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Today's Ugly Weather Forecast

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Dec 30
2011 Saw Record 99 Disasters for U.S., $35 Billion in Insured Losses
Hurricane-like Winds Wreak Havoc in Nebr.
100 mph Wind Plough Through Colorado
Fierce Winds Snarl Highways, Topple Semis
Alaska Volcano Erupts, Sends Ash Cloud 15,000 Feet into Sky
Ski Resorts Forced to Make Snow
Cyclone Thane Pummels India Killing 19
More Evacuations in Flood-hit Philippines
UK Beach Swamped in 3 Feet of Foam
Western India Shaken by 160 Earthquakes in Dec.
A Year of Extremes: Severe 2011 Weather Covers Gamut in Year of Feast or Famine
Typhoons May Trigger Major Earthquakes, New Study
Pennsylvania Sinkhole Threatens Graves at Historic Cemetery
New Year Despair for Japan’s Nuclear Refugees
Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup Could Take 30 Years
Dec 29
First Criminal Charges Prepared in BP Oil Spill
Extreme Cold -23ºC Weather Alert Issued for Ontario
Tornadoes in 2011 Set Deadly Records
April Tornado Cleanup in Arkansas Could Take 3 Years
Drought Defines 2011; Leads Top 10 Stories of Year
The Year Without a Winter in the Midwest, East?
Low Snow Could Foreshadow Spring Drought – the Biggest Impact on Food Prices

Violent Storms Leaves 200,000 Finnish Residents Without Power
Earthquake Damages Dozens of Buildings in Siberia
How 2011 Became a 'Mind-Boggling' Year of Extreme Weather
The High Costs of Disaster and Recovery in 2011
6 Years Later, Katrina Victims Fight FEMA Debts
"Unusual" Jetstream Patterns Blocking Snow
Dec 28
Scientists Worry Extreme Weather May Escalate in 2012
Strong Winds Divert Flights, Spark NYC Airport Delays
Hundreds of People Flee as Volcano’s Lava Flood Kills 4 in Indonesia
Storm Reaches Around HALF THE PLANET - North America to India
** 2
2011 Second Wettest Year in Chicago History
Floods Cut off Northern Australia
New Floods Displace Thousands in Philippines
Amazing Pictures Show Red Sea Volcanic Eruption Creates New Land
Debris from Japan Tsunami Arrives in Canada – Over 5,000 Kilometers Expected
20 Million Tons of Debris and Body Parts Are Estimated
** 1
Scientists Test Sick Alaska Seals for Radiation
Report Condemns Japan's Response to Nuclear Accident
Dec 27
December Tornado Destroys 32 Georgia Homes and Businesses
Parade of Storms to Barrage the Pacific Northwest
Wild Wind Heading to the Northeast
2011: The Year in Extreme Weather
Tornadoes to Earthquakes, 2011 Saw It All
Earthquake Shakes Egypt for First Time in Several Decades
Indonesia Volcano Eruption Panics Villagers
Mt. Bulusan Becoming Increasingly Restive
Cyclone Derails Train and Floods Homes in Australia
Train Flooded Off Track, 2 Swept from Car in North Australia 2
Philippine Floods Death Toll Nearly 1,500
Tornado Hits Melbourne 'Like a Bomb'Resident: "It just came out of nowhere. It was like a bomb hit, I haven't seen anything like it before."
Trying to Study Extreme Weather Events Hampered by Funding and Politics
Dec 23
7 Hurt as Strong Storms Roar Across Georgia
Calif. Winds Dying But Strong Gusts Possible
Denver Snow Headed for New Mexico, El Paso
Snowbound ASU Student Survives 10 Days on Candy, Melted Snow
NM Woman Gives Birth in Truck During Snowstorm
Texas Family Rescued from Car Buried Deep in Ice, Snow for 2 Days
Topsy-Turvy White Christmas This Year
List of Cities Breaking Yearly Rain Records Grows
Half a Billion Trees Killed in Texas Drought
Storm Leaves Huge Humanitarian Needs in Philippines, U.N.
Slow Death of Christchurch: City Rocked by Yet ANOTHER Violent Earthquake Sparks Fears of Mass Exodus
Expect More Shakes New Zealand Expert Warns
Possible Unknown Earthquake Zone
Though Large Earthquakes Are Said to NOT be Increasing, Everyone Is Now Predicting Them
Geologists Wonder If the Northwest Is Up Next for a Giant Earthquake
100 Miles of Oil: Spill Likely Nigeria's Worst in Decade
2012 - End of the World or Time for Change?
Dec 21
Expert Panel Says Extreme Weather That Caused Missouri River Flooding Could Become More Common
New Suspect in 'Great Dying': Massive Prehistoric Coal Explosion
Dec 20
5 Die in Plane Crash as Storm Slams 5 States
Travel 'Dangerous' or 'Impossible' in Parts of West, Midwest
Rockies, Plains Digging Out from Deadly Blizzard
Winter Outlook: Cold Ahead!
Nearly 1,000 Dead after Philippines Typhoon
Wild Weather of 2011: Blame La Niña
Turkish Quake Death Toll Rises to 19
3.6 Quake Strikes Near Ontario, Calif.
Despite Unusual Run of Giant Earthquakes, the Northwest's Risk Likely Unchanged
Giant Tsunami-Shape Clouds Roll Across Alabama Sky
Dec 19
Powerful Blizzard Sweeps out of the Southwest
Storm Slamming Southwest, Plains Deemed 'Life-Threatening'
West Texas Has Rare 3rd Earthquake Since Late November
Tropical Storm Washi Pummels Philippines, Leaves Hundreds Dead
** 2
Death Toll From Philippine Storm Rises Past 700
Vicious Storm Sinks Russian Drilling Rig, 67 On-Board, 11 Dead
Mt. Shasta, Lassen Peak Ready to Erupt? Counties' Plans Provide No Specifics on Evacuations
Mexican Scientists Finger Volcanoes as a Cause of Mayas' Collapse
Dec 16
Freak Weather Causes Apples to Fall from the Sky
Texas Drought Takes Cow Numbers Down by 600K
Extreme Drought in Texas May be Moving North
Weather Misery to Continue in Ireland
Weather Chaos Fury as Floods and Snow Hit Northern Ireland
Scientist Predicts Explosive Eruptions for Kilauea
Manitoba Flood Will Raise Deficit
Flood-ravaged NZ Communities Face Big Cleanup
Britain Wakes to Snow, Heavy Rain as Bookies Slash Odds of a White Christmas
Why Missouri Still Hasn't Gotten Over The 1811 New Madrid Temblor
Heavy Rainfall Can Cause Huge Earthquakes
Swiss Re: 2011 Industry Losses from Disasters at $108B
What Did Jesus Say About ‘Natural’ Disasters?
British Police Raid Climategate Blogger's Home
Dec 14
7.3 Earthquake Strikes Papua New Guinea
I Was Asleep... the Next Thing I Knew There Was a tree in Bed with Me
Fountains' of Methane 1,000M Across Erupt from Arctic ice - a Greenhouse Gas 30 Times More Potent Than Carbon Dioxide
Lava Streams Cascade Over the Sea Cliff and into the Ocean
Weather: Road and Rail Chaos Returns as Gales and Blizzards Batter Scotland Again
Scotland May be Hit by Freak 'Thundersnow' as Bad Weather Continues
Dec 13
Dangerous Weather Alert UK as Winds Hit 230 mph
** 1
Dec 12
Who Is Likely to Have a White Christmas?
Heavy Rain, Feet of Snow Target Southwest
3 Dead After Strong Quake Shakes Mexico
Earthquakes in New England
Dozens in N.J. Report Feeling Earthquake, But USGS Detects None
Rest Your Fears: Big Earthquakes Not on the Rise — HOLLY ARTICLE: Baloney, Stats Speak for Themselves
New Madrid Quakes' Bicentennial Puts Focus on Future Calamity
At the Mercy of Our Faults
Where the Next Big American Earthquake and Tsunami Might Occur
Lake Mead Quake Swarm Blamed on Heavy Snow Runoff
Can Severe Weather Trigger Earthquakes?
Could Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Explode?
** 2
U.N. Floats Global 'Climate Court' to Enforce Emissions Rules
Bible Accounts Supported by Dead Sea Disaster Record?
Dec 9
Massive 18-acre Landslide Closes Camp Area in Oregon State Forest
60,000 Without Power After 165mph Winds Batter Scotland
Scotland Shut Down

'Winds from Hell' Cause Turbines to Burst into Flames
Fierce 'Weather Bomb' Batters Britain
643,000 Households Outraged – Residents Angry at Windstorm's Mass Outages
Floods, Flight Delays Possible After Storm Soaks Northeast
Billion-dollar Weather Disasters Smash US Record
World Climate Talks on Brink of Disaster
Japan's Earthquake Funds Being Used for Whaling Program
Strong Earthquake Hits Northern Chile, No Damage
Major Earthquakes Might be Triggered by Hurricanes
4.4 Quake Strikes Near HAARP
Thousands Flee Volcano's Choking Smoke
Kilauea Volcano Spews Lava
** 2
Great Dying Happened in Hell of a Short Time
Dec 7
Coastal "Bomb" May Develop Tonight off Virginia Capes, to Rival Hurricane Irene
Floods, Landslides, Fire, Drought: Extreme Weather the Norm in 2011
Extreme Weather Grounds Passengers in Perth
Yukon Wild Storm Breaks Weather Records
Tenn. Home Destroyed in "Pay for Spray" Incident
** 1
Blizzard Warning as Gales Sweep UK
More Disaster Zones Declared in New South Wales after Heavy Rain, Flooding
Sydney's Sees Coldest Start to Summer in 50 Years
Calif Extended Power Outage Spawns Threats, General Frustration
'Glaciergate' UN Scientist Repeats Warnings of Himalayan Melting
NRDC Says Nearly 35 Extreme Weather Records Were Broken in Maine Alone in 2011
Natural Disaster in China Would Severely Disrupt Global Supply Chains
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Poses Explosive Peril
Indonesia Volcano Spewing Ash 2,000 Metres into the Air
Mt. Gamalama Eruption Refugees Experiencing Clean Water Shortages
No End to Eruptions at Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano
Dec 6
Thousands Still Without Power After California Wind Storm
Global Winds Could Explain Record Rains, Tornadoes
Kentucky City Latest City to Smash Yearly Rain Record
Iceland Volcano Katla Sparks Global Disaster Fears
'Merging Tsunami' Amped Up Japan Destruction
BP: Halliburton 'Destroyed' Evidence after Gulf Spill
Larry Taylor Blog News
Dec 5
2011-2012 Winter Forecast Update
Wind-Weary Californians Brace for More
New Mexico Hit with Winter Blast, Closing Schools, Roads
Bees, Plants Waking Up Earlier Each Spring
Gale-Force Windstorm Wreaks Havoc in Alberta
UK Braces for Gale Force Winds, Heavy Rain
Strong Damaging Winds Rip Through Indonesia Leaving 1 Dead, 14 Injured
What's with the Topsy-Turvy Weather?
Exploding Mountain Causes Quake Concerns
Earthquakes Keep New Zealand Shaking
Earthquakes and 'Wise Toads' Predicting Them
Jesse Ventura on Apocalypse 2012 Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6 – VOW 3
Dec 2
Freakish Weather System Produces Destructive Winds, 380,000+ Homes Lose Power
140-mph Gusts Cause Damage, Outages, Delays in California
Violent Wind Storm Leaves Path of Destruction
Craziest Videos from the Western Windstorm
** 3
Hurricane-force Winds Buffet Utah, Toppling Trucks, Trees, Power Lines
Strong Winds Whip Through New Mexico Leaving Power Outages
Gale-force Winds Create Havoc in Scotland, Prompting Scores of Calls to Emergency Services
Iceland Katla Volcano Eruption: Most Devastating Volcanoes to Hit the Planet
Bigger Icelandic Volcano Eruption Could be Imminent, Warns Scientists
Ecuador Volcano Prompts Evacuations
Massive Sea-floor Shove Triggered Japan's Tsunami
Dec 1
97 mph! Santa Ana Winds Knock Out Power, Down Trees in LA **
Residents in Alaska City Could See $9-a-Gallon Gas
Escaping Methane Speeding Up Warming
** 2
Nov 30
"Once a Decade" Santa Ana Wind Event for California
Massive Sinkhole Appears Overnight in Okla.
Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador Begins to Erupt, People Evacuate
Texas Drought Killing Christmas Trees
Is the End of the World Really Nigh?
Nov 29
Rare November Snow Falling in the South
The Climate News Is Bad, But Prospects for Climate Talks May Be Worse
Earthquake Update: 5.8 Bali Sea!
** 5
San Francisco Races to Build Bridge Before California Earthquake
Sea Level View of El Hierro Volcano
Pan-American Volcanic Awakening: Ecuador’s Tungurahua Volcano Goes into Convulsions
A Closer Look at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
** 4
Thai Flood May Hit Asia Harder Than Japan Disaster: Official
Nov 28
Oklahoma Continues String of Recent Earthquakes
5.2 Puerto Rico Quake Felt in San Juan
Planetary Climate Chaos: Strong Wind Storms Wreak Havoc Across the Globe
Climate Study Finds Mysterious Rise in Erratic Weather **
NSW Floods Strand 1800 People, as Deluge Hits Victoria
Ecuador Volcano Spews Red-hot Rocks, Billows Ash
Auckland: A City Waiting to Erupt
Nov 25
Texas, Oklahoma Drought Kills Thousands of Christmas Trees
Potential Impact of 'the Big One' in Washington: Sudden Isolation
2 Strong Earthquakes Shake Japan, No Damage Reported
Ozone from Rock Fracture Could Serve as Earthquake Early Warning **
Is the Anak Krakatau Volcano About to Blow?
Bright Meteor and 2 Large Eruptions from Sakurajima Volcano
** 2
How to Watch World Volcanoes on the Web
Bushfires Tear Through Western Australia Destroying at Least 39 Homes
Northern Europe Wonders 'Where's Winter?'
Nov 23
Early Storm Covers Oregon Homes in Sand
Wildfire Destroys at Least 20 Homes in Western Australia
Mudslides in Southern Italy Kill 3
Thais Adjust to Life in Waist-Deep Water
Uh Oh, Global Warming Loons: Here Comes Climategate II!
Nov 22
Flooded Roadways, Grounded Flights **
Epic Texas Drought Could Be Worse **
6.2 Earthquake Hits Bolivia – Felt 350 Km Away
Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Unleashes 2 km ash Cloud Under Loud Explosions **
Kenneth Becomes Major Hurricane **
How Did 75 Whales End Up in the Desert?
Nov 21
As Drought Continues, Depleted Texas Lakes Expose Ghost Towns, Graves **
Towering Popocatepetl Volcano Sends Ash, Steam, Gas into Air Outside Mexico City **
Rare Mid-November Tropical Storm South of Mexico **
San Pedro Landslide Gets Worse
** 2
Double Whammy: Dinosaurs Wiped Out by Colossal Volcanic Eruptions AND Meteorite **
Scientists to Place New Earthquake Monitors in Georgia
Nov 19
Out-of-season Wildfire Tears Through Reno; Destroys 32 Homes, 10,000 People Evaculated **
Nov 18
Wildfire Tears Through Reno; 10,000 Evacuated, 25 Homes Destroyed
Unimaginable Cold Remains Locked In Across Alaska **
Drought Forces Rail Line Closure After Causing Track Movement
Silent Flood Misery for 1.8M in Cambodia, Vietnam
Science Panel: Get Ready for Extreme Weather **
Warming World: Wilder Weather **
Strong Earthquakes Strike off Northeastern New Zealand **
Nov 17
Crews Seek Survivors as Southeast Storm Toll Rises – "Everything's Gone ... Even the Cows in the Pasture" **
23 Tornadoes Slam South
Southeast Pummeled by Deadly Tornadoes
** 1
10 Linked BP Oil Spill Whistle-blowers & Experts Continue to Mysteriously Die **
Restless Underwater Volcano Disrupts Life on Canary Island **
Mother Nature Devastating California Town
** 4
Another Fracking Headache: Earthquakes **
Nov 16
Quake in Haiti, Swarms in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico- Tension Mounts on Caribbean Plate **
Tornadoes Strike the South; More Could Touch Down **
San Pedro Landslide Called 'Life-Threatening Hazard' **
Landslide Worsens; Area Fenced Off
** 2
Bangkok Warned Floods May Last Until New Year **
2011 Record Year for Extreme Weather Events **
Nov 15
Severe Thunderstorms Cause Damage: Missouri to New York **
Texas, Louisiana Under Fire of Severe Storms, Tornadoes
Texas Drought Effects Could Last Decades **
High Winds Hit Colorado Front Range, Plains
** 3
U.S. Dealt Another La Niña Winter But ‘Wild Card’ Could Trump It **
Farmer's Almanac Winter Forecast
3 Earthquakes in 6 Days Hit Georgia **
3.4 Quake Shakes California's Central Valley **
Earthquake Hits Eastern Turkey Again **
Workers Fired for Faking Earthquake Safety Tests on California's Bay Bridge **
Nov 14
125 mph Wind Storm Batters Southern Colorado **
Wicked Winds Wreak Havoc Across Colorado
** 2
Arkansas Residents Are Snapping Up Earthquake Insurance after Oklahoma Temblor
Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack **
UN Scientists Forecast More Severe Droughts, Cyclones and Floods **
Huge Eruptions at African Volcano
** 3
Tourist Trip From Hell: Witness Lava Fountains Up Close
Volcano Near El Hierro, Canary Islands Releases Toxic Gases **
Scientists Find 2 'Sunken Islands' off Perth **
Nov 12
Western Storm to Bring Blizzard to Colorado Rockies **
Oklageddon: What a Year in the Sooner State! **
3.3 Earthquake Strikes South Texas
Turkey Earthquake Death Toll Rises; 2 Journalists Among Those Killed **
Turkey Quake Tremor & Blackout Caught on Camera

Turkey Hit by 2 Major Earthquake in Less Than 3 Weeks
** 1
Oklahoma Earthquake Would Have Slammed Proposed Oil Pipeline
Major Earth Changes Coming? Earthquakes Are Becoming Much More Frequent and Much More Powerful **
Devastating Megaquake May Destroy Midwest Soon **
Undersea Volcano Forming New Canary Island
Gnarly, Dude! Surfer Catches 90 Ft Wave
** 3
Nov 8
More Quakes Rattle Oklahoma Monday **
Flurry of Earthquake 'Anomolies' Caused by Fracking?
Experts: Okla. Quakes Too Powerful to be Man-Made **
Earthquakes Rattle Homeowners' Concerns **
Want Oklahoma Earthquake Insurance? Get Ready to Wait
Kansans Unprepared for an Earthquake – "It's a Wakeup Call for Everybody"
'Life-threatening' Storm Bears Down on Alaskan Coast **
Now Massive Tornado, Flooding Hit Oklahoma **
Near Record-setting Year for Twisters **
Extreme Tornado Intercept in Tipton, OK
** 1
Amazing Footage of "Photogenic" Twister Forming
** 2
A Seasoned Combatant of Tornadoes Now Finds the Earth Is Moving, Too **
6.9 Earthquake Hits Taiwan and Japan **
5.9 Quake Jolts Nicaragua
2012: Why the Year Could Be One of the Worst in the History **
Nyamulagira Volcano Erupts **
"Monstrous" Eruption in the Congo
Mudslide Buries Homes in Colombia, at Least 37 Die **
Nov 7
5.7 Alaska Quake Shocks New Madrid Quake Zone!
** 1 **
More Aftershocks Sunday, After Oklahoma's Largest Earthquake Saturday
** 2
Record Earthquake Caps a Record Setting Year for Oklahoma!
Scientists Puzzled by Recent Seismic Activity After Biggest Earthquake in Oklahoma History **
Pictured: OK. Quake

