Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

HOLLY NOTE: I have not been able to confirm this widely reputed Henry Kissinger quote, but it may have been inferred through this document dated December 10, 1974: NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, (472 kB PDF). A linked index version is available which makes it easier to find specific topics.

December 30
Bumpy Crop: Farming's Sudden Feasts and Famines
Water and Energy Limiting Factors
Ancient Water Source Vital for Australia
Colorado Town Tries to Solve Mystery of No Water
December 27
Warning on Elk Meat Sold at Boulder Farmer's Market
December 26
Stored Foods Saved Family
December 24
Chocolate, Wine and Tea Improve Brain Performance
December 7
Swat Team Conducts Food Raid in Rural Ohio
Global Warming, Hitler and World War II Rationing
All Irish Pork is Recalled in Dioxin Poison Alert

December 2
Financial Crisis Expected to Make Food Shortages Dramatically Worse
Kansas, Colorado Battling Again Over Arkansas River Water
Mob Runs Riot as Zimbabwe Runs Out of Water
December 1
Californians Need to Worry About Food Security
November 28
The Famine of 2009
November 26
Food Prices Will Rise, Causing Export Bans, Riots
Food Banks Can't Meet Growing Demand
November 25
Pennsylvania County Issues Boil Water Advisory
November 23
Transgenic Animals: Genetically Engineered Meal Close to Your Table
New Mad-Cow Rule Poses Health Dangers of its Own
November 21
U.S. Food Prices Likely to Keep Rising
Drought Hurts US Dry Pea and Lentil Production
One-Stop Source for the Latest Food Recalls
US Food Safety's Latest Recalls
November 19
Experts: Half World Faces Water Shortage by 2080
Clarification on Food Bar Codes: They refer to the Country that Issued the Code, NOT Origin of the Product as this site suggests. Thanks, Piper, for this info.
November 18
Study: 40% of Grocery Meats Contaminated; CDC Says Don't Worry
Public Wants More Info on Food Labels
Delays Leave Corn in the Field, Farmers Struggling to Harvest
Farming Takes a Hit, Which Means Food Prices Could Rise
Falling Crop Prices Threaten Boom in Small Farms
California Farmers Slash Herds
Locusts Threaten Australia Harvest
As Children Starve, World Struggles for Solution
November 16
Root Cellars Thrive as Food Prices Rise

Hormel Struggling to Keep Up With Spam Demand
China, America and Melamine
The Future of Farming
November 14
Brown Clouds Threaten World Food Supply
Experts Think 2009 will be Lean Year for Grain Farmers
FDA to Detain Food Shipments from China
Sour Milk Kills 6 Indian Kids
November 12
Meltdown to Hit Agriculture, Food Shortage Looms
November 11
Chances Quite High for More Food Shortages in '09
How France Hid Its Own Mad Cow Disease Epidemic
Whole Lotta Clucking Going on in Cities
November 9
Food Hit by ‘Perfect Storm’
Food Prices Predicted to Rise 7-9% Next Year
Drought Hope Fades as the Heat Rises Across Australia's Food Bowl
Pigs with Mouse Genes: How GM Animals May Be Entering the Food Chain without Labeling
He's Not Bananas, Just First to Grow Them in a UK Home
November 7
Mobile Pantries Hit Road as Ranks of Hungry Grow
November 6
Drought Forcing Out Australian Fruit Growers
November 5
Water Crisis Threatens Food Supply
Extreme Weather Brings Agricultural Disaster in Utah
Franken-Animals Poised to Enter the Franken-Food Supply
November 4
Tainting of Milk Is Open Secret in China
China's Melamine Woes Likely to Get Worse
Food Pantry Closed Due to Shortage
'Signs of Famine' Emerging in N.Korea
November 1
China's Contaminated Food Scandal Widens
Advisers: FDA Decision on BPA 'Flawed'
Mouse Found Baked In Hot Dog Bun - video
Bottled Water Sales Growth Slow to Trickle
October 31
Toxic Milk Scandal Worsens
Calif. Prepared to Slash Water Deliveries
October 30
Create Your Own Seed Vault; Bypass Terminator Technology!
