December 30
Hamas Stronger Than Ever
December 26
Homeland Security Forecasts 5-Year Terror Threats
Islamic Militants Threaten to Blow Up Schools
December 23
Berlin Says Cruise Ships in Gulf of Aden 'Risking Lives'
5 Muslim Men Guilty in Plot to Attack Fort Dix Soldiers
December 20
Feds Arrest President of Islamic Group for Docs Linking Fifth Ave. Property, Iranian Nukes
Executive Linked to Iranian Probe Arrested in NYC
Iranian Foundation Head Arrested in U.S. for Obstruction of Justice
December 3
Nuclear or Biological Attack Called Likely
December 2
US Bioattack Looms, Report Warns
The Growing Planetary Threat from Biological Weapons and Terrorism
'Chemical Ali' Gets Second Death Sentence
December 1
Five Mumbai Terrorists May Have Escaped Capture
November 28
Mumbai Gunmen 'Were BRITISH': Indian Authorities Say 2 of Arrested Militants are from UK; Death Toll at 143
First U.S. Fatalities Identified in Mumbai
November 26
Terror Attacks in Mumbai; 101 Dead, Over 900 Injured
Group E-Mailed Threat to Attack Mumbai 2 Months Ago
Who are the Deccan Mujahedeen Terrorists?
Al Qaeda's Goal: Cripple Amtrak's N'east Corridor
NYC Holiday Terror Threat
November 21
Official: Terrorism, Water Shortages Likely
November 16
Obama Told to Brace for Early Terrorist Assault
November 14
CIA: Al-Qaeda 'Single Biggest Threat' to U.S.
Condemning Islamic Terrorism Banned on Marine Training Base
Al-Qaida's Budget Slips Through the Cracks
November 12
Report: Britain Under Threat From Homegrown Terrorists
The Ultimate Counterterrorism Weapon
November 11
Bin Laden 'Plans New Attack on US' That will "Outdo by far" 911
November 9
UK Terror Alert Over Thousands of Extremists
Allies Losing Battle to Plug Terrorists' Cash Pipeline
Indonesia Executes Bali Bombers
November 7
Air Freight Gets Tighter Screening
Jihad Against Free Speech
November 6
Wanted: Suicide Bombers to Attack U.S.
November 5
Terrorists Trying to Infiltrate UK's Top Bio-Labs
October 30
FBI Warns of 'Anthrax' Letters Sent to Media Outlets
October 28
U.S. Says It Has Broken Up Plot to Assassinate Obama and 100 Others
October 22
Change in U.S. President May Spur Terror Plot, Chertoff Says
Al Qaeda-Linked Web Site Backs McCain for President
October 20
Bombings of Canadian Pipelines Spark Ecoterrorism Fears
Al-Qaeda Web Forums Abruptly Taken Offline
October 15
Muslim Convert Admits Restaurant Bomb Attempt
October 7
FBI Warns of Potential Terror Attacks on Public Buildings
Airport Bomb Scans Tested in Busy Terminals
October 6
Taliban Furious Over U.S. Missile Strike
October 1
Pakistan's Taliban Leader, Baitullah Mehsud, is Dead
September 29
'Terrorists Believe Now Is Time to Strike America'
September 26
German Police Board Jet in Terror Raid
Canadian Found Guilty of Terror Plot to Behead PM
September 24
Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise
September 21
Pakistan Blames Al-Qaeda for Hotel Bombing
Manhunt for Bin Laden
September 18
Intelligence: Terror Operation in U.S., Europe Possibly Imminent
September 15
Muslim Leader Threatens to Kill Paul Mccartney Over Israel Gig
September 13
Next 9/11 in Britain Warn Banned Muslim Militants
September 11
Poll: Concerns About Terrorist Attacks at Lowest Level Since 9/11
Terror Expert: WMD Attack on U.S. Inevitable
U.S. Scans Air Cargo
September 9
Fears Grow of Terrorist With ‘an American Face’
September 5
Ahead of Holidays, Warnings Against Trips to Sinai, Thailand
August 24
Al-Qaeda Masters Terrorism on the Cheap
August 21
Islamic Terrorists Could Be From Any Race, Warns Secret MI5 Report
August 20
Preparing for an Urban WMD Attack
August 19
U.S. Patrols 300 Ports of Entry, Potential Terrorist Gateways
August 18
Taliban to Target Canadian Civilians
Suspicious Package Prompts Airport Evacuation
August 1
Ignorance About the Enemy's Ideology Is the Problem
July 28
U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage
July 25
Qantas Plane Dives 20,000 Feet After Hole Ripped Mid-Air in Fuselage
July 18
EU Terrorists 'Trying to Enter U.S.'
Israel Makes Arrests in Alleged Plot Against Bush
July 16
GAO Warns of 'Dirty Bomb' Threat
July 14
The Heretic: How Al-Qaeda's Mastermind Turned His Back on Terror
July 12
Homeland Security Experts Expect Disaster or Attack Within Next 4 Years

