Dec 29
Michigan Car Dealership Investigated in Multi-Million Dollar Scheme to Fund Hizballah
Diplomatic Supping with Jihadist Devils
Burning Issues: Islamism, Intolerance, Iconoclasm
Dec 28
Hizballah Fundraising and Operations in the U.S. and Latin America
Dec 23
New Terror Group Aims 'to Fulfill Oath' of Osama Bin Laden: Report
EXCLUSIVE: Beset by Strife at Chemical Security Office, DHS Report Claims Anti-Terrorism Program in Jeopardy
Don't Look Now, But Even Cops in Fargo Are Arming for Battle Against Terrorists
Oil Companies Stepping up Cyber Security as Hacking Attacks Increase
Col. Randy Larsen on the New Bird Flu WMD

Terrorist Bird Flu Is Nothing to Sneeze At
Blockbuster Ruling: Iran, Hezbollah Involved in 9/11
Dec 12
At Least 10 Al-Qaeda Militants Escape in Yemen Prison Break
Dec 9
Hillary Clinton Warns Bio-Terror Threat Growing in the World
Alaska-based Soldier Held by Taliban Briefly Escaped, Sources Say
Dec 6
Rep. King’s 4th Muslim-American Radicalization Hearing to Focus on Military
Dec 2
Al Qaeda Claims to Be Holding U.S. Hostage in Pakistan
Dec 1
US Congress Warns of Nigeria's Militant Islamist Group Boko Haram
Nov 30
Having More Than 7 Days of Food Makes You a Suspected Terrorist
** 1
Nov 28
'Iran Prepping al-Qaida for Large-Scale Attacks' – Warning Raises Concern Nuke Device Could Pass to Terrorists Targeting U.S.
Nov 21
Cops: NYC Man's Bomb Was Almost Done
CAIR’s Campaign Against the Truth
Nov 18
Foreign Hackers Hit U.S. Water Plant in Malicious Cyber Attack **
Nov 16
Algeria Closes 900 Mosques and Muslim Prayer Halls Because Jihad Terrorists Used Them for Meetings **
Nov 12
Smuggled Libyan Arms Raise Fears of Terrorism **
U.S. Authorities Warn of Terrorists Increasingly Targeting Buses **
Nov 2
Georgia Militia Group Targeted 4 U.S. Cities, D.C. in Bio-Toxin Plot **
Nov 1
The Islamic Jihad Threat **
New Al-Shabab Tape Urges Terrorist Attacks in Canada, U.S. **
Al-Qaeda Flag Flies High on Top of Libyan Courthouse **
Oct 28
Did Awlaki Have Role in 9/11 Attacks?
Oct 24
U.S. Embassy in Kenya Warns of 'Imminent Threat' Over Terror Attack **
Oct 19
5 Foreign Nationals In Custody After Attempted Break-In at Texas Courthouse **
Oct 17
Attacks on Ships Reach All-Time High **
Bolton: Treat Somali Pirates Like Terrorists **
Oct 12
Porous Southwest Border Allowed for Iranian Terror Plot **
Oct 11
Feds Thwart Iran-Tied Terror Plot Against Saudi, Israeli Targets in D.C. **
Top Syria Cleric Threatens Suicide Attacks on US and EU if West Intervenes in Syria **
Oct 3
The Inside Story Behind the Awlaki Assassination **
Feds Warn of Possible Revenge Attacks After American Cleric’s Death
Sept 30
Prominent US-born al-Qaida Cleric Killed in Yemen **
Soros Establishing PR Media Training to Downplay Islamic Threat **
Sept 29
NYPD Counter Terrorism Unit Monitoring the Occupy Wall Street Protests **
Sept 28
Mass. Man Arrested in Alleged Plot to Blow Up Capitol, Pentagon – Sought to Kill "Enemies of Allah" **
w Sept 26
Fighting Terrorism in New York City
** 2
NYPD Chief: Police Could Take Down Plane if Needed **
Sept 23
OMG! Operation Mountain Guardian, Terrorist Attack Response Drill, Taking Place **
Massive Terror Exercise Planned for Denver Metro Area **
Operation Mountain Guardian: Report
** 1
It's Not Arabic But Experts Say Mystery Marks on Southwest Airlines planes Are Graffiti - So How Did They Get There? **
Sept 20
Lloyd's Insurer Sues Saudi Arabia for 'Funding 9/11 Attacks' **
Sept 14
Pakistan: Al Qaeda's Al Zawahri has 'Migrated' **
From Ports to Power Plants, Millions Spent to Avert State Terrorism Attacks **
Sept 13
3 Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Support to Terrorist Group **
The Wages of Terror **
Sept 9
Feds Eye Possible Terror Threat on 9/11 Anniversary **
9/11 Lessons Not Learned: Three Failed Reforms
9/11 and the Last Hour
Chuck Norris on Terrorism & DHS Surveillance: The Feds Have Lost Their Minds **
The Decade Since 9/11 Has Eroded – and Confirmed – American Values
Canada: Prime Minister Stephen Harper says, "Islam Is Biggest Threat to National Security."
** 2
Sept 8
Harris Poll: Most Americans Expect Another Terror Attack **
Sept 6
Feds Warn of Small Plane Terrorism Threat **
A Pilot's Story from Sept 10th - 11th
VOW 2 **
NEVER FORGET! How Your Government Treated Victims of 9/11
** 3
Aug 17
Obama Worries Over 'Lone Wolf' Attack as Sept 11 Looms **
Police Foil Alleged Plot to Blow Up Tampa School **
Was Al-Awlaki Involved in 9/11? House Investigates U.S. Born Al-Qaeda Cleric's Links to Suicide Hijackers **
Aug 14
Al Qaeda Operatives in Yemen 'Planning Deadly Ricin Attack' on US, Obama Warned **
20 al-Qaeda Insurgents Escape from Iraqi Jail **
Aug 9
Details of Raid That Took Care of Bin Laden **
U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Activist Arrested as Spy for Pakistan
Aug 1
China Blames Muslim Extremists for Attack in Xinjiang
Extremists Flocking to Facebook for Recruits
Accused Ft. Hood Gunman Is Still Getting Government Paycheck
July 29
Fort Hood Terror Plot Was Thwarted by Gun Store's Tip **
Al-Qaeda to Syrians: Fight US, Israel **
July 28
AWOL Soldier Arrested Over Concerns of Second Alleged Plot to Attack Fort Hood **
Special Ops Commander Warns of Al Qaeda 2.0 **
Al Qaeda 2.0?