Nanotechnology: The New Threat to Food
October 28
World Rice Demand to Climb and Push Up Prices
Farmers Warn of Locust Plague
October 26
Recall Issued for Tainted Japanese Noodles
Europe's Secret Plan to Boost GM Crop Production
October 24
Morning Show Cans Food Companies for 'Shrinking' Products
Rising Food Prices and War - Somalis Cannot Afford to Eat
N Korea Cuts Food to Farmers: Aid Group
North Korea Clamps Down on Mobile Phones to Stop News of Food Crisis
Zimbabwe Gov't Urged to Declare Food Shortages Disaster
October 22
Credit Crisis Hits America's Farmers
Wheat, Fertilizer, Ammonia and Land Realities Threaten Global Food Supply
Root Cellar a Low-Tech Way to Preserve Food
Root Cellar Chart
Study: Kids Allergic to Food Up 18%
China Threatens UK Food Supply and Prices

October 20
Is Food Production About to Emerge as UK's New National Priority?
Cupboards Bare as New Jersey Food Banks Serve More
Soil Feed Prices Eating at Farmers
Famine and Democracy in the Ancient World
October 17
Grow Herbs in Winter - on Your Windowsill
Food Bank Cupboard Kinda Bare
Clashes Over Water Kill 4 in Drought-Hit Kenya
October 15
Your ‘Pure’ Bottled Water Has Contaminants, Too
Icelandic Shoppers Splurge as Currency Woes Reduce Food Imports
Farmer in Chief
Fresh Food Deliverer Capitalizing on a Trend
October 13
Drought-Ridden California Turns to 'Water Witches'
Care for a Glass of Rocket Fuel?: EPA Ignores a Toxic Threat
October 11
USDA: Florida Orange Crop Smaller Than Last Year
Hurricanes Only Latest Factors to Affect Arkansas Farmers this Year
Harvesters Plead for Food, Money Donations
Food Rations in Cuba as Crisis Grows
Acute Food Shortage Force People to Eat Grass
Govt Hospital Hit By Food Shortage
Ethiopian Famine Significantly Worsens: 6.4 Million People Need Emerency Aid
Chicken Eggs Production Declines Most in 5 Years
World Facing Huge New Challenge on Food Front
October 9
Supermarkets Urged to Reduce Choice and Meat Sales
Fisheries Waste 'Costs Billions'
Ministry Warns of Severe Food Shortage
October 8
China Refuses to Reveal Tainted Milk Figures
Mad-cow Ban Cost U.S. $11 Billion in Beef Exports
People Forced to Eat Shrubs and Leaves as Food Shortages Increase
Food Reserves: Just One Failed Harvest…
October 7
Hurricanes Sweep Food Shortages Back into Cubans' Lives
Food Crises Could Swing Future UK Elections, Says Thinktank
UK Sets Up First Council Since WWII to Look at Food Security
U.S. Food May Contain Tainted Chinese Ingredients
Melamine Found in Chinese Vegetables
October 6
Health Warning Issued After 32 Sickened by Salmonella in 12 States
China Tries to Contain Tainted Milk Fallout
Climate Could Kill Seafood Market
Global Warming Set to Shake Our Eating Habits
The Water Crisis: Another Inconvenient Truth
October 3
Unprecedented Losses from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike
Demand on Pantries Grows as Food Costs Rise, Jobs Lost
October 3
Food, Fuel and Other Catastrophes
October 2
Save Money - Make No-Knead Bread for 88 Cents
Contaminated Chinese Candy Found in Connecticut
Sweetener Controversy Grows
October 1
Meat Must Be Rationed to 4 Portions a Week, Says Report on Climate Change
Australians Urged to Eat Kangaroo, Ditch Beef and Lamb
Food Riots Have Already Begun as Global Grain Prices Skyrocket, Supplies Dwindle
Manufacturing Giant Recalls Melamine Tainted Tea
New Tests Find Melamine in 31 Chinese Milk Batches
Food Now Gets Label of Origin
Argentine Farmers Set for Six-Day Strike
Australian Wheat Harvest May Be Trimmed by Persistent Drought
Drought Still Biggest Challenge for Farmers
Farmers Say Drought Is Worst They've Seen
September 30
Fishing Industry Hurting in La.
