December 23
Bin Laden Talking Again; Al-Qaeda Leader’s Propaganda Effort Can’t Mask Group’s Radical, Murderous Nature
Iraq Qaeda Group Confirms Top Figure Killed: Web
Symposium: The “Moderate” Muslim Brotherhood? How Peaceful Can a Terrorist Group Be?
Terror Cells Told to Remove Cell Phone Batteries
December 17
Jihadist Indoctrination in the Schools
December 14
Jurors Deadlock in 6 of 7 Defendants in Plot to Destroy Sears Tower
'Amnestied' Terrorists Did Algiers Bombing: Officials
December 2
Growing Concern in Israel Over ‘Dirty Bomb’ Attack
November 29
Seized Uranium Suitable for 'Dirty Bomb'
November 27
How to Build the Perfect Terrorist Cell
November 26
Islamists Target Arizona Base
November 25
Critics Dub Saudi Islamic School 'Terror High'
November 22
Is U.S. Gov't Infested With Terrorist Moles?
Britain: Artists Afraid to Offend Radical Islam
The US is Missing the Point
Training Terrorists With American Dollars
Bad Moon Rising: “Heavenly Light From Hellish Darkness” - video
November 19
Terrorist Watch List Attacked for Size, Ineffectiveness
November 16
ACLU, Muslim Groups Resist Anti-terror Measures Again
Walid Shoebat Radio Interview With Joseph Farah
Police Warn Residents of Mailbox Bomber
November 13
Asymmetric Cyber Threat
Massive Attack Simulation to Involve Every State
'Mr. Suicide Bomb' Goes to Washington: Rice, U.S. Lawmakers Met With Muslim Sheikh Who Says Jesus, Moses 'Prophets for Islam'
Washington Protects the Terror Masters
November 10
D.C. Imam Declares Muslim Takeover-Plan

November 7
Hezbollah Reports Largest-Ever Military Exercise
Al-Qaeda Finds Another Home: Gaza
October 30
Terrorists Plotted Setting U.S. Fires: Muslim Bulletin Boards Advocated Arson Before California Blazes
Saudi King: We Warned U.K. of 2005 Bombing
Iranian General Warns of Gulf Suicide Bombings
'Hate Books Fill Mosques'
Azerbaijan Says It Thwarted Terror Plot - ‘Large-Scale Horrifying’ Assault Planned; U.S. Embassy Among Targets
Taking Down Terrorist Web Sites
October 26
Fire Chief: 25,000-Acre Blaze Was Set
Domestic Terrorism… California Arson Fires Easier Than Hijacking Planes
New U.S. Alert for Shoe Bombers
Al-Qaida Anger at Jazeera on Laden Tape
October 19
Baltimore Police Probe Tanker Hijacking
October 12
Al-Qaeda Pursuing Weapons of Mass Destruction: US
October 10
Panel Wants Tighter Radiation Security
Qaeda Goes Dark After a U.S. Slip
What the Muslim Brotherhood Means for the U.S.: Memo Lays Bare Group's Plans to Destroy U.S. From Within
October 4
New York Nuked! How Likely and How Bad?
Questions Raised Over "Dirty Bomb" Terror Exercise
Terrorism Expert Concerned About Bond Between Islamic Terrorists, MS-13 Street Gang
Regional Nuclear War Could Trigger Mass Starvation
October 1
Attack at US Embassy in Vienna Thwarted
US Airbase Bomb Plotter on Run in UK
Coast Guard Steps Up Its Anti-Terror Duties Worldwide
'How to Fly a Boeing 747': Terror Site Offers 18 Training Videos in Arabic
West is Taking Fight Against Terrorism Online
'Supermax' Prison Home to Terrorists
Iran, Osama and 9/11
September 28
World Wide Open to Nuke Terror: Study
September 21
Al Qaeda Leaders Release New Videos
Bin Laden Vows Revenge on "Infidel" Musharraf
Bin Laden Urges Pakistanis to Revolt
September 18
Homegrown Terrorists or Dupes? 7 Miami Men Go on Trial
September 17
Al Qaeda Expands By 'Co-opting' New Affiliates
September 15
Lawmaker Sees Car Bombings in U.S. Future
Official Says Terrorists Have Been Arrested on Border
Jihadist Threat
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Killing Sunni Sheik
Al Qaeda Threatens Sunni Leaders as Iraq's Political Crisis Deepens
Al-Qaeda Offers $150,000 for Murder of Swedish Cartoonist
Failed Suicide Bomber Turns on al Qaeda
September 12
Al-Qaeda to Release Third 9/11 Video: Reports
The Talibanization of Britain
Terrorism 'Big Threat' to Olympics
September 10
Mass Slaughter In Our Schools: The Terrorists' Chilling Plan?
