The next time some Aztlan fanatic tells you the U.S. stole the
American Southwest, please direct them here:

December 30
U.S. Citizen Comments and Emerging Power Against Immigration
Not All Illegals Seek Menial Jobs
December 24
Cop Who Lied About Citizenship Deported
December 23
U.S.-Mexico Border Growing More Dangerous
Radio Hosts Take Fight Over Aliens to Iowa
Ramos, Compean Pardons? 'No,' 'No,' Says Bush Rep
Ariz. City Cops Ask Citizenship Proof
Border Controls Vanish in Eastern Europe
Canadian Immigration Model a Success: PM
December 21
De-Fence, De-Fence
December 20
Nearly 7 in 10 Mexican Migrants Enters U.S. Illegally, Says Mexico
Border Patrol Agents Face Massive Increase in Assaults
Why We Must Fight the Misleading Language of Immigration
Immigration: The Crisis Continues
The Incredible Disappearing Border Fence
December 18
Bill Guts Border Fence Requirement Eliminating 854-Mile Barrier Approved by Congress

December 17
Seven Drown in Illegal Immigrant Disaster
December 14
Time Magazine Advocates Unending Immigration
11,000 Illegals Got Jobs as Guards
December 12
Where's the Fence? Budget Amendment 'Threatens' Border Security Plan
Not Everyone Wants Barrier on Border
December 9
Opponents Vow to Block Illegal Immigration Hiring Law
December 7
Craigslist Ad: '$300 a Month for Green Card Marriage'
December 5
Flood of Mexicans to Canada Delays Other Refuge-Seekers
Another Win for Border Agent Who Struck Illegal
December 4
Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen

November 28
Colleges Must Admit Illegals

November 27
Methods for Average Citizen to Stop Immigration Invasion
New Jersey, Delaware Dispute Their Border – Again
November 26
Presidential Candidates on Immigration
November 25
Government Halts Illegal Immigrant Employer Crackdown to Rework Rule
November 22
Immigrant Smugglers Use Crooked Firms
Patriot Activists Fight Off Refugee Invasion in Hagerstown, MD
Illegal Aliens in AZ Lose Jobs as New Employer-Sanctions Law Nears
November 19
How Sutton Stacked the Deck Against 2 Border Patrol Agents: Compean and Ramos Were Railroaded
Guess What Happened to Ramos and Compean's Accuser?
In the United States: Too Many People, Book Review
Pressure Mounts to Pardon Border Agents
November 16
Report: Push to Give Driver's Licenses to Illegals in U.S., But in Mexico It's a Different Story
Illegal Shot by Border Patrol Indicted on Drug Charges
Mexican President Lashes Out at U.S. Candidates
Border Fence Funding Hoax of 2006 and 2007
November 14
New York Governor Spitzer Abandons Driver's Licenses for Illegals Plan
Secure Border Initiative: Delays and Other Challenges
Customs, Border Workforce Plagued With Retention, Morale Problems
Democrats' Immigration Progress
Huckabee Offered 'No-Cost' Deal for Mexican Consulate
November 13
Vincente Fox Whines About Cobb County Immigration Policy
Soldiers Fighting for U.S. Become Citizens
November 10
Feds to Hold 'Sanctuaries' Accountable
Social Life Disrupted in Border Communities
The Transformation of America
November 6
Security Lapses at US Border
101707 - America Wants Police to Enforce Immigration Laws - Lou Dobbs video
Flap Over Halloween Costume at DHS party
Just as With Willie Horton, Republicans May Smell 'Political Blood' in Clinton's Immigration Answer
November 5
How to P*** Off Americans
November 2
Minuteman Group Grows Amid Illegal Immigration Fight
La Raza Wants Illegals With Children Released

November 1
HB 1804 in Effect
Oklahoma Illegal Immigration Law Takes Effect
New York Sued Over Licenses for Illegals
October 30
Government Admits Immigration Mistake
American Jews Act to Prevent Division of Jerusalem
October 28
Homeland Security Strikes Deal With NY on Driver's Licenses for Illegals
A Modest Solution for Illegal Immigration
Michael Discuses on Driver's Licenses for Illegals, Real ID Act & How Politicians Are Selling Out Americans - audio
Mexico's Immigration Laws and Illegal Aliens
Americans: Not Wild About Harry
Mexican Document Dealer Sentenced to Prison
October 26
Virtual Fence to be Tested This Month
October 23
50 Illegal Immigrants Surrender After Fleeing Fire on Mexican Border
Stop Death in the Desert—Build the Border Wall!
