November 28
Lake County, OH: No Answer to Landing of Mysterious Object
November 23
All next week on CNN's American Morning, Preview In Search of Aliens
November 20
Philly's Strange 'Night Lights'
November 18
No Explanation After 'Earthquake'
November 3
NY Residents Stand by UFO Sightings of 1980s
October 24
Video 'Shows UFO, Aliens Flying Over Turkey' - best frames toward end of video
October 20
UK's UFO Files Dispel Some Mysteries, Raise Others
October 15
Secret U.N. Meetings on Extraterrestrial Life Continue: Threats Used to Prevent Diplomatic Leaks
September 17
Lights in the Sky
Astronomers Baffled by Mysterious Light in Sky

August 15
Body Proves Bigfoot No Myth, Hunters Say
August 14
'UFO Mystery' in Stretford
August 8
Expert Says 'Something Pretty Significant' Caused Explosions

Mystery Deepens Around Two Huge Noises

August 5
Sixth Shoe Adds to Detatched Foot Mystery
July 31
'Alien' Creature Creates Monster Stir
July 28
Bigfoot: New Evidence
July 24
Aliens Exist, But NASA Covers Them Up Says Astronaut
July 9
Meteor Sighting Sparks UFO panic in Israel
Latest Buzz: Shock Bracelets for All Airline Passengers
July 8
Anomalies Around Mena, Arkansas
Volcano Surfing: Lava Waves in Hawaii
July 2
UFOs Spotted By Navy Engineer Above the M5 Motorway
June 30
UFOs Descend on Outback Town
June 19
Most Complex Crop Circle Ever Discovered in British Fields
May 29
Video Purportedly Showing Space Aliens to Be Released
May 23
Startling New Evidence That Suggests Poltergeists DO Exist
Pictured: Daredevil Photographer Leaps Over Grand Canyon to Take Perfect Photo
May 19
Is the Vatican Easing Humanity Toward Alien Disclosure?

May 14
More Crop Circles Appear in East Tennessee
British Government Releases UFO Files
May 2
Hillary Encouraged Husband to Declassify UFO Information, Canadian Researcher Discovers
May 1
Women claim UFO sighting over Baytown
April 25
Adolf Hitler Doll Comes With a Change of Clothes - and a Spare Head With a Kind Face

April 23
Mystery Lights Reported Over Phoenix

Mystery Lights Spotted Flying 'in Formation' in Fla. Skies
Stephen Hawking: Aliens Probably Exist
Civil Society Launches UN Extraterrestrial Initiative at National Press Club Press Conference in Washington, DC
April 21
Earth's Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever

April 16
Mysterious Lights Above Penza Interpreted as Omen for Apocalyse

March 27
Extreme Recycling: Food, Furniture, Diapers

March 18
Did 'UFO Lights' Herald Lincolnshire Earthquake?
March 17
Freak Weather, Shower of Frogs, Tales of Alien Visits Earn Birmingham "Weirdest Place"
February 17
Online 'Suicide Gurus' Are Exposed
What Do Tom Cruise and John Travolta Know About Scientology That We Don't?
New Data: Maybe Oil Isn't From Dead Dinos: Saturn Moon Has More Hydrocarbons Than all of Earth's Known Reserves
Crowds 'Pick Leaders to Follow'

February 11
Will Beaming Songs into Space Lead to an Alien Invasion?
New York is a Giant Birth Control Pill

February 1
Qatar: Strange Lights Over Doha

January 30
Qatar: Strange Lights Over Doha

January 29
Empire State Building Car Zap Mystery

January 24
Air Force Changes Story - Texas UFO Sightings Now Training Exercises

January 23
Texas UFO Investigators in Stephenville Seek Images, Video & Witnesses
The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried to Suppress
Scientology Dictionary
Notable Scientology Practices and Scientology Beliefs
Life on Mars? Amazing Photos From NASA Probe Reveal Mystery Figure on Red Planet
January 21
Bizarre Weather Sends Hay Bales Up in Flames
January 17
'Ghost Hunters' Called into Air Force Base
January 15
Dozens in Texas Town Report Seeing UFO
January 12
UFO Spotted Over Canada
Newscast's Chemtrail Investigation Reveals Dangerous Aerosolized Compounds
January 7
Soldiers Witness Strange Lights in Iraq's Night Sky - video
January 2
New Year's Eve Lights: UFOs or Too Much Revelry?
Gnostics Reveal Why Christians Deny UFOs and Extraterrestrial Contacts With Humanity