Canaries Volcano Once Again Threatens Residents **
Ready to Blow? Homes Evacuated on Canary Island as Underwater Volcano Spews Molten Rock 60ft into the Air **
El Hierro Volcano (Canary Islands): Red Alert – Activity Subsided Strongly **
Tens of thousands Connecticut Homes, Businesses Enter 2nd Week Without Power – Should Have Had One of These
** 2
Thailand Flood Death Toll Passes 500
What Lies Ahead for Sinking Bangkok **
Nov 4
Largest-Ever Quake for Oklahoma Strikes **
Mag. 3.2
Mag. 3.0
Mag. 3.4
Mag. 3.9
Mag. 4.0
Mag. 3.4
Mag. 2.7
Mag. 3.2
Mag. 3.8
Mag. 3.0
Mag. 3.6
Mag. 5.6
Mag. 3.6
Mag. 3.4
Mag. 3.3
Mag. 3.3
Mag. 2.7
Mag. 2.7
Mag. 3.4
Mag. 4.7
Felt in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee **

Damage to Homes, Roads **
Buckles Highway; 1 Injured – Official: "All the Houses Look Like They've Been Ransacked" **
...At Least 40 Aftershocks **
Freak Snowstorm Blamed for at Least 22 Deaths – Millions Still Without Power  **
Earthquakes In China Force Evacuation of 3,800 **
Earthquakes Killed 780,000 in Past Decade **
Earthquakes Have a Bigger Health Toll Than Other Disasters **
Nov 3
One Million Still Without Power after US Northeast Storm **
Zombie Volcano or New Supervolcano? **
New Info About New Zealand Quake Has Grim Details **
Texas Drought Endangers Power Projects
It's Out There: Tsunami Debris **
18-Mile-Long Crack Discovered in Antarctic Ice Shelf
** 1
How Fracking Caused Earthquakes in the UK
Nov 2
Magma Plume All Around El Hierro (The Iron) **
El Hierro Has Largest Earthquake Since Eruption of Volcanic Opening, Preparedness Underway **
Another 34 Earthquakes Including a 3.9 Mag. Shakes El Hierro, Warning Against Eating Fish from the Area **
Images of Before and After Birth of El Hierro's Submarine Volcano **
Plume event in MO, AR, LA, MS — Along New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ)
** 1
Strong Earthquake Rocks Mexican Pacific
China 6.0 Quake Causes Hundreds of Homes to Collapse **
Blizzard Conditions Threaten Colorado, Kansas **
How to Survive Power Outages: Advice from the Front Lines
Nov 1
Shivering Northeasterners: 'Really, Really Cold' **
State-by-State Look at Effects of Deadly Snowstorm
Thailand Flood Misery Continues as Scientists Say Climate Change Is Causing More Weather Extremes
Climate Experts: Expect More Weather Disasters **
Geologists Closely Monitoring Surge in Central Arkansas Quakes **
6.5 Earthquake Hits Off Northeastern Taiwan
6.9 Quake Hits Peru **
Dozens of Houses Collapse in China Quake **
Hokkido University Expert Says 9.0 Quake Highly Probable **
Sierraville, CA Quake Swarm Is Magma Dike Intrusion **
Helicopter Searches for Colorado's Hidden Quake Faults **
Iceland Volcano on Brink of Major Eruption
** 1
Red Alert for 2 Volcanoes in Chile **
Plate Tectonics May Control Reversals in the Earth's Magnetic Field **
Oct 31
Power Still Out for Millions after 'Historic Storm' **
12 Dead, Millions Lose Power in Rare October Storm **
Northeast Recovering from Freak Snowstorm
** 1
Massive Tree Splits Home from Snowstorm
Power Outages Could Last for Days
... Many Are Thankful They Have This **
List of Snow Records, Snow Totals from Northeast Storm
2 Snowstorms for Denver This Week! **
The Iron (El Hierro) Records of 3.9 Earthquake after Nearly 10,800 Temblors Strike **
Man, 80, Sucked into 9ft Sinkhole in His Front Lawn **
Tempers Flare on Front Lines of Thailand's Floods
Oct 28
Travel-Snarling, Power-Cutting Snowstorm Headed for Northeast **
...Massive Power Outages Expected **
Flooding Another Threat from Northeast Snowstorm **
Record-Breaking Snow Hits Panhandle **
12" of Snow in Denver, Just After 80-Degree Day
** 1
T.S. Rina Batters Empty Cancun Resorts
Fears Swell Along River Through Thailand's Capital **
Turkey Quake – 575 Dead, 2608 Injured, at Least 8026 Households Long-Term Homeless **
Incessant Tremors Rattle Nerves In Indian State of Gujarat
Volcano Explosion: Steam Cloud Spews into the Air in Chile
** 4
Iceland’s Katla Volcano Rattled By Double Swarm of Tremors
Rare Lava Collected From Under Sea Volcano **
Eruptions Could Create New Island in the Canaries **
Mapping Its Formation...
Oct 27
Shallow 4.7 Earthquake Rattles NE California
Turkey Earthquake 2011: Death Toll Rises to 534 **
...Survivors Desperate for Tents as Cold, Snow Descend
Best-Selling Author Steve Alten Explores Cause of Recent Earthquakes
Chile Orders Evacuation Near Rumbling Volcano
Chile on Red Alert... **
World Volcanic Activity Report – Popocatepetl, El Hierro, Mount Etna, Shiveluch, Sakura-Jima **
Power Being Restored to Coloradans Left In Dark During Winter Storm
Oct 26
Snow Snaps Tree Limbs, Brings Down Power Lines in Denver
Hurricane Rina: Cancun in Danger, Florida on Alert
Indonesia’s Mt. Lokon Unleashes Double Eruptions **
Is She About to Blow? Scientists Investigate Riddle of Rapidly Inflating Volcano **
Cruise Ships Divert and Tourists Desert Beaches as Rina Aims for Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula **
Italy Flash Flood Devastates Seaside Villages
Thousands Leave Flood-Surrounded Thai Capital **
Global Warming Debate Finally Over? 5 Questions for Richard Muller
Bangkok Could be Flooded for 'Weeks' **
Oct 25
Cat 2 Rina Poised to Hit Cancun, Yucatan **
Turkey Quake Toll Passes 430 At Least 1,352 Others Injured **
New Insights into the Turkey Earthquake
Earthquakes: Big Heat in Super-Small Areas
Turkey Earthquake: Survivor Stories
** 1
Japanese University Detects Atmospheric Precursor to 2011 Megaquake **
Catastrophic Flooding: 1/3 of Thailand Now Under Water **
Floodwaters Seep into Bangkok's Second Airport
2 Killed by Floods in Ireland
New Weather Warning for UK Follows Northern Ireland Floods
UK Flood Warnings: Alerts Issued for Rivers and Coastal Areas **
Have Floods Changed with Increasing CO2 Levels?
Oct 24
7.2 Turkey Quake Death Toll Rises Nears 300, Could Rise Above 500, Dozens Still Trapped **
World Reacts to Turkey Earthquake
Turkish Seismologists Now Fear Earthquakes Could Awaken Dormant Volcano **
Swarm of Tremors Reported on North Side of El Hierro **
Tremors Increase at Anak Krakatau to 5,000/Day **
World Quakes Growing!
** 1
Major Faults Zones Moving
** 2
Eruption of Mt. Etna Closes Airport in Catania
Thailand’s Worst Flooding in 50 Years May Reach Inner Bangkok **
Flood Death Toll in Thailand at 356 **
Thai Floods May Last 6 More Weeks
Myanmar Flash Floods Kill More Than 100 **
More Dust Storms Expected as Texas Drought Lingers **
Tropical Storm Rina Expected to Strengthen in Western Caribbean **
Oct 21
7.6 Quake Strikes Kermadec Islands - No Tsunami **
2nd Earthquake + Aftershock - Rattle Bay Area **
Just Hours Before the Real Thing in East Bay, Millions Participate in Statewide Quake Drill **
Nervous About Earthquakes? Marin & Contra Costa Are Your Best Bets
Series of Earthquakes Reported Across the Globe
Thailand PM Invokes Emergency Powers Act as Flooding Disaster Grows **
Flooded Thailand Races to Rescue Pets - and Loose Crocs **
The Bizarre World of Radical Climate Science **
Oct 20
Earthquake Swarm at Mauna Kea in Hawaii **
Aftershock Predictions Hidden from Public **
More Quakes Hit Oklahoma
Texas Hit by Strongest Earthquake in 45 Years **
Earthquake Swarm Recorded Near Genoa in Italy **
Experts Concerned with Abnormal Seismic Activity in the Azores **
Thai PM Admits Government Overwhelmed by Floods
East Africa Drought 'Remains Huge Crisis' **
Massive Waves from Lake Michigan Flood Parts of Chicago
** 1
America Struggles with Disaster Fatigue in a Hellacious Year **
World Volcanic Activity Report – Katla, El Hierro, Tambora, Shiveluch **
Rapidly Inflating Volcano Creates Growing Mystery **
Gateway to Hell: World's Most Impressive Volcanoes Revealed **
Fiery Volcano Offers Geologic Glimpse into Land That Time Forgot **
Oct 19
Homes Flattened as Tornado Hits Florida **
20-25 Foot Waves Forecast for ... Chicago **
Earthquakes Rumble Beneath Iceland’s Katla Volcano
10 Million Californians Will Take Part in Largest-Ever Earthquake Drill
Lake Mead Earthquakes: What Is Known and Unknown **
Oct 18
Texas Dust Storm, Biggest in U.S. in Decades, Turns Sky Red and Black **
Massive Dust Cloud Swallows Texas Town
** 1
Sierra Nevada Faults Pose Major Quake Risk, Study Finds **
Swarm of 700+ Quakes Hit 30 Miles West of Reno **
Quake Swarm Centers on 'One of World's Most Dangerous Volcanoes' **
Strong Earthquake Strikes off Papua New Guinea
Volcanic Eruptions at El Hierro Continue as Sea Stain Grows **
671,000 Register for California's Great Shake-Out Earthquake Drill **
Get Ready for Great Canadian ShakeOut
Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters: 12 and Counting **
Texas Gulf Coast Sees Largest Algae Bloom in Years **
Australia Bush Fires Show Little Sign of Abating **
Warning Issued Around Sakurajima Volcano of Possible Large-Scale Eruption with Pyroclastic Flow & Severe Ash Fall
** 2
More Bad News About Texas Drought: End Not in Sight **
Oct 17
New Subsea Volcanic Eruption Occurs Near El Hierro (Canary Islands) **
Spewing Volcano Forces Spain to Close Island Port
El Hierro's Subsea Volcano Moves Closer to Land **
Underwater Volcano is still Spewing Magma
Scientists Believe El Hierro Volcano Has More Magma Than Teneguía
New Volcanic Island Could Emerge by El Hierro within 2 Weeks
Spectacular Footage of 1971 Teneguia Eruption at Southern End of Ridge Where Cumbre Vieja Is Located
** 1
Creation of a New Island
** 2
Scientists Explore Quake Zone SW of New Madrid
4.0 Earthquake Strikes Near Mammoth Lakes, Calif. **
Growing Tension Along Cascadia Subduction Zone: Washington Rattled by Series of Tremors **
Restless Katla Volcano Heightens Fears of Possible Eruption **
Heavy Rains Kill at Least 66 in Central America **
Super-Volcano Trigger Found **
Buenos Aires Airport Halts Flights Due to Volcanic Ash
10-Km-High Ash Column Rises from Russia’s Shiveluch Volcano **
Oct 14
Why Lake Mead Quakes Should Give You Nightmares **
Underwater Volcanic Eruptions Continuing off Coast of El Hierro **
Earthquake Suspends Transneft Oil Supplies to China **
Engineers Remove 2 Tons of Stonework from Quake-Damaged Washington National Cathedral
3 Tornadoes Confirmed in Virginia **
Jova Kills 6 in Mexico, While 2nd Storm Kills 13 **
Low-lying Thai Capital Braces for Weekend Flooding **
Flooding Submerges Most of Thailand

Oct 13
5.3 Quake Strikes Off Oregon Coast **
Indonesia's Bali Shaken by Quake; Dozens Injured **
Earthquakes Rattle Arkansas Fault Line Once More **
Ark. Quake Swarm

USGS Reports Record Number of Strong Earthquakes in 2011 **
Another Icelandic Eruption Could be "Imminent' and 'Catastrophic' **
2 Explosive Eruptions, 2nd Plume Visible at Japan's Sakurajima Volcano
** 1
Scientists Reveal Why Pressure Builds Inside 'Super Volcanoes' - These 100,000-Year Eruptions Every Can Bring Ice Ages **
Size of the Huckleberry Ridge Eruption
Storms, Mudslides Kill 15 in Guatemala, Mexico **
Oct 12
El Hierro Volcano on Red Alert: 2 New Eruption Vents Discovered **
Magma Plume: 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Easter Island **
USGS Says No Warning Will be Given for Canary Islands as People Would Panic
1 ** HOLLY NOTE: As I stated in our Coast To Coast AM interview, heads up will most likely come via ham operators
Canary Islands La Palma, Atlantic Tsunami Simulation US UK
2 **
Earthquake Activity in the Puerto Rico Trench 06-12 October 2011
Bigger Impact from Thai Floods Than Japan Earthquake, Say Analysts
Volcanic Activity Continues at Chile's Puyehue Corón-Caulle
Scientists Find Possible Trigger for Volcanic 'Super-Eruptions'
Larry Taylor Blog News
New Theory: Why Midcontinent Faults Produce Earthquakes
Massive Landslide Buries Utah Road Under 100 Feet of Debris **
Oct 11
Volcanic Red Alert Issued as Residents Are Evacuated from El Hierro Town **
Another Huge Uptick in El Hierro Activity
Volcano Erupts Close to Spanish Canary Island **
El Hierro Officials Concerned Over Island Bulge
The Volcano Went into the Sea – the Next 24 Hours Critical
Spanish Town Evacuated Because of Volcano Threat **
Earthquake Swarm at Hoover Dam Being Covered Up? **
2010 Mexicali Quake Still Shakes California **
Christchurch 5.5 Aftershock Classified as New Event **
Alarming Puerto Rico Quake Swarms Continue
Canada Winter Forecast: Could be Coldest in 20 Years for Western Provinces **
AccuWeather: Winter 2011-2012 Forecast: Another Brutal One **
Hurricane Jova to Slam Mexico's Pacific Coast **
Extreme Weather Damages Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship **
Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons
Huge Impact Crater Found in Remote Congo **
Oct 10
5.5 Earthquake Rattles Christchurch
Major Hurricane Jova Strengthening as Mexico Braces for Landfall **
El Hierro: Huge Uptick in Seismic Activity **
Subsea Volcanic Eruption Underway Near El Hierro (The Canary Islands) **
Earthquake/Volcanic Activity Map
Oct 9
Volcanic Alert in Effect on El Hierro as 4.3 Earthquake Hits **
Who's Covering Up El Hierro's Quakes? – updated **
6 Volcanoes on High Alert, But No Evacuations for Now **
Lava Builds in Alaska Volcano, May Threaten Planes **
Animation of Rising Lava
Worst of Winter 2011-2012 Aimed for Chicago **
Brrr-ace Yourselves! Britain to Shiver in -20C in WEEKS as Councils Stockpile Extra Grit
A Record Breaking Year for Disaster **
Oct 7
Massive Japanese Earthquake Altered Earth's Gravity **
6.5 Quake Strikes Close to New Zealand’s North Island
New and Ongoing World Volcanic Activity – El Hierro, Anak Krakatau, Shiveluch, Mount Etna **
Reykjanes Ridge Quakes Coincide with Rise in Seismic Activity at Katla Volcano **
Scientific Paper Reveals Massive Historic Tenerife Volcano Flank Collapse – HOLLY NOTE: This article – a flank collapse on addresses the same worry at Cumbre Vieja – also in the Canary Islands **
2 Pacific Trop. Storms Spin; Hurricane in Atlantic **
Sinkhole Closes Street in San Diego **
Oct 6
Winter 2011-2012 Forecast: Another Brutal One **
Hurricane Gusts Lash Atlantic Canada
Many Minot Flood Victims Still Wait for Temp Homes **
6.2 Earthquake Hits Argentina
Krakatau, Indonesia – Volcanic Earthquakes Are Creating Unrest in Coastal Villages
Staggering Arctic Map Shows How Impassable Northwest Passage Is Opening Up as Polar Ice Caps Melt **
Tropical Trouble Lurking in the South? **
Earthquakes in Australia – They're Common **
Oct 5
Ariz. Dust Storms 'Looked Like a War Zone'; 1 Dead **
Rare Subsea Earthquakes Rattle Bermuda **
Earthquake Swarm after Eruption at Iceland Volcano Katla **
Double Eruptions: Kamchatka’s Shiveluch Volcano Unleashes 8 Km Ash Cloud, Anak Krakatau 3 Km **
Second Storm in a Week Hits China's Hainan **
Texas' Famed Bat Colonies at Risk Due to Drought
** 1
Texas Faces 30 Year Drought?

NASA: It Rained So Hard the Oceans Fell **
Oct 4
Earthquake Swarm Continues on El Hierro, Canary Islands **
Explosions and Earthquakes at Anak Krakatau as Alert Status Raised **
Eternal Flame: Chile, Africa, Italy - Why Volcanoes Erupting in 2011 Refuse to Die **
Tornadoes Kill 2, Leave Thousands Homeless **
It Rained Stones
2011 Sets New Record for Federal Disaster Declarations **
Flooding Claims at Least 224 Lives in Thailand **
Drought Triggers Crisis in Pacific Island Region
China Braces for Yet Another Powerful Tropical Storm **
Oct 3
Winter Wonderland in October! Really? **
2011 Monsoon Season Hottest on Record in Phoenix **
Record October Heat for the U.K.
After Scorching Weekend, Get Ready for SNOW and a HURRICANE – Temps Drop 18C by Friday **
Mega Tsunami – Wave of Destruction
 VOW ** 1
Part 1: Why East Coast Tsunami is Soon-on-Me (New Yorkers) **
Tenerife's (Canary Islands) Landscape Reveals Explosive Past **
Double Typhoons Level and Flood the Philippines Leaving at Least 59 Dead **
Anak Krakatau Raised to Highest Alert Status - Quakes Are Now Continuous, Warn Officials **
Emergency on the Fault, Pt 1
Geologists Map Birth of New Ocean in Africa's Great Rift Valley **
Sept 30
Italy’s Mt. Etna Rumbles with 15th Eruption
** 4
Another Deadly Window: El Hierro May be the Last Piece in the Puzzle That Shows Earth Is in Trouble Again **
Infamous Mount Tambora Is Rumbling Again **
Eruption Continues at Nabro Volcano in Eritrea
Costa Rica's Rincon de la Vieja Volcano Awakens **
World Volcanic Activity Update **
Controversial Gas 'Fracking' May be Linked to Earthquakes
Sinkhole, Cracks Spark Fears of Landslide in San Pedro, Calif. **
Climatologist Says Texas Drought Could Last Until 2020 ** HOLLY NOTE: Besides the devastation and impact on Texans' lives and jobs, consider the implications for food prices
Sept 29
Volcano Threat Sparks Evacuation in Canaries **
What Would Really Happen If You Nuked a Volcano?
Geologist's Research Predicts Large SoCal Earthquake **
More Damage Found at Top of Washington Monument **
Costs of the Texas Drought – $5.2 B
** 1
Dust Cloud Causes Multi-Car Pileup

