Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.
(John 14:6)

Setting the Record Straight on Rapture

Dec 28
100 Rabbis Get Biblical on Same-Sex Lovin' – Employ Torah to Wage War Against Obama Push
Islamic Christmas Day Honor Killing in Texas: Media Whitewashing Muslim Brutality?
Maher Mocks Tebow, Jesus
Ancient Seal Found in Jerusalem Linked to Ritual
Dec 23
From a Jew: America Can Ignore Chanukah. It Needs Christmas
Global Christianity
Dec 21
'Progressive’ Church Offers Christmas Billboard Showing Virgin Mary with Pregnancy Test
UN Adopts Islamic Organization's Scheme on Religious Tolerance
Dec 20
Scientists Try to Recreate Shroud of Turin, But Can Only Do It Using UV Lasers
5,000 Christians Attend Rally to Support Nativity at Texas Courthouse
Franklin Graham: Romney's Mormonism Doesn't Bother Me
A Letter to a New Ager: Destroying the Andro-Pleiadian Annunaki LIE – Insert Jesus Christ, King of Kings
Hanukkah 2011: Miracles Past and Present
Satanic Forces Behind Ecumenicalism
The Year's Big Winner: Islam
Dec 19
Pope Heads into Busy Christmas Season Tired, Weak
The Beatbox Nativity (The Nativity Factor - Winning Entry)
** 4
Amazing Grace
** 1
It May be Christmas, But the Holiday Spirit Has Takes Beating in Santa Monica
Cardinal Siri & the Plot Against the Pope: An Examination of Hidden History of the Catholic Church HOLLY NOTE: The following 3 links were provided from a devout Catholic very concerned over changes in the Church – to hear his observations, listen at 16:00 - 23:15 minutes
Scriptures Scholars, Ancient and Modern
Warnings from Heaven Suppressed
Comments on the Eclipse of the Church and October 26, 1958
Expose: The Vatican Wants to Lay its Hands on Jerusalem
The Mazzaroth – Plato’s Number of the World Soul – The New Jerusalem
Back to the Bible
VOW ** 1
Dec 16
Bizarre Thought of the Day: Rabbi: Tebow Super Bowl Win Would Lead Christians to Burn Mosques & Banish Immigrants
PM Netanyahu's Christmas Greetings 2011
** 2
Dec 14
Netanyahu to Begin Bible Study in His Home
‘Keep Christ In Christmas’ Sign Stirs Controversy in NJ Town
Atheist Messages Displace California Nativity Scenes
You've Missed the Rapture of the Church, Now What?
World’s Best Christmas Light Displays
Dec 12
In-your-face Atheists Attempting New Marketing Strategy
70% Prefer 'Merry Christmas' Over 'Happy Holidays' on Store Signs
Tim Tebow: God's Quarterback
Tim Tebow Does It Again in 'Come from Behind' Win: Jesus Christ Gets the Glory
Dec 9
Explorers Say They've Found Pieces of Noah's Ark

Where's the Line to See Jesus?

