June 30
Violent Microburst Rips Through Huntsville, Ala Air Show, Kills 5-Year-Old, Injures a Dozen Others
California Firefighters Battle More Than 1,400 Blazes!
Firefighters in Stalemate Against Calif. Blazes
Map of California's Major Fires
Losses Sink in for U.S. Midwest as Flooding Ebbs
Over 20,000 Homeless in Indian Floods
Huge Hail: Storm Damages Up to 30,000 New Volkswagens
Geologists Discover Signs of Volcanoes Blowing Their Tops
Israel's Hospitals Told to Prepare for Massive, Imminent Earthquake
June 27
1000 Wildfires Rage in Calif.
Fires Burning Now: U.S.Canada
Interactive Map of Parkerville, Iowa Where Tornadoes Wiped Out 1/3 of the Town – click the top image, photos, video
Tornado Count – updated
Major Australian River So Acidic 'It Will Burn Human Flesh'
Volcanoes Have Been Blowing Their Tops in the Deep Ocean
Most Dangerous Volcano of Kamchatka to be Studied
Shock Claim: No Ice at North Pole This Summer
Report: Climate Change Linked to National Security
The Town That Turned to Dust
Study: Hotter Weather Will Shrink Calif. Plant Habitat
Drought Hit Cyprus to Import Water From Greece
New Zealanders: "When's This Horrible Weather Going to End?!"
June 24
More Than 800 Wildfires Burning in California
4.0 Earthquake Shakes Area Around Los Angeles
June 23
Praying for a Flood's End As Water Crests
Storms in Carolinas Lead to Flooding Concerns
Panhandle Suffering From One of the Worst Droughts in its History
Calif. Firefighters Wrestle With Hundreds of Blazes
Philippines Typhoon Kills 137; Hopes Dwindle for 800 Missing
Minister Warns of Devastating Earthquake Risk
Everything Seemingly is Spinning Out of Control
Ice Core Reveals How Quickly Climate Can Change
June 20
New Government Report: Extreme Weather to Increase
Flooding Breaks Mo. Levee
Flooded Cities Battle to Contain Mississippi River
8 Inches of Hail Pound Nebraska!
June 19
Southern California Blisters in Record Heat Wave
Web Site Shows Daily Tornadoes Across the Country
LA Turns to Rainmakers As Drought Starts to Bite
Scientists Discover Chain of Underwater Volcanoes
Ocean Temperatures and Sea Level Increases 50% Higher Than Previously Estimated
Official: South Dakota Drought Not Over
China Flood Crisis
Arctic Sea Ice Melt 'Even Faster'
June 17
Levee Breaks Along Mississippi River in Flood-Ravaged Region
Iowans Told They Can't Go Home
NOAA: New Orleans at Risk From Cat. 2 Hurricane
China Floods Destroy 67000 Houses, at Least 169 Dead, 1.3M Forced to Flee – More Rain in Forecast
Tornado Count - updated
June 16
Hundreds Ordered to Flee Homes in Iowa City
Apocalypse Now: Floods, Tornadoes, Locusts
Million Flee South Chinese Floods
Japan Earthquake Death Toll Rises
Seventh Warmest Spring on Record Globally
June 13
At Least 6 Dead, 8 Missing After Mag. 7.2 Quake Shakes; No Tsunami
Flooding Hits Historic 500-Year Levels in Iowa: At God's Mercy
Bad News Travels Downriver Fast: Missouri Braces for Worst Flooding in 15 Years
June 12
At Least 10,000 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ordered to Evacuate, Official
Tornado Kills 4, Injures 48 at Iowa Boy Scout Camp
Tornadoes Hit Kansas State Univ.; 1 Dead, Several Injured
U.S. Midwest Storms, Floods Are Forecast to Continue
Raging Wildfires Force Evacuations Near Santa Cruz and Chico, Calif.
Heat Takes 17 Lives on East Coast
Underwater Volcano Eruption Caught on Camera
Indonesian Firm Denies Drilling Caused Mud Volcano
June 11
Dozens of Ill. Homes Flooded, Levees Break, 15 Dead, Weather Pressures Corn Prices
‘We Got Nothing’ Left, Woman Tells Governor
Tornado Count - updated
Northern Calif. Wildfire Burns at Least 30 Homes
Storms Leave Thousands Without Power in Midwest
Drought Conundrum: Conserve Water, Pay Higher Rates
Heat Wave in Its Fourth Day
June 9
Tornadoes, Lightning, Floods Kill 8 From Midwest to Connecticut
Earthquake Swarm Picks Up Again Around Reno – Verdi Mogul
Cluster of Earthquakes Felt in San Francisco Area This Weekend
Record-Breaking Heat May Come Monday
Tornado Warning Issued for Southern Ontario
68 Tornadoes Have Hit Mississippi in 2008
Heavy Rains Pound Hong Kong, Causing Chaos
Paradise Lost: Climate Change Forces South Sea Islanders to Seek Sanctuary Abroad
June 8
Ind. Flooding Causes Havoc, Closes Roads, Threatens Dams; Tornadoes Strike Wis.
Flooding in Iowa City Approaching '93 Levels
Iowa Flood Water Expected to Soar By 4 Feet
Summer Arrives 2 Weeks Early – With Heatwave
Deadly Quake Strikes Greece, People Trapped, Reports
Aftershock Rocks China Earthquake-Formed Lake, Creates Landslides
Schwarzenegger Proclaims That California is in a Drought
Water-Starved California Slows Development
Unexplained Ground Heat Burns Boy’s Feet
June 7
Indonesia Raises Alert of Volcano As It Spews Lava
June 6
Damaging US Storms Continue: Nearly 400 reports of Severe Weather-Related Damage, Including 35 Sightings of Tornadoes
Tornadoes, Flooding Damage Plains
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)
Largest Earthquake Drill in U.S. History
Experts Warned of Quake Risk in China
Plan for Quake 'Warning System'
Earthquake Prediction Breakthrough Close: NASA
Mt. Soputan Erupts
$45 Trillion Needed to Combat 'Global Warming'
June 4
Expert Updates Hurricane Forecast; Active Season Likely
U.S. Tornadoes Far Above Average This Year
Tornados, Flooding May Warn of Climate Change
Storms, High Winds Batter Kan., Ind. and Ohio
Moscow Diary: Changing Climate
The Global Warming Petitition: More Than 30,000 Scientists Reject the Global Warming Consensus
1,000 Forced to Flee Texas Wildfire
Vast Cracks Appear in 3000-Year-Old Arctic Ice – video
Wildfire Scorches 1,700 Acres in Eastern N.C.
