Walter Cronkite’s Death is a Time Marker for Cataclysmic Events Soon to Follow

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STAN NOTE: Although we could not contact the man who allegedly had this vision, since it was put on the Internet prior to Walter Cronkite's death by several weeks I do feel it is important to consider that it might correct on the failure of the Three Gorges Dam within the next 333 days as well.

On our dream-visions page is a discussion of a related prophecy given by a Maori Kahuna who told us there would be an event that was unrelated to the eruption of Lake Taupo and, when this event happened, it would be a trigger for many major earth changes. This event will occur in China. She said the event would occur in a "channel" [could she mean Three Gorges Dam? –Stan] in China that they had been working on for many years.

She said that up above this "channel", there were thousands of logs or timber that were perched at the top of this "channel". Furthermore, over time, some had been stolen; but most were still there (she didn't say what they were to be used for). She said that soon these logs would come crashing down killing thousands; and, when this happened, it would be a sign for her people [The Maori] that these Earth changes were about to happen with great intensity.

Stan, I am sending you this because of your Dream Vision of the volcano in New Zealand and the references to the Maori Elders vision. —Don W.

June 26, 2009
Raging Wind Blackfoot
Surfing the Apocalypse

First let me say that Walter Cronkite has not passed as I write this. (STAN NOTE: He did pass on Friday, July 17, 2009, at age 92.) I have the utmost respect and admiration for his accomplishments. The death of Michael Jackson has allowed me to view the future with definite clarity. If you care to know what the future holds then please read my story.

My name is Raging Wind Blackfoot and I am a Native American of the Blackfeet tribe. I grew up on the reservation in Montana and managed to avoid the fate many of my family and tribe have endured living on the reservation. The reservation is located in northwestern Montana along the slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

When I was a young man of the age of 13 my grandfather Roaring Waters Blackfoot took me on a camping trip for several weeks in the Rocky Mountains. At this age a male Indian is taught how to contact your spirit guide. This teaching is usually done from father to son but my father had passed away when I was very young. Like many others who live on the reservation he succumbed to alcoholism.

My grandfather taught me how to see my spirit guide and I discovered the crow was the animal spirit who guided me. As the years progressed I learned how to manifest visions of the past, present and future. What I learned many moons ago is that when the human psyche as a collective is in pain the ability to channel visions become extraordinarily simple. Michael Jackson's death has opened a window in time for which I am able to easily channel my visions to look backward, sideways or forward in time.

I was able to do this was when Princess Diana passed and then again when 911 happened. What I have gathered is that we are connected at an unconscious level. When we are collectively tuned into the same global event the energy that emanates from around us is brought into an alignment of global consciousness. It is when this happens that my visions become clear and concise. What I have just witnessed I am sharing here for the first time.

I began my vision with the current timeframe and witnessed the incredible sadness that people had over the death of Michael Jackson. I could feel the sadness emanate from all walks of life from all over the world. I then saw an elderly woman who took my hand and asked me to walk with her. As we strolled by a babbling brook she said 'soon another shall pass who touched many lives'. I looked at here with a bewildered stare and asked sheepishly 'who old mother'? She said 'go into the log cabin up on the hill'. She pointed toward a very simple built cabin up on the horizon. I let go of her hand and began my assent up the hill.

As I got to the door I decided to knock. I politely knocked on the door and a grizzled old voice said 'come in'. As I entered the room I noticed that there was newspaper everywhere. Some of the news was very old. Moon landing, Kennedy Assassination, Nixon resignation and so on. A very frail man lay in the bed that was in the middle of the room. As I got closer I recognized that man was Walter Cronkite. I asked him 'why are you here sir'? He looked at me and said 'my time has come to go to the other side'. I looked at him puzzled and could not understand why such a distinguished man was in the middle of nowhere dying. I wanted to ask him more questions but old mother grabbed my hand and led me back outside. The sky went from day to night from the brief moment I was in the log cabin.

I asked old mother what was the significance of Walter Cronkite being there in the log cabin. She looked at me with her dark piercing eyes and said 'Soon he will join your father on the other side'. 'When this happens you will know that the Earth Changes our ancestors have foretold to their decedents will happen soon'. Old mother then asked me to close my eyes which I eagerly obliged. I could feel rain on my face and hear the wind blowing. She then told me to open my eyes.

What I saw next was unimaginable flooding. I was in foreign land that I quickly deduced was China. Old mother said we need to go up there to see what is about to happen. She pointed toward the top of a mountain and we began the climb. In the matter of seconds we were at the top of the mountain and looking down at an incredibly large dam. The dam was bulging in the middle and cracks were visible. The people around the dam were franticly screaming commands and panic had set in. The dam was going to fail and they knew it. As I watched the dam break and crumble I was over come with grief. It was as if some one had stabbed me with an emotional knife. Hundreds of thousands perished. Old mother told me to close my eyes again.

When I opened my eyes again I was back inside the log cabin Walter Cronkite was in. He was gone and the newspaper I looked at had the headline 'Walter Cronkite - The Most Trusted Man in America Passes Away'. I looked at old mother and asked what the significance of what I witnessed is? She said 'When Walter Cronkite passes within three hundred thirty three days a great catastrophe will befall the Chinese people'. 'When this catastrophe happens it will mark the beginning of Mother Earth's vengeance upon the evils of mankind'.

It was at this point that I awoke from my vision and wrote down what I saw and experienced. I am sharing this experience here in order to preserve a historical record of it. When Walter Cronkite passes remember what I have told you here. I am going to rest now.

I recently went beck to my tribe and visited with the elders to discuss my vision with them. What was troubling me is that Old Mother in my vision stated within 333 days of Walter Cronkite's death there will be a terrible human tragedy in China involving a dam bursting. I am now convinced the dam that Old Mother showed me in my vision is The Three Gorges Dam.

During my visit with the elders we held group prayer and meditation. We did this for several hours and it helped me clear my troubled mind. I decided to take a walk alone along the creek that flows from the mountains down to our tribal community. I walked for a couple hours and as I neared a favorite ledge of mine that has a spectacular view of the Rockies I saw an Eagle land in a pine tree that was much taller than the others surrounding it. This is not an unusual sight in this area yet the bird attracted my attention in a way that other sightings have not. I stared in wonderment at the beautiful creature and wondered what it would be like to soar in the sky. It was then that seven crows came from behind me and began to bother the Eagle. The Eagle quietly flew away. The crows flew over my head in a strange dance in the sky. They did this for about a minute and then flew off.

It was right after this that I felt a sense sadness and understanding. I can't explain how I know this but I feel instinctively that Walter Cronkite will pass away within seven days of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. I feel deep in my soul that by July 27 this will be fulfilled.

Thank You
Raging Wind Blackfoot

I believe that Walter Cronkite will pass away within seven days of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

She said 'When Walter Cronkite passes within three hundred thirty three days a great catastrophe will befall the Chinese people'. 'When this catastrophe happens it will mark the beginning of Mother Earth's vengeance upon the evils of mankind'.;read=227901