Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. —Ronald Reagan, 1981

Nov. 10
Glenn Beck: The Puppet Master Nov. 9 – Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3
Nov. 9
Glenn Beck: The Puppet Master Nov. 8 – Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3
Nov. 8
Glenn Beck: What Happens Next? Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3

Dec. 28
$5-a-Gallon Gas? It'll Get Worse, Oil Exec Says **
US Ups How It Measures Long-Term Unemployment
Dec. 26
Coburn: Control Gov't. Spending or Face 'Apocalyptic Pain' **
The Most Important Financial Development of 2010 **
The Looming Crisis in the States **
Economic Checkup
Communist China to “Bailout” Cartel Capitalism in West?
Dec. 23
How the Fed Let Small Banks Take on Too Much Debt, Then Fail
Dec. 22
Banks Accused of Illegally Looting Homes **
Dec. 21
State Budgets: The Day of Reckoning
$2T Debt Crisis Threatens to Bring Down 100 US Cities
Countries in Deep Debt Should Dump Euro, Investor Says
Dec. 20
Public Pension Cost Cover-Up? The Union Effort to Kill Transparency
Monetary Watch December 2010: The Money Supply, a Triple from Here?
Dec. 17
Bill Preventing Big Tax Hikes Heads to Obama
Victory for Earmark Opponents: Dems Drop Trillion-Dollar Omnibus Spending Bill **
Congress Passes Sweeping Tax Bill, Sends It to Obama's Desk
Oil Crisis Still Lies Ahead: $200 Oil and $6 a Gallon Gas by Late 2012
Alaska Oil Reserves Expert Lindsey Williams: Crude Oil Targeted for $150-200 per Barrel **
Petrol Price Hits Another New High: Drivers Spend £8M a Day More Than a Year Ago
Dec. 15
GOP Senators Slam $1.1T Spending Bill Over Earmarks **
Senate Omnibus Bill Would Make Machiavelli Proud
US Banks on the Hook to PIIGS by Over $350 Billion
The Feds Final Days
Sidestepping the U.S. Dollar, a Russian Exchange will Swap Rubles and Renminbi
Doomsday for $US: Post Mortem for the World's "Reserve Currency"
In Rome, Protesters Clash with Police
Greece Riots As Fire Bombs, Stones Fly in Athens
Dec. 13
Demos Balk over Estate Tax as Senate Moves to Approve Tax Deal
Dec. 12
Swindle of the Year **
Advocates Fear Tax Cut Deal Jeopardizes Social Security **
Dec. 10
Obama: Tax Bill Will Pass, but Battle Isn't Over Yet **
Why We're Headed for a Collapse
Dec. 9
Unhappy Dems Say Tax Cut Bill Likely to Pass
Remember $4 Gasoline? Oil Speculators Are Back **
What Biblical Passage Gives Any Share of a Man's Inheritance to the State? **
Ron Paul to Chair the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy
US Postal Service Lost Record $8.5 Billion in 2010
US Treasury Stockpiles Billions in Flawed $100 Bills
Dec. 8
‘Unified Quest 2011’: Pentagon ‘War Games’ U.S. Economic Meltdown
What Europe Should Do about the Euro Crisis **
The EU Is Pushing Ireland to the Brink of Ruin
'Imagine' a World With No Federal Reserve...
America Laughs As Jon Stewart Explains How Ben Bernanke Is Robbing It Blind

Eurozone Debt Fears Infect German Bonds
Dec. 7
Obama Announces 'Framework' for Deal With Congress to Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts
Wall Street's Pentagon Papers: Biggest Financial Scam in World History
Monetization of US Government Debt, It’s Bigger Than You Think
Elitists Leading on Odyssey of Economic Ruin
Offshoring Tsunami and QE3: A Perfect Storm for Stagflation **
A Century of Money Mischief and the Rising Sea of Debt
From Bad to Worse: The Economy Today and Tomorrow
19 Facts About the Deindustrialization of America That Will Blow Your Mind
Soccer Legend Calls for Run on Banks
New Rules: You and IRS This January
Employment Chart the White House Doesn't Want You to See
Glenn Beck : It's Not Going to Happen Here!
Dec. 6
Bernanke’s QE3 Faces Stiff Resistance **
Let's Deal: Tax Cuts, Jobless Aid within Reach
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on the Economy

Dec. 5
Senate's GOP Leader: Tax Cuts Will be Extended **
Tax Deal Likely to Include Unemployment Benefits **
Mounting State Debts Stoke Fears of Looming Crisis **
Senate Kills Obama's Tax Plan
We Need an Economics-Based Foreign Policy
Debt Crisis Is Forever Changing Europe's Currency Union
What's Behind the 2010 Gold Rush?
Dec. 3
Debt Panel Fails to Secure Votes **
November Job Growth Well Below Expectations **
Jobs Data for All States
Dec. 2
House Extends Middle-Class Tax Cuts **
Another Tax Coming Jan. 1st: the Death Tax **
Federal Workers Will Still Receive Raises Despite Pay Freeze **
Jobless Data Could Break '80s Record **
Fed Aid Went Everywhere: Banks, Companies, Foreign Firms **
Mounting Calls for 'Nuclear Response' to Save Monetary Union
US to Bailout EU?
Shock: European Banks Took Big Slice of Fed Aid
Fed Details of Loan to EU – video **
Fed Reveals Companies That Got Trillions in Aid
The Monetization of U.S. Government Debt, We're Watching
Dec. 1
2 Million Lose Jobless Benefits As Holidays Arrive **
Russia's Central Bank to Invest Reserves in Australian Dollar **
Euro Slide Gathers Pace on Debt Crisis Fears
Missing the Mark on Deficits
America's Leading Export: Inflation
The Madness of a Lost Society
The Rich Get Rich and the Poor Get Poorer: Hunger and Homelessness in America
Nov. 30
Tax Cut Battle Looms Over Obama's Bipartisan Summit **
Euro, Stocks, Bonds Retreat Amid Concern European Debt Crisis Will Spread
New Phase of Debt Crisis Striking Now – Despite Rescues **
Global Sovereign Debt Default Bankruptcy Bailout and Contagion Risk Analysis **
Budget Cutters Aim Their Axes at Medicare
Cities Sweat 'Earmark' Funding
Senate Votes Down Ban on Earmarks
Nov. 28
World at a Boil with War and Economic Crisis **
Irish Bailout: $115 Billion – EU Backs It
...Thousands Protest
EU Outlines Bond Restructuring Plan
The Fiscal Trap: Quantitative Easing Won’t Solve Our Deeper Problem
Putin Proposes EU Become Reserve Currency

Nov. 26
Next Debt Crisis May Start in Washington: Bair
Currency Crisis! So What Happens If the Dollar and the Euro Both Collapse?