October 22
Illegals OK'd to Drive in NY
M.A.D.D.: Ignore Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers
October 19
ACLU Sues NM Sheriffs for Targeting Immigrants
October 14
Border Fence Delay Challenged
Landlords Can't Ask About Immigration
Mexican Agents Arrest 25 Federal Cops for Allegedly Guarding Drug Traffickers
Arizona Museum to Fly Both US and Mexico Flags Again
More Illegal Immigrants Being Deported
Ohio Leaders Dealing With Immigration Issues Visit Ariz. Border
October 12
White House Calling America's Perceived Bluff
NY Gov Defends Issuing Driver's Licenses to Illegals
Federal Judge Delivers Blow to Bush Plan to Crack Down on Employers With Illegal Labor
Discount Airlines Fly Illegals to U.S. Border
October 10
REAL ID Endorsed to Solve Problem With Illegals
Mexico's Calderon Blasts Border Fence Plan
House, Not Senate, Would Free Border Agents
Why Illegal Immigration is a Threat to the United States
October 8
Study: Illegal Alien Population May Be as High as 38 Million
October 4
U.S.-Mexican Border Funds Added to Pentagon Bill
Cities, States Making ID Cards Available to Illegals
Mexican Flag Flown Illegally Over Local Business
Immigration Raids Net 1,300
October 1
Pelosi: Border Fence 'a Terrible Idea'
Operation Community Shield
Canada Worse Than Mexico for U.S. Border Security
September 28
Mexican President: We Are Coming!
Dead Immigrants Pose Border Dilemma
Foothills Home Was Fourth Largest Stash House in AZ County
Illegal Charged in Deaths of 2 Motorists
Protests Over Program to Deport Criminal Aliens
Smugglers Use Underside of Bridges at Border Crossings
September 26
Handcuffed Kids Steal U.S. Border Agent Car
An Unenforced Law Against Illegals Is Working "Too Well"
September 24
NY to Allow Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants
Immigration Raids in -- Sun Valley, Idaho
NY Suit Seeks to Stop Crackdown
Risk of Fraud High in Visa Program
September 18
Invasion USA: Who is Selling High-Tech Security Visas on Mexican Black Market?
Groups Clash Over Immigration at Church
What is 287(g) and Why Should Illegals be Worried About It?
Border Patrol Vets Oppose Illegal Alien ‘Amnesty’
September 15
3 Illegal Aliens Arrested Trying to Enter Los Alamos National Laboratory
12 Illegal Immigrants Found Working at Fort Bliss
How Female Illegals Abuse the System
Illegal Immigration Bankrupting America: Come One Come All, Free Lunch for All
The Sanctuary Deception
Cost to Deport All Illegal Immigrants: At Least $94 Billion
US Farmers Go Where Workers Are: Mexico
Enforcing English Proficiency? What About Florida?
September 12
The Visa Waiver Program: Why It’s a Bad Idea
Number of Immigrants Hits Record 37.5M
Pat Buchanan: U.S. in 50 years: Engulfed by Mexico
September 10
Counting the Illegals?
Illegal Aliens Following Americans to Their Graves
Rudy: Illegal Immigration Not a Crime
Dear Mexico: ¡Salga de Nuestro País! (Get Out of Our Country)
'Jobs for Every Briton,' Says Brown in Crackdown on Migrant Workers
Brit's Migrant Workers Face English Test
September 7
Mexico is Here
111,000 Immigration Files Lost: Tens of Thousands Get Citizenship Without Background Investigation
San Fran Drafting Legislation for ID Cards -- for Illegals!
Record Drug Seizures on US-Mexico Border
September 4
Mexican President Assails U.S. Measures on Illegal Aliens
U.S. Border Lines Grow Longer
Spain to Authorize Straitjackets for Illegals
September 1
Judge Halts Illegal Immigrant Notices
Mexico's Civil Servants to Block Border
I.C.E. Agents Secretly Reassigned By President Bush
Immigration Could Add 100M to U.S. by 2060
La Raza Threatens to Cancel Convention in Kansas City
Ay Caramba! Spanish Ads on U.S. English TV Stations
August 30
Now Arizona Law Chases Illegals Out
America is an Addict Hooked on Illegal Immigration
Immigration Raid Arrests More Than 160 at Ohio Chicken Plant
Municipal Laws Concerning Illegal Immigrants
August 28
Border Patrol Official: Job Not to Stop Illegals
Jailed Border Agents Case Tied to Mexican Trucks
Invasion of the Identity Snatchers: Immigration Benefit Fraud and the USCIS
Weeping for America's Numero Uno Anchor Baby?