July 27
Lawmaker: 40 Americans Join Terrorists in Somalia **
Mom-daughter Texts Reveal Oslo Horror **
After Norway, Signs of Far-Right Threat Light Up Across Europe **
Gun Dean: Norway’s Unarmed Citizens Helpless to Save Themselves **
July 22
Giant Blast Hits Government Buildings in Oslo, Norway **
Agencies Participate in Anthrax Simulation **
Exposed! Pro-Muslim Bias In Media! CNN Wrong Again on Walid Shoebat
** 3
July 21
Western Recruits to Al-Qaeda-linked Terror Group **
Europe Shall Bleed Once Again **
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Bid for Power
July 13
At Least 21 Dead as Terror Strikes Mumbai with Series of Blasts **
July 11
Terror Tots of the Taliban: Children as Young as 5 Training to be Al Qaeda 'Martyrs' in Secret Camp **
July 8
Law Enforcement Finally Admits Hezbollah is Operating in Mexico (crossed AK-47s are a symbol of Hezbollah) **
July 6
Human Bombs Coming to an Airport Near You? **
July 5
Faux Commandos Breach 2 U.S. Nuclear Power Plants **
Obama’s New Terror Strategy: Kill the Terror Suspects **
The Man Who Hunted Osama bin Laden
July 1
U.S. Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood **
4 Hezbollah Members Indicted in Hariri Death, Says Source
Taliban Attack on Hotel Shakes ‘Reconcile’ Talks **
June 30
US to Resume Muslim Brotherhood Ties **
Man Gets Past Airport Security with Invalid Pass **
US Unveils Significantly Different Counterterrorism Strategy: Three Key Parts
June 29
Officials: Hotel Attackers Were from Taliban Group **
June 28
Hezbollah in Latin America – Implications for Homeland Security **
June 27
Pakistani Taliban: Terror Attacks in U.S., Europe Coming 'Soon' **
June 22
Officials: 40 Al Qaeda Militants Escape Jail in Yemen **
The Muslim Brotherhood - New Report
June 20
Weiner's Mother-in-law a Member of Muslim Brotherhood
June 17
Al-Qaida Website Publishes Hit List of Americans **
Hotels Warned of 'Mumbai-Style' Plot **
U.S. to Zawahiri: We'll Kill You, Too **
Suspect in Custody After Police Find 'Suspicious' Backpack at Arlington **
May 29
Obama's Favorite Terrorist Moll Declares America to be a Terrorist State and Hopes for Its Destruction from Within
May 20
Al-Qaeda Weighed Hitting Oil Tankers, Drilling Platforms **
Al-Qaeda Targets US Oil, Gas

