Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

Dec. 29
19,000+ Jews Move to Israel in 2010
Dec. 28
Egypt Seizes Anti-Aircraft Missiles Destined for Gaza **
IAF Commander: We Are Prepared to Counter All Threats
Lieberman Blocks Path to Reconciliation with Turkey
Dec. 26
Hamas: Israel Has 2 Options - Death or Leave Palestinian Lands **
Senior Labor Minister: Without Peace Talks, Even US May Soon Recognize Palestinian State
Ecuador 5th Latin American Country to Recognize Palestinian State
Palestinians Unaware of New US Ideas over Future State's Borders
Lieberman: Turks Are Liars, PA Is Illegitimate, and Netanyahu Is Unrealistic **
Dec. 23
New Gaza War 'Only a Question of Time' **
Poll: Nearly Twice as Many Prefer Netanyahu over Livni as Prime Minister
Jordan Winds Down Military-Intel Ties with Israel
Dec. 21
Why Hamas Has Revived Its Missile, Kidnapping Attacks
Jerusalem Scrambles as Europe Moves to Upgrade Ties with Palestinians
Israel's Relationship with Egypt and Jordan Is Fraying
Brazil: No Mideast Peace as Long as U.S. Is 'Guardian'
Dec. 19
Helen Thomas Leads 2010 List of ‘Top 10 Anti-Semitic Slurs’
Dec. 17
Palestinians Furious over Congress Resolution against Unilateral Statehood **
Spy Devices on Lebanese Peaks Monitored Long-Range Missile Activity
Lebanon Prepares Official Complaint to UN over Israeli 'Spy Devices'
Either Religion or the Apocalypse Will Destroy Israel
Dec. 14
Netanyahu: Jerusalem Won't be Divided
Dec. 12
What a Gas!
Is a Mideast War Brewing over Natural Gas Find?
Leviathan: Against Him, Who Can Stand?
Netanyahu: Obama's Washington Speech Is Not Gov't Policy **
Obama Solution Would Divide Jerusalem **
Israel Pleased Clinton Rejects Idea of Imposed Solution
Hillary's Tilt against Israel
Head of Islamic Movement: We'll Expel Israeli Occupation from J'lem, al-Aksa
House Approves Major Increase in Israeli Military Aid
Dec. 8
Argentina, Uruguay Recognize Palestinian State
Israel-U.S. Settlement Freeze Talks at Dead End
Dec. 5
Israel 'Saddened' as Brazil Recognizes Palestinian State
Nov. 30
Israel Names Iran Expert as New Mossad Chief
Nov. 28
State Officials: US-Israel Freeze Talks Deadlocked **
German President Affirms Commitment to Israel's Security
Fatah: No to Israel as Jewish State, No Land Swaps
Nov. 26
Syrian FM Warns of War with Israel; Says 'Full Return of Golan Heights Is Not Negotiable'
Turkish PM Urges Israeli Apology During Lebanon Trip
The Middle East Problem Explained Simply
Nov. 22
Israel: I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee...
