Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

December 31
Israel Can't Launch Strike Against Iran on Its Own
December 30
Israel Closes Decade with Population of 7.5 Million
December 14
Germany Sells 2 More Dolphin Subs to Israel
December 11
Obama Administration 'Assures Jewish Evacuation'
December 10
Thousands Protest Settlement Freeze in Jerusalem
Palestinians Trying to Coerce Israel into Accepting Statehood, Defense Officials
Thousands of Palestinians Faking Illness to Flee Gaza Siege
December 8
Israel Ready for Direct Syria Talks Without Preconditions
Knesset Passes Biometric Database Bill
December 6
Netanyahu Makes Final Push to Foil Swedish Plan to Divide Jerusalem
Ancient Hall Opened in Jerusalem
December 1
EU to Recognize East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State
Don't Call Jerusalem Palestinian Capital
Palestinians to Ask UN for 1967 Borders
Obama and Netanyahu: Lessons of 2009
The A.D.L. vs. Faith and Freedom
November 27
Iran, Israel: Flexing Muscles, Turning Up Rhetoric in Preparation for Possible War
November 22
Jews Raise Millions to be Ready for Coming of the Messiah
November 10
Weisglass: Something Happened During White House Meeting
Ashkenazi: Hizbullah Has Tens of Thousands of Rockets
Analysis: How Israel's War with Iran Will be Fought
Jordan's King: Region Heading Towards Abyss
November 4
Hamas Rockets Capable of 'Reaching Tel Aviv'
Israel Seizes Ship Carrying Weapons for Hezbollah
October 30
US Congressman: We Must Act on Iran, or Israel Will
Israel, US Hold Largest Ever War Games
Lebanon Warns UN: Israel Planning to Attack Us
October 27
Israeli Urgently Orders 2 Stealth Corvettes from Germany
Preparing for Service in the Rebuilt Temple
October 26
Israel Eyes Attacking Iran Over Nuclear Program
October 23
Israel Anxious Over Iran Nuclear Deal
October 19
Jordan's King Warns Israel on Jerusalem 'Red Line'
October 16
Israel May Attack Iran after December
Official: Obama 'Disgusted' with Israel
October 14
N.Y. Muslim's Web Site Calls for God to 'Kill the Jews'
October 11
Israel Will 'Attack Iran If Sanctions Not in Place by Christmas'
U.S. Forces in Israel for Missile Drill
The Newest Round of War
Temple Mount - a Tinderbox of Mixed Interests
October 9
Iran to 'Blow Up the Heart of Israel' If Attacked
October 7
Israel Digging Under Temple Mount
October 5
Police Close Temple Mount, Touching Off Riots
Israel Prepares for Threat of Tsunami
October 1
Iran's Actions Could Force Israel's Hand
US Jews Back Military Strike on Iran
September 28
Israel Shuts Down for Yom Kippur Amid Fears
Obama's 'Final Solution' for Israel
September 24
Netanyahu: No Peace Until Palestinians Accept Israel as Jewish State
Netanyahu: We Will Not Withdraw to '67 Borders
Qaddafi’s Mideast Solution: Isratine
PM: Ahmadinejad Calling for Elimination of 6 Million Jews
September 21
Obama Promised Jewish Homes to Palestinians?
September 18
Ahmadinejad Denies Holocaust, Two Top Reformists Attacked
Ahmadinejad: Confronting Israel is a National Duty
September 17
Netanyahu: The Land of Israel Will be Divided – see Joel 3:2
Obama Gunning for Israel at U.N.
September 16
Will Israel Strike Iran Over Nukes?
Analysis: To Bomb, or to Bunker? Israel's Iran Choices Narrow
September 15
Obama is Pushing Israel Toward War
Al-Qaeda Continues Attacking Israel from Lebanon
All the More Reason to Support Netanyahu
Three Corridors
September 14
Russians Claim Israel May be Planning Iran Attack
Netanyahu: Israel Won't Hold Back When Attacked
