Medicine and Nutritition for Survival March 2011
Monitor Radiation in Your Area
RadNet Map for all 50 States
Radiation Dose Chart
EPA's RadNet Monitoring Data

Dec 30
UN Agency: Fukushima Reactor 3 Exploded a Second Time 24 Hours Later
WHO 'Deeply Concerned' by Deadly Flu Research
Man May Have Infected Hundreds with HIV
Mass. Health Officials Confirm Human Rabies Case
First Human Rabies Case in South Carolina in 50 Years
Dec 29
Hospital-contracted Infections Hit All-Time High, Doubling in 2 Years
Current Drug Shortages
Dec 28
U.S. Fukushima Medical Study Estimates 14,000 Dead U.S. Infants from Fallout
New Obamacare Fee Coming to Health Insurance in 2012
Dec 23
New Study Says Up to 14,000 Americans May Have Died from Exposure to Radioactive Particles Blown Here after Fukushima Meltdown
Another Asian Fukushima Imminent?
Too Late: U.S. Scientists Say Details of Deadly Lab-Created Flu Virus ‘Are Already Out There’, Sparking Renewed Terror Alert
Brazilian Baby Born with 2 Heads
Dec 21
Seeing Terror Risk, U.S. Asks Journals to Cut Flu Study Facts
Dec 20
U.S. Bio-Security Officials Sound Warning After Scientists Create Deadly New Strain of Bird Flu
Nuclear Food Safety in Japan and Around the World According to FDA and WHO
** 3
14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout
Fukushima Nuclear Plant Found 230 Tons of Radiation Sewage
Japanese Tsunami Debris Washes up on U.S. West Coast – There's 100 MILLION More Tons on Its Way
Tsunami Debris from Japan Expected to Reach Alaska
Japanese Mountain Climber Has Endless Fatigue, Choking after Photographing Abandoned Cows Fukushima Evac Zone: “What Happened to My Body?”
Surviving Japan - Documentary Preview
** 1
Dec 16
Yomiuri: Former Japan PM ‘Hints’ of Renewed Criticality at Fukushima – Chlorine-38 in Found Reactor No. 1
Dec 14
Red Alert: Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4 Possibly Collapsing, Say Sources, Mass Evacuations May be Necessary
Dec 9
'Smart Drugs' for Breast Cancer Treatment Hopeful But Costly
20m. Africans to be Circumcised Against AIDS
Dec 7
Tyrannical "Health Standards" of the NWO
Dec 6
3 More Syringes Found in Walmart Clothing
Cuccinelli: Better Health Through Consumer Choice
Dec 5
How to Pay Less for Your Meds
Dec 2
Justices Kagan, Thomas Pressed to Stay Out of Health Care Fight
18 Crazy Facts Which Show That No Nation Is More Doped Up Than America Is
Dec 1
War on Drugs Is a Hoax: US Admit to Guarding, Assisting Lucrative Afghan Opium Trade
Nov 30
Group Aims to Pursue Lawsuit Over Geo-Engineering Related Illnesses
Fukushima Will Not Go Away
Nov 28
Money Slated for Obamacare Gets Detoured
Man-Made Super-Flu Could Kill Half Humanity
Australia: Immunize or Lose Benefits, Parents Told
Japanese Researchers Call for Immediate Monitoring: 175 Billion Becquerels Flow PER DAY from Fukushima Meltdowns
Fukushima Nuke Plant Director Steps Down Suddenly Due To 'Illness'
Nov 23
Brain Surgeon Confirms Obamacare Rations Care, Has Death Panels!
Fukushima: "China Syndrome Is Inevitable... Huge Steam Explosions or Nuclear Bomb-Type Explosions" May Occur
Study: Radioactive Water Reaches International Date Line
Nov 22
95% of Soy Products May be Damaging Your Health **
Green Tea Supplements Purported to Prevent Flu Better Than Vaccination
Nov 21
Alert: Over 300% Higher Than Normal Radiation Levels Recorded in California
Nov 18
20 Shocking Prescription Drug Statistics – (More Big Pharma – Find out the REAL Shelf Life of Medications)
My Health Insurance Co. got me Evicted
Nov 16
FDA and Texas Medical Board Fight to Kill Cancer Cure **
Nov 15
Physicians Press for Mandatory U.S. Reporting of Drug Shortages **
Nov 14
Supremes to Hear Challenge to ObamaCare **
Gov't Aims for 'Cold Shutdown' of Fukushima Reactors, But Bemoans Lack of Data **
Nov 12
Official Told of Extremely Bad Conditions at Fukushima – Workers Often Abandoned After Exceeding Radiation Limit
Nov 8
Obamacare Held Constitutional in Latest Appeals Court Ruling **
Nov 3
Schools Getting Tough on Shots **
Nov 2
New International Report Shreds Japan's Carefully Constructed Fukushima Scenario **
TEPCO: “It’s Certain That Fission Is Occurring” – Chain Reactions May Also be Underway at Reactors No. 1, 3 **
“A Very Bad Sign”: ‘Partial’ Re-Criticality Is Just TEPCO Spin – “We Could Face a Much Longer Period of Instability Until the Reactors Are Safe”
Nov 1
Employers Consider Dropping Health Insurance Plans Once Obamacare Takes Effect **
204 New Fuel Rods Turned Out to be in the “Spent” Fuel Pool at Fukushima Reactor 4 **
China Seizes Fake Drugs Worth $37M
Oct 28
Fukushima Released 'Twice as Much' Radioactive Material as First Thought **
Using the Mind to Ease Pain and Fight Disease **
Oct 27
Scientists Emphasizing Precarious Situation of Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool 4: May Force Closure of Tokyo, Yokohama
Oct 26
Radioactive Used Cars Being Sold in Japan **
Oct 25
Ohio Town Solicits Zombie Volunteers to Test Emergency Preparedness Plan **
Possible Study of Anthrax Vaccine’s Effectiveness in Children Stirs Debate **
CDC Mandatory Vaccine Schedule: 1983 vs 2010
Oct 21
Plane Forced to Land in Boston After Crew Members Suddenly Become Sick **
Scientists Reconstruct Black Death Pathogen that Killed 50 Million People **
Uncovered FDA Documents Reveal 26 More Gardasil Deaths **
Oct 18
Vitamins Are Deadly? Media Hoax Exposed - Pt 1, Pt 2
Frightening 'Drug Threat Assessment' for the USA and Mexico
Oct 14
Repealing ObamaCare with Congressman Paul Ryan
** 5
Oct 12
Christie Straps on the RINO Horns: It’s “Intellectually Dishonest” to Compare Romneycare and Obamacare
New Recall of Alcohol Wipes Raises Larger Question: Dump Non-Sterile Products? **
CDC Official Arrested for Child Molestation **
Residents Near Fukushima Mountains Face Nuclear Recontamination Every Rainfall **
'Mind-Blowing' Sex Can Wipe Your Memory
Oct 10
Japan Starts Thyroid Tests for Fukushima Children **
Oct 9
Researcher Warns of Very Real Threat to Economy, Lives from Biological Weapons ** (See Apocalypse and the End Times DVD)
Time Capsule With Over 100-Year-Old Germs Found at Former Bellevue Hospital Medical College
'Zombie' in the Budget: Obama Health Plan **
Listeria Outbreak Death Toll Rises to 21 **
Oct 7
Feds Set Guidelines for 'Obamacare' Health Plans
Oct 6
Fukushima Nuclear Plant has 38-Hour Margin for Meltdown **
Growing Drug Shortage Leaves Patients in the Lurch **
Oct 5
CDC: Cantaloupe Toll Rises to 100 Sick and 18 Dead **
Alzheimer's May be Transmissible, Study Says **
Stress 'Is Top Cause of Workplace Sickness' and Dubbed the 'Black Death of the 21st Century
Oct 3
Plutonium Found 40Km from Japan's Fukushima Plant **
Immune Specialists Share Nobel Prize **
New Drug May Stop Hair from Going Gray
180 - The Movie – Prepare to be Shocked – VOW 2
Shortages Lead Doctors to Ration Critical Drugs **
15 People Have Died in Past 15 Months Due to Drugs Shortages, Not from the Illness **
Sept 30
'New' Virus Catches CDC's Eye
Nuclear Industry Cover Up of Massive Radiation from Fukushima
** 4
Sept 28
Survey: 'Obamacare' Raised Costs for Americans **
26 States Appeal Health Care Law to High Court **
Sept 28
Listeria Outbreak Deadliest in Decade **
Survey: Health Insurance Costs Surge in 2011
How to Prep Your Immune System