Canadian Teen Arrested for Allegedly Torching Jewish Classmate’s Hair
Dec 2
Study: Religious People Trust Atheists About as Much as They Do Rapists
Texas Church Features 3D Christmas Display
** 5
Nov 30
2011 Naughty or Nice List: How Retailers Stand in the "War on Christmas
Debating Israel and the Church
Nov 29
Vatican Cardinal Burke: ‘We’re Well on the Way’ to Christian Persecution in the U.S.
Archaeologist Claims to Find Pocahontas’ Wedding Site – the Oldest Protestant Church in America
Nov 23
Dead Sea Scrolls May Have Been Written by Mysterious Sect
Ex-wrestler Lex Luger Talks of New Life in Christ
Thanksgiving and Spiritual Blessings
Nov 22
Lifestyles of the Tele-Evangelist: Fleecing the Flock
Nov 21
Pakistan Lists ‘Jesus Christ’ on List of Banned Obscenities **
Sometimes Authorities Are 'Out to Get' Christians, Says Senior Church Official **
Nov 16
Atheists in the Military Are Demanding Their Own Chaplains **
Atheist Group to Sponsor Anti-Christmas Billboards Featuring Jesus, Santa & Satan **
Nov 15
Until All Hell Breaks Loose **
Anti-Muslim 'Hate Crimes' up 50% in US: FBI **
Nov 14
Anti-Christian Film to Open at Brooklyn Museum **
Islam Was Not for Me
Nov 12
Detroit Prayer Event Puts Muslim Community on Edge **
Keeping the Blessing and Favor of God
Nov 8
Islamic Seminary Issues Fatwa on…Birthdays? **
Nov 7
Persecuted Christian? Don't Expect These Pastors to Speak Up
Cambridge Schools Closed Monday to Observe Muslim Holiday
Nov 4
Iranian Authorities Pressuring Jailed Christian Pastor to Convert to Islam **
~20,000 Believers Meet Mother of God’s Belt in Russian City **
Nov 2
Lutheran Church to Embrace Priestesses of Goddess Isis **
Atheist Group Misquotes Jefferson on Billboard **
George Washington, The Christian **
Nov 1
Gingrich Says 'Arab Spring' is Really 'Anti-Christian' Spring **
Family Radio Founder Harold Camping Repents, Apologizes for False Teachings
A Brave Rabbi Speaks Out **
The Father’s Love
Oct 31
Online Witch School Claims Wicca Fastest Growing Religion **
Lying Paraphrased Bibles **
Israeli Archaeologists Find Tiny Christian Relic in Jerusalem Excavation **
Oct 28
Muslims – at Catholic University – Demand Prayer Rooms Without Crosses
** 2
Oct 27
Atheists Try to Stop Pre-Game 'Jesus' Prayers
Oct 26
The Promise of Victory – We Are Going to Win in the End! **
Egypt Military 'Covering Up' Role in Christian Deaths
Muslim Students at Catholic University of America Complain That Christian Symbols Make Them Uncomfortable When They Pray in Empty Classrooms **
Islam Makes Inroads Through U.S. Courts **
Islam in Tripoli, Islam in Tunis
Sumerian “Gods” Are Returning (Pt 2)
Battling for Gay Rights, in Allah's Name **
Oct 20
The Rapture of the Church
Occupy Till I Come or Occupy Wall Street...Which Is It? **
Another Hijacker of Evangelicalism **
Hearken to Me My People, a Word of Comfort

Oct 17
Pope Wheeled Up St Peter's Instead of Walking
Tarek on the Idiocy of Political Correctness – VOW ** 2
Target – Al Alwaki: Lovin' Jihad and Hookers – VOW 1

Oct 11
Analysts: IRS Turns Blind Eye to Mosques Preaching Jihad **
Ayatollah to Decide Fate of Iranian Pastor
Arab Spring, Coptic Winter

