Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

HOLLY NOTE: I have not been able to confirm this widely reputed Henry Kissinger quote, but it may have been inferred through this document dated December 10, 1974: NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, (472 kB PDF). A linked index version is available which makes it easier to find specific topics.

December 29
Obama: Forests, Not Food
Unharvested Crops Cap 'a Very, Very Unusual Year'
Oklahoma Firm Recalling Beef Products in 6 States
Products Subject to Recall

December 23
Inspectors Find Raw Meat, Vermin in Airport Eateries

December 21
Food Prices Soar in India

Stop "Downer" Animals from Entering the Food Supply
December 18
How Monsanto Owns and Manipulates the World's Food Supply

2010 Food Crisis for Dummies
Farmers Try to Weather Financial Drought
Drought in Bottled Water Sales Has Industry Mystified
December 15
Miami Hotel Moves 300 Guests Due to Water-Borne Bacteria

December 10
Fast-food Standards for Meat Top Those for School Lunches
December 9
Bad Recipe for Corn: A Late, Wet Harvest
Winter's Here, Yet Illinois Corn Harvest Drags on
Cold Snarls California Traffic, Threatens Crops
Western Sugar Officials Stop Harvest of Frozen Sugar Beets
Neglected Crops in Copenhagen
Drought Hits Australia's Summer Crops
So. Australia's Crop Yields Slashed by Extreme Weather
Syrian Farmers Battle Drought – Food Production Cut in Half
Plant Disease Devastating Vegetable Crops in Eastern US
December 8
Top 12 Foods for Healthy Immune Response
Missouri Gov. Plots Undercover Sting Operations Against Families Selling Raw Milk
December 7
22,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns
All Slim Fast Canned Drinks Recalled
December 4
India Food Inflation Soars 17%
December 1
New Security Law Raises Fears of Spoilage in Cargo Checks
Fake Meat Grown in Laboratory
December 1
Joel Salatin Advocates a Better Way to Raise Food
Is Your Chicken Dinner Safe?
November 24
China Executes 2 Over Tainted Milk Scandal
Monsanto Giant Steps Back on Two GMOs. Why?
November 23
NSW to Lose 1/3 of Wheat Crop to Drought
November 22
Fighting Hunger in a Land of Plenty
Some Nevada Water Too Dangerous to Drink
France Finds Monsanto Guilty of Lying
U.S. Food Safety Likely to Get Overhaul in 2010
Asia's Rice Culture Threatened
Valcent’s Vertical Farming Tech One of Top 50 Best Innovations of 2009
November 20
Rain May Put Pumpkin Pie in Peril, Nestle Says
November 18
Winemakers Face Climate Change with Dread
World Food Prices High Despite Good Output
November 17
Record 49 Million Americans Going Hungry, USDA
November 16
Farmers Scramble to Finish Harvest from Hell
Rice Prices Poised to Skyrocket, Disasters Destroy Crops Globally
Food Emergency: 20 Million on the Verge of Starvation as the World Teeters on the Brink of a Global Famine
Thanksgiving is Coming, But Pantries are Bare
Food Banks See Big Increase in First-Timers Seeking Help
Coast to Coast People & Pets Need Food Help
West Virginia: Recession Bringing Newcomers to Food Banks
California: Food Agencies Turning Away the Hungry
Washington: Food Banks Running Critically Low
Florida: Food Banks Running Out of Rations
Michigan: Food Banks Panic as Winter Rush Nears
November 12
How to Live the Real Simple Life (ABC Nightline) – video
November 6
Concerns Over Superbugs in Our Food Supply Food
Corruption Inside the USDA – free book download
Zimbabwe Food Shortage Looms as Farm Violence Escalates
Kellogg to Stop Immunity Claims on Rice Krispies, US
November 5
Wet Weather Delays Harvest from Midwest to South
Harvest Hopes Dampened
The Harvest from Hades
Sick of the Rain? Farmers Agree
November 4
USDA Says Food Prices to Increase Next Year
November 3
Burgeoning Groundwater Crisis
November 2
The Lurking Food Crisis
Illinois Corn Harvest Slowest in 42 Years
Alabama's Crops Are in Trouble, Ag Commissioner
Iowa Facing Latest Corn Harvest in Decades
Illinois Soybean, Corn Harvests at Record Lows
Nebraska Crop Waits for Sun to Dry Fields
Wet Weather Continues to Hinder Iowa Harvest
Tenn. Harvesters Race to Beat River Flood Threats
Cool, Wet Weather Slows Kansas Wheat Planting
Weather Delays Wisconsin Corn, Soybean Harvest
Late Harvest Sows Problems for Farmers
Farmers Fight Climate Bill, But Warming Spells Trouble for Them
Sunlight: The New Wave of Terror
U.S. Inflation to Appear Next in Food and Agriculture
Losing our Food Freedom
Tainted Beef Linked to 2 Deaths?
