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Illegal Alien Population by State - map

December 24
Smuggling of Chinese into Texas is on the Rise
December 1
9 Headless Bodies Found in Mexican Border City
7 Die, 5 Wounded in Border Violence
Deportation Increase in U.S., 350,000 Illegal Immigrants Sent Home in 2008
Canada Plans to Fast-Track Skilled Immigrants
November 19
The Big Lie about Immigration Enforcement
Wal-Mart Truck Used to Smuggle Aliens
High-Tech Team Helps Cheaters Pass Immigration Test
November 18
Ex-Border Agents Hope for Pardons
November 14
Dallas School District Voluntarily Hands Out Fake SS #s to Immigrant Employees
Illegal Immigrants Suspected in Weld Tax-Refund Scheme
500K Illegal Immigrants Defying Deportation Orders
Border 'Scarecrows' Lampoon Immigration Hardliners
November 12
Former Mexican President Says Obama Must Address Immigration
O'Reilly: Obama and Immigration - video
November 9
Many Illegals Belong to Spy, Terror Organizations or Drug Cartels
Court: Quit Saying 'Illegal Aliens'
November 1
AP: Obama’s Aunt Living in U.S. Illegally
U.S. Border Agents Detain Mexican Troops
Agents Find 14 Smugglers' Tunnels in Arizona
October 28
NYC Cops Killed by Previously Deported Illegal Aliens
Our Troubled Country: Accelerating People Exhaustion
October 13
Illegal Alien Population by State - map
October 11
New Driver's License Rule Upsets Some Illegal Aliens
Mixed Findings From Survey of Immigration Attitudes
October 7
Feds: 300 Suspected Illegals Held After SC Raid
October 6
Federal Probe into S.F. Sanctuary City Policy
October 2
Voter Fraud by Illegal Aliens Ignored by Government and Media
Border Patrol Expands Transportation Checks
September 24
Crash Involving Illegal Immigrant Could Spur State Audit
Mexicans Feeling Pinch As Income Stream From USA Slows
Census: 74% of El Paso Speaks Spanish at Home
Immigration to U.S. Slows
September 18
Violent Crimes Surge After Illegals Invade Texas
September 13
'Hurricane Amnesty' to Help Gulf's Illegal Immigrants
Tens of Thousands of Iraqis May Come to U.S. in '09
September 11
Virtual Fence for Mexico Border Put on Hold
September 1
Labor Day In Mississippi—Job Openings for Americans After Raids
August 28
Illegals Shock, Suffocate, Slit Throats
11 Headless Bodies Found in Mexico
Immigration: Too Hot for the Dems?
Fear Grips Immigrants After Miss. Plant Raid
Student Raped in French Illegal Migrants Camp
August 26
Davis Warns of a New Civil War With Southern States
Police: Mexican Cartels Give OK to Hit U.S. Targets
August 25
Border Fence Design Blasted As Causing Flooding
August 24
Rasmussen Poll: Voters Angry Over Immigration
August 17
Feds Arrest 57 Illegal Aliens Employed by Department of Defense Contractor
Iowa Town Struggles After Immigration Raid
Ignoring ‘The Perfect Storm’ at Our Own Peril
August 12
What I'm Most Tired About With Illegal Aliens
US Gov't. in Collusion With Illegal Alien Drug Growers?
August 8
Texas Executes illegal Alien After Court Fight
Why Don’t the Candidates Have a Solution for the Illegal Alien Problem?
Border Agents Focused on California
Ladders, Buoys Considered for Deadly Border Canal
August 1
Some Still Rail Over U.S. Fence
Saying ‘No’ to Unlimited Immigration
July 31
Tide of Illegal Immigrants Now Being Reversed
July 26
Free Healthcare for Illegal Aliens
July 24
BIG Border Jump: 43 Mexican Illegals Arrested – in Hawaii
July 17
Illegal Aliens and Valid IDs – Lou Dobbs video
Rep. Tancredo: Mexican Asylum — Sign of a Failed State?
Politicizing the Border Weakens Our Security
July 14
On the Border: What Is to be Done
July 11
US Defends Laptop Searches at the Border
July 9
15 Things You Should Know about "The Race"
Disorder South of the Border
July 8
Mexican Truck Pilot Program – Fast Pass to Disease and Drugs
Officials Blast San Fran’s Illegal Alien Dumping Policy
City Shields Illegal Immigrant Criminals From Feds
Feds Catch More Who Come Back After Being Deported
June 30
Obama, McCain Clash Over Immigration
June 27
Mexican Army Members Busted for Home Invasion and Murder -- in Phoenix?
June 23
Lack of Immigration Policy Hurts Growers, Threatens Food Supply
Immigration Crackdown May Boost US Job Prospects
Trashing America by Endless Immigration
June 20
Mexican Frontier Town Falls to Drug Lords - story in pictures
June 19
Immigration's Racial Violence Spreading Across America
June 13
National Guard Will Be Withdrawn From Border
U.S. to Erect More 'Virtual' Border Fences
May 29
900 Criminal Aliens, Immigration Fugitives and Violators Nabbed in San Diego
Border Governors Head to Mexico As Violence Rises
May 27
Border Agents, Lured by the Other Side
Immigration Killed Miami, Florida: One Woman's Story
May 19
Immigration: Politically Correct Scam Job
Mexican Immigrants Do Not Assimilate Quickly in US, Study Finds
Texas Group Sues to Stop Border Fence
U.S. Citizenship to be Checked in Event of a Storm
May 14
Immigration Raid in Iowa Largest Ever in US
Illegal Alien Raid Part of FEMA Camp Drill
May 12
Hundreds Arrested in Iowa Immigration Raid
Smugglers Hold 53 Illegal Aliens Hostage in Arizona

