Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

Dec 27
ElBaradei: U.S., Egypt in Secret Talks on Fate of Israel Peace Treaty
Dec 23
State-funded Saudi Textbooks Preach Annihilation of All Jews as Way of Redemption
Dec 21
Official: Israel Unprepared for Wartime
Dec 20
US Commander Visits Israel to Finalize Missile Drill
Dec 19
Incoming EU President: Europe to Block Deals with Israel Until Peace Process Moves Forward
Israel Plans to Build 1,000+ Homes in West Bank, East Jerusalem
Read Every Word; It's Important
Dec 13
Netanyahu Orders 'Emergency Plan' Due to 50 Settlers
Dec 12
Israel Approves 40 Settler Homes Near Bethlehem: Report
Dec 9
Rockets Continue to Hit Southern Israel
Alarm Over Israel-Bashing at Media Matters – notice the body language: grimace on Obama's face, legs crossed away from Netanyahu
Dec 7
US Unsure What Might Prompt Israel to Attack
Dec 6
UAE Leader: Israel Would Destroy Iran If Attacked
Is Obama the Most ‘Anti-Israel’ President in History? – scroll 1/2 way down page
** 2
Dec 5
Israel, Syria Brace for Regional War mid-Dec. 2011 to mid-Jan 2012
Panetta: Israel Must Bow to Nuclear Iran, Islamized ME, Paramount US Security
Obama Fundraiser and Ambassador Blames Israel for Anti-Semitism
Dec 2
Obama - The Anti-Israel President
** 1
Germany to Supply Israel with 6th Nuclear-Capable Submarine
Dec 1
Israel: We'll Give Up Nukes If Iran Does Same **
U.S. Military Chief: Unclear If Israel Would Alert U.S. Ahead of Attack on Iran
Nov 29
Israeli Military: 3 Rockets Fired from Lebanon Strike Israel for First Time in 2 Years **
Katyusha Fire on Israel Was Syrian Warning – Turkey Ready for Any Scenario
Eye Witnesses Claim Unusual Movement of Israeli Missiles
Muslim Brotherhood Rally Vows to 'Kill All Jews'
There's Still Time Before Need for Iran Strike
Nov 28
Iran: We'll Fire 150,000 Missiles at Israel If Attacked
Nov 25
Israel, Jordan on Alert Over Threatened Syrian Revenge for 6 Pilots' Deaths
Nov 23
US Presidential Candidates Weigh in on Israel
Nov 21
Panetta to Israel: Don’t Touch Iran **
Hal Lindsey on the Exploding Middle East
Nov 18
Israel Effectively Annexes Palestinian Land Near Jordan Valley **
Nov 17
European Diplomat: Palestinians Willing to Freeze UN Bid If Israel, U.S. Resume Funds **
Nov 15
Ben-Eliezer: Israel, Egypt on Collision Course **
2-State Vision Is Dead **
Nov 14
Israel Iran Nuke War of Gog Magog - VOW ** 2
Nov 12
30,000 Suicide Bombers to Infiltrate Israel **
Nov 8
Western Experts: Iran Able to Build Nuke in Months **
Israel Denies Anonymous Cyber-Attack to Blame for Websites Failure **
Nov 3
Israeli PM Orders Investigation into Iran Leak **
Million Man Worldwide 'Caravan' Set to 'Liberate Jerusalem' **
Dr. Jerome Corsi on Escalating Tensions Between Israel and Iran (starts at 8:45)
** 3
Nov 2
Israel Considers Pre-Emptive Attack on Iran **
...Test-Fires Missile as Iran Debate Rages **
Nov 1
Religious Extremism: The War for Jerusalem **
Oct 31
Report: Israel Seeking to Upgrade Its Nukes **
Missile-Battered Israeli Towns in First Civilian Mutiny Against IDF **
Saudi Royal Offers $900,000 Reward for Capture of Israeli Soldiers **
Jihad Missile Offensive Starts 2nd Day. What Egyptian Ceasefire? **
Oct 24
American Jews Backing Away from Supporting Israel **
Oct 21
Nasrallah: 'Next Time, We'll Begin With Attack on Tel Aviv' **
Oct 20
Blair: Quartet Wants Border Proposals from Israel, PA **
