October 17
The Church In Apostasy
Is Creationism a Threat to Human Rights?
Evangelical Theologian Disputes Creationism's Alleged 'Threat' to Human Rights
October 14
Faith-Based Prison Programs Multiply Across U.S.
'God' Back on Flag Documents
Religion Goes Online and Finds It Can Do a Big Business on the Net
Miller, the Jesus-Mocking Beer
Vatican Suspends Monsignor Who Spoke About Gay Sex Life on TV Program
October 12
'Godless Infidels' Hit National Radio
October 10
U.S. Tries Rehab for Religious Extremists
Christmas War Underway - Nativity Battle Rages In Berkley, Michigan
October 8
Bush: All Religions Pray to 'Same God'
October 4
Pentagon Observes Muslim Holy Month
'Inked' for Christ? Tattoos and the Church
What Will Christ's Reign Be Like?
Survey: More Americans Familiar With Big Mac Ingredients Than 10 Commandments
In the Beginning - video
October 1
"Miracle" Crash Survivor Turns Life Over to God
Conservative Episcopalians Plot Separate Church
September 27
Was John Paul II Euthanized?
Vatican Rejects Charges on John Paul II
6 Ark. Nuns Excommunicated for Heresy
Gay Bishop Move Rejected by Kenya
September 21
The Upcoming Great Deception
September 18
Christians Are Mixed Up - in Mysticism
September 15
Christianity Today's Israel-Bashing: This is Loving Israel?
Church 'Storm' of Mass Defections Brews
'I Was So Scared and Upset' - 14-Year-Old Bride
Over 1,000 Take Part in Prayer March
More Than 90,000 Muslims Arrive at Temple Mount
Italian Senator Calls for "Pig Day" Against Mosques
Newsweek Proclaims Woman is 'Approved' Catholic Priest
The Inaccuracy of Kathy Griffin's Remarks on Jesus
September 12
Hell Does Exist, Christians Believe
You Believe in Heaven - What about Hell? - video
Hardline Clerics Dominate Britain’s Mosques
September 10
Petition: U.N. Must Address Forced Conversions to Islam
What I Owe Dr. D. James Kennedy
Polygamous Sect, Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ousts Boys for Worldly Vices
September 7
Marine Team Finds Surprising Evidence Supporting a Great Biblical Flood
Bin Laden Urges Americans to Convert
Gog-U-Magog - prophetic / current events video
Jesus – King of Hate?
Christian Academies Can Reject 'Gays'
Church of England: Labour's Equality Law Denies Christians Right to Oppose Homosexuality
Parents Ask Court to Stop 'Gay' Indoctrination
Rise of Atheist America
September 5
D. James Kennedy Dies
Scientology Faces Criminal Charges in Belgium; 'Fraud and Extortion'
Christianity vs. the Old Gods of Nigeria
September 4
Hunt for Noah’s Ark Takes on New Dimension
September 1
US Anglicans Join Kenyan Church
Advertisers Blast 'Offensive' CNN Religion Series
August 30
Hindu Leads Senate in Prayer to 'the Transcendental'
Just What Is the Abomination of Desolation?
Spiritual Warfare Behind the Scenes
Islam and Christianity: Clash of Faiths - video
August 28
Prominent Pastor, Broadcaster Kennedy Retires from Pulpit
Thousands Urged to Throw Out Pre-Conceived Notions of Christianity
Customized Military Bible Released for Families of Deployed Soldiers
Fla. Televangelist Loses Show After Muslims Complain
Al Qaida Clerics Distributing Revised Editions of Koran
August 25-26
Spirituality and Religion Make Young Americans Happy
US Judge Rules Public Funds Can Be Used for Church Renovations
Prophecies of Daniel: Why They Point to Us
Are you Dancing with Jesus? or Someone Else: Lifehouse's Everything Video
The Brutal Truth About Islam
Who Is Allah?
Christians Arrested in New Crackdown
'Convert or Die,' Christians Told
Ohio Bans the Name of Jesus from the Statehouse
Progressive CEO Sorry for Spying on Church Goers
Letters Reveal Mother Teresa's Doubt About Faith
August 20
Does God Care What He's Called?
Trusting In the Promises
August 18
Messianic Jews Face Persecution in Arad, Israel
DOD Stops Plan to Send Christian Video Game to Troops in Iraq
August 16
Bishop Urges Christians to Call God 'Allah'
Texas Megachurch Harassed for Refusing to Host Pro-Gay Memorial
Evangelical Christian Leaders Being Recruited for Globalist Agendas
Brainwash Summer Camp
Sydney Anglicans Close Doors to Episcopal Author for 'Gutting' Christian Faith
Ahmadinejad: Rule of Islam Only Way for Salvation of Mankind
August 13
Traveling Americans Threatened With Bible Confiscation
Cities Planning 960-Hour Prayer Vigils
Romans Chapter 13
The Lords Prayer in a Thought-Provoking Way
Lutherans to Allow Pastors in Gay Relationships
Colo. Priest Charged for Jogging Naked
August 6
Day of the Watchmen – Return of the Nephilim
UFOs Angels and God(s) - Chuck Missler interview (Pt 1 of 3)
UFOs Angels and God(s) - Chuck Missler interview (Pt 2 of 3)
UFOs Angels and God(s) - Chuck Missler interview (Pt 3 of 3)
Defending the Pre-Trib Rapture (Again)
Christians Move Towards Code on Seeking Converts
Christian Woman 'Forced to Convert to Islam'
August 2
Fasting Against America
July 31
Christian Bashing & Canada Free Press
Christian Outrage: 'Jesus' Deflowers Virgin Sexpot in New Comedy
Religion Looms Large Over 2008 Race
July 27
Muslims to Write 'Israelites' Out of Hebrew Version of Koran
July 25
In Face of Human Tragedy, What's a Pastor to Say?
One Nation Under Gods?
Why Al Qaeda Supports the Emergent Church
July 11
Historian Barton Says Hindu Prayer Before Senate Raises Concerns
Catholic Church Only True Church, Vatican Says

