Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.
(John 14:6)

Setting the Record Straight on Rapture

Dec. 28
What If the Bible Really Is True? Pt 2
Dec. 26
L.A. Marzulli on UFOs & Star of Bethlehem – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
What if the Bible Really Is True?
Hitler’s Triumph of the Will & Christ
Dec. 24
Record Numbers Flock to Bethlehem
Dec. 23
Christian Churches in Iraq Cancel Christmas Celebrations after New Threats
'Christmas Is Evil': Muslim Group Launches Poster Campaign Against Festive Period **
Islamists’ War against ‘the Other’ **
Why the Bible Cannot Agree with the Quran
Churches Charged for Attendance?
Kimyal Tribe Celebrates Bible Translation in Own Language

Dec. 22
Muslim Calls Cops after Teacher Talks about Ham
Dec. 21
What Christ Looked Like
Dec. 20
Survey: Christmas Strongly Secular
Red Cross Bans Christmas
Dec. 19
4 in 10 Americans Still Hold Creationist Views
Vatican Bank Hit by Financial Scandal... Again
The 12 Days of Winter

A Soldier's Silent Night
Dec. 15
Wake up, America's Christians!
Moscow's Rich and Famous Turn to Kabbalah
Where's the Line to see Jesus?
Dec. 14
Iraqi Christians Seek Western Help Amid Wave of ‘Religious Cleansing’
Prayer Relieves Mind in Many Ways, Study
"Merry Christmas" Making Comeback
6 Megathemes Emerge from Barna Group Research
The Sword or the Cross?
Dec. 8
Why Jesus Celebrated Hanukkah
Salvation Army Bells Deemed Offensive
Dec. 7
Pagan Prisoners Given Time Off to Worship Sun God
Dec. 5
Pakistani Christian Is Sentenced to Death for Blaspheming Against Islam
Pakistan Cleric Offers Reward for Killing Christian Woman
Dec. 1
Your Taxes Paid for It – Your Outrage Got It Removed: Smithsonian Ant-Covered Jesus on Cross **
Philly’s ‘Christmas Village’ Renamed ‘Holiday Village’ Due to Complaints
Nov. 30
If an Angel Came Down
Smithsonian Christmastime Exhibit Features Ant-Covered Christ, Nudity, Gay Incest and Ellen Degeneres
Nov. 28
General Butt Naked - 'the Most Evil Man in the World' Had Blinding Vision of Christ **
Jackie Evancho in Pittsburgh Christmas Parade
An Attack on Christianity?
Why Would a Woman Convert to Islam?
The Story of Jonah

Nov. 26
Obama's Granny 'Prays for Him to Convert to Islam'
Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus (Welland Seaway Mall; Welland, Ont.)
Nov. 21
Pastors Losing Their Faith...Part I
Ami Ortiz - The Terror Victim That Lived
Nov. 19
NIV Bible Drops Gender-Neutral Language of '05 Version
Marketing the ‘Religion of Peace’
Nov. 18
Britain’s Spiritual Inversion
Nov. 17
Spiritual Wickedness in High Places
Church Hosts Global Faith Forum for World's Religions
Green Invasion of the Christian Churches
Muslims Torch Christian Homes in Southern Egypt
Nov. 16
Pope Benedict: Bible Cannot be Taken Literally
Ring the Christmas Church Bells!
Nov. 14
Muslim-Christian Tensions Rising in Egypt
Nov. 12
Obama Praises "Toleration" as Indonesian Churches Burn
Nov. 11
The Prayer by 7 Year-Old Singing Sensation Rhema Marvanne

Yet More Iraqi Christians Murdered
Nov. 10
In Iraq, Christians Fear They Could be Wiped Out – Like Jews Before Them
Nov. 8
167' Jesus Unveiled in Poland
Capt. Gordon Klingenschmitt Leads Way in Defending Religious Freedom
CAIR Sues Oklahoma for Banning Islamic Law
Nov. 1
Zionist Christians Might be from Israel’s ‘Ten Lost Tribes’
The Unexpected Deception
The Incontrovertible Dead-End of Islam
Oct. 28
Islamism is a Threat Posing as a Religion **
Oct. 24
Catholic Church: Christ Nullified God's Promises to the Jews **
Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein: Islam Does Not Like Christians
Oct. 20
New Web Life for the Dead Sea Scrolls
God Told Me Something I Was Not Expecting to Hear!
Fed Government Supports Tennessee Mosque