Nuclear Explosion Suspected at Epicenter of the Sichuan Earthquake
2 Strong Quakes in Pacific Region, No Tsunami Alerts
Mapping the Earthquake Zone
A Tsunami or Melting Glaciers: What Caused Ancient Atlit to Sink?
Sea Water Inundates Parts of Indonesia's Capital
June 1
Hurricane Season Outlooks of Little Use
Tropical Storm Arthur Hits Yucatan Peninsula
Hurricane Forecast Raises Fears of Higher Oil Prices
5 Natural Disasters Headed for the United States
The 1930s Dry Spell Was a Walk in the Park
Volcano of Mud Makes 50,000 Homeless
Volcano Erupts on Galapagos Islands
Big Bangs: 'Stirring' Secrets of Deadly Supervolcanoes Uncovered
Strong Earthquake Damages Houses But Causes No Injuries in Philippines
May 30
Tornado Count - updated
May 29
Iceland Rocked by 6.1-Magnitude Earthquake
Season's First Tropical Storm Forms off Central America
Storm Prediction Center Issues Rare "High Risk" Severe Storm Alert - Forecasting Major Severe Weather Outbreak Today and/or Tonight
SPC's Severe Weather Statement
Severe Storms Returning to Plains
Unusual Clouds Prior to China Earthquake - video
Melting of Methane Ice Triggered Long-Ago Warming Surge: Study
May 28
Why All the Weird Weather?
State Has More Than 80 Tornadoes Over 4 Days
US Nears Record Year for Tornadoes
Trend of Deadly Tornadoes Puzzles Experts
Expert Explains High Number of Tornadoes
Tornado Count
US Struggling to Respond to Climate Shift
Mud Volcano May Collapse
May 27
Quakes Can Be Triggered From Other Side of Globe: StudySevere Weather Leaves Death and Destruction in US Heartland
Study: Large Earthquakes Do Trigger Other Quakes
5.2 Quake Rumbles Panama, Costa Rica Border
Suspense and Dread as Chengdu Waits for the Next Tremor
Ecuador Records 125 Explosions of Tungurahua Volcano
80,000 More Flee Over Chinese Flood Risk
Iowa Town Measures the Loss After Deadly Tornado
Cyclone May Be Only Relief for Hawaii's Drought
No Kidding! Climate Change Spreads to Jupiter, Mars
May 25
China Aftershock: 70,000 Houses Collapse
Quake Shakes Central Colombia, Seven Dead
May 24
More Twisters Slam Kan., Okla.
May 23
Mile-Wide Tornado Hits Windsor, Weld County, Colorado
Tornadoes Rip Through Colorado, Wyoming; 1 Killed; People Lose Everything

Southern California Slammed by Rare Tornadoes
Wildfire Threatens Homes in Central California
Evacuations Ordered in Prince George Due to Flood Fears
Memorial Day Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Weather)
Will California Be Struck by a Massive Earthquake?
Calif. Quake Scientists Detail Impact of 'Big One'
Disaster Earthquake Scenario Unveiled For Southern California
NOAA: Up to 16 Named Storms and Five Major Hurricanes This Year
China Earthquake Death Toll Soars Above 55,000; Bodies of Water Monitored
80,000 Dead, Missing in China Quake
Indonesia Raises Alert for Volcano on Java Island
Natural Disasters Become More Catastrophic
May 19
Deadly Aftershock Jolts Sichuan As Mourning Begins
China Says 205,371 People Evacuated From Quake Zone
China Quake Waves Felt Around the Globe – Twice
China Fault Sheared in 2 Spots
China Quake Should Wake Up U.S.
China Quake Seen as 'Worst Case' for California
Crews Battle 90+ Blazes in Drought-Stricken Fla.
La Niña Identified as Source of Violent Tornado Outbreaks
'Fewer Hurricanes' as World Warms
May 16
China Aftermath: Total Chaos, Small Miracles
May 15
China Warns Death Toll From Massive Quake May Reach 50,000
Burma Cyclone Death Toll Could Rise to Nearly 128,000, Red Cross
May 14
UN Warns of 'Second Catastrophe' in Myanmar
China Earthquake: In City of the Dead, 19000 Lie Buried Beneath Rubble
Myanmar Death Toll Rises Above 34,000: State Radio
On Track Toward Record Spring for Tornadoes
U.N. Warns Second Cyclone Is Forming Near Hard-Hit Myanmar
Chile Volcano Zone May Be Permanently Unlivable
Erupting Volcano Imperils Two Million Sheep in Patagonia
Mount Ruapehu Getting Primed for Eruption?