Sept 27
Hospitals Seeing Drug Shortages **
Obama Healthcare Law Cleared for US Supreme Court **
UK Healthcare: Don't Give Out Cancer Drugs If It's Just to Extend Life: Treatment Costs Can't Be Justified
Fukushima Desolation Worst Since Nagasaki as Residents Flee **
Japan Industry Minister Resigns After Gaffes
** 1
After Fukushima **
Sept 26
Obamacare HHS Rule Would Give Government Everybody’s Health Records **
Hospital Drug Shortages Deadly, Costly **
Sept 23
Obama Admin Surreptitiously Shuttering Obamacare’s Long-Term Retirement Care Provisions
Lives Devastated by Listeria as Cantaloupe Outbreak Grows **
Sept 20
Dr. Leonard Coldwell: The Only Answer to Cancer Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 – VOW ** 1
Drugs Fed to Animals May be Key in Emergence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria **
Sept 15
Radioactive Cesium Spreads Over Wide Area in Japan Disaster **
10,000 Fukushimas **
Sept 14
NYT: Man's Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer **
Sept 12
20,000 Records Posted After Breach at Stanford Hospital **
U.S. Doctors Steeped in Financial Ties - Drug Money from Big Pharma **
Sept 7
Health Industry Gives Millions to Lawmakers Tasked with Cutting Spending **
Aug 22
China Finds 100,000 SQ Miles of Radiation in Pacific – 300x Higher Than Normal **
Japan: Some Evacuees May Be Kept out for Years **
Aug 18
Radioactive Sulfur in California 'Not a Problem' Say Scientists **
3 Die of Rare Brain Infection from Amoeba in Water **
Jan Cline Holds Yard Sales to Pay Medical Bills; City Shuts Them Down **
Sniffer Dogs Can Be Used to Detect Lung Cancer, Research Suggests
Aug 16
'You Lie!' Lawmaker Says He Was Right About Obama **
With ObamaCare, the Government Would Rather Spy than Try **
11th Circuit: Obamacare Strives to "Regulate [Individuals] at Every Point of Their Life" **
Drug Shortage Impacting Hospitals Nationwide
** 1
Drug Shortages Set to Reach Record Levels **
Albany Lab Prepares to Ship Anthrax, Plague Strains to Pa.
Virginia Health Officials Report Case of 'Brain-Eating Amoeba' **
Japan Delayed Village's Evacuation Over Radiation Threshold **
Aug 12
With ObamaCare, the Government Would Rather Spy than Try **
Aug 11
The Dividing Line: “The Day Has Come When Righteousness is Portrayed as Evil and Evil Portrayed as Good” **
Aug 9
Experts: Lethal Levels of “Off-Scale” Radiation at Fukushima Infer Millions Dying **
Aug 5
Canada Covered Up “Massive Amounts of Radiation in Air”
Aug 4
Rise of Untreatable Salmonella Spreading Across Europe **
Colorado Latest to Implement Unconstitutional Restrictions on Vaccine Exemptions **
Aug 2
Death in Seconds: Radiation Found at Fukushima – Leakage NOT Sealed Off **
Prof. Kodama Angry about Japanese Gov.'s Gross Negligence (Pt 1)
** 2
Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Criticized **
Medicinal Herb FAQ
Aug 1
Prof. Kodama Angry about Japanese Gov.'s Gross Negligence (Pt 1)
** 1
The Medicinal Herb FAQ
July 29
Japan Told of More Radiation Exposure **
July 27
Suicide Spikes Among Middle-Aged Women **
Long-Term, Universal Flu Shot on Horizon
Gates Foundation Partner in Malawi Vaccinates 131 Children at Gunpoint
July 26
New Study Finds Cancer-Causing Mineral in US Road Gravel **
July 24
More Evacuations Around Japan's Quake-Crippled Nuke Plant **
Japan Forced School Children to Clean Radioactive Dirt from Swimming Pool
July 22
Japan Nuclear Scare Triggers Run for Radiation Checks **
Project Veritas Investigates the Carolinas - Medicaid Part II
Toxic Seaweed on French Coast Sparks Health Fears **
July 19
Japan Bans Radioactive Cattle 4 Months After Nuclear Disaster **
Dangerous Radiation Levels Recorded in Canada as Fukushima Dangers Continue **
July 17
Aussie Couple Infected with Toothed Worms
Mexican Heroin Use on Upswing Among California Teens
July 14
'Lazarus Pill' Revives Stroke Victim **
July 13
11 Cows from Quake District 'Radioactive' **
Elevated Radiation in Rainwater Has Many on Edge
** 2
Why Fukushima Can Happen Here: What the NRC and Nuclear Industry Don't Want You to Know
** 3
Rolling Back the Obamacare Banana Republic **
July 12
Radiation Data from Aerial Radiological Survey in Wash. May be Classified for National Security **
Ex Pharma Sales Rep Says Big Pharma Only Interested in Profits, Not Health **
July 11
Helicopter to Take Radiological Readings Throughout Puget Sound **
July 8
Scientists Find New Way to Kill Cancer Cells with Less Side-Effects Than Chemo **
New Bacteria Found in Belly-Buttons **
July 6
Cops: Extra-Deadly Heroin Being Sold **
New Study Shows Lowering Salt Intake Doesn't Help **
Newest Weapon in War on Cellulite
FDA Unleashes End Game Scheme to Outlaw Virtually All Dietary Supplements Formulated After 1994 **
July 5
Japan Groups Alarmed by Radioactive Soil **
July 1
The Perfect (Radiation) Storm is Brewing **
June 30
Removal Mining Birth Defects: New Study Suggests Controversial Coal Operations Linked to Adverse Health Effects
Fukushima to Fort Calhoun: Radiation Threat, Data Manipulation **
Beyond Japan's Fukushima Exclusion Zone, Shuttered Shops Speak to Radiation Doubts **
Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation

