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Illegal Alien Population by State - map

December 18
Investigation: Illegal Aliens Working on Elmendorf AFB
Comprehensive Amnesty Threat
H.R.4321 Comprehensive Immigration Reform ASAP Act of 2009
December 16
New Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill Filed in House
Bill Would Give Aliens Legal Status
Immigration Officials Arrest 300 in California
December 14
Homeland Security Orders 200 Million 40-Cal. Rounds
Immigration Sweep Nets 280 With Criminal Records
December 11
The Value of United States Citizenship
December 7
A Mexican Poll and its Troubling Implications for U.S. Immigration Policy
December 6
Muslims in America: Arrogant, Righteous and Determined
November 25
Illegal Alien Burns Elderly Woman Alive, Gets Life
November 22
Hospital Falters as Refuge for Illegal Immigrants
Women, Children Raped in County's 'Most Dangerous Area'
November 18
Mexican Border City Calls for UN Peacekeepers
November 13
Houston Sheriffs Round Up Thousands of Illegals
November 12
1,200 Illegal Workers Fired in Minnesota
Anti-Illegals Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN
November 6
U.S. Sustainable Immigration Policy for All Americans
November 5
LA Doctor Allegedly Faked Exams for Immigrants
November 4
Arrests of Immigrants with Criminal Records on the Rise
Amnesty to be 'Coup de Grace' to U.S.?
October 16
Amnesty Assured to Create Added Illegal Immigration
October 15
Virtual Fence, Real Disaster
October 14
Illegal Immigrant Census Vote Stirs Controversy
October 13
Iowa, U.S. Gripped by Trial in Wake of Historic Immigrant Raid
October 7
How Illegals & Multiculturalism Destroyed Detroit
Feds Vow to Continue Immigration Enforcement
October 6
Illegal Immigrants to be Held in Former Hotels
October 1
Dems: No Need for Illegals to Show I.D.
September 25
Officials: Vaccinate Illegal Immigrants
September 25
Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border
September 24
1/3 of Mexicans Would Migrate Illegally to US -Survey
2 Drivers, 74 Immigrants Held in Bid to Smash Through U.S. Border
Mexican Smugglers Use Pacific as New Route
Exclusive: FBI Says Corrupt Border Officials Accepting Bribes Expose U.S. to Terrorist Risk
September 18
Obama: Legalize Illegals to Get Them Health Care – Backdoor 'Amnesty'
September 15
Obama Lied: Supports Health Care for Illegal Immigrants
September 14
Immigration Raids Yield Jobs for Legal Workers
September 11
Texas Sends Rangers to Mexico Border
September 10
The U.S. Won’t Secure a Single Additional Mile of Border in 2010
August 28
New Rules on Border Searches of Laptops in U.S.
August 27
Anchor Babies: The Educational Chaos, Part 4
August 25
The Worst Unemployment Figures: Benefits and the Border
August 24
Footage of Illegals Flooding Across the Border – video
Anchor Babies: The Irish Got it Right, Part 3
August 21
Obama: "Basic Standard of Decency" Allows Illegals to be Treated – video
August 20
Anchor Babies: Born in the USA, Part 1
Anchor Babies: Enormous Taxpayer Costs, Part 2
Immigration Rights Groups Have an Agenda
'Native American' Protesters to US: Give us Back Manhattan
August 16
American Workers Replacing Illegal Workers at Poultry Plant
August 12
Officials Pass on Watching Video of Illegal Border Crossers
Feds Announce $30 Million for Border Law Enforcement
America's Most Forgotten: 13-Year-Old Strangled by Illegal Alien
August 11
Anchor Babies: No More U.S. Citizenships
uly 31
96 Illegals Found Inside Refrigerated Truck
Reform Could Fund Health Care for Illegal Workers
Why So Many Americans Are Jobless – graphic
uly 29
Mexican Brothels Coming to Your Neighborhood?
Black America Devastated by Mass Immigration
uly 26
Border Patrol Agent's Death Spurs Manhunt for Suspects
uly 22
Immigration from Mexico at Lowest in Decade
Pushing Toward Amnesty, Pt. 1
CNN’S Lou Dobbs Wonders If Obama Is Undocumented – video
uly 20
Obama Health Plan to Cover 12 Million Illegals
uly 19
As Mexico Border Tightens, Smugglers Take to Sea
uly 16
Immigration Reform: Cut the Numbers, Cut Them Fast
uly 14
A Bipartisan Blueprint for Immigration Reform
uly 10
Why Hispanic-Americans Should Support Reduced Immigration
Immigration and US Population Growth FAQ
une 26
California is the Canary in America's Immigration Coal Mine
une 25
Twin Crises: Immigration & Aviation Infrastructure
une 22
Illegals Charged with Murder, Evidence Tampering, Child Abuse, Kidnappings, Robberies in NM
Mexico Deploys 1,500 Extra Soldiers to Border City
Ranchers Fear Sick Cows Could Enter U.S.
une 16
Border Patrol Arrests Illegal Alien Coming into the U.S. with an AK-47
une 15
Actions You Can Take to Save America from Mass Immigration
June 9
Illegal Alien Drug Smugglers Hiding in Plain Sight
34 Illegals Found in Phoenix Drophouse
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Immigration?