May 19
Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist
– humor, this guy is probably the best ventriloquist ever **
May 18
Egyptian Saif al-Adel Appointed Acting Leader of al-Qaeda **
US Steps Up Face-to-Face Peace Talks with Taliban
May 13
Taliban's 'First Revenge' for Bin Laden Killing Leaves 80 Dead in Pakistan **
May 12
Bin Laden Stayed Obsessed with Mega-Attacks for Toppling America **
Officials: Bin Laden Eyed Small Cities as Targets **
Al Qaeda Issues New Threat Against US **
Two Men Arrested Over Alleged Terror Plot in New York **
Battle Brews in D.C. Over Keeping Gitmo Open **
May 10
Robbins: Pakistanis Say Bin Laden Was Not Behind 9/11
Green: Obama to Allah: Pardon Osama
May 9
'No Ride' Lists May be in Future for US Trains **
May 8
Osama bin Laden's Nose, Shoulders and Left Ear **
US: Bin Laden Compound Was al-Qaida Command Center **
New Intel from Bin Laden Videos
IDF Nabs Hamas, Islamic Jihad Leaders
U.S. Officials Unveil Videos of bin Laden
** 2
May 6
Al-Qaeda Was Planning to Derail U.S. Trains on 10th Anniversary of 9/11 **
Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden's Death, Vows Continued Attacks Against U.S. **
Pakistan Forces Arrest 40 Suspects Connected to Bin Laden
May 5
Hezbollah Setting Up Across Border from San Diego
1 **
Bin Laden's Death: Lawmakers Question U.S. Aid to Pakistan **
Jerusalem Imam: Obama Will Soon Hang **
May 4
Obama Won't Release UBL Death Photos **
U.S. Is on Alert for Hastened Plots **
Expert: Security Checkpoints Near Soft Targets May Soon Become the Norm **
Bin Laden’s Daughter Confirms Her Father Shot Dead by US Special Forces in Pakistan **
Did Latest WikiLeaks Revelations Force U.S. to Take Out Bin Laden?
Taliban and al-Qaeda: Friends in Arms **
May 3
Cleric: Jihad Coming to 'Heart of America'
Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S. **
On Jihadi Websites, Disbelief and Vows of Revenge **
Jihad is Forever **
Osama bin Laden’s Second Death
Paki Pres. Denies Harboring Bin Laden Amid U.S. Skepticism
Did Senior Military/Intel Officials Overrule Obama on Mission to Kill OBL?
Bin Laden Bodyguard's Satellite Phone Calls Helped Lead US Forces to Hiding Place
CIA Looks for New Clues on Al Qaeda Trail, Reviews Evidence from Bin Laden Compound
Hundreds Join Quetta Rally to Honor Bin Laden **
Osama a Casualty of the Arab Revolt
Ex-ISI Chief Hamid Gul: CIA "Choreographing" Osama Assassination Hoax
** 1
Bin Laden Dead! American and Navy Seal Victory – Not Obama Admin.
May 2
Bin Laden Raid Years in the Making, Minutes in Execution **
UBL Used Woman as Human Shield
How UBL Was Killed
...Buried at Sea
Osama Gets His Virgins **
DNA Proves Usama Bin Laden's Death, Obama Officials Say **
Is Pakistan Really the End of the Trail?
Officials: "This is the Most Dangerous and Active Period Since 9/11"
USA 'Faces Broad Terror Threat' **
U.S. Steps up Security, Recalls Elite Chem-Bio Team from Japan **
UBL's Son Warns Successors Will be Worse
Bin Laden's Son Says His Father Was Alive as of July 15, 2010
May 1
Suicide Bomber, 12, Kills 4 As Taliban Spring Offensive Begins **
April 29
3 Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama Admin.
April 28
FBI: 247 People on Terror Watch List Buying Guns Stirs Debate
University Campuses Are 'Hotbeds of Islamic Extremism' **
April 26
Al-Qaeda 'Afghan Number Two' Abdul Ghani Killed
April 25
'Nuclear Hellstorm' If Bin Laden Is Caught or Killed: Al-Qaida **
April 21
Domestic terrorism? FBI Hunts Suspect after Bomb Found Near Columbine **
April 20
Terror Alert Color Code Fades to Black: New Threat Warning System Coming Online **
April 11
Report: U.S. Blocks 350 Suspected Terrorists
April 5
A Visit to the Penn. Fortress of “World’s Most Dangerous Islamist”
March 30
Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.
March 24
Islamic Jihad Commanders Go into Hiding **
March 22
FBI Chief Confirms Ties Cut with U.S. Muslim Group
March 21
School in Philadelphia Teaches Brotherly 'Jihad'
March 19
US Feared British 'Sharia Banks' Would Finance Terrorist Groups
March 15
Army Reprimands 9 Officers in Fort Hood Shooting
What if They Are Already Here?
March 10
Brigitte Gabriel with Eliot Spitzer
Islamists Dominate DOJ's List of Terror Prosecutions
US Muslim 'Radicals' Hearing Set
Poll: Most Feel Muslim Congressional Hearings Are Appropriate
US Gov't Attorneys: Providing a List of Charges to Those on Terror Lists 'Extremely Burdensome'
March 9
Al-Qaeda Already Using Wikileaks Material Against Us
Bostom: Uncovering the Roots of Islamic Radicalization
March 4
2 Jersey Muslims Plead Guilty to Plotting Terrorist Acts
March 3
Germany Airport Gunman Says He Acted Alone
Shouts 'Allah Akbar' Before Shooting
March 2
2 US Airmen Killed in Airport Attack
March 1
Airline Worker Aimed to 'Kill Hundreds' on Jet **
February 27
Next Wave of Al Qaeda Coming from Within US? **
February 25
FBI Arrests Suspected (WMD) Terror Plotter in Texas **
Dallas Target: Texas Resident Arrested on Charge of Attempted Use of WMD
February 20
An Alarming South Asia Powder Keg **
Two More Americans Named on Hijacked Yacht **
February 18
The Muslim Brotherhood's Sneak Attack on America **
February 16
Terror Camp Trainer Pleads Guilty to Conspiring with al-Qaida at Guantanamo
Peter King: Al-Qaida Recruiting Killers Inside USA
FBI: 100% Chance of WMD Attack
New York Releases Doomsday Manual for Possible Apocalyptic Event **
A Legal Manual for an Apocalyptic NY
February 15
As to Ahmadinejad's Intentions, It's "Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign"
February 14
'A Weapon of Mass Destruction Was Found in the U.S.': Shock Confession of Customs Officer
February 13
Nukes Found at Port of San Diego? Pt 2, Pt 3 **