June 29
Coming: Nuclear Fallout: Millions of Baby Deaths and New Cancer Victims **
June 28
Radioactive Water Leaks from Japan's Damaged Plant **
June 27
Fukushima Residents' Urine Now Radioactive **
Worldwide Nuclear Industry Woes Deepen **
June 23
Project Flood Nuclear 'Alert': Obama, Red Cross Declare Emergencies
Why is There a Media Blackout on Nuclear Incident at Fort Calhoun in Nebraska? **
Flesh-Eating Cocaine Found in N.Y., L.A. **
Rural Life Is Better: Living in a Concrete Jungle Is Stressful, Makes You Vulnerable to Depression
June 22
Nuke Plant Could Be Shut Down “in 3 Seconds”, Critics Still Worry
June 21
Radioactive Tritium Leaks Found at 48 US Nuclear Sites **
Fukushima: Strontium Levels Up to 240x Over Legal Limit Near Plant, Uninhabitable Area Now the Size of 17 Manhattans **
Children Sickness Linked to Fukushima Radiation
Radiation Testing for Japanese Car Shipment
Germany Confirms Human E. coli Transmission **
Scarlet Fever Hits Hong Kong
June 20
1 in 3 Multivitamins Don't Have Claimed Nutrients
June 17
Radiation is Already Killing Babies **
At Least 39 Dead from E. coli Outbreak **
France E. Coli Outbreak Sickens 7 Children from Ground Beef
El Paso's Death Toll from Pneumonia and Flu Rises to 127 **
Fukushima: It's Much Worse Than You Think **
Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior – Leaked Pentagon Video
June 15
Arnie Gundersen - Nebraska Nuclear Plant: Emergency Level 4 – About to Get Worse

