make sure you're feeding Your Pets Good Food

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

December 30
Famous San Francisco Sea Lions Leave in Droves
December 28
125 Pilot Whales Die on New Zealand Beaches, 43 Saved
December 24
War Vets, Shelter Dogs Heal Together in Program
Judge Allows Wild Horse Roundup in Nevada
December 23
Are Dogs Worse for Environment Than SUVs?
Hundreds of Thousands of Robins Killed at Christmas to Make Illegal Delicacy
December 18
Colorado Seizes 100 Starving Sled Dogs
December 17
Two-Legged Dog Gives Hope to Disabled Army Vets
December 16
Dog Rescued from Ice, Family Counts It's Blessings + video
December 15
Coconut-carrying Octopus Stuns Scientists – videos
December 14
Family Dog Survives 98 Days on Deserted New Jersey Island – video
Deer Walks Around with Christmas Lights Tangled in Antlers
December 10
Connecticut Calf Born with Cross-Shaped Marking to be Spared from Slaughter
December 4
The Short Guide to a Healthy Dog
December 2
Premium Edge Dried Cat Food, Now Recalled, Sickened 21 Pets
As Bees Continue to Die Off, Suspicion Turns to Chemically Coated Seeds and Other Factors
Livestock Disease Found in Eastern Idaho Cow
November 27
Baby Meerkats Snuggle Up to Cuddly Toy After Mother Dies in Childbirth
Four-Legged Bandit Swipes Thanksgiving Dinner
November 24
In Recession, Pets Go Homeless in Droves
More Than 200,000 Animals Slaughtered at Nepal Sacrifice Festival
November 18
Dozens of Birds Drop Dead During Country Show
November 16
Animals Suffering from the Recession
November 12
Army Dog Found after 14 Months Lost in Afghanistan
November 11
Sculptor Salutes War Dogs
U.S. War Dogs Association Honoring Canines Who Serve
Pit Bulls Collected in Dogfighting Sting Find Homes
November 10
How to Perform an at Home Wellness Exam on Your Pet – video
November 5
World First as Swine Flu Found in US Cat
November 4
American Bulldog Gives Birth to 21 Puppies + video
Vets Warn of Highly Contagious Dog Flu
...Symptoms, Treatments and More
'Dog Flu' Study Under Way in Colorado Springs
Toxic Algae Plagues the Midwest Killing Dogs, Sickening People
Unlikely Friends: Why We Love Odd Animal Pairs
November 2
Japanese Fishing Trawler Sunk by Giant Jellyfish
October 27
Giant 'Sea Monster' Skull Found in England
October 23
Argus Bird Can Sense Earthquake
Poll: Most Pet Owners Would Give 'Mouth-to-Snout' CPR
Fungus Pushing Frogs Toward Extinction
October 15
H3N8 Flu Is Truly One for the Dogs
Florida's Reptile Wrath to Become National Problem Soon
October 14
Growing Number of Pet Owners Turn to Home Cooking
Dog Treats and Dog Foods Rated – higher score is better
Dog Says Even Banks Aren't Safe – humorous video
October 13
Famous Elk Found Dead Just North of Yellowstone
October 11
S. Carolina Golfer Attacked by Alligator, Loses His Arm
Bird Gets Free Ride – on a Hawk
October 8
Massive Dino Footprints Found in Paris
October 7
World's Biggest Dinosaur Footprints Discovered
October 6
Bees Fight Back Against Colony Collapse
September 29
Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find Her Family
Rabies Kills Mountain Lion, Cow
850 New Species Discovered Living Underground
September 28
What's Ugly, Smells, Kills Dogs? Blue-Green Algae
September 22
Giant Squid Accidentally Caught in Gulf of Mexico
September 21
The Secrets Inside Your Dog's Mind
Grizzly Bear Decline in Canada
Surge in Supercats as Domestic Pets Breed with Wild Animals
September 18
Lucky Gets New Legs
September 17
Dogs May Need Flu Shots Too
New Documentary Sheds Light on Plight of Bees
September 16
Australian Cat Strays 2,400 Miles, Returns Home
September 11
Bear Attacks Colorado Man Inside His Home
September 8
Defense Dept. Funding Study Pairing Dogs and Troops with PTSD
September 6
Great White Sharks Tagged for First Time off Mass.
