December 31
2008: The Second Least Active Solar Year Since 1900
December 20
Magnetic Field Hole Could Cripple Communications
Solar Flare Surprise: Pure Hydrogen Bomb Shot at Earth
NASA: Ionosphere Not Where It Should Be
Nature's Christmas Lights: The Breathtaking Aurora Borealis
December 7
UN is Told That Earth Needs an Asteroid Shield
Fickle Sun Brought Down Ancient Emperors
Astronomer Believes He Has Solved the Star of Bethlehem Mystery
Meteor Explodes Over Colorado
December 3
Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather and Climate
December 1
A New Sun Spells New Trouble
Remains of Fiery Meteor Found in Western Canada
November 28
Lights in the Sky - What He Saw
Canadian Uses Imaging Tech to Locate Meteor Impacts
November 26
Researchers: Fireball a 10-tonne Asteroid Fragment
Space Experts Spurred to Offer Anti-Asteroid Plan
Meteorite Craters Might Not Be as Rare as We Think
Astronomy Picture of the Day - video
Hubble Captures Views of Mammoth Stars
November 23
Hunt on for Pieces of Massive Meteor
November 21
Massive Fireball Lights Up Canadian Prairie Skies
Hundreds Call in Spectacular Meteor Sighting
Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious, Nearby Object
November 18
Gamma-Ray Evidence Suggests Ancient Mars Had Oceans
November 11
NASA Surprised by Unexpected Meteor Outburst
November 9
The Sun Shows Signs of Life
At Last, Light is Shed on Secrets of Dark Matter
When Heaven and Earth Collide
November 5
Face and Pyramids on Mars Debunked - video
November 5
Strange Portal Connects Earth to Sun
Meteor Shower Could Spur Bright Fireballs
November 3
Two Great Celestial Events Occur in November
October 30
Large Meteor Dazzles Colorado Springs Area
October 26
Asteroid Searcher Hopes His Discoveries Won't Produce Direct Impact
Meteor Lights Up Night Sky
Cameras Capture 'Fireball' in the Sky: Meteor May Have Crashed in Ontario
Could Strange Mars Craters be from a Fallen Third Moon?
October 24
The Sound of Space: Scientists Reveal 'Music' Made by Stars
October 20
Sun's Protective 'Bubble' is Shrinking
Meteor Shower Headed to a Sky Near You
Hubble Revival Halted Due to Unforeseen Glitch
Mysterious Cyclones Seen at Both of Saturn's Poles
October 15
Italian Finds New Comet
October 11
Who's Watching Our Skies?
October 7
Small Asteroid Strikes Earth
October 6
Small Asteroid Likely to Strike Earth Tonight
Asteroid Blast May Have Thwarted Life on Mars
October 2
Scientists: Earth May Exist in Giant Cosmic Bubble
October 1
Scientists Warn of Possible 'Cosmic Katrina'
'Magnetic Hunger' Could Drive Space Travelers Insane - Scientists
September 26
Scientists Seek Solution to Asteroid Threat
UN Urged to Coordinate Killer Asteroid Defences
Space Exploration Key to Mankind's Survival: NASA Chief
Study Suggests It Rained on Ancient Mars
Mysterious New 'Dark Flow' Discovered in Space
Diamonds May Be Life's Birthstone
September 25
Solar Wind Weakest Since Beginning of Space Age
September 15
Sit Tight, a Bigger Bang Is Coming
September 12
Weather Eye: Cosmic Force Hits Earth
September 6
Black Holes: A Sharper View
September 6
European Spacecraft Flys By Asteroid, Camera Stops
September 5
Strange New Comet Explains Old Mystery
September 2
Is There Another ‘Big One’ Out There?
What We Talk About When We Talk About a Huge Meteor Hitting the Earth and Killing Everyone – video (music of Pink Floyd)
August 31
Sun Poised to Make History With First Spotless Month Since 1913
August 28
Dead Star Shines Bright
August 26
US-Russia Chill Threatens NASA Space Program
August 24
Streaking Fireball a Vivid Spectacle in Daytime Sky
August 17
Saturn's Geyser-Spewing Moon Stumps Science
August 12
Scientist Claims Mars has 'Contemporary' Life
August 5
Red Planet May Kill Green Life
August 1
Total Eclipse Provides Rare Delight
July 28
NASA Launches New Market
90 Billion Tons of Microbial Organisms Live in the Deep Biosphere
Ex-Astronaut Slams Asteroid Plan
Meteor Craters May Hold Untapped Wealth
July 25
Northern Lights Mystery Exposed
July 24
The Killer Oceans: What Really Wiped Out the Dinosaurs?
July 21
Move Over Global Warming, Let's Talk About Global Catastrophes
July 17
Target Earth
July 14
Is Something Wrong With Our Sun?
July 9
Forget the Meltdown, Worry About Goo and Asteroids
How to Deal With "Asteroid Terrorism"?
Could We Divert a Giant Asteroid?
June 27
Bits of Ancient Earth Hidden on the Moon
Canadian Scientists Unveil Plans for Asteroid-Hunting Satellite
June 20
Large 'Planet X' May Lurk Beyond Pluto
Scientists: Mars Lander Finds Ice
June 16
'Death of a Star' Captured on Film By Telescopes
June 12
NASA Going to the Sun
June 11
Sun Goes Longer Than Normal Without Producing Sunspots
June 9
Rare Daytime Fireball Seen Over Utah Mountains
May 23
Jupiter Gets a Brand-New Red Spot