Currency Warfare, Trade Barriers, The People it Hurts
Millions Cashless in Bank Glitch **
Nov. 24
China, Russia Quit Dollar **
8 in 10 Say Keeping Bush Tax Cuts a Priority **
99ers: The Unemployed Need Help!
Federal Unemployment Benefits Set to Expire
Gerald Celente on Lew Rockwell **
10,000 Rampage in UK in Latest Student Fees Riot
Can the Euro be Saved?
The Misguided Ireland Bailout
Nov. 23
Bob Chapman on Gold, Silver, Economy + More **
Fed's Hidden Agenda of Driving U.S. into a Second Great Depression **
Pay Cuts Aren’t Enough: Time to Lay Off Federal Workers **
FBI Raids 3 Hedge Funds as Insider Trading Probe Widens
Countrywide Documentation Disaster to Explode at Bank of America?
Russia-China Trade Grows 56% in January-September
Beck's Take on Soros: Dead On
December 7 Is the Unofficial Pan-European Bank Mutiny Day
Nov. 19
Tent Cities, Homelessness and Soul-Crushing Despair: Legacy of Decades of Government Debt and Mismanagement **
Bernanke Not the Only One Printing Money
Small Investors Shunning Stock Market
Nov. 18
Welfare State: Europe's Economic Armageddon
Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5
Nov. 17
Earmarks Get Ax from GOP Senators
Americans Plan to Donate to Charity at Same Level
Nov. 16
Report: Foreclosure Mess Could Get Worse, Threaten Banks **
Over Half of America's Foreclosures Are Occurring in These 5 States

G-20: World Gangs Up on America
Support Grows for Extending Bush Tax Cuts

Europe Paints a Bleak Picture of Its Own Prospects **
Markets in Turmoil as Europe Fears Debt Crisis Will Spread
If You're Looking for Inflation, Here's Where to Find It
World Debt Comparison: The Global Debt Clock
Nov. 14
QE2 Already a Disaster? **
Bernnake's QE Explained - "Screw You America!"
Is the Federal Reserve Destroying the Dollar?
When the Collapse Comes, Will FEMA Camps Look Like Club Med?
Nov. 12
Obama Rips China's Monetary Policy, Fails to Get G-20 Backing **
Obama’s Economic View Is Rejected on World Stage
Obama Panel Probes Stimulus Waste -- at Ritz Carlton
Obama to Bypass Congress with Carbon Taxes?
Nearly $1 Trillion Net Tax Hike Proposed in Fiscal Commission’s ‘Tax Reform’ Plan
Bernanke's Worst Nightmare: Ron Paul
Back to a Gold Standard?
Nov. 11
U.S. Debt Proposal Would Cut Social Security, Taxes, Medicare **
America's Neglected Deficit Fattest in First World
Jeremy Grantham: The Fed Has Spent the Last 20 Years Manipulating the Stock Market
John Taylor: The Collapse of Europe Has Begun
Keynsianism Fallen Upon Hard Times **
Donald Trump on the Downfall of America and Dominance of China
Long-Term Jobless 'Could Face Compulsory Manual Labour'
Nov. 10
Glenn Beck: The Puppet Master Nov. 9 – Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3
Chinese Credit Rater Downgrades U.S.**
Currency Wars: US to Send Tsunami of Printed Money
More Federal Workers' Pay Tops $150,000 – Doubled Since Obama Took Office
BoA Edges Closer to Tipping Point
Amherst's Goodman: 1 in 5 Distressed Homeowners at Risk of Losing Home
UK Students Riot Over Tuition Hike
Nov. 9
Glenn Beck: The Puppet Master Nov. 8 – Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3
Nov. 8
Glenn Beck: What Happens Next? Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3
Currencies: Seven Charts You Should See
Stocks Have Collapsed in 2010--When Priced in Wheat
Battles Loom Over Tax Breaks, Spending Cuts
The Day After: Entire World Blasts Deranged Madman's Uncheckable Insanity
To All Followers of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Crowd
Nov. 7
Currencies: Seven Charts You Should See
To All Followers of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Crowd
Nov. 5
The Price of Oil Is Going Up, The Price of Food Is Going Up and Now Here Comes Quantitative Easing
Doubts Grow Over Wisdom of Bernanke QE2 **
World Markets Surge in Wake of Fed's Cash Infusion
Fresh Battle Over Who Gets Tax Cuts
Nov. 4
Emerging Markets Lash Out Against Bernanke's QE2 with Calls for Capital Controls
Credit Suisse: QE2 Just Made China's Inflation Threat Much, Much Worse
Glenn Beck Explains Quantitative Easing
Federal Reserve Rains Money on Corporate America – Main Street Left High and Dry
Creation of Debt as Basis for Growth
Reid: Permanent Tax Cuts 'Won't Happen'
Bachmann: I Begged the Fed Not to Do It
New Tipping Point Numbers ....
Catherine Austin Fitts : The Looting of America Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4
Nov. 3
Federal Reserve Risks Ruining Reserve Currency **
US Central Bank Set to Reveal Cash Boost Plan
What a Fed Move Would Mean
GOP Has Major Budget Cuts in Store
MGM Files for Bankruptcy
Freddie Mac Says Net Loss $4.1 Billion
Exclusive Excerpt: America on Sale, from Matt Taibbi's 'Griftopia' **
The Fed at Jekyll Island: 100 Years Later, They're Baaack!
Recovery Info for Your Neighborhood – Enter Your Zip Code – map
Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) Ad – video **
Nov. 2
4 Ways to Save Money by Minimizing Household Chemicals Naturally
Nov. 1
Credibility on the Line for Bernanke and Fed
China's Creative Accounting: Using Debt as an Instrument of Economic Development
Oct. 31
A Coming Government Shutdown?
Why Deficits Stopped Mattering: Magic or Conspiracy?
Oct. 29
The Next 437 Banks That Could Fail
Currency Wars: Debase, Default, Deny!
Oct. 28
GOP Agenda: Cut $100 Billion in Wasteful Spending, Mandatory Healthcare and Restore Tax Reductions **
$8 Billion Spent, No Records Kept
The Six Trillion Dollar Problem
Foreclosure 'Epidemic' Spreading Across U.S.