September 2
Pet-Owners Encouraged to Buy Earthquake Kits for Cats and Dogs
August 30
Dogs Welcome Soldier Returning from Iraq – video
Police Baffled as Dozens of 'Suicidal' Cows Throw Themselves Off Cliff in the Alps
GoD and DoG – While we can't compare God's awesome love to our pet's, every dog owner with understand the message of this short video
August 25
N. Carolina Fish Kill Now in the Millions
August 24
Hundreds of Dead Sea Lions Wash Up on Iquique Beaches
August 18
Thai Elephant Hurt by Mine Gets Artificial Leg
Trapped Dog Survived on Rainwater
Cat Saves Man from Burning Home
August 17
US Air Force Program: Marine Mammals and Other Sea Life to be Decimated
August 14
Remains of Ancient Toothed Whale Found in California
Bear Tries to Beat the Heat in Backyard Pool
August 13
Honey Bees Disappearing May be a Greater Threat Than Global Warming
August 11
Adopt Less-Adoptable Pets, and Make Their Day
August 11
Hundreds of New Species Discovered in Eastern Himalayas
August 10
Dogs as Smart as 2-year-old Kids
August 7
Sandbag Saved! Animal Charities Unite to Bring Home Soldiers' Mascot Left Out in Iraq
August 6
Fire Survivor 'Sam' the Koala Dies in Surgery
August 3
Pet Cat Catches the Daily Bus for 4 Years
uly 31
Blinded by Nazis, Guided by a Dog
Whale Saves Drowning Diver
Australian Dog Found 9 Years On, 1,200 Miles Away
Blind Border Collie Gets His Own Guide Dog
uly 29
Family Finds Dog Lost in Hurricane Ike – video
uly 26
Dolphin Plays with Bubble Rings – video
uly 23
Homes Tough to Find for Dogs Seized in Raids
Vaccinating With Remembee Against Bee Colony Collapse Disorder
uly 22
Rescue Center Releases Recovered Sea Lions
uly 21
Babies Understand Dogs, Bark-matching Study Finds
uly 16
First All-Pets Commercial Flight Lands in Broomfield
July 15
More Dogs Sickened by Toxic Mushrooms
July 14
Warning Over Honeybee Decline
Ladybug Invasion Paints Colorado Town Red
July 13
Massive Squid Washes Up on Beach in Quake Aftermath + video
As Food Supply Dwindles, Bear Season Kicks into High Gear
July 10
Humans May Give Swine Flu to Pigs in New Twist to Pandemic
Pet Airways: Where the Fur Flies
July 1
Over 2,000 Cattle Die in Neb. Heat Wave
June 22
More Quarantine as Nebraska Traces Bovine TB
June 17
Nev. Couple Pleads Guilty in Pet-Food Poisoning
June 14
Beagle Lost for 3 Years in Colo. Heads Home to KY
What Really Prompts the Dog's 'Guilty Look'
Flushed Puppy' Survives Ordeal + video
June 14
Teen Accused of Miami Cat Mutilations
June 12
Dog Alerts Ohio Family to Fire – Then Dies in Blaze
June 11
Mali Desert Elephants Endangered by Severe Drought
June 10
Dog Fetches Live Grenade
20 Cat Mutilation Deaths Alarm Florida Communities
June 9
Missing Companion Dog Crosses 2 Counties in Search for Owner
June 8
Bee-killing Parasite Genome Sequenced
June 6
Deadly Bat Disease Spreading Fast, Scientists Warn Congress
June 3
Dangers of Rawhide Chews – reposted by request
FDA Approves First Canine Cancer Therapy
Cat-food Irradiation Banned as Pet Theory Proved
June 1

Plague of Hairy Caterpillars Causing Health Problems Invades Britain
May 31
Every Day in America, Countless Animals Suffer from Cruelty and Neglect. Will You Help Them? – video link on right
May 26
Man Saves Dog By Sucking Snake Venom from His Nose
May 21
Bee Colonies Drop Another 29%
May 18
Who Stole the Candy? – amazing video
King of the Queens: Honeybee Breeder Works to save our Food Supply
Amazing Loyalty Plays Out on Bronx Street as Dog Protects His Injured Mother – video
May 11
Giant Pandas Still Struggle After Quake
Frogs Rescued from Deadly Fungus Ravaging Montserrat
May 9
Honey Bee Demand Rising Worldwide
May 7
Domesticated Bee Numbers Soar Amid Buzzing Demand
Fears of 'Lights Out' for Fireflies in Malaysia
May 5
Dancing Birds Feel the Beat
Snowball - Another One Bites the Dust – video
May 2
Dogs (Not Chimps) Most Like Humans
April 24
Thousands of Baby Kangaroos to be Clubbed to Death in Australia
April 23
The Dead Polo Ponies and Their Mysterious Millionaire Owner
April 20
Veterinarians Blame Toxin in Death of 21 Polo Horses
April 17
A Cure for Honey Bee Colony Collapse?