Typhoon Heads to China after Killing 35 in the Philippines **
Sept 28
Rising Volcanic Activity Prompts Evacuations on El Hierro, The Canary Islands **
Stolen Equipment to Monitor the Volcano Cumbre Vieja **
Missouri River Flood Damage Revealed
New Photos Reveal Terrible Depth of Texas Drought **
Sept 27
A Near-Record Deluge Floods Basements, Damages Cars **
Canary Islands Government Raises El Hierro Volcanic Alert Level
Canary Island Prepares for Eruption **
Typhoon Nesat Slams Philippines, Heads for South China **
Arizona Drought: No Relief in Sight with Dry Winter Forecast
Pounding Typhoon Floods Manila Leaving at Least 16 Dead
Larry Taylor Blog News
Sept 26
Mag. 5.3 Hits Canada's Northwest Territories **
Extent of Damage to Washington Monument to be Revealed **
El Hierro (Cumbre Vieja Area) Prepares for Volcanic Eruption **
Mexico City Continues to Sink **
Rare Giant Waterspout Spotted Looms Over Lake Michigan
** 2
Storm System Break-Out Over the World’s Oceans
Sept 23
Cat. 4 Hilary Could Boomerang into Mexico, US **
As Missouri River Recedes Farmers See Badly Damaged Land **
Sept 22
Deadly Typhoon Leaves Japan; Nuclear Plant Intact **
Hilary Becomes a Hurricane Near Coast of Mexico **
Ophelia a Strong Tropical Storm in the Atlantic **
The Deadliest Volcano In the Planet Is Ready to Explode Again **
Cleveland Volcano Lava Dome Grows
New Lava Breakout at Pu'u O'o flows towards Royal Gardens
If an Icelandic Volcano Erupts, Would Tragic History Repeat?
What Happens If the Jackson Volcano Blows?
Indian Quake Death Toll Rises to 112 **
... 'We Were Flung Like Helpless Dolls' **
Scientists Test Early Earthquake Warning Systems **
Magnetic Pole Shift Alters Markers at Oregon Airport **
Lloyd's of London Posts $1.1B (697 Million-Pound) Loss on Disasters
Sept 20
Guatemalans Spend a Night on Watch, After 6 Earthquakes Hit in Single Day **
Pictured: Guatemalan Quake
Heavy Rain Hampers Quake Rescue Operations in Bengal **
Italian Scientists on Trial for Failing to Warn Before L'Aquila Earthquake
UC San Diego to Study Dangerous Earthquake Faults
Drought Threatens Way of Life for Texas Ranchers **
Britain to be Hit by SNOW in October... Forecasters Warn an Early Winter Is on its Way **
Second Typhoon in 2 Weeks Bears Down on Japan **
...1.3M Urged to Flee **
Frequency of Wildfires Worldwide Increases Fourfold in 40 Years **
Future Iceland Eruptions Could be Deadly for Europe **
Flooding, Heavy Rains Kills 14 in China
Sept 19
History's Deadliest Volcano Comes Back to Life in Indonesia, Sparking Panic Among Villagers  **
Scientists Worry about Alaska Volcano's Rumbling **
Earthquake Strikes India, Himalayas; Killing 63 People, Villages Cut Off, Felt 1000Km Away **
Several Aftershocks from Newport Beach Earthquake **
2.6 Aftershock Hits Near Mineral, Va.
Virginia Quake Shaping Debate on Future of Nuclear Power
Series of Quakes Hit Off Japan Disaster Zone
"Unusual" 4.1 Earthquake Shakes Queensland HOLLY NOTE: Because temblors in Australia are generally shallower and less predictable, smaller events can produce more damage than the same size event striking America.
More Storms on the Horizon in Tropical Atlantic
Coldest Summer in UK for 20 Years Wipes Out 2/3 of Common Blue Butterfly **
Sept 16
Volcano in Alert, Air Evacuation Prepared **
Pakistan Flood Death Toll Rises, More Torrential Rains Forecast
Sept 15
Canary Islands Govt. Puzzled by El Hierro 6000+ Quake Swarm **
Strong Earthquake Jolts Cuba Coast **
6.0, 6.2 Quakes Strike Off NZ, Japan Coasts **
Earthquakes Hit Japan, Cuba, California, Alabama: Cause for Concern? **
Earthquake Experts Encourage Desert Residents to Prepare
Dust Drifts Across Iceland as Earthquake Swarms Rattle Reykjanes Ridge **
Heavy Rain and Snow Blankets Much of Colorado, as Big Chill Sets In
From Mega-Blizzards to Earthquakes to Hurricanes, N.J. Has Seen a Year of Wild Weather **
Snow? Really? It’s Not Even Fall and Mountains See 1st Flakes **
Majority of Blame for Gulf Oil Spill Lies with BP, 2 US Agencies Find
Scientists: Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans
Sept 14
Soaking Plains, Rockies Rain and, GASP, Mountain Snow?! (see An Early Hard Winter and End Times) **
First Snowflakes of the Season for Michigan This Week?
Smoke Reaches Chicago from Growing Minnesota Fire **
Southern California Storms Cause Flooding, Fires
Dallas Breaks Own Record with 70 Triple-Digit Days **
Sept 13
Texas Quakes May be Caused by Closeness to Fault Line **
Light Earthquakes Strike Near NM-Colo. Border
Half of Belizean Coral Reefs Destroyed in 2009 Earthquake **
Emergency Officials: 6.4 Vancouver Quake Should Serve as a Giant Wakeup Call **
Strong Earthquake Strikes Near Papua New Guinea **
Homeowners Stunned by Wildfire Damage in Texas
** 1
Wildfires and Drought Cost Texas Billions **
Wildfire Smoke Blankets Northern Florida **
Drought in China Impacts 44 Million People
300,000 Homeless in New Pakistan Flooding
Russia's Shiveluch Volcano Erupts **
Is Iceland's Tallest Volcano Awakening?
Sept 12
Texas Fire Destroys 1,554 Homes, 17 People Missing **
Incredible Pictures of the Devastation in Texas
Fires Threaten East Texas Wildlife Centers
** 1
Network of Wildfires Tears Through Central California **
Massive Lightning Storms Lights String of Fires in Calif
** 2
3 Oil Workers Die After Storm Hits Rig
Flooding Not Over for Eastern US **
Some Northern States to Already Get First Frost **
6th Wall of Dust Envelops Phoenix This Year
Rare 4.4 Quake Rattles West Texas7 Aftershocks Recorded **
6.0 Earthquake Strikes Vanuatu
Louisiana Not Immune to Earthquakes
Storm Force Winds Sweep Ireland as Hurricane Hits – Leaves 13,000 Without Power **
Monsoon Flooding Kills 16 in India, Leaves Nearly 100K Homeless **
Catastrophes Cost Global Economy $278 B in 1st 6 Months of 2011 **
Sept 10
Signs of a Hard Winter **
Get Ready for a Wet, Wild Winter in 2012! **
2012 Canadian Winter Forecast **
Sept 9
6.4 Quake Shakes Southwest B.C. – Felt in Seattle
Worst Flooding in 40 Years Hits Northeast **
Northeast Floodwaters Tainted with Toxins, Sewage **
Texas Sets Record for Hottest Summer in US **
Weather Experts: U.S. Summer Hottest in Past 75 Years **
Weather Disasters Keep Costing U.S. Billions This Year **
More Severe Weather Predicted Around Globe as La Nina Set for Return Season **
Scientists Warn Extreme Weather Linked to Steroids of Climate Change **
Earthquakes May Make 2011 Second-Costliest Year, Swiss Re Says **
Canary Islands Gov't. to Relocate Entire Population of Island Close to Cumbre Vieja **
Cumbre Vieja Volcano -- Potential Collapse and Tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands
Can Earthquakes Trigger Volcanic Eruptions?
Stunning Volcanoes Seen from Space by NASA and the ISS
Sept 8
Pa. Orders 100,000 to Evacuate Flood Zone **
Historic Floods Threaten Northeast Again
** 1
More Rain Threatening Lives Across the Northeast **
...Waterways at Record, Major Flood Levels
...Flooding: "It's Like Irene Without the Wind"
Tropical Storms Maria and Nate Could Reach US **
Texas Firefighters Gaining Control of Blaze
Sept 7
Wildfire in Central Texas Wildfire 30% Contained **
Texas Wildfires Approach 'Catastrophic'; Over 3.5M Acres Scorched
** 1
Texas Wildfires Seen from the ISS

Dramatic Photos of the Texas Wildfires
Weather Modification to Ease Texas Drought?
** 3
Katia Weakens, But Still Makes Waves; Tropical Storm Maria Forms **
T.S. Lee Washes Up Tar Balls on Gulf Coast **
Indonesian Volcano Erupts 4 Times
Sept 6
Thousands Evacuated as Wildfire Destroys 1,000+ Homes in Texas **
Massive Wildfire Burns Out of Control in Texas
** 1
Temblors in 2011: Record Quaking and Deadly Shakes **
Hurricane Katia Update Tue AM – Projected Path **
Lee Poses Severe Flood Risk Along Appalachians **
Hurricanes Getting Stronger, Study Suggests **
Heavy Rain Moves Northeast With Lee's Remnants
Tornado Touches Down in New York **
Disasters in US: An Extreme and Exhausting Year **
Russian Wildfires, Pakistan Floods Caused by Same Weather Event Even Though They Are 1,500 Miles Apart **
Killer Typhoon Brings New Misery to Beleaguered Japan; at Least 34 Dead **
10,000-Strong Quake Swarm Rattles Germany-Czech Republic Border Region
Eruptions Continue at Chile’s Puyehue Cordón Caulle Volcano
Insurance Companies Admit to Being Unprepared for Climate Change **
Aug 23
Irene to Strike the Carolinas as a Major Hurricane **
Could Become Massive Cat 4 Hurricane **
Hurricane Irene Storms Toward US Coast

Irene's Similarities to Bertha, Hazel, Hugo, Fran and Floyd
...Strongest Hurricane to Hit Carolinas Since 1996
Emergency Declared in Puerto Rico **
Largest Colorado Quake Since 1973 Shakes Homes **
5.9 Quake in Virginia Felt in Washington, NYC, North Carolina **
Pentagon, Capitol Buildings Evacuated **
Nuclear Plant Near Epicenter Shuts Down **
Washington Monument NOT Tilting, but Stones Are Loosened **
Eyewitness Account of Va. Quake from Millennium-Ark Reader **
Red Cross: 29,000 Have Lost Homes in NKorea Floods **
Aug 22
Hurricane Irene to Slam into the Carolinas **
Path on Course for S. Carolina

East Coast Flood Danger After Irene Makes Landfall **
4 Dead After Flash Floods in Pittsburgh **
No Relief in Sight for Deadly Texas Drought Conditions **
Record 250 of Texas' 254 Counties Have Burn Bans - Fire Danger Extreme
Twin 7.0 Quakes Strike in West Pacific
Strong Earthquake Hits Near Japan's Eastern Coast **
Astronomical Alignments as Cause of ~M6+ Seismicity
Powerful Tornado Kills Man in Ontario **
'Extreme of Extremes' Weather Nationwide
** 1
Climate Change Forces Species to Move Higher Ground, Latitudes: Study
Site of Deepwater Horizon Accident Leaking Again, Sources Say **
Aug 19
Ohio City's Massive Rainfall Called 500-Year Event **
Powerful Storms Damage Planes, Concourse in Nebraska **
Rising Sea Levels Pose Future Threat to Metro Vancouver
3rd Wall of Dust Hammers Phoenix – Delays Flights, Knocks Out Power to Thousands **
Houston Drought and Heat Wave Brings Plague of Bugs, Broken Pipes **
Fall Forecast Offers No Relief from Southwest Drought
2011 Set to Become Worst Ever Year for U.S. Weather Disasters **
Japan's Northeast Hit by 6.8 Magnitude Quake **
Mystery Crack Sucks 300 Gallons Per Second from Lake
Sudden Storm Collapses Stage in Belgium, Kills 5 **
Drought Conditions Give Way to Torrential Rains in Uganda
Extreme Weather on the Rise in Sweden **
Aug 18
Run Out of Water? Texas Town Heading There **
Drought Costs Texas Farms Record $5.2 Billion
In 2011, Record-Tying Nine $1B Weather Disasters **
2011 Disasters Prompt Initiative for a "Weather Ready" Nation **
Aug 17
Lake Mead Has Series of Small Earthquakes **
700 Water Main Breaks in Houston – a Day **
Lightning Injures 8 at SeaWorld in Orlando **
Wintry Blast Brings New Zealand to a Standstill **
Will Extreme Weather of 2011 Continue through Fall? **
Aug 16
Record Northeast Rain Leaves Soggy Mess **
Tropics: May Soon Have Harvey, Irene on Our Hands
New Hurricane Scale Puts More Focus on Storm Surge
U.S. Cities Prepare to Adapt to Climate Change **
New Zealand Snowstorm Hanging On
Aug 14
5 Killed as Strong Winds Bring Down Stage at Indiana State Fair **
Rain Snarls Traffic, Floods New York City Subways **
Storms, High Winds Move Through Area; ~ 20,000 Without Power in Central Kentucky **
Oklahoma Wildfire Kills 1, Destroys About 40 Homes
Danger Level Raised as 2 Volcanoes Stir to Life **
Alaskan Volcano Could be Gearing Up for Big Explosion **
Mount Etna Volcano Erupts for 10th Time This Year **
Eastern Russia Volcano Churns Out More Ash **
Tropical Depression 7 Could Become Gert This Afternoon
As Texas Dries Out, Life Falters and Fades **
Global Earthquake and Volcano Overview -- North and South America , EU, Asia, Pacific **
3 Atlantic Tropical Storms in the Making? **
Aug 12
Rare Earthquake Strikes South Dakota **
26 Injured by Strong Earthquake in China **
6.0 Quake Jolts Japan **
Lava Dome Slowly Grows in Erupting Aleutian Volcano **
Impacts of Massive Drought Felt Far and Wide **
On Mississippi River, a Battle Over Future Floods
Katrina: The First $100 Billion Hurricane **
Larry Taylor Blog News
Aug 11
Tropical Concerns for Leewards, Bermuda, Canada **
Global Warming Link to Drowned Polar Bears Melts Under Searing Fed Probe
Texas Once Linked to Antarctica? **
Aug 10
Atlantic Hurricane Protection Set to Expire Aug. 17 **
Tropical Atlantic Locked and Loaded **
Ridiculous 100-Degree Heat Streaks Continue in Texas **
Surprise Underwater Volcanic Eruption Discovered **
Chunks of Ice from Calving Glacier Hit Tour Boat, Injuries Reported **
Global Warming and the Science of Extreme Weather
Aug 9
Dallas' 100-Degree Heat Streak Reaches 38 Days **
Hurricane Season May Add to US Economy Troubles
65-foot Waves Threaten Chinese Chemical Plant **
Aug 8
Japan’s March 11 Earthquake Almost Shook Space **
Unrelenting Heat Still Dominating the South **
Aug 7
Triple-Digit Heat Expands to the Southeast
Heat Continues in South, Breaks into Storms in Northeast **
Heat Map Outlines Extent of Extreme US Weather **
Twister Season Proves Deadliest Since 1953
Alabama Recovering After Worst Tornadoes in State History **
Much of Alabama Town Remains Destroyed After Tornadoes
** 4
Posthumous Degrees Given to Students Killed in Tornadoes
Extreme U.S. Weather Could Become the Norm **
Rare Undersea Earthquake Rattles Israel **
China Braces for Typhoon Muifa, 200,000 People Evacuated
** 5
Tropical Storm Emily Kills 4 in Haiti, Dominican Republic
Huge Ice Island Drifts Within 10 Miles of Newfoundland **
Aug 5
Rivers of Lava Flow from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano **
Devastating Drought Gets Bigger **
Dallas Set for 5th Straight Day at 105+F (41ºC)
Brutal Texas Heat, Drought May Continue into September **
Parched Town to Recycle Sewer Water
** 2
Forecasters: Drought May Persist for Another Year **
April Was Record-Setting Month for Tornadoes **
Storm Emily Could Regain Cyclone Power on Saturday, Flooding Kills 2 **
NKorea: 30 Dead, Thousands Homeless in Flood **
New Research: Warmth Produces These Carbon Dioxide Concentrations **
Global Emission of Carbon Dioxide: The Contribution from Natural Sources

Aug 4
T.S. Emily Nears Disaster-Hit Haiti... Fears of Up to 20 Inches of Rain **
Emily Inundating Hispaniola; Cuba, Bahamas Up Next
15 States Under Advisories as Heat Wave Holds Tight Across South **
Hot Texas Sets Electricity Record – Again **
Extreme Heat Claims More Lives
** 1
How Does a Heat Wave Affect the Human Body?
Drought Causing Broken Water Pipes
Most of Texas Remains in at Least Extreme Drought
Larry Taylor Blog News
Massive Fishkill Overnight Near Roswell, NM
** 4
Aug 2
Southeast US Should Watch Emily Closely **
All 50 States See Record Highs in July **
Record Percentage of US Experiences 'Exceptional Drought' **
World's Driest Desert Hit by Snow, Rain **
End Times? It Is for a Blood-Red Texas Lake **
Vivid Lightning Covers Sky Almost Every Night

Seven 6.0+ Earthquakes in 8 Days **
Toll from 2 Philippine Storms Rises to 70
Iraq Hit by Extreme Weather as Temp Reaches 125.6ºF (52ºC) **
Aug 1
Flames Soar 250m into the Air as Mount Etna Erupts for 8th Time This Year **
3rd Wall of Dust Rolls Through Phoenix, Grounds Planes
Just What Is Normal for Weather?
New Climate Averages Will be Released Monday **
6.8 Quake Strikes Off Coast of Papua New Guinea **
Canary Islands Earthquake Swarm Enters 3rd Week **
Earthquakes and Political Tremors Make This Year Insurers' Most Expensive Ever **
California Pisgah Volcanic Venting -- Finally Captured on Camera
** 1 HOLLY NOTE: USGS explained this anomaly as a dirt devil. We get many, many of these in our area and this does not look anything like a dust devil. They aren't as dense as this plume and they dissipate quickly – in seconds. It could be a small fire though Dutchsinse says not. You be the judge. Though this link's video is 9 minutes, it gives a clearer, larger view.
Shocking Videos of Deadly Landslide

July 31
No Respite: Extreme Drought Continues in Texas as T.S. Don Fails to Bring Prayed-for Rain **
Now Grasshoppers Plague Drought-Stricken Texas
Emily Winds Up in the Atlantic, Could Reach Hurricane Status **
Penn. Girl Struck by Lightning on Sunny Afternoon **
Raging Wildfires: Climate Changes to Blame for Record Season? **
6.4 Quake Jolts North-East Japan
Thursday's Earthquake Prompts Alaskans to Prepare for Next Big One
Earthquake-Ravaged Japan Now Overwhelmed by Rain **
Steady Rain Causes Flooding in Germany
Hour-Long Hailstorm Destroys Villages in Uganda **
Disaster Management: Be Prepared and Armed, Pt 2 **
Self-Reliance Discouraged in America **
July 29
Tropical Storm Don: Landfall in Texas Early Tonight **
New Heat Wave to Hit East Coast **
Fear That This Is Not a Regular Drought, But Could Indicate Change Coming **
Texas Drought Leaves 1.5M Bats Hungrier
River Rise After Record Rains Soak Midwest
SKorea Mudslides Leave 67 Dead; Spark Landmine Fears **
Russia Wildfires Scorch More Than 53,000 Acres **
Earth Is Getting Fatter
July 28
Scientists Study Future Megathrust Earthquake In Pacific Northwest
Heavy Rain Floods Great Lakes, Breaks Records **
2 Heat Deaths Reported, Federal Disaster Declared as Oklahoma Drought Continues **
2010-2011 Drought Likely to be Among Costliest on Record for Texas Farmers, Ranchers **
Heat Brings Frog Spawning to California Swimming Pools, Dog Dishes
Wichita, KS Area Now in Extreme Drought
T.S. Don Forms over Gulf of Mexico **
After 10,000 Years Arctic Tundra is Again Experiencing Wildfires
Climate Change Threatens Great Lakes’ Parks
Larry Taylor Blog News
Research Shows Ancient Lava Shaped Earth
July 27
California Wildfire Burns Through Heavy Brush **
Another Plume from California Pisgah Volcanic Craters
** 1
Flooding Continues Along Missouri River
Texas, New Mexico Experience Driest 6 Months on Record **
Extreme Heat Killing Fish in Texas