Bank Probe Trouble for FDIC Chief
Baby Boomers: Get Out of the Stock Market Now, The Rug is Being Pulled Out by Insiders **
7 Mega-Cartels That Kill the Free Market and Our Sovereignty
Oct. 26
Congressional Report: Obamacare Costs America Nearly 800,000 Jobs
Martial Law, Economic Meltdown, and Executive Orders **
Mish Shedlock: Massive Inflation in China, US Inflation Nonexistent
Oct. 25
Debt Has Increased $5 Trillion Since Speaker Pelosi Vowed, 'No New Deficit Spending' **
Dollar at Risk of Becoming 'Toxic Waste'
Oct. 24
16 Facts About Walmart That Will Blow Your Mind
Regulators Close 7 More Banks in U.S.
Oct. 22
Fools Rush In Where Europe Rushes Out – Obama Wants to Follow Europe to Brink of Financial Disaster
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bailout Cost Is Likely to Rise to $154 Billion
Avoiding the Trip to Q.E. Hades
15 US Housing Markets at Forefront of the Double Dip – in pics
Republicans Rip into One of Their Own for Mentioning VAT Tax
Oct. 20
News Networks Ignore $4 Trillion in Obama Tax Hikes **
Will the Federal Reserve Cause a Civil War?
43.6 Million Americans Hit by Poverty
Foreclosure Nation USA – map
Regional Look at Poverty in America – map
Drastic: UK Slashes 500,000 Gov't Jobs **
Michael Savage: China on the Verge of 'Burying' the U.S.
Documentary Exposes How 'Banksters' Continue to Steal Our Money – video **
BoA Accused of Racketeering in Foreclosure Lawsuit in Indiana
Oct. 19
Demand for Guns, Food Stamps Indicates Uncertainty: Analyst – video **
Protesters to Hit France en Masse **
Strikes Force Travelers to Weave a Tangled Web Through Paris
Soaring Gold and a Sinking Dollar Signal Trouble Ahead
Matt Taibi - Magic Money Printing Machine at the Fed – video **
Oct. 17
WSJ: Home Mortgage Damage Spreads in U.S. **
Welcome to the Subprime Debacle, Pt. 2
The Democratic Move This Week That Even Shocked Some Democrats
Our Economy Is a Bad Joke
War and Bankers First, Social Security Retirees Last
Echoes of the Great Depression
Oil, Gold, Corn... Oh My!
27 Signs That the Standard of Living for America’s Middle Class Is Dropping Like a Rock – in pics
Is America on a Burning Platform?

Oct. 15
Budget Deficit Exceeded $1 Trillion in Fiscal 2010, for Second Straight Year **
Shamed by What America Owes, Payback Begins Nov. 2
Gerald Celente: The Selloff of America – video **
Kiss It Goodbye: Tax Hikes Could Crack Senior Nest Eggs
The White House and the US Mortgage Racket
Bernanke's Declaration of Independence
Oct. 14
Obama Admits: “There’s No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Projects" **
Michelle Obama Delivers Shovel-Ready Speech
Why I Am Not Hiring
Biden, Obama's Traveling Salesman, Makes Hard Sell to Voters
Is America in Decline? 24 Statistics about the US Economy
Global Illusions Stemming from Money Printing
Questions That Swirl Around the Fed
Monetizing All the Debt, All the Time
$700,000 Stimulus to Fund Climate Change Theater
Oct. 13
Jobless America Threatens to Bring Us All Down With It
Debt Market Strips U.S. of Triple-A Rating **
Will JPMorgan Face Facts on Foreclosures?
An IMF Head from China?
China’s Quiet Australian Invasion
Wall Street Stresses Jobs, Taxes After Election **
The After-the-Fed Solutions Debate Begins: Greenbackers vs. Goldbugs
Oct. 12
Wall Street to Dole Out Record $144 Billion in Pay, Bonuses **
Wall St. Cash Flow Imperils Dems
No Shock: 85% Angry With Economy
The Biggest Tax Hike Ever? **
Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts: How Will It Affect You?
Demystifying Deflation
Worldwide Hyperinflation Race
France: Strikes Over Pension Reform Begin
Oct. 10
Up to 40 States Plan Inquiry into Foreclosure Data
Lawmakers Struggle to Stem Foreclosure Fiasco
WH Doubts Need to Halt All Foreclosures
IMF Told to Toughen Scrutiny of Rich Powers **
420 Banks Demand 1-World Currency
The New World Order of Global Markets **
Economic Policy Threatens the Dollar
End to Currency Dispute Eludes Finance Ministers
Oct. 8
Frightening: Thousands of Stimulus Checks Sent to Dead
Government Spending Rises 9% – $1.3 Trillion Deficit for 2010
Oct. 7
A Sloppy-Foreclosure Plague Will Destroy America **
Obama Won't Sign Foreclosure Challenge Bill
Remember How We Saved the Banks So They Would Keep Lending to the "Real Economy"?
Three Horrifying Facts About the US Debt "Situation"
Gallup: U.S. Unemployment at 10.1% in September **
Gerald Celente's New Food Supply Warnings – video **
No Way Out
Oct. 6
IMF Sees Global Economy Gaining, US Growth Slowing **
Supreme Court Spouse: 'Tax Crisis' Coming Jan. 1 **
Obama's Tax Pitch: Income Gap That Millionaires Should Fill
$162 Million in Stimulus Funds Not Disclosed
Obama is Deliberately Making America Poorer
3M Battles ObamaCare – Retirees Hang in the Balance
Oct. 5
Obama Challenged to Extend Bush Tax Cuts
Cities Turn to Beleaguered States to Ease Debts **
Feds Sue Credit Card Companies **
Banks' $4 trillion Debts Are 'Achilles‚ Heel of the Economic Recovery', Warns IMF
It's October. Is It Time for a Stock Market Crash?
The Trade and Tax Doomsday Clocks
Is Quebec the Future of the U.S.?
Super-rich Investors Buy Gold by Ton
Oct. 4
Shock Therapy for Wall Street: Banking Giants Suspend Thousands of Foreclosures
IMF Admits That the West Is Stuck in Near Depression
Oct. 3
A Constitutional Amendment to Limit Spending
Social Security: An Example of Government Rigor Mortis
UN Warns of Global Unrest Over Unemployment **
America on 'Brink of a Second Revolution'
Gerald Celente on Goldseekradio Oct 1st – video
Oct. 1
Productive Class Has Bloody Hands from Presidential Bites
Pampered, Selfish Robin Hoods
Postal Service Denied Rate Hike
100,000+ Irish Workers Expected to Leave Country Before 2012
Will the Dollar Rebound Before Dissolving into Global Currency?
