make sure you're feeding Your Pets Good Food

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

Dec 30
Chimp Learned to Build Fires After Watching TV
More Aflatoxin-Related Dog Food Recalls Revealed
Dec 28
Cranky Croc Grabs Lawnmower

Dec 21
US Gray Wolves Rebound But Face Uncertain Future
Dec 20
Cat Soothes Crying Baby to Sleep
** 4
Thousands of Birds Make Deadly Crash Landing in Utah
Dec 19
Robins in Battle to Survive as Population Crashes by 88% in 3 Decades

Dec 16
Consumer Alert: Humane Society of the U.S.
** 3
Bear Hitches a Ride on Vancouver Rubbish Truck
Dozens of Dead Birds Litter NM Highway
Dec 13
Seal Pup Wanders into Home and Puts His Flippers Up
Dec 12
Dog Waiting for Santa
** 3
Dec 9
Heroic Poodle Saves Family from House Fire

Dec 6
Keep Your Pets Warm and Safe This Winter
** 3
Dec 2
Heroic Dog Rescues Kittens Dumped in Traffic

Nov 23
Confused Salmon Try to Swim Across Flooded Road
** 2
Loyal Dog In China Refuses To Leave Owner's Grave, Goes Week Without Food
** 3
Nov 22
Chicken Jerky Treats Linked to Mystery Illnesses, Deaths in Dogs
49 Penguins Freed After Rescue from NZ Oil
Nov 18
Why All The Bees Dying? Pt 1, Pt 2
** 3
Nov 16
More Than 60 Whales Die in New Zealand Mass Stranding
Nov 15
New Webcam Allows World to Watch Live Polar Bear Migration
A Dog's Seeing Eye Dog
Nov 14
Drought, Weird Weather Might Take a Toll on Monarch Butterflies
20 Sperm Whales Stranded on Tasmanian Beach **
Nov 8
Massive Oyster Die-Off Placing Livelihoods on the Brink **
Oct 31
Two-Legged Chihuahua Looking for New Home
** 2
Oct 27
Taking Liberties: The Curious Case of the Dying Lobsters **
Oct 24
Drought Dampens Hopes of Wildlife Survival
Oct 18
Alaska Bear Cub in Grocery Store
** 3
Mountain Lion, House Cat Have Staring Contest on Porch
Oct 14
ASPCA Assists Rescue of 100+ Dogs from KY Puppy Mill **
Oct 12
Large Field of Dinosaur Tracks Uncovered in Southwest Arkansas
Oct 9
Rare Baby Seahorse Found in London River **
Plague of Giant Rats Leaves Cannock Homeowners Cowering in Fear
Oct 6
Did Someone Say They'd Lost a Penguin? 200,000 Young Birds Search for Their Hungry Chicks
Handicapped Puppy Melts Hearts, Chews Matt's Shoes on Today
Dogs Surfing with Beach Boys
** 4
Oct 4
Awesome K9
** 3
Oct 3
Hairy, Crazy Ants Invade from Texas to Miss. **
Millions of Hairy, Crazy Ants Invading the US **
Sept 27
Piranhas Attack 100 in Brazil **
Millions of Fish Found Dead in China’s Minjiang River
Thousands of White Bass Turn Up Dead in Arkansas River
Dozens of Dead Ducks Found in Colorado Park
Hundreds of Squid Wash Up on So. Calif. Beach
Sept 23
Medusa the World's Largest Snake – 25ft, 300lbs and It Takes 15 People to Hold Her
Approved for Use: First Birth Control for Wildlife
Canine Programs Expand to Save More Troops
Mass Amounts of Squid Wash Ashore in San Diego
** 3
Sept 20
Pets Go Hungry, Too – Shelter Donations of Food Down **
Sept 19
Pets Suffer During Extreme Weather
Sept 12
The 9/11 Rescue Dogs: Portraits of the Last Surviving Animals Who Scoured Ground Zero One Decade On
Drought Blamed for Rise in Donkey Abandonment
Sept 9
Rescue Dogs of 9/11: The Drama's Unsung Heroes **
Sept 6
Puppies and Kittens May Be Clubbed to Death Instead of Being 'Put to Sleep' under New EU Law **
Aug 17
Stinging Jellyfish Invade S. Florida Beaches
Lost Emperor Penguin Happy Feet Heads Back Home **
Aug 16
Fires, Drought Push Bears into Cities
Aug 7
Common Toads Can Detect Impending Earthquakes **
Grizzly Bear Mauls Hiker in Glacier National Park
Polar Bear Attack: Survivors on Way Home
Aug 4
Birds Are Disappering **
Purina Cat Food Recall
Pet Dog Died in Vain Bid to Save Owner from Blaze
July 28
Hay Shortage Could Spell Disaster for Cattle Herds – Worst Conditions in 40 Years **
Goldfish Untended after Deadly Earthquake Survive 4 1/2 Months Without Food or Care; Experts Baffled **
July 24
Texas Wildlife Newborns Abandoned Due to Heat, Drought **
Heat Causes Cattle Deaths **
Australian Farmer Shoots Starving Cattle **
Beaches in Spain Close from Jellyfish Invasion
July 22
Baby Monkey Plays with iPhone
** 4
Rare Sei Whale Spotted in Scottish Waters
Tenn. Black Bear Saved from Jar Stuck on its Head
July 19
Man’s Dog Rushes for Help After Accident
Daring Dog Bites Shark
** 3
July 18
Humpback Whale 'Thanks' Rescuers Who Saved It from Dying Tangled in Fishing Nets
July 14
Blind Yellow Lab Has Her Own Guide Dog
Lost Penguin Recovers from Surgery After Mistaking Sand for Snow
Dramatic Shark Attack Captured on Video
** 4
July 11
Millions of Jellyfish Invade Nuclear Reactors in Japan and Israel **
July 7
Yellowstone Bear Kills Hiker in Rare Attack
June 30
What It Takes for Robin Parents to Raise Their Brood Over a Month