Depression Link to Processed Food
October 30
Monsanto's Mutated World and the FDA's Human Experiment
October 29
Cuba's Push to Take Control of Food Prices Sparks Outrage, Fear Over Shortages
Rice Market ‘on Thin Ice’ as Record Prices May Return
Philippines Urges Global Rice Stockpiling
India – World’s 2nd-largest Grower – May Import Rice, Fueling 'Panic,'
October 26
Australia Faces Famine, Expert Warns
October 21
Wet Weather Causes Problems for La., Miss. Farmers
Israel's Water Reserves May be Drained by 2010
October 19
Britain Will Starve Without GM Crops, Says Major Report
Mexico Allows Disputed GM Corn Tests
It is Too Late to Shut the Door on GM Foods
'Lunatic' Single-Handedly Takes on the US Ag System
Typhoon Lupit May Spark Global Rice Shortage
New FDA Plan May Limit U.S. Oyster Consumption, Sale
Salmon Flee River Thames Until Sewers Fixed
Major Water Sources Drying Up as Rain Season Begins
October 15
Sticker Shock at the Supermarket: Food Prices Poised to Rise
October 14
Calif. Endangering People to Protect Fish
Niger Drought Threatens 2.7 Million with Famine
October 14
America Faces Dairy Shortage
London’s Food Supply Danger – We Must Grow More
October 11
Food Prices Stabilize, Shortages Persist
It's the Great Pumpkin-Pie-Filling Shortage
In Guatemala, Drought Leaves Hundreds Suffering from Malnutrition
October 9
Meager Crop Threatens Lives in Asian Valley
Food Shortages Hit Millions in Flood-Hit India
Water Shortage Bogs Down Idaho Trout Farms
Indiana Corn Acres Decrease as Ethanol Production Increases
The Coming Food Shortage: Potash as Fuel for Food
Food and Salvation in the Prophecy of Joel
10 Foods Most Likely to Make You Sick
Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
October 7
Rice Crops Ruined by Storms Could Have Fed The Philippines for 8 Days
Floods Put India's Harvest in Jeopardy
October 6
Food Shortage 'Unprecedented'
Politics of the Plate: Selling the Farm
Illegal Horse Meat Market Thrives in South Florida
Mediterranean Diet Reduces Depression, Study Suggests
October 5
Scarcity of King Salmon Hurt Alaskan Fishermen
More Americans Growing Food on Small 'Hobby Farms'
44 Tons of Rotting Meat Stink up S.D. Town
October 1
5 Tips from a Farmers’ Market Manager on Shopping the Final Market
September 28
Million to One Apple is Half Red, Half Green
September 23
Severe Food Shortage Threatens Nearly 400000 People in Tajikistan
September 22
6 Colo. Dairies Bankrupt; More to Come
September 18
HR 2749: The Food Safety Act - The Pale Horse
September 15
Boo-hoo Year for Great Pumpkins
19 Women Killed in a Stampede for Food
September 14
Stampede Kills 18 at Ramadan Flour Giveaway
September 11
Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex
Drought Cuts China Crops
September 10
Food Fertilizer Features (Gulp!) Urine
Green Onions Recalled
September 8
Half of Fish Consumed Globally Now Farm-Raised
Genetically Modified Fish Could be Toxic to Your Health
September 6