Grass: All Burnt Out, What to Do
Southern Plains to Bake Through at Least Through Mid-August **
Scientists Warn That Fires Could Consume Yellowstone Forests **
9 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters of 2011 So Far **
SKorea Landslides Leave 32 Dead, 10 Missing **
Dozens Dead as Landslides, Flash Floods Hit SKorea
** 2
Caribbean System Nears Tropical Storm Strength, Aimed at Texas Coast **
July 26
Severe Storms, Tornadoes Threaten Northern Plains **
July May be Wettest for Chicago in More than 130 Years
"Air in Houston is Like Trying to Breathe Water" **
More Nasty Heat to Head East **
Summer Swelter Could Spread into Fall **
Storm Batters Philippines, 10 People Dead, 5 Missing
5.9 Quake Reported Off of Baja California **
6.2 Earthquake Strikes Philippines **
620 Earthquakes Recorded in the Canary Islands **
Earthquake Felt in Italy, France, Switzerland and Monaco
Alaska Volcano May Erupt for First Time in 10 Years **
July 24
18-year-old Among Dead as Heat Wave Continues **
Heat from Midwest to New York Not Taking Weekend Off **
How Severe is the Link Between Hot Weather and Violence?
Heavy Rainstorms Are Chicago's Latest Weather Nightmare, Largest Single-Day Rainfall Since Records Began **
New Zealand's Christchurch Still on Knees from Quakes **
Canary Islands Government Monitors El Hierro Earthquake Swarm **
Mega Tsunami from Canary Islands Would Swamp Eastern US
** 1
Minot a Wasteland After 'Tsunami' Hits **
Past Mass Extinction Due to Mega Methane Release
Aid Groups Criticize US Response to East Africa Drought
Lightning Strike Derails Chinese Train, 32 Dead **
July 22
6.4 Quake Jolts Japan; No Tsunami Warning Issued
US, Canada Heatwave Worsens in Eastern Regions **
TV Reporters’ Hot Stunts Put to the Test
** 1
Heat Wave 2011 Pushes Power Grids Toward Capacity **
Sweatin' Like a Pig Heat Map
Power Demand Topples 2006 Record; Power Outages Continue - so do you have a generator ready to go?
Deadly Storms in Europe
Severity of NM Wildfire Means Trouble for Wildlife
11-year-old's Video Shows Tornado Debris Carried 40 Miles
Mt. Etna Eruption Spews Massive Explosions of Lava
Aleutian Volcano Shows Signs of Impending Eruption
Chilean Volcano Hurts Argentine Economy
Volcanic Ash and Aerosols Slowing Climate Warming
Massive Ice Island Drifts Toward Canada
** 2
Heavy Chemtrail Activity = Severe Storms Upon US Arrival ** 5
14 Killed in Central Asia Earthquake **
5.1 Earthquake Shakes Christchurch
Chilean Officials Declare 'Catastrophe' After Heavy Snow **
Climate Sceptics Get Too Much Air-Time, BBC Told
July 21
Heat Dome: 22 Dead, High Temperatures Will Last Weeks **
Worst US Heatwave in 23 Years
** 1
Surge in Electricity Use Strains Grid from New York to Detroit **
Violent Storms to Pound Upper Midwest **
39 Erupting Volcanoes Threaten Mankind - Water, Food, Land Being Destroyed
** 2
140-mph Hurricane Dora to Create Deadly Surf **
As U.S. Sizzles, Seattle Shivers
Gigantic Crack Opens Up In Mexico **
'White Earthquake' Leaves Part of Chile Under 9 Feet of Snow **
Climate Change 'Threatens Peace', UN Official Warns **
July 20
No Relief as Deadly Heat Wave Expands East **
Intense Heat Wave Tracker
Powerful Hurricane Dora Could Impact Baja California
4 Killed, 2 Injured in Wyoming Flash Flood **
3 Swept Over Yosemite Waterfall, Witnesses Say
Waterfalls Flow Upwards in Extreme Winds
ATS Euromaster: Motorists Urged to Prepare as Forecaster Predicts the Worst Winter on Record **
Hawaii's Killer Waterfall
Deep Sinkhole Opens Under Woman's Bed **
July 19
Heatwave Morphs US into Enormous Sauna **
13 Deaths in Midwest Tied to Heatwave **
Heat Brings Down 136 U2 Fans
Outdoor Burn Bans Extend to 247 Texas Counties
Giant Dust Storm Swallows Phoenix Area
** 2
Hot Weather Tough on Crops and Critters
Larry Taylor Blog
Tropics Come Alive with Storms **
Never Mind Bret, Hurricane Season is Just Getting Started **
7500 Earthquakes Hit Shattered New Zealand City **
Earthquake Felt in San Francisco Bay Area
PG&E Plans Ocean Seismic Fault Survey
Gulf of Mexico ‘Dead-Zone’ to Triple in Size
The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust Pt 3 **
Mysterious Big Fish Kill in Cape York River
July 18
Prepare Now: Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States - Plate Slippage Soon – VOW **
U.S. Midsection to Swelter Another Day in Merciless Heatwave
** 2
Massive Heatwave Set to Challenge Numerous Records
90s or Higher in More Than 40 States **
...Shows No Signs of Ending
Heat to Fuel Damaging Storms Across the Northeast **
Tropical Storm Bret Grazing Bahamas; Bermuda Next? **
Japan Scrambles to Protect Damaged Reactor from Typhoon **
400+ Dead or Missing in China Storms **
July 17
Potential Tropical Development off the Florida Coast **
Heat Wave Hits Hard **
Nearly 900 Heat Records Already Broken in July
** 1
Extreme Heat and Drought Poised to Worsen Over U.S.
Heat This Week: 90s or Higher in Over 40 States **
Tornadoes, Storms Cut Path of Damage Through NDakota
Indonesia’s Mt. Lokon Volcanic Eruptions Become More Violent
UN Climate Body Struggling to Pinpoint Rising Sea Levels
July 15
Central US Braces for 'Massive Heat Wave', Flash Floods; Texans and Oklahomans Urged to Pray **
Millions Headed into Another Blistering Heat Wave
Heat Map
Dangerous Storms Take Aim at Northern Plains **
Tarpon Springs, Fla. Homeowners Wonder If Homes Will be Swallowed by Sinkhole **
St. Louis, Mo.: Big Sinkhole Growing Larger **
Colorado: Sinkhole Closes County Road
San Jose, Calif: Giant 30-Foot-Long Sinkhole Opens on Freeway
Utah: Girl Dies, Father Hurt in Crash Caused by Sinkhole on Highway **
Albany, Ga: Sinkhole closes Entire Road
Kamloops, BC: Sinkhole Closes Road
Typhoon Ma-On Gaining Strength, Targeting Japan **
July 14
Massive Heat Wave to Engulf Nation **
Water Concerns Rising as Cattle Die in Dry Texas **
Hail Storm Causes Major Delays at Denver International Airport
Arizona: First Wildfires, Then Flooding, Now Scorpions
River Disappears After Earthquake in Costa Rica **
Earthquake Hits English Channel – Largest Since 1734 **
Western Australia Rocked by 200+ Earthquakes **
Repeated Tsunamis, Not Earthquakes Buried Ancient Olympia in Greece
Supersize Dust Storms Could Become Southwest Norm **
Full Thunder Moon Tonight!
Fewer Rain Storms Across Southern Australia
Apocalypse, Wow: Disaster Ready Homes
July 13
Los Alamos Lab Prepares for Flooding After Fire **
2011 Already Costliest Year for Natural Disasters **
Larry Taylor Blog
How Dry Is It In Texas? – humor
The Heat Is On
1 **
Powerful Typhoon Could Hit Japan Next Week **
Loud Crack Heard as Lightning Strikes Air New Zealand Flight **
July 12
Drought in 14 States Means Disaster for Many **
Record Temps Seen as Heat Wave Plagues 23 States **
Intense Drought In Southern Tier in No Hurry to Loosen Grip
"Worst in Decades": 817,000 Customers Lose Power **
Severe Storms on the Rampage **
Christchurch Rocked by 7000+ Aftershocks **
4 Earthquakes Hit Philippines
Ancient Lake Linked to San Andreas Earthquakes **
Kilauea Volcano Crater Collapses in Time-Lapse
** 3
Volcanoes Can Trigger Bigger Climate Impact Than Thought
Scientists Discover Underwater Volcanoes in the Southern Ocean **
Experts Demystify Link Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change
Tokyo’s Int'l Airport Faces World’s Highest Tsunami Risk
Somalia Drought Is Worst Humanitarian Crisis, UN **
July 11
Mount Etna Eruption Closes Airports and 'Knocks Clocks 15 Minutes Fast' **
Chilean Volcano Grounds More Flights **
Eruption Has Started at Katla Super Volcano

Indonesians Flee as Mt Lokon Volcano Hits Red Alert **
Scientists Tie Colorado River Flooding to San Andreas Quakes **
3 Quakes Hit Santa Cruz County Borders **
7.0 Quake Strikes Northeastern Japan **
Volunteers Assisting with Japan’s Quake Aftermath Struggling with Heat
Larry Taylor Blog News
Already Beset by Fire, New Mexico Braces for Weeks of Flash Floods **
SD State Parks Ravaged by Flood Along Missouri River **
Some in SD Wonder Why They Got No Flood Levees
Flood Warnings in Effect for Northern Alberta Rivers
Record Heat Wave Plagues 15 States **
Dangerous Heat and Humidity Building East **
July 8
Phoenix Dust Storm a 100-Year Event **
Denver Cleans Up After Mile High Mess **
Joplin Tornado Had Hurricanelike, 300-Yard Eye **
Alabama Tops Nation for EF-5 Tornadoes
US Climate Change Prompts Creation of New Normals **
Rare Snowfall Falls in Dry Desert
Earthquake Hits Japan's Fukushima Region Again
Plume from Earth's Core Smashed Continents Together
Most Feared Volcano Ready to Erupt **
Iceland’s Helka Volcano May Erupt Anytime
Chilean Volcano Grounds Argentina Flights **
UN Report: And the Cost of Greening the Entire World Will Be...
July 7
Summer Flooding Set to Continue in USA **
More Rain in 9 Minutes than Past 9 Months in Arizona **
Phoenix Dust Storm a Mile High, 100 Miles Long **
Worst Drought in 60 Years: 12 Million Africans Face 'Fight for Survival' **
Nabro Eruption Leaves Thousands Without Criticial Supplies
What Lies Beneath the Kermadec Islands?
** 2
July 6
7.6 Earthquake Strikes off Coast of New Zealand, Tsunami Warning Canceled **
Thousands in the Dark as Storm Blows by on Gusts Near 80 MPH **
Dust Storm Swallows Greater Phoenix
** 1
Montana Governor Thinks Oil Has Reached N.D. **
Lengthy Drought Takes Toll on Texas Wildlife
Rains Wash Away Chinese Highway
** 3
Iceland’s Most Feared Volcano "Ready to Erupt" **
July 5
'One Thing After Another': Floods Threaten Blaze-Ravaged New Mexico ** HOLLY NOTE: Check how bizarre this fire is. The undergrowth is vibrantly green, yet even branches are burned off ALL trees leaving charred sticks.
Flooding Hinders US Yellowstone River Cleanup
Exxon Mobil Admits Spread of Yellowstone Oil Spill **
Yellowstone Waters Swell as Oil Spill Spreads
Storm Deaths in Mexico Raise Arlene's Toll to 16
New Zealand Escapes Damage from 6.5 Quake **
4.4 Quake Shakes Victoria HOLLY NOTE: Because temblors in Australia are generally shallower and less predictable, smaller events can produce more damage than the same size event striking America.
Warnings of Volcanic Eruptions in Australia **
Volcanic Eruption 'Could Occur Near Bundaberg'
Flash Floods in India, 30,000 Affected
New Mexico's Largest-Ever Fire Still Growing
** 1
July 1
Los Alamos Fire Set To Become State's Biggest Ever **
Hottest Since 2006 This Weekend in the Southwest?
Huge Rock Avalanches Rumble Down Mount Rainier **
June 30
Heat, Winds to Test Los Alamos Fire Defenses **
Los Alamos Land Fire on 2 sides of Lab, Chemical Area's 8 &49 Confirmed Burning
1 **
Where to Send 1,000 Kids After Flood Trashes Schools? **
Tropical Storm Arlene Slams Mexico
Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Main Building Underwater, 10 Mile Mandatory Evacuation Area
Enormous Sinkhole Swallows South-East Queensland Rainbow Beach **
June 29
Flames 50 Ft. from Nuke Lab, Fears Mount Over Radioactive Smoke **
Wildfire Moves Nearer to Los Alamos Nuke Lab
** 2
Micchio Kaku: Wildfires, Floods Threaten Nuclear Plants
** 1
Crews Work to Protect Lift Station from Historic Flood Waters in South Sioux City **
Joyce Riley: They Are Flooding Us on Purpose! Underwater Body Bags
** 4
T.S. Arlene's Tropical Downpours Threaten Flooding in Mexico
Scientists Say California Mega-Quake Imminent **
Report: 25 Years Since Global Temps Were Below Average **
Extreme Weather: Rising Temps Producing Fiercer, More Frequent Storms **
Horn of Africa Sees 'Worst Drought in 60 Years' **
At Least 25 Dead in Philippine Flash Flood **
June 28
'Hoping for the Best': Blaze Rages Near Nuke Site **
N.M. Wildfire Threatens Los Alamos Lab
** 1
Nuclear Plants Threatened by Major Flooding in Nebraska
** 2
30,000 Barrels of Plutonium at Lost Alamos **
Record Billions of Weather Damage; Hurricane Season Coming **
‘Overdue’ Earthquake Has New York Engineers on Alert
On Thin Ice
June 27
Record Flooding Crests for Some in North Dakota – Downstream Has Yet to See River's Worst **
Flood Berm Collapses at Nebraska Nuclear Plant – Water Seeps In **
Nebraska Floods Update: What Would You Ask the NRC?
N.D. Flood Victims Face Long Road to Recovery **
100 Evacuated as N.M. Fire Threatens, Closes Los Alamos Lab **
State of Emergency in N.C. Over Wildfires **
2010 - 2011: Earth's Most Extreme Weather Since 1816 **
What's to Blame for Wild Weather? "La Nada"  **
June 23
Evacuations Underway as Water Breaches Minot Levees **
Historic Flooding in North Dakota: Will Dwarf Historic Flood of 1969, Top the 1881 Record
Weather Service Confirms Tornado Damaged Churchill Downs
2011 Marks Most Deadly Tornado Season Since 1953 and It's Only Half-Way Over **
Alabama Tops in Most Severe Tornadoes
Chicago: 2 Tornadoes Sneaked in with Heavy Storm
Cost of Weather in US: Up to $243 Billion a Year **
Series of Disasters Lead to Search for 'Safest City, USA'  **
First Footage Emerges of Eritrean Volcanic Eruption **
Thousands to be Paid to Leave Homes Hit by NZ Quake as Total Cost of Catastrophe Hits $15B **
Suicide Rates Are Increasing in Japanese Regions Most Affected by the Tsunami and Nuclear Disasters **
Field Poll: Californians Increasingly Fear Quakes
Worst Mouse Plague in 50 Years Gripping Australia **
Transocean Report Blames BP for Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster **
June 22
Wildfires Burn 1.4 Million Acres Across 12 States **
Florida Battles 400 Wildfires, 2 Firefighters Die **
This Is One of the Worst Fire Seasons in History
** 1
12,000 to Evacuateas River Rises **
Storms Leave 300,000 Without Power in Chicago Area; Flights Canceled **
The Worst They've Ever Seen: Volunteers Reflect on Joplin Tornado **
Moderate Quakes Strike China, Indonesia, Alaska and Chile
Changing Tides: Research Center Under Fire for 'Adjusted' Sea-Level Data
Volcano in Chile Strands Passengers Around Globe **
Ethics Suit: NASA Scientist Used Status for $1.2M Profit **
June 21
Cuba Scientists: Sea Levels to Rise More Than 30 Inches by 2100
Are Arctic Sea Ice Melts Causing Sea Levels to Rise?
New Warning on Arctic Sea Ice Melt
Cryosat Mission Delivers First Sea-Ice Map
Spring Storms Bring Twister, Fires, Even Snow **
Multiple Tornadoes Hit Nebraska
Thousands Flee Texas Fire, While Ariz. Gets Break **
2011 on Target for Highest Number of Earthquakes for at Least 12 Years **
Astrophysicist Warns of Very Serious Earthquake Danger **
Piers Corbyn on Quake Threat
Scientists Warn Newly Discovered Fault Could Burst Dam, Destroy Reno and Kill Hundreds of Thousands **
Japan Facing Magma Surges, Volcanic Fury, Another 9.0 Quake **
Missouri River Flood Closes 100 Miles of Bridges
Rains Pressure Missouri River Basin, Churning Flood Concerns
Sandbag Shortage Adds to Woes on Missouri River
Next 72 Hours ‘Critical’ in Flood Fight: Sight-Seers Flock to Dam **
Shocking' Report Warns of Mass Extinction from Current Rate of Marine Distress
Hurricane Beatriz Grazes the Mexican Coast
A Spring Extreme Temperatures **
Scientists Try to Have It Both Ways on Global-warming **
June 20
Fresh Evacuations as Southern AZ Fire Jumps Highway, Canyon **
AZ Wildfires Pose Extreme Risk – Official: "It Just Can't Get Any Worse"
McCain Blames Some Arizona Wildfires on Illegal Immigrants **
Large Wildfire in East Texas Forces Evacs **
River Falls Short of Nebraska Nuke Plant Shutdown
Iowa Residents Wait, Watch River's Rising Waters **
Wet Weather to Worsen Missouri River Flooding
Vast Storm to Trigger Early Week Severe Weather **
Storms Roar Through Southeast; at Least 1 Dead **
2011 Already 5th Deadliest Tornado Season on Record **
Death Toll from Joplin Tornado Rises to 154
Worst Flooding Since 1955: 2 Million Suffer in China **
Tropical Storm Beatriz Heading Toward Mexico
Ring's Quake-Call Right On
Flights Disrupted Again After Volcanic Ash Cloud Circles Earth Twice
Starving Blackbirds Resort to Cannibalism After Dry Spring Leaves Them Without Worms
June 17
Powerful Earthquake Strikes Alaska's Largest City **
Earthquakes Are Increasing in Numbers & Magnitude **
Florida Wildfires Exacerbated by 50,000 Lightning Strikes in 1 Day **
Winds Spread Wildfire, More Flee Near Ariz. City **
Colo. Wildfire Spreads to Fremont County, 5% Contained
Heat, High Winds Threaten Western Wildfires
Drought Outlook to Improve for Some, Too Late for Southern Farmers

Torrential Rains Hit South China, Killing 25
A Spring of Extremes Like No Other, Weather Events Unprecedented, Scientists Say **
It's All the Jet Stream's Fault
Volcanic Ash Hits Argentina's Farmers **
Russian Volcano Erupts, Spews Towering Ash Column
June 15
Rainfall Will Make Missouri Flooding Worse
Iowa Governor: Punishing Amounts of Water Threaten Levees
Record-Breaking Wallow Fire Threatening Homes, Towns **
Historic Drought: West Palm Beach Water Options Drying Up **
Gulf 'Dead Zone' This Year Predicted to be Largest in History **
More Flood Warnings for Stricken NSW
Christchurch's Aftershocks Continue
June 14
Race to Save Town After Levee Breaks **
Levee Break Threatens Iowa, Missouri Towns
Rain, Rain, Rain: Flash Flood Warnings Issued
Wallow Fire Becomes Largest Blaze in Arizona's History **
I-25 Still Closed Near Raton as Fire Crosses into Colorado **
Second Southern Colo. Fire Burning on 1,800 Acres **
Montana Flood Woes Not Over, Officials Warn
Worst Drought in More Than a Century Threatens Texas Oil Boom **
Fla. Gov. Declares Wildfire, Drought Emergency **
England Sees Driest Spring in a Century as Drought Hits UK
China's Extreme Drought Turns to Deadly Flood **
Aftershocks Fray Nerves in Christchurch **
Geologist: Tremors Not Over Despite Big Ones
Is Extreme Weather The New Normal? – New England, Nation Experience Destructive Extremes **
Warning: Extreme Weather Ahead **
June 13
Fire Evacuation Orders Lifted for 2 AZ Towns: Others Still in Danger **
Firefighters Making Headway

Trio of Weather Problems Denying Fla. Needed Rain, Forecasters Say
Christchurch Rocked by 2 Large Quakes – Extensive Damage **
New Swarm Strikes Christchurch: "This Place Is Going Mad" **
New Zealand Swarm List
Reader's Observations on Okla. Quakes **
Major Eruption of Nabro Volcano in Eritrea **
Volcanic Ash, Earthquakes Cause Travel Chaos in Australia and NZ **
Chileans Living Near Volcano Urged to Stay Away
Icelandic Volcanoes “Just a Taste” of What's to Come **
Dead Sea Threatened Both by Shrinking and Flooding
June 12
Health Risks Cited as Wildfire Spreads **
Texas Gov. Renews Statewide Fire Disaster Declaration **
Raging AZ Blaze Close to Being State's Worst
Has the Earth Shifted – Or Is It Just Me? **
Chile Volcano Ash Disrupts Australia, NZ Flights **
Chile’s Volcanic Eruption Devastates Regions Fishing; Threatens Cattle and Tourism **
Potential for Volcanic Activity in Salton Sea (So. Calif.) **
Is All the Wild Weather Connected? **
How Warming Impacts Extreme Weather: "We Have Never Seen a Year Like This Before"
** 1
NASA Sends Internal Memo to Prepare for Disasters and Continuity of Government **
Japan Tsunami: Eerie Underwater Images Show Lives Swept Away
June 10
Arizona Wildfire Continues to Burn Out of Control **
Ariz. Fire Threatens Power Supply to 3 States **
Arizona Wildfires Spread across 600 Sq. Mi.