Palestinian PM Fayyad: Time Is Not Right for Serious Peace Talks **
Oct 19
Gaza: Masses Celebrate Prisoners' Release **
Hamas: One Jew is Worth a Thousand Palestinians **
Oct 14
PA Cuts Ties with Pro-Palestinian U.S. Lobby Over Criticism of UN Statehood Bid **
Palestinian Official: No Plans to Meet Israeli Leaders for Restart of Peace Talks **
Sources: US Gives Israel Green Light for Iran Strike **
Hamas Refuses to Abandon Policy of IDF Kidnappings **
Oct 9
Israel Ready to Strike Syria, Lebanon, Gaza **
The Great Palestinian Lie
** 3
Oct 7
Israeli Military Preparing for Response to War in the Middle East **
Assad Warns Jordan Against Holding a War Game Like Turkey and Israel **
Oct 6
Turkish Warships Harass Israeli Freighters. Israeli Missile Boats Off Cyprus **
Israel and the Jews
Poll: 63% Want Obama to Back Israel **
Oct 4
Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran **
Oct 3
Panetta: Israel Becoming Increasingly Isolated in ME **
Defense Secy to Arrive in Israel to Discuss Iran Nuke Program **
Jerusalem’s Day in Court
Sept 30
New Genetic Evidence Links Spanish Americans of Southwest to Jews **
Sept 29
Fatwa to Kill Every Israeli in Egypt
** 2
Sept 28
IDF on High Alert Ahead of Holiday Weekend **
UN Security Council Begins PA Statehood Debate **
Survey: Jewish Support for Obama Drops to 45%
Sept 27
Israel Border Area Awash with Troops Following Terror Alert **
The Unique Nature of Jew Hatred
Palestinians Want Statehood Bid Decided in 2 Weeks **
US Sold Bunker-Busting Bombs to Israel: Report
Sept 20
Rick Perry to Attack Obama on Israel **
Israel Evacuates Embassy Staff in Jordan Fearing Repeat of Cairo **
Herman Cain: If You Mess with Israel, You're Messing with the USA **
Sept 19
French FM: Status Quo Between Israel and Palestinians Risks 'Explosion of Violence' **
Top US Intel Official in Ankara to Head Off Naval Clash, Bring Palestinians to Talks **
PLO Ambassador Says Palestinian State Should Be Free of Jew **
Holy Land Clerics Bless Palestinian UN Bid **
Sept 16
Palestinians Rebuff Obama, Edge Closer to Statehood Bid **
Sept 15
The Land of Israel: Imminent Scenario **
Israel Warns PA of Harsh Consequences **
...Enters Nightmare Scenario
Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the Peace Process
** 2
Sept 14
U.S. Scrambles to Avert Palestinian Vote at U.N. **
Palestinians Trying to Dodge pre-UN Vote Face-Off with Obama **
Sept 13
Report: Turkish Warplanes Now Able to Fire at Israeli Targets **
No US Drones for Turkey Until Armed Threat on Israel Lifted
Russia to Support Palestinian UN Bid
Sept 12
Israel Embassy Attack in Cairo Nearly Ended in Catastrophe **
Israeli-Egyptian Peace: The Beginning of the End **
Cairo's Israeli Embassy Attacked
** 4
Turkish Frigates to Confront Israeli Vessels, Disable Their Weapons **
Palestinians: Obama Promised Us a State **
Sept 9
Palestinians Killing Any Chance for Peace **
US Confirms It Will Veto Palestinian Statehood Bid **
The Middle East Problem
** 4
Turkish President Calls Israel 'Ungrateful Burden' **
Turkey Must Restore Ties with Israel If It Wants Mideast Influence **
Assad Declares State of War, Opposition Calls for Protest **
Sept 8
Israel Security Forces Foil Multiple Terrorist Attacks in Jerusalem, Arrest Dozens of Hamas Militants **
Palestinians Officially Launch UN Statehood Campaign **
PLO Denies...
