Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

HOLLY NOTE: I have not been able to confirm this widely reputed Henry Kissinger quote, but it may have been inferred through this document dated December 10, 1974: NSSM 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, (472 kB PDF). A linked index version is available which makes it easier to find specific topics.

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Dec. 29
Global Food Prices in 2011 Face Perilous Rise
Salmonella Outbreak Spreads to 16 States
S510 Invokes Codex Harmonization, Grants FDA Authority to Police Food Safety of Foreign Nations
London Wheat Price Hits Record
Argentina Dry Spell Adds Heat to Food Prices
Dec. 28
'Worst Conditions in 30 Years' Threaten Winter Wheat Crop **
Corn, Soy May Rise as Dryness Threatens South American Crops
Floods Swamp Australia after Cyclone Hits - Wheat and Sugar Crops Under Water **
More SW Florida Crops Destroyed in Monday Night's Freeze
Florida Crops Suffer at Least $115 Million in Freeze Damages, So Far
Crops, Wildlife Suffering from Cold
Queensland's Winter Grain Crop Destroyed by Flooding
Food Tipped to Rise by 50% as Floods Take Toll **
Hailstorm Destroys Africa Crops
How to Cultivate a Food Crisis **
Crops Absorb Pharmaceuticals from Sewage Sludge Spread on Farmlands
Dec. 27
Queensland's Crushed Crops Cop a Further Battering
Dec. 26
Record Cold Will Result in More Food Shortages
Jeffrey Smith: US Colluded with Monsanto to Push GM Crops
Grains, Other Ag Commodities “Precariously Balanced”, Prices Heading Higher
Corn Hits Fresh High on Supply Fears
Critical Needs for Our Food Supply
Cold Facts: Farmworkers Struggle to Eat, Pay Bills after Florida Freezes
Over 130 Farmers Commit Suicide over Crop Losses
China to Invest $30B in Water Saving Projects
Dec. 22
Congress Passes Food Safety Bill That Will Cause Fresh Produce to be More Dangerous
Feds Order Farmer to Destroy His Own Wheat Crops
Mexican Violence Hitting America's Salad Bowl
Dec. 21
Food Supply Control Bill Passes in Surprise Sunday Night Vote
Senate Gives Food Safety Bill New Life
Dec. 20
Probable Carcinogen Found in Drinking Water of 31 U.S. Cities
Dec. 19
Food Prices Will Rise for Years **
Dec. 17
Food Prices Rise Sharply - and There's More to Come **
Extreme Weather Sparks Global Commodities Rally
Commodities Daily: Food Prices May Kill the Boom
Global Grain Reserves Fall, U.S. Stockpiles in Worse Shape**
Dec. 15
What They Don't Tell You About Storable Foods – updated **
Mountain House Confirms Freeze Dried Food Shortage **
Bloomberg's "Chart of the Day" Warns of Coming Surge in Wheat, Corn Prices
Dec. 14
Global Elites Push to Starve the World and Control the Food**
The Bitter Bite of Winter, Food Shortages Coming?**
Florida Farmers Pull Out All Stops to Save Crops
** 2
Coffee Jumps Most in 3 Weeks as Excessive Rains Damage Colombia Crops
Urban Gardening: Indoor and Balcony Gardening Tips
Hundreds Brave Cold for Food in Ont. Town
Dec. 13
Farmers Across US South Contend with Drought
Florida Declares Emergency as Cold Weather Threatens Crops
Heavy Rain Damages Up to 50% of Wheat Crops in Victoria, AU
Farmer Suicide Alert as Crops Washed Away **
Dangers of Herbicides in Crops
Obama's New Tax on...Rainwater
Dec. 12
Experts: Why and How Much Will Food Prices Grow?
Rain in Colombia Hurts Coffee, Rice, Corn Crops
Growing Threat to Mexico's Crops – Multi-Billion-Dollar Consequences for U.S.
Crops Ruined, 6 Nashik Farmers Commit Suicide
Dems Maneuver Food Safety Bill Toward Passage
Dec. 10
'Stealth Bomber' Fungus Sneaks Into Crops: Study
Middle East Wheat Faces Drought Threat
Drought-Hit Kiwi Milk Farmers Face Vital Fortnight
Dec. 9
US Corn Reserves to Reach 15-year Low by August **
...Reserves Dwindle in Face of Higher Demand – flashback
US May Have 'Problem' Meeting Surging Wheat Demand **
Florida Crop Losses Likely in the Millions
3 Helicopters Crash Protecting Florida's Frost-Bitten Crops
Rain Destroys Grain Hopes
Grain and Fruit Growers on Brink of Disaster across SE Australia
Crops Worth Millions Washed Off in Chhattisgarh Rains
Worst Locust Plague in 70 Years Hit Victoria's Crops, Towns **
Wealthy Chinese Are Pursuing Their Own Food Safety
Why Are USDA Officials Off the Hook in Case of Bias Against Black Farmers?
Dec. 8
Armed Services Urged to Stock Kitchens with Gulf Seafood **
Fla. Farmers Scramble to Save Crops from Cold
Nation’s Leading Wheat State Worries about Crop **
Storms Wipe $300M in Grain Crops
Australia Wheat Growers May Abandon Crops
Rains Claim 16 Lives, Damage Crops in Andhra
Russia to Import Nearly 3.5M Tonnes of Grains
Dec. 7
S. 510, Codex, and The One-World Government Agenda
Dec. 5
Drought-Crippled Farmers Devastated by Flooding
Why Farmland Is Skyrocketing
Industry, Government Push GMO Oranges as Solution to Pest Problem
World’s Hottest Pepper Is ‘Hot Enough to Strip Paint’
Dec. 3
Hungry Japanese Monkeys Are Eating Crops
Food Shelves Empty, Petrol Running Out: Britain Shivers in Temps Colder Than Antarctica**
Vatican Praises GM Crops
Extreme Weather Threatens Australian Economy
Dec. 2
Fresh Food and Fuel in Short Supply
Global Food Prices about to Break an All-Time High **
Climate Change Could Push Staple Food Prices Up 130% – Study
Investigators Baffled as Oregon Wheat Fields Wither
More Than Half of Australia's Wheat Damaged by Rains, Growers Say
What's Driving Food Prices?