Oct 10
Egyptian Cabinet Calls Emergency Meeting Over Cairo Violence Against Christians **
Oct 9
Presbyterian Church USA to Ordain First Gay Minister **
Evangelical Chaplains Refuse to Marry Gay Couples on Military Bases **
Police Say Sorry to Cafe Owner Threatened with Arrest over Bible DVDs **
Nugent: Iran’s Voodoo Extremists Trump Our Enviro-Nuts **
Oct 6
Bible Manuscripts from Damascus Go on Rare Display
Atheists’ Threats Lead Town to Remove Christian Cross from Water Tower **
Soros Helping Islam 'Look Less Radical' **
Sept 29
Radical Cleric Who Called for Murder of ‘Every Zionist Who Enters Egypt’ Lived & Lectured in America **
18 Examples of How Christians Are Being Specifically Targeted by Big Brother **
Sept 27
Pope Praises Luther, But Damns 'Frightening’ Evangelism **
BBC Turns Its Back on Year of Our Lord: 2,000 Years of Christianity Jettisoned for Politically Correct 'Common Era' **
2,000 Years after They Were Written, Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online **
Scrolls' Site
Sept 22
OC Couple Threatened with $500-Per-Meeting Fines for Home Bible Study **
Rough Decade for American Congregations **
Christianity's Prevent Defense **
As in the Days of Noah **
Sept 20
The Department of Sharia **
Mollifying Muslims, and Muslifying Mollies
Henry Makow: The New World Order
** 1
God of the Bible Battles Buddha Inside American School **
Sept 16
The Great Islamic Awakening **
Glenn Beck Speaks Out: “The Truth on Islamic Extremism”
** 1
Libyan Rebels Triumph - So, Apparently, Does Islam **
Increasing Attacks on the Divinity of Christ **
Sept 14
Killer Words: Muslims Text Death Threats to Christians **
Ex-Muslim Author: Koran Demands ‘Jihad’ & Teaches Believers to ‘Hate’ Christians and Jews
** 3
Sept 12
Faith Floats Larry's Ark **
Islam Explained in Layman’s Terms **
Sept 9
Pergamum: The Seat of Satan
Sept 7
Even the Elect - Part I: Deception **
Sept 6
Barack Obama Is Flooding the Bible Belt with Uneducated, Uncivilized Somali Muslims **
Birth of Jesus to be Removed as Reference Point for Dates in Australian School History Books
Aug 22
"Come Out of Her, My People" **
Aug 18
Muslim World More Anti-American Than Ever **
Aug 17
Cops: Student Plotted Gas Attack on Anti-Pope Crowd in Spain **
Bloody Ramadan: More Than 100 Killed in Iraq So Far **
Preaching Hate – Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan: American Soldiers Are Terrorists... Not the Muslim Ft. Hood Shooter
** 3
Aug 16
Florida Megachurch Pastor Found Dead in NY Hotel Room **
Great Illustration: The Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Be Preached in the Whole World. Matthew 24:14
Aug 9
Penis Hung from Cross, Christ Portrayed as Mickey Mouse in Art Exhibit **
Army Approves Atheism-Themed Concert at Ft. Bragg **
Islamists Set Up 'Sharia Neighborhoods' in London **
Cash for Conversions? Malaysian Christian Church Raided Over Alleged Muslim Conversion ‘Bribes’
Aug 7
The Biblical Message of Comet Elenin
** 7
Aug 5
The Response Promo
** 6
Aug 4
23 Hurt by Bomb at Iraqi Church; 2 Other Attacks Foiled **
The Emergent Church: Doctrines
July 31
Why It's Time to Speak about God Again **
O'Reilly: Christianity Demonized
'Jesus is a Muslim and Worships Allah' **
John Lennon Secrets
** 3
The Defamation of Christianity **
The Pretribulation Rapture of the Church
VOW **
July 29
US Order to Shutdown Millions of Christian Websites Shocks World **
State of the Union
** 1
July 28
Islam Demands Unconditional Surrender **
Tomb of St. Philip the Apostle Discovered in Turkey
July 27
Athiests Sue to Stop 9/11 Cross **
Prayer Ban at National Cemetery Sparks Outrage **
July 26
Norway Shooting Horror: Breivik's Manifesto Denies True Faith in Christ **
US Protests Iran’s Anti-Christian ‘Convert or Die’ Verdict **
July 24
Archaeologists Uncover Ruins of Biblical City Shekem in War-Torn Palestine
Prophecies from Africa & Signs in the Heavens
** 1
Schuller's Crystal Cathedral May be Reborn as Catholic
July 22
Liberals Launch Christian Witch Trials **
Radical Homosexuals at War with God and Reality **
July 20
Campus Crusade for Christ Removes ‘Christ’ from Its Name **
The New Age Church – The World's Largest Church **
12 Signs of the End Times: Hope in the Rapture **
Muslim Prayer Service at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto
July 17
Churches Debate Whether to Marry Gays **
July 14
'Rapture' Real Aftermath: Beheadings, Shootings, Mass Graves **
Sexual Contradictions in Islam **
July 12
King Solomon's Wall Found – Proof of Bible Tale? **
Churches Against Israel
July 11
Let's Be Friends
VOW **
Thousands Back Tulsa Officer Ordered to Muslim Worship
Is Fate of Infidels Tied to Buddhas?
July 8
Behold, I Come Quickly