Obama 'Star' of Palestinian Ad **
Sept 7
China Supports Palestinian UN Bid **
Nimrod Novik Stripped of all Corporate Positions **
Sept 6
Israeli General: Likelihood of Regional War Growing; Warns of 'Radical Islamic Winter' **
Israel – the Iranian Bomb – and WWIII! **
Turkey Suspends Defense Trade with Israel – Crisis Escalating **
Turkey Recalls Ambassador
Israel Holds Large Drill Near Dimona Nuclear Reactor **
Barak to Abbas: Zero Israeli Tolerance for Palestinian Sept. 20 Outbreaks
At Least 140 Nations Expected to Vote for Palestinian Statehood **
Palestinian Statehood: Numbers and Facts Don't Lie
Aug 22
Jerusalem on High Terror Alert **
Aug 19
20 Rockets Strike Israel Day After Coordinated Terror Attacks Kill 8 **
Eilat, Israel Terrorist Attack Found in Torah Code **
Aug 18
6 Israeli Dead in Triple Terror Attack **
Netanyahu: We Hit Back Immediately and With Force **
Instant Payback: Terror Assault Commander Killed
Israel Earmarks 8 Sites for Mass Burial in Case of Nationwide Catastrophe ** MINI PIC
Glenn Beck Rally Could Spark Violence, Warn Arab MKs **
Aug 16
Lebanon to Push Palestinian Statehood at UN Security Council **
This Is What Democracy Looks Like?: Hating America and Rejecting Peace with Israel Portrayed as Virtuous
Aug 4
Military Battle on Israel Lebanon Border **
Aug 2
Israel 'Ready to Negotiate Borders with Palestinians' **
July 28
U.S. Report Recommends Ending Loan Guarantees to Israel at End of 2011 **
July 27
Israeli, Palestinian Envoys Square Off Over UN Recognition **
July 26
Tel Aviv Will be Bombed in Next Gaza War, Says Minister **
2,000-year-old Bell Found in Jerusalem Rings Again
3,000-year-old Altar Uncovered at Philistine Site Suggests Cultural Links to Jews
July 22
The Nations Are Gathering Against Israel **
What Will September Bring? **
Shock Poll: Majority of U.S. Jews Support Mideast Peace Plan Based on 1967 Borders **
July 21
Hezbollah: If Israel Attacks Lebanon, Eilat Won't be Safe – Not an Inch of Israel Would be Spared **
July 20
‘Count Me a Jew and Come for Me First’: Beck’s Moving Keynote Address at the Christians United for Israel Summit
** 3
July 19
Mexican Army Burns Crops of Huge Marijuana Farm
July 18
European FMs Call on Israel, Palestinians to Restart Talks **
July 17
Ex-CIA Officer: Israel Will Probably Attack Iran in Sept. **
Jerusalem as You've Never Seen It
** 3
July 12
Ahmadinejad: Israel Is Greatest Threat in Mideast **

Israel and Palestinian Sources: U.S. Peace Efforts Have Failed **
Iran Warns of Israeli, U.S. 'Plots' Amid Arab World Unrest
Israel Could be Hit with 50 Tons of Explosives in Next War **
July 11
An Ill Wind of Change in Australia
July 7
Leak Causes Negev's Worst Ever Environmental Disaster **
UN's Expert on Palestine Publishes Offensive Israel Cartoon, Deletes It, Denies It, Then Apologizes **
July 5
Alarming Rise in Clashes Between Settlers and Palestinians in West Bank **

June 29
IDF: Some Flotilla Activists Planning to Kill Soldiers **
Israel's Warning to Assad: Attack Us, We'll Hit You Personally **
June 27
Palestinians Will Officially Go to UN in September **
Obama Puts Israel-Palestinian Issue on Hold for His Second Term **
June 23
Israel Served as ‘Main Course’ at EU Dinner, Official Says **
Report: Hezbollah Preparing for War with Israel **
The Palestinians of 1967
Obama and Netanyahu: A Historical Perspective
Delta Adopts Saudi 'No-Jew' Fly Policy **
June 22
Sirens to Go Off Around Israel as Security Drill Goes National
Israel's Leaders Hole Up in Nuclear Bunker **
IAF Strikes Gaza Tunnel After Mortar and Qassam Land in Israel
June 20
IDF Holds Drill Simulating Mass Missile Attacks Across Israel **
Terror Groups, Many Israeli Arabs Have Same Aim; Eliminating Israel as Jewish State **
Israel Approves Expansion of 2,000 Settlement Homes
June 17
Peres Warns: Israel in Danger of Ceasing to Exist as Jewish State **