Sept. 30
Is Government About to Make Mortgage Market Even Worse?
1099 Supply Shock for Gold Buyers **
Ultimate Bailout: The $100 Trillion Cram Down **
Ireland's Bank Bail-Out: €40B ($54B), Places Unprecedented Strain on Nation's Finances
Anti-Austerity Riots in Spain and All Over Europe + video
Sept. 29
Big Labor, Not Tea Party, Is Workers' Worst Enemy
Inhofe: EPA Rule Could Kill Nearly 800,000 Manufacturing Jobs **
House Set to Approve Bill Aimed at China Yuan
World Gripped by 'International Currency War'
Sept. 28
U.S. Economy "Close to a Destructive Tipping Point," Glenn Hubbard Says **
279 Banks Have Failed Since Sept. 25, 2008, No End in Sight
'Boomer' Suicides on Rise
Wal-Mart Moves into Africa
Ahead of the Bell: China Imposes Tariff on Chicken
Sept. 26
Recession Not Over, U.S. Public Says **
'Dramatically Poisonous' Economy Heading to 'Catastrophic' Collapse
Stimulus Spending on Highways Isn't Delivering on Job Promises
Thousands Face Job Loss When Part of Stimulus Expires
U.S. Bails Out Major Credit Unions
Obama Health Care Reform Imposes 3.8% Tax on All Income from Home Sales and Home Rental Income
The Wages of Negligence
Gold Dispensing ATM Unveiled in Madrid
3 Places to Find the 'Gold to Go' Gold Bar at ATMs
ATM Dispenses Gold – video **
Sept. 24
Dems Delay Vote – Till After Elections – on 'Tax Cuts' **
Buffett: 'We're Still in a Recession'
Gold Climbs to $1,300 on Dollar Concern; Silver at 30-Year High
Canadians Snap Up Sun Belt Homes
Sept. 22
Poll: US Investors See Obama as Anti-Business
US Government 'Hiding True Amount of Debt'
Orwellian DoubleThink: Collapse is Recovery
The Delphi Disaster: An Economic Horror Story Obama Won't Tell
Velma Hart: Why She Confronted Obama – video **
Sept. 20
Gold's Rally: Breakout or Fakeout? **
How High Will Gold Climb? – video **
The Jaws of Death
20 Signs That the Economic Collapse Has Begun for 1 of Every 7 Americans
Obama’s Washington Animal Farm **
Redesigning the US Bank Note
Amazing New Designs for the Dollar Bill – pics
Waking up to a World Currency
The Emerging Global Fed
Cities Install Donation Meters for the Homeless
Sept. 17
Expiring Tax Cuts Hit Americans at Every Income Level **
$111 Million in Stimulus Saved Just 55 Jobs
Obama Endorses Global Taxes on Eve of U.N. Summit
Washington Is Bracing for a Historic Battle Over U.S. Tax Law. Here's What You Should Do Now
Obama Faces Mutiny from Own Party as 31 Democrats Demand Tax Cuts for the Rich
The New Poor: Poverty Reaches Historic Levels
Americans Complain About Boastful Stimulus Signs
$20 Million Wasted on Obama Propaganda Signs – video **
States Working Harder for Online Sales Taxes
Cannon Fodder for the NWO
Fed Issues More Debt Than It Needs
Elections Matter: The Fiscal Consequences of Our Votes
Congressmen Weiner and Waxman Set Gold Hearing **
Mortgage Rates Compared
Sept. 16
Home Foreclosures Jump to Highest Rate Since Crisis Began
Home Prices Drop in 36 States
Senate Could Pass Small-Biz Bill Today
AP-GfK Poll: Nearly Half Oppose Tax Hikes for Rich
Sept. 14
Treasury Announces $91 Billion Monthly Deficit
Small Business: Stop Ignoring Us! – video
Bush Tax Cuts Better Than Stimulus 2.0, Poll Says
Feds Spent $800,000 of Economic Stimulus on African Genital-Washing Program
Expanding U.S.-Canada Security and Economic Partnership
Gold Hits New Record High
Sept. 13
Doomsday Warnings of US Apocalypse Gain Ground **
Obama Touts Inefficient Program to Defend Stimulus: $1.4m per Green Job Created
Boehner Says He Would Vote for a Middle-Class Tax Cut
U.S. Poverty Numbers Set for Record Increase
Speech Geert Wilders PVV Ground Zero 9-11 2010 New York – video **
Unions to Bring UK to a Standstill with Wave of Crippling Strikes 'Not Seen for Decades' **
Strike Cripples Israel's International Airport
NFL Labor Trouble Could Lead to 2011 Lockout
BP Oil Spill Could Slash Number of Offshore Operators Says Marine Lawyer
One Abyss, Then Another
Sept. 9
Obama Added More to National Debt in First 19 Months Than All Presidents from Washington Through Reagan Combined, Says Gov’t Data **
Message to Obama and the Dems: It's Your Economy Now!
Fed Banks: 'Widespread Signs of a Deceleration' in Economy
Obama Pushing National Infrastructure Bank **
Reaganomics v. Obamanomics: The Movie
Sept. 8
White House Downplays Decision Against Bush Tax Cuts **
Obamacare Condemned for Taxing Just 'Existing'
Tax Blunder Rebellion: Experts Urge 1.4M Britons Not to Pay
So Broke We Can't Pay Attention
Sept. 6
Stimulate This: Obama Wants Another $50 Billion **
Obama Did Create 3 Million Jobs – in China?
