December 29
U.S. Military is Liaising with Extraterrestrial Life, Independent Sources
December 24
Chicago Toilet Becomes 'Sewage Volcano'

December 18
UFO Pyramid Reported over Kremlin
December 17
Old Gods and New - Imminent Disclosure?

December 15
Mystery Deepens Around Norway Spiral Light: Pyramid UFO over Kremlin, and Russia and China Lights

December 10
Norway's Mysterious Spiral Blue Light Display

December 9
Colo. Cow Mutilations Baffle Ranchers, Cops, UFO Believer
November 27
Giant UFO Causes Commotion in Salta Town, Argentina
Aliens 'Already Exist on Earth', Bulgarian Scientists Claim
Bulgarian Academy Scientists Reported to Be in Touch with Aliens
ABC’s Alien Invasion Drama “V” Is Too Real for the Obama Administration
No Answers Yet for Calf Mutilations Near San Luis
November 18
Basketball-Sized Chunk of Ice Crashes Through Woman's Roof
November 11
E.T. Phone Rome: Vatican Looks for Signs of Alien Life
October 15
Halo Cloud Over Moscow Creates UFO Buzz
October 11
Next Apocalypse? Mayan Year 2012 Stirs Doomsayers
September 28
Study Examines ‘Out-of-body Experiences’ – video
UFO Mysteries: ‘Nazca Lines’ Discovered in Kazakhstan
September 21
NASA Launches Rocket, Dozens Report Strange Lights
Tourists Witness Return of UFOs at Northern Territory
September 10
US Girl Scouts Prepare for War, Pestilence
September 6
Massive UFO development: Disclosure Coming in China
Google Unexplained Phenomenon Doodle: Mystery Solved
September 2
Tennessee Teen's Tears of Blood Baffle Doctors
August 17
More UFO Files — but Few Answers
August 9
Most Documented Case of Reincarnation – video
July 20
Giant Mysterious Blob Found Floating Off Alaska Coast
July 16
NZ Mason Jailed Over Sorcery Claims
July 14
Strange Lights in Australia 'Probably Meteor'
July 13
UFO's Visit Arenal Volcano
July 10
Epidemic of UFO Sightings In Vail Valley, Colorado
July 1
Georgia's Mysterious Guiding Hand
June 17
Smoke, Sign or UFO Over Park in Va.?
June 16
Phoenix Crop Circle May Predict End of the World
May 28
Dripping 'Blob' Under Western U.S.
April 13
UFOs? Aliens? Area 51 Revealed
March 30
Streaking Lights, Explosions Reported All Along East Coast
March 29
Colo. Rancher Finds Mutilated Cow
Two More Mutilated Cows Found in Colo.
March 27
Ghost Photo Baffles Experts
March 23
Aliens? No, Just the Pentagon Playing with Its Latest Toys
March 22
Britain's Greatest UFO Mystery Revealed
March 18
Pupils Foam at Mouth, Collapse at School
February 9
A Zen Discovery: Unrusted Iron in Ocean
January 9
Hundreds of 'Alien' Aircraft Sightings
January 8
The Day Everyone on Earth Will Stand Still
January 7
UFO Over Jersey?