Texas Drought Hits Farmers
UN Chief Visits 'Doomsday' Seed Vault in Arctic
September 2
Supermarkets Pave Way for Introduction of GM food to UK
China Grain Harvest is at Risk from Worst Drought in Recent Years
August 31
60% of Adults Can't Digest Milk
August 30
'Late Blight' Attack has Become Farmer's Version of Terrorism
Frost Wipes Out Wine on the Vine – Disaster Declared
August 28
Drought, Debt Lead to Indian Farmers' Suicides
Millions in Nepal Facing Hunger as Climate Changes
August 27
Cuban Agriculture Turning to Traditional Methods in Crisis
The Meatrix, The Meatrix II: Revolting, The Meatrix 2-1/2 – videos
August 25
100-Degree Heat, Drought, Killing Texas Cattle
Kenya’s Rural Drought Hurts the Big City: Power Cuts, High Food Prices Create Urban Despair
Kenya Hit by Mass Hunger and Water Shortage
Wheat Rises as Dry Weather in Australia May Limit Production
August 25
Cattle, Crop Losses Mount in Texas Drought
Fewer Firms, Farms are Producing Food
Mexico Water Body Warns of Risk of 'Critical' Shortage
Israel's Main Source of Water Faces Dire Shortage
Tanzania: Famine a Serious Threat
From Junkyard to Community Garden
August 24
Obama Appoints Monsanto Fox to Guard Food Safety Hen House
Acreage for Many U.S. Vegetables Down in Past Decade
August 19
Food Shortages Coming to America?
August 18
Potential Food America?
Famine in America?
Asia Facing Unprecedented Food Shortage
Famine Around the Corner?
Guatemala at Food Shortage Risk After Drought

Food Shortage Threatens East Africa
Hail Destroys Iowa Corn Crops
Drought Taking Toll on Texas Crops and Wineries
Texas Crop and Livestock Losses Hit $3.6 Billion
Drought Worst in History in Parts of Texas
Wyoming Cattle Herds Thinned by 300,000
Drought Sucking Life Out of Northern Wisconsin Farms
Drought Puts Crops 3 Months Behind
California Drought Greatly Impacting Crops
US Corn, Soybean Crops Stunted by Unusual Weather
Food Firms Fret Over Potential Impact of Climate Bill
Severe Drought Hits China's Grain Zones
India's Thirsty Farms Drain Rocks Dry
India Faces Drought But Economists Upbeat
Argentina May Import Beef First Time as Herds Die
Alberta Ranchers Forced to Sell Herds
Drought to Affect Harvest in China's Main Corn Area
'Chicken Underground' Emerges
Vegetable Gardens Help Morale Grow
In Newly Cost-Conscious Britain, More Growing Food
August 16
Food Prices to Surge Under Emissions Trading Scheme
GM Crops Set for Role in Britain's Food Revolution
August 14
Bottled Water Sales See a Drought
August 13
U.S. Food Giants Warn of Sugar Shortage
Plunge in India Water Levels Threatens Major Food Crisis
A New Crop of Congregations Turns to Gardening
August 12
Obama Urged to See Water-Starved Valley
August 11
'Potato Famine' Blight Ravages Local Farms
Sugar Prices Go Vertical to 28-Year Highs on Shortage Fears
Food Crisis Could Force Wartime Rations and Vegetarian Diet on Britons
August 9
We Can Still Feed Ourselves, But for How Much Longer?
