Dec. 28
2010: A Big Year for UFOs
Dec. 22
Files Shine Light on UFO Sighting
Defence Lifts Lid on Kiwi X-files
Dec. 21
Four Corners Is Region of Beauty, Mystery, UFOs
Disturbing Cow Mutilation Evokes Past Montana Mysteries
Bombshell: WikiLeaks to Release US at War with UFOs
Dec. 17
Israeli Air Force Shoots Down UFO over Nuclear Power Plant
Dec. 14
UFOs and 'Explosions' Recorded Near Japan's Sakurakima Volcano
Dec. 13
What Is That? 'Forest Ghoul' Caught on Camera
Dec. 1
Ball Lightning May Explain Some UFOs
Nov. 30
Half the British Public Believes Aliens Exist
Mystery Sonic Boom Rattles Georgia
Nov. 26
Pit Stop for UFO’s, and Humans Who Love Them
Jet, Space Junk, or UFO?
Nov. 24
Probe into Alien Life Forms Picks Up Steam
Nov. 18
The Alien Agenda and the NWO

Nov. 18
Hitler's Secret Flying Saucer: Did the Fuhrer plan to attack London and New York in UFOs?
Nov. 17
Chemist Steve Colbern: Alien Implants Based on Carbon Nano-Tube Technology
Nov. 14
SETI Astronomers Launch New Campaign to Eavesdrop on E.T.
Nov. 8
Blue-Colored UFO in VA Town
Government Officials Caught on Tape: "ETs Walk Among Us!"
Nov. 2
UFOs on the Ballot: Denver to Vote on ET Affairs Commission
Oct. 24
Low Triangle Fly-By Over Minnesota While Witness Watches 'Clump of 8' Lights
Oct. 19
If the 'UFO' over New York Was Balloons, How Do They Explain the Mirror Image over El Paso? **

Oct. 18
Boy Wakes Up Speaking English

Oct. 17
Entire Village Disappears Overnight?

Rumors of 'Alien UFO Invasion', UFO Decloakings, 'Alien Invasion' Movies Multiply
Oct. 15
BBC Alien Disclosure Ad
Oct. 14
New York UFO Sighting?
Oct. 10
UFO Tales Just Keep Going, and Going **
Oct. 7
UFO Incident at Edwards AFB 45 Years Ago Today
Scientist: UFOs to Bring 'Great Events' to Earth
Oct. 6
UFO Forces Closure of Chinese Airport – Again
UFO Sightings on the Rise in China, With More Predicted **
Oct. 3
Is the Establishment Preparing to Unveil Aliens? **
Sept. 30
Official Name Released for Dulce New Mexico's Underground Base
Sept. 28
'We Saw a Bright Glowing Object Like an Eye': U.S. Airman's Startling Testimony About UFO Encounter **
Triangular UFO's - Conclusive Evidence of Their Existence **
Sept. 26
Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes, Worry Ex-Air Force Officers
This is More Important to the UN Than Stopping Iranian Nukes
UFOs 'Attacked U.S. Nuclear Missile Sites': Retired Air Force Officers to Break Their Silence
Former Military Officials to Expose UFO Threat – video **
UFO Over Washington D.C. 1952 News – video **
Sealand Skull Photos Released
Sept. 24
Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes, Worry Ex-Air Force Officers
Sept. 22
Giant UFO and Aliens Filmed Hovering Over British Naval Ship
Interview with David Jacobs on "The Threat"
Sept. 20
Texas Father-Son Get Up Close Look at Triangle UFO **
Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight – Hollywood’s Coverage of ET Visitation
Sept. 17
The Man That Killed 2 Alien Greys – video **
UFOs - Watch the Skies - Alien Agenda – video **
Crop Circle 2010 Season
Sept. 16
Skunkworks CEO Admits That UFOs Are Real
Sept. 14
Stan addresses the following in The Cosmic Conspiracy - Final Edition:
UFO Shuts Down Baotou Airport in China
Another UFO Shuts Down Another Airport in China
UFO Sighting in the Pacific Makes News in Australia, Video
Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010
Sept. 3
Chupacabra Alert? 300 Goats Slaughtered in Mexico
August 29
Looking for Ghost Train, Man Killed by Real One
August 25
Famed Physicist Michio Kaku Says Close to a “Smoking Gun” on UFOs
August 24
Reports of UFOs over BC Skies Hover into the Sun
August 23
Black Helicopters Circle 'Welsh Roswell'
August 12
Brazil Air Force to Record UFO Sightings
August 11
UFO Spotted in Twin Cities – video
August 6
Churchill May Have Ordered UFO Cover-Up
August 5
Jesus Images 'Crops Up' Beside UK Motorway
July 25
Baby Inside Watermelon – video
July 16
UFOs over London on July 9 - Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 – videos
July 15
Texas Mystery: Was It a Hairless Coyote, or a Chupacabra?
July 11
Flights Diverted, Delayed as UFO Detected Hovering
June 22
Farmer's Fury as Crop Circle Appears Next to Heart-Shaped Wood
June 11
UFOs – The Alien Gospel – A Frontal Assault on What We Believe!
June 9
Strange Discovery on Titan Leads to Speculation of Alien Life
June 5
UFO Spotted in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria
May 18
Man Selling Spots In Hidden Bunker As Last Hope
May 17
Questions Remain about Mysterious Cincinnati Light – video
May 14
Rainbow Similar to One Seen Over China and Chile Before Quakes Photographed Over L.A.
May 6
Russian President Asked to Investigate Alien Claims
May 4
Unusual Feature Lies under Ames
May 2
UFOs: Seeing is Believing – video
May 2
Stephen Hawking's Universe: Aliens – video
April 30
The following 4 items are samples of the nonsense considered as 'ET enlightenment'. Don't be taken in.
Benjamin Creme Talks about the 'Star' – video
UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission: Conference Q&A with Benjamin Creme — Part 1
UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission: Conference Q&A with Benjamin Creme — Part 2
Messages from Our Galactic Family
April 28
Human-looking ETs Secretly in U.S.?
April 25
Don’t Talk to Aliens, Warns Stephen Hawking
April 23
Alien Disclosure: Don't be Fooled
April 22
What Does the Royal Society & the Vatican Have in Common?
Crop Circles Remain Unexplained
April 8
They Walk Among Us: 1 in 5 Believe in Aliens: Survey
April 6
Unexplained Sheep Attacks 'Caused by Aliens in UFOs Farmers Claim
March 28
The Phoenix Lights Documentary Part 1, 2, 3, 6 video
March 17
50 Years Ago Today Armada of Saucers Witnessed over Farmington, NM
March 15
"We are Not Alone," Says NASA Veteran
March 11
Chinese Grandmother, 101, Grows Mystery Horn on Forehead
March 9
Ohio Man Claims to Have Captured UFO Evidence
March 3
Residents Stunned as Hundreds of Fish Fall out of the Sky over Remote Australian Desert Town
March 2
Is 2010 the Year of Discovery for Extraterrestrial Life?
March 1
It's Raining Fish in the Northern Australia
February 18
Hundreds of UFO Reports Released from UK Files
February 5
Meet Me at the Coffee Shop – humor
January 29
UFO Caught Over Ireland -- or California
January 27
The Search for Aliens Should Start on Earth Not Outer Space, Says Scientist
January 1
Ancient Earth Carvings Found in Amazon Jungle