Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me."
(John 14:6)

December 26
Muslim Grinches Steal Christmas: Christians Warned Against Celebration 'we Are Living Under a State of Fear'
December 23
Linking Eclipses to the Timing of the Second Coming of Messiah
December 7
Zoo Drops Creation Museum Deal After Complaints
December 1
Pastor Who Helped Get 'Under God' in Pledge Dies
November 23
Biblical City Where David Battled Goliath Found?
Israeli Archaeologists Unearth Herod Family Tombs
November 19
North Korea Enraged By Launch of Gospel Gas Balloons
November 16
Rev. Jesse Peterson: Black Preachers Worshiping the Wrong Messiah
S. Carolina Catholic Diocese Backs Warning to Obama Voters
Texas Diocese is 4th to Leave Episcopal Church
Americans Feel Religious Values Attacked
Mormons Under Siege
November 14
Advice to Christians: Defend Life, Prepare for Persecution
November 12
'Why Believe in a God?' Ad Campaign Launches on D.C. Buses
High Court to Consider Today Monuments Donated to Public Parks That May Have Religious Messages
Lesbians, Condoms Go Wild in Attack on Christian
Catholic Bishops Vow to Confront Obama Administration Over Abortion

November 11
Episcopal Diocese Splits from National Church
Holocaust Survivors to Mormons: Stop Baptisms of Dead Jews
Bandits Kidnap Catholic Nuns in Kenya
Monks Brawl at Christian Holy Site in Jerusalem
November 3
Canadian Catholics: Election of Obama Would be a Disaster
Praying for Election Day Miracles
October 31
Dare to Try This 'Love Dare' Advice?
Churches Push Fair-Trade Chocolates for Halloween
October 28
'Hour of Power' Preacher Removed by Father
October 26
Students Face Punishment for 'Hit a Jew Day'
October 24
Atheists Campaign to Make Sure London Buses are God-forsaking
October 20
Convert or We Will Kill You, Hindu Lynch Mobs Tell Fleeing Christians
The 'How-to' Plan to Criminalize Christianity
Is Sin Dead? Pastors Fear Today's Christians Don't See Selves as Sinners
First Mosque in Former East Berlin Opens to Protests
October 13
'God' Gets Boot Again in Washington, D.C.
In India, Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee
October 11
Creation Museum Draws Big Crowds
India's First Woman Saint Cheers Riot-Hit Christians
Christians Fleeing Mosul After Targeted Killings
October 8
Christians Gather on Capitol Hill to Fast, Pray
October 6
Christians, Muslims Riot in Egyptian Village
Conservative Diocese to Split From Episcopal Church
Pope Benedict Lambastes Godless Modern Societies
October 4
'Fireproof' Shows Christian Movies Sell
Maher's 'Religulous' Heaps Scorn on the Faithful
Atheist Group Sues Bush Over National Prayer Day
Vatican Official Attacks U.S. Democrats as 'Party of Death'
September 29
The Time Frame as It Has Been Revealed to Me
Jews and Muslims Share Holy Season in Jerusalem
September 26
US Report: Rise in Violence Against Messianic Jews and Christians
Pulpit Politics: Pastors to Defy IRS
Va. Chaplains Quit Over New Prayer Policy
Calif. Pastors Push for Gay Marriage Ban
September 24
Ex-Muslim Reveals Secret Goal of Islam
September 21
Makeshift Church Services Bring Comfort to Ike's Victims
Wicca Experts Encourage Christians to Engage America's 'Fastest-Growing' Religion
Americans Leaving Churches in Droves
Christians Flee From E-Zwich Biometric Card
September 18
Touched by an Angel? Most Say They've Been Protected
September 15
Muslims Continue Pushing Christians Out of Bethlehem
September 11
Small Church Sees Big Results From Prayer
For Some, Ramadan Means Fasting, Cleansing and TV Drama
September 9
Obama Accidentally Said, "My Muslim Faith" in ABC Interview or Video clip
French Woman to Sue Church of Scientology for 'Organized Fraud'
September 1
Jesus and the Fig Tree
August 31
The Gog-Magog Alliance
Vatican Warns of Growing "Christianophobia"
Christians Accused of Hate Crimes (REX-84 Concentration Camps?) - flashback
Muslims Prepare for Ramadan as Costs Rise
August 29
NASA Technology Illuminates Dead Sea Scrolls
Largest Mosque in Europe to be Inaugurated; able to Fit 10,000 Worshipers
August 25
Italian Priest Organizes Beauty Contest for Nuns
August 22
Christians Forced Off Campus by Muslims With Spears
August 19
God vs. Doctor: 1 in 2 Say Prayer Saves the Dying
August 17
Iran's Ahmadinejad Praying for Reappearance of Imam Mahdi
August 14
Noah Today
August 12
Influential Pastor Preaches Anti-Semitism to His Flock
August 10
Free Real Estate, No Money Down
Activists, Hindus, Jews Protest Highway Crosses
Bush: No One Should Fear Allowing Religious Freedom
August 8
Anglican Church Gay Row Heats Up
August 4
Old Testament 'Proof': Royal Seal Discovered
July 21
'Unchurched' Worshipping More, 'Churched' Less?
Anglicans: 'We Are at a Deeply Significant Turning Point'
Pope Warns of 'Spiritual Desert'
July 18
Lorna Byrne: 'To Me, Seeing Angels Is Natural'
Survey Finds Many Unchurched Would Come to Church If Invited
July 16
Major U.S. City Officially Condemns Catholic Church
Quarter of world's Anglicans Boycott Conference
Archbishop of Canterbury: 'Christian Doctrine is Offensive to Muslims'
July 11
Trumpet Blasts to Jesus:  'We're Awake' on Earth
Biblical Scholars Using Resurrection Prophecy to Discount Veracity of Jesus Christ
Who Is Jesus of Nazareth?
Iranians Consider Mandatory Execution for Leaving Islam: Christians Interrogated
July 7
What's This? Now They Claim a Resurrection Before Jesus
July 1
An Anglican Schism: Headed for US?
Presbyterian Assembly Votes to Drop Gay Clergy Ban
Heresy Among Evangelicals Who Have Abandoned Christ To Lead Others Astray
An In-Depth Look at USA'a Religious Beliefs, Practices
June 24
New Findings About U.S. Religious Life
June 19
Hardline Archbishops Declare Anglican Split
Prof Withdraws From Ethics Society for its 'Honoring Sin'
Spotlight on Media's Pro-Homosexual Bias
Armageddon: Man vs. God
June 16
You Can't Save The World, But You Can Save Yourself
Baptists Respond to Disastrous Floods
Church Split Over 'Gay Marriage' Between Clergy
London Church Forced Off Its Property
June 11
Jordan Cave May Be Oldest Church