Water War: Teton River Hot Spot in Statewide Fight Over Rights
August 7
Cuban Grocery Stores Shuttered - Sparks Food Shortage Fears
Second Harvest's Crunch
Blight Wipes Out Tomato Crops
Families, Elderly Pay the Price as Cost of Food Keeps Rising
Modern Survivalism – Food
Monsanto Gets 2 FOXNEWS Reporters Fired Over Monsanto & Cancer Link with Milk
August 4
Why Food Prices are Set to Rocket
August 3
Obama and the Marxist Politburo Set to Use Food and Famine as a Weapon
Obama’s New Food Act to Seal Sorry State of America’s Farms
Bare Shelves: Second Harvest Food Bank is Hit with the Worst Crisis in Its 28-Year History
'Dire Shortage' at UN Food Agency
Little Keeps Nigeria from a Crisis of Hunger
Food Grain Shortage Hits Jammu and Kashmir
The Coming World Famine: Will 2010 Be the Year the World Runs Out of Food?
Orchestrating Famine: A Must-Read Backgrounder on the Food Crisis
Brasher: House Bill's Land Use Unsettles Farming, Food Costs
The Summer of No Tomatoes
Red Wine Shown to Stop Inflammation Too
uly 31
For Vegetable Gardeners, It's the Second Season
House Approves Overhaul of Food Safety Regulations
But – Defeated in House
Foreign Investors Snap Up African Farmland
uly 29
Calif. Farmers Say Feds Make Drought Worse
House Set to Vote on Fast-Tracked “Food-Safety” Bill
Alarming Provisions of NEW Food Safety Bill HR2749
Catastrophic Food Shortages Coming – (at 3:20 minutes)
More Retailers Say Yes to Food Stamps
uly 28
There is a Hunger Coming Like a Run-Away Freight Train – Created by Congress
uly 23
King Soopers Recalls Nearly Half-Million Pounds of Ground Beef
EU Nixes Sale of Monsantos GM Corn
Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food
Dow AgroSciences Acquires Pfister Hybrid Corn
uly 21
El Niño Threatens Food Shortages
Texas Drought Losses Reach $3.6 Billion
uly 20
Outbreak of Fungus Threatens Tomato Crop
uly 14
Potato Famine Disease Striking Home Gardens in U.S.
"Salad Bowl" Groundwater Near Record Lows
uly 13
Foods That Can Help to Prevent Swine Flu
8 Ways the Food Industry Can Hijack Your Brain
uly 8
Crop Outlook Bleak as Drought Ravages Prairies
une 28
380,000 Lbs. of Beef Recalled Over E. Coli Concerns
Battle Over Water Heats Up in San Joaquin Valley
Battling Drought: Farmers' Crops Drying Up; Little Relief in Sight
Renewed Call to Get Antibiotics Out of Food
une 24
E. coli in Nestle Cookie Dough Stumps FDA
Australia Drought Downs Dairy Profits by 80%
une 21
Global Starvation Imminent as US Faces Crop Failure
New Forecast: 'Mass Starvation'
'Act Now or Face Food Shortages' Warns Farm Expert
Governor Gets Firsthand Look at Water Shortage
Docu Exposes Disturbing Truth about U.S. Food Supply
une 19
Blame 'Shortage' on Misguided Environmentalists
Demand for Vegetable Seeds Is Rooted in Recession
California's Drought Threatens US-wide Food Shortage
World's Hungry Top One Billion
66 Cases of E. Coli Linked to Raw Cookie Dough
une 18
House Panel Passes Food Safety Reform Bill
Alarming Provisions of HR 2749
Killer Wheat Fungus Headed for US: World Hunger Feared
une 16
A 'Time Bomb' for World Wheat Crop
Farm Animal Manure Makes Comeback in Home Gardening
How to Buy the Best Organic Foods
Fertilizer Industry Finds Its Alternative Energy: Corncobs
June 14
Crops Under Stress as Temperatures Fall
June 12
Fast-Food Nation Kills Kids, Sickens Corn-Fed Cows: Interview
June 11
Lower Crop Supplies Could Mean Higher Food Prices
Monsanto & Cancer Milk: Fox News Kills Story & Fires Reporters – video
Venezuela Bans Coke Zero, Cites 'Health Dangers'
June 10
Betting the Farm