Dec. 1
House May Block 'Food Safety' Bill Over Senate Error
List of Senators Who Passed the S-510 Food 'Safety' Nightmare Bill
Why the Tester Amendment Does Not Help Small Food Producers under S.510
House Approves $4.6 Billion Settlement for Indian, Black Farmers
Tighter Food Supplies, High Prices to Persist **
Rice May Triple in 18 Months as Supplies Tighten
Wheat Climbs on Speculation Adverse Weather to Hurt Australian, US Crops
First-Ever: Court Orders GMO Beets Destroyed
Piracy a Major Threat to Energy and Food Supplies
Nov. 30
Glenn Beck S 510 - The "Food Control" Bill Passed to Move Forward
Call Washington 202-224-3121 – Ask for your Senator. Urge them to vote down S510 or risk another routing Nov. 2012
Senate Passes Food Safety Bill in Wake of Outbreaks
Keep Your Political Agenda Off My Plate
Survive Anything! Chapter 2: Food Crisis **
Nov. 29
Measure Would Harm Farmers, Raise Prices
Nov. 28
Another Food Crisis on the Horizon **
How the U.S. Government Guaranteed the Coming Global Food Crisis **
What SB510 "The Food Modernization Act" Means to You **
Senate to Vote Monday on Rigorous Food Safety Bill
NZ Farmers Told to be Ready for Drought
Chinese Students Rampage Over Food Price Increases
Nov. 26
Transplanting Plum Island to Kansas; Is the Country's Food Supply at Risk? **
Black Sea Woes May Give Wheat Price Further Kicker **
A Bitter Harvest for Fresh Crop of Farmers
The Joys of a Sustainable Garden
Romancing the Vegetable Garden
Could Space Farmers Grow Crops on Other Planets?
Nov. 24
New Food Crisis Looms
Bravo Farms Recalls All Its Cheese
Food Shortage Threatens Merapi Survivors
Nov. 21
Food Prices Escalate While USD Plummets **
Grain Prices to Soar +50% Pushing Food Costs Up
Food Inflation Drives Up Cost of Turkey Dinner
Hundreds of Thousands of Chinese Rioting Over Rocketing Food Prices, Unaffordable Housing **
25 Countries That Will be Screwed by a World Food Crisis

What Senators Got Paid Off to Support the 'Food Safety Modernization Act'
Senate Bill 510 Vote Delayed Until after Thanksgiving
Water Emergency Declared in Calif. City
Nov. 18
Surging Food Prices Likely Here to Stay **
Volcanic Ash Wrecks Indonesian Farmland **
Senate Fails to Vote on Food-Safety Bill
Senate Reaches Agreement on Food Safety Bill to Exempt Small Farms
Propaganda Alert: AP Reports Small Farms are Exempt from Food Safety Bill **
Dwindling Beef Cattle Causing Concern
Nebraska Inspector Accused of Faking Mad Cow Tests
Western Australian Crops Keep Shrinking
70% of World's Raw Chocolate Soon to be Genetically Modified
Canadians Vote Against Fluoridated Water Supplies
Haiti's Cascading Crises Come Down to Lack of Clean Water
Nov. 18
Fears of New Food Crisis as Prices Soar **
Warns of Food Price Hikes, Painting a Picture Similar to 2008's Silent Tsunami
Food Price Index Jumps 10.3%
Senate Votes Cloture on S 510 Food Safety Bill **
'Locavores' Worry That New Standards Could Bankrupt Small Farms **
Food Fight Breaks Out in Senate
Documents Show FDA Failed to Consult Wildlife Officials on GM Salmon
More Hungry Canadians: Canada's Food Bank Use on the Rise
Nov. 17
Senate Targets Fresh Veggies in S.510 **
China Fights Agflation, Grapples with Tight Supply
Nov. 16
50M Americans Went Hungry in 2009
NIA President: Beware of Massive Food Inflation
Nov. 14
In Focus: The Future of Wheat **
Organic Food May Become a Thing of the Past
Transgenic Crops Fastest Growing Sector at $12B
Land Becomes Cash Crop in Farm Belt
Food Fight Over Farms Sell-Off
Ancient Enemy Looms in Legions of Biblical Scale
Deluge Ruins Crops, Grounds Trucks
Nov. 12
Think $5 Corn Is Expensive? Some Are Betting on $10 Next Year **
Oneida Indian Nation Ending Cattle, Crops Farming
Australia Plague Locusts Begin Swarming as Crop Harvests Start
Food Supply under Attack by International Banksters
Nov. 11
Iowa Corn Production Under Threat **
USDA Lowers Grain Stocks Predictions
Food Prices Surpass Overall Inflation **
Food Makers Dishing Out Higher Prices
Global Chocolate Crisis Looms
Nov. 10
Food Price Fears as Feds Warn on Crop Yields **
Nov. 9
The Food Crisis of 2011 **
Following Chicken Tracks in New 300,000 Egg Recall **
Glenn Beck-Food Prices Will Rise 700% to 1000% or more in 2011 **
Nov. 8
Global Grain Reserves Diminish, U.S. Stockpiles in Worse Shape**
NIA Warns of Food Crisis, “Societal Collapse” in Response to Fed Money Printing **
Minn. Loses Hundreds of Dairy Cows to Economy
Thanksgiving Dinner Will be Pricier This Year
Why You May Soon Need a Warmist’s Permission to Eat
What’s For Dinner: Corporate Food Tyranny Pt. 1, Pt. 2
End of Liberty – video **
The Biofuels Scam
Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab
Nov. 5
Food Prices Climbing as Consumers Face Even Higher Supermarket Prices
Unilever Latest to Predict Food Price Increases
Food Prices Go Up by 10 to 20% in Hanoi, Vietnam
Nov. 4
Food Sellers Grit Teeth, Raise Prices **
Food Price Rises Stoke Riot Fears **
Iran Risks Unrest as It Cuts Food and Fuel Price Subsidies
Food Price Index Hits 27-Months High in Oct
Nov. 3
New Dow Crop Patent Allows Plants to Suck Up More Pesticides
India Uprising Against Monsanto Takeover
Nov. 2
Rocketing Food Prices Spark Fear of More Global Chaos **
The GMO Elephant in the Room
Grain Outlook: Volatile Grain Markets, Strong Exports & Drought Fears
Nov. 1
Leaked Trade Agreements and Hidden Dangers of S 510: Corporations Plan to End Normal Farming **
FDA Shuts Down Artisanal Cheesemakers in Washington
Real Food Tyranny is Threatening Us All: Let the Revolution Begin
Alcohol More Dangerous Than Crack, Heroin and Ecstasy
Oct. 31
Bees May Be Bellwether of Food Supply Challenges
Oct. 29
The End of Cheap Food **
Corn, Food and Potential Sticker Shock
Oct. 28
Is the World Running Out of Food, Oil, Metals, Water and Much Else? **
Analysts Warn of Food Shortage Crisis
FDA Needs $5 Billion for Food Safety
No More Beef and Cheese: Go Vegetarian, by Order of Government Food Police
Evening Markets: US Crop Fears Lift Wheat Price - Eventually
Oct. 26
What They Don't Tell You About Storable Food **
U.S. Wheat Crop in Worse Shape Than Year Ago on Dry Weather
Global Food Crisis Forecast as Prices Reach Record Highs
6 Staple Foods Hit by Extreme Weather
Are There Plenty More Fish in the Sea?