Wallow Fire Now Likely to Become AZ's Biggest
Huge Arizona Wildfire Rekindles Forest Debate
Wildfires and Drought Plague Portions of the Southern USA.
** 1
Missouri River Flooding Has Cities Bracing
Expert Warns Missouri River Could See "Flood of Biblical Proportions"
Significant River Flood Outlook
Deadly Fungus Strikes Joplin Tornado Survivors, Volunteers **
Adrian Becomes Category 4 Hurricane **
N.D. Breaks 99-year-old Flood Record
Manitoba on Flood Alert as Major Storm Forecast **
Lightning Strike Hospitalizes 77 Air Force Cadets
5 Deaths Blamed on Record Temperatures **
Heat Burst Sends Temperature in Wichita Soaring to 102
Seabed Off Miyagi Sank Before March 11 - Japan Sinking
7-mile Oil Slick Found in Gulf of Mexico – Local Official Believes It’s from BP Disaster
England Sees Driest May in a Century as Drought Hits UK **
Massive Fire in UK Gets to Within 100 Yards of Homes
June 8
Crews Battle Flames to Protect Arizona Towns **
Uncontained Wildfire Rages in Arizona
** 1
Mass Worm Die-Off in 3 States, Now a Quake Just Hit in Ohio, Bigger Quake to Come?
** 2
Massive Landslide Blocks at Least 4 N. Dakota Roads **
Alert on My New Crack # 2
** 3
Brutal Heat Wave Sets in for East Today **
Heat Index
Ottawa Issues Heat Warning
T.S. Adrian to Strengthen to a Hurricane **
China Floods Kill 52 People, More Rain Forecast
'Wild and Weird' Weather Leaves Its Mark **
Chile Volcano Ash Grounds Argentina Air Travel **
5 Years On, Java Still Grapples with Mud Volcano
June 7
Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Third Arizona Town **
Ariz. Fire Tops 365 Square Miles
Monster Arizona Wildfire Threatens Line of Mountain Towns
** 1
Missouri Second Levee Breach Causes Mandatory Evacuation **
Iowa Gov. Warns of 'Very Serious' Flood Threat
Flood Battle Also Underway in Nebr. **
4.2 Quake Rattles New Madrid **
June Storm Brings Snow to Hawaii Mountains
Warnings as Hottest Weather in 5 Years Hits Chicago **
Another Nasty Heat Wave Heading to the East
Thousands Flee Their Homes and Flights Are Grounded as Chilean Volcano Sends Plumes of Ash Showering Down
Monster Volcano Can be Seen from Space as It Spits Fire into the Sky **
More Than 42 Million Displaced by Natural Disasters in 2010 **
6 Dead in Torrential Haiti Rains
June 6
High Winds Threaten to Blow Wildfires across Arizona **
Triggers New Evacuations
Levee Breach Near Missouri-Iowa Border Prompts Evacuations **
Australian Climate Change Scientists Receive Death Threats As Debate Heats Up **
Chile Volcano Chain: Puyehue Erupts, Forcing Evacuation
** 1
More Heavy Rain Awaits Flood-Ravaged Montana **
June 5
Largest Wildfires in Arizona’s History: 250,000+ Acres Burned, 0% Contained, Evacs Ordered **
Kansas Braces for Missouri River Flood **
Something for Everyone

Rain Wreaks Havoc on Oahu, Flash Flood Warning Issued
13 Injured When Bounces House Blow Away
Human Toll of Deadly Tornado Cuts Deep in Joplin – Some Gave Their Lives to Save Strangers **
Chilean Volcano, Dormant for Decades, Spits Towering Ash Column **
Popocatepetl Blasts Tower of Ash
CO2 Emissions Rise 3x Higher Than Safe Level at Mt. Dieng Volcano
Chinese Study Reveals Three Gorges Dam Triggered 3000 Earthquakes, Numerous Landslides
Australia Flood Costs Soar to $7B
June 3
Arizona Fires Force Evacuations in 3 Communities **
Missouri River Rises, Flood Extends Underground **
Corps Updates Reservoir Release Forecast to Unprecedented Levels **
Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano Blasts Tower of Ash
Can You Identify This Mysterious Cloud Over Pt. Townsend? **
June 2
Shocked Mass. Towns Assess Damage After Tornadoes Kill 4
New England Nightmare as Deadly Tornadoes Tear Across State

Timeline 2011 to 2019: Events on the Calendar **
June 1
Expert: NYC, San Diego Overdue for Hurricanes **
5 Cities Due to be Rocked by a Hurricane **
Chinese Expert: Drought Is a 'Warning Signal'
Freak Weather the New Norm **
What’s Worse Than Rising Food Costs
Chile Hit by 6.4 Quake Near Last Year's Devastating Temblor **
'Slow' Quakes Can Travel Backward – with Gusto
Japan Earthquake Appears to Increase Quake Risk Elsewhere in the Country
Cambridge Volcanologist Fears World Will See a Super Eruption
May 31
Wildfire Destroys 12 Texas Homes **
Snowmelt, Rain Worsen Mont., Dakotas, Wyo. Flooding **
More Rain, Snow, National Guard Troops for Montana
Lake Champlain Again Inching Toward Destructive Level
Fresno, Ca. Hit With Surprise Snowfall for Memorial Day
Typhoon Songda Hits Earthquake-Ravaged Japan **
Extreme Weather May Be New Norm **
Hail, Heat, Droughts, Tornadoes: Why the Increase in Extreme Weather?
Drought Parches China's 'Land of Fish and Rice'
Winds Overturn Boat Carrying 7 People on Colorado Lake
Hot and Dry Summer Dries Out Much of the US **
Kilauea Crater Lava Lake Grows
Warning for New Madrid Fault Line, Earthquake Imminent? **
Volcano / Earthquake Watch June 1-5

NZ Big Quake Risk Put at 23%
May 29
Mystery Boom in Philly Caused by Earthquake: USGS
Turkey Rattled by 68 Earthquakes in 24 Hours **
Flooding Spreads – to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming **
South Dakota Warns of Evacuations from Floods **
"Melon-Sized Hailstone"?! Not So Fast....
Quebec Area Sinkholes Prompt Evacuations from Homes **
Hundreds of Thousands of Fish Found Dead in Lake Surrounding Heating Volcano **
Massive Crack Appears in Spain

Methane Still Seeps in Ongoing Gulf of Mexico Oil Horror Story
May 27
Atlanta Severe Storms Claim Three Lives, 216,000 Without Power **
Boy's Death, Father's Anguish Mark Storm's Fury
** 4
Largest-Ever Dead Zone 'a Disaster in the Making' for La. Fishermen **
Geological Upheaval Risks Now Increasing for Indonesia
UCF Scientist: Dolphins Impacted by BP Oil Spill **
May 26
First Person on Twister Missing List Found Alive **
Tornado-Weary States Hoping for Break **
Early FEMA Rejections Bring Disappointment for Tornado Victims
Montana Flooding Swamps Towns, Reservation **
Fickle Miss. Flooding Frustrates Some Residents **
Rebuilding Will Take Years, Millions and Patience
Aerial Tour of Joplin Tornado Damage
** 1
Worst Drought in 50 Years Along Yangtze **
May 25
Deadly Midwest Twisters Pummel 3 States – Are More on the Way? **
Frightening Footage of Deadly Oklahoma Twister
1 **
DangerousThunderstorms to Menace from Shreveport to Detroit **
Tornado Destroys Denning, Arkansas **
After Missouri Tornado, Grim Search for Missing
Joplin Death Toll Rising
Today's Ugly Weather (click for latest)
Volcano Halts German Flights as BA Applies to Fly in ‘Red Zone’ **
Lightning Strikes Leave 42,000 Without Power
May 24
Historic Severe Outbreak to Affect 80 Million in Metros **
Hunt for Survivors: Families Return to Devastated Homes as Joplin Braces Itself for Another Tornado **
118 Dead, More Twisters Forecast **
More Storms on the Horizon for Devastated Missouri City
Family Seeks High School Grad Sucked Out of Car's Sunroof During Joplin Tornado **
Personal Letter from Joplin Tornado Survivor **
More Stories from the Storm: Fear, Tears, Prayers Silenced by Tornado Destruction
Cities Become Bigger Tornado Targets **
2011 Set to be Deadliest Tornado Year **
NOAA Tracks ‘Extremely Unusual’ Tornadoes **
What's Causing the Rise in Deadly Storms? **
FEMA Advises W.Va, Va, Rest of mid-Atlantic to Prepare for Hurricane Season
Ash Turns Day into Night in Iceland **
Hundreds of Flights Canceled as Volcanic Ash Hits **
Volcano in Iceland: Story Told in Video, Time-Lapse Photos, and Tweets
Iceland Volcano Eruption Pictures
Japanese Superquake Moved Ocean Floor 79 Feet Sideways and 10 Feet Up - New Data Shows Region Is Under More Strain **
Unusual Earthquake Gave Japan Tsunami Extra Punch, Say Stanford Scientists
Turkey Quake Renders 2,000 Homes Uninhabitable
UK Faces Hottest Spring for a Century – Homeowners' Water Bills to Double Amid Drought Fears
Landslide at Malaysian Orphanage Buries 24 People **
May 23
Nearly 50 Tornadoes Hit Central US **
75% of Joplin Destroyed – at Least 89 Dead, Many Still Buried in Rubble **
Harrowing Sounds from People Trapped During Tornado 1 **
Storm Chasers Capture Massive Joplin Tornado
2 **
Aftermath of Joplin Missouri Tornado - Dog Saved Live
3 **
More Severe Thunderstorms, 70 MPH Winds Heading Toward Joplin
More Threatening Weather from Kansas to Penn.
An Agonizing Wait in Louisiana for Creeping Floodwaters **
Mississippi River Flood of 2011 Sets All-Time Flow Record, But Has Crested
Volcano Eruption Forces Closure of Iceland Airspace **
Ash Cloud to Hit Britain Tomorrow
Yellowstone National Park Is Moving **
Flooding Becomes Widespread in Eastern Montana
Earthquakes in New Zealand, San Francisco, But No 'Rapture' on May 21
Deadly Quakes Inside Continental Plates
Wind Warning as Scotland to be Hit by 80mph Gusts **
Sea-level Fright as Climate Report Goes Public
May 20
Floodwaters to Linger in Mississippi Town for Weeks, Forecasters Say **
Wildlife Rush for High Ground in Flood Areas
Back-to-Back Disasters Slam Mississippi
** 1
Mississippi Flooding Could Mean More Pain at the Pump **
Ala. Tornadoes Ranked 6 Out of 7 on Am. Red Cross Disaster Scale
Is Extreme Weather the New Normal? **
Springfield, MO Prepares for Taking in New Madrid Quake Survivors **
Farm Bureau Quietly Dropped Quake Insurance after Start of 2010 Swarm
Turkey Earthquake Leaves 3 Dead
China Warns of 'Urgent Problems' Facing Three Gorges Dam **
May 19
Fierce Forecast: Feds Predict Up to 10 Atlantic Hurricanes in 2011 **
First Death from Mississippi River Flooding **
For Flood Victims, Life Is Tedious Waiting Game
Late Snow Storms Dump on West, Create New Flood Front **
Feet of Snow by Weekend
Freak Tornado Batters Philadelphia **
Britain Set to Fry for a Fortnight in May Heatwave
Japan Quake Was 'in the Air' Days Before, Scientist Claims **
Big, Shallow Quakes Have a Warning Signal, Say Researchers **
No Quick Fix for Huge Landslide in WY
May 18
Flooding Slows Shipping on Mississippi River
Texas Wildfires: Months of Flames, Drought Devastate the Lone Star State **
Manitoba Flood Cost $200M and Rising **
Massive Landslide Under Canadian Railroad (language warning)
** 1
50 Explosions Blast from Nicaragua's Telica Volcano
May 17
Flooding Covers Millions of Acres **
Evacuees Move into Enclave Built for Katrina **
Boat Tour of Mississippi Flooding
** 1
Families 'Forever Changed' by Flooding
** 2
More Rain on Deck for Mississippi Flood Areas
Thousands Flee 'Town on Fire' in Canada **
Alberta Wildfires: Live Timeline
Floods in Manitoba, Quebec Stir Up Longer-Term Environmental Concerns
Texas Drought Conditions Worst Since '20s **
Drought Leaves Nearly 1400 Reservoirs Dead in China Province **
Aftershocks Continue Daily after Christchurch Quake **
Heatwave in Britain Sparks Drought Fears
Japan’s Aso Volcano Alert Level Raised to 2
144 Quakes from Bulusan Volcano in 24 Hours
May 15
Towns Await Floodwater from Diverted Mississippi: 3,000 SM of Land to be Inundated by 20 Feet of Water **
Spillway Gushes Water Through Cajun Country
** 1
3 US Nuclear Power Plants Threatened by Spillway Flooding
Strong Quake Shakes Costa Rica's Capital
Drought Fears After UK Sees Warmest April on Record **
NY Man Spends Life Savings Ahead of May 21 Doomsday
Alabama's Tornadoes Break Weather Records **
May 13
Water Nears Top of Morganza Floodgates **
Opening Spillway Comes with High Cost: 3 Million Acres, 18,000 Acres of Crops, 2,500 People, 11,000 Structures
May 12
Mississippi Delta Flooding: 'It's Getting Scary' **
Flooding Breaks 1937 Record **
Mississippi River Floods of 'Epic Proportions'
** 1
Damage Could Reach Billions
Spain's Surprisingly Deadly Earthquakes Were Small But Shallow
Spain's Residents Wary of Aftershocks **
WH States We Need to Worry About 9.0 Quake in the USA **
Underwater Photos Show Growing Gap Between Tectonic Plates **
Deadliest Earthquakes Worldwide
South Mississippi Facing 'Severe' Drought
La Nina Brings Flood Risks, Drought to the West
Drought Halts Shipping on China's Yangtze River **
Taiwan Hit By Most Serious Drought in 8 Years
Severe Tropical Droughts Expected as Temperatures Rise
Mt. Etna Erruption Closes International Airport **
May 11
Mississippi Flooding: Worst Is Yet to Come **
May Flood 3 Million Acres, Halt Refineries
River Overtakes Mississippi Town
** 1
Severe Weather on Tuesday Turns Deadly in the East
Earthquake Hits Southern Spain, At Least 10 Dead **
22 Quakes Strike Italy
Large, Distant Quakes Can Trigger Changes in San Andreas Fault, New Study **
World Wide Super Storms and Pole Shift **
May 10
Mississippi Delta Prepares for Worst **
Worry About Snakes, Rats and Gators as Mississippi Crests
Record River Flooding Could Last Weeks
** 3
Japan Earthquake Shifted Towns That Now Flood During Tides **
7.1 Quake Hits South Pacific
'Fairly Violent' 5.3 Earthquake Rocks Christchurch **
Christchurch Quake Damage Will Cost Kiwis $11+ Billion
3.9 on Colorado-New Mexico Border – Global Quake, Volcano Overview
** 1
Earthquake Deaths Increasing Worldwide **
Millions Face High Risk of Deadly Andes Quake
Earthquakes, Floods Take Toll on Munich Re
3 Super-Massive Storms – East Coast Low Pressure May Become a 'Hurricane'
** 2
Insurer Hiscox Predicts Hurricane Cover Rise
Tornadoes Return Midweek **
Volcano Heats High-Mountain Lake to 108ºF (42ºC)
May 9
Mississippi May Crest in Memphis Later Today **
Mississippi Flooding Affecting Gulf Fishermen **
Record-Breaking Heat Surging Across Plains **
Death Toll from Japan Quake Nears 15,000
May 8
Memphis Braces for Mighty Mississippi's Wrath ** HOLLY NOTE: With massive flooding along the Mississippi, how much is this excessive water both pressuring and "greasing" the New Madrid Seismic Zone?
Memphis Readies for Big River While Kentucky Spared Calamity
Memphis Flooding Expected to Worsen as Mighty Mississippi Crests to Record Levels
** 1
Flooding Fears Rise Along the Mississippi River

Mississippi Businesses Close Due to Rising Water **
Drought in Kansas to Impact on Govt. Obligations
Tropical Storm Aere Lashes Philippines; 1 Dead, Threatens Country's Agricultural North **
Ecuador Volcano Tungurahua Explodes Again: People Fear for Their Lives **
25 Quakes Hit Taal Volcano in Last 24 Hrs; Lake Water Warms
Firefighters Battle Raging Wildfires in Siberia – To Repeat of Russia's Massive 2010 Fires?
Warm Water Causing Cold Winters
May 6
Mississippi River Communities Threatened **
Memphis Prepares for Historic Flooding
** 1
Drought Worsens in Southwest as Floods Hit Midwest
Severe Drought in Texas Worst in Map's History **
Drought Conditions Intensify in Much of Oklahoma
Tuscaloosa Mayor: Eyes Back on Tornado Catastrophe **
Severe Weather Will Rebound Next Week **
Moderate Earthquakes Strike Mexico, Alaska, Japan
500 Sq. Miles of Texas Have Burned
** 2
Extreme Drought Overwhelms Central China Province
May 5
More Levee to be Blasted as Mississippi Rises **
Floods Close I-40 In Arkansas **
Obama Declares Emergency in 3 States Over Flooding **
Flooding Hits Record Highs in 6 States
** 1
Record-Shattering Flooding in Vermont, NY **
How an Earthquake Might Unfold in Oregon
Tropical Storm May Form Near Philippines
Little Money Is Reaching Japan's Earthquake Victims
May 4
Flood Unease Builds Along Mississippi River: Memphis Could See 5,300 Homes, Businesses, Schools Swamped **
7 States on Edge as Miss. River Flood Fears Prompt More Evacuations
** 1
Rain, Rain Won't Go Away in May
Storm Unleashes Waterspouts, Hail and Thunderstorms on Oahu **
Swarm of Earthquakes Along Maine Coast **
Rain, Chill Add to Misery of Tornado Victims
Queen 'Appalled' by US Storm Deaths
Texas Denied Federal Disaster Aid **
Volcano in Russia's Far East Spew Ash to 6,000 Meters
New Report Confirms Arctic Melt Accelerating
Twisters, Floods, Drought – What’s Wrong With the Weather? **
May 3
'Mini-Tsunami': Levee Blasted in Bid to Save Town; 132,000 Crop Acres Submerged **
Mississippi River to Exceed 1927 Flood Levels **
US: Record 312 Twisters in Single Day **
May Is Notorious for Tornadoes; How Bad Will It be This Year?
Rare NZ Tornado Kills 3, Injures 20 **
Auckland Tornado Captured
3 **
Alabama Tornado Disaster as Bad as Katrina, 9/11 **
Oregon's Sleeping Giant: Threat of Earthquake
4 Quakes in Texas Region Could Mean Large One Is Coming **
Doomsday: Earth's Core Spinning Out of Control
May 2
Corps to Detonate 250 Tons of Explosives on Levee Near Mew Madrid Fault – Will Submerge 132,000 Acres of Farmland
May 1
Mayor Orders Flood-Threatened Ill. City Evacuated **
Divided by a River: 2 States Grapple with Rising Floodwaters
Engineers Move Ahead with Plan to Blast Miss. Levee – Crops to be Inundated **
More Rain for Flooded Arkansas, Ohio Valley **
Flood the New Madrid = a View to a Kill
** 1
Volunteers Provide Food, Water, Med. Supplies after Tornadoes Left Nearly 350 Dead **
Another EF-5 Tornado Declared from Wednesday **
Twister Outbreak Is Second Deadliest in US History
May Notorious for Tornadoes; Will it Be this Year?
Texas Wildfires Lead Gov. to Seek Federal Aid **
Manitoba's Dikes Battered by Wind, Rain, Nearly 700 Roads Cut Off **
Is the Weather Becoming More Extreme?