Nov. 19
Al-Qaida Threatens Israel: Jews Not Protected from Attacks **
Rocket Warfare Escalates; 7 Mortar Shells Fired at Negev **
Worse-case (Political) Scenarios Assessed
Nov. 17
Israel Hands Over Land to Lebanon
PM: E. Jerusalem Not Part of US Freeze Proposal
US 'Has No Fixed ME Deal Deadline'
Global Anti-Semitism on the Rise? **
Nov. 15
Obama to Present US Israel-Palestinian Border Map Within 3 Months
Nov. 14
Netanyahu: US 90-day Freeze Proposal Is Not Final
Palestinians Slam U.S. Incentives for Settlement Freeze
The Jewish People vs George Soros
Nov. 12
Hizbullah: We Are Ready for Another War with Israel **
Barack Obama: The Most Anti-Israel President **
Obama's Israel Squeeze: Worse Than You Know
Egypt Issues Credible Terror Threat Warning to Israelis
Nov. 11
U.S. Gives $150M to Palestinian Authority
Nov. 10
Netanyahu to Obama: Jerusalem Is Not a Settlement
Palestinians: Peace Process Should Erase Israel **
Israel Stages Major Bioweapons Attack Exercise
Nov. 4
Report: Obama's Post-Election Agenda Calls for a Palestinian State or Else **
Nov. 3
Preparing to Sack the City of God **
Obama Will Have a Harder Time Brokering ME Peace Deal
Polls Set Middle East Timetable
Nov. 2
Obama 'to Turn on Israel after Midterm Elections' **
Mid East Talks Resume after US Midterm. Netanyahu Relents on Building Freeze
Hizballah's "Zero Hour" Exercise for Toppling Beirut Government and War on Israel
Oct. 31
Report: Israel, US Discuss Land Lease from Palestinians
Oct. 28
Fayyad: PA Will Declare Independent State in August 2011
Egypt Trying to Convince Abbas to Resume Peace Talks with Israel
Oct. 27
George Soros Feels No Remorse for Collaborating with Nazis During WWII
Anti-Semitism: Its Roots and Perseverance
Oct. 26
UN Backs Palestinians Preparations for Statehood by August
Oct. 24
Prominent Saudi Royal Blasts Obama on Israel
Israelis, Palestinians Eye US Midterm Elections
Anti-Semitism on Rise in Obama Admin
Oct. 22
PA Says Uncovered Hamas Arms Cache
Carter in Syria: Israel Must Fully Lift Gaza Blockade
Berlusconi: We Hope That Israel Doesn't Attack Iran
Netanyahu: Palestinians Could Only be Ready for Peace If They Recognize Israel as a Jewish State
Poll: 41% of Palestinians Support Resuming the Intifada; Only 30% Support Continuing Talks
Oct. 20
Possible ‘Armed Resistance’ If Mid East Talks Fail **
Israeli Settlers Building 544 New Homes
Oct. 19
College Professor Calls for Israel's Destruction

Oct. 18
Fatah Considering 'Stone Intifada' in Jerusalem

Oct. 17
Egypt: New Israeli Building Permits a Signal Peace Talks Could Collapse

Oct. 15
Now It's the Israeli Left Fearing a Destruction of the American-Israel Bond
Oct. 14
High Military Alerts As Ahmandinejad, Nasrallah Call for Israel's Destruction **
Oct. 13
PLO Wants Map from U.S. with Future Israeli Border
Palestinian Authority Rejects Israeli's Condition
Vice Premier: No Chance of Peace with Palestinians in Near Future
Clock Ticking Away against Obama’s ‘One Year Peace Objective’
Oct. 5
Lieberman: Obama Trying to Force Agreement on Israel **
Egypt President Warns of 'Global Terror' If Mideast Peace Talks Fail **
Mass European Rally for Israel
Middle East Peace Talks Only Serve Obama
The Battle Over Jerusalem
Jerusalem Arabs Don't Want to Live in 'Palestine'
World Lines Up Against Israel Over Jewish Building
Oct. 3
Israel Braces for Regional Escalation Ahead of Ahmadinejad's Lebanon Visit **
Palestinians Back Abbas on Peace Talk Setback
Settlers: PA's Demand is Blackmail
Peace Talks 'Going Nowhere', Diplomats Say
Assad: Peace Talks Aimed Only to Help Obama Politically
The Illusion of Middle-East Peace **
Oct. 1
White House: Nothing Offered in Exchange for Freeze **
Arab League May Bring Settlement Freeze Debate to UN
U.S. Backs Palestinian Airport Near Jerusalem
Boycotts and Divestments Have Consequences
Senate to Obama: Respect Israel
Sept. 29
U.S. Jews Outraged by Lieberman's UN Speech on Population Exchange
PA Official Gives Israel, US Week to Find Freeze Solution
Ahmadinejad to Throw Rocks at Israeli Border
Sept. 28
U.S. Envoy Speeds to Mideast to Salvage Peace Talks
Since 2000: 7,454 Israelis, Palestinians Killed