UK Lib Dems Call for Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
August 25-26
Americans Deceived By Their Mayors in a Dance of Death
Newark Slayings Stoke Immigration Debate
Census Bureau Wants ICE to Halt Immigration Raids
58 Illegals Found in TX Stash House
2 Virginia Counties OK Crackdown on Illegals
Mandatory Deportation Has Illegals on the Run
Getting Suckered by an Illegal Immigrant
August 22
Bush Put on Spot: Where's the Fence?
New Border Fence Coming to Sasabe
Border Forces Intercept Cocaine Smuggling Vessel
Illegal Aliens' Impact on American Jobs – Part I
54 Illegal Aliens Arrested at Border, Crossing in Motor Home
Liberal States Engaging in Anarchy for Illegals
Information on U.S. Sanctuary Cities
Court Rules: Illegal Aliens Not Really 'Illegal'
August 20
At Montebello Summit, Leaders to Call for New Emergency Rules for Borders
Feds Win Immigration Standoff: Illegal Immigrant Who Sought Sanctuary in Chicago Church Deported
August 18
Tribes Offer Memberships to Illegals
Illegal Alien Arrest; Questions Fly
August 16
Terrorists Pose as Immigrants
Giuliani Vows to Stop Illegal Immigrants
Border Patrol to Build Fencing - Asks for Volunteers
A Worthy Check on Illegal Workers
Illegal Aliens -- the New Recruits?
August 14
Giuliani: Border Can Be Tamed in '18 Months to Three Years'
August 13
Illegal Alien Killer of Three American Children to Be Offered Plea Deal
U.S. Military Headed Next for Mexican Soil?
Immigration Crackdown Worries Employers
Vail 7-11 Shot Up Because Clerk Wore ‘Border Patrol’ Cap!
Mexico Officials Accused of Framing Border Agent
Interstate Smuggling Corridors I-70, Colorado SP arrest 48
August 9
Ousted for Speaking English: Floridian Now National Focus
Hispanic Growth Extends Eastward to Less Diverse Areas
Now, Here Come the Mexican Airplanes
Whites Now Minority in One-Third of Most-Populous Counties
50 Illegals Found in Tractor-Trailer
August 8
U.S. Steps Up Deportation of Illegal Immigrants
Remove Incentives That Attract Illegal Aliens
US Planning Illegal Worker Raids
Illegal Aliens Murder 15 Yr Old Girl in Oregon
August 7
Taxpayer-Funded Border Crashers
Presidential Debates in Spanish? Sí
Border Cop Charged With Murdering Illegal Immigrant
August 6
Fed Up, 41 States Step into Void on Immigration Law
July 31
House Launches Probe of Mexico
Hundreds of Illegals Apply for City's ID Cards
Why the Axis of Amnesty Was Defeated — A Post-Mortem
July 27
Legal Brief Says Border Agents Were Charged With 'Non-Existent Crime'

Senate Approves $3 Billion for U.S. Border Security
Guard Numbers on Border to be Halved
Judge Voids Anti-Illegal Immigrant Crackdown Law in Pennsylvania

Sheriff Urged to Close Illegal Immigrant Hotline
US and Mexico Resume Voluntary Interior Repatriation Program
Illegal Alien Sentenced to 25 Years in Fatal DUI Wreck
July 25
Our Immigration Crisis: Treating All of the Symptoms
July 24
Congressional Posse Rides to Help Jailed Border Agents
We Can't Fight Terrorism With Open Borders
Legalization of Illegal Immigrants Could Affect Your Benefits
July 16
Open Borders Leave US Vulnerable to Attack
Dancing the Lambada With the Bank of Meximerica
Americans Battle for Their Homeland: Protest to Greet Deportation Vote
Dear Foes of Illegal Immigration
July 11
US Gov't. Creates an Illusion of Border Security
County Moves Forward With Tough Immigration Policy
Senate to Probe Border Agents Case
July 10
Fewer Illegals Arrested at Border
Illegal Immigrants Find Refuge in Holy Places
3 Die in Chase of SUV Jammed With Immigrants
July 6
An Open Letter to The President of Mexico
July 4-5
The Forgotten "A" Word: Assimilation
Forget Libby, Pardon Border Patrol Agents, Congressman Says
Immigration and Independence Day
What’s Wrong With Trying to Preserve Our National Identity?