September 29
Food Shortage Catastrophe Creeping Up on the World
Commercial Fishing Disaster Declared as Salmon Stocks Plunge, Salmon Fishing Banned
Cadbury Recalls Chocolates Over Tainted Milk Fears
China’s Elite Eat Pure Food As Babies Die
N Korea Begins Autumn Harvest Amid Food Shortage
Tests for Drugs in Tap Water
September 25
China Tainted Milk Crisis Causes More Global Recalls
'Greening' Disease Threatens the Core of U.S. Citrus Crops
PETA Asks Ben & Jerry's to Use Human Breast Milk in Ice Cream
Food Riots Break Out as Flood Victims Go Hungry
U.S. Farmers May Face Cash Flow Squeeze
September 24
Feds Probe Skyrocketing Food Prices
Farmers Flooded Out
Canada's Food Alarms Rang in '05
Poor Wheat Harvest in East Cambs Will See Bread and Cereal Prices Soaring
At Least 10 Countries Ban Chinese Dairy After 4 Babies Killed
September 22
Long-term Global Food Crisis Looms: Experts Urge Immediate Action
September 21
Ike Decimates La. Crops
Louisiana Farmers: Ike Damage Comparable to 2005’s Rita
Corn, Soybean Supply on Brink of Shortages
Scientists Behind 'Doomsday Seed Vault' Ready World's Crops for Climate Change
Is Drinking from the Toilet Bowl the Best Way to Deal with Water Shortages?
53,000 Chinese Kids Sick From Tainted Milk
September 18
Storm Victims Left Hungry in Caribbean
923M People Went Hungry Last Year, U.N. Says
KS Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing $120,000 of Grain
Toxic Rice Promts Mass Japanese Recall
September 16
Record Rains Could Soak Illinois Farmers at Harvest
September 15
Corn Harvest Estimates Lowered
Some Mexican Produce Sent to U.S. Grown in Unsanitary Conditions
Farmers Demand Government Help After Washout
46 Million in U.S. Have Drugs in Drinking Water
September 14
Corn Harvest Estimates Lowered
September 13
Chinese Baby Milk Scare 'Severe'
FDA: Don’t Use Chinese Infant Formula
September 12
Food-Price Index at Lowest Since January on Cereals, FAO Says
Tainted China Baby Formula Stirs Warning
Are We Already Dining on Clones?
September 9
That Shrinking Feeling
Drought Hits Farmers Hard for Second Year
Lack of Animal Feed Is Destroying the Dairy Industry in Zimbabwe
Worst Floods in 50 years Decimate Crops and Animals
Food Prices Rise at the Fastest Rate on Record
September 8
Wind, Rain Taking Toll on Farms
Late Drought and Early Frost Worry Hoosier Growers
UN Says Eat Less Meat to Curb Global Warming
High Food Prices 'Here for the Next Decade'
Mexican Beef Producers to Renew US Meat Exports
Kenya: Nation Eats Maize Stock to Bare Minimum
Fight Vog By Washing and Shielding Plants
September 5
California 'Water Bank' in Works Amid Drought
September 1
Foreign Food Cartels Destroying Farm Output, Creating Food Shortages
Global Famine. Is It A Conspiracy?