Left-Leaning 'Wild Goose' Festival Draws Ire of Evangelicals
July 5
Crystal Cathedral Board Denies Ousting Founder
June 30
Muslims Must Adapt to Change
Houston Veterans Claim Censorship of Prayers, Including Ban on 'God' and 'Jesus' **
June 28
Egypt: Muslims Burn Christians’ Houses, Threaten Priest **
US Evangelist Jason Hooper Claims He's on a Mission from God
June 27
Methodist Clergy Finds Wisconsin Pastor Guilty of Marrying Gays
Name the Poison
** 2
June 22
Are You Ready For a World Governed by Islamic Law? **
Rep. Peter King Exposes Danger of "Prislam" **
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Likens Islamic Radicals to 'Christian Militants' in U.S.
** 2
June 20
Van Impe Censored by TBN Over 'Demonic Interfaith' and Apostasy Accusations
Van Impe Ministry Abandons TBN in Clash Over Islam **
NBC Apologizes for Cutting 'Under God' from Pledge During US Open **
June 17
Muslim Middle East from Religion to Rage: Friday's New Role **
High School Tells Valedictorian He Can't Say How ’God Had Changed His Life’ **
Swedish Church Members 'Don't Believe in Jesus' **
June 14
50+ Churches Agree to Hold Qur'an Readings **
Muslim Coalition Asks GOP Debaters to Reject Islamophobia **
The Greatest Danger
June 12
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Calls America to Seek God’s Guidance
June 10
Dozens of 'Incubators' for Jihad Found in U.S. **
Sunlight on the American Mosque
Warning Issued That Islam Is Coming **
June 8
Noah's Ark Could Arrive in London for Olympics
June 6
Ugandan Legislation Pits Muslims vs. Christians Over Power of Courts
Lady Gaga’s “Judas” and the Age of Horus
June 5
Archaeologists Uncover Foundation of 330-Year-Old Church in Florida
June 3
What Did We Do to Deserve This? God Has More Disaster Than FEMA Has Relief **
Fed. Judge Prohibits Prayer at Texas Grad. Ceremony
The Fall of Constantinople

June 1
Latest Target of Pakistani Radicals: Ban the Bible **
The Gulen Movement: A New Islamic World Order?
** 2
Local Members of United Methodist Church Vote to Allow Same-Sex Unions **
May 27
Christians Worry Egypt Being Hijacked by Islamists **
May 26
Muslims to Christians: 'We're Coming for You' **
May 23
Police Issue Warnings to Hagee Sermon Protestors
Mormon Pedophile Scandal Threatens Church and Sheriff Joe
Ex-Without Walls Pastor Randy White Faces DUI Charge in Tampa
Apocalypse Not Now: The Rapture Fails to Materialize
May 19
World to End on Saturday, Say New York Preachers
Preacher Claiming Rapture May 21 'Holds on to His Stuff'
Another False Doomsday Prediction to Discredit Christians **
May 17
Atheists Lose Another Case at Supreme Court
Satanism Fear Stalks Village as Animals Are Tortured and Killed
May 15
2 Dead, 60 Injured in Clashes Involving Coptics in Cairo
May 11
Islam is Misunderstood
Egypt’s Christians Ask for International Protection
May 8
Air Force Academy Opens Outdoor Chapel for Wiccans, Druids **
The Quantum Shift Toward Paganism
Muslim Mobs Set Cairo Churches on Fire, 12 Dead **
Islam Is Peaceful? Denial's More Than Just a River in Egypt, Says Author
While Bahrain Demolishes Mosques, U.S. Stays Silent
May 6
Half of Americans Believe U.S. Christians Persecuted **
A Private Moment for Times Square Church by Carter Conlon (Remembering the Death of David Wilkerson)

May 5
60 Years Strong: National Day of Prayer to be Held Today
May 3
Pre-Pretribulation Rapture: Pt 1, Pt 2
May 2
CBS Journalist Brutally Raped and Nearly Torn Apart by Muslim Mob Breaks Silence
May 1
The Danger in Severing God from America's Identity **
Thousands in Holy Land watch John Paul II Beatification
April 29
David Wilkerson Today
Thousands Visit Tomb of Joshua
Israel to Christians: Christ is a Monkey on a Cross DEYO NOTE: This is not the opinion of most Jewish people
April 28
Pray for America

Methodist Church Touts Homosexuality as Gift, Not a Sin **
Underground Christians Fear China Crackdown **
April 27
Pastor David Wilkerson Killed in Texas Car Crash **
House Church Movement Keeps Growing
What Have We Become?
Earthquake Data Confirms Holy Friday as a Very Supernatural Day