Egypt to Keep Buying Russian Grain Despite Contaminated Batch
June 8
Cold Weather Hampers Crops
Frosty Spring Worries Northern Fruit Growers
June 3
Monsanto's Round-up Ready Crops Growing in Popularity
Ag Groups Rebel Against Biotech Wheat
The World According to Monsanto
More Farmers Losing Hope
Calif. Dairy Farmers in Desperate Straits
Organic Dairies Crippled Coast to Coast
June 2
Costco Emergency Food Kit
May 28
Farmers Dealing with Drought and Freeze Damage to Wheat
In the Garden a Salsa Garden with Everything but Nachos
May 26
The Global Food Crisis - The End of Plenty
Abundance No More: Global Food Crisis
Farms Downsize with Miniature Cows
May 18
Rush to Garden Increases Demand for Seeds
The Future of Food and What You Can Do About It
California's Broken System for Water Delivery
May 17
Wet Spring Could Lead to Higher Food Prices
Planting Season in Park for Farmers
Recession Grows Interest in Seeds, Vegetable Gardening
May 16
Events Priming for Apocalyptic Food Shortages
Venezuela Seizes Plant of US Food Giant Cargill
Food Companies are Placing the Onus for Safety on Consumers
Urban Gardening: You Can Grow Food, No Matter Where You Live
Liven Up Your Yard With Urban Gardening
US, Australia, and Canada Announce Joint Efforts to Develop GM Wheat
Food Emergencies Continue in 32 Countries Despite Supply Rise
May 14
Significance of Developed GM Food Vaccine
Wet Spring Slowing Farmers, Raising Corn Prices
May 13
Thousands of Kentucky Flood Victims Searching for Fresh Water
Drought and Floods Cut Rice Harvest Back to 5%
World Food Program Wants Even More Money
Food, Inc: How Industrial Food is Making Us Sicker, Fatter
Urban Chicken Movement Taking Roost in KC Area
May 12
Food Shortages Strike Coffee, Sugar – Prices to Skyrocket
May 11
Wildfires Cost Texas Agriculture $35 Million
Southwest Wheat Crop Hammered by Prolonged Drought, Late Freezes
Experts Wary Despite Food Safety Strides
May 9
Water Crisis in Mexico Portends the Same in USA
Garden Marauding Rabbits
Urban Chickens the Latest Healthful-Living Trend
May 7
Plant a Vegetable Garden and Get Your Groceries from Your Back Yard
US Organic Sales Grow By 17.1% in 2008
H1N1 Flu Fears Cost US Pork Industry $2.5 Million a Day
May 6
Farmers Federation Predicts Severe Food Shortage
May 5
The Allure of Gardening
May 4
Food Banks See More Who Need And More Who Give
Cheeseburger More Nutritious Than Baby Food
May 2
Volcanic Ash Helps Some Gardeners But Take Precautions
Planting a Denver Hay Bale Vegetable Garden
FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut
Food Firm Recalls Lead-Contaminated Lollipops
April 30
Bumper Crop of First-Time Growers Prepare for a Summer of Gardening
April 28
Nationwide Rise Seen in ‘Hunker Down' Gardening
Gardening, Canning on Upswing
April 26
Food Shortages Ahead?
Keep Your Garden Contained
Cow Genome Unraveled in Bid to Improve Meat, Milk
April 24
Michelle Obama's Organic Garden Angers US Farming Companies
Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?
Health Risks of GM Foods: Summary and Debate
Genetically Engineered Foods Pose Higher Risk for Children
Genetically Modified Ingredients Overview
Non-GMO Shopping Guide: How to Avoid Foods Made of Genetically Modifies Organisms
April 23
High Rise Farms? The New Model for Sustainable Cities
'Natural Patterns' of Farming Touted in Documentary
Midwest Corn Farmers Battling Wet Field Blues
Drought Haunts Aussie Farmers Despite Rain
Home Garden Economics
April 22
The Clandestine War Over the Food Safety Modernization Act
How Does Rodale Institute's Garden Grow?