May 13
18,645 Buried in Town Near Quake Epicenter
Dozens of Homes Lost in Florida Wildfires
Fla. Wildfires March on -- Arson Suspected in Some
Etna Volcano Rumbles Back to Life in Sicily
Molten Rock on the Move in NZ Volcano
Big Island's Volcano Is Belching Gas Again
Kilauea Volcano Update: It Only Seems Oh So Quiet
Storms Open Massive Holes in Earth
May 12
Country Divided By Fires, Floods – Extreme Weather Cuts UK in Two
Massive Quake Kills Thousands in China; Untold Numbers Trapped
Nearly 9,000 Dead in Quake
Hundreds Flee As Wildfires Rage in Central Florida
Central Florida Fires Still Burning, Hundreds Evacuated
Fire Danger - map
Tornado Season Deadliest in a Decade
Tornado Deaths Underscore Risks of Taking Shelter in Cars
Powerful Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Rocks Central China; 900 Students Buried, 107 Dead
Japan Scientists Warn Arctic Ice Melting Fast
World CO2 Levels At Record High, Scientists Warn
May 11
California Unzipped
Reports of 40 Tornadoes Leave at Least 22 Dead, Dozens Injured
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
May 10
Scientist: Recent Natural Disasters Perfectly Normal

Magma Surge Moves Nevada Mountain, Study Says - flashback
Kamchatka's Karymsky Volcano Spews Ash 4.5 Km
May 9
Chile Volcano Scenario “Similar to Pompeii”
‘We Fear Volcano is Going to Erupt Again’

Severe Storms Blast Southeast; Head Up Coast
Tornado Knocks Vehicles Around in N. Carolina, Kills 1
May 8
Giant Wave Dragged Everything into the Sea
Fresh Fears Over Chilean Volcano
Chile Volcano Blasts Ash 20 Miles High, Forcing Evacuations
Erupting Chilean Volcano Could Spew Ash for Months
Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Jolts Eastern Japan, 6 Injured
Climate Link With Killer Cyclones Spurs Fierce Scientific Debate
Hedgehogs Arrive Early With Warm Weather
Tornado Destroys Farm Property Second Time in Three Years
Amazon Doomed By Too Much Clean Air
May 5
Burma Cyclone: 10,000 Killed in ONE Town as Massive Wave is Blamed for Death Toll Set to Top 50,000
Cyclone Toll Could Hit 50,000 in Myanmar

May 5
One Dead as Chilean Volcano Spews Ash for 3rd Day
Chilean Volcano Erupts After 2000 Years of Silence
Chile Clears Town as Volcano Erupts
Cataclysmic Blast is Possible
At Least 9 Killed By Freak 30 Foot Wave
Cyclone Toll Could Hit 10,000 in Myanmar
Weather Service: Arkansas Swept by at Least 10 Tornadoes
Drought Takes Toll on Pipes and Sewers
Major Arctic Sea Ice Melt Is Expected This Summer
Flood and Landslide Dangers Continue in Otto
May 2-3
Unnatural Grid Appears in Nevada Earthquakes
Residents Rattled in Reno
Reno's Swarm of Quakes Defies the Odds
Earthquake Swarm Gives Experts Few Clues About What's in Store
Storms Kill 8 in Arkansas, Rip Through 4 States
May Blizzard Shuts Down Parts of S. Dakota
Oklahoma City Makes Top 10 'Hells on Earth'
Northern California Rattled By Earthquakes From East and West
4.3 Earthquake Hits 12 Miles From Lake Isabella, Calif.
USGS Reports 6.5 Magnitude Quake Near Alaska
Hurricane-Force Winds Slam North Kansas City
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)
Significant River Flood Outlook - map
Tornado Count Trends Up – 23 Overnight
Across USA, Fires Rage, Waters Wane, Snow on Radar
Blinding Snow and Severe Storms Today
Fire Officials Brace for Scorching Summer
Fire Danger Forecast - map
Mt. Ruapehu Shows Signs of Erupting
Chile Volcano Erupts, Villages Evacuated
Gas Field Turns into Active Volcano

California Faces Water Rationing
Cyclone Batters Burma's Commercial Capital
May 1
Maine Flooding 'Greater Than a 100-year Event'
Extreme Weather Dominates April Climate
Two Magnitude-4 Quakes Rock SoCal in 4-Hour Period
Earthquake: Idaho's Big One - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Scientists Discover New Ocean Current
Ocean Cooling to Briefly Halt Global Warming, Researchers Say

April 30
5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northern California

April 29
200 Injured as 3 Tornadoes Hit Va.
Earthquake Rattles Seabed Off Vancouver Island
Wildfire Burns Close To Houses Near LA; 1,000 People Flee
All Shook Up in Paradise
More Late Season Snow Flurries Possible
Canada Calls on Utah Snow Experts

U.S. Researchers to Seek Mudflow, Volcano Link
CO2, Methane Up Sharply During 2007, Study
The Antarctic Deep Sea Gets Colder
April 27
100 SoCal Homes Evacuated as Wildfire Nears

April 26
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours - busiest ever list
Another Earthquake Shakes Reno, Nev.; This One 4.7

Reno Urged to Prepare for Worse as Earthquakes Continue
'The Big One' Is Looking Even Bigger
April 25
Earthquake in Illinois Could Portend an Emerging Threat
Odd Looking Eggs Laid After Earthquake
Earthquake in UK Causes Chicken to Lay a Giant Egg
Quakes Still Rocking Reno
Updated Earthquake Maps Show Fault Lines Run into BC
Tornado, Severe Storms Pound Central USA
Elevated Tornado Trend Continues – graph
Hawaii Volcano Forces Park Evacuation, Closure for 2nd Time in Month
Active Volcano Makes Hundreds Sick in Ubinas, Peru
Mayon Tourists Told to Keep Off Lava Trail, Danger Zone
Past Six Months Driest on Record in ND
Drought Fears Rising Again
Drought Effects Far-Reaching Across State
Expert: Drought on the Way Back
Drought Still Grips Australia, Affecting Crops
Ice Storms, Sink Holes, Floods: What's Next? Not Locusts, But Maybe Cicadas
April 23
Climate Change 'May Put World at War'
Chances of Destructive Earthquake Rise Slightly
New Hazard Estimates Could Downplay Quake Dangers