Sept. 26
Israel: Tonight, We Return This Decree to the Trash Bin **
Netanyahu to Abbas as Settlement Freeze Ends: Let's Continue Talks to Achieve Peace
Thousands of Settlers Gather to Mark End of Building Freeze
Settlements' Deadline Clouds Future of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts
Direct Israel-Palestinian Talks Break Down after Abbas Secretly Engages Hamas
Israeli PM Presses for Restraint as Settlement Freeze Nears End
Mideast Peace Talks on Brink of Collapse – video **
Israel Reduced to the Size of a Jail Cell
Netanyahu Will 'Never Give Up Western Wall' **
'Hussein Obama, Land Is Ours'
Israel Renews Appeal for Advanced Bunker-Busters
Jewish Boat Sets Sail to Gaza with Aid
Visiting Journalist Finds Hamas Is Stealing Gaza Aid
Secret Jewish Heritage Converts Neo-Nazi
Sept. 24
Jordan's King Warns of War by Year's End **
Mideast Gulf Widens Over ‘Jewish State’ Question
Obama Warns: Support 'Palestine' or 'More Blood' Will Flow
Settlement Construction to be Resumed, Limited
Castro: Israel Has Right to Exist
Turkey: We Expect Formal Apology, Compensation from Israel
97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor’s Story Shared on Twitter
Sept. 23
Obama Warns: Think of Alternative to Peace **
Israel Threatens to Scrap UAV Deal with Russia over Syria Arms Sale
Sept. 22
Riots in Temple Mount, Western Wall Area after Palestinian Shot Dead
Next Israel-Hezbollah War Will Be Worse, Says U.S. Analyst **
Israel's Situation in Europe Extremely Dire
Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Never Recognize 'Zionist Regime'
Sept. 20
Iran Threatens Israel Once Again
PA: Give Us a State or It's War
Sept. 17
Barak May Use Legal Loopholes to Impose de Facto Settlement Freeze **
Israel, Alone – Netanyahu Has Effectively Stifled Israel's Defenders
Sept. 16
Mitchell to Hand Assad Netanyahu's Proposed Golan Withdrawal Map
Gaza Attacks: Phosphorus Bombs Hit Israel **
Rocket Fire Prompts IDF Strike on Gaza
Gaza Film Shows Israel Destroyed
No Deal: Mideast Round Ends Amid Fresh Violence
Netanyahu to Abbas: We'll Continue Building in Settlements
Helen Thomas Row Rabbi Makes Hitler Parallel, Retracts
Sept. 14
PM, Clinton and Abbas Discuss Freeze in Sharm e-Sheikh
Palestinian 'All or Nothing' Strategy Paralyzing Peace Talks, Israeli Officials Warn
Palestinians Plant Their Flags Ahead of Peace Talks
U.S. Urges Arab Nations to Drop IAEA Resolution on Israel
Sept. 13
13,000 West Bank Housing Units Ready for Construction
Netanyahu: Settlement Freeze Won't Be Extended
Peace Talks Will Fail If West Bank Construction Resumes
Israel Refuses to Meet European Ministers for Settlement Talks
Settlers Ready to Declare ‘War’ on Netanyahu
Another 'Peace' Sign: Rockets Slam into Negev
Peace Talks – and Their Obstacles
Joyce Kaufman: The 7 Reasons to Support Israel – video **
Sept. 10
French Envoy to Visit Damascus, Push Israel-Syria Talks
Obama: If Israeli-Palestinian Talks Break Down, We'll Continue Trying
Time and NYT Again Show More Bias Against Israel
Sept. 9
Clinton: There May Never Be Another Chance for Peace **
PA Official: We Won't Recognize Israel as a Jewish State
Israel Seeks US OK to Expand Smart-Bomb Arsenal
Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'
Sept. 7
Abbas: No 'Historic Compromise' on Jerusalem, Borders
Shock Plan: Palestinians Scheduled to Govern Jews
Abbas: 'I Don't Have to Recognize Israel as a Jewish State'
Egypt: Peace Will 'Cost' World $50B
The Significance of the Israeli Settlements Freeze
New Year Stats: Israel's Population Hits 7.6 Million
Sept. 3
De Borchgrave: Chance of Israeli Attack on Iran 50-50 and Rising
Yellow Alert for War
Iran Could Strike Israeli Nuclear Site If Attacked
Sept. 2
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Takes Center Stage in Washington
IDF Warns of Wave of Violence as Hamas Vows to Sink Peace Talks
Hamas' New Methods: Multiple Small Attacks by Unknown Imported Terrorists
PA Official Vows: 'We Will Hit Hamas with an Iron Fist'
Hamas Unveils Tripled-Range Missile 
Obama Says Mideast Peace Moment 'Must be Seized'  
What Can Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks Achieve?