Canned Ham, Going Once, Twice: A Rise in Grocery Auctions
April 21
US Urges Food Output Boost to Avert Unrest
1,500 Farmers Commit Mass Suicide in India
Obama Backs Off Support for Black Farmers Suing USDA for Discrimination
America's "Food Basket" in Dire Straits
Guns and Gardens: Utahns Dig in for Tough Times
Container Gardening Has Many Advantages
Readers Share Their Biggest Garden Goofs
Palestinians Face Dire Water Shortage: World Bank
April 17
GM Crops and the Gene Giants: Bad News for Farmers
Germany to Ban US Biotech Giant's Genetically Modified Corn Strain
What Will We Promise the World's Hungry This Time?
Gardening is Growing, and Not Just the Plants
Urban Farmers Cropping Up
18,000 Community Gardens Nationwide
Community Garden Start-Up Guide
How Much Can a Garden Save You?
Gardening Gets Green Thumbs Up from Consumers
Subsidies for Thirsty Crops Criticized
April 14
Colorado Town Digs its Community Garden
April 13
Peak Water has Come and Gone Unnoticed
Recession Closes In on Chicken Farmers
Monsanto's Roundup Residues in GM Food Cause Cell Damage
Monsanto: History of Contamination and Cover-up
– flashback
400,000 South Africans Face Famine by Black Gold Mine Closure
April 10
New Food Crisis Looms
New Report: Global Warming Will Cost American Corn Growers Billions
Redoubt Ash Cloud Raises Food Shortage Concerns
Fighting the Recession, Armed with Seeds
First Seedlings Planted in new White House Garden
U.S. Not Making Ground in Stemming Number of Contaminated Food Outbreaks
Manure More Precious Than Gold
Taps Off for Two Million in Water-Starved Mexico City

April 8
Wintry Weather Slams Plains Wheat; Will the Crop Recover?
Drought, Cold Devastating Texas Crops

Food Crisis Not Over, US Aid is Key-Wfp Official
April 7
“A Grave Problem”: World Leaders to Address Food Security

Water Supplies in a Pandemic
Denver Water Readies for Flu Pandemic – flashback
April 6
Drought Threatens to Destroy California Farmers
UK Water Rules Sign of Future for Canada’s Farmers?
Pistachio Growers Fear Big Losses from Scare
Gardeners Relish Heirloom Veggies
Who Owns Life, Not Monsanto?
Hard Freeze Puts Farmers on Edge in Midwest, South
A New Green Revolution
Drought Hits Tea India's Production
April 5
A Novice in Search of Bounty

Let Us Grow Our Own Food to Eat Better, Save Money
Food Prices Sending Urbanites to Backyards
April 4
Monsanto Profits Up on Hybrids Seeds, Genomics Business
Mo. Tax Credit Aimed at Luring Monsanto Expansion
April 1
Hooray for Heirloom Tomatoes!
Coming Government Takeover of Food
HR 875 - The Death of Farmers Markets, CSAs and Local Food
US Corn and Wheat Acreage Expected to Drop
Community Garden Expands Its Reach
Ice Storms Devastating to Pecan Orchards
Tea Prices Likely to Reach Record Because of Droughts
New Wheat Disease Could Spread Faster Than Expected
Starvation Rising as Recession Takes Hold Says UN
March 29
U.S. Unprepared for Bioterrorism Attack on Food Supply
Giving Gardening a Whirl
10 Reasons to Plant a Garden
Victory Garden Group Gains Ground in Town
Poor Records Slow Food Probes: U.S. Watchdog
Investigators Find Source of Many Foods Untraceable
March 27
Monsanto Planting Seeds in the White House?