April 25
The Rev. Franklin Graham: Second Coming of Christ by Social Media?
Obama Skips Statement on Easter; Has Commemorated All Muslim Holidays **
Carrie Underwood w/ Vince Gill How Great Thou Art - Standing Ovation!
** 1
China Seizes Christians in Easter Raid
April 23
The Jewish Jesus: Suffering Servant
** 3
Good Friday: Pope Does Televised Q&A on Suffering
April 21
What's So Sacred About Easter?
Obama's Passover Message Misses the Message of Passover
News Flash: America the Babylon
April 20
Christ's Death And Resurrection in the Old Testament
April 17
Electrician Told He Faces Firing for Cross on His Van Dashboard **
Exposure of Iranian Film About the Coming of the Messiah Causing Turmoil in Tehran
April 15
Chinese Christians Boldly Say Worship Is Worth Threat of Harassment, Arrest
April 13
Longinus Lance That Pierced the Side of Christ Discovered? **
Christians Begin to Flee Egypt **
Man Declares Himself Mahdi Over Makkah Mosque Loudspeakers
Mysticism Infecting Nazarene Beliefs
April 12
Are These the Nails Used to Crucify Jesus? **
April 10
The Fig Tree Has Budded: Evidence from Matthew 24 That the Lord Will Return in the Span of a Generation from Israel’s Birth – PDF
Iranian Rulers, Believing Pre-Messianic Destruction Is Imminent, Make Film to Prepare Muslims **
Chinese Police Halt House Church Service, Detain Worshipers
Bloodline of the Anti-Christ Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8
Silencing the Christians

April 7
The End 2012
** 3
April 5
Islamists Claim Credit for Durbin Hearing
Diamond Rio: In God We Still Trust
** 3
April 3
Has America Embraced the Spirit of Anti-Christ? **
Is This the First Ever Portrait of Jesus? **
Going into the Light **
Ian McCormack - CBN interview Pt 1, Pt 2
April 1
Surge in Satanism Sparks Rise in Demand for Exorcists, Says Catholic Church **
Salvation, Justification and Sanctification
March 30
Biggest Find Since the Dead Sea Scrolls? **
The Resurrection of Jesus
New Sex Abuse Scandals Plague Catholic Institutions
The Missing Moderate Muslims **
March 29
400-Year-Old Bible Discovered
Growing Intolerance for Christianity in US **
Iran Secretly Executes Jewish-Armenian Couple; Christians Concerned
Terrorists Linked to Massive Killings of India Christians, Report Says
The Coming of Jesus
Pat Condell on Human Rights and Sharia
Vin's Notes on Islamism
A Warning to Proponents of Interfaith Dialogue **
March 27
Real Exorcist Helping Hollywood Banish Its Demons
March 25
Poll: Most in U.S., Except Evangelicals, See No Divine Sign in Disasters
Thousands of Christians Displaced in Ethiopia After Muslim Extremists Torch Churches, Homes **
March 24
Policeman Sues Over Orders to Attend Islamic Prayer
N.C. Pastor Fired for Not Believing in Hell
Franklin Graham: World’s Christians in Grave Danger
March 23
Franklin Graham: Japan Quake, Tsunami Feels Like End Times **
Herman Cain: Many Muslims Want to ‘Kill’ or ‘Convert all Infidels’
J.R. Church Has Passed
Open Rebuke
March 22
The Bible – Forged? **
In Praise of Michael Savage, Bible Thumper **
Israel, Egypt's Christians Fear Hasty Elections
March 20
Radical Islam on the Move in U.S. but for Multicultural Elites, It's No One's Business **
What IS ‘Saved’?
March 19
Franklin Graham: World’s Christians in Grave Danger
March 18
Minnesota Legislator Wants Jesus Out of Senate Prayers **
Adventists' Back-to-basics Faith Is Fastest Growing US Church
March 17
The Incomparable Christ
March 16
Imprisoned Pakistani Christian Found Dead **
March 7
Israeli Author, Injured in Terrorist Attack, Warns of "Islamic Tsunami' **
An Unlikely Link to Radical Islam
Faded Blessings and Perilous Times!
Why the BBC's New Face of Religion Believes God Had a Wife **
March 6
Nearly 4000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes in Egypt, Torch Church **
Why This Silence at the Persecution of Christians?
New German Minister: Islam Does Not Belong in Germany
March 4
Pakistanis Mourn Murdered Minister
Iranian Government Launches Crackdown Against Christians
March 3
Muslims Call for UN to Become Massive Shariah Court!
Texas Farmer Holds Pig Races to Protest Muslims' Actions
Muslim Brotherhood's Secret Plan to 'Destroy Western Civilization from Within'
March 2
The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty
Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Missionaries in Ethiopia
February 25
Rabbi: Arab Unrest Signals Messiah's Coming **
February 24
God Is Raising Up His End-Time Army
Supreme Court Refuses Appeal about 10 Commandments Displays
February 23
Islam Regarded as Biggest Threat to Europe for Many Europeans
February 22
Christians Asked to Bow in Submission to Allah **
The Christian Divorce Rate Myth (What You've Heard Is Wrong)
February 20
Churches Open Doors to Muslim Worship
...Huckabee Infuriated
'Pure Sex' Poster at Kentucky Church Raises Eyebrows
February 18
Islamic Antichrist? See the Book Glenn Beck Raves About
Catholics Rethink Celibacy Rule
February 17
Islam and the Brutal Sex Assault of Lara Logan **
Worship and Spiritual Warfare
February 13
Afghan Convert to Christianity to be Executed within Days **
Britain Planning to Allow Same-Sex Unions in Churches **
Maher Questions Obama's Christianity: "I Just Don't Believe It"