Work Until You're Dead? That May Be the Only Option for Many Americans
Fears Rise as EU Nations Aim to Raise Borrowing
Sept. 3
Bernanke: Shut Down Banks If They Threaten System
Sept. 2
Shellshocked Investors Quit the Market
IMF Warns over UK Debt in Call for Global Fiscal Reform
Dems Unlikely to Repeal Tax Cuts for the Rich
The U.S. Path to Collapse
Sept. 1
Global Collapse of the Fiat Money System: Banks Will Collapse Between Now and First Quarter 2011 **
829 Banks at Risk **
Complete List of Failed Banks
Where Banks Are Failing: Many Caused by Foreclosures
It’s the Spending, Stupid
US Markets Suffer Their Worst August in Almost a Decade
Investors Brace for Dreaded 'September Effect'
Death By Globalism: Economists Haven’t a Clue
Washington Passes Secret Energy Tax
August 31
GOP Charges Obama's Economic Policies 'Failing Miserably'
Cash-Poor Local Governments Ditching Public Hospitals
Wealthy Lawmakers Increased Their Riches as Economy Sputtered in '09
China's Banking System Shows Disturbing, U.S.-style Cracks
Social Security: The Futile Fight for What’s Been Promised
Ron Paul Questions Whether There's Gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed
IRS under Obama Zooms in on Pro-Israel Groups
August 30
A U.S. 'Legacy of Waste' in Iraq
Outcry as Aussie Department Stores Deck the Halls 4 Months Early
August 29
U.S. Government Prepares for 'Crisis'
The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History
Debt, Depression, Default. America Is in Deep Trouble
August 27
Economic Collision Course: The “Crash of 2010”
10 Leading Retailers Close Stores; Exodus of Small Retailers Amidst Signs of "Free Rent"; 700,000 Drop Cable TV Subscriptions
Struggling Cities Shut Firehouses in Budget Crisis
Blockbuster to File for Bankruptcy in September
Snapshot of Economy About to Get a Lot Bleaker
Gov’t Set to Confirm What Many Feel: Economy at a Standstill
Ben to the Rescue? Bernanke Promises Action if Economy Gets Worse
Obama's Next Big Bank Bailout
Collapse Survival Will Be Tribal: Begin Recruiting Now
China’s Renminbi Goes Slowly Global
UK Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in 9 Years
August 26
Karl Rove: Obama's Disastarous 'Summer of Recovery'
The Dollar Bubble – video
Bennet Bombshell: Trillions in Debt, ‘Nothing to Show for It’
Biden Ready for More Spending: 'This Is a Chance to Do Something Big, Man!'
1 in 10 Mortgage Holders Faces Foreclosure
The Housing Collapse: We've Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
The Economy When Debt Is Everywhere
Financial Expert Warns of Economic Collapse
Plunge in Home Sales Stokes Economy Fears
Obama Needs Your 401(k) to Balance His Budget
10 Practical Steps to Take to Insulate Yourself from the Coming Economic Collapse **
August 25
Bancor: The Name of the Global Currency That a Shocking IMF Report Is Proposing
The White House War on Jobs
August 24
Obama’s Failed ‘Recovery Summer’
The Purpose Behind Engineered Economic Collapse
Homeowners’ Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes be Foreclosure-Proof?
Ron Paul: Abolish Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – video
August 23
USD Collapse in the Cards
Iran Offers to Set Up Economic Bloc with Syria, Iraq, Turkey
Everyone Wants the Kiwi Dream
August 22
Disturbing Trend -- and Worse to Come
Nearly 50% Leave Obama Mortgage-Aid Program
NKorea Attacking U.S. with Fake $100 Bills
Entering a Death Spiral?: Tensions Rise in Greece as Austerity Measures Backfire
August 18
Unemployment Spreads Like a Plague
Accountability and Transparency in the World of Big Money: Banks too Big to Fail and too Big to Jail
What Should We Do About National Debt, and When?
August 17
How the Unions Betrayed America
Tons of Gold Imports Turn to Dust on Arrival
August 16
10 Signs the U.S. Is Becoming a Third World Country
I Want Your Money – video
Mexico's Possible Collapse
More on the Collapse of Mexico
August 15
The Hindenburg Omen Indicates Stock Market Crash is Coming
Gerald Celente on Coast To Coast AM Part 1, Part 2 – video
August 13
How to Get Out of This Economic Mess
Capital Controls: The Final Phase in the Great Looting of America
Game of Chicken Coming in Congress over Bush Tax Cuts
EPA’s Climate Campaign Could Wreck U.S. Recovery
Boise Struggles with How to Help needy and Discourage Shysters
Government Weather Forecasting: A Corrupted Waste of Time and Money
August 12
NWO: Bailouts Helped Foreign Firms
Mob Rush for Fed Aid Draws Riot Police MINI-PIC
Stocks Head for Worst Close in Month
Q2 GDP Growth Could Be Revised to Just 1% After Trade Data
Is This Finally the Economic Collapse?
Californians' Income Falls for First Time since WWII
How Politicians Turned the California Dream into a Nightmare
Deficit in July Totals $165.04 Billion
Tax Dollars to Build Mosques
How Politicians Turned the California Dream into a Nightmare
2010s a 'Lost Decade,' or Temporary Funk?
Anxiety Hangs Over World Markets
August 11
Outrage Over Dems Raiding Food Stamps to Fund Bailout **
Congressman Calls Vote on $26 Billion Jobs Bill a Sign ‘We’re Not Bankrupting the Country Fast Enough’
Confidence Is Lost Among Small Businesses
The Pirates Who Destroyed America
Bank of England Warns UK Recovery Will be Weaker Than Hoped
Food Inflation: Don’t Panic, Yet
U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff
Fed Pushes Up Stimulus as It Lowers Outlook
August 10
Productivity Falls, Labor Costs Up in 2Q
Recession Causing a Banking Awakening in Tough-Hit Midwest
Grassley: Medicare Waste, Fraud, Abuse Costing Taxpayers Billions
Taxpayer Calculator: The 'State Aid' Bill
Many Shun Banks, But Pay More for Financial Services
Gold Drops as Stronger Dollar Erodes Demand for an Alternative Investment
Iran to Expunge 'Dirty' Dollar and Euro Reserves
August 8
Stimulus Bill Helped Some Far More Than Others
Job Figures Just Part of a Grim Economic Picture
August 6
Social Security In Red for First Time
Postal Service Loses $3.5 Billion
Dems Want to Raise Taxes Only on Red States
China's Shark Loan Ponzi Finance- Chinese Companies Fail Due To Inter-Company Shark Loan Debts
August 5
Housing Boom's Jobs Aren't Returning as Economy Recovers
Food Stamp Use Hits Record
Mistaken Disability Payments Might Have Allowed Feds to Double-Dip
August 4
Senate Cuts Food Stamp Funds; Leaves Oil and Gas Subsidies Intact
BP Hit with $10bn Lawsuit over Texas City ‘Chemical Leak’
34 Billionaires Pledge Wealth to Buffet, Gates
August 3
Geithner: Unemployment Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better
‘Reasonable Chance’ to Temporarily Extend Bush Tax Cuts, Set to Expire in January, Hatch Says
The 100 Worst Stimulus Projects – the ridiculous grants / programs should make you crazy
Your Share of the State Debt
Americans Renouncing Citizenship to Avoid Taxes
Mellor: A License to Kill
Philly Begins Rolling Closures of Firehouses to Balance Budget
August 2
Homeownership Rate Continues to Slide
August 1
A Richter Scale for Markets
U.S. Bank Failures Total 108 after 5 Shut on Friday
App Helps You Save Money – video
July 29
Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts Would Cost Families Thousands in 2011, Study
Tax Calculator Tells You What You’ll Pay With and W/O Bush Tax Cuts
July 28
Taxing Thoughts
Federal Debt and the Risk of a Financial Crisis
The Disappearing Dollars
People Begin Living Without Electricity and Water in California
The Era of Global Oil Giants Is Over
July 26
Stealing from American's Pockets
Goldman Reveals Where Bailout Cash Went
July 25
Consumers Complain Smart Meters Increase Utility Bills
America's Economic Hari-Kari
America's Recovery Capitals
Death Taxes and the Food Supply
July 23
White House Waste
America’s Endgame, the People Lose
July 22
Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law
Obama's Economic Fish Stories
Cutting the Budget Deficit Undermines Social Security and Medicare:and Depresses Purchasing Power
Democrats Attack Small Business Owner for Speaking Out Against Obama’s Policies
Consumer Group: Insurers Kept Cash While Hiking Premiums
German Giants Flee Wall Street
July 21
Calling All Liars and Cheats
Bailout Reaches $3.7 Trillion
July 20
The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security
Poll: Faith in Social Security System Tanking
“Financial Reform” and America’s March to Marxism
America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution
July 19
Geography of a Recession Updated – by county
Correlation: Stock Prices and Presidents
Brits Raid 'Dormant' Bank Accounts to Pay for Projects
July 16
Economy May Not Recover 'for 5 or 6 Years'
Scott Brown Votes for Reform - After Selling Out to Wall St.