Food Prices to Soar Under Rudd Made Pressure
August 31
Weather Threatening Wheat Harvest
Disaster Aid for Farmer's is No SURE Thing
Irradiating Lettuce Will Save Kids’ Lives
Debate Over Food Irradiation Still Simmering
Genetically 'Improved' Oysters 'behind France's Shellfish Plague'
August 29
Freezer Sales Climb As Food Prices Soar
1 Dead, At Least 41 Hospitalized in Oklahoma E. Coli Outbreak
Rat Meat in Demand in Cambodia as Inflation Bites
August 26
Drought Stricken, Iran Buys US Wheat for First Time in 27 Years
Arctic Bay Runs Low on Food
August 24
Canada Links Bacteria Outbreak to Tainted Meat
August 21
As Gas Prices Go Down, So Will Food, Right? No
Food Prices to Post Biggest Rise Since 1990: USDA
Mexican Peppers Posing a Risk Still Being Sold
FDA: OK to Zap Veggies
August 20
World Water Crisis Underlies World Food Crisis
August 17
USDA Refuses to Ban Sick "Downer" Cows From US Food Supply
August 14
Whole Foods Expands Beef Recall
Rat Snacks Can Solve World Food Price Crisis: Indian Official
August 13
Prince Charles Warns GM Crops Risk Causing the Biggest-Ever Environmental Disaster
August 12
Why Food is the New Oil
Australian Drought Hits Vineyards
Grocer Works to Repair Its Image
Farmers Alert for Spring Plague of Devastation
Global Food Crisis: Hot Commodities, Stuffed Markets, and Empty Bellies
August 10
In a Troubled Neighborhood, a Garden Grows
August 8
On the Horizon: FAMINE - flashback
Whole Foods Recalling Possible E. Coli Contaminated Beef
Flavor or Danger? Hidden Toxins in Gardens
Dry California OKs Huge Desalination Plant
Jaguars Join Fight to Block Use of St. Johns River for Water
August 6
Selling of America: Grain Supplies & Storage Facilities Bought by Japan
Supermarket Chains Narrow Their Sights
Thinking Outside the Supermarket
Famine in East Africa: Catastrophe Threatens as Food Prices Rise
Bottled Water's Shocking Impacts and the Growing Opposition
Nestle Targets Aquifers and Springs in New England for Bottled Water
August 4
U.S. Farmland Values Reach Record on High Crop Prices
Tomato Growers Seek Payback on Salmonella Scare
August 4
Farming's Parched Future
Sunburns in the Fields
August 1
Americans Using Home Hydroponics to Overcome the Rising Costs of Energy, Food & Gas
Sick Food-Safety System
Cattle Numbers Keep Dropping: Prices Headed Back Up
July 31
Sunblock for Farm Produce as Earth Warms
Cloned Beef Has Already Entered U.S. Food Supply, Even Before FDA Nod
Salmonella Source Found
Storm Destroys Grain Bins in Garden City
Olympics Cause Food Shortages in Beijing
Gardening: a Way to Teach Life Lessons
Organic Pest Control: Mustard -- Hot Stuff For Natural Pest Control
Millions in North Korea Facing Famine
July 29
Will Food Shortages Start World War III?
China Releases Biotech Rice, Bars Biofuel to Protect Food Supply
July 28
UN Told to Set Up Food Stockpile Program
Food Crisis Plan on the Menu
Community Gardens Growing in Popularity Amid Rising Food Prices, Health Scares
A Real Threat: Terrorists Tampering With Food
Floods Strip Midwest of Tons of Valuable Topsoil
GMO Crops May Help End Food-Versus-Fuel Debate, Monsanto Says
Farmers in Combat Zones to Get World's 1st Armored Tractor
July 25
Food Prices About to Leap
The Next Battleground: The World's Food Supply
FDA: Avoid Jalapenos from Mexico, Not USA
U.S. Struggles to Trace Food in a Crisis
July 24
Are Feds Stockpiling Survival Food?
