Very Cool Animation of Our Solar System
Asteroid Impact Calculator

Dec 30
A Second Moon?
Dec 28
Massive Solar Storm 'Could Knock Out Radio Signals' Over Next 3 Days, Warn Scientists
2011 Was the Year of the Restless Sun
Rare Slow-Spinning Star Reveals Space Oddity
Dec 27
CMEs Squarely Targeting Earth, Mars
Comet Lovejoy Keeps on Giving
Dec 23
Why 2012 Could Be the Year We Find a Habitable Planet
Dec 20
Scientists Say Massive Black Hole at Galactic Center Could Awaken in 2013
Dec 16
Curiosity and the Solar Storm
Comet Survives Hellish Journey Through the Sun – Where It's a Toasty 2,000,000ºF – Movie
Russia's Mars Probe Will Crash to Earth in January
Dec 9
NASA Rover Finds Convincing Evidence of Water on Ancient Mars
Strong CME Could Sandblast the Moon
Dec 7
Sprite Lightning Caught in High-Speed, 3D Video
Dec 5
NASA Discovers Earth-Like Planet
Total Eclipse of the Moon
Nov 30
Earth's Twin Discovered?
** 3
Nov 28
Rare Northern Lights Show for the US Again
Amateur Pics Stun Astronomers
Nov 21
Dwarf Galaxies Could Shed Light on Dark Matter **
Nov 17
Jupiter's Moon May Hold Life, Researchers Say **
Update of Jupiter's Europa: Massive Lake Verified Beneath Ice-Shrouded Surface **
Nov 14
NOAA Warns of Monster Solar Storm Region Facing Earth for Next 2 Weeks; Fully Capable of Producing X-Class Flares
Beautiful Time Lapse View of Earth from Space
** 4
Nov 12
Scientists Find Evidence of Mystery 5th Giant Planet That Was Ejected from Solar System **
CME Impact Today **
Nov 7
Seeing Armageddon in a Grain of Sand **
Nov 4
In 5 Days the World Could End (As You Know It) **
AR1339, One of the Biggest Sunspots in Many Years Unleashes X-Flare – More Possible 
NASA Study of Clays Suggests Watery Mars Underground **
Nov 2
Weird Spiral Star Discovered --14-Billion-Miles Wide **
Brightest Lights in the Universe – Black-Hole Powered Quasars **
All Eyes on Huge Asteroid Buzzing Earth on Nov. 8 **
When Space Attacks: The 6 Craziest Meteor Impacts **
Oct 26
400 Meter-Wide Asteroid to Make Pass by Earth in Early November **
Oct 25
Rare Northern Lights Paint Skies Deep-Red Across North America
Oct 24
Bright CME Blasts Off the Sun
** 4
Oct 17
'Impact Threat' Asteroid Found **
Asteroid Impact Calculator
Oct 14
Debris of 'Doomsday' Comet Elenin to Pass by Earth Sunday **
Did Distant Comets Quench a Thirsty Earth?
Oct 7
Comet Crashes into Sun, Then Massive CME Explodes from Other Side
** 5
Energy Burst: Crab Pulsar Gamma Ray Intensification Baffles Scientists **
Oct 4
A Trio of Comets and 2 Meteor Showers **
Giant Asteroid Vesta Has Mountain Taller Than Anything on Earth
NASA Confirms 1300 Ft Asteroid to Pass Close to Earth November 8th **
Oct 4
To Deflect Killer Asteroids, Humanity Must Work Together **
Oct 3
Comet Commits Suicide on the Sun
** 1
Double Eruption Reported on Solar Surface - Geomagnetic Storm Alert **
Are We Prepared for a Catastrophic Solar Storm? **
Largest-Ever Ozone Hole Appears Over No. Hemisphere – Extreme Weather to Blame **
Sept 27
More Large Flares Possible with Giant Sunspot **
NASA to Announce New Asteroid Discoveries Thursday
Sept 26
Sun Blasts Off 2 X- and 11 C-Class Flares in 24 Hours **
Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued for Sept. 26
CME Slams Earth's Magnetic Field - Satellites to Get Hit Head On **
Super Sun Blast Fears Put Russian Nuke Plants in Lockdown **
Supermoon on Sept. 27th Elenin Alignment **
Sept 20
Dark Twin of Earth in Sky and Planet X Near Sun
Sept 16
Kepler Discovers a Planet with Two Suns
Comet Elenin Teaches Us to Sit Still and Pay Attention
Sept 15
Brown Dwarf Star Wracked by Most Violent Weather Seen on Another World **
Sept 13
More Mammoth Solar Flares Expected from 'Old Faithful' Sunspot **
Sept 12
NASA Telescopes Unlock the Secret of a Storm Raging Around Jupiter for 350 YEARS
Sept 9
Sunspot 1283 Is Producing Flares So Intense They're Visible 93 Million Miles Away **
Sept 8
NASA: Solar Flares Increasing in Strength and Longevity **
Latest News for Nibiru in 2012 and Planet X
Sept 7
Sun Unleashes 2 Massive X-Class Flares – Aimed at Earth **
The Milky Way Might Harbor Thousands of Ticking Supernova 'Time Bombs' **
Dark Matter Hunters See 67 Hints **
Sun's TWO X Flares