No Fly Zone Over Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Due to "Hazards"
Next Health Hazard: Hackable Medical Implants
June 14
Is Fukushima Now 10 Chernobyls into the Sea? **
Japan: 'Toxic Water Overflow Looms at Fukushima, Leaks Threaten Clean-Up'
** 2
Hawaii Monitoring Stations Detect Spike in Fukushima Radiation **
High Level of Toxins in Water at Japan Plant Raises Risks
National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society Skewered by Leading Cancer Expert
June 13
Arnie Gundersen: Hot Particles from Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable When Inhaled or Swallowed
** 2
Update: 34 Dead In E. Coli Case, 1000 In Critical Condition
E.coli and Radiation - Surprise! Surprise!
June 12
45 New Photos of Fukushima Power Plant Show Extent of Damage **
Great Cancer Hoax: Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down
 ** (free only thru Sunday midnight)
June 10
CDC: Without 'Smoking Gun' in E. Coli Outbreak, Caution Needed **
June 8
ObamaCare Faces Next Round in Legal Battle **
Let's Not Forget About Obamacare
Toddler Dead in Va. E. Coli Outbreak, 10 Sick in Tenn. **
European E. Coli Outbreak Likely Caused by Genetic Engineering Run Amok
Germany Expecting More E. Coli Deaths
Rarer E. Coli Strains Causing More U.S. Illnesses
Despite European E. Coli Crisis, U.S. Rates Down But Salmonella Up
Europe's Farmers Face Huge Loss after E. Coli Outbreak
June 7
Firms to Cut Health Plans as Reform Starts: Survey **
Obamacare Waivers Weren’t in Original Law, Appearance of Political Favors Persists **
Big Pharma Targets Niche Cancer Drugs
Did Weather Make the Plague Worse?
Is Hunger All in the Mind?
June 6
Japan Admits Full Meltdowns at All 3 Nuke Reactors After Quake, Tsunami **
Initial Tests Show Sprouts Not to Blame for Killer E. Coli Outbreak **
Did This Farm Cause E. coli Outbreak?
June 5
Deadly E. Coli Outbreak Overwhelms Hospitals **
Fukushima Reactor No. 1 More Radioactive Than Ever **
Japan: Green Tea Exports Banned Due to High Radiation Levels **
Scientists to Study Ocean Impacts of Japan Radiation
June 3
3 Americans Struck Down by 'Deadliest E. coli Outbreak on Record' – Mutant Strain Kills 18 in Europe **
Outbreak Spreads to 12 Countries
Spain Seeks Compensation for E. coli Blame
Dr. Leonard Horowitz on E. coli Outbreak – Pt 1 (starts 10 min. in), Pt 2 **
New Strain of MRSA Superbug Found in Cows, Humans **
June 2
Medicare Reform: Paying for the Cake You Want to Eat
June 1
Nuclear Contamination in Japanese Village Higher Than Chernobyl **
'Killer Cucumber' Outbreak: 365 New Cases **
Canadian Vaccine Offers Hope for Global Scourge of E. coli
May 31
Killer E. Coli Outbreak Claims More Lives in Europe **
Hospitals Hunt Substitutes As Drug Shortages Rise **
The Most Irrational Yet Effective Remedy for Radiation Illness and Its Prevention **
May 29
Fukushima: How Many Chernobyls Is It? **
May 27
US to Hold Up Smallpox Stock Eradication **
Scientists Reverse Stance on Sun and Cancer: Sunlight Can Prevent Skin Cancer
Nuclear Radiation Affects Sex of Babies, Study
May 26
New Leak Suspected at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant **
'Radioactive Sea Life' off Japan **
Watchdog Wants Extra 70,000 Moved from Nuke Zone
May 25
Sick Fish in Gulf: Fishermen Need Answer **
Rods in 3 Reactors at Japan Plant Mostly Melted **
Japan Tests Vehicles for Radiation
Japan Switches Measurements: Reactor No. 1 Drywell, Not Suppression Chamber, Now 192 SV/h
Outrage as Japan Lifts Radiation Limit for Kids **
Japan Nuclear Radiation Leak Gives Birth to Earless Bunny?

May 23
Japan Reports More Radiation Leakage **
Nearly 5,000 Nuke Plant Workers Suffering Internal Radiation Exposure after ‘Visiting’ Fukushima – Local Gov’t Consider Testing Residents **
16 People Sickened in Colorado Town, Cause Unknown
May 20
Nuclear Power Safety: Latest on Japan Crisis Fuels New Concern in US **
May 19
CDC Warns Public to Prepare for 'Zombie Apocalypse' **
May 18
Pacific Ocean: A Radioactive Garbage Dump **
Fresh Tales of Chaos from Fukushima Daiichi
Tepco Misleading Public Over Nuclear Crisis **
In Japan Reactor Failings, Danger Signs for the U.S.
May 17
Meltdown May Have Occurred Also at Nos. 2, 3 Reactors **
Quake Took Out Fukushima Cooling System Before Tsunami **
May 15
Obamacare Approves 200 More New Healthcare Reform Waivers **
Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed **
Radiation Levels Higher Than Chernobyl Evacuation Limits Span Over 800 KM in Japan **
Japan Closes Fifth Nuclear Reactor Since Fukashima Radioactive Leak **
Plan to Flood Fukushima Reactor Could Cause New Blast, Experts Warn **
Japan Widens Nuke Evac Zone **
Fukushima: Government Raises Radiation Levels for Children, Hikes Taxes
** 2
More Problems Near Fukushima Japan and Surrounding Areas