Tiny Tablet Provides Proof for Old Testament

July 10
Catholic School Shuns Pupil Called Hell
Holy Spirit Floods the United Nations in New York—Delegates began Falling under God's Power
'Jesus Revolution' Hits Thailand
July 4
Most Canadians Believe God Had Some Role in Creating Mankind
ACLU Sues City Over Jesus Painting

July 2
Rabbi Warns: "Enormous...Upheaval" Rapidly Approaching
Pope OKs Opening of St. Paul's Tomb
June 26
What to Do: Dial-a-Priest

June 23
What Happens When We Die?
Gaza's Forgotten Christians
Michigan Univ. to Spend $25,000 for Muslim Foot-Washing Stations
European Human Rights Body Fights Creationism
June 18
President of Large Southern Baptist Congregation Split Over Politics
Mourners From Near and Far Honor Ruth Graham
Fundamental Mormons Seek Recognition for Polygamy
June 7
Britain to Put $2 Million Toward Muslim Studies

June 4
Have America's Churches Become Like the Church of Laodicea?
Southern Baptists Seek Revival as Evangelism Sputters
Australian Opens Museum That Teaches Kids the World Is Only 6000 Years Old
May 30
Simultaneous Floods, Droughts Pound U.S.
May 19-20
How Goat Skin DNA Solved Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery
Messiah Mystery Follows Death of Mystical Rabbi
A Tribute to Jerry Falwell
Did Falwell Call Billy Graham the "Chief Servant of Satan in America"?
Gingrich: Challenge 'Radical Secularism'
May 15
Television Evangelist Falwell Dies at 73
May 11
Christians Use Debate to Offer Proof of God
Pakistan Christians Receive Threatening Letters Urging Conversion
Gay Bishop Plans His Own Civil Union
May 9
Texans Vote to Add 'God' to State Pledge
Gay Clergy, New Age Christians & Born Again Pornographers?
May 6
Anti-God Starbucks Cup Has Customer Steaming
Dear Fellow Christians, Please Wake Up!
Bible Finding Spot Among School Texts
May 3
A Sip of Salvation: Buy Holy Water by the Bottle
April 30
Unprecedented Date Convergence in May
Replica of Noah's Ark Opens to Public
Where Are the Shepherds?
April 25
Wiccan Symbol OK on Military Headstones
April 22
A New Brand of Church
Followers Await Self-Styled ‘Antichrist’
Nation's 1st Goal? Spread the Gospel
April 11
'Gay'-Rights Bill Lets Court Define Church's 'Purpose'
April 9
Legacy of Jesus Still Stirring Passions
April 8
Thousands Gather in Jerusalem for Orthodox 'Holy Fire'
Jesus Walks into a Bar …
April 7
At the Tomb on Easter Morn
April 6
Thousands of Christians Gather in Jerusalem
Easter Evidence
Collins: Why This Scientist Believes in God
Wyo. Church Denies Lesbian Couple Communion
April 2
Religious Leadership Compromising Biblical Principles for Political Correctness
A Line Crossed by Christian Leaders ... No Turning Back?
Emerging Spirituality: Joining the New Age with Christendom
March 30
'Chocolate Jesus' Outrages Christians
March 29
'Islam Will Enter Every House' - Hamas Leader Mahmoud Zahar: Religion of Islam Will Take Over Entire World
Communism Sweeping Across America With Help From Christians
March 27
Why Don't We Talk About Hell Any More, Asks the Pope
March 24
What I Saw in Heaven
Philanthropic Donations Come From Your Heart, but Where Do They End Up?
March 23
Anglicans and Episcopalians: Ready to Walk Apart?
March 21
Biology Teacher Fired for Referring to Bible
We Live in the Land of Biblical Idiots
New Edition of the BLP's Textbook Still Has Problems
March 19