Price Increases for Valley Crops Hit Double Digits
USDA: Food Inflation to Accelerate into 2011
Food Prices Expected to Rise Sharply
A Survival Seed Bank Scam Benefits from Consumers Concerns **
Oct. 22
FDA May Expand of Produce Recall
General Mills Signals Faster U.S. Food Inflation **
North Korea Heads for New Food Crisis: UN
Oct. 21
After Super Typhoon 3 Philippine Towns Running Out of Food
Holodomor: Food as a Government Weapon
Oct. 20
Pakistan Floods Damage 5.4 Million Acres of Crops
Global Grain Yields Take a Sudden Turn for the Worse **
UK Crops to Face Water Supply Crunch, May Relocate
Are Farmers Already Beat?
Oct. 19
EU to Back Sale of Meat, Milk from Cloned Animals
Typhoon Megi Damages Over $34 Million Worth of Crops in Philippines
Volatile Grain Market Threatens National Security, Warns Report
Oct. 17
Frozen Vegetables Recalled Due to Glass
Food Police Target Organic Foods in California!
Oct. 15
Seed and Animal Patents Result in Monopolistic Control Over Food Chain
Oct. 14
Food Crisis Fears Grow as Corn Prices Surge **
Ethanol Decision to Raise Meat, Poultry Prices
Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese
Oct. 13
Worrying Over China and Food
Oct. 12
Unprecedented Bat Die-Off Could Devastate U.S. Agriculture **
2011 Corn Supplies to Fall to 15-Year Low **
Oct. 11
Beef Industry: U.S. May Need ‘Strategic Hamburger Reserve’ after New Obama Regulations
The New Oil – A Race to Buy Up the World's Water
12 Questions for Using Permaculture to Discover Food Freedom
Oct. 8
US Corn Crop Shrinks, Smallest Stocks in 14 Years
Indonesia May Import 300,000 Tons of Rice, First Bulk Purchase Since 2007
Going Upward But Not Onward - Food Price Rises the Knockout Blow
Oct. 7
Food Prices 'to Rocket Due to Large-Scale Crop Failures Caused by Warming Planet'
Crop Failures Set to Increase under Climate Change
Invasive Stink Bug Threatens US Food Crops
U.S. Corn Yields May Drop More Than Forecast, Biggest Farm Manager Says
Canada's Wheat Crop to Shrink 17% from Last Year
Russia Wheat Production May Drop 33%, USDA Says
Chaos as South Korea Cabbage Crop Fails
Crops in Australia Threatened by Locust Plague of Biblical Proportion
Farmer Forced to Burn Crops after Plane Dumps Human Waste
This Supermarket "Health Food" Killed These Baby Rats in 3 Weeks
Oct. 3
Recalls Push More Companies into Digital Food Tracking
World's Rivers in 'Crisis State', Report
Sept. 29
MRSA-tainted Meat is Being Sold to Consumers **
Western Australia Wheat Crop Deteriorating Rapidly
Pakistan Floods Destroyed $3.27 Billion in Crops
Sept. 28
S.510 and S.3767 -- Corporate Control of the Food Supply **
Banksters Inflate Speculative Food Bubble, U.N. Offers Global Governance Solution
Transfer of Transgenic Crop Toxins to Aquatic Ecosystems Potentially Widespread
Expect Rising Dairy, Beef Prices
Expect Rising Fresh Food Prices
Sugar Rises to 7-Month High on Supply Concern; Coffee Jumps
U.N. Calls Emergency Meeting Over Rising World Food Prices
Hunger Set to Become a Key Issue in Global Politics
Nigeria: Flood Ruins Crops as Food Remains Scarce
Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning
Sept. 26
Australia Faces Worst Plague of Locusts in 75 Years
Enviropig: The Next Transgenic Food?
States Expand Efforts to Combat 'Funny Honey'
Sept. 24
Global Food Risk from China-Russia Pincer **
USDA Reduces Grain-Production Estimates
Canadian Farmers Hit by Rain Face Latest Foe -- Frost
Australia's Wheat in Demand, Supply Outlook Tight
Brazilian Crops Shrivel as Amazon River Dries to Lowest Level in 47 Years
Florida Orange Acreage Slumps to 24-Year Low as Farmers Cut Ailing Trees
Is the Era of Cheap Food Ending?
Why Is 'Food Security' Sparking Unrest?
Exclusive: Gulf Seafood Poses Long-Term Health Risks, Experts Say
Congress Seeks to put Dietary Supplement Makers in Jail for 10 Years!
Sept. 22
Food Fascism in the Land of the Free
'Frankenfish' or Safe to Eat?
Food Banks, Pantries See Increasing Numbers of Those in Need
Sept. 20
Bacteria Prompts Crab Meat Recall
Senate Bill on Food Safety Stalls
Locusts Munch Their Way Across State's Crops
Soy Linked to Brain Damage and Breast Cancer
Sept. 17
Nebraska Farmers See Crops Disappear in Minutes
Crop Killing Frost Hits Canada's Alberta Crops
Freeze to Cut Further into Chile's Avocados
Monsanto, Blackwater and GM Crop Saboteurs
Lawmaker Criticizes Military Over Water at NC Base
Sept. 14
New Egg Farm Data 'Disturbing' **
Brazilian Meat Slips into U.S. Food Supply, Putting Consumers at Risk Yet Again
State Bracing for Worst Locust Plague in 70 Years
Corn Syrup Producers to Change Name to 'Corn Sugar'
Growing Food Fit for the Moon
Sept. 14
'Terrified' New Yorkers Protest Gas Drilling
Residents: Water Full of Methane
If the Water Looks and Smells Bad, It May Be Toxic
10 Reasons Our Fresh Water Supply is in Deep Trouble
Global Food Shortage Fears As Russia Extends Wheat Ban
Russia's Wilting Wheat

Sept. 13
County Sues Farmer for Too Many Vegetables
Sockeye Surprise: Salmon Return in Massive Numbers
Sept. 10
Farmers: It's Too Late to Salvage Some Crops
Giant Crop-Chomping Snails Seized
Tiny Pest Threatens Hawaii's Coffee Crops
Hot Summer Hurt Penn. Pumpkin, Potato Crops
The Quiet Invasion of GM Crops
Another Shot Fired in Genetic Crop Wars
Tell the FDA 'No!' to GMO Fish
Sept. 9
A New Recipe for Feeding the Farm-to-Table Chain
Rice Prices 'Worrisome' as Global Supplies Tightening
Sept. 8
Food Fascism in the Land of the Free
Kremlin's Bad Bread Day
Blood on Our Farms: Is Monsanto Responsible for 1 Suicide Every 30 Minutes?
Chickens Not Fooled By GM Crops
Sept. 6
Venezuela's Chavez Introduces Food Rationing Card **
'Unstable Situation': U.N. Raises Concerns as Global Food Prices Jump
U.N. Predicts Bigger Swings in Food Supply
Pakistan Floods May Hurt Next Season's Crops Too
Mozambique Bread Riots May Be Warning Sign on African Food Security
Which Eggs Are More at Risk for Salmonella?