Earthquake Hazard Maps Show How U.S. Shakes With Quakes
Second Flood Worse Than First
Extreme Ocean Storms Have Become More Frequent Over Past Three Decades, Study Of Tiny Tremors Shows
New Mexico Wildfire Burns Homes Near 2 Towns
Giant Undersea Volcano Found Off Iceland
A Striped Ocean Hiding in Plain Sight
April 21
20 Aftershocks Rumble Illinois, Indiana
Wildfire Races Toward 2 Towns in New Mexico
April 20
Small Midwest Earthquakes Becoming More Frequent
Scientists Say Midwest Quakes Poorly Understood
Fires Plague Mass. Towns
Over 300 Trapped in 3 Gorges Dam Mudslide
Toddler Critically Injured After Wind-Blown Stroller Sinks Into Lake Michigan
Summer Rains NotBreaking Queensland Drought
18 Missing as Typhoon Neoguri Weakens After Hitting China
Why Flowers Have Lost Their Scent
Bikini Atoll's Nuked Coral Reef Bounces Back to Life
April 18
Scientists: Even Bigger Quake Could Hit Midwest
5.2 Earthquake Rocks Illinois; Felt 450 Miles Away
It Wasn't the Big One
Illinois Earthquake Is a Wake-Up Call
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours
Le Stink: England Engulfed By Terrible Smell As Freak Weather Blows in French Stench
April 16
3 Dead, 1,100 Evacuated in Colo. Wildfire
California Has More Than 99% Chance of a Big Earthquake WIthin 30 Years, Report
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours
Mt. Kilauea Offers Rare View of Glowing Vent
Colombia Volcano Forces Mass Evacuations
Israel Ponders How to Tackle Water Crisis
Five Killed in New Zealand River Flood
First Winter of Cloud Seeding Flights
Heavy Snow Breaking Plows in Yellowstone
April 14
Quakes Off Oregon Coast Shake Up a Mystery
Pacific Northwest Tectonic Plates Are Moving
April 13
Climate Change Could Lead to Global Food Crisis
China Drought Leaves 670000 Without Drinking Water
Scientists Discover 8,000 Year Old Trees
"Extinct" Plants Found in Remote Australia
April 12
Swarm of Earthquakes Detected Off Oregon
April 10
1 Dead as Tornadoes Rake Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan: More Storms Coming
Atlantic Hurricane Season Shapes Up As Very Active
Brazil Flood Toll Rises to 33 Dead
Reservoir Flooding Starts at Largest Lao Dam
Global Warming Censored: How the Major Networks Silence the Debate on Climate Change
April 8
Ark. Braces for Still More Flooding
Man, Horse Swept Away by River Waters
City in Tornado Alley Not Ready for Twisters
Giant Underwater Volcano Discovered in Iceland
3.7 Earthquake Shakes Texas
Civil Defense Urges Evacuation As Winds Shift on Big Island
Visitors Take Risks As 30ft Waves Lash North Yorkshire Coast
Drought Figures: Oz Farmers Hot Under the Collar
Scientist: Climate Change to Impact Beer Production
April 6
Tornado Count Up Over 275% Norm for Jan-Mar. 2008
Flood Season Begins Unusually Early Across Heartland
Rising Sea Levels, Melting River Ice Seen in Arctic Canada
Snow Forces Heathrow to Cancel 126 Flights As Wintry Weather Causes Chaos Across Britain
April 3
US Forecaster Expects Busy Storm Season
Significant River Flood Outlook - map
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)
1 Year After Solomon Islands, Scientists Learn Barrier to Earthquakes Weaker Than Expected
Deeper Snowpack Heightens Flood Fear
Lava Watchers Drawn to Hawaii
Freak Tornado Twists Its Way Through Coalmine
Wild Winds Whip Southern Australia Leaving One Dead: Officials
Global Gridlock: How the US Military-Industrial Complex Seeks to Contain and Control the Earth and it’s Eco-System
April 1
Strong Storms Hit Parts of Central US
US West Warming Faster Than Rest of World - Study
Massive Impact Crater Found in Scotland
Volcano Karymsky Erupts on Kamchatka
Truck Crash Triggers Deadly 75-Car Pileup in Snowy Colorado
Farm Drought Gloom Looms
March 31
Non-stop Arkansas Flooding Enters 3rd Week
New Zealand Volcano Erupting - Under Water
March 28
Arkansas Flooding Drowns Wheat Fields, Futures
Scientists, Emergency Managers Say Earthquake Could Happen at any Time
Mega-Quake Risk to Rise in April
New News From Kilauea: "Never Been Seen Before"
Lava Watchers Drawn to Hawaii Eruption
March 27
White River in Arkansas Could Hit 100-Yr Flood Mark
Ark. Floods Expected to Linger for Weeks
Arkansas River Expected to Crest Friday
'Chaos' as Snowstorm Sweeps Finland
Climate Threat: Thawing Tundra Releases Infected Corpses
March 26
Antarctic Shelf 'Hangs By Thread'
Massive Ice Shelf on Verge of Breakup
Week of Wacky Weather and Waves on Oregon Coast
March 25
Rivers Keep Rising in Arkansas, Missouri
Sea Levels Rising Too Fast for Thames Barrier
It Was the Coldest Easter for more than 40 years - and We May Not See Spring Weather Until April
Magnitude 6.1 Quake Hits Northern Chile: USGS
Climate Change May Lead to Massive Displacement in South Asia
Lava Joins Crater's Show
Soot May Play Big Role in Climate Change
March 24
Forecasters Warn of Arkansas Flooding
Midwesterners Fight Deadly Spring Floods
La Nina Pattern Means More Tornadoes and Thunderstorms Than Usual Likely This Spring
More Blasts Possible As Volcano Spews Gas
Expert Warns of Strong Earthquake in Kashmir
White Easter for Millions As Britain Suffers Worst Seasonal Weather in 25 Years
March 22
Flooding, Snowstorm Wreak Havoc in Midwest
Midwesterners Eye Rising Rivers; Snow Cancels Hundreds of Flights
Flooding at Center of Spring Outlook
Midwest Floods: Taste of Things to Come
'Spring' Weather Nasty for Eastern Canada
Strong Quakes Rock Western China
China Quakes Damaged More Than 2000 Houses
The Hayward Fault: America's Most Dangerous?