Seeing Red: Jewish Blood on the West Bank, Its Portrayal in the Western Media
Sept. 1
Ehud Barak: Israel Ready to Cede Parts of Jerusalem in Peace Deal **
Mitchell: Israel-Palestinian Peace Deal Before End of 2010
Analysis: An Attempt to Torpedo Peace Talks
U.S.: West Bank Attack Shows How Far the Enemies of Mideast Peace Will Go
NY Temple Plot Suspect: I'll Kill 10 Million Jews
Hamas Targets Israeli-Palestinian Talks by Killing 4 Israelis
The Lasting Damage Obama Has Done to the Jewish People
August 31
Israel Training Troops for Unconventional Warfare
August 30
Report: Israel Plans to Strike in Syria
Despite Israeli Protests, Russia Won't Halt Arms Sale to Syria
Netanyahu Spells Out Essentials for Peace Deal
Abbas: Obama Knows West Bank Building Will Ruin Talks
Potential of 4 Billion Barrels of Oil Off Haifa Coast
August 29
Israel Prepping for War with Iran?
US to Sell Israel Massive Military Fuel Stocks Worth $2 Bn
190 Antiaircraft Missiles Found in Sinai
August 27
Israel Working to Thwart Russia Arms Deal with Syria
Israel Ready to Destroy Lebanese Army in 4 Hours
Palestinians Torch Cars in Jerusalem Violence
August 25
Israelis, Palestinians Lock Horns Ahead of Peace Talks
August 24
The Spirit of Israel Lives On
August 23
Israeli Official Declares: 'We're Preparing for War' **
Outside Threats from Iran, Syria Prompt Snap Choice of New Israeli Army Chief
Syria: Israel-Palestinian Talks Useless
August 22
The 'Disengagement' Disaster, 5 Years On
U.S.: Direct Peace Talks to Begin September 2 in Washington
No Peace for Israel
August 20
Al Qaeda Plans for Israel War
Jesus Lives on in Jerusalem – Thousands of Messianic Jews Reside in Israel, Perform Jewish Ceremonies and Serve in IDF
Urgent Message from Jerry Golden
August 19
U.S. Support for Israel Is Decreasing, New Poll
Israel's 'Judgment Day' Shelters: Jerusalem Railway Station, Haifa's Carmel Tunnels and Habima Parking Lot
August 18
Walls Coming Down in Israel – video
August 16
Israel's Barak Gives Thumbs Up for F-35 Advanced Fighter
Arab Nations Urge U.S. to End Support of Israel's Nuclear Secrecy
August 15
Arabs Faking Graves to Grab Jerusalem Land
300 Fake Tombstones Removed So Far at Jerusalem Muslim Cemetery
August 13
Netanyahu Rejects Peace Talks Based on 1967 Borders **
Repercussions of an Israeli attack on Iran
Russian S-300s in Abkhazia Block Possible Israeli Air Route to Iran
Israel's anti-Obama
August 10
Big Israeli Military Drill as Nasrallah Charges Plot Against Lebanese Leaders
Israel Threatened with Terror 'Resistance Axis'
August 5
Israel: The Tension Builds
U.N. Backs Israel’s Position on Border Clash, But Israel’s Arab-Islamic Critics Are Not Backing Down
Obama Has Been Warned That Israel May Bomb Iran
Israel Threatens to Destroy Hostile Lebanese Border Positions
Lebanese Army Emerges as Israel's New Pro-Active Foe
August 4
US Urges Israeli, Lebanese Restraint
Israel-Lebanon Clash: Did Israeli Soldiers Step into Lebanese Territory?
