make sure you're feeding Good Foods to Your Pets

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

December 26
Pet-Food Pantries are Doggedly Working to Keep Animals Fed
December 7
Super Ants 'on Way to Britain' Warns Study
December 2
Europe Hopes Havens Will Give Bees a Break
December 1
150 Stranded Whales Die on Australia Coastline
November 25
NY Couple, Trucker Help Injured Butterfly Migrate
November 23
Australians Return 11 Stranded Whales to Sea
Breaking Investigation Reveals Holiday Horrors for Turkeys
November 19
U.S. Facing Shortage of Large-Animal Vets – Food Supply at Risk
November 18
A Dramatic Rescue for Doomed Wild Horses of the West
Miracle Pup Survives Hit-And-Run
November 16
Another Bad Year for Bees
Cutting Costs on Pricey Pet Food
November 14
Decorated Sacramento Search-Rescue Dog Dies
November 11
Census of the Ocean Discovering New Wonders
World's Ugliest Dog Dies
November 9
Australian Zoo's New Pygmy Hippo is a Lucky BabyPics
Bumblebees Learn to Sniff Out the Best Flowers
Freak Fish Now 'Eating People'
Experts Expect More Sick Wild Pandas in Post-Quake Winter
November 7
Prozac Increasingly Prescribed to Depressed Parrots and Other Pets
Beekeepers Protest Over Hive Deaths
November 3
China Destroys Tons of Tainted Animal Feed
Nasty Fungus May Be Killing Thousands of Bats
November 1
Homeless Pet Owners Face Refuge Shortage
October 31
Missing Dog Found 1,000 Miles From Home
Chinese Media Say Tainted Animal Feed Widespread
October 29
Pets Have a Place in the Sickbed
October 28
Bumblebees Learn the Sweet Smell of Foraging Success
October 26
Dog Risks Life for Kittens
China's Threatened Elephants Turn into Killers
Fears of New Rabbit Plague
52 Cows Killed After Lightning Hits a Wire Fence
Scientists Raise Alarm as Britain's Seals Disappear
October 24
Fisherman Reels in Dog, Alive, Mile Out at Sea
7 Times You Should Report Dog Abuse
Animal Shelters Desperately Need Food Donations

Undercover Investigation Reveals Hormel Supplier's Abuse of Mother Pigs and Piglets
October 22
1,500 Chinese Dogs Die Before They Could Be Slaughtered
'Walter Reed' for Combat Dogs Opens at Texas Base
October 20
Iraqi Puppy Adopted by Soldier en Route to US
October 16
Rescue Group Leaves Baghdad Without Puppy
October 14
Army Blocks Soldier From Bringing Puppy Back
October 13
Driving Mr. Lynx
Hero Dog 'Rebel' Dies After Saving Owner From Fire
Mutant Rats Plague Hampshire
Hundreds of Ancient Marine Species and Found off Australia's Coast
October 11
Animals Struggling to Cope With Climate Change Warmth
'Virgin Birth' By Shark: Second Case Ever
October 7
U.S. City Dwellers Flock to Raising Chickens
Teen Wakes to Find Snake Wrapped Around Neck, Biting Her Arm
October 6
Mammals Facing Extinction Threat
Endangered Turtles Fail to Reproduce
Birds Around Texas Coast Scarce Due to Ike
Vanishing African Wildlife Threatens Livelihoods: Scientists
October 4
Can Dogs Predict Earthquakes?
Rescued Dogs From Iraq Prompt Rabies Warning
Amazing Dogs That Can Inspire Your Life - video
Bear Stops By Sandwich Shop
Exhausted Penguins are Washing Up on Brazil's Tropical Beaches
October 3
Shortage of Large Animal Vets Taxes Farmers
October 1
Man Punches Shark to Save Pet Dog
September 22
Ike Destroys Wildlife 'Truck Stop'
September 21
Saving the Animals in Ike's Aftermath
Family Fleeing Hurricane Ike Saves Baby Squirrel
Crazy Ants 'Like Another Plague'
September 18
Texas Shelters House Hundreds of 4-Legged Evacuees
Activists to Fight Puppy Mills With Awareness Day Protests
September 15
Service Dog Dials 911 With Paws, Saves Owner in Phoenix