May 8
10-Year-Old Gives Birth After Allegedly Raped by Illegal

Alien Trash: Groups Struggle to Clean Up Illegals' Mess
May 2
Crackdown Means Fewer Illegals

U.S. Lets Some Illegals Cross Border Repeatedly
May 1
Only 12 Miles of Real Border Fence Completed
Neb. AG Refuses to Sue for Immigrants' Fair Housing
Want to Win the Immigration Debate? Start Talking About Illegal Jobs
Who's Illegal? The Politics of Immigration
Seminole County School Workers Ordered to Speak English Only
April 30
Border Fence Fiasco
April 29
Cost of Illegal Immigration Equals Cost of California Budget Deficit
April 25
Unemployment Plummets After Crackdown on Illegals
Virtual Border Fence Prototype Rejected
Illegal Aliens Armed With Torches, Hacksaws, Ladders and Bungee Cords
April 23
States Lead the Way on Enforcement Reversing Illegal Immigration!
April 20
Typical Week End on the Arizona Border
Immigration’S Education Impact: America Losing Its Mind
Seattle Times Soft on Illegal Alien Criminals
Tancredo to Pope: Stop Promoting Amnesty
Bill Would Punish Countries Who Refuse to Take Back Illegal Immigrants
Two-thirds of British Residents Fear Violence As Migrant Tensions Rise
April 16
Illegal Immigrant Births - At Your Expense
April 13
Mexico Cracks Down on Illegal Central American Immigrants
April 8
San Francisco Openly Advertises as Sanctuary City
50,000 Immigrants Can Stay in Britain after High Court Declares New Skilled Visa Rules 'Unfair and Unlawful'
April 6
Arizona Slams Door on Illegal Immigrants
Study Highlights Lethal Immigration Flood: Take action, or America Will Become a Distant Dream
March 28
Governor Refuses to Blame Illegal Immigrants for Budget Problems
Immigration Bill Blasted by L.A. Council
Laredo Trucks Drivers, Others Charged in Massive Human Smuggling Scheme