Oct. 17
As Occult Fires Burn, Christianity Fades from Memory **
African Network Praying for America's Spiritual Awakening
Islamic Law of Marriage
Oct. 15
Faith and the Rescued Chilean Miners
Oct. 14
Arab Christians Face Political Islam Threat
Bishops Blame Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for Spurring Christian Exodus from Mideast
What Is Faith?
Oct. 13
South Carolina Man Fights to Keep Religious Signs on His Property
Oct. 12
What Exactly Is Mr. Obama’s Position on Religious Freedom?
Campbell's Soup Catering to Islam
Oct. 11
Is Obama's Position on Religious Freedom: Mosque, Yes; Cross, No?
New Movie Troll Hunter: They "Can Smell the Blood of Christians"
'O', He of Little Faith
Federal Lawsuit Threatened Over Mann Middle School Rosary Ban
School System to Get Muslim Holiday
Oct. 8
Woman Uses Crow Bar to Destroy Sexualized Artwork of Jesus
Kentucky Group Sues Over Nixed 'In God We Trust' License Plate
Oct. 7
Holy War Brews Over Nixed Christian Flag
Amanpour Inadvertently Exposes the Real Issue with Islam
Why Obama's Editing Out God
Oct. 5
Why Europe Still Doesn’t Get Islam
Did Militant Israeli Settlers Burn Mosque Near Bethlehem?
Oct. 4
We Allow Them to Blackmail Us -- Islam vs. the West
Art or Blasphemy? – video
Oct. 3
Protesters Rally Against 'Pornography' Jesus Print at Colorado Museum
Ground Zero Mosque Sketches Released
Druids Recognized as Religion for First Time
Storm Clouds Rising
Rapture Near
Oct. 1
NYC Mosque Developer: No Plans to Move Project
Sept. 30
Christians Worldwide Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles
Sept. 29
West Warned That Insulting Islam Risks 'Civilization Clash'
Sept. 26
8 Churches Shut Down in Syria
Jury Clears Christians Who Dared to Preach to U.S. Muslims
Survey: Atheists Know Most About Religion
Sept. 26
Christian Groups Plan to Counter Satanists' OKC Event
Mount Hermon: Gate of the Fallen Angels
Meet the Muslim Superheroes Who Are Ready to Indoctrinate American Kids
Sept. 24
Catholic Europe vs. Islamic Hordes: Round 2
German Interior Minister Pushes for Christian Rights on Turkish Visit
Six Arrested in UK over 'Koran Burning'  MINI PC
Discrimination Against Muslims in Workplace Spiked Last Year
Sept. 22
Obama Goes to Church to Hear Muslim Speaker!
Atheists Peddle Hopelessness
Vatican Bank Probe Threatens New Scandal for Beleaguered Pope
Sept. 20
Britain 'Yearning for Christianity
Christianity Gets Flayed at Home of Liberty Bell
Why They Hate God's Word
Islam Is Like a Drug
Sweden Democrats Fear Islamic Revolution
'Islamization' of Paris a Warning to the West – video
School Trip to “Moderate” Mosque: Inside Video Captures Kids Bowing to Allah
Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah – video **
Sept. 17
Boston Mosque Gets Non-Muslim Kids to Join in Muslim Prayers
Religious Studies Revival
6th Suspect Arrested in U.K. Over Threat to Pope
Sept. 16
Christian Site Whacked by Muslim Hack Attack
Pope Likens the Rise of Atheism in Britain to the Nazis
Jews to Rally at Rebuilt Joseph's Tomb
Amish Population Growing, Heading West
Are You Ready? (a film about the endtimes) – video **
Sept. 14
Iran Ayatollahs Issue Fatwas Against Koran-Burners
Tens of Thousands of Tickets for Papal Visit to UK Unsold
Concentric Circles of Antipapal Fury Await the Pope in Britain
Proving the Existence of God
Egyptian Papyrus Discovered in Irish Bog
Treasure from the Bog
Sept. 13
N.Y. imam Regrets Furor Over Mosque Plan
Man Ignites Koran Near Ground Zero, Apparently Prompted by Terry Jones; Crowd Appalled
Koran Set on Fire at Ground Zero Mosque – video
Christians Stabbed, Beaten with Plank in Indonesia
Iranian Christians Threatened by Death Penalty
Pilgrims at Mecca: There Is No God But Allah, and America Is the Enemy of Allah! – video **
Islam Center's Eerie Echo of Ancient Terror
10/10/10 Mania: 'Divine Time' or Pagan 'Divination'?
Sept. 10
Thousands of Afghans Protest U.S. Koran-Burning Plan **
Koran Burning Protests Claim First Victim in Afghanistan
No Deal Made to Halt Quran Burning, Muslim Leader Says
Tennessee Pastor Plans to Burn Quran
Kansas Church Vows Burning
Wyoming Protester Plans to Burn on Wyoming's Capitol Steps
Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses – 2007 flashback
Threat to Burn Quran Has Damaged US Image Worldwide
Citing Quran-Burning Threat, Islamic Body Wants U.N. to Outlaw ‘Offenses Against Religion’ **
NY Mosque Investor Declines Trump's Buyout Offer
Exposing the Myth of 'Moderate' Muslims
The Eternal Flame of Muslim Outrage
Muslim College Opens in California
Muslim College – video **
Sept. 9
Florida Pastor Calls Off Koran Burning
Americans Wake Up to Islamism
Why the Planned Koran Burning Causes Outrage and Alarm **
US Embassies Brace for Quran Burning Protests
Muslims to Burn US Flags in Protest of Koran Burnings
Giuliani: Pastor, Imam "Insensitive" – video **
Hate Crimes Against Muslims Rare, FBI Data Shows
Muslim Prayers at Council Meetings Sparks Outrage
Who's Behind the NYC Islamic Center?
Rise of Freedom: Inside World Trade Center Site – video **
Sept. 8
Islam Did Attack Us on September 11 **
‘Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West’ **
Imam: We Are Proceeding with NYC Islamic Center
Garden Tomb Threatened by Muslim Construction **
God No Longer Male, Scottish Episcopal Church Rules
Sept. 6
Shroud a 'Radiation Photo' of Resurrection? **
'Islamization' of Paris a Warning to the West **
Mosques, Musallas and Islamic Schools in America (click green dots for details)
Sept. 3
Satanic Church Wants Religious Equality – video
Sept. 2
What Will You Do If You Are Left Behind?
Ground Zero: Islam is the World's Most Intolerant Ideology
CAIR Suggests Tea Party, GOP Are Behind Nationwide Anti-Muslim Campaign
AP: NY Muslim Groups Decry Hostile Atmosphere
Imam Mosque Builder Says the Fight Is About ‘Islam in America’
The Cordoba House and the Myth of Cordoban ‘Ecumenism’
The False Comparison Between Islam and Christianity
Over 8 in 10 Worldwide See Religion as Important
Sept. 1
Satanist Church Rents Civic Center, Raises Eyebrows
Mega Mosque Nation
Islamism: Humpty Dumpty Style
August 29
Glenn Beck Calls on Crowd to Turn to God **
August 27
When America was God’s Country
The Blended One World Religion Arising in a New World Order
August 24
Albino Girl, 11, Beheaded in Swaziland for Witchcraft Ritual
South Australia's Street Preachers Arrested – video