Contaminated Nuke Plant Workers Go Back on Job as Safety Regs Ditched
Japan Nuke Plant Worker Found Dead
Disaster Fails to Derail Nuclear Surge
10 Habits That Make You Happier
May 13
Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima Plant **
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in Perspective **
May 12
Kalley: FDA to Breast Cancer Patients: Shut Up and Die **
Alarming Combo: Bedbugs with 'Superbug' Germ Found **
Morgellons : In the Laboratory
May 11
Japan Confirms Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4 Leaning and in Danger of Complete Collapse
May 10
Japanese Evacuation Zone Residents Get First Visits Home **
Anti-Nuclear Campaigners Claim Stakeholder Group Is ‘Muzzled’ Over Fukushima Power Plant Disaster
57% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law
Autism May Be More Common Than Thought **
May 9
Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 4 Completely Burned Out in 3 Days
High Levels of Radiation Reported at Damaged Nuclear Plant
Another Nuku Plant to Shut Down in Japan on Safety Concerns
David B. Sereda: Fukushima & Mystery Sun Emission – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 **
Unknown Amount of Tritium Released into Mississippi R.
May 5
Highly Contagious Mystery Virus with AIDS-like Symptoms Quickly Spreading Throughout China **
May 4
Japanese Seabed Radiation Levels Soar **
Dying for TEPCO
Front Line at Fukushima
States Reassess Medical Marijuana Laws **
May 3
America Asleep: Are We Doomed to Suffer Obamacare? **
Life in Limbo for Japanese Near Nuclear Plant **
Fukui Government Worried about Radiation Leak from Fuel Rods at Tsuruga Plant
Large Differences in Mortality Between Urban and Isolated Rural Areas **
May 1
Oklahoma Hospital Practices for Mass Outbreak
Herbal Medicines Banned as EU Directive Comes into Force **
April 28
Study: Armadillos Spreading Leprosy to Humans **
April 27
High Radiation Found at Ohio Nuclear Plant
Poll: Most Americans Think a Nuclear Accident Is Likely Here **
Population Rises Near US Reactors
Japan Now Admits Fukushima at 154 trillion Bq's per Day and West Coast Radiation **
April 26
Supremes Denies Quick Review of Va. Health Care Lawsuit **
April 25
Dr. Helen Caldicott Speaks to American Physicians on Nuke Industry 3 **
Protests Mount Against Indian Nuclear Plant
Decision Coming Soon on Colorado's Proposed Nuke Plant
April 23
Georgia Nuclear Reactor Shuts Down Traced to Failed Breaker **
The Risk of a Nuclear Catastrophe ... Could Total Trillions of Dollars and Even Bankrupt a Country
Epidemiologist, Dr. Steven Wing, Discusses Global Radiation Exposures and Consequences
1 **
Radioactive Iodine Found in Breast Milk of Japanese Mothers **
Poll: Americans Fear Japanese Radioactivity
April 21
Japan Declares No-Go Zone Around Nuclear Plant **
Radioactive Spills at UK Plants Exposed
UN Chief Warns of More Nuclear Accidents **
'Green' Bulbs Release Toxins, Carginogens **
April 20
'Invisible' Deaths Continue at Evacuation Shelters **
April 19
Alarming New Fukushima Reports **
Updates on Fukushima

April 18
Death Toll Climbs in Japan as Work Goes on at Nuclear Power Plant **
April 17
Sea Radioactivity Rises Near Plant **
State and City Not Testing Drinking Water for Radioactivity
Dead and Dying Near Fukushima – video ** 1
Japan Nuke Plant Crisis Could Stretch Into 2012 **
April 15
Japan Nuclear Crisis: Workers Urged to Store Blood Cells  **
Fukushima Nuke Plan Leaves Reactor to Leak Radiation for More 3 Months  **
Japan Nuke Plant Operator to Compensate Evacuees
Japanese Risk Radiation to Rescue Stranded Dogs
April 14
Dr. Kaku: Fukishima Daiichi Nuclear Facility is a "Ticking Time Bomb"
Free Condoms for 11-yr-old-Kids **
April 13
No End in Sight for Fukushima Disaster **
Japan's Nuclear Volcano Erupts
Europeans Warned to Avoid Drinking Milk or Eating Vegetables Due to High Radiation **
Japan's 4-Legged Survivors
** 1
How My Mercury Level Hit Double the Safety Limit
April 12
Japan Raises Nuclear Crisis to Highest Level - the Same as Chernobyl **
Radioactive Fallout in Saint Louis Missouri Rain Water **
Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen demonstrates How Fukushima's Fuel Rods Melted and Shattered
** 2
Nuclear Waste Storage in the Spotlight Following Fukushima
Neb. Nuclear Plant Exposed to Radiation
Saudi Arabia: Second Fukushima If Iranian Bushehr Activated in May **
April 10
Budget Deal Guarantees Senate Vote on Repeal of Obama Health Care Law
End to Japan Nuke Crisis Is Years, a Fortune Away
Elevated (Full Mid-Range) Radiation -- Soon to Arrive on West Coast USA
1 **
Biologist Gets First Ever Mosquito-borne STD  **HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I questioned this 15 years ago if this scenario weren't weren't possible. If a mosquito inserts its "stinger" into an infected person's vein and then does so with a healthy person, wouldn't there be a bacterial/viral exchange?
April 7
Japan May Enlarge Evacuation Zone
Immeasurable Levels of Radiation Reported at Fukushima Plant **
'No Safe Levels' of Radiation in Japan **
Ghost City Symbolizes Cost of Nuclear Disaster
Superbugs Threaten to Render Antibiotics Useless, Warns WHO
Plastic Nanoparticles Fight MRSA
April 5
Radiation in Water Rushing into Sea Tests Millions of Times Over Limit **
High Dose of Oxygen Enhances Natural Cancer Treatment
April 4
Japan Dumps 11,500 Tonnes of Radioactive Water into Ocean **
TEPCO Provides Evidence of Periodic Chain Reaction at Fukushima Unit 1
Greenpeace Says Chernobyl Food Radiation Persists **
Fukushima 'Much Bigger Than Chernobyl': Expert
From Afar, a Vivid Picture of Japan Crisis
Extent of Nuclear Disaster Still Unknown as Rescue Teams Struggle to Regain Control
Colorado Snowpack Sampled Following Japan Nuclear Disaster
April 3
House GOP to Call for Major Medicare Changes **
Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China **
2 Found Dead at Japan Nuke Plant **
Japan Nuclear Struggle Focuses on Cracked Reactor Pit
Japanese Nuclear Plant Continues Its Radioactive Spill into Ocean **
Potential April 6th Fukushima Fallout Forecast Shows U.S. West Coast under Threat
April 1
Radiation Leaves 1,000 Tsunami Bodies Near Nuke Plant Off-Limits **
Radiation Worker with Over 20 Years of Experience Comments on Japan Nuclear Disaster
EPA Boosts Radiation Monitoring after Low Levels Found in Milk
Water Table Rupture - Impressive Fissure in Japanese Earthquake - March 11, 2011