Sept. 2
Up to 90% of Oysters Dead in Mississippi Reef Sample
Most Extensive Locust Plague in Decades Threatens Australia's Crops
Floods Devastate Food Supply in Palamu, India
Riot Over Food Prices Kills 6 in Mozambique
Pakistan Floods Destroy Crops Over 4.25 Million Acres
Indonesian Volcano Eruption Disrupts Fruit & Vegetable Supply
Russia to Extend Grain-Export Ban Until Next Harvest
Wheat Pushes World Food Prices Up
Global Dairy Prices Soar 16.9%
Organic Produce Superior to Conventional on Every Level, Study Finds
Arizona Family Grows Garden in Backyard Pool
August 31
Filthy Iowa Farms Linked to Contaminated Eggs

Obama's New Tax on...Rainwater!? **
Two Non-GMO Farming Innovations That Show Great Promise
August 29
Egg Industry Resorts to Blaming the Victim in Recall
War Against Water Thieves
The Demand for Food Is the Next Resource Battle
Control of Food Supply to be Handed Over to DHS
Food Pantries Supplies Running at Near Record Lows
Coffee Futures Are Near a 13-Year High
Millions at Risk as Crops Fail in Central Africa
Field of Greens: The Growth in Farmers Markets
August 27
Louisiana Gulf Waters Reopened for Fishing
In Louisiana, Even Locals Won't Eat the Catch **
Fears of Social Unrest in Russia When Harvest Fails
Chinese Ministry Warns of a Decade-Long Food Shortage
Contaminated Chicken Feed Linked to Egg Recall
Frozen Fruit Bars Recalled After Typhoid Outbreak
August 26
FDA Uses Egg Recall to Demand More Power, Authority Over Food **
Two Egg Brands Added to Recall List
Hints of Salmonella Outbreak Seen Earlier
Worried About Gulf Seafood? Imports May Be Bigger Risk
The Government Has a Seed Bank Savings Account, Why Shouldn’t You? **
Storm Brings 100 mph Winds, Flattening Crops in Southwest ND
Germany's Grain Harves May Slump 12% After Drought, Flooding Hits Crops
August 25
The War on Food: Eggsactly What Is Going on Here?
Urban Farms Spouting in America – video
August 24
First Eggs, Now Nationwide Meat Recall **
Frozen Fruit Pulp Recall Issued; Salmonella Poisoning Blamed
U.S. Probes Egg Recall Amid Calls for Tighter Rules
Food Crisis - An Impending Global Tsunami **
Food Crisis Threatens Bolivia Due to Climate Change
Southern Farmers Say Disaster Aid Plan Failed Them
Russia Faces Bln Dollar Crop Losses from Drought: Official
Global Demand Outpaces Crops – Russian Drought Takes Toll on Stockpiles
Floods Destroy Crops in Pakistan
How Will Climate Change Impact Bread?
A Variety of Problems Can Plague Tomatoes – Easily Fixed
August 23
Massive Egg Recall Reveals Flaws in the FDA **
August 22
The Next Global Crisis: Hungry Millions, on the Move **
A Supplier in Egg Recall Has History of Violations
Crops Partly Submerged by Floods Might Live
Colorado River Reservoir Levels Fall Again
Mexico, US Talking about Colorado River Water
August 20
Egg Recall Expands to More than Half-Billion Eggs
CDC: Eggs Sickened 1,300 in Salmonella Outbreak
Recall – Affected Brands and Descriptions
Severe Weather Threatens World Food Supply **
Russia to Return Back to Mass Grain Purchasing
Wheat-Crop Scare Rattles Global Nerves
Russia Export Ban Sends Wheat Prices Soaring, But U.S. Farmers Are Wary
Dust-Bowl Bust Haunts Wheat Farmers
Locusts, Fires, Droughts, Bizarre Weather and Food Shortages
Growers: USDA Must Act, Prevent Sugar Supply Issue
In Grip of Drought, Floods, Niger Faces Hunger Crisis
How to Survive an Impending Famine
An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability – video
August 19
Stan Warned about These Engineered Food Shortages Over 30 Years Ago
Afghanistan, Africa Most at Risk for Food Shortage
The Future of Food: 10 Scary Facts About “Nano Foods”
August 18
Gulf Oil Spill Still a Threat to Seafood, JAMA Study
Fisherman Forced to Sign Waiver Making Them and NOT BP Liable for Contaminated Seafood
US Food Crops Absorb Toxic Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products from Treated Wastewater
Sugar Beets – Monsanto Wins Again
US May Face a Sugar Shortage
Heat Takes Toll on Spring-Seeded Crops in Kansas
Pakistan on Verge of Agricultural Catastrophe: UN
Ukraine to Limit Grain Exports Due to Drought: Official
Rice Production Threatened by Rising Temps
Eggs-Traordinarily Dangerous: 228M Eggs Recalled for Salmonella
How Drought and Floods Will Hit Food and Clothing Prices
Wholesale Prices Rise on Higher Food Costs
US Farmers Rattled by $39 Billion BHP Bid for Potash
Record Jump in Food Prices Keeps Inflation High
Europe Eyes More Palm Oil as Drought Saps Supplies
Australia's Wheat in Urgent Need of Rain
Hungry World Lines Up to Ask for Slice of Australia's Pie
World Food Shortage 2010 - 2011 - Famine
Sowing the Seeds of Starvation
Mimicking Nature to Feed the Masses
Using Local Organic Cooperatives to Defeat Globalists
GM Crops: Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World ••
August 17
Salmonella Scare Prompts Egg Recalls in US
Food Shortage Looms in Pakistan
Will Bizarre Weather Set the Stage for a Global Food Shortage? **
GM Crop on the Loose and Evolving in U.S. Midwest
Too Hot to Handle: Impacts of Climate Change on Mussels
Australian Crops at Risk From Reliance on Wild Bees
Russia Bans Grain Exports Until 2011
Sysco: Food Prices Rose for First Time in a Year on Higher Meat, Dairy Costs
Pavlovsk Seed Bank Faces Destruction
Cloned Beef Causing Uproar in Britain Traced to Wisconsin Cow
August 16
Decision Rocks Sugar-Beet Industry
Russian Grain Export Ban Starts
Russia: Government Puts Food Industry on Price Notice
Meat Prices Set to Jump After Wheat Crop Failures **
Food Prices Up 58% Since 2007
Food Prices are Skyrocketing and It Will Get Worse – video
1 Out of 3 Under-Fives Malnourished
Famines in Diverse Places / The Growing Food Crisis **
August 15
Niger Facing the Worst Hunger Crisis in Its History
From Russia to You
Livestock Farmers Hit by Rising Wheat Price
Crop Stop: Food Crisis Fears as Heat Hits Wheat – video
August 12
Climate Change: How Extreme Heat May Affect Your Food
How World Food Security for 2011 Hinges on Russia **
Disasters Could Push Food Prices Up **
Ukraine Looks to Limit Grain Exports after Russia
From Row Crops to Roadways, Heat Wave Takes Toll
Refugees Protest Against Being Served Rotten Food
Pakistani Floods Damage Wheat, Cotton, Sugar Crops
August 11
Grain Price Rise May Fuel Mideast, Europe Unrest **
Russian Food Prices Spike as Hundreds of Fires Burn On
U.S. Wheat Rises Ahead of USDA Report
Meat from Cloned Cows Could Have Entered North American Food Supply
Droughts Endanger Stocks of B.C. Fish
Ohio Woman Angry Over McNuggets Punching McD's Worker – video
August 10
Fruits, Vegetables Fail to Ripen as So. California Nears 'Coolest Summer on Record' **
Crabs Provide Evidence Oil Tainting Gulf Food Web
Gulf Seafood Safe to Eat? The Nose Knows
Crop Outlook Worsens in Drought-Hit Black Sea
Rice Yields Falling Under Warming
Global Warming Cuts Crops, Ups Famine
The Black Horse of Famine
August 8
Hungry for Genetically Engineered Fish?