America's Baghdad Bob
Governor OKs Toughest Migrant-Hire Law in U.S.
July 2
Chertoff: We Can't Really Enforce Laws on Illegals
June 26
Only 22% of Americans Favor Immigration Bill
Illegal immigration: Senate's Desires Trump American People
After President's Plea, Senate Resurrects Immigration Bill
Immigration Bill Advances in Senate
See How Your Senator Voted
Pivotal Vote Looms on Immigration
Bush Calls Immigration Bill "Amnesty"
Talk Radio May Help Nix Immigration Bill
Video Raises Concern About Firms' H-1B Abuses
Lou Dobbs: Law Firm Teaches How to Avoid Hiring Americans
Sen. Sessions: Immigration Bill Fails to Secure Our Borders
June 23
Scores Arrested in California Immigration Raids
Illegals Given Red Bull, Ephedrine for Border Dash
'Virtual Fence' at Arizona Border Delayed
Only way to Stop Bush’s Promotion of Illegals Invading US - flashback
Illegals Setting Fires to Cross Border
Gingrich: Bush Approach a 'Handwritten Invitation to Millions More People to Come to America Illegally
June 18
Tancredo Pulls Plug on 'Sanctuary Cities'
Immigration Bill Has $1 Trillion Time Bomb
Where Illegals Congregate - map
House Rejects Security Fence at Border
Sen. Kennedy Ignoring US Laws
If Bush Gets His Way With This Immigration Bill, America Is Gone Forever
Mexican Police Arrest 70 Illegal Immigrants; 159 Stopped From Central America in Last Week
June 13
Senators Unmoved by Bush Push on Immigration Bill
National Borders Erased for Airlines in New Plan
Three National Guardsmen Nabbed on Immigrant Smuggling
The Truth About Immigration – They Want to Flood America With Cheap Labor While Depriving the Middle Class
Malta, Libya...and The Illegal Immigrants
June 11
Amnesty Opponents Are Not Un-American
Another Border Patrol Agent Sent to Prison
How Would You Like Aliens at Your Door?
Government's Illusional Border Security
Secrets in the New Amnesty Bill & Z-VISA - video
Grass Roots Roared, Immigration Plan Collapsed
Bush Vows Immigration Bill Will Pass
Now! What Will Happen With Immigration
Why Not Enforce Existing Immigration Laws?
The Lost Angeles Tinderbox Primed for Large Riots!
June 7
Sen. Sessions Releases List of 20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill
Immigration Bill Suffers Setback in Senate Vote
Mexican Illegals Breaking Mexican Law Too!
Feds Arrest Dozens of Illegal Immigrants in New Haven Raids
How to Send Illegals Back Home
Tancredo's Drudge Campaign: Defeat Amnesty, Politicians
Defeat Amnesty Politicians — Sign the "No Amnesty" Citizen Petition
City OKs ID Cards for Illegal Immigrants
June 4
Bush Pushes His Amnesty Program to Cops in Training
Religious Racketeers
Immigration Bill's Unnecessary Time Constraints
Will Congress Turn Its Back on You When It Comes to Immigration?
Illegal Immigration and the U. S. Military
Fed Dollars Proposed for La Raza
The Black Hole Immigration Bill
June 1-2
War Is Coming to Tucson
Bush Pressing Hard on Immigration Bill
Republican Revolt Over Immigration
Snow: Of Course Illegals Would Follow New Law
59 Illegal Immigrants Found After Shooting, Assaults
Deceptive La Raza Campaign Targets Senate
May 30
Treachery Against American Civilization - Senate Bill 1348
Bush Slams Critics of Immigration Bill
No Alien Left Behind
The Insanity of the 'Guest Worker Amnesty Program'
Proponents of “Shamnesty” Have Surrendered to the Third World Invasion
UK Tackling Crisis Over Migrants Desperate to Reach Europe
May 24
Senate Caps Guest Workers At 200,000
Plan Could Jail Illegal Border Crossers
State Legislators Call for End to 'Illegal Alien Invasion'
Border Security First, Americans Tell Polls
By Any Other Name, Amnesty Bill Still Stinks!