Puerto Rico Braces for 30-Foot Waves
Explosive Eruption in Halema`uma`u Crater, Kilauea Volcano, is First Since 1924
Kilauea Explosion Closes Parts of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Gisborne Quake Likely to be New Zealand's Costliest in 20 Years
Ancient Global Dimming Linked to Volcanic Eruption
Cosmic Disaster: A Gamma Ray Burst
Gravity Waves Make Tornados
March 20
13 Dead as Flooding Follows Severe Storm
Area Rivers Expected to Crest Above Flood Stage Thursday, Creating Potential Problems
At Least 500 People Flee Texas Wildfire
Global Warming Rushes Timing of Spring
Montreal Set to Break All-Time Snow Record
Season Changing But Canada's Winter Weather to Continue, Says Climatologist
How the Blurring of the Seasons is a Harbinger of Climate Calamity
Being the 'Lucky Country' Won't Save Us From Climate Change
Water Shortage Looms in Israel After Prolonged Drought, But Supply to Jordan Continuing
March 18
Undersea Tsunami Threat
March 17
Cities are Not Immune to Tornado Threat
Whiteout Sparks Deadly Ariz. Pileup
Lake Tahoe Basin Fault Lines Are Like 'Sleeping Giants'
Tsunami! At Lake Tahoe? – Surprised Tourists Could Catch the Ultimate Wave
Fears of a Tsunami in the Mediterranean
Glaciers Suffer Record Shrinkage
Scientists Forecast a Storm From Climate Change
Chile's Drought Persists; Energy May Be Rationed
New Zealand Says: It's Official - We're in a Drought
March 15
No Tsunami Following Oregon 5.9 Earthquake
First-Ever Torndao Hits Downtown Atlanta, Georgia Dome: Looks Like "War Zone"
New Volcanic Vent Spewing Toxic Gas
6.3-Magnitude Quake Shakes Islands Off Japan
March 14
Earthquake Swarm Hits North Cot
Earthquake Rattles Southern Greece; No Damage or Injuries
Huge Wave Washes Away Cars - video
Top Thai Tsunami Expert Resigns Over 'Lack of Support'
March 13
Rare Earthquake Shakes Connecticut
More Earthquake Light Sightings
Mega-Quakes Rare But Can Occur Anywhere
Mediterranean ‘Due a Tsunami’
B.C. Forecast: Drought, Forest Fires, Storms
Guns and Fists as "Snow Rage" Erupts
Motorists Facing Hazardous Conditions as Winds Batter UK
Feds Quietly Release Climate Report Despite Spending $50,000 on PR
Like Airport Delays? You'll Love Climate Change
Britain is Stealing the US Crown of No 1 Climate Villain
Corn-Based Ethanol Could Worsen “Dead Zone”
March 11
Britain Braced for NEW Storm Front as Forecasters Warn 'the Worst is Yet to Come'
Israel Facing Worst Water Crisis in Decade After Meager Rainfall
March 8
Blizzard Closes Ohio Roads; Foot of Snow in Arkansas
People Told to Stay Inside as 'Exceptional' Storm Hits the UK
March 8
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Explosive Storm Heads for UK
Lava Reaches Ocean Creating Spectacular View
Report: Tornado Kills 2 in Northern Florida; Snowstorm Hits Texas
Indonesians in Java Village Scared By Seeping Gas
March 5
Lava Lovers Dodge Volcanic Bombs, Molten Rock to Peer Into Hell
Are You Ready for the Storm?
Drought Threatening Power Supply
Snow, Rain Pound Wide Areas of US
Significant River Flood Outlook - map
Washington Emergency Management Officials Prepare for Catastrophic Earthquake
Lava Viewing Site Might Be Steamy
March 4
Severe Thunderstorms Roll Through Southeast
Snowy Winter Raises Concerns About Potential for Spring Flooding
Council Keeping Close Eye on Lake Taupo
Mount St. Helens Takes a Winter Break
Fiery Beauty as Old Man Rumbles
Earthquake, Flood Causes Homebuying Chaos
Earthquake Shakes Up German Coal Mining
March 3
(Another) 6.5 Earthquake Rocks Indonesia
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours
2 Earthquakes Hit Off Oregon Coast
Winter Storm Brings Tornadoes and Snow to Oklahoma
Melbourne to Remain on Water Restrictions Next 3 Years
Bluebells Flower More Than a Month Early Due to Climate Change
March 2
Citizen Scientists Track Climate Change
Britain's Quake-Hit Residents Pounded By Gales
Extreme Weather Kills 13 in Europe
After Record Warmth, Snow Overspreads Colorado
Mount St. Helens Revisited
Chile Shaken by Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Near City of Iquique
Hurricane Recovery Chief Steps Down
Climate Skeptics Seize on Cold Spell
Climate Change Hitting the Sea's Little Guys Too
Rain Out: China Hopes to Control Olympics Weather
February 28
Natural Disasters at Highest-Ever Levels
Virtual Mega-quake Shows Earthquake Could Inflict Major Damage on Pacific Northwest
February 27
Britain Rocked by Biggest Earthquake in 25 Years
2007 Rocked for Quakes
Three Quakes in a Day on Tsunami Fault Line May Warn of Worse to Come
Epicenter of UK Quake - Google map
'Biggest Earthquake of My Life'
Wells, NV Still Shaking After Earthquake
Incoming, Outgoing, and Boom Boom
Another Snowstorm Hits Northern New England, More Records Broken
Cold to Feel Like the Arctic to Thin-Blooded South Floridians
Cloud Seeding: 26 Feet of Snow Hits Colo City
Tornado Tears Through Clyattville
Tornado Count Now Up 828% for February
Worst Drought in 800 Years? Maybe
Lava Flows into Subdivision
Wild, Fire Keep Texas Town on Edge
Lagoon Reveals Secret
Lethal Cyclone Batters Madagascar; 44 Dead, 145,000 Homeless
Africa: Climate Change Affecting Fish Stocks
Scientists Predict When World Will End
February 25
New Madrid Overdue for Large Earthquake
Earthquake Rattles The Geysers, Calif.