July 22
IDF Chief in Rome: Israel Lives 2,000 Years After Temple Razed
July 21
Iron Dome an 'Historic' Success, But Army Balks at Cost
Israel's Southern Border Wide Open and Undefended
Dreaming of the Third Temple in Conflicted Israel
July 20
'Obama Pledges Big Movement' on Carving up Israel
Report: Mubarak Rejects Netanyahu's 'Peace Map'
Israel's Iron Dome System Passes Final Tests
July 19
Israel may have Convinced US of Military Option for Iran; Attack by September?
July 16
46% Say Obama is pro-Palestinian
July 15
Think Tank: Israel Attack Against Iran Would Spark Long War
July 14
Israel's Secret New Weapon?
July 13
Witch-Hunt Begins in Israeli Schools and Colleges
The Unholy Peace Trinity
July 12
Hezbollah Says Has List of Targets in Israel
July 11
Hizballah Advances 20,000 Troops to Israeli Border
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech to the CFR
Plague and Drought Weaken Syria’s Ability to Wage War on Israelis
June 30
European Jew's Safety Worst Since WWII
Liberalism’s Threat to American Judaism
June 29
Lieberman: Absolutely No Chance for a Palestinian State within Next 2 Years
June 28
G-8 'Fully Believes' Israel Will Attack Iran, Says Italy PM
US-Israeli Relations Suffer 'Tectonic Rift'
Palin: Obama Sold out Netanyahu
Jerusalem Master Plan: Expansion of Jewish Enclaves Across the City
June 25
87 Senators Tell Obama: Stand Behind Israel!
Obama and the War Against the Jews
June 18
Syria: Israel Raid on Gaza Flotilla Raises Risk of Mideast War
Ex-Spain PM: If Israel Goes Down, We All Go Down
...Fears Lebanese ‘Fast’ Flotilla
June 14
Gaza Economy Collapsing under Siege': B'tselem: 95% of Factories Are Closed, 93% of Water Is Polluted
June 13
Saudi Arabia Gives Israel Clear Skies to Attack Iranian Nuclear Sites
June 11
Turkey is Calling for a Jihad Against Israel
Obama Calls for New Israeli-Palestinian Talks; Says Gaza Conditions Are 'Inherently Unstable'
Abbas Tells U.S. Jews: I Would Never Deny Jewish Right to the Land of Israel
June 9
Reuters Admits Cropping Photos of Ship Clash, Denies Political Motive
Researchers Locate Jewish Genetic Linkage
June 8
Palestinians Admit Gaza Not Starving, Hamas Steals Aid
Reuters Crops Out Knives, Blood from Raid Photos
Heavy Weaponry Found on Marmara Ship – video
Under Fire for Comments, Helen Thomas Retires – video
More Than 5,000 Palestinians Cross Newly Opened Gaza-Egypt
June 7
Israel's Reputation in Tatters as EU, World Powers Review Relations
The Perils of Selective Free Speech
SCUD Is a Four-Letter Word
June 5
White House Linked to Flotilla Organizers
Turkey Has Embraced Iran, Hamas
Helen Thomas Tells Jews — ‘Get the Hell Out of Palestine’ and Go Back to Germany & Poland – video
Is Israel Turning into a 'Burden' on U.S.?
In the Wake of Flotilla Incident, Business as Usual for Israel Haters in Great Britain
Flotilla Choir Presents: We Con the World – humor
June 3
Obama Using Flotilla Fiasco to Blackmail Israel?