Brad Thor Talks About The Perfect Day
School Bus Thefts Concern Houston Authorities
Disks in Iraq Hold Details About U.S. Schools — flashback
Muslim "Extremists", School Buses, and our Children — flashback
Terrorists Targeting Students: The Kids Are Not Alright — flashback
School Bus Terrorism - A Practical Analysis
What Really Happened in the Beslan School Hostage Crisis? — flashback
Attack on Children Imminent?
Watch Glenn Beck's Exposed: The Perfect Day - a Series of Coordinated Attacks That Kill as Many Americans and Create as Much Chaos as Possible, Airs 7 and 9p.m. ET, CNN & CNN Headline News
Ministers Reject 7 July London Bombings Inquiry
Wiretaps 'Foiled Terror Attacks'
Osama’s Challenge
U.S. Braces Next Terror Battlefront: Horn of Africa
Laser Attack on Australian Pilots
September 7
CIA Director Hayden Warns of New al-Qaida Attacks
U.S. Judge Fines Iran $2.65 Billion for Terrorism
September 5
Germany Foils 'Massive' Terror Plot on US Targets
Denmark Arrests 'Bomb' Suspects
September 4
The Tampa Bombers: Jihadists or Beach Boys?
September 1
Islamist Websites Hosted in Minnesota on How to Join Al-Qaeda, Form a Jihad Cell, and Select a Western Target
Is Osama bin Laden Dead?
August 28
Al Qaeda Has Active Plot to Hit the West: We Are Going to Get Hit Again
Damascus Airport Called Al Qaida Hub
Capitol Sources: The Next Terrorist Attack
Hamas in Damascus Orders Mega Terror Attacks in Israel
August 25-26
New Worries That Ferries Could Be Al Qaeda Targets
The CIA and al-Qaeda
Newt Gingrich on the War on Terrorism, 'Verges on Insane' - video
Iraqi Terrorists Caught Along Mexico Border
August 23
Arming the Jihad
August 22
FBI Seeks Identity of Two Men Seen Aboard Washington State Ferries
Improvised Explosive Devices Showing up in Toronto
Former CIA Chief Criticized Over 9/11
US to Shut Controversial Anti-Terror Database
August 20
Portland to Host Terrorism Drill “NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2” Aug. 20 to 24
New Nuclear Terror Drill Sparks Conspiracy Scare
Hamas's Approach to Jihad: Start 'em Young
Hamas Has Formed West Bank Cells
Terror Goes Digital, With Canadian Help
August 18
Gadhafi Son Warns of More Europe Attacks
August 16
U.S. Studying Two Dozen 'Clusters' of Possible Homegrown Terrorists
Russia Opens Terrorism Probe into Train Derailment
August 14
Designation of Fatah al-Islam under Executive Order 13224
August 8
Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey: Upcoming Terror Strike on U.S. ‘Very Real’
The Sickness That Is Wahhabi Islam
August 7
In the Belly of the Beast: Jamaat ul-Fuqra
The Vanishing Jihad Exposés
August 6
Terror Cell May Be Loose in USA
July 27
CIA Bin Laden Chief: Next Attack "Bigger Than 9/11"
Using Terrorists to Establish World Government
Help Wanted: Al Qaida Cells in Iraq Struggling to Replace Fallen Leaders
Terror Group Vows to Obtain U.S. Weaponry
Forgetting Pearl Harbor
July 25
Airports Warned on Terror Dry Runs
July 24
An Idea Whose Time Has Come: the How-To Guide for Tracking Terrorists On-Line
Italy Raids 'Terror Mosque'
July 16
Al-Qaida Infiltrating America as Patients
What Can a Stronger al-Qaida Do?
