Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

December 30
Israel Says Finds Explosive Chemicals in EU Aid Bags
Jewish Agency Gives Evangelical Christians Powerful Seat at Table
Israel's Population Rose to 7.24 Million in 2007
December 23
Olmert Calls Gaza Campaign 'True War'
Unthinkable? Think Tank Sees Israel, Not Iran, Surviving a Mideast Nuclear War
IDF Increases Preparedness for Non-Conventional Attack
Why Israel is Allowing New Terrorist State
December 17
A Very Important Report
December 14
Abandoning Israel
Support Sought for Temple Mount Synagogue
December 9
Israel Says It Will Keep Jerusalem Areas
Extremist Jewish Settlers Threaten Secession From Israel
December 7
Dig Reshapes Roman Jerusalem: Archeologists
December 4
Temple Institute Readies Crown for New High Priest

The Mystery of the Red Heifer: Divine Promise of Purity

November 27
Evangelicals Blast Any Jerusalem Division
The Two Real Sides of Annapolis: Physical and Spiritual
November 27
Anathema at Annapolis: Pushing Israel to Destruction
We'll Quit If Jerusalem is Divided
Thousands Protest Outside PM's Jerusalem Residence
November 23
Israel: Jews to be Uprooted at Abraham's Resting Place

Arab League: Discuss Golan at Annapolis Conference

November 19
High Alert to Prevent Terror Attack Ahead of Annapolis
The Annapolis Meeting Is Nothing Less Than a Train Wreck Waiting to Happen
Survey: Americans See Israel as Ally
November 14
Knesset Give Preliminary OK to Bill Requiring 80 MKs to Divide Jerusalem
The Lynching Date is Set
November 13
Annapolis is Dangerous, Netanyahu Tells Rabbi Yosef
November 11
Israel Preparing for War
Israel on Alert: Secret Nuclear Plant in the Crosshairs
Israeli Cabinet Official on Gaza Withdrawal: 'We Made a Very Big Mistake'
God Said It That Settles It
Israel Wants National Service From Arabs
November 6
Rabbis Issue Warning to Bush
The Golan Heights at Issue Between Israel and Syria is Tagged onto the Annapolis Peace Conference Agenda - Over Israel’s Head
Israel: UN Human Rights Council 'Morally Bankrupt'
November 4
Dividing Jerusalem, It's a Done Deal. Below Are Pictures That Prove It
October 30
Senior Hamas Member Muhammad Deif: We'll Strike in Heart of Israel
Can This Man Save Israel?
October 28
State Turns Back on Hevron Jewish Claim
'Olive Harvest' Activists Caught Destroying Jewish Vineyards
October 22
German Spy Brokered Deal between Israel and Hezbollah
October 14
Analysts Find Israel Struck a Nuclear Project Inside Syria
October 12
Selling Out Israel on the Installment Plan
October 10
Most Israelis Say No to Sharing Jerusalem
The Dangerous Game of Dividing Jerusalem May Have Catastrophic Results on America
South America Chokes As Amazon Burns
October 8
Israel May OK Division of Jerusalem
October 4
Bush: US Will Defend Israel
55,000 Turn Out for Jerusalem March - Holy City's Streets Fill With Thousands of Israelis Plus Some 7,000 Christian Tourists for Sukkot
Vandals Daub Swastikas on Haifa Synagogue
What Next for Israel? Apologize to Enemies
Who Really Rules Israel? - Jewish State Controlled By Four Informal Networks, Not By Government
September 24
Israelis Seized Nuclear Material in Syrian Raid
Israel to Syria: Use Chemical Weapons & We'll Wipe You Off Map
Washington Post: 'Israel, US Shared Intel Ahead of Syrian Raid'
Holocaust Survivor Lived By Nazi
September 18
600 Iranian Missiles Pointed at Israel
Israel Fears Terror Attack at Sea
Settlers Must Move to Save Their Lives
September 15
PA: Israel Agrees to Destroy Jewish Towns, Starting in November
Bayit Echad Movement Encourages Jews to Abandon Their Homes
September 12
Israel Keeps Up Official Blackout on Mystery Syria Air Strike
September 10
PM: We Can't Reveal IDF Operations
Israeli Neo-Nazis Arrested
7.2 Million People Living in Israel
Jerusalem in Peril
September 7
Are Israel and Syria on Path to War?
September 1
'Lost Tribe of Israel' Arrives in Jewish State
Archaeologists: Muslim Dig Damaged Temple Wall
Peres: Suspicion Over Israeli Nukes Is Good Deterrent
August 28
Holy Forfeit! Israel Willing to Give Up Temple Mount
The Kibbutz Sheds Socialism and Gains Popularity
August 25-26
IDF Forces Foil Terror Plot
Fatah Claims Shooting Attack, Terrorists Break Amnesty Deal
August 22
The Human Spirit: We're Off Track
Hamas Threatens to Use 'More Dangerous Weapons'
Israel’s Armed Forces Undermanned, Under-equipped and Under-trained for War
August 20
Ahmadinejad: Israel Is Bearer of Satan
Israel Deports 50 Sudanese Refugees to Egypt, Closes Its Borders
Activists Slam Deportation of Refugees
August 16
Defense Minister Ehud Barak Blocks Gas Mask Distribution, Nasrallah Boasts of Next War
Israel: We Are Not Interested in War
'Big Surprise Awaiting Israel'
IDF Uncovers Tunnel in Gaza
Netanyahu Wins Likud Primaries By 75% of Votes
August 2
Will Israel Survive?
July 24
Hezbollah: We Can Strike All of Israel
The 9th of Av Begins at Sundown
History of the 9th of Av Calamities
July 16
IDF Preparing for All-Out War
'Hamas Must Recognize Israel'
Israel to Free 250 Palestinian Prisoners
Kiryat Gat Teens Warned Against Dating Bedouins
US: Thousands Rally in Support of Israeli Soldiers
The Way I See It, (for What That Is Worth)
July 10
Israel Short on Gas Masks
Miriam's Well, Transplanted to Kinneret - Found!
July 2
Israel Foils Hamas Plans to Take Over Temple Mount