Third Major Earthquake Rocks Island of Sumatra
7.3 Earthquake Hits Indonesia Monday, Tsunami Warning Canceled
Sumatra Rattled By Strong Earthquake Sunday; Residents Flee Homes
Earthquake Causes Tsunami Scare on West Coast
Washington's Tsunami Zone Triggers Concern
Climate ‘Weirdness’ Demands Attention
Amazing Snowfalls Could Help Dry West
Secret Pentagon Report Sees Eco Disaster Coming
Is There a $500 Billion Hurricane on the Horizon?
China Storms Kill 129, Economic Loss at $21 Billion
GM Exec Stands By Calling Global Warming a "Crock"
Feb. Tornado Causes $25 Million in Damage
February's Rain Hasn't Helped N. Carolina's Drought
Mud-Volcano Victims in Java Island Block Roads
Australia to Be Hit Hard By Climate Change
How It Happened: The Catastrophic Flood That Cooled Earth
Tornado Count Twisting Off the Chart
February 22
Hundreds of Homes Damaged in Nevada Quake
'Everything Was Just Waves'
For Utah, Seismic 'big One' Is Not If, But When
Study: Hurricane Damage Doubling Every 10-15 Years
Earthquake Coverage: Is Idaho Next?
Probability of Carson Getting Large Quake is Really High
February 21
Earthquake Shakes Nevada, Utah and Idaho
6.0 Earthquake Rattles Nevada
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours
Norway Suffers Biggest Earthquake in Its History
Rare Heavy Snow Brings Greece to Standstill, Disrupts Air Traffic in Turkey, Athens
February 20
Three Killed By Major Indonesian Quake
Thieves Might Steal Tsunami Warning Buoys: Australia
5.0 Quake Shakes Calif-Mexico Border
A Fresh Look Inside Mount St. Helens
Lake-Effect Snowstorm Blamed in Mich. Deaths
Ala., Fla. and Ga. Signed Pact of Secrecy for Water Talks
Rural Economy Parched As Big Dry Dries Returns
Chinese Meteorologists Warn of Severe Sandstorms, Spring Drought
Kuwait Dust Storm Disrupts Port, Air Traffic
Scientists Read Antarctic Mud for Climate Change Insight
Freak Weather Displaces Hundreds in the Philippines
Warning: Extreme Climate Forecast
China Warns of Forest Fires Following Snow Storms
February 18
Tornado Strikes Ala.; Ice in Midwest
Devastation: Tornado Slams Prattville, Ala; 200+ Homes Damaged
Cyclone Ivan May Hit Flood-Stricken Mozambique
February 17
Tornado Destroys Four Homes in Florida
Big Freeze Hits Britain As Temperatures Plummet to -9C
Thousands Still Powerless in Ky. Due to Winter Storm
Heavy Snow Shuts Down Missouri Airport
2 Snowmobile Drivers Killed in Alaska Avalanche
Waves Sweep 2 Off Beaches - Officials Fear the Worst
5.3 Earthquake Hits Israel, Strongest in Decade, Damages Temple Mount and Shechem
Huge Study Gives Wake-Up Call on State of World's Oceans
The First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities
February 14
Strong Earthquake Rocks Southern Greece
6.4 Mag. Earthquake in Mexico Rattles But Doesn't Destroy
Fresh Earthquake Shakes Quake-Hit Eastern Congo
February 13
Quake Swarm Near the Border Has Residents on Edge
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours - we have not seen this many quakes since 1996 and the count continues to grow!
East Coast Winter Storm Blitz
Tornado Touches Down in Florida's Cocoa Beach, Damages Condominiums
Tornado Sucks Woman From Hospital Entrance
Lakes Mead and Powell Could Run Dry By 2021
Climate Change May Kill Thousands in UK by 2017
Climatologist: Sea Ice to Keep Shrinking
La Niña Conditions Strengthen, Expected to Continue, WHO
Wind Patterns Could Mask Effects of Global Warming In Ocean
10,000 Homeless After Angola Floods
Snow, Bad Weather Damage 18.6 Million Ha (46M Acres) of Chinese Forest
February 12
Freezing Rain Makes a Mess of Southwestern Missouri
Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Oaxaca, Mexico, Shakes Southern and Central Mexico
Third Moderate Quake Since Friday Shakes San Diego & Baja Monday Night
Drought Spreading in Southeast; Inflames State Border Fights
Storm Hits Ohio Valley With Snow and Ice
February 11
Great Lakes Levels Sinking to New Lows
Earthquake Rocks Baja California, Leaving 400000 Without Power
Climate Scientist They Could Not Silence Issues Stark Warning for UK
Bitter Cold, High Winds Hit Upper Midwest, Great Lakes
Extreme Weather Warnings in Effect for Canada
Canada Gripped by Bitter Cold - map
Wildfires Spur Evacuations in Carolinas, Virginia
Blinding Snow Causes Deadly 68-Car Pileup in Pa.; 1 Killed, 35 Injured
U.S. Avalanche Deaths Near Record Levels
2008 Tornadoes Spike to Record Highs
Alaska's Cleveland Volcano Spews Ash
Unseasonable Sunshine as Spring Comes Early
Botanists See Winter Fading Away in U.K.