Larry Taylor Blog
Sept 6
Sun Unleashes M5.3 Flare – Directed at Earth **
Aug 22
Chinese Plan Kamikaze Solar Sail to Divert Near-Earth Asteroid Apophis **
Aug 19
NASA - Space Storm Tracked from Sun to Earth
** 3
The Mystery of Comet Elenin
Spacecraft Sees Solar Storm Engulf Earth **
Aug 18
Power Cuts Threat as Sun Storm Hits Earth **
Fireball Leads to Midwest Meteorite Alert, NASA Warns **
Moon Younger Than Previously Thought
Aug 17
Large Asteroid to Zoom Past Earth in Cosmic Close Call **
'Armageddon'? Space Mission Aims to Blast Asteroid Headed for Earth **
Comet Expected to be Visible from Earth in Early 2013 **
CNN News 2011 Niburu is Real 'Planet X' Nemesis Dragging Barrage of Comets - Velikovsky Vindicated?
** 1
Clues Get Warm in the Search for Planet X
NASA to Provide New Information on Solar Flare Activity **
Venus and the Solar Storm
** 2
Aug 14
NASA Sun-Watching Satellite Spots Comet Elenin in Deep Space **
Aug 11
NASA Rover at Craters Edge! Poised for the Discovery of Past Life? **
Aug 10
Solar Storms Building Toward Peak in 2013, NASA Predicts **
Aug 9
Severe Solar Storms Could Disrupt Earth This Decade: NOAA **
Massive X7 Flare Rips from Sun **
Aug 7
Intense Solar Storm Could Disrupt Power, Communications; Auroras Expected **
...Power Companies Prepare **
Aug 5
Strong Solar Activity Underway – CME Impacting Earth Now **
NASA Finds New Evidence of Liquid Water on Mars
Aug 4
Comet Elenin, Earthquakes, and You
Strong Solar Activity Underway **
Aug 2
Sunspot 1261 Hurls CME Toward Earth **
July 31
Comet Races Toward Earth at Peak of God's Holy Days **
July 29
Chance of Powerful X Flares **
Found! Voracious Black Hole 2 Billion x Size of the Sun **
July 28
Trojan Asteroid Seen in Earth's Orbit **
A Glowing Bubbly Bauble in Space
Russians Will Sink International Space Station in 2020 **
July 26
Rare Volcanoes Discovered on Far Side of the Moon
July 19
Mars Impact Basin Deep Enough to Swallow Mt. Everest - Proof That Mars Magnetic Field Was Destroyed by Asteroid Impact? **
New NASA Mission: Study the Moon **
Dawn Probe Orbits Asteroid Vesta
Vatican Recalling ALL Archbishops to Rome Due to Elenin? **
July 18
Rotation of the Milky Way: Clue to Why Matter vs Antimatter Dominates **
Collisions Aid Evolution of Galaxies: Creating New Stars & Feeding Supermassive Black Holes
Solar System Weather Report: Super Storm on Saturn - Connected to Elenin? **
July 14
Triceratops Bones Support Asteroid Extinction Theory **
July 12
Space Junk Could Come Dangerously Close to Atlantis
July 11
Washington Post 1983 – Planet X Discovered **
July 6
Huge Comet Slams into the Sun
** 2
July 5
Facts About Comet Elenin and Its Arrival 2011