Palestinian State Declaration Means End of Talks **
Lawyers, Not IDF, at Forefront of Battle Against Flotilla
Watching Ahmadinejad Through Israeli Eyes **
A Salute to the IDF
June 13
Obama Gives Netanyahu Ultimatum on Resuming Talks **
U.S. Pressuring Netanyahu to Accept Obama's Peace Plan **
June 8
Israel's New Battlefield: Iranian Submarines **
PA: 1967 Lines or Statehood Declaration **
Early Hitler Letter on Jews Unveiled in NYC
June 6
Syria Blocks New Border Protest; Toll Rises to 23 **
'Absolutely Sure': 2nd Jewish Temple 'Waiting to be Unearthed'
June 5
20 Dead in Israel Border Clashes **
Vatican Calls for Independent Palestinian State 'Soon' **
June 3
Netanyahu on 'Naksa Day': We Won't Allow Borders to be Breached **
500 Palestinians Set for Mass ‘Fly-in’ to Ben-Gurion Airport **
IDF Gearing for Next Wave of Palestinian Protests **
June 2
Israel's Largest Underground Water Source Discovered Near Jerusalem Convention Center **
June 1
Iran Cleric: Killing Israeli Children OK **
Palestinians Gear for Sunday March on Israel's Borders **
Gantz: Army Gearing Up for Mass Riots
United Methodist Board Features Anti-Israel Message in Newsletter
May 29
White House Set for Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas Summit. Israel Downbeat **
Cairo Opens Gaza Crossing, Prepares to Halt Gas to Israel **
May 27
Advice to Israel Is Recipe for Genocide
Let's Blame the Jews
NOTE: We do not agree with Condell's somewhat mocking attitude of Christianity, but there are too few defending Israelis and it is hoped listeners will take in the bigger message – that Hebrews have been forever the victims of antisemitism, more now than ever in history, that they are God's chosen and have a right to exist.
May 26
Netanyahu under U.S. Pressure: Some Settlements Will End Up Beyond Israel’s Borders **
Blair: Obama Anxious About Israel's Fate
US to Help Israel Buy 4 More Iron Dome Interceptors
May 25
Palestinians: Netanyahu Peace Outline Unacceptable **
Text of Netanyahu's Speech to US Congress
May 24
Netanyahu: Israel Cannot Return to 1967 Borders **
Israel's Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace

Betraying Israel
May 23
Obama Signs Israel's Death Warrant **
Forget About Us Recognizing Israel, Hamas Tells Obama **
Erekat: If '67 Lines Are an Illusion, Peace Is an Illusion **

May 20
Hamas: Obama Speech Total Failure **
Romney: Obama 'Threw Israel Under the Bus'
Behind the Scenes: Obama Snubs Netanyahu **
Republicans Side with Israel: Obama Speech Dangerous
Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel
Netanyahu Says 'No' to 1967 Borders **
Netanyahu Associate: Obama Detached from Reality
U.S.-Israel Tensions Escalate **
Former Israeli Amb. Sees Radical Shift in American Policy
** 3
Beck: Obama's Betrayal of Israel
** 2
May 19
Obama Sides With Palestinians, Tells Israel to Pull Back to '67 Borders **
Netanyahu to Ask Obama to Put Focus Back on Iran **
May 18
Hamas Cleric: Jews Were Brought to Palestine for the “Great Massacre” Which Allah Will Relieve Humanity of Their Evil **
May 17
Obama's Draft Speech to Urge '67 Borders, Negate PA's State Bid **
May 15
16 Dead, Dozens Injured as Violence Erupts Along Israel's Borders with Syria **
Palestinians, Syrians, Hizballah Smash Through 3 Israeli Borders
More in Store from Syria after Easy Border Breach **
May 12
Hamas Admits 'Peace Accord' is a Prelude to War **
Cairo to Move Hamas Base to Gaza; Assad Threatens Israel with War **
Strike Cripples Israel's Train Services
Demjanjuk Found Guilty of Helping Kill 27,900 Jews **
May 5
France, Britain May Recognize Palestinian State **
Hamas Says Prepared to Give Peace with Israel 'Another Chance' **
The Rainbow Swastika: Report to Jewish People about New Age Antisemitism
May 3
Now Can We Stop Condemning Israel for Targeted Assassinations?
