El Hierro Has Largest Earthquake Since Eruption of Volcanic Opening and Prepares Others

A 4.0 earthquake has been felt strongly in the town of Frontera, in the north of the island and raising fears of a new eruption

November 2, 2011
El Pias

The National Geographic Institute and supports the possibility of an eruption north of the island, opposite the town of Frontera. Defense has sent reinforcements to the Emergency Military Unit.

Image: Image of underwater volcanic cone on the island of El Hierro

El Hierro is back to shake at 8.54 am (7.54 on the island), has confirmed the National Geographic Institute. This is an earthquake of magnitude 4 , recorded at the northwest border and located in the sea to 20 miles deep, on the other side of the underwater volcanic eruption. This earthquake, which was felt by the population, is the largest recorded on the island after the start of the eruption in La Restinga.

The Steering Committee of Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk (Pevolca) met on Monday in El Hierro, confirmed a seismic shift in the north of the island that is being evaluated to determine whether or not there is a possibility of an eruption at that area. In this sense, the working group of the Scientific Committee has referred to a seismicity occurs at 20-26 km depth, associated with a possible feedback mechanism magmatic eruption process in progress. They build another scenario to 10-15 kilometers each other can be evaluated as a precursor to an eruption, reports EP.

However, caution that it is too early to forecast, since the acceleration of seismicity at that depth, shallower, it is not producing an increase in deformation. Such deformation would have to provide evidence in the coming days designed to ensure that there would be a new source of emission in the north, experts say.
El Hierro registra el mayor terremoto desde la erupción y prepara otra apertura volcánica

Image: Epicenter of earthquake

On the other hand, the Emergency Military Unit (UME) at the request of the leadership of Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk Islands (Pevolca), transferred to El Hierro logistical material that would enable a permanent shelter to give accommodation to the people who could be evacuated in anticipation of a volcanic eruption . Specifically, the provision of this hostel is shopping, dining and services for 2,000 people and will complement the Red Cross would install and can accommodate between 2,000 to 2,500 people.

The material, which completes the provision of the EMU on the island as part of preventive safety device is activated before the earthquake, volcanic phenomenon that develops from the summer-is stored at the quartering of Anatolian Fuertes (Valverde).

Transport to the island of El Hierro will run in two trips. In the first movement, which up tonight at the Port of The Stake, 17 trucks were used, as reported by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Security of the Canary Islands. The first evacuation took place in the fishing village of La Restinga in the south of El Hierro, where neighbors have returned once it has passed the danger of eruption.