make sure you're feeding Your Pets Good Food

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

Dec. 28
News Station Rescues Calf Stranded on Ice
Dec. 23
Cold Weather Brings Shortage of Animal Food
Dec. 21
Feeding 17 Puppies Isn’t Easy on Mom – or Owner
Dec. 20
Kroger Recalls Pet Food in 19 States
Every Dog Needs a Home

Dec. 19
Dogs are Awesome (High Def)
Baby Reindeer Prepares for Big Day

Dec. 8
Cold-Stunned Turtles Wash Ashore on NC Beaches
Woman Nearly Dies Saving Her Dog from Frozen Lake
Desperate Battle Against Killer Bat Plague
Dec. 5
Tiny Feet on the Panda Baby Ward
Nov. 28
Purple Heart Dog
Nov. 26
Retired Military Service Dog Receives Stem Cell Therapy
Nov. 19
Guy Rescues Baby Hummingbird after Attack
Nov. 16
Thousands of Dead Jellyfish on San Francisco Beach
Nov. 12
Jack Russell Chases Mountain Lion Up Tree
Nov. 12
Dick Van Dyke: I Was Rescued by a Group of Porpoises

Nov. 10
Puppy Barks In His Sleep

Nearly 1,000 Pigs Starved to Death
1,000 Tigers Killed in Decade; Extinction Near
Nov. 8
5 Months On, Dog Remains Faithful to Dead Owner

Nov. 5
Cancer Cream Poses Little-Known Risk to Pets
Snake Gives 'Virgin Birth' to Extraordinary Babies
Nov. 2
Cats Can Make Owners Happier, Healthier and Gentler
Surviving Floods, Droughts, and Poachers' Bullets to Save Elephants
Oct. 28
Human Hormone Treatments Has Negative Effect on Pets
Baby Elephant Attacked by Croc
Oct. 27
Human Hormone Treatments Has Negative Effect on Pets
Oct. 24
Have Cognitive Map Will Take the Shortcut
Oct. 22
The Lost Dogs
Oct. 20
American Burying Beetle Faces Extinction
Plague of Flies Brings Misery to English Villages

Oct. 19
Bat Disease Threatens to Close America’s Caves

Oct. 14
Walrus Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Oct. 11
Animals Said to Have Spiritual Experiences
Shell-Shocked Dog of War Finds Home with Family of Fallen Hero
Oct. 7
Postal Driver Gets Directions
- because we need a laugh today! ** – Canadian postal workers rigged a van so that the people on the driver's side could only see the driver....who is a dog. The real driver, who is on the passenger side, cannot be seen.
Oct. 6
Colorado Sees Animal Rescue Miracle Amid Wildfire
World Record 20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes

Oct. 3
Rescued Beagle Now Helping Guard Nation's Food Supply
Sept. 30
Dogs of War Crucial for Marines
Pig Learns to Walk on 2 Legs
Sept. 29
Australian Pilots Warned: Beware of Locusts
The Next 'Biblical' Bug Invasion: Stink Bugs
Sept. 26
Dog Saves One-Year-Old From Rattlesnake
Trained Monkeys Guard Athletes at Commonwealth Games
Sept. 26
K9's Train to Help Rescuers in Disaster
Man's Best Friend, Inmates Worst Nightmare

Sept. 22
80 Pilot Whales Stranded on Beach
Latest Hood Canal Fish Kill Called 'Extensive,' but Not 'Massive'
Dog Saying Grace
Surfer Dog Gets National Award
Sept. 16
Squirrel Adopted by Cat Learns to Purr **
Sept. 14
Michigan Man Finds Long-Missing Dog in Kentucky
Sept. 6
Hartz Mountain Dog Treats Recalled for Salmonella
Sept. 3
Earth's Animals Face Grim Future
August 29
Antarctic Cold Snap Kills Millions of Aquatic Animals in the Amazon
Drunk Baboons Plague Cape Town's Exclusive Suburbs
August 25
British Beekeeper Breeds 'Super-Bee' That Can Protect Itself from Deadly Mite That Is Wiping Out Colonies
Pea Sized Frog Discovered in Borneo
August 24
Thousands of Dead Fishing Floating at Mouth of the Mississippi
August 20
Watch Out for Yellowstone Bears – They're Hungry
August 20
Study: Dogs Make the Workplace More Productive
Plague Found in More Wild Animals
August 19
Pit Bull Guarded Washington Woman after She Suffered Fatal Heart Attack
Raging Bull: Bull Fighting Goes Wrong in Spain