September 11
Netanyahu Says Israelis Won’t be ‘Suckers’ for Peace Process
Israel Admits Binyamin Netanyahu's Secret Trip to Moscow
September 7
IDF Preparing for US Missile Systems
September 6
Venezuela's Jewish Community Fear the Worst is Yet to Come
US Aid for Road Sign Plan - Towards a PA State
Obama, Netanyahu Destined to Clash
'Massive' Ancient Wall Uncovered in Jerusalem
Second Temple Era Street Discovered in City of David – flashback
September 4
Iran's Defense Minister Warns Israel
Hizballah Deploys Chemical and Biological Weapons Near Israeli Border
New Threat: Hizbullah Chemical War on Israel
Report: Chemical Weapons in Hezbollah Arms Cache Blast
September 3
3,700-year-old Wall Discovered in Jerusalem
August 30
Temple Altar Construction Begins on Day of Destruction
August 28
Only 4% of Israelis See Obama as Pro-Israel
August 24
Israel Won't Give Up Jerusalem Sovereignty
Pro-Israel Group: Obama Settlements Policy Backs 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Jews
August 21
Jewish Lands Being Commandeered by Arabs
August 18
Gulf State Arabs Buy Up Galilee Lands
August 6
What? Muslim Leader Wants Temple Rebuilt
Fatah Reveals Its True Colors
August 5
al-Qaeda's Zawahri Says Wipe Israel from the Map
Hezbollah Stockpiles 40,000 Rockets Near Israel Border, Ready to Attack
Israel Weaponry Gets More Lethal
Is Israel Preparing to Strike Iran?
US Mideast Plan Anticipated 'in Matter of Weeks'
uly 29
Temple Institute to Build Sacrificial Altar on Tisha B'av
uly 27
Israel's Barak: 'No Option' Off the Table on Iran
Nasrallah Warns: In Future War, We'll Hit Suburbs of Tel Aviv
uly 26
Israel Wants 'Understanding' With U.S.
Netanyahu: Israel-US Ties Still Steadfast
50 Million US Christians Back Israel
uly 23
Hundreds Planning Temple Mt. Ascent
uly 22
Why the “Epicenter” Could Shake the World Sooner Than You Think
uly 20
Israel Attack on Iran Could Hurt US
uly 18
Report: Warships in Suez Prepare for Iran Attack
Israeli Warships Rehearse for Attack
Nuke Carrying Israeli Sub Sails Suez, Signaling Reach to Iran
Mass Protest Planned Against Jewish Nation's Land Sale
uly 10
Sarkozy: Israel Strike on Iran Would be Catastrophe
uly 7
Israel Strike Threat on Iran Back on Table
Israel Hesitant to Seek U.S. Okay to Strike Iran
Analysis: Wary of Naked Force, Israelis Eye Cyberwar on Iran
No US Green Light for Attacking Iran
uly 1
Israel Inundated with Illegal Africa Migrants
une 23
US Tells Israel to Stop Jerusalem Construction
une 22
Can 3rd Temple be Built Without Destroying Dome of the Rock?
Netanyahu Wants to Rebuild Temple
une 19
Poll: 94% of Israeli Jews See Obama as Pro-Palestinian
une 16
Mubarak: Netanyahu Speech 'Scuttles Chances for Peace'
une 14
Netanyahu Calls for Creation of Limited, Demilitarized Palestinian State
Carter Warns US and Israel on Collision Course
June 12
Netanyahu May Yield to Two-State Solution After Pressure from Obama
June 8
Palestinians Use Booby-Trapped Horses in Failed Terror Attack
June 4
Obama: I'll Personally Pursue Two-State Solution
June 3
Lieberman in Moscow: Israel Has No Intention to Bomb Iran
June 1
'US May Reduce Israel Support in UN'
Vilna'i: Israelis Must Ready for Missile Attack
May 28
Raad Salah: Netanyahu will Try to Rebuild the Jewish Temple
May 22
Netanyahu: Jerusalem will 'Never Again Be Partitioned and Divided'
Israel Holds Exercise Simulating War With Iran
May 21
Palestinians Say Were Promised Jerusalem
PA Officials 'Surprised by' US ME Plan
May 13