Fukushima 50 Expect to Perish from Radiation Sickness 'Within Weeks' **
UN Warns Japan to Widen Evacuation Zone **
ESA - Japan Is Slipping to the East - 20,000 Foot Drop Off - Confirmed
Crews 'Facing 100-Year Battle' at Fukushima **
SRS Concrete Pump Heading to Japan Nuclear Site
New Images Inside Japan's Destroyed Nuclear Reactor

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant in Hi-Res
Researchers Find Link Between DNA Damage and Immune Response
Special Report: When the Drugs Don't Work
March 31
High Radiation Slows Recovery of Dead in Japan
Japan Nuclear Crisis: Evacuees Turned Away from Shelters **
Pets in Tsunami Aftermath

Radiation Traces Found in U.S. Milk
March 30
Biggest Spike in Radiation at Japan Power Plant **
Fukushima Beyond Point of No Return **
Seawater Radiation Rises
Impact of Radiation on Ocean Water May Be Seen in Long Term **
Japan to Scrap Quake-Hit Nuke Reactors
34,000 Tylenol Bottles Recalled
March 29
Japanese PM: Nation on 'Maximum Alert' Over Crisis
Rainwater and Air Across U.S. Contaminated with Radiation from Japan **
Health Officials Try to Calm Fears Radiation in U.S.

Japan Radioactivity Found in UK **
USA / Europe - Radiation, Jet Stream Forecast Update - March 29

Nuclear Material will Decay into Chemtrails of Barium and Strontium

Japan: Radiation Levels Leap at Crippled Nuclear Plant
TEPCO Says Plutonium Found on Quake-Damaged Plant Grounds
Officials: Plutonium Detected in Soil Outside Japanese Nuclear Complex
Group to Tell Senate Panel about 42 Disease Clusters in 13 States **
The Cost of Drug Shortages
March 28
Radiation Levels at Japan Nuclear Plant Reach New Highs – 100,000x Normal
Radiation Spreading to Seawater, Soil in Japan
Low Concentrations of Radiation Found in Mass.
Rainwater Banned at Japanese Water Plants
Elevated Radiation Found in Mass. and 10 Other States' Rainwater
March 27
Tiny Amounts of Radiation from Japan Reach Nev. **
Las Vegas Spike Chart
4 of EPA's 11 Sensors in CA Were Down **
USA / EU Radiation and Jetstream Forecast

NHK Confirms 1 Million Times Usual Levels in Reactor No. 2
Japan Gov't Asks Treatment Plants Not to Take in Rainwater Due to Radiation **
Radioactive Water Levels Surge at Troubled Japan Nuclear Plant **
Officials: Radiation in Leaked Water at Japan Nuke Plant 10 Million Times Higher Than Normal **
High Radiation Reading Was Mistake: Officials **
Cesium with Half-Life of 30 Years Is Released at 60% of Chernobyl Levels
Dr. Michio Kaku: 3 Raging Nuclear Meltdowns in Progress

Obamacare One Year Later: Why America Needs Full Repeal Now
Deadly Drug-Resistant Superbug Spreads in California **
March 25
Japan Crisis: Nuclear Workers Exposed to 10,000 Times More Radiation Than Normal, Reactor Core May be Leaking **
Japan Nuke Plant Reactor Core May Be Breached
Anxiety in Japan Over Radiation in Tap Water; Two Nuclear Plant Workers Treated for 'Burns' **
Fukushima Radioactive Fallout Nears Chernobyl Levels **
Japan's Nuclear Plant Still '2 Weeks' from being Made Safe **
Japan Quietly Evacuating a Wider Field from Reactor Area **
The 'Secret World' Of Doomsday Shelters
March 24
New EPA Radiation Map **
3 of the Fukushima 50 Rushed to Hospital with Radiation Poisoning **
New Problems at Japanese Plant Subdue Optimism
More U.S. States Find Traces of Radiation from Japan **
A Year Later, Still No Cure for Politics in Health Care **
March 23
Japan Nuclear Site Wind Forecast Update
March 22
Official: Japan Nuke Plant Pool at or Near Boiling **
Fukushima: The Thermal Images Are Out and They Are Hot!
More Volunteers 'Prepared for Death' at Fukushima
Updated Potential Radiation Fallout Map for America 3-21 to 3-25