Poison Tap Water Exposed as Soft Kill Weapon
Local Group Forms to Battle Fluoridation of Public Drinking Water Supplies
Food Prices Quadruple In Flood-Hit Pakistan
GM Canola Spread Widely Outside N.D. Farms: Study
Time to Start Thinking about Fall Gardening
August 6
Pharmaceuticals in Soybeans? Crops Absorb Toxins, Research Shows
Russian Drought May Hit Your Cereal Box
Sugar May Rise as Russia's Worst Drought in Five Decades Damages Beet Crop
Floods from Pakistan to North Korea Strain Aid as Global Food Costs Soar
Earthworm Composting Creates Rich Garden Soil
August 5
Global Wheat Harvest in Question
August 4
Food Prices Warning as World Wheat Costs Rise
August 3
100 Cloned Cows on UK Farms: Shocking Evidence How 'Super Calves' Secretly Spread into Our Food
Price of Bread to Soar
August 2
H.R. 5577: Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act and the Organics Loophole
Don Curlee: Threat to Food Supply Expands
Veterinarians in Demand; Help Protect Our Food Supply
Monsanto: World's Poster Child for Corporate Manipulation and Deceit
Popularity of Farming Soars in Mass
Russian Wildfires Kill 34 as Drought, Heat Drive Wheat Prices 19% Higher
August 1
Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way into the Foodchain
Shortages Driving Wheat and Soybean Prices Higher
Kentucky Corn Farmers Brace for Premature Harvest
Food Prices Set to Soar After ‘Perfect Storm’ Set of Figures Released
Food Storage Basics, Preparing for Hyperinflation – video
America's Oldest Family Farm for Sale
July 30
Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - Pt 1, Pt. 2
Toxic Catfish Entering U.S. Food Supply
July 29
Scan Your Food with iPhone, iPod or iPad
Declining Algae Threatens Ocean Food Chain: Study
July 28
Using Rain Water in Utah Is Illegal – video
Most Americans Worry About Safety of Food Supply
US Farmers Urge Sanctions Against EU's GM Crop Ban
Farmers Brace for 'worst' Locust Plague on Record
July 27
Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States as Big Government Claims Ownership Over Our Water
July 26
Toxic Fish Could Help Obama Hit 2020 Climate Goal
Wacky Weather Could Squeeze Florida's Citrus Season
Rapid Losses of Africa's Native Livestock Threaten Continent's Food Supply
Russian Farmers Suffer 'Catastrophe' in Baking Summer
U.N. Ignores Its Own Food 'Cartel' Embargo
Tapped Out? Water Shortages from Climate Change Threaten 14 States by 2050
India Lets Grain Rot Instead of Feeding Poor
July 25
Crop Killers: Grasshoppers in Montana the Worst in 25 Years
Virginia Crops in Dire Situation
U.S. Farmers May Face Crackdown on Pesticide Use
Five Local Growers Who Garden Through Crisis
July 23
Hope You Like Beets, Because The Bee Crisis Could Soon Be Hitting the U.S. Food Supply
Expect Grasshopper Outbreak in Idaho This Year
Rice Farmer Is Awarded $500,000 in Case Over Crop Contamination
Thousands Show Up at Tulsa Food Pantry Friday
July 22
Workers Move 80,000 Fish as Floodwater Rises
Largescale Frost Damage Hits Crops
July 21
From Seedlings to Servings: 11-Year-Old Grows Tons of Veggies for the Homeless
Experts Warn Rapid Losses of Native African Livestock Threaten Continent's Food Supply
Russia Extends Drought Emergency to Six More Regions
July 18
Why I Garden
GM Crop Use Makes Minor Pests a Major Problem
July 16
Salad Mix Recalled as E. Coli Threat
Crops Destroyed as Russia Swelters in Heatwave
Raids Are Increasing on Farms and Private Food-Supply Clubs
EU Prepares GM Crops Shake-Up
Thailand to Unleash Swarm of Wasps on Crop Pest
July 15
EPA Sets Foundation for Unprecedented Dust Regulation
July 13
Hungry for Solutions to Combat the New World Order?
Russia Aims to Prevent Slaughter of Cattle as Drought Worsens
Dr. Joseph Mercola Stresses Artificial Sweetener Killing Americans
July 11
Saboteur Destroys Millions of Australia's Veggie Seedlings
Some Don't Buy Local Vandal Theory
Tomato Crop Killers Face 7 Years inJail
USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity
Vanishing Topsoil Will Lead to Food Crisis
Starvation Forces Exodus in Indian Valley
FDA Nears Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon
US Opposes Honest Labeling of GMO Foods
EU Votes Against Compulsory GM Food Labelling
Red Hot Chili Peppers Arrive in Sub-Zero Arctic Seed Vault
July 1
Drought Threatens Global Rice Supply
Corn Prices Bolt Up as USDA Downsizes 2010 Crop Estimates
Virginia Farmers Say Heat Taking Toll on Crops
Severe Food Shortage Follows Lack of Rainfall in Syria
June 30
Choosing Healthy Foods Now Called a Mental Disorder
Hay Barns Already Empty in Parts of E. Texas
Relief Eyed for Flooded Canadian Farmers, Ranchers
June 29
A Cool Spring Means Some Crops Have to Play Catch-Up
Officials Tallying Toll of Wet Spring on Canada's Crops
Rationing us to Death: The Real Green Agenda!
FDA: Airline Food Nationwide Fails to Meet Health Standards
Americans Must Start Putting Premium on Our Food's Safety, from Soil to Plate
June 28
BP Oil Spill Corexits Dispersants Suspected of Widespread Crop Damage
June 24
Food & Depopulation: Scams and Solutions
June 22
Are Our Crops in Danger from All the Rain?