April 28
Fatah-Hamas Accord: By-Product of Secret Israel-Turkish Talks, Syrian Crisis **
Senior Hamas Leader: Interim Palestinian Government Not Able to Work on Peace with Israel **
Many Things Are Now in Motion in Israel **
April 23
Hezbollah Attack 'Already in Motion,' Officials Warn **
Jerusalem Church Leaders Pray for ME Peace Ahead of Easter
Group’s Anti-Israel Message Hits Seattle Billboards **
April 21
Turkey: Israel-Palestinian Peace Will Decide Fate of Arab Uprisings **
April 18
Netanyahu Concerned New Egypt Government Will be anti-Israel
Traffic Jams Begin as Thousands of Israelis Prepare for Passover
April 17
'Prepare to Invade Israel' Hezbollah Leader Tells Followers **
Israel Preparing for War on All Fronts **
Krauthammer: Israel Has 'Given Away' Claim to West Bank **
April 13
Conflict with Hamas Likely to Escalate **
Fayyad to Request $5 B to Launch Palestinian State **
April 12
An Invasion of Israel? In 2012? **
Settler Council: Netanyahu's West Bank Pullout Plan Radiates Panic **
UN Report: Palestinian Authority Is Paving the Way to Statehood **
April 10
Southern Israel Under Heavy Fire; IDF Hits Back **
Iron Dome Does It Again; Gaza Rockets Intercepted – video
It Never Ends - They Just Want to Kill Us **
Palestine is Genocide
April 8
Iron Dome Intercepts First Rocket **
Hezbollah Prepared to Send 100 Missiles Daily at Tel Aviv **
April 7
Rabbi Calls for Animal Sacrifice on Temple Mount **
Ahmadinejad: U.S. Seeking to Divide Jordan to Form Palestinian State
President Peres Says Israel Willing to Cede Golan to Syria **
IDF Prepares for Multi-Front War in War Games **
April 5
Hamas Vows to Avenge Israel Air Strike on Gaza at 'Appropriate Time'
ElBaradei: We'll Fight Back If Israel Attacks Gaza **
April 4
Israel and Hamas Near a Spring War **
April 3
Israel Must Prepare for Palestinian Fury **
Peres Leaves for US to Consult with Obama on ME Turmoil
The Israel Factor: Weakening US-Israel Relations? **
April 1
UN to Israel: Surrender **
March 31
Israel Releases Map of 1,000 Hezbollah Sites **
Strategy to Invade Israel Posted on Facebook
Beck: Who Stands With Israel?
March 29
Bloody Facebook War: Palestinian Intifada vs. United with Israel
Netanyahu to Abbas: You Can't Have Peace with Both Israel and Hamas
March 27
Israel Deploys Iron Dome Missile Defense System for First Time **
Will Jerusalem Fall in 2012?
March 25
After Attack on Jews, Obama’s Condolences to Palestinians **
Online Petition to Obama: We Support Israel
IDF Will Have to Carry Out Large-Scale Gaza Operation
Report: Hamas Calls on UN to Halt Israel's Strikes on Gaza
March 24
Brewing Crisis Between Israel and Hamas Threatens to Derail Promising Reform **
March 23
1 Dead, 50 Injured in Jerusalem Bus Bombing **
Gaza Rockets Hit Deep into Israel, Minister Sees War
Desecration, Attacks at Ancient Jewish Cemetery
March 22
Former Israeli President Gets 7 Years for Rape **
Another Gaza War Just a Matter of Time **
March 21
Hamas Digging ‘Terror Tunnels’ along Border with Israel **
Israel First to Set Up Field Hospital in Japan
March 19
50 Mortars Fired into Israel, 2 Injured; IDF Strikes Gaza **
March 17
Jerusalem Will Never be Divided, Says Barkat **
Israel vs. the “Axis of Terror” **
March 16
Israeli Rabbis Launch Initiative to Marry Gay Men to Lesbian Women
March 15
Outrage after Jewish-made pro-Palestinian Film Screened at UN's Main Hall
March 10
After Years of Neglect, Israel Must Prepare for Possible Egyptian Threat **
March 9
Plans to Invade Israel Prepared **
February 24
Gaza Militants Fire Missile at Be'er Sheva for First Time Since Gaza War **