Cold Snap Kills 760 in Afghanistan
Snow Storms Destroy One Tenth of China's Forests: Report
Sahara Dust Storms Trigger Plankton Blooms
February 8
Twister-Battered Region Has New Worries
Flood Warnings Cover Most of Saturated State
Taos County Declared a Disaster Because of Heavy Snow
Thousands Flee 'Explosive' Volcano
6.8 Earthquake Jolts Ocean Floor North of Brazil
"Freak Weather" Becoming More Common, Warns UN
Unprecedented Deluge of Rain Overwhelms UK Road
World's Largest River Island Washing Away Under Flood Waters
Victorians Spellbound By Mini Tornado
Heavy Rain Breaks Perth's 50 Day Drought
February 6
Rare Winter Tornadoes Roar Across Southern U.S., Killing at Least 48, Injuring Hundreds
Tornado Threat Continues Today
Flood-Ravaged Ohio Counties Brace for Worst
Significant Flood Outlook, CONUS - map
February 5
China Battles "Coldest Winter in 100 Years"
China's Persisting Freakish Weather "Unexpected", Met Chief
Drought's Toll Will Be Around for Years
Residents Must Rely on Themselves for Tornado Warnings
14 Deaths Linked to Frigid Weather
Waterspout is Captured on Camera
Drought-Hit Tasmania Faces Power Rationing
February 4
6.6 Quake Hits Northern Chile, No Damage Reported
Snow Emergency: More Than 7 Feet of Snow Collapses Roofs in Oregon
Groundhog Predicts More Winter Weather
Chile Evacuates Residents From Volcano's Edge
Earthquakes Kill 43, Injure Hundreds in Central Africa
More Bad Weather Stalls China Recovery
Snow Closes Calif. Freeway
California Catches No Break: Winter Storm Brings Rain, Snow, Hazardous Roads
China 'Not Ready' for Snow Crisis
Storm-Hit China Calls for 'Faith'
Disaster Strikes Twice in a Week
February 1
Extremes Becoming More Extreme: Wild Weather Battered USA in January
Deadly Blizzard Cripples Midwest, Causes 40-Car Pileup
China Snowstorms Kill 60, Cause $7.5 Billion in Damage
China Faces Frigid Winter Amid Power Shortages
Experts Warn of London Flood Risk
Ice Jams Force Flood Warnings to Continue
January 30-31
Wildfire Threat Continues in Texas
How One Big Earthquake Triggers Another
Tornadoes Rip Through Indiana; Reports Say 4 Dead
January Tornadoes Jump Almost 400%
El Nino Causing Major US Winter Storms?
Wild Storms, Icy Cold Blast Midwest, Northeast
Arctic Cold, Snow Head into Midwest
Tsunami Alert As Quake Hits Indonesia
Wild Weather Chicago: 50 to Zero in Just a Few Hours
'Unusual' Yellowknife Power Outage Blamed on Cold Snap
Jerusalem Grinds to Halt As Snow Falls
China Sends in Army to Battle Snow Chaos
Lack of NY January Snow Is a First in 75 Years
Warmer Seas Boosted Hurricane Frequency By 40 Percent: Study
UN: Climate Change May Cost $20 Trillion
New Threat to Lake Victoria
January 29
Storms Hammer West With Heavy Snow
Canadian Prairies in Winter Deep Freeze
Weird Winter Weather Hits Both Canadian Coasts
Queensland City Warn Residents to 'Prepare for the Worst'
However, the Drought Isn't Over in Queensland
Vallejo Downtown Could Crumble in Quake
Power Outage, Blizzard Hits Utah City
Israel Gets Ready for the 'Other' Storm: Wet and Wild Weather on the Way
Premier Calls for Action Against Weather Chaos
Ecuador Volcano Continues Weeks-Long Eruption
January 28
Snow and Ice Cut Power, Close Schools in the Northwest
Mudslides Shut California Roads
No Reprieve for West Coast: More Rain and Snow Arrives
Wind Storm Rips Through Europe: Tens of Thousands Lose Power; Toppled Trees Cut Traffic, Kill Driver
Heaviest Snow in 50 Years Continues to Pile Up in China
Traps 200,000+ People in ONE Chinese Railway Station
Climate Neros Fiddle While Rome Burns
January 26
Relentless Calif. Storms Kill 2; 2 Missing; 11,000 Without Power After Week of Snow and Rain
Raleigh, NC Has Just 109 Days of Water Left
Drought Concerns Spread to the Fishes
Tornado Rips Off Roof of Building in Southern California
Hurricane Center Names New Director
Mozambique: Over 90,000 Flood Victims Evacuated
Is Climate Change Is Making Us Sick?