September 13
Salmonella Prompts Tops, Pedigree Pet, Dog Food Recall
September 11
British Team Capture First Pictures of Africa's 'Unicorn'
September 8
Labrador Survives Being Hit By Express Train 'After Wounds Heal Instantly By Heat From Engine'
How Baby Pandas Were Rescued From China Earthquake
Bad Weather Causes Decline in Robins
September 1
From Katrina to Gustav: Are Your Pets Disaster Ready?
August 31
Pets Not Left Behind This Time
Man Says He Found Dead Shark in Lake Michigan
August 28
Germans Suspect Bayer Pesticide in Beehive Collapse
Man Fatally Bitten By Fire Ants That Washed into His Home
Near Fatal Bite Reveals 51 Deadly Snakes in Apartment
Winged-Cat Causes Sensation in China
August 26
Monkeys Experience Joy of Giving, Too, Study Finds
Feisty Puppy Scares Off 3 Bears in NJ back Yard
August 24
Dog Protected Abandoned Newborn, Doctors Say
Polar Bears Make Long, Risky Swims
August 20
Lawsuit Seeks EPA Pesticide Data
Mysterious Honey Bee Disorder Buzzes into Court
August 17
Anchorage Bear Attacks Have Residents on Edge
August 13
Pedigree Recalls Bagged Variety of Pet Food
Dog Guarded Its Owner for Weeks After Suicide
360 Animals, 6 Children Rescued From Filth, Neglect
August 8
Mayor Wants Federal Probe After SWAT Team Kills His Dogs
32 Lab Monkeys Accidentally Heated to Death
Robbing from Charity
August 6
Mountain Lion in Bedroom Kills Family Dog
August 5
Hero Dog Saves Drowning Kittens
Researchers Discover 125,000 Gorillas in Congo Forests
August 4
Panda Party
August 2
Big Bear Strolls Across Golf Course on Live National TV
August 1
Buzzzzzzzz Kill: The Loss of Billions of Bees Raises Questions About Pesticide Controls
July 31
Golden Retriever Adopts 3 Tiger Cubs at Kan. Zoo
Crow 'That Thinks it is a Dog' Attacks Postman
July 28
Hundreds of Dead Fish Surface in Fla. Country Club's Waterways
Kitten Rescued From Drainage Pipe By Roto-Rooter Plumbing Service, Named 'Roto' By New Owner
July 26
N.C. County Setting Up Hurricane Shelter for Pets
July 24
Mystery as Dead Birds Fall From the Sky Over Western Australia
Pet Rabbit Hops to Rescue to Save Owners From Fire
Invasion of the Jellyfish: Mediterranean on Alert as Hundreds Suffer Stings
July 21
Woman Attacked By Kangaroo Saved By Pet Dog
Baby Penguin Deaths Baffle Scientists
July 18
First Photos: Rare Albino Eagle Found in Pueblo, Colorado
Last-Ditch Resort: Move Polar Bears to Antarctica?
Army to Shoot Live Pigs for Medical Drill
July 17
Dog Comes Home After Five Years
A Trip Down the Pet Food Aisle Reveals Harmful Food Additives
July 14
Tortoise Deaths Underscore Murray's Ecological Disaster
July 8
Bats Die-off Mystifies Experts
Common Wildlife is Alien to Many British Kids
July 6