Chertoff to Immigration Bill's Critics: Get Real
You Can AND Will Stop America's Suicide
May 21
Illegals Bill Sinks Bush Job Approval to All-Time Low
Taco Vendor Admits to Green-Card Scam: Driver's Licenses, Mexican Voter Cards – Hundreds Sold Before Arrest
May 20
20 Dead in Sonora Shootouts
U.S. Border Agents Recruited for Iraq Duty
Immigration Heats Up South Carolina GOP
'La Raza' Has Virtual Veto Over Bill
Illegals Deal Alienates Everyone
Coast Guard Repatriates 48 More Cuban Migrants
Criminal Aliens Invade US; The Senate Lie of Immigration Reform
Do You See Where Our Leaders Take Us? Short Answer: Over a Cliff — The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 34
The Fed's New Human Capital
May 15
No Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens at Our Church
If You Think the True Threat to Our Culture is Illegal Immigration, Think Again
May 11
GOP: Immigration Plan 'Dead on Arrival'
All Foreign-Born, Three Illegal Aliens: Fort Dix Six Spurs Immigration Debate
Plague of Plastics—Forever! - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 33
May 9
The 2007 Temporary Bounty, Transport & Incarceration Act
May 6
Local Immigration Laws Bring High Costs
U.S. Targets Immigrant 'Absconders'
'Sanctuary Cities' Embrace Illegal Immigrants
Dobbs: Big Media Hide Truth About Immigration
Mexico's Immigration Law: Let's Try It Here at Home — flashback
Mexico's Glass House: How the Mexican Constitution Treats Foreign Residents, Workers and Naturalized Citizens — flashback
May 3
U.S. Wants Border Patrol Agents for Iraq
Over Population Depleting Our Resources - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 32
One in Two Mexicans Has Family in U.S., Poll Finds
Protesters Demanding 'Rights' for Illegal Aliens
April 30
Bush's Enforcement of Immigration Laws: a Grand Illusion
Another Border Agent Charged With Murder
Quality of Life Disappearing Right Under Our Noses - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 31
April 25
Border Agent Charged With Murder
Border Residents Report Increasing Problems
Teamsters Sue to Stop Dangerous Plan to Open Border to Unsafe Mexican Trucks
Illegal Aliens' Right to Work Wins Public Support in UK
April 23
San Fran Mayor Pledges to Make City Sanctuary for Illegals
April 20
Fed Wiring Social Security Payments to Illegals?
April 19
How and Why Journalists Avoid Population Connection - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 30
April 18
Guest Worker Amnesty Program: Worst Thing for America
Mexican Smugglers Seize U.S. Territory—MSM (And Bush Administration, Needless To Say) Asleep
Shouldn't Bush Secure America's Border Before Securing Iraq's?
Rolling Gunfight Breaks Out Between Rival Immigrant-Smuggling Gangs
U.S. May Open Doors to 25,000 Refugees
April 16
Social Security Agreement with Mexico Released After 3-1/2 Year FOIA Battle
Social Security Totalization Agreement With Mexico: Immigration Proposals Would Add Billions in New Costs
Illegal Workers Could Access Billions in Social Security Money, Says Social Security Administration
Illegal Immigration: A Reversible Curse on America
April 13
Rampant Population Growth With Little Concern for Future Generations - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 29
Hillary Hires Illegal Alien Advocate
Illegals Filing Taxes More Than Ever
L.A. Police Sued Over Immigrant Policy
April 11
$2.2 Trillion Illegal Alien Taxpayer Sticker Shock
Blacks Crushed By Immigrant Job Juggernaut
Lawsuit Targets Police Inaction on Immigration
Kennedy & Ilk Continue to Open the Floodgates
Bill O'Reilly Rages: Illegal Aliens Commit Heinous Crimes
Lack of Enforcement in LA Illegal Alien March Makes Democrat Screaming Mad
4 Out of 5 California Voters Support Giving Legal Residence to Illegal Immigrants
April 6
Immigration Detentions Down on U.S.-Mexico Border
Arizona County Helping Illegals, Critic Charges
Another City Joins Immigration Fight
Radio Hosts Lead Charge to Free Ramos, Compean
Over Population Destroying India - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 28
Food and Environment - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 27
April 2
Alien Trafficking Generates Billions in Profits
April 1
Minutemen Fan Out to Watch Border
Frosty Predicts That It Will Become Increasingly Ugly for Americans in America
March 27
U.S. Can't Account for 600,000 Illegal Immigrant Fugitives
The Illegal Immigration Tango
Truckers Boycott Border States
Group Requests Pictures of Border Patrol Agent's Beating
Smugglers Toss Hundreds of Refugees to Sharks
March 24
Illegals to Sue Imprisoned Deputy Sheriff
Illegal Immigration Bankrupting our Healthcare System - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 26
March 23
Illegal Immigrants Allowed at Least 5 Strikes; Border-Crossings Guidelines Revealed
ACLU Cites Pa. City Over Immigration Crackdown
Border Crossers Rarely Prosecuted
Immigration Bill Moves to Tighter Enforcement - With Path to Citizenship
Lure of U.S. Unravels Mexican Family Ties
Feds Attempted Arrest Tied to Ramos-Compean Case
Border Drone Finds Child Sex-Abuse Suspect
March 21
llegal Immigration: the Crime that Pays
Why Won’t Bush Ask Mexico for Immigration Reciprocity?