HOLLY NOTE: CPM, under normal conditions, ranges from 5 to 60. Counts vary due to environmental radiation, military installations, radiation from space and other normal background sources. To make best sense of this map, you'd need to know what counts are normal for your area. Counts above 130 are considered "unusual". source
Radiation Levels 20km Away From Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant 1,600 Times the Normal Level
As Radioactive Rain Starts to Pour, Japan Engages in Another Cover Up **
Radiation Protection Now and Long Term
Reactor Design at Heart of Japanese Nuclear Crisis Raised Concerns as Early as 1972
‘Real Death Panels’ Set to Face Heat in Congress, Courts
March 21
Radiation Dose Chart
Smoke Rising Over Fukushima Nuclear Plant Prompts Worker Evacuation **
Winds Threaten to Steer More Radiation Toward Tokyo **
Levels of Radiation Rapidly Rising Near Ibaraki Prefecture, Closest Area to Fukushima That Isn’t Under Survey
No Quick Fix Seen at Japan's Nuclear Plant **
Tokyo's Tap Water, Where Iodine Turned Up Friday, Now Has Cesium **
Radiation Map by Prefecture
Japan's Nuclear Crisis Debacle and the Depopulation Agenda **
March 20
Japan's Efforts to Ease Nuclear Crisis Hit Setback as Reactors Face Unexpected Rise in Pressure **
Japan Officials: Radioactive Iodine in Tokyo Water **
Fear of Epidemics Among Earthquake Survivors
March 19
RadNet Map for all 50 States **
HOLLY NOTE: Unfortunately, there is no straight conversion from CPM to rads or sieverts. Counts depend on kind of radiation measured and the what instrument is doing the measuring. CPM, under normal conditions, ranges from 5 to 60. Counts vary due to environmental radiation, military installations, radiation from space and other normal background sources. To make best sense of this map, you'd need to know what counts are normal for your area. Counts above 130 are considered "unusual". source
Tokyo Counters in Real Time – check both as one may be offline while the other works
Air Monitors Sniff for Radiation in California - How They Work

Nuclear Radiation Detection Summary (detailed)
Radiation Basics
EPA: Air Monitoring Data from US West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii
Engineers Race to Stop Radiation
US Declines to Give Details on Radiation **
Amount of Radioactive Fuel at Fukushima Dwarfs Chernobyl
Total Information Blackout on Fukushima Unit 4 Reactor **
Current Status at Fukushima Daiichi
Plutonium in Troubled Reactors, Spent Fuel Pools
Japan Disaster - Understand & Prepare - Chris Everard & Max Igan -
Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10, Pt 11 **
Plutonium In Fuel Rods: Cause for Concern?
Radiation by the Numbers: Isotopes to Watch
Japan Raises Nuclear Threat Level as Radiation Cloud Heads for Britain
Decontamination After Radiation Exposure: Simpler Than You May Think
More Than 125 Old People Abandoned, Cold in Wake of Tsunami **
March 18
AP: Minuscule Fallout Reaches US **
Japan Raises Nuclear Alert Level **
Mayor Near Stricken Japanese Nuke Plant: 'We Have Been Betrayed'
Obama: Don't Worry About Radiation Reaching US
Mapping Japan's Radiation Zone
** 2
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Destroyed - View from Helicopter 
** 1
Military Evacuation Confirmed; Women and Children First!

Nuclear Cover Up: World's Largest Movable Structure to Seal the Wrecked Chernobyl Reactor
How Bad is the Reactor Meltdown in Japan?
Japan's Nuclear Reactor Crisis: What Are the True Threats from Radiation?
How Much SNF Does the Fukushima Hold?
US, UK Pull Search Teams out of Japan as TEPCO Admits Situation Is "Severe"
Florida Company Donates Over 200 Radiation Suits to Japan
WHO Issues Guidelines on Radiation Exposure
Foods That Contain High Levels of Natural Iodine (HOLLY NOTE: On a bottle of KI, stated dosage is 170mg for an adult. It would be very difficult to consume that much iodine via see vegetables or table salt. Yes, you might be able to achieve your recommended daily intake, but that amount is vastly lower that when packing out the thyroid.)
NukAlert Radiation Meters / Detectors Available
March 17
Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume **
Plume Path Hits US Friday – interactive
EPA Deploys More Radiation Monitors to the West Coast **
Radiation Leaks from Fukushima Now ‘Harmful’
Radiation Found on NBC News Crew, Lester Holt
US Charters Planes to Help Its Citizens Leave Japan
Japanese Drop Giant Waterbombs on Stricken Reactors as Foreign Office Promises Rescue Charter Flights to Get Britons out of Tokyo **
Japanese Officials at Odds If Water Dumps Helped Crippled Nuclear Plant
Shock Begins to Turn to Anger in Japan **
Japan Disaster in Numbers
New Record! US Life Expectancy Surpasses 78
Chernobyl Plume: Country-by-Country Summary
Hard-working and Prudent? You'll Live Longer
March 16
US: Radiation 'Extremely High' at Plant **
NRC: No Water in Spent Fuel Pool of Japan Plant **
Almost-ready New Power Line Could Restore Nuke Plant's Electric Cooling Systems **
Emergency Workers May Face Lethal Radiation
Fukushima Heroes: Not Afraid to Die
27 Signs That Japan's Nuke Crisis Is Much Worse Than Either Mainstream Media or the Japanese Gov't Have Told Us **
Japan Update: It’s Much Worse than it Looks
Japan Prepares to Restart Work at Nuclear Plant
A Cloud of Nuclear Mistrust Spreads around the World **
Fukushima Cover-up: 40 Years of Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods Blown Sky High

'Be Prepared': US Surgeon Gen.'s Warning as Terrified Americans Panic-Buy Radiation Pills **
Surgeon General Comments