June 8
Church Attacks Labour for Betraying Christians
June 4
Anglican Church Aims to Spread Gospel to UK Muslims, Others
Temple Mount '100% Islamic'
American Christians Face 'Hate Crime' for Preaching Gospel
Where Do the Dinosaurs Fit?
June 1
Quarter of Canadians Don't Believe in Any God, Poll Says
May 28
Secret Plans Under Way to Tear Down Christian Symbols
What Happens When I Die?
May 23
Without Vision and the Fear of God, America Will Perish in This Energy Crisis
Pilots Run Out of Fuel, Pray, Land Near Jesus Sign
May 19
Free Quran Coming to Your Doorstep?

May 14
Believing in Aliens Not Opposed to Christianity, Vatican’s Top Astronomer Says
May 13
Vatican: It's OK to Believe in Aliens
May 5
Is the Bible the World's Only Prophetic Book?
Church Formally Acknowledges Mary Apparitions
May 1
Rarely Seen Segment of the Dead Sea Scrolls to be Displayed for Israel's 60th Anniversary
Blood Moon Eclipses: 2nd Coming in 2015?
April 29
Huge Christian Ministry to Disabled Fined $23,000 for Rejecting Homosexual Employee

April 25
Florida Lawmakers Debate Offering a Christian License Plate 

April 23
In Syrian Villages, the Language of Jesus Lives

April 20
Emergent Church Spreading Spiritual Cancer
Archeological Find Linked to Another Obscure O.T. Figure
Pope Admonishes US Bishops to Oppose Homosexual Marriage

April 16
Jesus' Image In Hospital Brings Some to Tears, Prompts E-Mails
Hamas Cleric Predicts 'Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam'