March 26
Controlling the World's Seed Supply
Across America, a Bumper Crop of Food Gardens
Delivery Delays; Reliance on Mainland Food Supply, Ferry Service Leads to Insecurity
Sold! Bargain-Hunters Buying Groceries at Auction
North Dakota River May Reach Record Level, Hurt Crops
Farmers' Incomes Dry Up As Milk Prices Plunge About 50%
ARS Ships 20,000 Crops Norway Genebank
Severe Droughts Now Hitting China: Food Production Plummets
March 24
Fedco Seeds: The David to Monsanto’s Goliath
2009 Version of Victory Garden Could Sprout Success for U.S.
How Much Can You Save with Your Own Garden?
Why Urban Farming Isn't Just for Foodies
Increasing Food Costs Also Stir Farmers' Ire
Safeguard Food Supply But Respect Small Farms
GM's Bust Turns Detroit Into Urban Prairie of Vacant-Lot F
Will Congress Wipe Out Home Gardens, Growers Markets?
Where Imagination Meets Farming
Who Owns Colorado's Rainwater?
March 22
Backyard Farming: As Food Prices Rise, So Do Home Gardens
Is a Food Revolution Now in Season?
Eating Food That’s Better for You, Organic or Not
Mexico Throws Counterpunch in Trucking Dispute
Food-Borne Bacteria Put Illness, Death on Menu
Argentine Farmers in Food Strike
March 20
Multiple Threats Mounting to World Food Supply, Experts Warn
Government Launches Bid to Allay Fears Over GM Food
How Safe Is Your Food?
U.S. Lawmaker Blasts China Food Safety
Food Shortage + Financial Crisis = Bleak Outlook
White House to Break Ground on 'Kitchen Garden'
No Electricity? How a Zeer Pot Fridge Makes Food Last Longer
March 18
Lose Your Property for Growing Food?
The Future of Food – HOLLY NOTE: We posted this video a year ago and if you missed it, after reading the Story of the Day, this is Mandatory Viewing and you know I only post this kind of comment about once a year. Monsanto is a life-sucking, creeping cancer.
Myths and Facts: HR 875 - The Food Safety Modernization Act
Response to "Myths and Facts H.R. 875 – The Food Safety Modernization Act"
Myths and Facts: .R. 875 The Food Safety Modernization Act
Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 – bill status
Lines Grow at Food Bank
Government Launches Bid to Allay Fears Over GM Food
Fact File on GM Crops
March 17
Dollars From Dirt: Economy Spurs Home Garden Boom
University Warns of Disease Problems If California Rice Seed Imported
March 13
Texas Drought Losses Approach $1 Billion
Salmonella Cases: Half Still Come from Crackers
March 11
HR 875: The Food Police, Criminalizing Organic Farming and the Backyard Gardener, and Violation of the 10th Amendment
Food Gardening to Go Up in 2009
Salmonella Recall Could Cost Peanut Producers $1B
March 8
Bilderberger Plot to Control U.S. Food Supply
Alarm Rising Over Drought's Threat to Coastal Drinking Water Supplies
Drought-Induced Drop in Reservoir Evicts Fish
Hunger Invades Pockets, Starvation in Sight
The 11 Dirty Little Secrets Your Grocery Store Is Hiding
Top British Restaurant in Laid Low By Wave of Illness
March 6
Food Stamp Nation: US Consumers on the Breadline
Impoverished N. Korea Hit by Food Crisis
Severe Food Shortage Threatens Survival of Millions of Children and Families Worldwide
March 5
Venezuela's Chavez Threatens to Expropriate Food Companies
Chavez Seizes U.S. Food Giant Unit
March 4
Food – the Ultimate Barter Item
Our Worst Enemies Aren't Terrorists: Rethinking National Security on a Sinking Planet
March 2
Nation's Food System Nearly Broke, John Kinsman
Calif. Forced to Look at Water Rationing
Global Food Crisis Called ‘Ticking Time Bomb’
Drought Bad for OK Wheat
Folsom, San Juan Areas Order Severe Water Rationing
Recession Raises Food Prices