Sun Sets on Border Fence on 12/31/08
Exposing DHS's Border Fence Myth: How 302 Miles Is Actually Less Than 10
March 27
Blue Collar Workers Hurt by Failure to Curb Illegal Immigration

March 24
After Deportation, Illegals are Determined to Return

March 22
As Border Fence Rises, a Tribe Tightens Ties

U.S. Stretches Hours to Help Immigrants Become Citizens
St. Lucie County School District to Offer Mexican Diplomas
March 17
U.S. Boosts Deportation of Illegals

March 13
Got Illegals? Get Used to It!
Is a UNM Student a Patriot or Vandal?
March 8
Illegal Immigrant Curbs Face Roadblocks Ahead
Fact Sheet: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement
February 28
'Virtual Fence' Along Ariz.-Mexico Border Delayed Three Years

February 27
Mexican Prez: Closing Border a 'Mistake'
Suspect in Accident That Killed 4 Kids Identified as Illegal Alien from Guatemala

February 25
Why Illegal Aliens are a Danger to America

February 22
28-Mile 'Virtual' Mexican Border Fence Gains Approval

Iraqi Pair Nabbed in Mexico, Headed to U.S. With Fake IDs Mexico Suspects European Ring of Selling Counterfeit Bulgarian Passports for $10K
February 17
Illegal Crashes into Motorcycle, Kills 2

Phoenix Police: Check Arrestees' Immigrant Status
San Diego Border Patrol Discovers Wire Possibly Strung to Decapitate Agents
February 13
Illegal Aliens Damage - Drain Americas Economy

February 11
Schoolgirl to Aliens: Learn Our Language

February 5
Illegal Aliens Move to Texas from Inside the U.S. as Other States Pass Tough Laws

February 4
Federal Judge: Law Penalizing Businesses That Hire Illegals OK
Immigrants Told 'no Spitting or Touching People Without Their Permission' in New 'Behaviour Packs'

February 1
Hamas Won't Allow Border Closure

January 30
Illegal Immigrant Taxpayers Benefit From Stimulus Deal
More States to Deny Illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses

January 29
Second Illegal Immigrant Takes Refuge in Chicago Church

January 28
Mexican Military and Law Enforcement Agents Barging Over Border

January 26
Hunter Wants 'Fence' Back in 'Secure Fence Act'

January 23
Rising Health Care Costs Put Focus on Illegal Immigrants
Canada Stiffens Border Checks, Lawyers Say
Michigan Denies Illegal Immigrants Licenses
January 21
U.S. Agent Killed At Border Identified
January 19
A Deadly Turf War Over Cuban Illegals
January 18
An Open-Borders Dictionary
January 17
Mexico Blasts Arizona's Employer-Sanctions Law, Ignores Its Own Hiring Law
How Mexico Can Handle Returning Illegals
Child Rapist Is Previously Deported Illegal Alien
Illegal Immigrant Tuition Break Costs President Job
Judge: U.S. Gets Texas Land for Border Fence
January 14
The Illegal Immigrant? Texan of the Year Award Goes to Someone Who Shouldn't Even Be Here
Those Jobs Americans Won't Do
January 12
Citizens Blast Tax-Funded 'Sanctuary' for Illegals
Illegal Aliens Receive $37 Million From Los Angeles County in November
Report: Illegal Immigrants Cost State $1.4B in Wages
Kidnappings Crossing into U.S. Border Cities
U.S. Limits Forced Sedating of Deportees
Hillary on Immigration: 'No Woman Is Illegal'
Retirees May Be Rehired to Shrink Immigration Backlog
A Reader Returns to Arizona to Join the Immigration Battle
Border Schools Use Photos to Try to Stem Illegal Attendance
January 4
Group Aims to Recruit Minuteman Youth
Illegal Immigrants Walk Three Miles Through Channel Tunnel in Attempt to Sneak into UK

Europe’s Solution to Illegal Immigration
January 3
Mexico to Start Microchipping Migrants - video