April 13
Hackers Attack Christians, Promise Punishment

April 10
Bible is America's Favorite Book: Poll

April 8
Baby With 2 Faces Born in North India

April 3
The Church of Oprah Exposed

April 1
Why Canadians are Forbidden to Express Their Church's Teaching
Researchers: Asteroid Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
March 31
Churches Keeping Close Eye on the Collection Plate
Obama Suggests Jesus Christ Not the Only Way to Heaven
Vatican: Islam Has Overtaken Catholicism
Students Jailed for Reading Bible

March 22
Blood Bought
Good Friday Pilgrims Follow Biblical Footsteps
Shroud of Turin Debate Rekindled

March 17
Study: God Relationship Not Most Important to Americans
Praying For America
Light a Fire Under Your Pastor
Image of Jesus Only Thing That Survives Port St. Lucie Fire
Catholics Lose More Members Than Any Other Group
Priest Hurt in Faith-Hate Attack

March 13
...and the Pulpits Are Silent

March 11
Where Is This World Headed?
Vatican Adds Seven New Deadly Sins Including Damaging Environment and Drug Dealing

March 8
Evangelicals Adopt Some Catholic Traditions
Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons Fastest-Growing 'Churches' in U.S.
New Stats on Unorthodox Churchgoers in America
Ten Commandments Monuments Challenged
Church Sex Abuse Costs Skyrocket
A Spiritual Look at Rising Grain Prices
March 5
Silencing of Christian Radio Stations: What Your Can Do - Deadline is March 14
Bible Has Long Said Aliens Here, But Beware Who You Welcome
Israeli Researcher Suggests Moses, Followers Were High on Drugs

March 4
Florida Man is Raised from the Dead When Doctor Obeys God's Voice to Pray That He Will Live Again

March 2
1st Temple Seal Found in City of David
Booklet Issues Warning About 'Christian Values'

February 27
Survey: Americans Freely Change, or Drop, Their Religions

February 25
Turin Shroud Re-Tested

How Do I Get to Heaven?
More Demands From Islam - video
Blunt Iowa Senator Pursues Ministries
February 17
Story of Jesus Through Iranian Eyes
Church Splits Over Same-Sex Marriage
Anglican Church of Canada Warns Members Who Split With the Church Over Decision to Bless Same-Sex Unions They Will Lose Funds

February 11
Exorcism Ritual Undergoes Revival
Scientology Protests Begin in Australia
Bishop: Christians Don't Go to Heaven
'Resign,' Clergy Tell Archbishop of Canterbury
Sex Shop for Clergy a Booming Business
The Great Rebellion
February 8
Tornado Victims Prayed They’d Survive Twister
Christian Radio Brings Hope Amidst Earthquake Trauma
Vatican is Looking for More Exorcists to Fight the Growing Interest in Satanism
February 5
The Holy Spirit
Church Federation: Malaysian Airport Customs Seize Bibles

January 30
Turkey Warns EU Against Becoming “Club of Christians”
Christians Launch Crusade Against New U.S. Mosque

January 28
The Technologies of Revelation
Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley Dead at 97
January 26
Turin Holy Water Theft Blamed on Satanists
Praise You In This Storm - video
January 23
Malaysia Seizes Christian Books
I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee

January 21
The New Jerusalem
January 19
The Lost Archive
January 18
Stone Seal Confirms Biblical Record
Archaeologist Hid 'Jesus Tomb' for Fear of Anti-Semitism, Widow Says
January 17
U.S. Religious Freedom Is Being Eroded, Advocates Say
The Coming Tribulation
Church Leaders: Culpable
January 14
Spiritual Diabetes
'Islamic Jesus' Hits Iranian Movie Screens
January 12
Aging Worshippers Challenge Religious Groups
January 8
Story of 2007: America Distances God
January 7
Is the Singularity the Rapture?
Scientologists 'Threatened to Blackmail Nicole Kidman'

January 4
Anti-gay Bishops on Crusade to Jerusalem

January 3
Churches Could Lose Property Tax Exemption

January 2
Report Reveals Disturbing Growth in Witchcraft in U.S.
Canada’s War on the Bible and Free Speech
Why a Hindu Accepts Christ and Rejects Churchianity
Texas Woman Forced to Leave Bus After Reading Bible Out Loud
Episcopal Leader Defends Gay Bishops