Pope to Israel: Give Your Land to the Arabs
Vatican to Stop All Missionary Activity Among Jews
Islamic Jihad: Don't Recognize Israel
May 11
Sheikh Attacks Israel, Pope Walks Out
Has Obama Cut Off Information to Israel?
May 9
Battle for Jerusalem
Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Withdraw from Golan
May 4
Gingrich: 'Obama Endangering Israel'
Iran Tightens Noose Around Israel's Neck
Future Ambassador to US: Israel Won't Allow Nuclear Iran
Poll: 66% of Israeli Jews Back Attack on Iran
May 2
Auschwitz Message in a Bottle: French Jew Helped Polish Christians
April 28
Israel Already Forfeited Temple Mount, Split Jerusalem
April 22
Israel’s Military Option
April 21
Israel Eyes US Missile Defense System
Israel Stands Ready to Bomb Iran's Nuclear Sites
Israel Mourns the 6 Million Murdered
Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Rise Sharply
April 14
Israel, US to Hold Largest-Ever Joint Missile Defense Drill
April 1
Netanyahu Official Takes Office in Jerusalem
America 'Moves Towards Abandonment of Israel'
Jewish Group Blasts Obama Reversal
March 24
Near-Catastrophe in Israel
March 20
Obama About to Betray Israel, Says Former Intel Official
February 17
Israel Launches Covert War Against Iran
February 11
Benjamin Netanyahu the Next PM of Israel - video
February 9
Netanyahu Warns Obama on Talks
Israeli Polls Predict Narrow Netanyahu Win
Netanyahu Digs for Election Victory
February 3
Netanyahu Promises to Topple Hamas Regime in Gaza If Elected
February 2
Hamas Leader Praises Iran for Help in Gaza Fight
U.S. Partner, Not Hamas, Firing Rockets into Israel
Israel Threatens 'Harsh' Retaliation
January 27
Shas to Endorse Netanyahu as PM
Israelis and Militants Clash Near Gaza Border
The Beginning of the Night
Is Israel Doomed?
January 20
Iran Renews Efforts to Supply Hamas
'Hamas Torturing Fatah Members in Gaza'
January 19
Israel Plans to Complete Gaza Pullout Before Obama Inauguration
Hamas: We Will Continue to Smuggle Weapons into Gaza
Hamas PM: We Have Achieved Victory Over Israel
Three Massive Gas Reservoirs Discovered Off Israel
January 15
Gaza Hospital, UN Facility Hit in Hamas-IDF Fighting
Early Gaza Damage Estimate: $1.4 Billion
January 14
Bin Laden Urges Jihad Against Israel
Lebanon Rockets Hit Israel
January 13
Israel Prepares 'Iron Fist' Strike at Hamas
Hamas Raids Aid Trucks, Sells Supplies
January 12
Israel Pounds New Hamas Targets, Enlists Reserves
Iran Pushes Hamas to Reject Truce With Israel

A Plan for Gaza: Demilitarization and Internationalization
Thousands Flock to Pro-Israel Rallies in Florida
January 9
Hamas Used Extended-Range Chinese Rockets Against Israel

January 7
Attack on Israel From Lebanon Threatens 2nd Front

Let Them Eat Rockets
January 7
Cabinet Gives IDF Green Light to Proceed With Battle Plans
Anti-Jewish Activities in Europe Rise After Gaza Incursion

January 5
Hamas Leader Promises Victory Over Israel
Israel Prepared for Entering Urban and Built-Up Areas of Gaza
Gaza Needs Food, Medicine -- and Body Bags

Israel's Choice of Damned or Dead
Extermination of Jews
January 4
Israelis and Hamas Continue Battle in Gaza
Full-Scale Invasion
Hamas Moves on Fatah 'Collaborators'

Analysis: Don't Forget the Iranian Connection
Israel on Moral High Ground Battling Ememy's Dirty War
January 2
'Day of Wrath' Ordered as Israel Hits Hamas Homes
Gaza Rockets Put Israel’s Nuke Plant in Battle Zone

January 1
Israeli Air Strike Kills Hamas Political Leader
Gaza Ground Invasion Looks Likely as Weather Clears