Tortoise Returned After 2 1/2 Weeks on the Lam
Orangutans 'Heading for Extinction
July 1
Rome Zoo Animals Get Ice Pops to Fend Off Heat
June 30
Pets From Floods Need Homes - video
June 27
FDA Seizes Pet Food Products From PETCO
Bee Disappearances Could Get Worse, House Panel Told
Pictured: Bees Fitted With Microchips to Find Out Why They Are Dying
Fish Farms Drive Wild Salmon Populations Toward Extinction - flashback
New Mexico Man Torn Apart by Mountain Lion
Humane Society: Abuse of Downer Cattle Continues, Video Released
30 False Killer Whales Beached in Thailand; Most Saved
June 25
Low Salmon Survival Continues to Stump Scientists: Report
Pesticide Mixtures Hurt Salmon: Contaminants Impair Fish's Sense of Smell
June 24
The Great Ocean Migration... Thousands of Majestic Stingrays Swim to New Seas
Baltic Sea Gasps for Air as Marine Dead Zones Spread: WWF
June 23
Chicago Residents Warned About Blackbirds
Birds Migrate Earlier, But Some May Be Left Behind As Climate Warms Rapidly
As Mystery Plague Threatens to Wipe out Bees, Scientist Reveal: Our Survival Depends on Them
June 20
No Shortage of Honey Bees in Wisconsin -- Yet
June 19
Climate Change 'Could Wipe Out Whales'
June 16
U.S. Honeybees Remain in Peril
Dead Dolphins: Navy Admits Use of Anti-Submarine Sonar Off Cornish Coast
June 13
90% of Pandas in Jeopardy After China Earthquake
June 12
The One-Horned Deer That Could Solve the Mystery of the Unicorn
June 11
Scientists Discover Long-Tailed Macaque Monkeys in Indonesia That Know How to Fish
Hong Kong to Slaughter All Poultry After Bird Flu Detected
"La Nina" Effect May Be Behind Mexico Shark Attacks
June 10
Tornado Picks Up Dog From Yard, Drops Him Safely in Nearby Woods
June 9
Dog and Toad's Toxic Lunch Date - video
Bear Takes Dip in Colorado Motel Hot Springs Pool
Caribbean Monk Seal Becomes Extinct
Saving Horses From Slaughter
June 6
Elephants Break Free After Tornadoes
June 4
Puffins Suffer as Warming Sea Hits Food Supply for Nesting Isle
June 1
Bumblebees Set New Insect Record for High-Altitude Flying
May 27
Plague of Kangaroos Threatens One of Australia's Last Remaining Original Native Grasslands
Wasps on the Rise in Alaska as Climate Warms
May 23
Tainted Pet Food Suit Settled for $24 Million
Majority of Oceanic Shark Species Face Extinction
May 19
Head-Banging Zebras and Thousands of Toads May Have Signaled Deadly China Earthquake
Pandas Missing, Reserve Staffers Dead in Wake of China Quake
Marine Scientists Find Millions of Tiny Starfish Inhabiting Undersea Volcano
Rabbit Plague on Australian Horizon: Environment and Economy Threatened
May 16
Ants Swarm Over Houston Area, Fouling Electronics
May 13
How Pets Can Keep You Healthy