Clouds of War Are Gathering in the Middle East
June 2
Gaza Flotilla Participants Created War Atmosphere Before Confronting Israel
Activists Threw Stun Grenades
Obama Abandons Israel to UN Feeding Frenzy
Official: US Will Stand with Israel
June 1
World in Shock at Deadly Gaza Ship Raid
Istanbul Rally: Israel will Drown in Blood - Some 10,000 Protestors Hold Demonstrations in Turkey's Main Cities
Israel: 'Next Time We'll Use More Force' – Navy Prepares for Expected Arrival of 2 More Activist Ships
Ahmadinejad Urges Action Against Israel
Turkey: Punish Israel for Massacre
IDF Evidence, US Stem Turkish-Led Diplomatic War Against Israel
Netanyahu Cancels Upcoming Obama Meeting, Returns to Israel
May 28
Rahm Emanuel Heckled in Jerusalem
May 26
Syria Has 1,000 Ballistic Missiles Zeroed on Israeli Targets
We will Destroy Israel-Bound Ships
May 25
Hizbullah Puts 20,000 Soldiers on Alert Near Israel
May 20
Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel – video
Iran Says Can Destroy Israel in 1 Week
May 18
Israel Quietly Mulls Iran Nuclear Deal, Sanctions
May 17
Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel – video
Drill to Simulate Massive Rocket Attack
May 12
'Fight for Jerusalem - Fight for Truth'
US Jews: Conversion Bill 'Disastrous'
The Missiles Are Coming
May 11
Poll: Obama has Lost Almost Half of his US Jewish Support
Obama: If Either Israel or the Palestinians Takes Any Steps which Jeopardize Negotiations, He'll Hold That Side Alone Responsible for Failure of the Talks
May 7
Is Obama After Israel’s Nukes?
May 6
PA Negotiating with US, Not Israel
Syria: Israel Would Never Declare War Without U.S. Permission
May 2
U.S. Told Palestinians It Would Consider Allowing UN Censure of Israel
3,000 European Jewish Intellectuals Urge End to Israeli Settlements
April 30
Israeli Officials: Obama to Call World Summit If Mideast Peace Talks Fail
Clinton to Warn Syria of US Commitment to Israel
April 26
Egyptian FM Calls Israel 'Enemy'
April 25
Syria Threatens to Send Israel Back to 'Prehistoric Times'
US Dislikes Obama's Israel Approach – 44% of Americans Disapprove of President's Stance
Netanyahu: Israel and U.S. Want Peace Process to Begin Immediately
Qur'an Backs Jewish Claims to Land of Israel
April 23
Netanyahu Amenable to Palestinian State within Temporary Borders
Obama Pushing Israel to Carve Up Jerusalem?
April 22
Israel Considers US Position on Iran Strike
Mitchell en Route, Jerusalem Freeze Rejected
April 18
Israel Threatens Syria with War
April 16
Waking up to New Danger from North: Scud Missiles
Police Drill 'Largest in Israel's History'
UK Authority: Western Wall Not in Israel
April 14
Sarkozy Warns of Israel-Iran War
Senators Stress Value of US-Israel Ties
April 13
Israel Tells Its Citizens to Get Out of Sinai Now
Terrorists: Israeli Nuke Plant Within Rocket Range
April 12
Netanyahu Slams World Silence on Iran
Israel Must Denuclearize: Turkey's PM Erdogan
April 11
Analysts: Israel Viewed as World's 6th Nuclear Power
Netanyahu Pulls Out of Obama Summit Over ‘Bomb in the Basement' Fears
April 8
Palestinian Official: U.S. Bid to Revive Mideast Talks at Dead-End
Israeli FM Warns Palestinians Not to Declare State
Israel: Turkey Aligning with Muslim World at Our Expense
Jordan's King: Future of Israel in Jeopardy
April 4
Clinton’s Plan Is Back – End of Ambiguity over Two-State Vision at Root of Israel-US Crisis
April 2
A New Middle East War?
De Borchgrave: Obama Faces Disintegrating Situation in Middle East, Mexico
Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Strip
Hezbollah: Israel Planning to Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque
Game-Changer: US Nuclear Shield for Saudis, Gulf Emirates
U.S. Military Seeking Role on West Bank
Shock Claim: Obama Encouraged Palestinian 'Resistance'
April 1
Israeli Ad Campaign Calls for Third Temple
Hezbollah Deputy Chief Says Group Arming Itself
March 29
Israel Fears Obama Heading for Imposed Mideast Settlement
March 29
Israel to Focus on Key Iran Nuclear Targets in Any Strike
March 28
Bolton: Washington Pressuring Israel Not to Strike Iran's Nuke Facilities
Netanyahu Tries to Play Down Tensions with U.S.