August 22
Is America Based on Christian Principles?
Which Islam Will Prevail in America?

August 20
Schools Claim Lucifer As Model and Guardian **
Obama Keeping Public Expressions of Religion to a Minimum
Recall Notice

August 19
The Cordoba Report – video

August 18
Russia Tycoon Orders All His Employees to Find God and Get Married After Fires
Witch Way to Madness

August 16
Why Don't Americans Like Muslims?
North Korea Executes 3 Christians, Detains 20 Others
August 15
Sweden in Grip of Islam – video
August 13
Tolerance Is a One-Way Street for Muslims – video
August 11
Evangelicals Pretty Sure of the Second Coming; Protestants, Not So Much
August 8
Why Won't the Left Defend Christians as Fiercely as It Defends Muslims?
Christ’s Apparition Attracts Thousands
Prayers Really Can Heal the Sick, Finds International Study
August 3
Remains of St John the Baptist 'Found' – video
Islam vs. the West: What You Need to Know
The Millennial Kingdom
August 1
Christian Woman Stops Robbery With Faith
Why Many Faithful Are Leaving the Catholic Church
Religious Jews Moving Closer to Paganism
Church Plans Quran-Burning Event
July 29
The Resurrection Painting – video
US Rabbis: Accept Homosexuals
July 28
Obama Religion Adviser Linked to Unindicted Co-Conspirator
No Faith in Universities
Polygamous Sect Leader to Face New Trial
July 27
Muslim Plan to Politically Take over Both Liberal and Conservative Christian Churches – video
July 26
Time to End Islamic Appeasement?
July 25
Gay Lutheran Pastors to Join Church Roster
Rogue Preachers Use 'witch' Scares to Abuse Children
July 23
Catholic Sex Scandal as Undercover Reporter 'Films Priests at Gay Clubs and Having Casual Flings'
'Lose Christianity or Face Expulsion
Getting Married to the Virgins of Gaza
July 21
Obama Adviser: U.S. 'Ideal Place for Renewal of Islam'
Muslim Ceremony in Vienna – Coming to America? – video
Enduring to the End
July 18
Atheists Use Blow-Dryers to De-Baptize
July 15
Vatican Places Women Priests on Same Level as Pedophiles
A Divided Church Faces Its Darkest Hour
July 13
Landmark Hearings to Begin on Ground Zero Mosque
Dearborn’s “Sharia Law” Christians on Trial
A Promise is a Promise and Hope Springs Eternal
July 11
Pastor Yanked from Capitol Over “Jesus” Prayer
Enemies of the Cross
Survey: Bible Reading Tied to Financial Success
July 3
Enemies of the Cross
June 30
Italy Fights for Crucifixes in Classrooms
June 25
Christian Professor in Pakistan Beaten for Refusing to Convert to Islam
No Time for God: Religious Programs Vanishing from TV in UK
June 25
Growing Israeli Interest in Yeshua (Jesus)
June 24
Oldest Paintings of Apostles Found in Rome
June 23
America, 2010: Christians Hauled to Jail for Preaching Jesus
June 18
Presbyterians Push to Demonize Israel
June 16
Pilgrims Besiege Church to See 'Blood' Run from Image of Christ
June 15
6-story Jesus Statue Struck by Lightning, Destroyed
Waiting for Anti-Christ: the Maitreyea Cometh
June 14
"I am a Muslim," Obama Tells Egyptian FM Gheit, Islamic Coup on the White House
June 13
Afghans Burn Pope Effigy
June 11
Pope Begs Forgiveness, Promises Action on Abuse
Prince Charles: Follow the Islamic Way to Save the World
Muslims Order Christians to Leave Village in Pakistan
June 9
America: Graduating from God?
Why Obama Is Merging the EPA with Churches – video
June 5
Hologram Preachers Slated to Appear in Churches
June 3
War on Christianity – video
June 2
Unplugged Christians Living off the Grid
Scholar's Ark of the Covenant Claims Spark African Storm
Religious War Kill Jews for Allah
Priest 'Wives' Make New Scandal for Catholic Church
May 17
Ground Zero Mosque Plan Angers New Yorkers
May 12
Mojave Cross Stolen – video
Church Warned That Flag of Jesus is 'Religious Advertising'
May 6