May 12
Officials Probe Coyote Attacks on Children
In Grief, They Salute a Brave Little Monkey

Australian Pokes Great White Shark in Eye
May 8
Vets Rescue Pets Near Erupting Chile Volcano

U.S. Honey Bees in Dramatic Decline
May 5
Idaho Team Readies Artificial Beak for Wounded Bald Eagle
May 2
Disease, Parasites and Bad Weather Blamed for Declining Honey Bees
May 1
Parachuting Dog Helped Win WWII
Texas State Bird Attacks Reporter Outside State Office
April 29
Half of Yellowstone Bison Herd Dies

April 20
Bees Under Threat As Pollution Means Flowers Are Losing Their Natural Scent

Dog, Cat, Rat – must see video
April 16
Fire Kills 20 Pets in Family-Owned Shelter
April 14
Former Fort Lauderdale Man Dies After Attack By Bees

April 10
Lungless Frog Discovered in Borneo

April 6
Scientists Study Why Gorillas In Zoos Are Dying of Heart Disease
Pets As Prey: The Alarming Rise in Dognapping
One Year Later, It is Now Known That the Pet Food Recall of 2007 Had a Precursor

April 1
New Chill Around the Hives
Missing Spot: A Surge of More Human Dog Names Takes Over
March 31
Dog Goes From Disaster to Lifesaver

March 27
Death of the Bees: GMO Crops and the Decline of Bee Colonies in North America
The K9 Comparison—What Dogs Tell Us About Humans
March 25
Rescued From War: Tales of Puppy Love
The Circle of Healing
Bee Plague Worsening, Anxious Keepers Say
March 24
Marine, Iraq Dog Reunited in San Diego
March 22
Giant Marine Life Found in Antarctic Waters
4-Legged Refugees of Atlanta's Tornado
Dog Fur Reveals Mercury Pollution
March 18
Millions of Bees Loose on Calif. Highway

March 13
'Tornado Dogs' Ready for Adoption
Firefighter Uses CPR to Save Tiny Dog
Bats Are Dying Across New York State
Drugs in Water Hurt Fish and Wildlife
March 9
Australia is Worst Nation on Earth at Preserving Wildlife

March 8
Endangered Animals are the New Blood Diamonds: Militias and Warlords Poach to Fund Death

March 5
Scientists Find Hibernating Fish in Antarctic

March 2
Ark. Cat Down to 7 Lives After Surviving Tornado, Fire

February 27
Wasp Plague Hits Sydney Homes

February 25
Internet Helps Families Find Pets After Tornado
Family Reunited With Dog 2 Weeks After Tornado
Fish Perish as Climate Change Disrupts Ocean Systems
February 22
Iraqi Dog's Miracle Trek Reaches U.S. Soil
'Stolen Truck' Taken by Dog
February 20
Scientists Capture Giant Antarctic Sea Creatures

February 17
Humane Society's Undercover Investigation into Slaughterhouse Cruelty - contains very graphic material
Man Offers $15,000 for Missing Dog
Gecko 'Begs' Insect for Honeydew
Disappearing Bees Threaten Ice Cream Sellers
Scientist: Jackrabbit Vanish From Yellowstone
US Humane Society to Honor Boy Who Died Saving Pets
Kitten Found After 25 Days in NYC Subway

February 13
Stem Cell Therapy Offers Hope for Pets in Pain
Boris and Mama Come to America
February 11
Rats Large as Cats: 80 Million in Britain Outnumber Humans

February 5
Something is Killing Our Bats: The White-Nose Syndrome Mystery
Wave of Outrage Continues in Wake of Downer Scandal
Undercover Investigation Reveals Rampant Animal Cruelty at California Slaughter Plant – A Major Beef Supplier to America’s School Lunch Program

February 4
Dogs Could Be a Diabetic's Best Friend
Bats Die By the Thousands From Mystery Malady in Northeast U.S.
Disaster Preparation for Dogs
Texas Mayor Resigns Amid Pet Dog Scandal

February 1
Dog Saves the Day When Silent Killer Strikes
'Bizarre' New Mammal Discovered

January 26
Pet Turtles Caused Salmonella Outbreak
January 23
Wanted: Queen Bee Seeks Harem of Male Dancers
Animals Suffer From Cloning Warns EU
January 21
Kittens 'Adopted' By Pet Rabbit
January 17
Scientists Develop Computer That Can 'Translate' a Dog's Bark!
January 15
After Vick Case, Dogfighting Bills Flood Va. Session
January 14
Animal Owners Treated Like Sex Offenders
January 12
Dragonfly 'Should Be Climate Change Indicator'
Drought Driving Deadly Snakes into Australian Cities: Official

January 8
Bee Numbers Falling Fast
January 7
Dog Food Maker Settles After Pet Deaths
Moist Windows Save Cat Trapped for 2 Months
January 4
Insect Attack May Have Finished Off Dinosaurs

January 3
A Personality Test for Pets

January 2
Mystery Virus Threatens to Wipe Out Amphibians
Dogs Live The High Life - video

Humans and Apes 'Share Laughter'