June 29
4-Legged Flood Victims: Pets, Too, Are Displaced by Rising Waters
Real-Life Lassie Saves Pups From Extreme Heat
** 6
800+ Bags of Cat Food Recalled for Salmonella Risk
June 27
Flooded Zoo Sends Animals to Tanganyika **
June 22
Penguin Takes Wrong Turn - Land 2,000 Miles Away from Home
** 5
Did a Jerusalem Court Really Sentence a Dog to Death by Stoning? **
June 21
Are Jellyfish a Harbinger of Dying Seas? **
Hundreds of Fish Found Dead in St. Louis River
June 20
Extraordinary Dog - Dolphin Friendship
June 14
Two Cute Dogs Eating in a Restaurant
humor **
June 10
Geese Get Police Escort
** 3
June 8
Man, Woman Killed After Flying Black Bear Crashes Through Their Vehicle
Dead Whale Washes Ashore on Long Island
June 1
Primal Pet Foods Issues Nationwide Voluntary Recall on Salmonella Fears
300 Sheep Die Mysteriously in Himachal, India
May 31
A Link Between Bat Deaths and Pesticides? **
India Male Tiger Plays Doting Dad to Orphaned Cubs
May 29
Puppy with Broken Legs Crawls Home after Surviving Tornado ** NOTE: Mason's story was first posted 11 days ago, but not with this adorable photo. What a remarkable dog considering there would have been no familiar sign posts for him to follow as Joplin was largely obliterated.)
Joy in Joplin as Pets Are Reunited with Owners
Just a Dog
May 27
More Orphaned Bears Could Suggest Wild Food Shortage
May 25
Dog Gets First Chance to Walk on All Fours
Beagle Catches a Bal
** 4
Lucky Paws Shelter Saving One Animal at a Time
May 23
Fish Kill Sparks Warning Concerning Georgia's Ogeechee River **
Dog Befriends Deer
** 5
May 19
'Tornado Dog' Crawls on Broken Legs to Family **
May 18
Horse Owners Advised to Take Caution in Light of Equine Virus Outbreak **
May 17
Mortality of Seals in Caspian Sea Continues
May 8
More Frequent Whale Strandings Has Experts on Edge **
May 6
Pilot Whales Are Stranded in Shallow Florida Waters **
Unprecedented Numbers of Dead Sea Turtles Wash Ashore **
May 5
Pig Ears Sold in 14 States Recalled Due to Salmonella **
A Word from Seismo and Taco
Even Pets Suffer Recession as Health Declines
Bees Kill Family Dog in Calif.
Ultimate Dog Tease
– humor
Dog Back with Owners 9 Years on
May 3
First Blue Whale in 30 years Found Dead on NZ Beach **
Disease Kills Nearly 10,000 Bats in Pennsylvania Cave
May 1
Record Wildlife Die-Offs Reported in No. Rockies **
Despite Snow, Bears Waking Up, Looking for Food **
Hawk Snatches Family Dogs
** 2
Why Female Pooches Are 'More Intelligent' Than Males
April 29
The Joys of Owning a Dog