Bible Bonanza Across U.S. as 'Day of Prayer' Sparks Court Clash
May 4
U.S. Catholics Debate Defrocking Abusive Priests
May 2
Mojave Cross Can Stay on Display in Calif.
April 29
Obama Blasted on Religious Freedom
Mojave Cross Case: A Signal on Religious Symbols
Doubt Cast on Noah's Ark Found in Turkey
April 28
'2nd Face' on Shroud Points to Supernatural Origin
Noah’s Ark PaleoBabble Update – This blog was posted by Mike Heiser who Stan and I personally know and value his knowledge. It brings us no pleasure to read his post, but the info must be considered.
April 27
'Noah's Ark' Remains Discovered 12,000ft up a Turkish Mountain
April 25
80% Say Religious Faith is Important to Their Daily Lives
April 23
Martyred: 176,000 Christians in 1 Year
April 20
Obama Cancels National Day of Prayer Ceremony – video
A Battle for Haitian Souls Is Stirring
2nd Coming of Jesus Etched in Night Sky?
April 18
I Can Hardly Wait!
April 16
Federal Judge Rules Day of Prayer Unconstitutional
Predator Priests Shuffled Around Globe
7,500 Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls
April 14
Shroud of Turin – video
April 8
Muslim Fury as Army Uses 'Mosques' on UK Firing Range
April 7
Falling on Deaf Ears? Why So Many Churches Hear So Little of the Bible
April 4
Where’s the Hope of the Resurrection?
The Garden Tomb: Where Jesus Rose Again? – video
Jerusalem Bears Witness to Greatest Story
Vatican Dismisses Child Abuse Scandal as 'Petty Gossip' as Row Overshadows Easter Services
April 2
The Jewish Jesus: Journey to the Cross – video
Christians Converge on Jerusalem for Good Friday
April 1
Muslim Mob Burns Christian Man
Mother Grove Goddess Temple to Celebrate Spring Equinox Inside Episcopal Church
The Greatest Deception!
March 30
Iowa Town Renames Good Friday to 'Spring Holiday'
Scientology to Investigate Allegations of Physical Abuse
March 29
Biblical Plagues Really Happened Say Scientists
Christian Militia Group Targeted in FBI Raids
March 28
With Church's 'Moral Credibility' at Risk, Pope Kicks Off Holy Week
March 26
Is This the Face of Jesus Christ?
March 24
America: Break the Silence on Islam
Pakistani Christian Couple Refuses to Convert: Husband Is Burnt Alive, Wife Raped by Police
Pakistani Christian Dies Following Fiery Attack by Muslims
In India, 1,000 Attacks in 500 Days
'Nightline' 'Face-Off': Does God Have a Future?
New Mosque Rattles Small Austrian Town
Why Christians Must Stand With Jews, Israel
March 22
Television Replaces God in Our Lives
March 19
Some Drawn to Patron Saint of Drug War
"Have It Your Way" Christianity: Doublespeak: the Language of Deception, Part 5
In Praise of Small Churches
March 18
Home Bible Group Must Get Permit
March 17
An Irish Blessing Just for You – video
Blair Courts Controversial US Pastor Rick Warren in Bid to Unite Faiths
March 16
City That Banned Bible Studies Has Judgment Day
March 11
Chief Exorcist: 'Devil at Work in Vatican'
Scientology in the Spotlight Over Forced Abortion Allegations
Obama Influenced By Many Religions
March 10
Scientology Puts Lives at Risk
Before-and-After Pictures: Underwater Church Reappears
March 9
Muslim Leader Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace – video
New Zealand Woman Sells Souls to Highest Bidder
Pope's Brother: I Slapped Pupils in the Face
March 8
Custodian of U.S. Mosques Promotes Slaying Americans
Vatican Hit by Gay Sex Scandal
Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse
March 5
Where Did Christ’s Apostles Go?
Homosexual Marriage in Our Nation's Capitol
March 4
Christian Couple Touches Koran with Dirty Hands; Gets 25 Years in Prison
March 3
Biblical Fragments Reunited after Centuries
February 25
Belief in God Helps Relieve Depression
The Bible in Kentucky and Pagans in Colorado