Bill Gates in Mexico: Give Us Your Workers
The Hidden Cost of Illegal Workers
Yuma, Ariz. is One Beneficiary as 6,000 National Guard Troops Added to Mexican Border
US Authorities Hold Tougher Line on Hiring Illegal Migrants
March 19
Small Town America Fights Invasion
U.S. $$ Sent Home to Latin AmOver Population Destroying America - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 25
March 14
Mexican President Condemns Border Fence
Dems OK Hearing on Border Agents
City Battles ACLU, Feds in Fight Against Illegals
City Churches Plan to Offer Sanctuary to Illegal Immigrants
Mexican Banks Tougher Than U.S. on Mexicans
Banks in Mexico vs. Bank of America
Trial Over Town's Immigration Ordinance Gets Underway
Cracking Down on the Texas-Mexico Border
March 12
Over Population Must Not Be Ignored - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 24
Tancredo: 'We Need a Real Fence'
U.S. Visa Policy Greenlights Terror
Haiti Angry Over Their Own Criminals Being Shipped Back From US
March 9
Immigration Raid Under Way in Arizona
Border Agents Under Attack on Mexico Border
Illegal Aliens Sue Over Crime Victim Visa
Sold Out
Latinos Land 2 in 3 U.S. Construction Jobs
Criminal Crossing: Part 3
Moving Targets: Part 4
Cubans Sneak Ashore During U.S. Security Drill
Bill Would Block Credit Cards for Illegals
March 7
Security Agency Lobbies for 'Open' Borders
Key Evidence Ignored in Border Agents' Case
Sheriff Sees Pattern in Border Agents' Cases
Dobbs: Demorcatic Hacks Embrace Lunacy of Amnesty
Mexico's President Won't Go With the Flow
Fortress America: Part 1
Building a Border: Part 2
Arizona and Texas Hot Zones: Cross Border, Head to Jail
March 5
Feds Find 67 Illegal Aliens at 'Stash House'
U.S. Fights Against ID Sales to Illegals
Americans Selling ID Papers to Illegal Aliens
Don't Be Rude! They're Not Illegal Aliens!
Illegal Aliens Advised About Their Rights
An "Alien" Idea
Feds Seek 7 Years for Another Texas Cop
Betrayed By Elected Officials - The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 23
A Drug Smuggler's Lies
March 1
Bush's Amnesty Lingo
Mexican Park Simulates Illegal Border Crossing
DEA Busts Huge Mexican Ring Accused of Sending Tons of Drugs to USA
The Illegal Alien Conquest of Los Angeles County
Bank of America Just Tip of Iceberg
Illegal Gets 18 Months for Impregnating 12-Year-Old
Lawmaker: Ban 'illegal Aliens' – Just the Words
4 Mexican Soldiers Accused in Deadly Rape Of Woman, 73
Arnold Pushes 'Centrist' Immigration Approach
Calif. Bill Gives Each Kid - Including Illegals - $500 at Birth
February 28
Minuteman Founder Under Attack By Internal Terrorists
America vs. Mexico: Clashing Civilizations
February 25
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 22
Mexican Anger Over US 'Trespass'
Smugglers Raise Stakes in Fight Over Border Rule
Hiring Illegals Trumps Law, Agent Alleges
February 16
Open Borders and Millions of Illegals Are Destroying America — Part 21
Border Patrol Ad Too Tough for NFL Publication
February 14
Mexico Demanded U.S. Prosecute Sheriff, Agents
Discrepancies in Case Against Border Patrol Unresolved
Immigrant Smugglers Ripping Off Rivals' Customers
Bank of America Offers Credit Cards to Illegals
February 12
How Cozy Was Border Patrol With Smuggler?