July 1
Sun’s Coming Quietude Burns Global Warmists
June 30
ELEnin Warning
1 **
June 29
ISS Nearly Hit by Space Junk **
June 28
Asteroid Buzzes Earth, Nearer Than Some Satellites **
June 27
Newfound Comet Will Swing by Earth in 2013 **
2 Billion Earthlike Planets in the Milky Way: How Many Will Prove to Support Advanced Life?
Unprecedented Lunar Detail, LRO Shows Us the Moon as Never Seen Before
June 22
Getting Ready for the Next Big Solar Storm **
June 21
Full-Halo CME Heading Toward Earth
1 **
June 20
New Planetary System Has South African Astronomers Doing a Double Take
June 17
Rare Cosmic Blast Traced to Black Hole
Solar Storm Threatening Power Grids – Yet No Action Taken to Implement Defences
The Sun's Stealthy Tsunami-Like Blasts of Radiation – How Much of a Threat Are They? **
June 15
Unusual Total Lunar Eclipse Coincides with Full Moon Tonight **
Could Appear as a "Blood-Red" Moon
June 14
What's Down With the Sun? Major Drop in Solar Activity Predicted **
How a Weather Lull on the Sun Affects Earth
Related: Maunder Minimum
Related: Little Ice Age
'Controlled' Power Cuts Likely as Sun Storm Threatens National Grid **
U.S., UK to Cut Power in Preparation of Massive Solar Storm **
Worrying Solar Cycle 24 Is Much More Powerful Than Previously Thought (starts 7 min. in and is part of the "Angel Power" program)
NASA Soon Will be Official Now Gives Clues on Elenin - Nibiru

June 13
Longest Total Lunar Eclipse in 7 Years Coming Wednesday **
June 10
Solar Storm Delivers Glancing Blow to Earth – and a Warning **
Vast Solar Eruption Shocks NASA and Raises Doubts on Sun Theory
June 7
Edge of Solar System Filled with Bubbles, NASA Says
Sun Hurls Off Violent M2.5 Flare

June 5
"We Came Awfully Close to Getting Hit by an Asteroid", Missed
June 3
Last Image Spirit Mars Rover Ever Saw
May 27
NASA Plans Asteroid Mission
May 19
New SETI Survey Focuses on Kepler's Top Earth-Like Planets
Rogue Planets More Common Than Stars **
Nibiru on Swiss, Iraq Banknotes

May 18
CERN's LHC: "Parallel Universes Could be Hidden Within the 4 Dimensions" **
"Super-Earth" Exo-Planet Found to Meet Key Crtieria for Life
May 12
Comet Crashes into Sun, Causes Solar Flare
Elenin & Nibiru Make Their Way Towards Earth! New SOHO Images and UFO's Near
** 1
Virginia Mystery Boom May Be Meteor
NASA Asteroid Probe Spots Its Target
May 5
Bad News From NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth **
Huge Asteroid to Buzz Earth This November
May 3
Terrifying Scientific Discovery: Strange Emissions by Sun Are Suddenly Mutating Matter **
May 1
NASA Monitors Unusually Bright Asteroid after 11,000mph Cosmic Collision **
April 29
Six Planets Now Aligned in the Dawn Sky **
April 27
Elenin / Nibiru / Planet X - What's Coming?
NASA Receives European Commitment to Continue Space Station
April 23
Surviving 2012 and Planet X Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5 **
Debunking the Planet X Debunkers Pt 1, Pt 2 **
Hauntingly Beautiful Video of Sun from NASA
April 21
Solar Cycle 24 Exhibits More Unusual Signs? **
April 19
NASA Dates Events Support Nibiru/Tyche Might be Comet Elenin April 20 **
Ancient Accounts of Planet X Not Prophecy But Extraterrestrial History
Top Astronomers Warn World Could End Within 90 Years **
April 15
Solar Activity Heats Up: Solar Cycle 24 Begins? **
April 12
Giant Asteroid Flyby Due in November

April 10
Powerful Space Explosion May Herald Star's Death by Black Hole
Huge Asteroid to Pass Near Earth in November
April 5
Close Look at Vesta, the Largest Asteroid **
Earth-Companion Asteroid Discovered in Horseshoe-Shaped Orbit
Ozone Layer Faces Record Loss over Arctic **
April 3
ELEnin Things to Come in 2011-12
Big CME Blast Off Sun

Image Shows 1,235 Potential Alien Homeworlds
Sun Obscured in Half-Eclipse by Earth **
Ever Wondered Why Mars Is Red? One Scientists Thinks He Knows (and It Could Happen on Earth) **
March 30
Biggest Aurora Borealis Shows in Recent Years
March 29
Scientists’ Research Warns Humanity May be Facing ‘Vortex of Death’ **
March 23
Supermoon Blamed after 5 Ships Run Aground off British Coast  **
March 20
Super Moon