August 18
US Two-Legged Dog Inspires UK Troops
Monarch Butterflies Face New Threats
August 17
Mass Hippo Deaths Due to Anthrax Poisoning
Horse Whisperer – video amazing! Trainer uses only signals and verbal cues; she's mute. Notice that it is just her and the horse - no bit, no saddle. This isn't even her horse; she's training it for someone else.
August 15
"Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Fish" Washing Up on MA, NJ & VA Shores
August 13
Scientists Discover New Monkey Species, Declare It Almost Extinct
Rabid Vampire Bats Kill 4 Children, Bite 500 People in Peru
August 12
Mystery: Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Ashore in NJ
August 10
Dry Pet Food Linked to Human Salmonella Outbreak
August 8
1 Million Fish Dead in Bolivian Ecological Disaster
Millions of Seashells Appear on Pakistani Beaches – video
Hero Dogs Help Save U.S. Soldiers' Lives – video
Don't Forget to Bring Your Pet – Hotels Are Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Animals – video
Almost 200,000 Geese Could be Euthanized – video
August 6
Heroic Afghan Dog Reunited with U.S. Soldier
August 5
Ocean Census Reveals What Lies Beneath the Waves
How Did They Count All the Fish in the Sea?
August 4
Carnivorous Plague Mice 'Wiping out Towns' in US Midwest
August 3
PTSD Victims Include Military Dogs, Too
Spanish Beaches Closed after Swarms of Jellyfish Invade
Breeding Is Changing Dog Brains
August 1
Cub's Curiosity Ends in Joint Rescue Between Man and Bear
One Ball: Dog vs. Deer – video
July 29
These People Get Really Excited About an Adoption ... Every Time, Every Day – video
Rats Overrun Manhattan Park
July 25
Bear Gets Stuck in Car, Goes on Brief Ride
July 22
Over 2000 Cattle Die in Kansas Heat – More at Risk
July 21
Hundreds of Dead Penguins Dot Brazil's Beaches
Dog Returns Home after 5 Years
July 20
Pets: Forgotten Victims of the Gulf Crisis – video
Mysterious Plague Killing Off Bats, Bugs Get Free Reign
Pets May Be the Next Frontier of Health Reform
Dog Days of Summer – humorous video
July 18
Judge Allows Nevada Wild Horse Roundup to Resume
Swarm of 30,000 Bees 'Turned the Sky Black
July 15
Scientists Discover Prehistoric Fish Under Great Barrier Reef
July 13
Dog Teams Seek a Hidden Enemy in Afghan War
July 11
State Law Separates Animal Odd Couple in Dallas
Baghdad Kills 58,000 Dogs in 3 Months
How to Start a Pet Food Bank: 10 Steps to Helping Pets on a Shoestring Budget
July 1
Giant Excavated Ant Colony Reveals Marvellous Wonder – video
June 25
Good Sam. Tortoise Helps Struggling Tortoise – video
June 18
Honeybee Collapse: Stung from Behind
Bumblebees on UK Pollination 'Rescue Mission' Die in Hibernation
Rescued: Dogs Left Tied to Tree Get 2nd Chance
June 11
Dead Humpback Whale Washes Up on Long Island Beach
June 5
It's a Dog's Life — Sydney Hosts Canine Concert
Australia Recruiting Tourists as Toad Killers
June 3
Dog Saes Farmer from Raging Bull – video
Demise of Britain's Butterflies
May 26
Flood of Frogs Shuts Down Major Greek Highway
May 24
Britain's Beekeepers Lose One Sixth of Hives
May 17
The Magnificent Seven: Hero dogs That Saved Hundreds During the Blitz Are Honored
May 12
Cat Gives a Cardiac Massage to His Injured Girlfriend – video – This stray cat was filmed in Turkey trying to reanimate his female friend who was hit by a car. Even though people tried to help him, the white cat wouldn't let them come near for two straight hours. Finally a vet arrived and took the injured cat. Sadly, it was too late and he couldn't resuscitate the feline.
New Species of Raptor Dinosaur Found in China
Dead Dolphins Wash Up on Coast
May 9
Meet Kanellos, The Greek Protest Dog
Dog, Hope, Goes for Turtle Ride – video
May 6
Students' Book Tells Story of Search Dog in Haiti Quake
Leopard, Golden Retriever Who Are Best Friends