ObamaFinance Bill a Race-Gender Trojan Horse
Social Security Will Go Bust in 2010
July 15
Millions' Jobless Benefits at Risk
Wall St. already Has Ways Around Reform
Finance Bill Favors Interests of Unions, Activists
July 14
Deficit Tops $1 Trillion Through June
July 13
Republicans Sound Warning Over Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts
Debt Commission Warns of Fiscal 'Cancer' – video
Chinese Rating Agency Strips Western Nations of AAA Status
Effects of Obama's Hostility Toward Business
Small Businesses Plan Fewer Layoffs, Worry Over Outlook, Survey
China Circles the Rare Earth Wagons
...Plans to Fix Rare Earth Prices – Report
The Battle Over Rare Earth Metals – backgrounder
July 12
Crisis Awaits World’s Banks as Trillions Come Due
A Modern Day Gold Rush
Gold Declines in NY as Recovery Signs, Dollar Curb Demand
July 11
G-20 Agreed to Strangle Us with Debt
Banks Are Quietly Reestablishing Mortgages That Don't Require Income Documentation
June 30
Dems’ Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Failed
UN Report: 'Abandon' U.S. Dollar for One-World Currency
An Old Battlefront Returns in War on Euro
June 29
American Cities Teeter on Brink of Bankruptcy
Wrong Track Distress
How Does This Financial Panic Compare to Previous Panics?
The End of Pork Barrel Politics?
June 28
Obama Calling "Bluff" of Those Complaining About "Deficits and Debt"
Byrd's Death May Imperil Finance Bill
June 25
White House Welcomes Shariah Finance Specialist
National Interests to Dominate G-20 Summit: Poorly Coordinated Policies Could Cost 30 Million Jobs Worldwide, IMF Warns
Sharron Angle: Harry Reid 'Raided the Lockbox' of Social Security
Lawmakers Agree on Wall Street’s Biggest Overhaul Since 1930s
What's in the Wall Street Bill
June 23
The Gold Market: When Will the SEC Prosecute for Market Rigging?
June 20
Nearly 1M US Workers Cut Off Unemployment Benefits
Cost of Seizing Fannie and Freddie Surging
June 18
Russia to Help Found ‘New World Economic Order’: President Medvedev
June 16
Fed Could Emerge Intact from Wall Street Reform Debate
BP Swaps Rise to Record at 39% Odds of Default: Credit Markets
June 13
The Coming Economic Collapse? – video
Economists Consider Tearing Down Homes to Protect Housing Market
Vermont to Seniors: Return Those $250 Checks
Britain: We Must Cut Welfare to Cut Poverty
June 11
NY May Shut Next Week: Paterson Warns Chaos, Anarchy
20 Powerbrokers Who Decided the Fate of the World This Weekend
50 Statistics about the U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe
June 9
Bernanke Says the Federal Debt Is ‘Unsustainable’
Joint Letter: Merkel and Sarkozy Urge EU Naked Short Selling Ban
June 8
Glenn Reynolds: Higher Education's Bubble Is About to Burst
Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse
June 7
Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'
June 5
$6 to $8 Gas? Prices Will "Skyrocket" If U.S. Stops Drilling, Says Former Shell Exec
Runaway Census Cost Is Frightening Preview of True Obamacare Price Tag
FTC Floats Drudge Tax
As 'New Media' Proliferate, Does Government Have a Role?
June 3
Federal Debt Tops $13 Trillion
Obama Hits Republicans for Economic Woes
Explanations of the Current Financial Crisis (Draft)
Congress Takes Off Without Funding Youth Summer Jobs
June 2
U.S. Drops to 8th Place in World Rankings for Economic Freedom and Property Rights
May 28
Clock Ticking on 100,000 Teachers' Jobs
Ron Paul: Inside Sources Told Me Fed Is Panicking at Mass Awakening
May 27
Rep. Whip Eric Cantor Initiates Voter Input Program: YouCut
Inflation, Money Supply, GDP, Unemployment and the Dollar
May 26
Obama to Snatch Up to 75% of Your Income
May 25
Congress Gets Ready to Quadruple Tax on Oil
Private Pay Shrinks to Historic Lows as Gov't Payouts Rise
Murkowski Backs BP Bailout
GOP Senators Want a BP Bailout
Cost of BP Cleanup
Dysfunctional Markets That Change Every Hour
May 24
'Dr Doom' Predicts More Pain to Coming
The Saviors of Mankind
New Rules Might Not Stop Next Financial Crisis
May 20
Card Rates for Small Firms Climb
The GDP Lie
Next Year's Budget Sinking in Deep Red Ink
Volcker Says Time Is Running Out for U.S. to Tackle Fiscal Woes
May 18
Credit Card Overhaul to Cut Bank Fees by $5B
May 17
Why You’re Paying Higher Taxes
'Serious Manipulation' of Gold, Silver Markets
Greece Considering Legal Action Against U.S. Banks for Crisis
Sympathy for the Greeks? Save It for U.S.