America Is Shrinking
Magma on the Move: Levels Are Stirring Uniformly Across Planet's Hotspots **
Strong Earthquake Jolts Panama
April 29
FEMA Chief: 'I Think This Is Going to Rank Up as One of the Worst Tornado Outbreaks in U.S. History' **
Deadly Miss. EF5 Tornado Had Winds of 205 MPH
Day of the Twisters: Why Did So Many People Die?
Storm Chaser Captures Stunning Tornado Video
** 2
Alabama Tornado Survivor Describes Chaos
** 1
Strangers Pick Up the Pieces of Tornado-Torn Lives
Suicides Expected... **
Damages Estimated at $2B to $5B
Russia Offers Help
Accuweather: Nearly 900 Reports of U.S. Tornadoes in April **
150-mph Jet Stream a Key Factor in Wednesday's Tornado Outbreak **
Historic Flooding Unfolding Along Mississippi, Ohio Rivers **
Texas Gov. Says Obama Leaving Texas in the Dust – Fumes Over (Lack of) Wildfires Aid **
Rare Small Earthquake Strikes Minnesota **
Hopi Elder Warning - Huge Earthquake in July 2011
** 3
Two Russian Volcanoes Spew Ash Threatening Aviation, Wildlife
Saskatchewan Flooding May Last 6 to 8 Weeks **
Reporter Nearly Blown Away by High Winds on Live TV

April 28
Southern Storms: 'I Don't Know How Anyone Survived' – Nearly 300 Dead **
131 Dead in Just Alabama: 131 Dead, 1 Million Without Power **
TVA Loses All Power Transmission Lines in Ala., Miss., Nuke Plant Forced into Emergency Shutdown **
85 Million Americans Were in Path of Yesterday's Storms
** 1
Deadly Tornadoes Rip Through South

Mile-wide Tornado over Tuscaloosa
Severe Weather Rattling East Coast Today **
Ga. Governor Declares State of Emergency **
Tornado Hits Mich Farm: 40,000 Turkeys 'Run Amok' **
Drought – Texas Records Driest March Since 1895 **
Severe Droughts Put 8 million Africans at Risk
Ecuador on Alert after Volcano Erupts **
Earthquake Update and Overview + 2 Week US Forecast
** 2
February 22 Christchurch Earthquake Slideshow
** 3
Christchurch Facing 20 Years of Earthquake Repairs
Japan Earmarks First $50 Billion for Post-Quake Rebuild
Almost 3 Million to Participate in Today's First Multistate Quake Drill **
FEMA Administrator to Discuss Planning for Catastrophic Disasters
April 27
Tornado Damages 100 Homes in East Texas **
Tornado Record Set: 292 in April - and Counting **
Tornado Count 2011
Tornado Season Intensifies, Without Clear Scientific Consensus on Why **
Today's Ugly Forecast
Today's Tornado Onslaught Centers on Tennessee Valley **
Texas Inferno, Winds Renew Extreme Fire Danger **
Alabama Gov. Declares State of Emergency **
Extreme Drought Sets Texas Ablaze and May Sprawl Over the South Until Midsummer **
Update on La Nina and the Upcoming Summer
April 26
'The Town's Gone': 7 Dead as Storm Slams Ark. **
Dozen Tornadoes Reported as More Storms Rake Dallas-Fort Worth
Tornadoes, Floods Batter Midwest
1 **
More Violent Storms Target Zone from Texas to New York
Extreme Tornado Season

Tornado Damage Scale in Images
Extremely Dangerous Tornado Situation Today **
Flooding to Worsen along Ohio, Mississippi Rivers **
Deadly Storms Push Levees to Limit **
NOAA Predicts Long-Lasting Drought to Continue
2 **
5.7 Quake Shakes Acapulco, Tourists to Streets
President: Colombia Hit by 'Worst National Disaster' **
Girls Cling to Each Other for Dear Life as Huge Wave Crashes Around Them on Pier
The Rise of High Winds and Waves **
April 25
Significant Tornado Outbreak Aims for Arklatex, South **
April Tornadoes Break Record **
St. Louis Lambert Airport Tornado: Stunning Video, Photos **
Tornadoes 2011
Storms Could Spawn Tornadoes, Life-Threatening Flooding This Week **
Departures Begin at St. Louis Airport Hit by Tornado
Hot Weather Forecast for Texas as Battle Against Wildfires Continues **
Wildfires Leave Behind Death, Destruction in TX

Texans Warned to Prepare for Fresh Wildfires **
Flood Evacuations Ordered in Missouri Town **
Low Rainfall Levels Raise Drought Fears in England, Wales
Heavy Rain, Flood Warnings for NZ's North Island
Cause of Severe Weather Outbreaks Unclear **
Prayers for Rain Common in Oklahoma Rural and Urban Areas
ND Officials Close Key State Highway Due to Flood
More Than 150 Quakes Hammer Hawthorne, NV **
Army Depot: Site of the Nevada Quake Swarm
Earthquakes Continue to Rattle Greenbrier, Arkansas **
Ark. Quake Swarm

Indonesia Quake Damages Dozens of Houses, People Injured
Japan Deploys 25,000 Troops in Search for Disaster Victims
Japan's Earthquake Shows Need to be Prepared
NZ Quake Predictor Ken Ring Fears for His Life
Death Rate Spikes in Elderly after NZ Quake
Scientists to Study One of World's Most Seismically Active Faults
Alert Level 2 Raised for Philippines' Taal Volcano
Horror as 2 Tourists Swept to Their Deaths
2011: 100 Days of Disaster – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5
April 23
Massive Severe Outbreak Coming Next Week **
Wildfires Scorch Lives on Texas Lake **
Texas Gov. Calls for Prayer, Fires Burn Nearly 1.9 Million Acres
Drought-Plagued Midland, Texas Running Out of Water **
Europe Prays for Easter Rain in Worst Drought for a Century **
Storm Closes St. Louis Airport: People 'Too Freaked Out to Talk' **
Airport Closed "Indefinitely"
** 3
6.3 Quake Hits Japan as Evacuation Zone Sealed Off
Here's Why Japan's Earthquake Was So Strong
University Steps-Up Monitoring after Nevada Quake Swarm **
WH Readies 'US Shake Out' to Prepare Citizens for Earthquakes
3 Philippine Volcanoes Active
Ozone Hole Has Dried Australia, Scientists Find
Antarctic Ozone Hole May Have Larger Role in Climate Change **
Rogue Wave Frequency Increases  **
April 21
Up to 300 More Tornadoes over the Next Two Weeks **
2011 Already Worst April Tornado Month in 37 Years
Record-Breaking April Barely Halfway Done
April's Record Pace: Severe Weather Scorecard **
2 Powerful Quakes Hit Eastern Coast of Japan's Honshu
Tsunami Warnings, Written in Stone, Saved Some
Are We Entering an Age of Major Earthquakes? **
Dry Winds Hamper Efforts to Battle Texas Fires **
Tropical Atlantic Off to an Early Start? **
Swiss Face One of Worst Droughts on Record
Russia Risks Repeat of 2010 Wildfire Crisis **
Severe Hailstorm Kills 17, Injures 150 in China
April 20
More Storms, Tornadoes Could Hit South **
Storm Chasers Capture Incredible Video in Illinois
Central U.S. Prepares for Massive Earthquake Drill **
New York Unprepared for Earthquakes, Experts Say
Texas Burning 'from Border to Border'
Texas Fire Situation Is of "Historic Proportions" **
Western Wildfires Eat Up Texas
** 2
2011 Already Tied with Worst Tornado Record in a Decade
Manitoba's Cottagers May be Next Flood Victims **
Entire Town Washed Away in New Tsunami Video
657 New Islands Discovered Worldwide
April 19
New Severe Storm, Tornado Taking Shape **
Wild April Weather to be Followed by Wicked May **
Late-Season Snowstorm Aims for Northern Plains, Midwest
Texas Fires: 20 New Blazes, Extreme Fire Danger Continues **
Texas Gov. Asks for Disaster Declaration for Worst Wildfires Since 1917 **
Homeless Man Charged with Starting Texas Fires
As More Storms Form, Assess the Costs of Tornadoes and Other Extreme Weather
Japan Quake Caused Surprisingly Severe Soil Collapse **
3.8 Quake Rattles San Francisco on 105th Anniversary of the Great 1906 Earthquake **
Swarm of 400 Quakes Hits Nevada **
Millions Prepare for Midwest Earthquake **
6.6 Quake Rumbles Off New Zealand Coast
Japan Earthquake Triggered Smaller Quakes Around World **
Forced Evacuations Near Philippines Volcano
Philippines Volcano on Verge of Eruption
UN Coverup of "Climate Refugees" Scandal Fails
April 18
Wicked Weather Claims 45 Lives **
Puppy Power: Dogs Survive Tornado
** 1
Another Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado Threat Returns Tuesday **
Texas Ranchers Lose Cattle, Livelihood to Fires; 500,000 Cattle Injured; 500,000+ Acres Charred **
'Perfect Storm for Wildfires' Hits Texas
** 2
Extreme Rainfall Behind Queensland Flood
Extreme Weather Is Moving Tectonic Plates, Scientists Claim **
Water Set to Swamp Vital Manitoba Route to U.S.
Masters of the World Meet to Play God with Climate **
5.3 Quake Hits Off Coast of Western Australia
California Stepping Up Preparation for a Major Earthquake
Mt. Ruapehu Activity Slowing But Still Elevated
200 Homes in Mexico Flooded after Sewage Canal Cracks
"Spillionaires": Profiteering in the Wake of the BP Oil Spill
April 17
Search Begins for Storm Survivors, at Least 45 Dead **
At Least 250 Tornadoes in 3 Days
** 1
Swarm of Nevada Quakes Have Experts Concerned **
5.4 Quake Shakes Queensland
Largest Quake Since 1935 Rocks Qld. - Aftershocks to Last for Days **
5.3 Christchurch Earthquake Cuts Power to 20,000
Hundreds of Aftershocks Worsen Japan's Quake Trauma **
Fresh Leak Fears as Japan Rocked by Another Earthquake
Sound of Japan's 9.0 Quake Heard in Alaska
Japan a Month after the Earthquake - Images of Devastation
Wildfires Sweep Across N. Texas, 20,000 acres Scorched, 30 Homes Destroyed, 1 Dead
** 2
Sakurajima Volcano in Japan Erupting Daily - Massive Explosion
** 3
Increasing Activity at Taal Volcano
More Evacuated Amid Philippine Volcano Fears
Millions of Spiders Invade Pakistan
April 16
Tornadoes Kill at Least 17 in South **
11 Tornadoes Strike in 4 Hours... Then More Came – Already 250 Twisters This Year
Deadly Wildfires Sweep Across Texas **
April 15
Another Day of Ugly Weather
Tornado Carves 7-Mile Path of Destruction – at Least 9 Dead **
Ark., Okla. Storms: "It Felt Like a Bomb"
** 1
Mid-April Blizzard Shuts Down I-80
Weather System Brings Blizzard / Tornado Warnings
Every 'HAARP Ring' from 2 Days Ago Now Hit by Tornados / Very Severe Weather

Plains States Endure a Season of Weather Extremes **
Cuba Suffering Worst Drought in 50 Years
Another Year, Another Crisis **
More Than 100 Quakes Pound Hawthorne, NV **
April 14
Flood-hit ND Town Pins Hopes on Aging Dam **
State of Emergency Declared in Canadian Flooding **
Tornado Outbreak Threatens Ohio Valley, South Next
Global Planetary Tremor Sends Seismometers into the Black
High Fire Danger Continues in Southwest, Southern Plains
Two Koreas Voice Concerns of Mt. Paektu Volcano
April 13
Extreme Weather Dominates Central Plains **
Dangerous Weather Targets Storm-Weary Plains **
Snowstorm Aims for Northern Plains, Upper Midwest **
Officials: 10 Tornadoes Hit Wis. on Sunday **
Hardware Stores Can't Keep Up with Demand after Tornado
Ohio River Rising, Expected to Reach Flood Stage by Wednesday Afternoon
Dust Bowl Conditions on Plains: Problem for US, Globe **
Dust Storm Halts Oil Exports
Longtime Oil Industry Champion Now Calls BP Liars, Almost a Year After Oil Spill **
US Officials Caught Spending Gulf Oil Spill Clean-Up Funds on Gadgets **
Disaster Batters Japan's Economy
Insured Losses from Japan at $34 B
Japan Aftershocks: How Long Will They Go On?
'Extreme' Weather Hits Australia's Rio Tinto
Scientists Puzzled by Giant Whirlpools in the Atlantic **
April 12
Strain from Japan Earthquake May Lead to More Seismic Trouble, Scientists Say **
California Inspectors Ignore Earthquake Safety Violations at Schools
Record No. Dakota Flooding Creates Huge Inland Sea. I-29
Hundreds of Homes Destroyed by Tornadoes and Wildfires This Weekend **
Fires and Drought Trouble Texas and Other US Plains States
Yellowstone's Magma Plume: 400 Miles Long, Larger Than Thought **
Apocalypse and the New Madrid Fault
Melting Antarctic Ice Causing Penguins to Starve
April 11
Japan Hit by 6.6 Quake; Power Briefly Cut at Nuke Plant; Evacuation Zone Widened
How Japan’s Tsunami Massive Debris Plume Will Hit California and Hawaii
Texas Battling Wildfires That Have Destroyed Dozens of Homes Amid Heat, Wind
Flooding Closes at Least 60 Miles of No. Dakota Roads
April 10
3/4 Mile Wide Tornado Slams Iowa Town **
...60% of Town Damaged or Destroyed
Baseball-Size Hail Hammers Okla.
77 Evacuate from Taal Volcano Island
5.3 Quake Hits SW China
Are Mega Earthquakes on the Rise?
Massive W. Texas Fire Spreads Up to 125 sq. Miles **
Authorities Prepare to Evacuate Communities as Texas Wildfire Expands
Scared and Alone, Japanese Farmer Waited Weeks for Help **
TEPCO Releases Video of 48-foot Wave That Crippled Fukushima
New York Set to be Big Loser as Sea Levels Rise
Freak Sandstorm Causes Deadly Motorway Pile-up Germany
Summer Comes Early, But Heat Brings Threat of Drought for Millions
April Whiteout Closes Ariz. Interstate **
Report: 7 Out of 10 Seattle Forest Trees Dead in 20 Years
Japan Warns of Massive Earthquake, Volcanic Explosion after April 7 Disasters **
Dam Experts in the Dark as Floods Crisis Hit
April 8
4.2 Quake Shakes Arkansas **
Japan Jolted by Aftershock That Kills 3, Injures 141
...Million Homes Without Power
Japan Tsunami Rubble Will Reach West Coast **
Second Major Severe Weather Outbreak Forecast
Philippines Major Volcanoes Now All Showing Signs of Increased Unrest **
Deep Tremors Shake Large Dormant Volcano in Iceland **
Lava Shoots Out of Southern Japan Volcano **
Earthquakes Rock Taal, Bulusan Volcanoes
April 7
Double 7.4 Quakes Strike Off Japan ** HOLLY NOTE: How long will it take USGS to "disappear" these double quakes – apparently about 45 minutes
6.5 Quake Shakes Wide Area of So. Mexico **
1,000+ Quakes Rattle Greenbrier, Ark. Since September
Drought Hits Southern U.S. Pretty Hard **
Oklahoma Sees Driest 4 Months Since Dust Bowl **
Texas Areas in 'Extreme' Drought Triple in Past Month
Livestock Dying as Drought Deepens in Kenya
CSU Hurricane Team Predicts 16 Named Atlantic Storms, 9 Hurricanes with 5 Being Major **
Monday's Severe Weather: Largest Outbreak Ever? **
Bastardi: No Return of El Niño Till 2012
April 6
Floods, Landslides, Storms Hammer Nearly 1 Million in Thailand **
How Do We Prepare for the Next Big Earthquake?
Seismic Monitor Proposed for Oregon's Newberry Volcano
Aviation Alert Issued at Mt. Ruapehu – Eruptions Can Occur With Little or No Warning
April 5
20 Tornadoes, 8 Dead; Hundreds of Thousands Without Power; Storms Spawn Most Reports (1,100) of Severe Weather in 24 Hrs. Since 2000 **
April Looks Nasty for Severe Weather **
Brace for More Extremes Climate Experts Warn **
Crews Race to Beat Winds at Colorado Wildfire
Earthquake Shakes Buildings in Delhi
A Close-Up Look at a Congolese Volcano; Goma Is the Most Dangerous City in the World **
Mt. Ruapehu Shows Signs of 'Elevated Unrest' **
Ruapehu Gets $1M Eruption Alert Upgrade
Japanese Volcano Blows Its Stack **
UFOs Spotted at Sakurajima, Japan after Volcano Erupts April 3, 2011
Sea Level Rises Fastest in 350 Years **
Climate Change to Bring More Heatwaves to Australia
USGS Finds 2,000-Year-Old Coral Near BP Gulf Well
April 4
Wildfire Destroys 15 Homes in Colorado **
Wildfires Rage Across 5 States of Parched Southwest **
Red River Rising in Fargo as Flood Risk Continues in the U.S.
Gulf Region a Concern Area this Hurricane Season **
India Quake Rocks Himalayas
Large Mexican Earthquake an Eye-Opener for Scientists **
Kamchatka Volcano Gets Hazardous to Aircraft **
Etna's Ash, Mapping Kilauea Deformation, Auckland's New Volcano and More **
Drought Leaves Millions Hungry in E Africa
April 3
Great Central U.S. Shakeout Now Includes 11 States, 1.6M Participants **
Warning of Serious Earthquakes to Come – Obama Cuts Vital Disaster Funding
The Rim of Fire
6.2 Crete Earthquake Felt in Egypt, Israel and Malta
6.7 Quake Strikes Off Indonesia
Seismologists Say Bay Area Is Due for Major Earthquake That Could Cripple Region
Japan Quake, Tsunami Toll Tops 12,000
Wildfire Blows Up in Northern Colo.; Hundreds of Homes Evacuated
More Than 1/2 of U.S. in High Wind Advisory – HOLLY NOTE: This should help push through any radiation
Thailand Flood Death Toll Rises to 45
April 1
African Volcano Threatens to Turn City Below into 'a New Pompeii' **
Magma Proves Undersea Volcanoes Do Explode **
Lava Flowing Again In Kilauea East Rift Zone
Earthquake Preparedness Important for Residents along New Madrid Fault
Is the U.S. Quake Ready? Not by a Long Shot
North Pole Moved Up to 20º! Magnetosphere Anomaly - Compasses Go Haywire
The Magnetic Field - Magnetosphere Looks Very Bad and Twisted **
Gravity's Impact on Earth Revealed in Brilliant Color
Global EQ, Volcano Outlook - South Pacific, USA , Asia, Europe
March 31
No Joke: April Fool Storm Threatens 'Major' Disruption
Thailand Flooding Follows 50 Inches of Rain
March 30
2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be Active: More U.S. Landfalls **
Flooding, Avalanches, Winds Threaten the Northwest
Gulf Disaster Animals Deaths May be 50x Higher Than Believed **
Commerce Dept. Forbids Biologists from Releasing Data Regarding Gulf Dolphin Deaths **
Gauging the Tsunami Risk in Southern California
Deep Sea Volcanoes Explode Too
Eruption Creates New Lava Lake in Hawaiian Volcano
March 29
As U.S. Preps for Nuclear Disaster Drills, Scientists Reassure About Quake Zone Facilities **
Pacific NW Unprepared for Cascadia Subduction Zone Megaquake or Tsunami **
Swiss Re Expects Quakes to Become Deadlier, Costlier **
Fla. Woman Rescued after Sink Hole Swallows Her
High Incidence of Fla. Sinkholes Raises Ins. Premiums
3rd Mudslide Closes Hwy. 1 on Big Sur Coast
Thailand Flooding Sparked by Feet of Rain
New View of the Tsunami's Attack
Man Says He Warned of Tsunami Years Ago
Top 5 Most Expensive Natural Disasters in History **
March 28
Over 120 Ships Stranded in Heavy Ice in Gulf of Finland
6.5 Quake Off Japan; Small Tsunami Alert
Expanding Earth Theory, Seattle Next Rip Zone?
March 27
Big Sur Landslides Close Sections of Hwy. 1 Indefinitely
Japan Activist Warns Another "Nuclear Quake" Looms **
Slides Force Evacuation in Calif.
Everett, Wash. Fissure Moving 6-8" a Day
Wind and Waves Growing across the Globe **
Experts: Oklahoma Drought Worsens, Breaks Records
Texas Unlikely to See Drought Relief until May
Drought Raising Risk of More Western U.S. Wildfires **
New Tsunami Calif. Maps Will Show Risks from Likelier Surges
Tsunami of Sand Tortures Kuwait **
March 25
Myanmar Quake Kills at Least 70, Aftershocks Continue **
Japan Disaster: Over 27,000 Dead or Missing **
New Quake Map – click last week, then animate to see Earth's EQ "pulse"
Wildfire Risk Out of Control across Southern US **
Sign of the Apocalypse? Bunker Sales Increase after Japan Earthquake
Drought, Wildfire Threat Persists In Texas
March 24
6.8 Quake Strikes Myanmar; No Tsunami **
New Aftershock Jolts Japan
Looking Inside the San Andreas **
90 Homes Damaged in Possible Western Pa. Tornado **
Historic Flooding Forecast for Upper Midwest **
Up to 5 Possible Twisters Reported In Iowa
Tornado Damages Homes in Calif.
Extreme Weather and Earthquake Danger Imminent, Says Astrophysicist, March 23 - 27 **
Tsunami Was More Than 77 Feet High
Hawaii Wildfire Threatens Protected Rainforest
March 23
Arkansas Rockin' and Rollin' **
Geologists Warn Another Earthquake Could Tear Tokyo in Two After Weakening of Fault Line **
Historic Flooding Forecast for Upper Midwest **
'A Big One': Davenport Braces for Record Flood
Snow on Top of Snow in the Northeast
Deluge in NSW Leaves Behind Coastal Disaster Zone **
Rare Water Tornado Spotted in San Francisco
The Volcano Next Door
March 22
Heat, Wind Stoke Wildfires in Colo., Force Evacuations
Big Sioux, Mississippi Rivers Rising, and So Are Flood Fears **
High Earthquake Risk Now Imminent Say Two Leading Experts **
Japan Earthquake Serves as Reminder for California as It Struggles to Bolster Buildings
New 6.6 Quake Jolts Japan **
Triple Whammey: Japan Rocked by 3 New Large Quakes **
NKoreans Told to Use Pets as Quake Warning **
Japan Quake Leaves 22000 Dead, Missing **
Source of 30-mile Oil Spill in Gulf Puzzles Officials **
Kilauea Blaze Defies Firefighters
Why Volcanoes and Lightning May Have Provided Vital Spark That Kick-Started Life on Earth **
Mud Eruption in Ninh Thuan is Defined as Volcano Mud
March 21
Flooding, Mudslides, Snow Hit California, Close Many Calif. Roads **
Japan Typhoon Season: Will Disaster Areas be Hit?
Japan Quake Death Toll Passes 18,000 **
80-Year-Old Grandmother, Grandson Rescued 9 Days after Japan Quake
Earthquake, Tsunami May Cost Japan $235B
Significant Overnight Christchurch Earthquake Aftershock
Lava from Mt. Merapi Buries at Least 21 Houses **
Strong Quake Hits Afghanistan
Evacuations Possible for Wildfire Burning Near Golden, CO
Global Earthquake Overview - Areas of concern, USA, EU, Asia
Tokyo at Risk: Can Megacities Cope with Disaster?
March 20
Japan Quake Moved Land Mass 17 Feet, 13,000 Missing, Nearly 8,199 Dead **
Oregon Coast Must Prepare for Repeat of the Great Cascadia Earthquake of 1700 **
Quake Zone: Victoria, BC Subject to 2 Kinds of Catastrophic Earthquakes **
Ring of Fire Explodes as the Americas Join Japan as the Next Earthquake Predicted to Erupt **
Tsunami from Street Level