Creatures in Acidic Waters Offer Glimpse into Oceans' Future
As Bears Die, Hunters and Climate Change Blamed
April 10
Moving? Don’t Freak Out Your Pets!
April 7
Pet Dog Survives 4 Months Lost at Sea off Australia
April 4
As West Warms, Some Fear for Tiny Mountain Dweller
April 1
Killer Ants Weapons of Mass Toad Destruction
March 30
Agency Misled Public About Rising Bird Threat
March 29
Hundreds of Horses Expected to be Evacuated
IFAW to Help Animals Affected by Record Floods in North Dakota
What to Do If Attacked By Africanized Honey Bees
March 26
Hundreds of Killer Whales Seen in Gulf of Mexico
Why We Should Learn to Love Rats
March 22
Environmental Disaster: Every Single Bat May Soon be Dead
Dog Leaves Family's Cash in his Deposits
Found: Rare Baby Reptile Dating Back to Dino Age
March 20
Pink Elephant is Caught on Camera
Bag a Polar Bear for $35,000: the New Threat to the Species
US Birds Struggling to Survive Habitat Loss, Climate Change
March 18
Montserrat Frog is Latest Victim of Lethal Fungus Sweeping the World
Polar Bears at Risk, Climate Deal Needed: Norway
Famished Dogs Kill 10-Year-Old Boy
March 14
Disabled Officer Bids Farewell to Remarkable Labrador Who Saved His Marriage and his Life
March 11
Giant Stingray Could Be World's Largest Freshwater Fish
March 8
Plague of Rats Invades Flamborough
Pink Dolphin Appears in US Lake
February 26
More Dog Treats Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk
Group Works to Keep Pets Safe After Disasters
Cocoa Mulch Can Be Lethal to Dogs & Cats
February 17
285 Puppies Rescued Amid Tornado Warnings
February 15
Australia Wildfires Wildlife Death Toll May Be in the Millions
February 12
Pictured: The Badly Burned Koalas Who Became Best Friends After Surviving Australia's Deadliest Bushfires
February 11
Thirsty Koala Survives Bushfire and Drinks 3 Bottles of Water - video
It's a Miracle: Dogs Saved From Fire - video
February 10
Desperate Battle to Save Hundreds of Stranded and Disoriented Dolphins
Tiny Newborn Puppies Survive After Being Thrown into Icy Canal
February 9
Afghan Dogs Reunited With U.S. Soldiers
Dog Found After 6 Months and Cold Winter
February 6
Abandoned Badger Cub Saved from Freezing Temperatures – adorable pics
February 5
Crews Rescue Horse from Icy Grave + video
February 4
Birds Dying as Snow Covers Food Supply
January 29
Economic Woes Forcing Owners to Give Up Horses
January 27
Police Sniffer Dog Dies of Nose Cancer, Cocaine Blamed
Hundreds of Dead Birds Drop From Sky in New Jersey
Emperor Penguins at Risk as Ice Melts
Scientific Sub Makes Deep-Sea Discoveries
January 26
A Rare Breed of Love
January 25
Maryland Has Plan to Help Pets During Disasters
NH Towns Plan for Pet-Friendly Shelters During Natural Disaster
January 23
Cruel Winds Conspire to Strand Gentle Giants
January 22
Pet Food Recall
PetSmart Recalls Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits
Frogs are Being Eaten to Extinction, Experts
January 21
Weather Too Hazardous to Free Entangled Whale
Australia, Land of Two-Headed Fish
January 15
The Elephant and the Dog: A Tale of Friendship - video
Abandoned Pets Flood Shelter
January 14
One Day, 3,000 Adoptions From Pet Shelters, No Fees
January 13
Zoos, Acquariums Face Axe Across US
Rare 'Dinky' Bird Migrates to US for First Time
January 9
Winter Pet Safety
January 8
Thousands of Brown Pelicans Dying or Injured by Bad Weather or Mysterious Malady
January 7
New Galapagos Species of Pink Iguana, Unseen by Darwin, Found
January 1
Thousands of Rare Whales and Dolphins Found Living in Deep Sea Channel