Davos Ponders What Next on Climate, Sustainability
Up to 200 Million People Could Become Environmental Refugees
Fake Earthquake to Prep National Guard
Flood-Hit Family Spends Two Nights on Roof
January 24
Upper Midwest Locked In Dangerous Cold Snap
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Current Weather Threats (graphic)
California Storm Shuts Roads, Drops Record Rainfall
Looting Angers Aust Flood-Hit Town
Deaths by Avalanche Rise This Season
January 23
Dry Weather Draws Destructive Beetles to Orlando Area
Drought: Seasonal Outlook - map
Flood Warnings As Britain Is Divided By Weather
Emerald Queensland Engulfed By Rising Flood Waters
Strong Variations in Tectonic Stresses Discovered in Earthquake Prone Area Near Japan
Arctic Chill Stretches Coast to Coast
Flooding Disaster May Cost Farmers $1B
Weather 'Damages One in 10 Homes'
January 21
Hayward Fault May Be More Dangerous
Massive Volcano Exploded Under Antarctic Icesheet, Study Finds
Red Hot Rocks Hurled From Anak Krakatau Reach 2.5 Km High
Spanish Study Warns of Rising Mediterranean Sea Levels
Scientists Predict Canada's Prairie Droughts Will Worsen Due to Warmer Temps
Heavy Snow Continues to Plague China, Damaging Crops and Disrupting Traffic
Australian Floodwaters Threaten Previously Drought-Struck Towns
Forecaster Admits His Dry Forecasts Were All Wet
January 19
Underwater Volcano Discovered in Pacific
Perth Facing Drought of Biblical Proportions
Potential Drought Predicted for Iowa and What That Means for Food Supplies
Twister Carries Check Pad 40 Miles
Michigan Braces for -37F Windchill
UK Flood Threat Grows As Rain Falls
More Aussie Towns Threatened By Flood
Natural Disasters Taking Greater Global Toll, UN Report
Asia Hardest Hit By Natural Disasters in 2007
Floods Displace More than 60,000 in Mozambique
Agencies Propose Flooding Grand Canyon
January 18
Major Volcanic Eruption in Colombia Forces Thousands to Evacuate
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours
California Flood Risks Are A Disaster Waiting to Happen
More Rain and More Floods as La Niña Sweeps Across the Globe
Parts of China's Yangtze at Lowest Level in 140 Years: Report
January 17
Florida Warns of Wildfire Threat As Drought Persists
Mount St. Helens Growls Mysteriously
Meteorologists: Tsunami Could Hit Our Area
Impact of Australia's Drought Remains Severe
Homes Flooded in England and Wales
999 Crews Prepare for Worst Flood Since July
10 Die in 'Unprecedented' Cold Weather
2007 Was the Warmest on Record for Earth's Land Areas
Dry, Polluted, Plagued By Rats: Crisis in China's Greatest River
Climate Influence on Deep Sea Populations
Exploration of Lake Hidden Beneath Antarctica's Ice Sheet Begins
January 15
New England Wakes Up to Deep Snow
2007 U.S. Weather Summary: Over 900 High Temperature Records
Quake Rumour Rattles Gisborne Residents
Experts' Fear of Further UK Flooding
More Qld Towns Brace for Flood Onslaught
2008 Avalanches in Europe Kill 26 This Year
Geoscientist Finds Surprise Hidden in the Pacific
Climate Change Will Bring Diseases, Food Poisoning
January 14
Ohio's the Earthquake Capital of the Big Ten, OSU Prof Says
Antarctic is Losing Ice ‘Nearly Twice as Fast as Ten Years Ago’
Northeast Winters Warming Fast
January 12
World Warming Despite Cool Pacific and Baghdad Snow
Climate Change Blamed for First Baghdad Snows in 100 Years
More Wild Weather on the Way for Britain
Dozens Killed, Missing in Afghan Snow Storms
3.1-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Northeast Ohio
3.0 Earthquake Rocks California's Tehachapi Foothills
Powerful Earthquake Strikes Tibet
Yellowstone Earthquake
Earthquakes Under Pacific Floor Reveal Unexpected Circulatory System
Trio of Quakes Off BC Coast Remarkable, But Not Alarming Says Scientist
Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Erupts, Forcing 700 Villagers to Flee Homes
Flowing Lava Stops Short of Hawaii's Royal Gardens District
Mexico Volcano Puts on 'Spectacular' Show
Nation Has Its Second Worst Fire Season
Drought Shows No Sign of Ending Soon
Drought Driving Deadly Snakes into Australian Cities: Official
January 8
Freak Tornadoes Rake Midwest; Houses Destroyed, Power Down, Killing at Least 2
Coming Storm Worries Oakland Residents
Br-r-r! Where Did Global Warming Go?
Weather Mimics Spring, Causes Big MP Power Outage
Winter Warmth Raises Flooding Fears
Warm Weather Creating Risks in Central Canada
Earthquake Causes Serious Drinking Water Problem in Greece
Volcano Erupts in Western Burma
January 7
9 Missing in Western Snowstorms
Hundreds Fled Ecuador's Rumbling Volcano
Cyclone Threat Adds to State's Woes
Monster Waves Close Beaches for 7th Straight Day
Freak Weather Pounds Australia
Flood Victims 'Face Long Isolation'
Australians Battle Fires, Floods After Intense Summer
Australian Climate Changing, Experts Say
Three Strong Quakes Strike Off Canada's West Coast
Disappearing World: The Village Falling into the Sea
Déjà Vu? Springtime Weather in January Return to NYC
January 4
North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours
First of 3 Storms Hits Northern California, Heads for L.A.
Authorities Fear SoCal Rain Could Trigger Mudslides, Flooding
Sierra, Northern Nevada, Brace for Storm
Heavy Snow, Bitter Cold Paralyzes Parts of Eastern Europe
This Drought May Never Break
Drought Turns Fertile Heart into a Dustbowl
Magma May Be Melting Greenland Ice
Plate Tectonics May Grind to a Halt, Then Start Again
Sound Waves Can Trigger Earthquake Aftershocks
Kilauea Eruption Going on for 25 Years
Scientists Find Good News About Methane Bubbling Up From the Ocean Floor Near Santa Barbara
Deep-Sea Species' Loss Could Lead to Oceans' Collapse
January 3
Huge Storm Heading for Southern California
Daytona Beach Braces for: SNOW
Southern Farmers Fret As Cold Sets in
Wildfire Threat Returns, Thanks to Dry Weather Around Texas
Near-Freezing Temps Kill 38 in India Since December
January 2
Week's Weather 'Going to Get Real Freaky'
Bitter Cold Shot Grips East
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map
Current Weather Threats (graphic)
Northeast Starts the New Year With More Snow
New Hampshire Breaks 1876 Record for Most December Snow
Across Florida, Drought Appears Here to Stay
Drought Record Nuked': Rainfall 2 Feet BELOW Normal
Georgia Church Opens Doors to Pray for Rain
Wild Weather Batters Queensland Tourism
UK Weather Will Be Blowing Hot and Cold
Daffodils Bloom Five Months Early In UK
Australia's Katherine Region Warned to Prepare for Flooding
Oregon's New Tsunami Fleet
Villagers Flee Volcano Eruption in Chile
53 People Trapped After Chile Volcano Eruption
Footage of Chile Volcano Erupting - video
Indonesian Flood Toll Rises, Hits Transport