30 Foot Tsunami Waves Captured at Sea by Coast Guard

FEMA to Assess Hawaii Tsunami Damage
Hundreds Evacuated as Indonesian Volcano Erupts
Blaze Continues on Big Island
Potentially Massive Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico **
Another Gulf Oil Spill Near Deepwater Drilling Site – W&T’s Matterhorn SeaStar
March 19
More Than 125 Old People Abandoned, Cold in Wake of Tsunami **
Massive Japanese Storm Headed for US West Coast **
Strong 6.1 Quake Hits South of Stricken Fukushima
Erupting Indonesia Volcano Traps Villagers Between Lava Flows **
Was Japan's Volcano Eruption Linked to its Earthquake?
Geologist: Shaking Wasn't Florida Earthquake
March 18
Death Toll in Japan Climbs to Nearly 7,000
Japan Earthquake: Before and After

Arkansas Fault Line Found Capable of a 6.0 Earthquake **
Japan Disaster Raises Fear of Megaquake Cluster
Published Nov. 5, 1999: Scientists Warn Fault at New Madrid Poses Serious Threat
Damaging Winds Threaten New England
Burn Bans in Effect in Two-Thirds of Texas
Spring Flooding: 'Almost Half the Country' at Risk **
March 17
Japan Tsunami 'Could be 1,000-year Event
Japan Disaster Costs Seen at Least $180 B
Aftershocks - USGS
Ex-FEMA Chief Says Arkansas Should Prepare for Quakes
Earthquakes, Earthworms and Earth Changes
Are Megaquakes Linked?
6.5 Quake Strikes Sea Floor NW of Vanuatu
Fires Still Spreading from Hawaii Volcano
National Volcano Monitoring System Proposed
March 16
Japan Earthquake Not the "Big One"? **
'Scene from Hell': Panic Hits Tokyo; 70000 Flee Nuclear Zone **
Sign of California Quake to Come?
Japan's Nuke Emergency Prompts Panic Buying in Tokyo **
Japan's Emperor in Rare Speech: Don't Give Up Hope
March 15
2,000 Bodies Wash Ashore as Scientists Warn Japan Faces 2nd Monster Quake, Tsunami **
Japan Rocked by 2 Aftershocks Measuring at Least 6.0
Underwater Volcanoes Pose Risk to Plant, Activists Say
Fishing Industry Destroyed in Tsunami-Hit Crescent City
Tsunami Wave Hitting California Coast
Tsunami Magnet: Calif. Town Hit 34 Times Since '34
Japanese City Before and After the Tsunami

Lava from Hawaii Volcano Eruption Sparks Wildfire
Gulf of Mexico Peppered with Quakes
3 Volcanoes Erupt Nearly Simultaneously after Japan Quake
March 14
Experts Predict Another Eruption and Tsunami Could Hit Stricken Japan within Days **
Reeling from Earthquake & Tsunami, Japan Facing Crises at 3 Nuke Plants and Yet Another Quake **
Earthquake, Tsunami and Potential Nuclear Meltdown, Now Disaster-Ravaged Japan Suffers a Volcanic Eruption
Aftershocks Rock Japan
Japan Without Water, Power, Food Amid Fears of Nuclear Meltdowns **
...Worst Crisis Since Second World War' **
Quake Causes Japan's Coast to Move 13 Feet, Tilts Earth's Axis 10 Inches: Report
Crowded Shelters Expose Scale of Disaster
Animated N. Hemisphere Jet Stream Graphic – real time
Rush to Fix Quake-Damaged Undersea Cables
March 11
Tsunami Warning Issued for Hawaii, Tsunami Watch Issued for Oregon and Washington
Hundreds Dead after 23-foot Tsunami Strikes Japan, Washing Away Cars and Damaging Buildings
Tsunami Waves Crash Ashore Japan

Tsunami Warning Issued for at Least 50 Areas after Quake
Tsunami Reaches Kauai and Oahu, No Damage Reported
Coastal No. California under Tsunami Warning; Crescent City Expected to See Biggest Waves
March 10
At Least 22 Dead, 201 Injured in China Quake **
'Christchurch Will Shake Like a Leaf' - Quake Danger Known for Years **
Fault in Central Arkansas Could Be More Destructive Than Thought **
3.5 Quake Hits Ark. after Perceived Lull
Soggy Northeast Fights Rain, Worries About Floods
Severe Storms, Tornadoes Hammer Southeast
Flood Worries Dominate Eastern Third of US
Fears Record Flood Could Swamp Town
March’s Super Moon: More Earthquakes, Weird Weather, Volcanic Eruptions? **
Last Year's Deadly Russian Heat Wave Was 'Natural'
Winter Storm Hits Greece, Turkey with Snow, Wind
Weatherman Admits Military Spraying Chemicals

March 9
More Rain Threatens Flood-Weary NJ Residents
7.2 Earthquake Lasting 3 Minutes Hits Off Coast of Japan
Earthquake View Mapped
** HOLLY NOTE: On average 17 mag. 7's occur, not 10-15
NZ Quake the Largest Liquefaction in Earth's History
New Madrid Earthquake Will Divide America
Threat of Earthquakes Pales Beside the 50 Volcanoes on Our Doorstep
Volcanoes Re-awaken in Mere Months  **
Kilauea's Newest Eruption Gets Name; Continues to Spew Loads of Lava, Fumes
How Would Nuclear War Affect Climate?
March 7
Earthquakes Reported Off Oregon Coast
Another Stormy Week Ahead
Snowstorm Slams Southeastern Canada
Spring 2011 Forecast for Canada
Christchurch Earthquake: New Living Hell: No Water, Homes Wrecked, But Toilets Are Worst Part **
Aftershocks Continue to Hit Christchurch **
Christchurch Quake: 10,000 Homes 'Cannot be Rebuilt' **
Look What the Quake Dropped in...
Kilauea's Fresh Eruption Sends Fountains of Lava into the Air

Stunning Sat Image of a Volcano's Most Dangerous Threat
No Such Thing as a Dormant Volcano? Magma Chambers Awake Sooner Than Thought **
Giant Fissure Opens in the Ground in Pakistan

March 6
Deadly Tornado Levels 100 Louisiana Homes **
Mother Killed Protecting Daughter During Tornado

Adjust Your Compass Now: the North Pole Is Migrating to Russia – Fast, Causing Problems for Aviation, Navigation, Wildlife **
6.2 Quake Hits Northern Chile
Terrified by NZ's Incessant Aftershocks, 65,000 Flee Christchurch **
Hawaii Volcano Sudden Change: Pu'u O'o Collapses, New Eruption Site **
Paki Floods to Cause Shortage of Luxury Cotton Sheets
March 4
West Texas Has 2 Earthquake's at Fracking Sites **
'Fracking' Sites Linked to Earthquakes May be Closed
Kiwis Terrified by Fresh Earthquake Prediction
Learning from America’s Ken Ring Moment
Possible Kilauea Volcano “Surge” Deadly Threat
N. Dakota Filling Millions of Sandbags Anticipating 3rd Straight Major Flood
State of Emergency in Florida's Wildfires **
...Destroyed Almost 17,000 Acres
Panic as 'Freak' Wave Hits Ferry
The Earth’s Weakening Geomagnetic Force and Possible Polar Reversal
Pole Shift Could Cause Superstorm **
Antarctica Ice Mass Growing from the Bottom Up
Spring 2011 Forecast: Wild Weather Continues
Costly Climate Satellite Lost after Launch Failure
March 2
Weekend Severe Weather Threat from Kentucky to Louisiana
Seismic Waves Can Trigger Other Seismic Events across the Planet
Bodies Pulverised by NZ Quake 'May Never be Found' **
Strong Winds Threatening to Topple Historic Timeball Station
Massive Dust Storm Envelops Quake-Hit Christchurch
March 1
Roads Flooded, Power Out in Parts of Midwest **
Midwest River Flooding Continues
People Felt Ark. 4.7 Quake in 5 States; Geologists Study Swarm
FEMA Requests Info on 140 M Food Packets, Blankets, Body Bags
Things Aren't Looking So "Pretend" Anymore
New Madrid Seismic Zone

4.5 Quake Shakes up Wellington, NZ
Christchurch Quake: Amongst the Ruins

...Costs Rise to $15 B – PM Reluctant to Impose New Levy
'Wizard of New Zealand' Leaving Christchurch after Quake
NZ Earthquake Uncover Reveals Buried Time Capsule
100,000's Having Symptoms from Oil Disaster, Could be Tip of the Iceberg Says Doctor
** 2
Feet of Snow Headed for Western Mountains
Massive Landslide Ruins 150 Homes in Bolivia
Australia Flooding, Cyclone Losses Estimated in Billions – keep in mind that Australia is the "world's driest continent", roughly the size of US 48 **
Geologists Study Magma at Iceland Volcano
2012 – Doom Ain't What It Used to Be **
5 Proposals to Combat "Global Warming" That Should Make Us All Cringe
February 28
Wildfires Rage across Texas Panhandle; at Least 58 Homes Destroyed, Thousands Evacuated
Update...Nearly 70 Homes Burned
...Evacuee: 'Everything Was on Fire’
Largest Quake Since 1969 Rattles Ark. - Felt in Mo. and Miss.
NZealand Quake 'No Aftershock'
Christchurch Earthquake Impact 'Bigger Than Katrina'
Thousands Leave Christchurch with No Plans to Return
NZ to Subsidize Wages to Stop Christchurch Mass Exodus
Chile Rocked by 6.0 Earthquake
Iceland Hit by 400 Quakes in 24 Hours, Krisuvik Volcano Shows Activity
Eruption Imminent at Iceland Volcano Krisuvik, 800+ Quakes Today, No Eruption Since 1340!
Flood, Tornadoes, Fire, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, HIgh Winds
February 27
Large Crack Opens in Peru **
The Sleeping Giant, New Madrid Fault Pt 1, Pt 2
N.Zealand Deaths Hit 147; 200 Missing; 62,500-No Water; 100,000-No
Survivor: My Legs or My Life
Sewage Service; 30,000 Homes-No Power

Christchurch Quake Leaves Third of City Buildings Facing Demolition **
Volcano Update - Heavy Activity - Not All Quakes Reported
Chile: Fear, Hope and Delays after Massive Quake
Woman Seriously Injured after Rogue Wave Hits Boat
Can Geoengineering Protect Earth?
February 25
4 Dead as Violent Storms Lash South
Rare Snow for San Francisco, L.A. Areas This Weekend
Mysterious Rumble of Thundersnow
The Importance of Gulf Oil Spill **
Dead Baby Dolphins Showing Up in Mass in Gulf of Mexico
2 New Moderate Earthquakes in Greenbrier, Ark.
Ark. Earthquakes "Far Higher Than in Years Past"
Ark. Quakes Spur Fear in Midwest; Underscores Importance of Emergency Preparedness Supplies **
Ozarks Can Expect to Feel New Madrid Earthquake, Experts Say **
St. Louis Bridge Secured for Huge Quake
40+ Million People Live in New Madrid Seismic Zone
N.Zealand Quake Toll Rises as Hope Fades for Survivors
Christchurch Earthquake: Rockfall Threat Still Strong
Thousands of Quakes Slam Christchurch

5.7 Quake Shakes Mexico's Gulf Coast
Volcanoes' 'Wagging' Could be Key Clue in Predicting Eruptions
Mt. Baker Overdue for Eruption
Indonesian Mud Volcano to Erupt for Next Quarter Century
February 24
FEMA on 'New Madrid Earthquake & UFO Preparedness' 2011 Undeniable Undebunkable

Christchurch: 98 Confirmed Dead, 226 Missing **
Seismologists Blame Christchurch Disaster on New Fault **
SupposedLy Quake-Proof Buildings Collapsed
Rescue Workers Not Giving Up Hope
Survivor Talks about Her Dramatic Rescue
Christchurch Aerial Footage

Christchurch Deserted, Only Police, Tanks and Search Teams on the Streets

Stories of Kindness: 1000+ Kiwis Invite Victims into Their Homes
Who's Sending Help
Flooding Risk Raised for Midwest, Northeast, Neighboring Canada
First Snow in 35 Years for San Francisco this Week!? **
Tornado Outbreak Threatens Texas to Kentucky
Volcano on the Boil
Volcanoes Drop Hint Before Deadly Eruptions: Study **
How Do Volcanoes Affect the Climate?
February 23
New Zealand in Shock: 75 Dead, 300 Missing **
Why New Zealand's Quake Was Deadlier Than Previous One
Christchurch Quake: Don't Turn Around. The Office Is Gone
...May Become Costliest Insured Disaster Since 2008
NZ Quake Damage Illustrates Risks Posed by Shallow Crustal Faults
NZ Quake Prep: Authorities Battled Complacency **
Indiana Experts Wary of Ark. Earthquake Swarm
USGS Installing More Seismic Monitors...
After the Snow, Minn. Prepares for Heavy Flood Risk **
Entire State of Hawaii under Flash Flood Watch
Child Dies under Volcanic Ash Cloud
February 22
Fears of Up to 300 Dead as New Zealand Is Rocked by Huge Earthquake ** – Aussie friends report toll may rise to 400
Major Quake hits Christchurch Again
...Causes Massive Glacier Break
Big Stretch of US Coast at Risk of Rising Seas **
Scary Tornado Hammers House W. Australia

Tornado Destroys 136 Houses in Sarangani, Philippines
Earth's Core Is Rotating Much Slower Than Previously Thought
Haiti Earthquake: Children Sold by Traffickers for as Little as $1.23 Each
Relocation Sparked by Urge to Avoid Disaster
February 21
Pilots, Boaters Adjust to Shift in Magnetic North **
Mt. Bulusan Erupts in Major Explosion **
Earthquake Shakes Up Suez Canal as Iran Warships Approach
Silencing Indep. Voices of Truth on the BP’s Mega Oil Spill, GOM
Corals Show Weather Extremes Are Growing Trend in No. Australia
February 20
Blizzard Hammering the Dakotas, Minnesota **
Temperature Swings 100º in 1 Week in Okla. Town
Bounce House Blows Away; Lands Child on Rooftop
Arkansas Quake Felt 200 Miles Away
Rash of Arkansas Earthquakes Strike Near Tip of Western KY **
Scientist Finds Gulf Bottom Still Oily, Dead **
February 18
NOAA: Another Spring of Major Flooding Likely in Midwest **
"Ice Build-up" Responsible for Recent Yellowstone Quakes – Official Explanation **
5.1 Baja Quake Felt in Arizona, So. Calif.
Arkansas Is Shaking: 50+ Earthquakes in Past Week; 700+ in Last 6 Months
Small 'Foreshock' Rumbles May Precede Big Quakes
Volcano Drilling Team Get Magma Surprise at Iceland Volcano
Crocodile Warnings High in Flood-Ravaged Australia
February 17
3.8 Quake Strikes Central Arkansas
Ark. Cities Feel Unexplained Surge in Earthquakes
New York City Due for Major Earthquake…'Expect It Any Minute' **
1-in-500-year Event Leaves Darwin Awash
Record-Challenging Warmth Headed to the East Coast
UK Storm Blamed on Climate Change
Lava Lake on Hawaii's Kilauea Rising Steadily
Underwater Volcanoes a Hotbed of Clues to Earth's Movements
February 16
20-Foot Boulder Rock Slide Closes Colo. Highway
Another Cyclone Bruises Weather-Weary Australia
...Dumps 'Feet of Rain'
Snowstorm Smothers Eastern Korea **
Fisherman Swept Overboard by Rogue Wave
February 15
4.3 Earthquake Near Mt. St. Helens Is Biggest in 30 Years **
Swarm of Earthquakes Rattle Near Cal-Mex Border
Kilauea's Seismic Activities “Continues to be a Concern” **