February 10
Congressman: Convicted Border Patrol Agent's Injuries Worse Than Reported
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 20
Immigration Raid Empties Texas Town
February 7
YouTube - Agent Ramos Dobbs First Report
Government Admits Lying About Jailed Border Agents
Imprisoned Border Agent Did Report Shooting
Imprisoned Border Agent Beaten By Fellow Inmates
To Donate to Border Patrol Agent "Nacho" Ignacio Ramos Rising Defense Costs
February 5
More Towns in Rural Quebec Flirt With 'Cultural Charters' Aimed at Immigrants
Tancredo Pushes for Border Security
February 4
Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Not Marry Mexico
Memo From Mexico: On Guadalupe Hidalgo Day, Here’s Why The U.S. Has Title To The Southwest
February 1
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 19
Immigration Raid Nets 53 in Texas
Guardsmen Pelted With Rocks
Border Patrol Agents in Jail, Drug Smuggler Free
January 30
Uproar Over Border Agents to Get White House Review
January 28
Despite Crackdown, Migrants Stream Into South Mexico — On Way to the US
January 27
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 18
Illegal Alien Hiring Fine Fails on Hill
Illegal Aliens and Their Impact on U.S. Taxpayers
Is Bush Selling Out the USA? Border Agents Must Be Freed
Mexican in Border Patrol Case May Still Face Drug Charges
January 24
761 Illegals Arrested, Deported in S. Calif. Fed Sweep
Congress Worries 27 Border Sheriffs
Border Patrol Agent Held in Solitary Confinement
Republican Revolt Builds Over Border Agents
Russia Limits Foreign Labor to Fight Illegals
January 22
Pressure Mounts for Action on Immigration Laws
Jim Gilchrist: Illegal Aliens Waging 'Silent War' on U.S.
Misplaced Border Priorities
January 19
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 17
Border Agents' Prosecutor Responds to Critics
EU to Crackdown on Illegal Immigration
January 17
Border Agents Sent to Prison
Lawmakers, Advocacy Groups Launch Last-Ditch Effort to Save Two Border Patrol Agents From Jail
Tony Snow: Immigration Laws Not Enforced
Illegal Alien Gangs Flourishing in America
Under Bush America Has More Terror, More Illegals, More Loss of Freedoms
January 13
Canada Unveils Border Security Plan
Death Threats Made Over Pesos for Pizza
January 11
Lou Dobbs on Conquest of Aztlan: Mexican Government Joins U.S. Revolutionaries - vid
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 16
Sex-Offender Stings Get Thousands of Illegals
Illegal Aliens to Get Social Security & Healthcare in U.S.
January 8
Some Illegals Are Re-Arrested 6 Times
Dallas-Based Food Chain to Accept Mexican Pesos
Bush Escalates Immigration Crime Wave
Tijuana Police Force Ordered to Turn in Guns
January 6
Mexico Might Equip Illegals With GPS Locators
Armed Mexicans Force Nat'l. Guard to Flee Post Near Sasabe
National Guard Not Allowed to Confront or Apprehend Illegals
Minutemen Plan to Patrol Anew After Border Incursion
Unarmed Border Guards Put More Than Our Nation at Risk
Potential 2008 Presidential Candidates "Report Card" on Illegals: Republican and Democrat
January 4
The Next Added 100 Million Americans — Part 15
Thousands of Illegal Aliens Preying on Little Children
January 2
What NBC’S Tom Brokaw Didn’t Report
Our Constitution and Our Borders
Border Crackdown Fuels Smugglers' Boom on U.S.-Mexico Line
Crossroads of Conflict: World Trade Bridge Has Changed the U.S.-Mexico Border, for Good and Bad
Links Between Illegal Immigration, Terrorism, Drug Trade Worry U.S Officials