May 4
Animal Clean-Up After Oil Spill Is Lengthy Process
May 2
Fears for Crops as Shock Figures from America Show Scale of Bee Catastrophe
Fourth Winter Bee Die-Off Threatens Crops, Raises Prices
What Crops Depend on Bees? – the list
April 30
How Will the Oil Spill Affect Wildlife?
April 29
World's Smallest Horse Is 14" Tall
No Single Cause for Mass Die Off of Honey Bees: OIE
What It's Like to Think with a Dog's Brain
Virgin Birth: Sharks' Secret Survival Trick
April 26
Buzz Kill! Is This 'Bee Armageddon'?
April 25
Dogs Fun in the Snow – video
April 23
Hero Dog Buddy Leads Troopers to Rural Alaska Fire
April 22
Ohio Loses 70% of Their Bee Population
Two Elephants Die of Exhaustion Searching for Water and Food
April 20
Foot-and-mouth Outbreak Spreads to S Korea Mainland
April 19
Iceland's Farmers Try to Save Herds from Toxic Ash
Climate Change is Affecting Bird Behaviour at a Staggering Rate
April 16
Colo. Horse Gets Death Sentence – Rabies
April 7
First Animals to Live Without Oxygen Discovered
April 6
Dog Adopts Fawn – video
'Oriental Yeti' Discovered in China
April 2
Shelter Tails: Money Raised to Bring Dogs Home from Iraq
Monster of the Deep: Shocked Oil Workers Catch 2-1/2 Foot 'Woodlouse'
April 1
Toads Can 'Predict Earthquakes' and Seismic Activity
March 30
Monarch Butterflies, Battered by the Weather, No Longer Rule
Scientists Stumped as Bee Population Declines Further
March 29
Chipped Pets Develop Fast-Growing, Lethal Tumors
March 26
Bees in More Trouble After Bad Winter
March 25
Runaway Horses Stampede California Highway – video
March 22
Pet Shelters Suffer in Economic Downturn
March 21
Two Women Stung about 100 Times Each by Swarm of Bees in N. Phoenix
Spread of Africanized Honey Bee by County – map
March 18
Wolf Killing Unnerves Alaska Village
Woman Killed by Wolves Left Behind Vivid Blog of Alaska Life
March 17
Hurt Dog Limps into New Mexico ER
March 16
Mind-Reading Gorillas Love a Good Game
March 15
Bees Busier Than Ever as Disease Besieges Colonies
March 11
Animal Suicide Sheds Light on Human Behavior
Grisly Mystery After Scores of Starlings Fall Out of the Sky and Lie Dying... in a SINGLE Yard
March 10
'Miracle' Elephant Calf Confounds the Experts
China May Ban Eating Dogs, Cats
March 9
Vaccines 'Are Making Our Dogs Sick as Vets Cash In'
February 22
Dog, "Blue" Credited with Saving 3-Year-Old Girl's Life
February 21
Dogs Set to Get Once-a-Day Pet Prozac
February 12
How to Cuddle with an Elephant Seal – video
February 10
The Lesser Known Victims of the Housing Crisis – Pets
February 9
Treo the Dog Awarded Animal Victoria Cross
February 8
Deer Crashes into Hotel Lobby – video
February 3
Cat Predicts 50 Deaths in Rhode Island Nursing Home
California Fishermen Reel in Giant Squid
January 31
Tell Tail Clue to a Happy Dog... They Wag it to the Left
January 29
Ice-Floe Dog Joins Crew of Ship That Saved Him
L.A. Flood Dog Reunited with His Person
3 Cheetahs Spare Tiny Antelope's Life... and Play with Him Instead – pics
January 24
Scientists Struggle to Understand Plague That Kills Insect-Eating Bats
Praise for Earthquake Rescue Dog Echo
15 Beached Whales Die in N.Z.; 33 Coaxed to Sea
January 15
Dog's Instincts Send Her Bolting Before Calif. Quake
January 13
Labrador Bolts from U.S. Office Before Quake Tremors Strike
January 12
Golden Retriever Called 'Angel' Takes on Mountain Lion and Saves His 11-Year-Old Owner
Bird-Plane Strike Incidents Soar Toward 10,000
January 8
Man's Best Friend Saves Skiers + video
January 7
Immobilized by Cold, 93 Turtles Are Rescued
Frozen Feline Comes Back to Life – video
January 6
'Smartest' Dog Recognises More Than 340 Words
January 5
The Dog That WAS Just for Christmas – Thousands of Pets Abandoned
January 3
Missing San Francisco Sea Lions 'off Oregon'
Scores Arrested in Texas Cockfight Raid