Questioning the Morality of Displacing American Workers
June 8
8 Illegal Immigrants Killed in Arizona Rollover – At least 27 People Crammed into the vehicle
June 6
Delray Beach Bureau Was One-Stop Shop for Illegal Driver Licenses
June 3
Introducing America’s Most Forgotten: The Victims of Illegal Alien Crime
May 28
Cartels Use Children to Breach U.S. Border
The Other Trouble Along the Border
May 21
Georgia Lawmaker Wants to end ‘Birthright Citizenship’
Bill to End Birthright Citizenship Plus 4 Others Good Start on Reform
Illegal Alien Arrested in Rape, Murder of Toddler
May 21
Mexico's Triumph, America's Tragedy: Displacing Our Culture
May 16
Judge Throws Out Lawsuit to Halt Construction of Border Fence
May 13
Border Agents Discover Tunnel, 53 Illegal Immigrants
May 9
Obama's Budget Kills Border Fence Extension
Obama: No More Cash for Jailing Illegals
Embraces Immigration Position He Mocked
Gov't. Incompetent in Handling Immigration
May 5
High Court Removes Tool for Deporting Illegals
April 30
Napolitano Ignores Immigration Law She Swore to Uphold
Twin Crises: Immigration and Bridge Infrastructure
April 27
Illegal Aliens Delivering Drugs to Wal-Mart
April 24
Arrests of Border Agents on the Rise
April 17
A Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States
Pew Center: 11% of All Born in Mexico Live in U.S.
April 13
Lou Dobbs: Why Obama’s Plan for Illegal Alien Amnesty is a Bad Idea – video
Some Citizens Being Held as Illegal Immigrants
April 9
NYT: Obama to Push Immigration Bill
Sanctuary City Sued for Murder of Father, Two Sons
April 8
Colo. Nixes In-state Tuition for Illegal Aliens
Neb. Bill Prohibits Public Benefits for Illegal Aliens
April 1
Crossing the Border? Take Your Passport
More Cameras for Canada Border
Hundreds Feared Dead as Migrant Boat Sinks
March 27
Twin Crises: Immigration and Education in America
March 24
Mexican Drug Cartels Also Smuggle People Across Border
March 18
More Feds to Combat Border Violence with Mexico
March 14
2,000 Troops Arrive in Mexico Border City
March 13
Homeland Security Has Plan for Border Chaos, War
Mexico Border Security Plan Coming Soon, Says Obama
March 11
Illegal Immigration is Bankrupting All the States
'Virtual Fence' Gets Second Chance on Border
March 8
Mexican Cartels Infiltrate Houston
Mexico Morgues Crowded With Drug-War Dead
Immigration: Importing Murder, Mayhem, New Underclass
Growing Caseload Strains Houston Immigration Courts
March 6
Levy Suspect's Illegal Status Stirs Media Debate
March 4
Thousands of Mexican Soldiers Pour into the Country's Most Violent City
U.S. Says Threat of Mexican Drug Cartels Approaching 'Crisis Proportions'
Should Americans Visit Mexico?
Terrorists are Among the Vast Majority of Illegals
March 2
Obammigration Disaster Looms
Mexico: The War Next Door
U.S. Training Soldiers to Enforce Border Security
February 26
Home Mortgage Relief for Millions of Illegals
Texas Town Survives Despite New Border Barrier
ACLU Ads: You Can Ignore Border Patrol
February 18
Rancher Ordered to Pay Illegals $77,000
February 9
16 Illegals Sue Arizona Rancher
January 30
Border Patrol Agents Make Multimillion-Dollar Drug Bust
Homeland Secretary Wants Criminal Aliens Out of US
Database Targets Jailed Immigrants
January 25
Tough Illegal Immigration Law Ignored
January 22
War Is Coming to Tucson – flashback
January 19
Bush Commutes Sentences of Former US Border Agents
January 15
Napolitano Says Fixing ‘Broken’ Immigration System a Priority
January 13
Bush on Border Agents: 'I'm Not Talking Pardons'

Bush Opposed All Efforts to Secure Border
Stop the Existence of Parallel Societies Within America