May 8
Did Earth Once Have Multiple Moons?

May 2
Sun's Movement Through Milky Way Regularly Sends Comets Hurtling, Coinciding With Mass Life Extinctions
May 1
Astronomers Find Ticking Cosmic Time Bomb
April 16
NASA Revises Chance of Massive Asteroid Strike

April 10
New Rocky Planet Found In Constellation Leo

April 3
First Movie of 'Tsunami' on Sun
March 31
Old Solar Cycle Returns

March 28
Prepare for the Worst, Because Solar Storms Are About to Get Ugly

March 26
Solar Activity Alert

Google Earth User Finds "New" Meteor Crater
March 11
Real Death Star Could Strike Earth
Nearest Star System Might Harbor Earth Twin

Mysterious Craters Seen on Mercury
March 8
Scientists Create Artificial Black Hole in Lab

March 5
Spacecraft Photographs Mars Avalanche

March 4
Meteor Crashes into School Field

March 2
Planet Projected at Solar System's Edge

February 21
Pentagon Video Shows Missile Hitting Spy Satellite

February 20
Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight
Huge Meteor Tears Across Early-Morning Sky
Great Ball of Fire!
Asteroid Triple Threat

February 17
‘Earth No 2’ Lies in Deep Freeze Waiting to be Born

February 8
Sun's 'Disturbingly Quiet' Cycle Prompts Fear of Global Cooling
February 4
Schumann’s Resonances and Vision 2020

January 30
Space Rock Misses Mars, Barely
Research: Asteroids Pose Greater Danger Than Previously Thought
Could An Asteroid Hit Planet Earth, Again?
January 29
Asteroid 2007 TU24 Hurtles Past Earth

January 26
Alien Impact Poisons Canadian Town
Surprise! That Comet Is an Asteroid, Sort Of
Dino-Killing Meteor More Deadly Than Previously Thought
January 24
Asteroid to Pass Within 334,000 Miles of Earth Next Tuesday

January 23
Sun’s Magnetic Secret Revealed
Amazing Old Stars Give Birth Again
January 19
New Theory on Global Warming
UA Teams Search Skies for Killer Asteroids
January 15
SOHO: The New Solar Cycle Starts With a 'Bang'
January 14
Changes in the Sun’s Surface to Bring Next Climate Change

The Sun Goes Haywire - flashback
NASA Satellites Capture Start of New Solar Cycle
Astronomers Astonished by Violence of Universe
Ulysses Flyby of the Sun's North Pole
One Giant Sunspot: The Movie
January 12
Huge Gas Cloud Will Hit Milky Way
Solar Cycle 24 Heats Up -Could Wreak Havoc
Meteor Shower Traced to 1490 Comet Break-Up
January 7
Solar Cycle 24 Has Started

Heavy Weather: Solar Storms Expected to Disrupt Earth Comms
January 4
Asteroid's Martian Impact: What Might Happen
Must-See Meteor Shower Friday Morning: The Notoriously Unpredictable Quadrantids May End Up Being 2008’s Best
NASA to Find Most Earth-Threatening Asteroids By End of 2008

January 2
Celestial Fireworks Will Keep Stargazers Busy in January
Feasible Impact Risk Detected