December 31
A Word for the Church in the United States of America
November 27
Asia's Armageddon Arsenal
November 23
Wormwood Star: Portents of Devastation or Hope
November 22
2007: Nine Major FEMA Disasters and Two Major Crises Coincide with U.S. Involvement in the Israel "Peace" Process
November 15
Point of No Return
November 11
My Vision of the Destruction of America
Leaping Tiger...Three Part Dream
November 4
The Togarmah Prophecy
October 31
The Dream
October 12
Warning to Damascus: ''The 'Burden' is On You''
October 1
New Zealand Maori Elder Warns of Coming Earth Changes
September 24
Prophesied Destruction of Damascus Imminent?
September 10
USS Enterprise Sailing into Trouble?
The Kings of the North and the South
September 4
Bride of Fire
July 31
The Future Belongs to God
July 2
Russian Invasion of the North Pole Has Prophetic Significance
June 23
Prophecy Being Fulfilled: The Blossoming of the Desert
June 13
''Take Heed That No Man Deceive You''
May 30
What Is Soon to Transpire
May 24
Politics and Bible Prophecy: Why We Need One to Understand the Other
May 6
"SOON!" What Will Be the Signs of Jesus' Return? History and Events in Perspective - 5 minute video
Elaborating on the Mystery and the End of Time (Part 2)

April 6
A New War Is Coming
March 19
Connecting the Dots — Watchmen Watching Iran and Russia for End Time Signs
March 16
Prophetic Vision of Yellowstone Volcano
Prophetic Dream of Yellowstone Volcano
March 12
Warnings for Southeast USA
March 9
From Big Brother to 'the Mark'
March 7
The Rise of India
Catastrophes in 2007 and 2008
February 7
"Hopi" Sea Level
February 6
Earthquake Warning for St. Louis
January 13
A Vision in the Office
January 11
End Time Vision
January 8
Scripture vs. Spirit Revelation
The Doors of Destiny
January 4
America's Coasts Will Change
Robertson Predicts 'Mass Killing' - Update
January 2
The Long Night