Government Employees Now Make Higher Salaries Than Private Sector Workers
David Cameron Declares War on Public Sector Pay
May 14
Millions of Jobs That Were Cut Won't Likely Return
Bank of England: USA Faces Same Problems as Greece
U.S. Firms Dodge Billions in Taxes by Moving Profits Overseas
Republican Amendment Would Bar U.S. Bailouts of Foreign Nations
VAT Rise 'Will Cost Family £425 a Year' as New Government Signals Cuts of 20%
May 13
Paying as They Go — With Your Money
May 12
Dems Poised to Move Measures with High Price Tags
Schwarzenegger Preps ‘Terrible Cuts’ to Close Deficit
US Exposure to EU Bailout – $50 Billion
Gold Flies to Record, Investors Seek Safety
May 11
Fannie Mae Seeks $8.4 Billion in Taxpayer Aid after First-Quarter Loss
EU Puts Up $1 Trillion to Defend Euro
Unions Warn of Greek-style Riots in Britain
May 9
Greek Financial Woes Send Ripple from Asia to U.S.
Moody's: U.S. Debt Shock May Hit as Soon as 2013
Gates Cites Urgent Need to Cut Defense Bureaucracy
May 7
Greece Today – USA Tomorrow - Under Obama
US to Bail Out Greece to the Tune of $39 Billion
Fears Intensify About Greek Crisis' Impact on US
US Deficit Spending: Greenspan and the Government Giveaway
Stocks Slip After Wild Day, Europe Woes Linger
End of Unemployment Checks Will Mean No Income for Many
May 6
Moody Warns Greek Debt Crisis Could Spread to UK after Three Die in Battle of Athens
Gerald Celente on Greece Riots – video
Bank Bill Could Help Feds Snoop, GOP Warns
May 2
Greece Erupts as Men from IMF Prepare to Wield Axe
Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX Partners to Fleece USA
Bailout Bill Would Require Banks to Track and Report Personal Checking Accounts to Feds
April 30
Gulf States Face Devastating Impact on Economy
Big Brother Loves 'Financial Reform'
U.S. Economy Grew 3.2% in Q1 – 3rd Straight Quarter of Growth
April 28
Global Stock Markets Tumbled after Greece's Debt Was Downgraded to "Junk"
Groups Raise Alarm at Talk of Social Security Cuts
‘One S***** Deal’: Sen. Levin Uses ‘S-Word’ Eleven Times in Grilling of Ex-Goldman Exec – video
April 26
Liberals Seek VAT to Pay for Big Gov’t
April 25
FDIC Shuts Down 4 More Banks for a Total of 57 Failures This Year
Geithner: 'Compelling Case' for Massive World Bank Funding Boost
60% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism
April 23
SEC Staffers Watched Porn as Economy Crashed
New-Home Sales See Biggest Jump in 47 Years
April 22
Dick Armey: Democrats Will Impose Value Added Tax on Top of All Other Taxes
There's a Bad VAT Brewing – flashback
Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury Unveil New $100 Bill
April 21
New Global 'FAT' Tax to Rein in Banks
April 20
Commercial Real Estate Market Starts to Perk Up
12 Reasons Americans Are Incredibly Angry About the State of the U.S. Economy
April 18
U.S. Shuts 8 More Banks; 50 Have Closed This Year
How Could We Be So Stupid? Let Us Count the Ways
April 16
Bernanke: America Facing Financial 'Armageddon'
April 14
Tea-party Mania: Taxpayers Storm White House
More Tyranny + More Taxes = More American Tea Parties
Foreclosure Aid Saves Few
Retail Sales Rise for Third Straight Month in March
Cash Is being 'Replaced by Cards'
April 12
Nation's Soaring Deficit Calls for Painful Choices
April 11
Catherine Austin Fitts Breaks Down Gov. Hostile Takeover of Pensions – video
IRS to Get 80% of Taxpayers to File Electronically by 2012
April 8
1.2 Million Households Lost to Recession
Half of Americans Pay No Federal Income Tax
April 6
Obama's 17-Minute, 2,500-Word Response to Woman's Claim of Being 'Over-Taxed'
April 2
U.S. Employers Add 162,000 Jobs, Most in 3 Years
Fox: Obama to Sign New CO2 Restrictions by Executive Order
...Begins in 10 Months
April 1
Speeding 'Cushion' May Dwindle Due to Recession
March 30
America: Prepare for an Avalanche of Taxes
Krauthammer Predicts European-Style VAT Tax
March 26
Cigarette Taxes Are Gold Rush
CBO Report: Debt Will Rise to 90% of GDP
March 24
Jim Rogers Says a Eurozone of 10 Members Would Be a “Wonderful Thing”
Pope: World Needs New Financial System
March 22
U.S. Taxpayer to Face Higher Top Marginal Tax Rate Than Communist China or Cuba
Obama Pays More Than Buffett as U.S. Risks AAA Rating
March 18
ObamaCare's Worst Tax Hike
Why You Should Still Avoid Banks Like the Plague
March 16
Man Steals People's Banking Information – video
March 15
Wall Street: Inside the Collapse
Class Conflict in Obama's America
No Taxation with Misrepresentation?
March 12
Retail Sales Post Surprising 0.3 Percent Rise in February, Biggest Advance Since November
Down But Far from Out: Why the Dollar Still Has Muscle to Thrive
States May Hold onto Tax Refunds for Months
March 11
The Subprime Lending Business Survives, Even Thrives
Jobs May Rebound in 2010
Foreclosure Rates Up by Smallest Amount in 4 Years
World Airlines See Blue Skies Ahead: Surprisingly Strong Recovery
Nearly Half of Kansas City Schools to Close
Unregulated Securities Lending Has Kept Insovent Banks Alive Since the 1980s
Citibank Exposes 600,000 Customers' Social Security Numbers
March 9
Stocks Set to Fall a Year After Market Hit Bottom
Public Pension Funds Are ‘Going to Vegas’ to Keep Up
Comparing the Top 3 Tax-Prep Sites
Tax Move by Brazil Risks US Trade War
March 8
US Currency Soon to be Radically Altered
America in Crisis: Time to Stop Lying to Ourselves
May be Headed for Long Decline. You Don't Have to Follow.