Medicine and Nutritition for Survival March 2011
"Imaginary Panic": The H1N1 Pandemic was a Multibillion Dollar Fraud
March 15
Rad Levels Soar after Japan Nuke Plant Fire
Japan Braces for Potential Radiation Catastrophe **
Radiation Levels Up; Fire at 4th Reactor **
Emergency Cooling Effort Failing at Japanese Reactor, Deepening Crisis
Radiation from Fukushima Would Take 7 Days to Reach US **
Hoax Fallout Map Circulating Internet
Potassium Iodide Runs Low as Americans Seek It Out **
Northern California Residents Search for Potassium Iodide
Radiation Fears Lead to Nuke Pill Demand in Seattle
Fallout from Radiation Fears in Japan
New Blast, Fire Fuel Nuclear Fears as Death Toll Climbs in Japan
March 14
New Explosion Heard at Troubled Japanese Nuke Plant
Japan's Nightmare Gets Worse: All 3 Damaged Nuclear Reactors Now in 'Meltdown' **
Worst Nightmare? Nuclear Meltdown Threat as Fukushima Fuel Rods 'Fully Exposed' **
How a Reactor Shuts Down and What Happens in a Meltdown – interactive
West Coast USA Danger IF Japan Nuclear Reactor Meltdown **
Expert: Nuclear Radiation Could Spread Far Beyond Japan **
Radioactive Releases Could Last Months
Reactor Meltdown: Reality vs Fictional Hype
US Pulls USS Reagan, Aircraft Away from Nuke Plant
USS Reagan 'Went through Radioactive Cloud'
Crew of USS Reagan Exposed to Radiation, but Officials Call Risk in US Slight
17 in US Navy Treated for Contamination
Several Japanese Plant Workers Are Ill, Radiation Risk Seen as Low – for Now
Potential Health Consequences of Explosion at Fukushima Reactor
Global Jet Stream Forecast (March 13-21st)
Monitor Radiation in Your Area
March 10
A New Form : Frequency Induced Disease?
March 9
Obama Administration Appeals Health Reform Ruling
Drugs Across the Country in Short Supply **
Novel Swine H1N2 In North Carolina with Pandemic H1N1 Genes
Novel Swine H1N2 In Indiana
Chickens Culled after Bird Flu Strikes India
Cambodian Avian Flu Has 85% Death Rate **
Alcohol Prep Pads, Swabs, Swabsticks Recalled Due to Potential Microbial Contamination **
March 7
Healthcare Reform Law Waivers Climb Above 1,000 **
Japan Temporarily Halts Vaccines after Deaths of 4 Children
March 6
Capsaicin Could Stop a Heart Attack in Progress, Scientists Find
4,000 - 8,000 IUs Vitamin D Needed Daily to Prevent Disease
March 3
FDA Cracks Down on Untested Cough, Cold, and Allergy Products
500 to be Removed – See the List
Diabetes Can Takes 6 Years Off Your Life
March 2
H1N1 and Bird Flu Virus Produce Dangerous Hybrids
Bugout and SHTF Feminine Hygeine
Genetic Professor’s Mysterious Plague-Related Death Solved
February 27
Toxic Brew: Millions Near Refineries at Risk **
Measles Exposure Tracked at 3 US Airports
February 25
Plague Kills US Lab Worker
February 23
Cellphone Calls Alter Brain Activity: Study **
February 13
X-Ray Device Zaps Deep Cancers in 15 Minutes
Spice Drug Fights Stroke Damage
February 10
CDC: Deadly Superbug “C-Diff” Spreading
February 8
WH Will Implement ObamaCare Despite Judge's Ruling Against It **
February 7
Obama on Health Care Reform: "Nothing Socialist About It"

February 4
Eating Salty Snacks Damages Arteries within 30 Minutes
February 3
Too Big to Stop? Obama's Overhaul Lumbers on
Senate Kills Part of Health Reform, Saves Whole; Lobbying Stagnates
Global Fund Backed by Bill Gates to Launch Probe in Wake of Fraud
January 31
Judge Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional **
Wolf: Tawdry Details of Obamacare
Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional
Deadly Superbug Hits Britain Says Health Protection Agency
January 30
Why Are Women's Breasts Getting Bigger? The Answers May Disturb You
January 27
CDC: Nearly 26 Million Have Diabetes
January 24
US Meth Use Up 60% over Last Year **
America's New Drug Problem: Snorting 'Bath Salts'
Japan to Slaughter 410,000 Chickens for Bird Flu
January 23
Krauthammer: Everything Starts with Obamacare Repeal
January 21
GOP Aim to Replace Health Care Law **
Idaho Set to Nullify Health Care Law
January 20
House Passes Health Law Repeal 245-189 **
H1N1 Swine Flu Now in the US **
Hemorrhagic Fever Leaves 3 Dead in India
January 19
26 States Join Suit Against Health Law **
Eric Cantor Dares Harry Reid to Hold Repeal Vote
GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Tears Down the ObamaCare “Fiscal House of Cards”
Pelosi: I Don't Believe Those Polls That Show Americans Want Obamacare Repealed

Sheila Jackson Lee Says Repealing ObamaCare Violates Constitution
Millions Taking Statins 'Needlessly'
January 18
House Begins Health Law Challenge **
January 14
Drug Shortages: A Deadly Problem with No Cure in Sight
January 11
8,000 Israelis Report Symptoms of Swine Flu
January 10
Spacing Babies Close May Raise Autism Risk
January 7
Gallup: U.S. Split on Health Care Law Repeal
January 6
Blue Shield of California Readies 59% Rate Increase; Blames Obamacare
January 5
FDA Is Going After Vitamin C
January 4
Health Law Repeal Picking Up Dem Votes?
January 3
Simple Blood Test to Spot Lurking Cancer Cell