Is "Jesus is Coming Soon" a Reason to be Apathetic?
Spiritual Warfare -- Knowing the Enemy
1/3 of UK Christians Say: We've Suffered Discrimination
Finding Jesus the Wrong Way
March 14
Will Muslims Inherit the Earth?
Islam Could Become Europe's Dominant Religion, Experts Say
Scholar: 'Jesus Tomb' Makers Mistaken
The Rising Global Superchurch
Kingdom Now: We're Not Returning to Eden
March 9
Americans Get an 'F' in Religion
Baptists in the Holy Land
12 Washington State High School Students Suspended for Public Prayer Group
March 7
William and Mary Cross Coming Back to College Chapel
Militant Christians
March 5
Christian Belief a 'Hate Crime' Under Plan
Seven Incomparable Benefits of Trusting Christ
The Word "Relationship" Between Jews and Christians is Often Heard - But What Does It Mean?
February 28
The Historical Jesus
February 25
New Film Alleges Physical Proof That Jesus Christ Never Resurrected!
Miami Church Brands Members With '666' Tattoos
Pastor With 666 Tattoo Claims to be Divine
Satan's Bounty Hunter Burns Competition
February 20
Anglican Leaders Demand U.S. Episcopal Church Ban Prayers for Gays and End Consecration of Gay Clergy
February 19
Calls to Unite Anglicans and Catholics Under Pope
Scientology Called 'the Kabbalah of 2007' ... but Will Hollywood Really Convert?
Seven Major Prophetic Signs of the Second Coming
Preterism: I Can't Believe It
February 14
Ten Commandments 'Cover-Up' Revealed at Supreme Court
The Abomination of Desolation
February 12
Research: God Did Speak World Into Existence
Religious Tension in Workplace on the Rise
February 7
Perspectives on the Rapture
Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly. . . It's the Shadows That Frighten Us
The Religion Game
7 Churches Baffled at 3 Strangers Who Disrupted Sermons
February 4
Cross Removal Sparks Ire at William & Mary
3 Million Muslims Gather to Pray for Peace
Ken Mansfield: 'The Long and Winding Road' to Christ
January 27
Why Christianity MUST Be True
January 24
Islam Converts Change Face of Europe
Christian Chaplain Dismissed; Muslim Chaplain Promoted
Pastor Chuck Baldwin's Interview With Dismissed Chaplin Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt
January 22
Religious Persecution Growing Worldwide, Group Says
Burma 'Orders Christians to be Wiped Out'
How Christians are Fooled into Embracing a One-World Religion of Tolerance
Hope, Hate and Human Hearts
Modern Pagans Honor Zeus in Athens
Carter, Clinton Seek to Unite Moderate Baptists Against Conservative Southern Baptists
Jesus, Witches and Spirits
Benedict Seen as Isolated at Vatican
New Edition of Encyclopaedia Judaica Casts Doubt on Existence of Moses
Morocco to Regulate the Building of Mosques
January 19
You Can Take God to the Bank
Gay Minister Could Be Barred for Having Partner
January 15
A Rabbi's Warning to U.S. Christians
Scientology Under Surveillance in Germany
No Show of Beckhams Joining Scientology - Doesn't Want to be Labeled "a Crazy"
The Impossible Book
January 11
Devout Faithlessness
Pillars of the "Alliance of Civilization" the Earth Charter
The Earth Charter and the Ark of Hope
Make Way for the Mega-Mosque
January 6
Vision of the Rapture in 2007
Vatican Puts Squeeze on Visitors
Sticky Fingers Passing Collection Plates, Survey Finds
January 2
Eurabia? Prophecy - Signs
The Crocodile Rocker Wants Religion Outlawed