April 23
Did Cat Swim New York Harbor?
April 20
Second Massive Calif. Fish Die-Off Has Scientists Looking for Links **
Very Happy Feet: Meet Cookie the Penguin Who Loves Being Tickled
April 17
Massive Fish Kill in Lake Champlain, VT **
April 15
Pacific Salmon May be Dying from Leukemia-Type Virus
April 12
Adorable: Cat and Dolphins Play Together

Industry’s War on Nature: What Are the Bees Telling Us? **
Happy Reunion for Injured Pooch

April 10
Mystery of the 'Naked' Penguin Chicks Who Have Lost All Their Feathers **
Bambi Protects Mother Goose
Sea Turtle Extinction - Not Caused by Global Warming
April 5
Economic Importance of Bats Worth Billions **
April 4
Crop-Munching Stink Bugs Spreading across USA **
April 3
Dog Rescued after Surviving Tsunami and 3 Weeks at Sea **
GM Dairy Cows Bred to Produce 'Human' Breast Milk
April 1
Who Ate the Kitty Cat Treats – Guilty Dog

Autopsy: Knut Drowned after Brain Inflammation
Missing Cobra Found Alive in New York's Bronx Zoo
March 29
More Dead Sealife Continues to Plague U.S. Beaches **
March 27
Big Ag Wants to Make It a Crime to Expose Animal Abuse at Factory Farms **
Man Injured as Beetles Swarm Australia's Gold Coast
March 23
Dog Survives a Month in Burned-Out House **
Tsunami-Swept Baby Porpoise Rescued from Rice Field
March 20
Hundreds of Dead Snails Found In Canada
Knut Is Dead: Beloved Polar Bear Collapses and Dies in Front of 600 Visitors
March 19
110,000 Albatross Chicks Dead on Midway Atoll
Dead Fish Pop Up in Millers Pond, NY
March 17
Dog in Japan Stays by the Side of Its Ailing Friend in the Rubble
March 10
Croc and Awe: Australian Fisherman Battles 12' Maneater
March 9
Millions of Dead Fish Wash Up in Redondo Beach **
Pensacola Beach: 1,000's of Dead Animals, Discolored Sand as Far as the Eye Can See **
Millions of Dead Anchovies Wash Up
Dozens of Seals Wash Up on Jersey Shore
S. Australia Could Face Another Mouse Plague
March 4
Hard Winter for Gulf Manatees, Dolphins
Migrating Sea Turtles Have Magnetic Sense for Longitude
March 2
Many Bird Carcasses Found on, along Penn. Highway
Starving Bald Eagles So Weak They Fall from Sky
Euthanized Puppy, Rises from 'Dead,' Needs Loving Adoptive Family **
Dolphins Save Doberman Pinscher Stranded on Sandbar
February 27
Penguin Goes Shopping
** – Rescued from a fisherman's line, he refused to leave the people who healed him. Lala has his own air-conditioned room and walks daily to the fish store with his backpack for fresh fish.
February 25
Whale Found on Galveston Beach Euthanized
February 23
Baby Dolphin Deaths Spike Along Gulf Coast **
More Than 100 Whales Die in New Zealand Mass Stranding **
February 20
5 Million Aquatic Animals Die in Kenya River **
February 17
Thousands of Dead Fish, Waterfowl Stink up Canadian River
Klepto, the Cat Who Is Also a Thief