Flood-Plagued Farmers Need to Move Quickly But Carefully
Fungus Attacks Grain Crops in Eastern Idaho
Hail Damages Farm Fields in Iowa
Lack of Bees Could Cause 'Wonky Strawberries'
Monsanto GM Seed Ban Is Overturned by US Supremes
...Spent $2.46 Million Lobbying Gov't in 1Q
Roundup Resistant Weeds Pose Environmental Threat
Chad and Niger Face Starvation
Gourmets Face Caviar Shortage
June 20
Saturated Soil Doing Dakota Crops No Favors
Idaho Farmers Concerned Over Frozen Crops
Time Running Out for Canadian Prairie Farmers
Possible Devastation of Southern Alberta Crops
Will Genetic Modification Usher in a New Age of Prosperity or Will It Unleash Nightmares of Unprecedented Magnitude?
Hugo Chavez Orders Raids as Food Prices Skyrocket
Bangladesh: 77 Million People Exposed to Arsenic in Drinking Water
June 18
Uh-Oh, SpaghettiOs Recall -- 15 Million Pounds
Food and Depopulation: International Takeover by the UN (Part 3 of 4)
Food Prices to Rise by Up to 40% over Next Decade, UN Report Warns
Kenya Paves Way for GM Crops after Decade of Controversy
June 16
Farmers Demand More Help Against Mouse Plague
Science and Sewage
June 15
Australian Farmers Brace for Worst Locust Plague in 40 Years
Washington Ag Director to Seek Federal Disaster Aid for Rain-Soaked Crops
Heavy Rain Causes Massive Flood; Crop, Livestock Losses
Tomato Lovers Sound Off on Heirlooms vs. Hybrids
June 13
Worst Locust Plague in Two Decades Threatens Australian Harvest
June 11
Food and Depopulation (Part 1 of 4)
Monsanto's Monopoly (Part 2 of 4)
Wisconsin: DATCP Raids Hershberger Farm
June 9
Chemical Leak Cause of Mystery Crop Damage? (see Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds of Acres)
DuPont Wins USDA Approval for New Soybean Trait That Could Broaden Uses
June 8
Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds of Acres
British Trial of 'Frankenstein' Crops Goes Ahead at Secret Location
June 7
Seattle Yards Become Farms
GM Corn Contaminates Crops in 7 German States
Protect Your Veggie Garden from Harsh Heat
June 3
Obama's USDA to Deceive Americans over GM Crops
GM Food and Britain's Sinister Bid to Twist Public Opinion
Rotate Crops in Your Vegetable Garden for Healthier Plants
June 1
4 Things to Grow Great Tomatoes
Weaponized Chili Pepper
May 26
Farms Brace for Grasshopper Invasion
May 24
Gardening, Without the Fear
Dupont Complains That Monsanto Is Running a Seed Market Monopoly
Jackboot to the Throat – FDA Claims Citizens Have No Right of Access to Certain Foods
May 20
Monsanto Gives Deadly Gift of 475 Tons of GMO Seed to Haiti
May 18
Chemicals Banned in 1970s Still in Our Food
May 14
Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era
Maine Fruit Crops Devastated by Frost
TN Floods Wipe Out Farmers' Crops
Farmers Must Recover Crops, Livestock after Flood
Run of Rainy, Cold Weather Is Lousy for Corn Crops
High Winds Cripple NY Onion Crop
Vineyard Owner Says 90% of Crops Gone
Snow Slams Wis. Ginseng Farms
...Wis. Gov Seeks Aid
Frost May Force Iowa Farmers to Replant
Cold Temps Threaten NY Apple Crops
May Frost Hits Calif. Asparagus, Ginseng
Salt Killing Crops, Driving Migration in Storm-Hit Bangladesh
May 13
Lettuce E. coli Outbreak Spreads to Fourth State
May 11
Food-Stamp Tally Nears 40 Million, Sets Record
May 9
FDA Investigating E. Coli at Arizona Lettuce Farm
Food-Borne Diseases Sicken 76 Million Americans Each Year
TN Floods Wipe Out Farmers' Crops
China May Import 500,000 Tons Corn as Demand Grows
May 7
E. coli Forces Lettuce Recall; 19 Ill in 3 States
May 5
U.S. Food Prices ‘Spiraling Out of Control’
94% of Fish Stocks Have Vanished from British Waters
India's Bleak Future – More Fertilizer Not Increasing Crops
May 4
Fishing from Louisiana to Florida Panhandle Closed
May 3
A Murky Picture as Seafood Industry Eyes Oil Slick
May 2
New 'Safety Plan' Would Control What You Eat
American Meat Infused with Heavy Metals, Veterinary Medications, Agricultural Pesticides
April 28
GM Food... Feeding the Hungry or Population Control?
Native Harvest: Groups Stress Importance of Seed-Saving
Millions Drink Toxic Water in the U.S., but It's EPA-approved!
April 27
S 510 (Food Safety Modernization Act) is Hissing in the Grass
This Bill Will Kill Small Farms, and Wreck Our Food Supply
April 25
Biotech Crops Go Before Supreme Court This Week
Seed Companies Vying to Develop Drought-Surviving Crops
U.S. Food Inflation Spiraling Out of Control
Plant a Garden, Harvest Savings
5 Reasons Why There is Security in Seeds
April 23
Food Costs Jump Most in 26 Years
Feds Invade Farm for 5 a.m. inspection
April 22
No Tomatoes Today? Fla. Freeze Causes Shortage, Drives Up Prices
Locust Threat: Farmers Told to Stop Sowing Winter Crops
Australia Bracing for Worst Locust Plague in Decades
Locusts Leap onto a Pizza in Australian Cafe
April 20
Volcanic Ash Highlights Major Flaws in Food Security
Food-Borne Diseases Sicken 76 Million a Year
E. Coli Tests Prompt Recall of WinCo Ground Beef
Military Blames Food in Schools for Unfit Recruits
Organic Products Beat Genetic Ones in the Taste Test
UK Water Use 'Worsening Global Crisis'
April 19
British Airspace Lockdown Sparks Food Supply Concern
Fresh Goods for Supermarkets Rot in Kenya as Volcano Grounds Flights
Volcano Sends Salmon Sky High
Ash Cloud Hits Exams, Exotic Foods and Surgery
Early Apple Blossom Triggers Fears of Killer Frost
April 16
Concern for Livestock
Eruption Could Threaten Crops
Volcanic Role in Scottish Famine
FDA Says Walnuts Are Drugs and Doritos Are Heart Healthy
April 14
Tight Supply to Push Meat Prices "Sharply" Higher This Summer, USDA
Locust Plague May Threaten Australia Wheat Crop
Somalia: Pirates Target Food, Pushing Up Prices
Water: The Most Undervalued Resource
Perfect Storm of Food Shortage, Water Scarcity on Horizon
April 12
Apocalypse Chow
'Growing Concern' Over Marketing Tainted Beef
April 11
The War Garden Victorious - free online book
April 9
WI Farmers Struggling to Get Loans to Plant Crops
Wheat Rises as Cold Weather May Damage Crops in U.S. Plains
Hail, High Winds Damage Southwest Michigan Fruit Crops
No Crops, No Money, No Food as China Waits for Rain
Dry March Threatens India's Crop Show
Locust Plague Threat to Queensland's Crops
Elephants Damage Crops in Mangochi, Terrorise Salima
April 8
Many Food Makers Unchecked by FDA for Years
Drought Hurting Farm Production
April 7
Obama Gives Key Agriculture Post to Monsanto Man
Monsanto GM-Corn Harvest Fails Massively in South Africa
April 5
Protecting Your Garden from Wind Damage
April 4
Oregon Farmer Says Wheat Crop Is a 'Total Loss'
2010 Arkansas Wheat Crop Smallest Since 1960s
Why Our Food Supply is Crumbling
Engineered Poison Lurking in Your Everyday Food?