Farms Collapse as Land Reform Fails in South
Lawmakers Reject Obama Plan to Cut Farm Aid
Hugo Chavez Orders Army to Take Over Venezuelan Rice Mills
February 26
Southern Governors Wage Interstate Water War
Drought to Cut Off Federal Water to Calif. Farms
EU Deadlocks on Gene-Altered Corn
Transgenes Found in Wild Corn
Food Supply Must Be Protected Through Accelerated Research
February 18
Global Food Production Falls Drastically
Economy Spurs the 'Urban Chicken'
February 17
California Drought is a National Crisis
Australia's Food Bowl "on a Knife Edge"
A World Without Water
Warming May Dry Out America's Bread Basket, Say NOAA Scientists – flashback
In Ranch Country, Fewer Riding the Range
World’s Biggest Pork Processor to Close 6 Plants, Cut 1,800 Jobs
Facing Shortages, Food Banks Told to Throw Out Thousands of Pounds of Food Containing Peanuts
Designer Food or Disaster - What Nanotechnology Might Bring to the Food Sector
February 16
Shrinking Water Supplies Imperil Farmers
Doomsday Seed Vault's Stores Are Growing
Worst Argentine Drought Since ’61 Cuts Soybean Crop
February 15
Part 1: The Geopolitics of Food Scarcity
Part 2: Falling Yields, Failing States

California's Vital Role in Food Production
Stephen Chu: "We're Looking at a Scenario Where There's No More Agriculture in California"

Droughts and Food - Are We Heading for a Food Crunch?
The Role of Food in Sustainability Planning
6 Colorado Salmonella Cases Linked to Texas Plant
February 12
Global Food Catastrophe 2009
February 10
Health Risks May Reach Far Beyond Reported Victims
FBI Raids Ga. Plant at Center of Salmonella Scare
Timeline of the Salmonella Outbreak
Bad Elk Meat Yanked Off Market
New Data Find That 36.2 Million Americans Went Hungry
February 9
Peanut-Butter Makers Battle Salmonella Fears
Heatwave Raising Fruit Prices
February 6
Freeze Hits Florida Citrus, Some Damage Seen
Holy Guacamole: Invasive Beetle Threatens Florida's Avocados
Fruit and Veg Prices to Rise in Wake of Extreme Weather
February 5
Climate Change Could Wipe Out Calif. Farming
Peanut Recall Grows; More Than 120 Products Affected
FEMA Recalls Storm Meal Kit Peanut Butter
Peanut Recall a Headache for Food Banks, Too
Vegetables Drying Up in Hot Weather, Shortages Predicted
Queensland Floods Will Devastate the Beef Industry as Livestock Starve
Worst Drought in 50 Years Threatens 23.5 Million Acres of Wheat
It's the Water, Stupid
Nestle Exec Predicts Rise in Food Prices
Farm Protests Grip Europe As Prices Slump
The Big Risk of Insanely Small Nanoparticles in Our Food
US Plan to Tolerate Unapproved GMOs in Crops Draws Concern
February 4
It's Going to Get Really, Really Cold Tonight in Florida
January 30
Lack of FDA Resources Puts Public Health at Risk, GAO Report
January 29
Peanut Butter Recall Expanded to 2 Years' Worth of Products
January 28
FDA: Peanut Processor Found Salmonella, Shipped It Anyway
January 26
California Drought May Raise Vegetable Prices
Global Food Prices Will Rise Again, U.K.’s Chatham House Says
January 25
Florida's Freeze Chills Crops, Tropical Fish
Calif. Farmers Slash Planting to Cope with Drought
Harsh Winter Leads to Zucchini Crisis
Our Forgotten Crisis
January 23
The Mormon Index is a Rising Sign of Troubled Economy
More Recalls Linked to Salmonella-Tainted Peanut Butter
January 22
125 Foods Recalled Due to Salmonella Outbreak
Global Grain Markets are Facing Breaking Point
Florida Farmers, Shelters Prepare As Chill Sets in
Water Shortage Could Cost 40000 Ag Jobs, $1.15b in Income
Drought, Price Drop Hit Ranchers in Latin America
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