March 19
House-Size Asteroid Zooms Close by Earth **
Super Moon to Cause California Quake? Jim Berkland Prediction
March 18
Super Moon Saturday
March 10
Major Blast Rips from Sun **
March 6
Experts: Move to Protect Nuke Plants from Solar Flare Damage
March 2
Extreme Super (Full) Moon to Cause Chaos?  **
Hawaii Approves Plan for Giant Telescope Atop Dormant Volcano
March 1
Massive Solar Flare Erupts from Surface of Sun
Asteroid Discovery Record Set Last Month, Using Hawaii Telescope
What's Hitting Earth?
February 28
Two Planets Found Sharing One Orbit
Oh Mars, What Strange Craters You Have
February 27
Sun's Magnetic Mysteries Probed **
February 24
Major Blast Rips from Sun
Google, NASA Conspire to Hide Nibiru **
February 22
First Cosmic Census Estimates There Are 50 Billion Planets in Milky Way
February 21
'Global Katrina': Biggest Ever Solar Storm Could Cause Power Cuts Which Last for Months
Scientists Warn of $2,000 Billion Solar ‘Katrina’
February 20
Bright Prospects for Comet Elenin?
Nostradamus Effect: Doomsday Hieroglyphs
U.S. Must Take Space Storm Threat Seriously, Experts Warn
February 18
Another X-Flare – Almost
Giant Stealth Planet May Explain Rain of Comets from Solar System's Edge **
Powerful Solar Flares Due to Strike Earth
Solar Flare 2011: How a Dazzling Display Can Wreak Electrical Havoc
February 17
Stan Deyo on Planet X, Solar Flares, & Energy Pt 1 (skip to 12:40), Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6 **
Biggest Solar Flare in Years Headed for Earth **
FEMA 2-Day Tabletop Exercise In Boulder, Colo. Last Feb. Discussed Cataclysmic Solar Storms That Could Hit US Soon **
Huge Solar Flare Said to Jam China Communications
Giant Black Holes May Be Smaller Than Previously Thought
February 16
Scientists, Telescope Hunt Massive Hidden Object in Space **
Is a Giant, Hidden Planet Orbiting Our Sun?
Meteor Spotted Over Connecticut Was Big
Rare Daytime Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Eastern US **
February 15
Largest Planet in the Solar System Could be about to be Discovered - and It's Up to 4x the Size of Jupiter
Earth 'in the Crosshairs' of a Solar Explosion
Sun Unleashes First X-Flare of Solar Cycle 24
February 14
Sunspot 1158 Unleashes Strongest Earth-Directed Flare of the Year
February 13
Michio Kaku: Apophis Doom 2036
Target Earth: Near Earth Asteroids Swarming the February Skies
Dodging the Sun's Plasma Bullets

SDO's cLose Encounter with a Sundog

February 11
A Living Planet Between the Stars?
32% of Russians Think the Sun Revolves around Earth
February 10
Asteroid Apophis: We Know When It Will Hit, Say Russian Scientists – If It Hits
Scientists: Apophis Could Destroy Earth in 2036
NASA Revises Sunspot Prediction Down Again
February 9
Is Comet Elenin why FEMA Is Stocking up on Supplies?
Apophis Asteroid Will Probably Almost Certainly Not Smash into Earth
Solar Activity Heats Up

February 7
First Ever 360 View of Sun **
February 3
5 Earth-sized Planets Spotted in our Galaxy
February 1
Easter Sunday Asteroid on Path Toward Earth **
January 30
Astronomers Search for 'Galaxy X'
January 28
Big Double Blast Erupts from the Sun

Planet X on Telescope?

What Impact Would Sun Dimming Have on Earth's Weather **
NASA Marks 25th Anniversary of the Challenger Disaster
January 27
Asteroid Impact Caused Huge Scar on Jupiter
January 26
HAARP, Planet X or New Madrid NLE Drill? **
Here Comes the Sun a Little Early **
January 24
Betelgeuse Supernova Could Rival Moon, Give Scientists Inside Look **
January 19
'Suicide' Comet Storm Hits Sun – Bigger Sun-Kisser Coming? **
Search for 'Huge' Meteorite
January 18
Nibiru, Planet X 2012 – Proof of Gov't Conspiracy

Erratic Sunspots Smash NOAA Predictions
Solar Cycle 24 – Max in 2013
January 16
The Sun Rises 2 Days Early in Greenland, Sparking Fears That Climate Change Is Accelerating **
NASA Scientist: Meteor Sighted Over Oklahoma Bigger Than Previously Thought **
January 14
Deadly Sun: Expect More Floods, Cold, Snow, Disruption, Shutdowns, Damage... Death **
January 13
NASA Hails 'Significant Step' in Search for Habitable Planets
January 12
Huge Fireball Spotted Over Southeast US
January 11
400 Volunteer for One-Way Trip to Mars **
January 9
NASA Warns Solar Flares from ‘Huge Space Storm’ Will Cause Devastation
January 4
10-year-old Girl Discovers Supernova **
Unprecedented Views of Sun’s Inner Corona