Bottoms-Up – Evaluating the Topsy Turvey
Container Gardening Opens Possibilities
April 2
Water Shortages Put World's Food Supply at Risk
Michelle Obama Expands the White House Garden
April 1
2010 Food Crisis Taking Shape
Worst Drought in a Millenium Creates Severe Food Shortages in China
March 29
Three-Pronged System Enables GMO Takeover of American Agriculture
Grasshopper Plague Threatens U.S. Farms
March 28
Start Your Gardening with Cool-Season Crops
March 26
In Season: Weather Is Taking a Toll on Produce
Worst Drought in a Millenium Creates Severe Food Shortages
First Came Superweeds; Now Come the Superbugs!
Why Does Food Cost So Much?
The "Great Grain Robbery" of 1972
March 23
US Biotech Advisor Warns of Global Famine
Food Running Low in Cyclone-Hit Region
Indian Military to Weaponize World's Hottest Chili
U.N.: Dirty Water Kills More Than War
March 21
Failed Rains Put 10 Million People at Risk of a Food Crisis across West Africa
National Reasons to Grow a Vegetable Garden
There's a New Buzz in Gardening
Colo. Town Takes on Nudist Couple after Topless Gardening Complaints
Fast Food's Frighteningly Slow Decay
March 19
Fargo Floods Turn Farms into Sprawling Lakes
U.S. Food Prices Seen Up 4-5% – HOLLY NOTE: This doesn't take into account how the current and expected floods will affect crops. As commented yesterday, we may see severe crop destruction as during 2008 and 2009.
Wintry Weather to Return, Setting Up Crops for Damaging Freeze
Is Food the New Distressed Asset?
GM Crops Cause Liver and Kidney Damage
Monsanto 'Faked' Data for Approvals Claims Its Ex-Chief
Monsanto, Pioneer Slug It Out Over GM Crops
This Year's Sugar Beet Crops Will Include GM Seeds, Judge Rules
Bulgaria Bans GMO Crops to Soothe Fears
South China Drought Worsens, Threatening Crops
China Drought Now Affecting 50 Million People
Beware of the Agave Nectar Health Food Fraud
Rediscovering Salsa, the Soul of Mexico in a Bowl
March 17
Food Shortage the Next Global Challenge
March 16
Nationwide Study Finds More People Growing Edibles
March 15
Asian Fruit Fly Invasion Could Ruin Oregon Crops
Is the Future of Food in Frozen, Seed-Filled Tupperware Containers?
How Guerrilla Gardening Took Root
Composting Grows Your Garden Dirt Cheap
Scattered Rains Fail to Save Damaged Crops
March 12
Rising Food Prices May Start with Seeds
USDA, Justice Dept. Set to Probe Consolidation in Agriculture
Greens Protest Genetically Modified Potato Go-Ahead
Fast Food Chains Face Tomato Famine
Waiting Lists Spring Up for Coveted Community Garden Plots
Why a Big Mac Costs Less Than a Salad
The Dawn of a New Age in Food Control, Part 5 (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)
NK Famine Becoming Widespread Following Currency Reform
Worlds Most Usefull Tree Provides Low-Cost Water Purification
March 11
Scientists Reveal Negative Impact of Roundup Ready GM Crops
California Judge Could Halt Planting of GM Sugar Beets
How Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World
Pringles Recall: Are Your Chips on the List?
Fla. Deep Freeze Puts Squeeze on Tropicana Juice Size, Price
'Doomsday' Seed Vault Stores 500000 Crops
Inside the Vault
March 8
How Long Can You Live Without Food?
More Urbanites Have Their Pick of Fresh Fruit
March 8
Monsanto ‘Warrior’ Grant Fights Antitrust Accusations
Attack of the GMOs: GMO Alfalfa Will Make Organic Dairy Impossible
March 5
Salmonella Scare Leads to FDA Recall of Processed Foods
...List of Recalled Foods
How Safe is Your Food?
Frigid Winter Bad News for Tomato Lovers
March 4
New Wave of Adoption of GM Crops
FDA: Labels Misleading on Major Food Brands
Chilean Earthquake's Tremors May Be Felt in American Consumers' Stomachs
March 3
Foodborne Illness Costs U.S. $152 Billion Annually: Study
The GMO Tipping Point – How to Get Genetically-Modified Food Out of Your Diet
Water and the War on Terror
March 1
Winter-Damaged Crops Drive Up Tomato Prices
Texas Man Going to Prison for Selling Conventional Crops as Organic
Indian Law Would Make Criticizing GM Crops an Imprisonable Offense
Galleria Mall Is Giant Greenhouse, Raising Organic Crops in Cleveland
February 26
Cold Weather Risk to Lambs Leads to Food Supply Fears
GM Crops Taking Root
Monsanto Mouthpiece Says Biotech Crops Are Growing Like Weeds
Farmers, Others Sue USDA Over Monsanto GMO Alfalfa
Environment Watchdog Predicts ‘Precision Farming’ Using GM Crops for UK
Seed Saver’s Exchange, Svalgard, and the USDA
Bribes Let Tomato Vendor Sell Tainted Food
February 25
7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food
Obama Giving Black Farmers $1.25B in Reparations
February 24
Serious Birth Defects Linked to Chemical Used on Food Crops
Bill Would Protect Utah's Vanishing Farmlands
FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish Farm in PA
Mom Finds Snake Head in Frozen Green Beans
Freeze in Crops Leaves Fast-Food Chains in a Major Bind
Garden Trends: What's In and Out for 2010
Long-Term Food Supply Survival Strategies
February 22
If You Only Do One Thing This Week … Start an Office Garden
El Niño to Damage $65 Million Worth of Philippine Crops
Choking Warning Labels for Hot Dogs?