February 16
After Numbers Decimated, Monarch Butterflies Stage Stellar Comeback
February 13
Dead Birds Continue to Blanket America
February 10
Dog Recognizes 1,000 Words

February 8
100,000 Dead Fish Found on Fla.'s East Coast
February 6
35 Zoo Animals Freeze to Death in Northern Mexico
Mystery as Dead Birds Pile Up on NZ City Street **
Minnesota DNR Goal: Shoot 900 Deer in Wasting Disease Surveillance Zone
Flying Donkey Dies of a Heart Attack
February 1
100 Dogs in Canada Killed after Business Slows
January 28
Gorilla Walks Like Human, Upright on Two Hind Legs
January 27
Report: Ark. Birds Died of Blunt Force Trauma
Grief of the Penguins: Scores of Birds Bowed in Mourning After Deaths of Their Chicks
January 26
Mass Death of Birds and Fish: Is There a Cover Up?
Birds Vanishing in the Philippines
January 24
Top USDA Bee Researcher Also Found Bayer Pesticide Harmful to Honeybees
Call to Ban Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths Worldwide
Bird Death Is Spreading **
Scientists Seek Mate for Last Giant Tortoise

January 21
55 Buffalo Die Mysteriously on NY Farm
January 20
Bees Facing a Poisoned Spring **
Boat Harbour Canadians Baffled by Dead Seals, Fish **
January 19
What Is Killing Portugal's Octopuses?
Thousands of Dead Octopuses Wash Up on Portugal Beach
200+ Dead Birds Found in South Dakota City
More Dead Birds Found, This Time in Scottsboro, Ala.
January 16
200 Dead Cows Found in Wisconsin Field
Over 9,000 Buffalo and Cows Freeze to Death in Vietnam
Mass Fish Kill in Iranian Sector of Caspian Sea Blamed on Bio Weapons?
January 14
Tags Created to Help Penguins Could be Killing Them
January 13
Target Named Most Heroic Dog in 2010
In Haiti Earthquake Aftermath, Survivors Include Tiny 'Lost' Frogs
January 12
Mystery Deepens: Radar Captures Mysterious Turbulence over Beebe, Ark. as Doomed Birds Take Flight **
Dozens of Dead Birds Found in Missouri **
Christmas Dog Thief Still at Large

The Joy of Snow from a Dog's Perspective

January 11
Major, Bizarre Fish Die-Off along Chicago Lakefront **
100+ Dead Birds Found Off Calif. Highway
January 10
Native Bees Taking a Hit, Too **
South Korea Buries One Million Pigs Alive
January 9
Swarms of Dead Birds Found in Tennessee
January 6
2 Million Dead Fish Line Chesapeake Bay
Bird and Animal Deaths
Leaked: EPA Knowingly Approved Bee-Killing Pesticide
January 5
MUFON Links Recent Bird, Wildlife Deaths to Alien Tech
Faenza, Italy: The Rain of Death Turtle Turns Blue
First Blackbirds in Arkansas. Now Jackdaws Drop in Sweden. A Common Cause?
Locations That Have Dead Birds and Fish
Dead Birds and Fish: Bible Prophecy Web Searches Explode
January 4
Falling Birds Likely Died from Massive Trauma **
500 Dead Blackbirds, Starlings Found in Louisiana Parrish **
Kentucky Woman Reports Dozens of Dead Birds in Her Yard **
Bees in Freefall as Study Shows Sharp US Decline
Broken Dog Shows Power of 'Motherly Love'

January 3
Massive Fish Kill Blankets Arkansas River
January 2
Arkansas' Dead Bird Mystery **
Thousands of Birds Fall from the Sky in Beebe
Report: Foot-and-Mouth Spreading in SKorea