The Flood of Noah
February 24
Jerusalem Wall Discovery 'Proves Biblical Kings Existed'
February 22
Image of Boozing Jesus Upsets Christians
February 21
Vatican: Number of Catholics Rising Worldwide
Va. Episcopalians Narrowly Vote Not to Recognize Gay Marriage

February 17
Muslim Suspended from Delivering Islam Lessons to Army

February 16
Christian Churches in Canada Fading Out: USA Next?
February 11
10 Texas Church Fires Under Investigation
February 9
'Satan's Video Game' Makes Super Bowl Appearance
February 8
Christian Churches Fed 'Islam Lite'
February 7
The Fingerprint of God – video
February 2
Neo-Pagans Get Worship Circle at Air Force Academy
January 31
Atheists' 'Hate' Sign Blasted in Lawsuit
January 29
Biblical Mandate for Just Government: What is “Good” and “Evil,” Part 1, Part 2
Vatican Bank Charged with Money-Laundering
January 20
Rifles Used by U.S. Troops Include Bible Verse Inscriptions
January 19
Many Haitians' Religious Faith Unshaken by Earthquake
Religious Haitians See Hand of God in Earthquake
January 17
Newest Attack on Christianity: Just Shut Up!
Church is Drifting into Paganism, Says Packer
Combating Christian Paganism
January 15
Who Owns the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Iraq Erases Jewish Identity of Prophet Ezekiel from Tomb
January 12
Oldest Known Hebrew Inscription Confirms Biblical Record
2010, Sanhedrin Initiative Calling World to Pesach Sacrifice
Obama’s TSA Nominee Targets Anti-Government Christians

January 8
Scientologist to S. Baptists: 'We're a Religion. We Proselytize'
January 7
NKorea Again Tops List of World’s Worst Persecutors of Christians
January 1
Keep Clinging to That Blessed Hope!
Muslim-Christian Hatred in Nigeria