The Big GMO Cover-Up
Canada Accepts GM pigs in Food Supply
Biotech, Nanotech and Synthetic Biology Roles in Future Food Supply Explored
February 21
The Dawning of a New Age of Food Control Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
Neb. Farmers Still Struggling to Harvest Crops
Bulgarian Govt Forced Down on GM Crops
February 19
Extreme Winter Kills 1 Million Livestock Animals in Mongolia
Warm Days Bring Urge to Garden
February 18
Red Pepper Suspected in Salmonella Outbreak

February 16
Biofuel Scam
Help Now and Say No to Genetically Modified Alfalfa
February 15
Dr. Oz: Toxins in Our Food Supply; Foods Meant to Nourish Us Could Be Killing Us
February 14
E. coli Fears Spark 4.9 Million Pound Meat Recall
Prepare to Pay More for Poultry: Chicken Farms Crushed by Snow
Food Supplies Begin to Return to Markets
Beware - Aspartame Has Been Renamed 'AminoSweet' and Is Being Marketed as a 'Natural' Sweetener
Bioengineering to Crop Up When Science Group Meets
February 12
Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Heirloom Seeds
February 11
India Awaits Go-Ahead on First GM Crop Despite Scientists Warnings
GM Genocide: Thousands of Indian Farmers Are Committing Suicide after Using Genetically Modified Crops – flashback
February 10
Animal Antibiotic Overuse Hurting Humans?
Hunger in America: More Families in Need
A Growing Obsession: Rare Seeds
The Addicted Gardener: How to Buy the Best Seeds
February 7
Emergency Food Providers Short on Supplies
February 5
China Imposes Media Ban over New Milk Scandal: Watchdog
February 3
UN Warns of Violence Near Food-Aid Locations
Spend More on Food Rather Than Holidays, Says Organic Lobby
Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GMO Foods
February 1
Wet Summer, More Demand Could Create Seed Shortage
Genetically Modified Seeds 'Are Everywhere'
GMO Corn Linked to Liver, Kidney, Heart Damage: Research Shows
Urban Gardeners Set Sights on Spring
January 31
Growing Your Food Is Fashionable Again
You Don't Need Tons of Room to Grow a Garden
Ark. Crop Losses Hit $400 Million
January 28
Vegetable Garden, Part III: Go with Seeds or Seedlings?
January 26
Health Scandal - Monsanto's GMO Perversion of Food
World Sugar Inventories at an All-Time Low
Shrimp's Dirty Secrets: Why America's Favorite Seafood Is a Health and Environmental Nightmare
Obama to California ‘Water, Its Not a Right its a Privilege’
How Factory Farms Are Pumping Americans Full of Deadly Bacteria and Pathogens
January 25
Massive Salami Recall Over Salmonella Concerns
January 24
25% of US Grain Crops Fed to Cars – Not People
January 21
Fla. Cold Spell to Produce Sticker Shock
January 20
Food Bank's Shortage 'Unprecedented'
Zimbabwe Faces Mass Starvation
January 19
390 Tons of U.S. Ground Beef Recalled
Edible Gardens and Less Lawn Are Top Garden Trends in 2010
January 17
Struggle for Food Turns Violent
Haiti Quake Survivors Get More Food and Water
Food Shortages Coming, Buy Commodities: Jim Rogers
Farmers Fear Food Shortage After Freeze
Will the Global Deep Freeze Now Ravaging North America, Europe and Asia Lead to Massive Food Shortages In 2010?
Seed Shortage Crops Up for 2010
Activists Say No to 'Hazardous' Crop
F.D.A. Concerned about Substance in Food Packaging
January 15
Florida Crops Suffer Millions in Damage from Cold
70% Crops Destroyed, Tropical Fish Farmers Vow to Rebound
Colombia, Venezuela Cocoa Crops Hurt by Drought, Set to Drop
Happy Tot Baby Food Recall
January 13
Demand for Grain is Straining U.S. Supply – flashback
Nine Meals from Anarchy
Freeze Kills Southwest Fla. Vegetable Crops
January 12
Strategic Grain Reserves – Sold Out?
Government Cover-Up of Food Shortage Feared
Panic Buying in Supermarkets as the Weather Tightens Its Grip on Britain
Frosty Florida Sets Record Low Temperatures
Overnight Freeze Damages More of Florida Orange Crop
Global Deep Freeze Threatens 2010 Food Supply
Is This the End of Food as We Know It?
January 11
Florida Cold Weather: Farmer – Last Night Was 'Knockout Blow'
Britain Losing Food Production
Investors Add Spice to Rising Food Prices
January 10
Food Costs to Soar as Big Freeze Deepens
Consumer Watch: Sharp Drop in Temperatures Could Spike Food Prices
Corn Lost to Snow – 100 Million Bushels
Florida Berries: It was Cold Last Night But Worst Yet to Come Sunday Night
Panic Buying Hits Supermarkets as Shelves Stripped of Essentials
Seed Shortage Might Put Crimp on Gardening Plans
Endangered Species Act Ruling Threatens Food Production in California
Food Shortages This Year! Why is the Media – video
2010: The Year to Really Start Worrying About Food Security
America's Dwindling Water Supply
GM Seeds Threaten World Food Supply
Is Monsanto's Corn Destroying Your Internal Organs?
January 8
Farmers Struggle to Save Crops in Southern Cold Spell
Freeze Damage Threat Still Grips Florida Citrus
Spring Food Crisis May Trigger Economic Collapse
New Virus Attacking Hawaii's Tomato Industry
Florida Cold Snap Hurts Fish Farms Worse Than Citrus
Food Banks Sees 'Unprecedented' Shortage
Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned
January 7
Freeze in South Forces Homeless Inside, Threatens Crop
Food Running Out in Drought-Ravaged Guatemala
A Snow-Induced Food Shortage
Snowstorm Leads to Booming Grocery Sales
Tea Shortage to Widen as Rising Demand Exceeds Supply
Farmers Protest Over Government Sellout
China: Record Lows, Transport Chaos, Fuel Shortages, Crop Damage and Power Outages
Thailand: Stay Off My Rice Paddy
New Toxic Milk Case in China Kept Secret for a Year
Building the One Year Food Supply
January 6
Next Arctic Blast Could be Worse for South, Crops
Freezing Temperatures Reach the South, Farmers Rush to Salvage Crops
Record-Breaking Cold Brings Scattered Damage
Minnesota's Unharvested Corn Worth $200M
S. African Dairy Area Threatened by Worst Drought in 130 Years
Farmer Suicides and Cotton Nightmare Unfolding in India
January 5
Why the U.S. “Food Safety” Bills Should Worry Even Rich Wall Street Bankers
Food Prices to Jump 6%
Terminator Seed 3: Plot to Control Our Food Supply?
Animal Tracing, Food Contamination and the Unsanitary Conditions of US Meat Processing Plants
Bad Weather Hits Food Supply Chain
Living Walls – the Ultimate Raised-Bed Garden
Cold Weather to Affect Citrus Crop Region
Can Farming Save Detroit?
January 3
East Coast Faces Deep Freeze; Florida Oranges Threatened
Orange Juice Prices to Rise 33% as Crisis Hits Crop
January 1
What Are the Hot Gardening Trends for 2010?
Gardeners' Resolutions
Seed Shortage in 2010?
Monsanto, Big Ag Has ‘Troubling’ Control Over Seed Market, Report
'Land Grabs' for Rice Production Due to Supply Threats