Expert Repeats Chertoff's Warning of Terrorist Threat This Summer
Pakistani Forces Backed By US Special Units Are Closing in on al Qaeda’s No. 2 Ayman Zawahiri and Possibly Also Bin Laden
Human Ashes Cause Airport Bomb Scare
Jihad Bee Appears on Hamas Kids' Show to Espouse Jihad, Martyrdom
Afghanistan Frees Teen Trained As Bomber
July 11
Classified Report: Al Qaeda At Pre-9/11 Strength
Al-Qaida: Wage Holy War Against Pakistan
Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. or on Its Way, According to New Intel
Chertoff Bases Warning of Terror Risk on 'Gut Feeling'
200 Explosive Belts Seized in Iraq
NBC: ‘Dirty Bomb’ Danger at Home?
Newsweek: Al-Qaida Getting Sstronger?
Congressman Demands Specifics on Chertoff's 'Gut Feeling'
Santorum Suggests New Terror Attacks Will Change View of War
White House: No Specific Terror Threat Against US
Al Qaeda No. 2 Makes More Threats Against the U.K.
Muslim Doctors: Purveyors of Death
New Jihadi Video Gives Heart to Terrorists
Suicide Video Gets Taliban Message Across
"Cyber Jihadists" Operating Freely From Canada's Eastern Seaboard
July 10
UK Chief: 15 Year Terror War

Muslims Declare Sovereignty Over U.S., UK - audio
Al-Qaida Now Threatens Iran
Terror Cells Spread Like Fire Across UK
A Terrorist by Any Other Name . . . Still Kills
Ex Terrorist Says ‘If Islam Produces Them, then Islam is the Problem’: True?
Four Guilty of Bomb Plot That Could Have Killed Hundreds
Terrorism's Hook Into Your Inbox
Are Radicalized Professionals the New Terror Threat?
July 4-5
How Will Al-Qaeda Strike Next?
Being Doctor Provides 'Brilliant Cover' for Terrorism

July 2
Report: Eighth Person Arrested in U.K. Terror Plot
Secret Document: U.S. Fears Terror 'Spectacular' Planned
Security Heightened at U.S. Airports
Two More Arrests in UK Hunt for Terror Cell
Terror Attacks: Hour By Hour, the Smoke Clears
Yemen Bomb Kills Spanish Tourists
War against Radical Islam: 'In the Words of Our Enemies'
Failed Terrorist Attacks Overseas Linked to June's Graduating Suicide Bomber Class in Pakistan?
June 26
Report Blasts U.S. for Failures in Fighting Terrorism
Six-Year-Old Foils Taliban Suicide Attack on Americans
June 13
Private Undercover Team Exposes Nationwide Network of Radical, Anti-U.S. Islamic Centers
Indonesian Police Have Arrested Alleged Leader of Jemaah Islamiyah
FBI Boss: Al-Qaida Set On Using Nukes
June 11
Terrorists Training in North America
The Al-Qaeda-ISM Connection
Inmates File Suit After Prisons Ban Some Religious Books Over Terrorism Fears
June 4
Pipeline Company Faces First Terrorism Threat
Pipeline Security a Joke
Al-Qaida Suspects Sue Boeing, With ACLU's Help
'Terror Plot' to Attack JFK Sparks Fears of Radical Islam in Caribbean
May 30
American Al Qaeda Warns of Attacks That 'Will Make You Forget' Sept. 11
May 24
New al Qaeda Tapes Feature U.S. Capitol Under 'Attack'
Some U.S. Muslims OK With Suicide Bombings
May 21
American Blacks Recruited for Terror by al-Qaida
Influx of Al Qaeda, Money into Pakistan is Seen
May 15
Blogger Who Posted CFP Islamberg Story Had Life Threatened
Radical Muslim Paramilitary Compound Flourishes in Upper New York State
May 11
No Ties to Terror? You've Got to be Kidding
May 6-7
Man Killed as Backack Explodes in Las Vegas Hotel Parking Garage
Refugee Bill May Allow Terrorists into U.S.