February 14
Fresh Produce Prices to Double or Triple Following Freak Freezes - Is Earth in a Magnetic Pole Shift?
Earthquake Swarm in Yellowstone
February 13
Will Earth's Wandering Magnetic Poles Cause Deadly Superstorms?
Chile: 5th Earthquake in 3 Days
Southern Chile Hit by 6.8 Earthquake
Another Quake Hits Chilean Coast
Second Quake in 3 Days Shakes Saratoga Springs
Important Viewer Intel, Worldwide Seismic Activity and Everything in Between - last 4 minutes have message from a witness to military shipments from Ky. to Penn. and a televised Pentagon report on preps in progress for a major New Madrid quake
Rogues of the Ocean Seas
The Wave We Can't Imagine **
February 11
People of Tulsa Take Snow Cleanup into their Hands 
100º Warm-Up Ahead for Some States Next Week
Could an Eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano Destroy America as We Know It?
February 10
Snowstorm Breaks Records from Oklahoma to Mississippi **
Second Blizzard Howls Through Weary Okla., Ark.
Under the Weather: Winter Storms Hit Cities and Businesses in the Wallet
MPs Warn of 'Drowned' Leeds If Flood Defence Plans Are Scrapped
China Spends $1 Billion to Tackle Drought
Severe Drought Threatens Millions in Somalia
February 9
Icelandic Volcano 'Set to Erupt' Dwarfing Last Year's Event **
"Stormageddon" Latest Pain on Cities **
Strange Caller, Earthquakes, & and a Near Earth Object
5.2 Quake off Oregon Coast
February 8
More Bitter Cold Seeping through the Central, Eastern U.S. **
Chill Map
La Nina to Blame for Global Extreme Weather Events
Teens Killed by Sneaker Waves Along Oregon Coast
Stress of Sliding Plates Builds Near Chile
Growing Fears in Japan as 2 Volcanoes Erupt Again
Iceland on Volcano Alert with New Threat of Fresh Eruption
String of Russian Volcano Activity Causes Global Concern
Unprecedented Rising at Yellowstone Caldera
February 6
Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms **
Rogue Wave Sweeps Away Calgary Couple in Mexico
Has the Geographical Pole Shift Begun?
More Floods in Australia as Cyclone Damage Tallied
Harsh Winter from US to Mexico to Tokyo
2 Winter Storms, More Trouble Next Week
Bastardi: Globe Cooling Faster Than Anticipated – to Continue for 20-30 Years
Winter's Freezing, So What's with Arctic Sea Ice?
Charles Krauthammer: 'If Godzilla Appeared on National Mall Gore Would Say It’s Global Warming'
February 4
Rare Snow, Ice for Texas, Lower Mississippi Valley **
Super Bowl Week in Dallas-Ft. Worth: Second Winter Storm in a Week Hits Dallas-Fort Worth **
Houston:100 Wrecks in 4 Hours on Icy Roads; Metro Suspends Park & Ride
Bastardi: 3 of Next 5 Winters Could Be as Cold or Colder **
Mexican Cold Wave Chills Population, Rivals Records
Euronews Admits to Accelerating Pole-Shift
Tornados, Flashfloods Drench Sulu, Parts of Philippines
Japan Volcano Pelts Nearby Communities with Stones
Yasi Damages: AU$5-15 Billion
Cyclone Yasi Compared in Size to Countries
February 3
US Digs Out from Epic Winter Storm, Over 13,000 Flights Cancelled in 2 Days
...Bitter Cold, Power Outages to Follow
More Blackouts in Texas Possible as Energy Usage Hits All-Time Winter High
3,000+ Foot Long Blob of “Toxic Goo” Near Florida May be Growing
Queensland Survives Yasi, No Known Deaths, at Least 180,000 Homes without Power **
...'We Knew It'd be Bad When the Birds Left'
...Live Coverage: Aftermath
Floods, Yasi Go Down in Queensland History
Scotland Braced for Severe Gales
Japan's Kirishima Volcano Keeps Erupting, Spews Ash
February 2
Colossal Winter Storm Roars Across US
Records Fall Along with Snow, Temperature
Bastardi: 3 of Next 5 Winters Could be as Cold or Colder
The Beast Roars: Cat. 5 Yasi Slams Queensland with 180 mph Winds, Raging Seas
...Live Coverage
5.9 Earthquake Shakes Alaska Peninsula
China Quake Forces Evacuation of 65,000
Japanese Volcano Erupts Again
February 1
Immobilizing Blizzard, Ice Storm Battering Oklahoma to Missouri **
...Storm May be 'Historic'
...100 Million Threatened
...2/3 of Country Affected
...School Closings, Flight Delays RI, CT, MA, NY, NJ
3 Feet of Rain? 155mph Winds: Katrina-like Storm Aims for Australia **
Australia Prepares for Cyclone Anthony's 'Big Ugly Sister'
...29,000 Evacuate
Japan Volcano Erupts Again with Massive Blast of Gas, Ash and Rocks
...Blast Shatters Windows, Triggers Forest Fires, Injures 1

Does Mt. St. Helens Quake Swarm Point to Another Erruption?
It's Gonna Blow! Volcanoes Around the World
January 31
Multi-Day Dangerous, Destructive Winter Storm: Ice, Tornadoes, Snow All on Table
Evacuations Begin in Australia Amid Warnings of 'One of Biggest' Cyclones **
Japanese Volcano Awakens with a Vengeance
Swarm of 9 Earthquakes at Mount St. Helens
Quake Swarm Shakes San Francisco
January 30
100+ Million Potentially Impacted by Next Storm **
Ice Volcanoes Erupt along Shores of Lakes Erie and Ontario
Beijing Faces Longest Wait for Snow in 60 Years
North Pole Shift Could Cause Airport Trouble **
"Very Disturbing Findings" in Chemical Tests of Gulf Residents - Bleeding from Ears
Cyclone Races for Flood-Ravaged Australia **
Major Eruptions Continue at Japan's Mt. Shinmoe
January 28
Will Yellowstone Blow Again? **
Physicist Michio Kaku on Yellowstone Supervolcano: 'All You Can Do Is Run'
Indonesia's Mt. Bromo Erupts
Gigantic Cyclone Is Heading Straight for Flood Ravaged Australia
Minnesota's Spring Flood Forecast Growing More Dire **
Large Taupo Earthquake Felt across North Island
Eruption of Colima Volcano
More Bali Flights Scrapped Due to Volcano **
Brazil Floods: 8,000 Free Homes for Victims
Aussie Floods Cost Billions in Lost Crops, Mining
More Chileans in Poverty Rate after Earthquake
Lake Vostok Drilling in Antarctic 'Running Out of Time'
January 27
Again?! Snowstorm Slams Northeast – 300,000 Without Power **
...Snow Paralyzes East
** 1
...Shatters NYC, Philadelphia Records **
...Grounds Thousands of Flights – Again
Winter Storm Clean Up Becomes Big Budget Buster

Lightning from Winter Storm Strikes US Airways Express Flight
Queensland Now Braces for Cyclone Anthony
Cat 3 Tropical Cyclone Bianca Batters Australia's Opposite Coast
How Queensland's Floods Left a State of Devastation
Australia Imposes Flood Tax to Pay for Disaster
Seismic Fault Under Pacific NW Is 'Fully Loaded' after 311 Years **
Chile Raises Death Toll of Earthquake, Tsunami to 523
Japan's Mt. Kirishima Volcano Erupts Explosively **
...Spectacular Eruption
** 2
Merapi's Volcanic Ash Halts Bali Flights
"Gooey" New Mud Volcano Erupts from Arabian Sea
Rogue Weather: Pakistan Flooding and Russian Heat
January 26
More Bitter Cold, Problems Headed for Northeast, Midwest **
Severe Storms Strike Florida, Leaves 1 Dead
Tectonic Plates Collapsing under Pakistan and Indonesia **
Earthquake Drill a Dry Run for BC's 'Big One'
Add to to Queensland Losses, Victoria Floods Hit $2B
Extreme Winter – 10,000 Cows Drop Dead in Vietnam
Drought and Exterme Cold Throughout China
January 25
Tennessee Valley to New England Snowstorm Looms **
More Bitter Cold to Follow Brief Northeast Warm-up **
Record-setting Cold, Snow, Fingered as UK Economy Slips
World's Largest Volcano in Yellowstone to Wipe Out 2/3 of US? **
How a Volcano Lit a Fire That Nearly Ended Life on Earth
Kilauea Volcano Explosion Caught on Film

Oregon Official: 'If We Were to Have an Earthquake ... It Would be a Major Earthquake'
8 Strange Earth Changes That May Threaten Civilization **
January 24
Bitter Cold Grips Northeast, Closing Schools
Brutal, Bone-Chilling, Dangerous Cold in the East **
Upcoming Major Winter Storm in the Northeast
Bastardi: Forecast for Rest of Winter Looks Rough
Surfer Seriously Injured by Rogue Waves in Calif. Bay **
Surfer Sustains Serious Injuries in 25' Waves
Rogue Waves Sweep 20 Swimmers Out to Sea in Australia
FEMA Urges Arizona, California, Nevada Residents to Prepare for Winter Flooding
Southeast Australia Set for Another Week of Floods
...More Australians Flee Floods
Tropical Cyclone Brings Heavy Rain to Western Australia
Now an Earthquake in Rattles Queensland
6.3 Quake Hits Pakistan
Current La Nina Is One of Strongest in 60 Years – Raises Drought Risk for US
China Province Faces Worst Drought in a Century
2010 'One of Worst' Years for Disasters **
Cost of Natural Disasters $109 Billion in 2010 vs. $35B in 2009 **
World's Largest Extinction Explained by World's Largest Volcanic Eruption
Topsy-Turvy Weather Tied to Weaker Arctic ‘Fence’
Muslims Pray for Rain as Drought Bites
2011 Starts With Extreme Weather, High Food Prices and Rapidly Spreading Riots **
January 23
Brutal, Bone-Chilling, Dangerous Cold in the East **
Very Long Term Cooling Ahead? **
Northeast Snowstorm Next Week will Pack a Big Punch **
Chill Map
Bitter Cold Prompts Warnings in Ontario, Quebec
Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two **
FEMA Requisitions Survival Food for 7 Million in New Madrid Seismic Zone
No Reports of Injuries after 4 Quakes Hit Nevada
Brazil's Landslide Death Toll Reaches 803
Earthquake Hits West of Scotland
Rape Runs Rampant in Wake of Haiti's 2010 Earthquake
January 21
Snowstorm Headed for East Next Week is a Big Deal; May Dump Heavy Snow of 1-2 Feet **
Midwest Deep Freeze Aims for the Northeast
Mystery Goo Turns Icicles Green and Yellow in NY
Mt. Etna Strikes Sicily with Lava Bombs
Quake May Have Caused Deep Hole on Mont. Ski Run
January 20
Oil Threatens Alabama Coast with Irreversible Damage
Major Spring Floods Likely in Upper Midwest
Astounding Before and After Images of Brisbane Flood

Sights and Sounds of Hawaii Volcano **
Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells
Merapi Volcano Mud Threatens Temples
11 Quakes Recorded at Mt. Bulusan, Spews Ash
4,500 Aftershocks in 5 Months Rattle Christchurch **
January 19
Alarming NOAA data, Rapid Pole Shift **
Cold Will Hold in East and Plains Through Mid-February
Warmists: 'We Can't Win the Game, So Let's Change the Rules' **
First Burials as Australian Flood Crisis Deepens
Premier: Australia Flooding Will 'Whack' Economy **
Victoria, Australia "an Inland Sea"

Pakistan Earthquake Felt 700 Miles Away
Brazil's Rainfall Disaster Worse Than Chilean Earthquake
January 18
7.2 Earthquake Slams Pakistan
Flood Waters Wipe Out Homes, Road in Oregon **
Northeast Faces More Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain - Could Spark Commuter Chaos in NY, NJ, PA, CT
Scientists Warn California Could be Struck by Winter ‘Superstorm’ **
Brazil Death Toll Rises to at Least 655 from Floods, Landslides
...Reels Under 'Worst Disaster in 4 Decades'
...20 Neighborhoods Still Cut Off after Mudslides
...Officials Warn of Disease in Wake of Disaster
Philippines Faces More Rain as Flood Deaths Mount
Shrinking Arctic Ice Is 'Reflecting Less Sunshine Back and Adding to Global Warming
Why Natural Disasters **
January 17
Winter's Coldest So Far to Penetrate Midwest
...Billions Lost by Coal Industry
Countrywide Divide: Frigid, Windy, Icy, Snow up Top; Severe Drought Below
January 16
Midwest in the Path of More Travel-Disrupting Snow, Ice
Flooding, Avalanche Threat Continues across Pacific NW
Brazil Mourns as Flood Toll Tops 600 **
...Slide Survivors Left to Fend on Own
Brazil's Worst-Ever Flood Disaster

QLD Flood Disaster 'Worst in Australia's History'
Now Victoria Floods: Crisis to Continue for Days
..."Homes and Lives Torn Apart"
...Looters Strike Flood-Weary Aussies **
Drowning Death Tolls Climb in So. Hemisphere: More Floods on the Way
A Wave That Could Drown the World: 2010 “Wettest” Year on Record
UK Flood Risk as Heavy Rain Continues
Rare Cold Wave, Ice in Northeast Mexico
47 Dead from Flooding in the Philippines; 1.5M Affected
Somalia Drought Might Kill 2.5 Million
Year of Extremes, Strongest La Nina: What It Means for Coming Months **
Global Temperatures in 2010 Tied Warmest on Record
Questions the Press Needs to Ask About the Gulf Oil Disaster
Strong Winds May Have Led to 3 Tragic Deaths
Quake in Chile Set Off Tremors in California-US Study
3 Volcanoes in Philippines Acting Up
January 14
Major US Cities Struggling to Tackle Snow this Winter **
Jan. 22-23 to be "Brutally Cold"
California's 'Big One' Could be a Flood **
Brazil Mudslides: One of Country's Worst Natural Disasters: At Least 529 Dead, More Rain Falling **
Brazil's Murderous Floods: A Disaster Foretold
Brisbane "Like War Zone", Fresh Rains Feared **
...Crippled by Floods
...Super Storm Was Brewing for a While
...Massive Clean-Up Begins after Killer Floods

Queensland's Disaster Tab: $13B
Sri Lanka Prepares for Flood Aftermath
Americans Gave Haitian Quake Victims $1.4B in 2010 – Only 38% of Funds Used
Haiti Risks More Quakes This Century - Geologist
Was Climate Change Cause Fall of Roman Empire?
January 13
Floods, Volcanos, Earthquakes, Blizzards: It Really Is a Small World **
7.0 Quake Hits in Southern Pacific **
Quake Swarm Rattles Calif. County
Calif. Quakes Rattle Nerves, Raise Questions
Brisbane a 'War Scene' as Flood Peaks **
Australia's Time for True Grit, Amid the Mud
Tales of Tragedy, Heroism From Deadly Australian Flooding


Brazil Flood Death Toll Jumps to 335
Icicles "Attack" in Miss. Parking Lot
La Nina 'Here for Decades' **
Britain on Flood Alert
Indonesia Volcano Prompts Evacuation Plan But Coffee OK
Mt Etna January 12 Eruption
Global Temperatures Matched Record High Last Year
January 12
East Coast Storm Wreaks Havoc **
Storm Causes Massive Flight Cancellations
...Set Midwest Snow Records Tuesday
49 States with Snow
Queensland Flood Crisis Reaches New Heights **
Worst Disaster on Record for Queensland
Deadly Flash Floods Sweep Through Australia

Australia's "Katrina": Queensland Floods – in Depth
Ipswich Body Brings Toll to 13
...Many More Bodies to be Found
Floodwaters Show Brisbane No Mercy
3000 Homes Under Water in Ipswich
4.5 Quake Shakes Monterey, San Benito, Calif.
Blizzard Leaves 200 Stranded in Norway Tunnel
Supermarkets Shut Down as Shelves Empty
2010 Hottest Year in Canada on Record **
Witches' Brew of Winter Weather Makes Many Local Roads Slick, Hazardous
Sri Lanka Flood Displaces Nearly 200,000 People
New Zealand Earthquake Losses Doubled
January 11
Northeast Braces for 18" of Snow in 2-Prong Attack, Grocery Shelves Empty **
Australia’s Third-Largest City Facing Worst Ever Flood Disaster, Authorities Urge Calm, Band Together **
...Panicked Residents Strip Shelves Bare **
10 Die, 78 Missing as 'Instant Tsunami' Hits Australia Town **
...Sweeps Cars Away Like Toys
Homes Destroyed in Perth as Hundreds Flee Bushfire
13 Dead after Heavy Rains in Brazil
Lava Threatens Hawaii Home
New Earthquake Fault to Divide America in Half?
January 10
States of Emergency as Storm Slams South, Aims for Northeast **
Many Without Power
Dallas Snowmaker Brings First Ever Janaury Tornado
Today's Ugly Weather Forecast
Longer-Term Weather Threats
Widespread Illnesses Linked to BP Oil Disaster
Heat Rising from Mich. Backyard

Toowoomba Swamped by Deadly 'Inland tsunami' **
'Inland Tsunami' Devastates Queensland Towns

UK Punishing Weather: 10ft Snow Drifts, Coldest Winter in 100 Years... Now a Watering Ban Coming as Reservoirs Dry Up
Sri Lankan Floods, Landslides Kill 9, Thousands Affected
Russia Commissions Giant Biosphere for Climate Change Flood Disaster
Magnetic Field Imbalance May be Cause for Bird Deaths **
Strong 6.9 Quake Strikes Off Vanuatu
5.9 Quake Strikes off Chile
Himalayan Mtn. Unstable - Crack Rips Mountainside

All of This in First Week of 2011! **

January 9
Whiteout Causes 40-Vehicles Pile-up in NH; Shuts Interstate **
Maryborough Next Town Victim of QLD Floods – Bracing for River Peak **
2010: Queensland's Wettest Year on Record
4.1 Quake Shakes San Francisco Area
5 Quakes Recorded at Mount Bulusan
Heavy Oil Found on Louisiana Coast **
Nungesser Blasts Oil Disaster Cleanup
UN: Rebuilding Earthquake-Shattered Haiti will Take Years
2010 One of Warmest Years in US Northeast
January 7
Haiti's Year of Living Dangerously
Children of Rape Are Latest Legacy of Haiti Quake
New Madrid Earthquake Imminent – Proof That HAARP Is Being Used

January 6
Shift of Earth's Magnetic North Pole Shift Impacts Tampa Airport
Northern England Hit Twice by 2 Quakes in 2 Weeks
5.1 Quake Shakes New Zealand Again
'Double Whammy' Warms Nunavut
Queensland's Floods to Top $9B – Gov't. Forced to Make "Tough" Cuts
January 5
4 of Colombia's Volcanoes on Yellow Alert **
Tourists Brave Blistering Temperatures to Watch Volcanoes
Australia Floods Cause 'Catastrophic' Damage **
Crops, Coal Succumb to Billion-Dollar Flood
Aussie City Expects 4,400 Swamped Properties
Queensland Floods Will Have Global Impact - Premier **
... Fears for Livestock
...Next, the Rat Plague
Floods Leave Rockhampton Sodden
8th Person Dies after New Year's Eve Tornadoes
Iran Rattled by 5.4 Quake, 16 Injured
January 4
Bastardi: January Could be Coldest for U.S. Since 1980s **
Potential for Another Snowstorm
500+ Russian Sailors Stranded on Icebound Ships
Australia Bracing for More Devastating Flooding
Is the New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming to Life? **
20 Found Dead after Heavy Flood in Brazil
Natural Disasters Killed 295,000 in 2010 **
January 2
7.1 Earthquake Hits Chile
Floods of Biblical Proportions Hit Australia's Northeast **
...More Towns Inundated
...Floods Claim 8th Victim
...200,000 Affected
...More Rain Forecast
...Flooding Crisis Could Last for a Month
Aussie Military Rushes in Supplies
Two Sailors Killed after Rogue Wave Hits Tanker in Atlantic
Colorado Springs Pileup Caught on Tape – strong language warning, NOTE: In a state that ought to understand snow and ice driving – not the case.
Severe Arctic Outbreak Forecast for Mid-January **
Earthquake Rocks Northern Israel
Vesuvius: The Supervolcano That Threatens All Life in Europe