March 5
Economy Shed Fewer Jobs Than Expected in Feb.
One Giant Government Leap Backwards
You Asked for It! The Big-Spender Scorecard
March 4
Weekly Jobless Claims Fall 29,000 to 469,000
US Debt-Based Money Printing Biggest Theft in History
March 3
Economists: Another Financial Crisis on the Way
It's Not Saturday Delivery That's Hurting the Post Office
March 2
China Holds More U.S. Debt Than Indicated
Winter Storms to Distort US Jobless Figures-Summers
March 1
Fed Vice Chairman Says He Will Step Down
February 27
IMF Chief Wants New Global Currency
February 25
Snow Spawns Layoff Spike
Obama Begins His Assault on Your Life Savings
Gasoline Heading Above $3 a Gallon by This Summer
February 22
Domestic Terrorism or Tax Revolts?
Daughter Calls Pilot in Texas Plane Crash a Hero
February 21
Joe Stack IRS attack and the Growth of the Tax Resistance Movement
Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse to Allow Withdrawals
Banks in Calif., Ill., Fla., Texas Are Shut Down
Congress Is Looting Federal Worker, Military Retirement Funds
Gerald Celente: No Recovery & Bank Holiday Another Attack – audio
February 19
Lawmakers Stunned Over Reid's Substitute Jobs Bill
February 18
Obama’s Stimulus One Year Out: Employment Falls, Deficits Grow
Coming Soon: 5 Million More Foreclosures
Drowning in Debt: What the Nation's Budget Woes Mean for You
Are U.S. Taxpayers Bailing Out Greece?
Help Wanted -- 'Arrogant Americans' Need Not Apply
Breakdown in the Gold Market
February 17
DC Washington Feeds Fear of Debt Crisis
Stimulus, State by State
Biden: We Got Money's Worth from Stimulus Bill (Seriously?)
The Great Recession Is Far from Over – graph
China Has a Plan, America Doesn't
February 16
Dollar Up as Europe Reels
Saudi Banker: U.S. Dollar to Stay Reserve Currency
French Bank: Euro Collapse 'Inevitable'
Sweetheart Mortgage Deals for Billionaires that will Make Your Blood Boil
February 14
Why Harry Reid Is Stripping Down Jobs Bill
New Tax Bombshell: 20% VAT
February 12
Bipartisan Jobs Bill Slashed
Are You As Angry About the "Jobs" Bill As I Am?
New Dangers for the World Economy
CO Internet Sales Tax Moves Forward
Storms Slam Taxpayers
February 11
Obama ‘Agnostic’ on Deficit Cuts, Won’t Prejudge Tax Increases
China Flees Dollar
Germany and France Strike Deal to Rescue Greece from Debt Crisis
February 10
New Trucking Index Sees Gloom
February 9
U.S. Economy to be Hit By Second Wave of Mortgage Defaults
Researching Social Security
Treasury Wants to Know If They Can Use Your 401's and Pension Plans
Fortune Editor Suggests That the US Treasury Will Have to Start Defaulting on Its Bonds
February 7
Secret Summit of Top Bankers
The Truth About the Deficit
Next in Line for a Bailout: Social Security
February 5
Is the Double Dip Upon Us? Markets, Gold, Commodities Plunge
Employers Cut 20K Jobs in January, but Jobless Rate Drops to 9.7%
Brown: Stimulus Didn't Create One New Job
Americans Are Getting Poorer, and It's Going to Get Worse
Investors Fear Europe’s Woes May Extend Global Slump
Brussels Intervenes to Slow Greece's Plunge
Biggest Bubble in History Is Growing Every Day
Monopoly Goes Cashless
February 3
White House Gets Reuters to Pull Budget Story
Backdoor Taxes to Hit Middle Class – here's the story if you missed it
GOP: Budget Has Too Many New Taxes, Spending
Largest-Ever Federal Payroll to Hit 2.15 Million
Jobs Funding Is Set to Expire Before It Has Chance to Work
No Help in Sight, More Homeowners Walk Away
What Cap and Trade Will Do to Your Utility Bills – calculator
February 2
Jilted: The Looming Dollar Disaster
Pieces of the Puzzle
January 29
Davos 2010: George Soros Warns Gold Is Now the 'Ultimate Bubble'
Taxpayers Pay $101,000 for Pelosi's In-Flight 'Food, Booze'
January 28
First-Time Jobless Claims Drop Less Than Expected
Unemployment Up in 43 States
Congressman Admits: ‘We’re Told Not to Call it Another STIMULUS Bill — Calling it a JOBS Bill’ – video
January 27
Geithner Faces Hill Critics Today on AIG Bailout Secrecy
January 26
Obama to Seek Partial 3-Year Spending Freeze, Penalizes Americans, Keeps Foreign Aid
West Urged to Write-Off Haiti's $1Bn Debt
January 22
U.S. Investors See Obama as Anti-Business: Bloomberg Global Poll
US Does Not Have Capitalism Now: Stiglitz
Scandal: Albert Edwards Alleges Central Banks Were Complicit In Robbing The Middle Classes
January 21
Obama Gets Voters' Message: It's Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Democrats Propose $1.9T Increase in Debt Limit
Obama Slams Banks, Calls for Tighter Limits
January 19
Wall Street’s Power Grab
Forecast: Debt to Dwarf GDP
January 17
U.N.'s World Health Organization Eyeing Global Tax on Banking, Internet Activity
January 15
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
January 14
Obama Wants Record $708 Billion for Wars Next Year
Obama to Raise $90 Billion with Bank Fee
Foreclosures Jump in December after Months of Declines
Global Financial Regulation Overhaul Seen in 2010
January 13
Bank Execs Defend Pay, Say They Underestimated Crisis
January 12
Obama May Tax Rescued Banks to Recoup Bailout
Consumers Scramble in Venezuela Amid Shock Economic Shifts
Venezuela's Chavez Devalues Currency
Venezuela's Currency Shift will Impact U.S. Exports
January 10
Gerald Celente Predictions for 2010 – video
Chavez Orders Currency Devaluation by 50% in Venezuela
January 8
Pelosi Endorses ‘Global’ Tax on Stocks, Bonds, and other Financial Transactions
January 6
Global Financial Regulation Overhaul Seen in 2010
January 5
Stimulus Dollars Allocated to Fake Zip Codes?
January 4
Bank of Queensland's Y2.01K Bug Still Biting
January 1
2009: A Year of Diversification