U.S. May Not Let Israel Use Aid to Buy Cluster Bombs
June 26
Israel Braces for July War With Up to Five Enemies
Marines to Train at New Israeli Combat Center
June 18
Israel Plans Attack on Gaza
Netanyahu: Israel's Unilateral Policy Failed, Gave Rise to 'Hamastan'
Israel's Anti-Gay Pride Protest Turns Violent
June 13
The Battle for Jerusalem
June 11
Poll: Netanyahu Will Beat Any Labor Candidate in Elections
Israel's New Robot Border Guards Are Armed and Dangerous
June 7
Knesset Okays Law Banning Gay Pride Parade
June 4
Ahmadinejad: Countdown to Israel's Destruction Has Begun

Gaza Women Protest Extremist Group's Threats of Beheading
Israeli Homosexuals Hope to March Into Politics
June 1
Congress Set to Vote on Jerusalem and Site of U.S. Embassy
May 24
A Remarkable 40th Anniversary
Some Jewish Parents Breaking Ranks Over Circumcision
May 20
US, Israel to Build Defense Systems
April 30
Al-Qaeda Video Urges ‘Bombs, Fire’ on Israel
Calls Grow for Olmert, Peretz, to Quit
April 22
Hamas Calls for New Attacks on Israel
April 16
Al-Qaeda Gaining in Strength in Gaza
Bill Clinton: Israel-Syria Peace Deal Could Be Reached Within 35 Minutes
Attacks Against Jews Double in 2006 Report Reveals
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Can It Happen Again?
How Committed is the U.S. to Defending Israel?
Israel Can Only Lose Once
March 29
Hundreds of Evangelicals to Celebrate Jerusalem's Reunification, Offer Apology for Past Persecution
First Synagogue Facing Temple Mount to be Built
Will Talks Leave Jerusalem in Pieces?
No Gay Ordinations in Conservative Jewish Seminar
March 27
Countering Voices of Hate
March 24
Jews Revive the Sanhedrin with Plans for a Passover Sacrifice
March 23
Europe Claims Israel Preparing for War —Officials Telling Damascus to Expect Conflict This Summer
It Doesn't Look So Good
March 19
World Jewish Congress on Verge of Split
Israel's Fifth Column
March 14
UNESCO: Dig Not Harming Temple Mount
'Hamas Members Training in Iran'
Syria's Policies Won't Change Ahead of Javier Solana Visit
Kadima Says Israeli PM Olmert Resignation Possible
March 9
Plans for Third Jewish Temple Developing
Bush Just Doesn't Get It! The Jeiwish Condition in Israel, and Coming Events.
Jews Are Told to Leave Now
February 25
World-Wide Blitz against Israel

Jewish Kindergarten Defaced With Nazi Slogans
February 19
A People Confused and Backroom Deals
February 12
Israel Successfully Tests Arrow Missile
February 10
Researcher Says Found Location of the Holy Temple
Arabs Call on UN to Stop Jerusalem Dig
Israeli Police, Rioters Clash Near Temple Mount
Jerusalem Mayor Fears for City Over Dig
Israel, US Sign Homeland Security Pact
January 30
It Doesn’t Look Good, But God is in Control

January 27
Pilgrims' Road to Temple Unearthed in City of David Dig

Sunday is International Day of Prayer for & Solidarity with Israel
Interesting Times: What the Jews Can Do About Iran
January 24
Israel Faces Nuclear Holocaust Warns Gingrich
Solana: EU Will Support Israel Reaction to Syria
Secret Talks Handing West Bank to Abbas
Solana "Shocked" By Jewish Community Growth

Iran Believes It Could Destroy Israel With a Single Nuke, Strategist
January 22
Essay: This Holocaust Will Be Different
Israeli Defense Official: Time to Break Iran-Syria Alliance

January 19
Reality Check and Israel's Worse Enemy Isn't Iran
January 15
U.S. Halts Arms Sales to Israel
Why Europe Abandoned Israel
January 13
Islam, Hitler and the Devil

January 6
Revealed: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran
Decision Time
PA Prime Minister: ‘Save Your Bullets for the Jews’

US Deports Israeli Convicted of Conspiring to Aide Hizbullah
January 4
Risk of Collapse at Western Wall
Longtime Mayor of Jerusalem Dies at 95

January 2
Iran: Mahdi Will Defeat Archenemy in Jerusalem
Never in Israel's 58 Years Has the Future Looked So Dangerous
Israel's New God: Money Quietly Replaces Security as Country's Most Prominent Concern