Japan to Boost Rice Production as Alternative to Corn, Wheat
Fertilizer Costs Rocket With Food Prices: Rabobank
July 21
Unprecedented Demand Cleans Out Major Storable Food Supplier Through 2009
Salmonella Found in a Mexican-Grown Jalapeno
Mideast Facing Choice Between Crops and Water
Food Banks Struggling to Keep Up With Demand
US Food Groups Plan Hefty Price Rises
Mystery Plague Set to Wipe Out France's Crop of Baby Oysters
July 18
A Human-Made Disaster
EU Proposes $1.6B Fund to Help Ease Global Food Crisis
Still No Cause Known for Co-Op Elevator Explosion
July 17
Even Pharoahs Knew to Prepare for 7-Year Food Shortages
Freedom to Farm? Not Likely - flashback
July 16
Food Prices Could Double
E. Coli Linked to Beef in 5 States
USDA to Begin Naming Retailers in Meat Recalls
With the Cattle Industry Struggling, the Question Is, 'Where's the Beef?'
Processing Industry Slams Canada's Planned Label Changes
Turkey Loses HALF of Its Crops to Drought
The Next Market Crunch: Water
River Damming Leads to Dramatic Decline In Native Fish Numbers
July 14
Retailers Aren’t Required to Pull Most Expired Items From Their Shelves
Honey, They Shrank the Packets of Food
Pantries Scramble for Food
High Price of Hay Hits Horse Industry
Drought Down Under Threatens Grain Harvests: Warning that Principal Food-Producing Region is Being Affected By Climate Change
Drought Devastates Iraq's Wheat Crops
China Tries to Ease Olympic Worries About Tainted Food
July 12
World Bank's Zoellick Says Food Prices High Until 2012
July 11
Britain Urging Return to Wartime Food Frugality
Worsening Drought Threatens Australia’s “Food Bowl”
Will Food Prices Swallow School Lunch?
Salmonella Outbreak Highlights Bioterrorism Concerns
Today, Tomatoes. Tomorrow, Who Knows?
Man Injured in Iowa Triple Grain Elevator Explosions
Another Minnesota Grain Elevator Up in Flames
Get Ready - Meat Prices Rising
Plantings Ups, Yet Harvests Down
Australia Faces Food Crisis As Rivers Reach New Low
1 Million Indians Facing Famine After Rat Plague
Global Food Price Rises Exacerbate Famine in Ethiopia and Somalia
Chinese Corn Exports Plunge as Domestic Demand Soars
Drought Threatens Iraq's Crops and Water Supply
Dog Meat off the Menu During Olympics
China Approves Big Budget for GMO Amid Food Worries
July 9
Will Corn Be Next Year's Wheat?
July 8
As Food Costs Soar, It's Back to Basics for Meal Planners
Farmers Tell of Drought Devastation
High Food Prices May Cut Opposition to Genetically Modified Food
Food Finder: Hunting the Source of the Salmonella Outbreak Could Be a Lot Easier
Field Guide to Farmers and Ranchers
No Water, No Jobs
July 7
Britain Declares War on Food Waste: Campaign to Restrict Food Purchases as Part of a Global Effort to Curb Spiraling Food Prices
July 6
Secret Report: Biofuel Caused Food Crisis
Fuels Gold: Big Risks of the Biofuel Revolution - flashback
The Promise of Biofuels: a Lot of Hot Air? - flashback
Government Asks Stores to Stockpile Food
Australia's Agricultural Regions Face More Drought-Stricken Future – Study
Drought, Locusts Threaten NSW Crops
More Feed Grain, Less Food Grain
Hungry? Maybe Not Yet-- But Millions Are and Soon We May Be Too
U.S. Inspectors Scour Mexico for Clues to Salmonella Outbreak
Farmers Face Sad Sights and Big Decisions
The End of Food: The Coming Crisis in the World Food Industry
Now Farming Freely, Iraqis Fear Drought
July 2
Surge in Oil Price Sparks Fears of Food Crisis
869 Sick From Salmonella: Tomatoes Not the Culprit?
July 1
Rains Decimates 1.2 Million Acres of Corn

America's Shrinking Groceries
14 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store
People Buy More Food As Prices Rise
Canada's Coming Food Price Crisis and the Fear Hoarding it May Create
In Food Crisis, Asians Look to Agriculture
NBC National News coverage: of the Grain Elevator Explosion - video