June 23
Police: Female Homicide Bomber Kills 15 in Iraq

June 8
Muslim Extremist's Web Site Stirs Mixed Emotions in Charlotte, N.C.
June 4
Dangerous New Global Terrorist Group Identified
June 1
Al-Qaida's Stance on Women Sparks Extremist Debate
May 29
America's Greatest Terror Fear
May 27
Al Qaeda Supporters' Tape to Call for Use of WMDs Against West, Civilians
'We'll Keep Firing Until Every Jew Climbs Back into the Sh--hole He Came From'
May 24
EPA Tests Plans to Protect Water From Terrorists
May 19
Bin Laden Lashes Out at Arab Leaders
May 5
Hezbollah Trains Iraqis in Iran, Officials Say
May 1
America Denies the Islamic Roots of Jihadi Terrorism
April 20
Report: Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq Vows Monthlong Offensive Against U.S.
Muslim Convert, 19, Held Under Terror Act as Police Explode 'Bomb Factory'

April 10
Homeland Security Invokes Nuclear Bomb, as Bush Quietly Links Cybersecurity Program to NSA
U.S. Has Launched a Cyber Security 'Manhattan Project,' Homeland Security Chief Claims
China: Plot on Olympic Athletes Foiled

April 1
132 US Cities at High Risk for Terrorist Attacks Identified

April 1
Jihad Against West Well-Entrenched, Author Says
March 31
Al Qaeda Wants to Look Like Us

March 27
Jihad USA: Confronting the Threat of Homegrown Terror
U.S.-Based Revolution Muslim Site Spreading Messages of Hate
FARC Acquired 'Dirty Bomb' Uranium, Says Colombia
NC Firefighters to Get 'Dirty-Bomb' Training
Canada 'Dirty Bomb' Scenario to Test Emergency Response to a Radio-Nuclear Event
Fake Crises Will Test Colorado's Emergency Response
Newsweek: Is al-Qaida Threat Real This Time?
March 9
'Dirty Bomb' Threat as UK Ships Plutonium to France

March 8
Bombing of Times Square: Military Target an Afterthought
Press 'Ignore' Terrorist Stopped By Armed Student
The Terror Nobody Knows: Thwarted Attacks on the U.S.
March 6
Blast Damages Times Square Recruiting Station

March 5
March Madness: Homeland Security Issues Warning on Sports Arenas

February 25
Study: 3 in 4 U.S. Mosques Preach Anti-West Extremism

Soft Pedaling Radical Islam: The New York Times Discovers the MSA
UK: How Muslim Beheading Plotter Taught His Children to Hate
February 17
Al Qaeda Burns Prisoners Alive in Video

February 11
Al-Qaeda Leaders Admit: 'We are in Crisis. There is Panic and Fear'

February 6
Al-Qaeda Video Shows Boys Training to Kill, Kidnap

February 4
Securing the Cities Is No Easy Task: Developing a System for Detecting 'Dirty Bombs' Hits Snags, Criticism
Islamist 'Trojan Horse' in Pentagon, Say Experts

February 1
'Appalling Gap' Found in Homeland Defense Places Americans at Greater Risk

15 Cities, Regions Added to Terrorism High-Risk List
Quebec Resident Allegedly Plotted Foreign Attack
Egypt Thwarts Hamas Plan to Attack Israeli Tourists in Sinai
January 29
More Dangerous Than Osama

January 28
U.S. Shifts Focus As Al Qaeda Poses Fresh Threat

January 21
Terror Informant for FBI Allegedly Targeted Agents

January 17
Textbook: Islamic 'Jihad' Means Doing Good Works
The Putin-Osama Connection
January 14
Al-Qaeda's White Army of Terror

January 11
Children At Risk From The Perfect Day: What Most Parents, Police and Politicians Don't Know
January 4
New Al Qaeda Video on the Way Via U.S.-born Islamist Adam Gadahn

January 2
Female Suicide Bomber Kills 10 in Iraq