February 11
Nukes Found at Port of San Diego? **

Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda
DHS Declares War: "Homegrown Terrorists Fueled by the Internet"
February 10
Napolitano: Nation’s Terror Threat May be Highest Since 9/11 – HOLLY NOTE: push to ram through Patriot Bill extension?
Dark Side of Social Network: Al-Qaida Recruiting
February 8
America and the Brotherhood **
Muslim Brotherhood Awakens Terrorist Wing: Ultimate Target is U.S. **

U.S. Senate: Fort Hood Shooter's Radicalism Ignored By Superiors **
Buffalo, NY: Moderate Muslim Who Beheaded His Wife Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder
"Terror Television" Breeds Terror Regimes
February 1
Wall Street Terror Threat **
US Issues Terrorist Warning for Citizens Worldwide
Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare Egyptians for War with Israel' **
'Something Big' Transferred to Gaza Strip: Terrorists Taking Advantage of Growing Anarchy Amid Egypt Riots **
Newer DNA Tests Uncover Hidden Jewish Bloodlines
January 27
Dugway Army base on Lockdown **
Sleeper Cells in the USA
DHS Color-Coded Terror Alert System Gone by April 27 **
January 26
Black Widow Squad May Have Struck Russia **
Putin Vows Revenge for Moscow Airport Bombing
NORAD: Russia Attack Could've Happened in US **
Caught Miami Man in Court for Attempting to Arm West Bank Terrorists
January 25
35 Killed, 180 Injured in Terror Blast at Moscow Airport **
'I'll Kill You All!', Witnesses Heard Russian Airport Suicide Bomber Yell **
...Horrific Blast Caught on Tape

Medvedev: Chaos at Airport Overshadowed Security
Egypt: Al-Qaida Attempting to Establish Terror Cells in Gaza
Netanyahu: Response to Terror Must be International
January 20
FBI: Bomb Found on MLK Parade Route 'Domestic Terrorism' **
Domestic Terrorism: Bomb Found on MLK Parade Route

Losing the War of Ideas to Radical Islam **
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Urges Killing of Americans Throughout the World **
Gov. Christie's Strange Relationship with Radical Islam
Dispatches - Undercover Mosque: Mainstream Mosque in UK Preaches Violence and Hate Towards Non-Believers
Pakistan Earthquake Hits Afghan Taliban Haven
January 16
Al-Qaeda to Unleash Western Jihadis **
The Muslim Brotherhood Path to Victory – Pt 1, 2, 3
January 7
Suspicious Package Ignites in D.C. Post Office **
Smoky Packages Raise Alarm in D.C. **
73% Fear Terrorists More Than Nuclear Attack
UK: Air and Rail Terror Threat Level Raised to Severe **
January 6
"May Our Blood be Shed," Arab Kids in Jerusalem School Taught to Sing, on Hamas TV
January 2
5 Charged in Plot to Bomb Israeli Stadium