Positioning Israel as the Nazi of Nations
March 26
Israel Could Use Tactical Nukes on Iran: Thinktank
Palestinians: Obama Wants Israel to Hand Over Abu-Dis to PA
Netanyahu and Obama Disagree on Key Issues
Netanyahu Humiliated after Barack Obama 'Dumped Him for Dinner'
March 24
Koch on Obama and Israel: Why the Trust Is Gone
March 22
Netanyahu Caves to Obama, Clinton Pressure
March 21
Obama to Israel: 'Drop Dead'
Obama Blocks Delivery of Bunker-Busters to Israel
March 18
US May Be Seeking Israel 'Regime Change'
Hamas' al-Zahar: Israel Made Deal with the Devil
March 17
Israel Fights Back Against Critics
March 16
'Day of Rage': Riots in Jerusalem
U.S. Envoy Cancels Mideast Trip Amid Israel Feud
Republicans Slam Obama's Hard Line Towards Israel
March 15
The Attack on Netanyahu
Israeli Envoy: U.S. Ties in 'Crisis of Historic Proportions'
Clinton's Harsh Words Stun Israel
US Ponders Denying Israel Arms Needed for Iran War
The Eyes of Obama are Everywhere – Even on Temple Mount
March 12
Sending Israel the Usual Mixed Signals
PM Netanyahu Affirms Christian Zionists
March 10
Jerusalem Expansion Spurred by Biden's Clampdown on Israeli Action on Iran
Getting Israel Right
March 9
Biden: Israel and U.S. Stand Together
March 8
A Red Heifer is Alive and Well in Israel! – audio
March 5
15 Cops, Dozens of Palestinians Hurt in Temple Mount Clashes
March 3
Dubai Police Chief Plans to Seek Arrest of Israeli PM Netanyahu and the Head of the Mossad
Did They Know? Israel-U.S. Startup Linked to Dubai Hit
March 2
War Council Convened in Damascus to Prepare for Israeli Strike: Iran President Expects War "Between Spring And Summer"
Syria Willing to Take Back Golan in Stages
March 1
Jerusalem Teeters on the Brink of Violent Explosion
Israel Simulation Prepares for Two-Front War with Hamas and Hizbullah
February 25
Ahmadinejad: Arab World Will Usher in New Mideast without Zionists
Has Obama Forgotten Israel?
Son of Hamas Founder Spied for Israel for More Than a Decade

February 24
Israel's Last Chance of Survival
February 22
King Solomon's Wall Revealed in Jerusalem
February 21
Assad Urges Europe: Force Israel to Peace
Hamas Warns West Against Assisting Israel
World War III Is Being Staged; Starting with Israel and Iran, British Military Insider
February 12
Israel and Syria's War Banter
Senior Hamas Leader: Next War Will Span Entire Mideast
February 10
Archaeological Findings Unveil 1,500-Year-Old Jerusalem Road
February 9
Huckabee: Obama Should Support Israeli Strike on Iran
February 8
Iran's Supreme Leader: West Can't Save Israel
February 5
Report: US Urges Syria, Israel to Show Restraint
Palestinians, Israelis Propose Plan for Mixed Jerusalem Neighborhood
Israel, the Holocaust and the Survival Lesson
February 3
PATV Sermon: 'Jews are enemies of Allah and Humanity - Kill Them'
February 2
Netanyahu Risks Muslim Wrath over Jerusalem Holy Site
February 1
PA: Israel Offered 'Territories for Negotiations'
January 26
Jews to Re-Establish Covenant Relationship with God on Passover 2010 – video
Syria and Egypt – More Dangerous for Israel than Iran?
Barak: Stalemate with PA Greater Threat Than Iranian Bomb
Netanyahu: World Must Stop Calls to Destroy Israel
More Global Anti-Semitic Incidents Reported in 2009 Than Any Year Since WWII
January 21
Netanyahu Demands Israeli Presence in West Bank
Palestinians Reject Israeli Presence
January 19
Is Israel about to Reenter Gaza in Armed Conflict?
January 15
Israel is Due, and Ill Prepared, for a Major Earthquake
January 14
Mass Bio Drill at Int'l Emergency Conference in Tel Aviv
January 13
Exposed: Secret Talks to Carve Up Israel, Again