February 23
2 Million Egyptians in Tahrir Square Chant "to Jerusalem We Are Heading, Martyrs in the Million"

February 22
Israel, U.S. Successfully Test Anti-Missile System
February 18
Kuhner: Obama’s Anti-Israel Agenda
February 17
In Sharp Reversal, US Agrees to Rebuke Israel in Security Council **
Israel: Iranian Warships in Mediterranean Are a 'Serious Provocation' **
Hezbollah Threatens Israelis 'Anytime, Anywhere'
February 15
Palestinians Agreed to Cede Nearly All Jewish Areas of East Jerusalem
Maximum Security at 4 Israeli Embassies Due to Threats
Foreign Ministry Fears Hezbollah Behind Terror Threats
February 13
Mubarak's Departure Thwarted Israeli Strike on Iran
Temple Inst. Reveals First Blueprints for Portion of the Third Temple **
Computer Animation of Sanhedrin Chamber of Hewn Stone

February 11
Obama, Soros Create 'Palestine'
February 9
UK Urges Israel to Tone Down 'Belligerent' Rhetoric Amid Mideast Uprisings **
Israel Spending Extra $1.5M a Day after Egypt Gas Line Explosion **
February 8
Army Chief: Israel Must Prepare for All-Out War **
February 6
Palestine Rejects Israel's Proposal to Resume Direct Talks **
February 4
Israel Prepares for Islamic Terror State Rising from Egypt's Ashes **
Muslim Brotherhood Wants End to Egypt-Israeli Peace Deal **
February 3
Muslim Brotherhood’s Message Same as Hamas: Kill Jews **
Egyptian Protesters Promise to Destroy Israel
We Know That Netanyahu Cannot Sleep Now
January 30
Israel Silently Watches the Unfolding of Two New Fronts
Without Egypt, Israel Will be Left with No Friends in Mideast **
Cyprus Recognizes Palestinian States within 1967 Borders
Calls for Obama to Veto 'Anti-Israel' UN Resolution
January 28
Israel Quietly Watches Chaos Unfolding Around It
US Dems and Pro-Israel Lobbies Slam Rep. Senator's Call to Halt Israel Aid
January 26
Thousands March in Anti-Abbas Protests in Gaza **
Rabbis Protest Beck's Use of Holocaust Imagery
January 25
Digging Completed on Tunnel under Old City Walls in East Jerusalem
January 24
Secret Papers Reveal Slow Death of Middle East Peace Process **
January 23
French FM Backs Palestinian Statehood
Erekat: Palestinian State Is Coming, Israel Can't Stop It **
Lieberman Drafts Own Map of Future Palestinian Borders
Erekat: Lieberman's Map Is a 'Joke'
Erekat on Lieberman Plan: No Partial State
Abbas: During Bush Era Israel Accepted East Jerusalem as Capital **
Israel Moves to Turn Deserted Palestinian Village into Luxury Housing Project
Obama to Withhold Veto from Palestinian UN Move to Condemn Israeli Settlements **
January 19
Russia's Medvedev Endorses Palestinian State **
January 18
Israel's Barak Privately Accuses Pres. Peres of Plotting His Downfall
Israel Concerned Russia Will Recognize Palestinian State
Time Magazine Savages Israel – Again
January 16
More Construction on Track for Jerusalem
For the Time Is at Hand
Netanyahu: Tunisia Turmoil Shows Instability of Entire Mideast **
January 13
Egypt to Hamas: Stop Gaza Rockets or Face New Israel War **
January 10
Netanyahu Backs Jerusalem Construction
Israel Supporters Better Wake Up!
January 9
Rocket, Mortar Fire Escalates on Gaza Border
Chile Recognizes Palestinian State, More Nations to Follow
January 6
Thousands Greet Turkish Protest Ship; Chant 'Death to Israel' **
January 2
US in Secret Talks with Syria over Peace Accord with Israel **
Netanyahu Scores Last-Minute Deal to Stop Crippling Nation-Wide Strike **
Netanyahu to Abbas: Ready to Meet Until 'White Smoke Comes Out'
Hamas Planned Rocket Attack on Jerusalem Soccer Game **