May 3
Palestinian Speaker: Kill Every Last Jew & American
April 25
Al-Qaida Thriving Despite War on Terror
April 22
Fifth Column Imam Flyers
Al-Qaeda 'Mergers' Set to Intensify Attacks on the West
April 16
Beware of the Christian Taliban
April 13
Al-Qaida Reloaded: Five Years After 9/11, Bin Laden's Network is Back - Part 1

Al-Qaida More Dangerous Than It Was On 9/11 - Part 2

Ohio Man Indicted in Al-Qaida Terrorist Plot
Kessler: Federal Watch List Has 400,000 Names
April 11
Professor Who Criticized Bush Told Added to Terrorist 'No-Fly' List
April 6
U.S. Military Protects Group on State's Terror List
Whitewashing Jihad in the Schools
Terrorists Endorse Pelosi's 'Good Policy of Dialogue'
U.S. Chemical Facilities Must Meet New Anti-Terrorism Standards
April 3
'Thousands' of Taliban Suicide Bombers Deployed
April 2
Terrorists – Coming to a School Near You
March 29
Richardson: 'Nuclear 9-11' Is Possible
March 27
Terrorists Use Web Against 'Idiot' Americans
Massive Terror Database Prompts Concerns for Secrecy, Errors, Privacy
The Reality of Evil and the Men and Women of Munich
Aussie Terror Suspect Pleads Guilty
March 19
Combating Nuclear Smuggling
March 16
Terrorist Use of Google Earth Raises Security Fears
Chiquita to Plead Guilty to Ties With Terrorists
March 12
Al-Qaida: the Second Coming
March 9
N.Y. Mosque Leaders Get 15 Years
March 5
Terrorists Take Recruitment Efforts Online
March 1
Taliban: Suicide Army Is Ready

February 25
Terror Threat Against UK Worst Since 9/11
Homeland Security Likely to List Denver as Risk Site
February 22
Businessman Accused in NYC of Trying to Help Fund Terror
February 19
Al-Qaeda Leaders Back on Top?
February 14
Al-Qaeda Calls for Attacks on US Oil Suppliers Worldwide
Utah Gunman, 18, Was Muslim From Bosnia
Anti-American Cleric Flees Iraq - to Iran
Feds Nab American Al Qaeda Trainee
February 11
New York Prepares for Nuclear Terror
February 7
Jiffy Bombs: All UK Offices on Alert
February 4
Sleeper Cells in the United States and Canada
US Gets Israeli Security for Super Bowl
February 1
Are Al-Qaeda and Russians Joined at the Hip?
January 27
New Fears: The Return of a Superterrorist
World War III Has Already Begun, Says Israeli Spy Chief
US Adopts New Lethal Strategy Against Iranian Agents in Iraq, Report
Fatah and Hamas Terrorists Killing Each Other
January 22
ABC News: Docs Seized in Iraq Reveal Insurgent Plan for Attack in U.S.
January 19
Wanted Taleban Chief 'Sheltered by Pakistan'
CAIR: Why is 'American' in Its Name?
January 17
Russian Forces on High Terror Alert
Michigan: The Islamic Capital of the U.S.
Philippine Military Confirms Death of Top Al Qaeda-Linked Militant
Former Iraqi Translator Tells of Threats
January 13
Terrorists 'use Google Maps to Hit UK Troops'
January 11
MI Chief: Al-Qaeda Operatives Flocking to Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria
January 8
US Airstrikes on Al-Qaeda -- in Africa
January 6
The 'Sudden' Rise of Radical Islam