February 11
Lights Out for the Middle East’s Christians?
February 9
The Heavy Artillery of Our Spiritual Warfare
February 8
Christians Fear Islamic Rule in Egypt **
Christian, Muslim Unity at Egyptian Mass
Atheism 101: Trickle-Down Poison
February 6
Radical Imam's Warning to America: 'Islam Is Coming to Your Backyard' **
Cameron: 'We Need to be a Lot Less Tolerant Towards Islamic Extremists'
Tony Blair Calls for World Church **
February 4
Archaeologists May Have Found Tomb of Prophet Zechariah **
February 3
Chrislam Spreads Throughout America **
Great Debate Over Global Jihad & Sharia Law on Hannity

Anjem Choudary: Flag of Islam Will Fly Over White House

The Muslim Antichrist Theory
Today’s ‘Christianity’ – Nothing More Than Feelings (Pt 2)
February 1
Rick Warren's Health and Fitness Seminar and Deceiving the Masses
January 30
Man Arrested with Explosives Outside One of Nation's Largest Mosques **
Anglicans Preparing Mass Defection to Catholicism over Women, Gays **
Schools Advocate Creationism **
January 28
God Absent from Russia Church's New Spiritual Guide **
January 27
Number of Muslims to Double
January 26
Today’s ‘Christianity’ – Nothing More Than Feelings
January 25
Exorcist Priest Silenced by Catholic Church **
Ground Zero imam: 'Apostates Against Islam Must be Jailed' **
January 23
Islam Convert: "Australia Will Live Under Sharia; It's Inevitable" **
Arizona 'Honor Killing' Trial Set to Start
Kamal Saleem: A Muslim Cries Out to Jesus
‘Muslim Cosby Show’: Katie Couric Praises ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’

January 21
Islam Convert: "Australia Will Live Under Sharia; It's Inevitable" **
January 19
Vatican Warned Irish Bishops Not to Report Sex Abuse **
The Middle East's Christian Onslaught
Why the West Won't Hear about Persecution
What on Earth Is Pastor Rick Warren Thinking?
January 16
Rick Warren Hosts 'Cult' Celebrity Docs: Features Promoters of Eastern Mysticism, Universalism
Pray and Fast for Iranian Christians
January 14
Chuck Misler: Authenticity Codes of Greek Texts Used by KJV Pt 1, 2, 3

January 12
71-year-old Christian Shot Dead in Egypt, Sparks Protests
Iran Rounds Up 70 Christians in Crackdown
Bridging the Divide - Egypt

For the Left, There Are No Sacred Texts
January 9
'Religion of Peace' Launching 'Ferocious' Attacks: Worshippers Targeted in Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Russia **
Radical Iraqi Cleric Urges Resistance against US
January 7
Attacks on Christians Show an Islamic Future for Egypt
Radical Islam Is Provoking the Most Terrifying Institution in the World
January 6
Michael Coren: Killing Christians, in the Name of the Prophet
Italian FM: EU Aid to Muslim Countries Should be Tied to Treatment of Christians
January 5
Appeals Court Rules Calif. Public Park Cross Unconstitutional
US Worried by 'Trend' of Christian Persecution **
Billboards Provoking the Faithful?

January 4
Number of Muslim Converts in UK Doubled in 10 Years **
January 2
Security Raised after 21 Killed in Egypt Church Blast **
Christians Consider Their Future after More Attacks in Iraq
Pope Denounces Abuses of Christians
Chuck Missler on the Hidden Torah Message **