We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

Dec 30
28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned into Indoctrination Centers and Prison Camps
Tourist Faces 3 Years in Prison for Trying to Check Her Gun at 9/11 Memorial
Why We Must Stop SOPA
Isaiah 9:10: America under Judgment?
Obama’s Approval Rating Plummets
Ruins in Georgia Mountains Show Evidence of Maya Connection
Dec 29
Obama, Holder Among 'Most Corrupt Politicians'
Is Constitution Optional in Obama Administration?
173 Law Enforcement Officers Killed on Duty in 2011
Suspicious Activity Reports from U.S. Malls Being Processed by Police State Fusion Centers
Justice Department Condones Perjury ... Again
FEMA Calls for Increased Disaster Preparedness
Former SNL Actress Victoria Jackson: ‘Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Our Highest Positions in Gov’t’
Dec 28
U.S. Navy Fires Back at Iran's Oil Route Threat
The Worst of Obama 2011
Obama: Entangled by Islam
US Communist Leader: ‘Progressive Change Is Closer than We Think’
The Pez-dispenser Presidency
The Year in Administration Scandals - and Scandal Deniers
You Won't Believe How Corrupt, Lazy and Stinking Rich Congress Has Become
Miller: Obama Blows Off Congress
Firing Back at Gun Control: Congress Muzzles Federal Funds Used to Weaken 2nd Amendment
I-40 in Arkansas Being Used as Military Staging Point for Future Event?
Pentagon Under 24/7 DARPA Surveillance
Dec 27
Rep. Paul Says Defense Bill Assures ‘Descent into Totalitarianism’
Freedom Loving Americans Headed to FEMA Camps
Police State 4 Clip: Martial Law, FEMA Camps, and Forced National Service
Map of Partial List of FEMA Camp Locations
Overlooked Language in NDAA (H.R. 1540 & S. 1867)
Why's Media Shafting Ron Paul, and Ignoring NDAA & SOPA Dangers?
NDAA Closer to Becoming a Reality in the U.S.
NDAA's (HR 1540) Controversial Sections 1031 and 1032 Have Been Changed to 1021 and 1022
Ron Paul Is Not Anti-Semitic But Is Anti-Israel, Former Aide Says
TSA Screenings Aren't Just for Airports Anymore
U.S. Army Uniforms to Include Muslim Headscarves, Turbans?
Empire Ants: The Coming End of the Liberal vs. Conservative Debate
Dec 23
Government Censors Document Revealing Plans to Wage War on Americans
The Corruption of America
American Crossroads: "Great"
** 3
50 US Experts Implore Obama to Press Syria Harder
Major Jewish Donors Stick with Obama
President Ronald Reagan's 1981 Christmas Address
** 1
Former Indian President Urges Military Control of Nation’s Dams, Rivers
La. Girl Scout Troops Disband Over Transgender Inclusion
Dec 21
Chinese Hackers Hit U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Company Who Lobbied for the NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill Given $23M Contract for Night Raid Equipment
Hugo Chavez Says Obama Is 'a Clown and an Embarrassment'
Parents' Alert: List of Child Porn Ring Exposed on YouTube (language warning)
Savage to Trump: Why Would You Consider Running in 2012 and Hand the Election to Obama?
** 2
Gaffney: EMP Attack on US Means 9 Out of 10 Dead within 12 Months
** 1
Dec 20
10 Ways the U.S. Gov't Has Destroyed Its Own Declaration of Independence
First Amendment Under Attack: 18 Examples
Obama and Holder's Worn Out Race Card
U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Pays Homage to Obama – But Not Jesus
Palin: Politics Trumping Common Sense on Pipeline

A Ron Paul Presidency?
Occupy Extreme and Establishment Moderate
Actress to Sean Penn: ‘You Are a Communist A**Hole!’
Blacked Out: Power Outage Delays Steelers, 49ers
Dec 19
Romney: Obama Is 'Great Divider'
Protesters Set Up Camp at Obama Offices
$4 Million: More Vacation Days and Separate Travel Raise Price of Obama’s Annual Hawaiian Holiday
Feds Take Final Step to Suspend Constitution
** 4
Congressmen Can't Say 'Merry Christmas' in Mail
WH Christmas Cards: Signed, Sealed, Secular
Last American Troops Leave Iraq Marking End of War
Why We Can NOT Support Ron Paul: He is anti-Israel and  he supports legalizing heroin, cocaine, and prostitution. (Remember the warning about 'pharmacopia' in scripture)
Remember Chia Pets? Now You Can Get a Chia Obama
The Poor Man’s Guide to Survival Gear
Dec 16
The End of America: House and Senate Pass Final Version of NDAA
Americans Face Guantánamo Detention After Obama Climbdown
We Have Crossed the Rubicon
The Wages of Appeasement
Firearm Sales 'Off the Charts' This Holiday Season
Best Radio Spots for Guns, Evah!
** 5
AP Poll: Obamacare Support at Record Low: 29%
Majority Say Obama Doesn't Deserve Re-Election
Seattle Cops Say Occupy Protesters Threw Bricks and Bags of Steel
Rise of the Beast System: 11 Ways That Amerika Is Becoming More Like North Korea
Port Whine: Big Labor’s Occu-punks
Barack Obama: I'm the 4th Best President in American History
** 4
"Don't Use Me As a Whipping Boy" Sheriff Arpaio Lashes Out At Justice Department, Obama
** 1
Dec 14
Obama: Give Me Republicans' Email Addresses
Our Marxist Wizard of Oz
40 Members of Congress Protest ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill
Issa: Piracy Bill Would Give Holder ‘Broad New Powers to Police the Internet’
Faces of Gun Control: New Ad Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin, Mao – Cites Genocide of 60 Million People
In Wake of Indiana Petition Forgery Probe, New Rules Offered to Prevent Electiion Fraud
Voter Fraud Investigation Heats Up

Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler Allowed On Wis. Recall Petitions
Ron Paul Outlines His Campaign’s “Secret Weapon”
Should You Leave the USA Before the Collapse? Words of Wisdom from Someone Who Tried
Cops Use Predator Drone to Bust ND Family for Stealing 6 Cows
Alex Jones: Government Using Drones Against Americans
** 1
Panetta: Drone Program Will Continue
Hezbollah Identifies Undercover CIA Officers
Glenn Beck’s Web TV Network Launches Reality Series About Survivalist Family
** 3
Will Nickels and Pennies Soon Disappear?
Riders Take Horses Into Colo. Town Safeway
Dec 13
Are Evangelicals a National Security Threat?
Lowe’s Pulls Ads from ‘All-American Muslim’
** 2
Obama Flipflops on Campaign Pledge to Prevent Horse Slaughter, Media Mum
Barack Obama's College Roommate Claims Obama Was 'Ardent' 'Marxist-Leninist'
Drone Loss Major Intelligence Disaster
Suspend Habeas Corpus and Enact Martial Law?
Poll: Americans’ Fear of Big Government Near Record High
Ahmadinejad: Iran Can Control US Drone
World Reacts to Clinton's Pro-Gay Rights Speech
Dec 12
Latinos Plan ‘Occupy Aztlán’ Movement
Occupy Portland: Demonstrators Shut Down 2 Port of Portland Terminals
What You Do in Bedroom Private? Not to Obama
Impeachment Is Not Enough, Holder Needs to Be Handcuffed
The Enemy Among Us
Obama Will Sign NDAA 1031 Citizen Imprisonment Law in a Few Days
** 1
The State of Our Union
Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul from Presidential Debate, Saying He's Too "Misguided and Extreme"
FEMA Camps on 72 Hour Notice and Military Authorized to Arrest = Verified
Where Have Our Cojones Gone?
Dec 9
23 Tankers for U.S. Porces Torched in Pakistan
Retired FBI Agent Who Vanished in Iran, Appears as Hostage in Video
S.1867 the End of the Constitution and America As We Know It
Detainment Camps Going Live: FEMA Seeking Subcontractors to Provide “Temporary Camp Services” in All 50 States
The Nazification of America
Obama Offers Plan for U.S. to be Global LGBT Sex Cop
Obama Pondering National Police Force ... Again?
Obama Says Capitalism and Liberty Don't Work
** 1
Report: Air Force Dumped Remains of 274 Troops in Landfill
'Fast and Furious' Legacy: Guns Will Be Used in Crime 'for Years to Come'
Sensenbrenner Floats Impeachment of Obama Admin. Officials as ‘Fast and Furious’ Response
Federal Judge Hits Blogger with $2.5m Charge for “Not Being a Journalist”
Trashing America: Killing Animals – Costs of American Littering
Dec 7
Nation Pauses to Remember Pearl Harbor
Clinton, Obama Promote Gay Rights Around the World
NBC Newsrooms Get Fresh Leftist Invasion
Bachmann: Legalizing Bestiality 'Abhorrent'
WH Told Raping Animals Is Serious
DEA Money Operation a Sequel to 'Fast' Scandal?
Widespread Smart Phone Spying Is 'Unprecedented Breach of Digital Privacy': Lawyers
Christmastime Perceptions of Congress
Does the Indefinite Detention Bill Foretell Future?
20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America
Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S.
Government Gone Wild
Macy’s Fires Employee for Protecting Women’s Dressing Rooms from Cross-dresser
Dec 6
Issa Expands Fast and Furious Probe to Include Alleged Money Laundering
Grassley: Why Didn't Holder and Napolitano Know?
Romney Slams ‘Golfing’ Obama for Going on Vacation
Obama's Top 10 Constitutional Violations
Report: Drone That Crashed in Iran Was on CIA Mission
Mystery Company Buying Up U.S. Gun Manufacturers
9 Examples of Elderly Americans Strip-Searched or Sexually Molested by TSA Agents
Texas Faces Blackouts as Grid Supply Fails to Meet Demand
Made in America
** 1
American Made Products Directory
American Made Gift Ideas
American Made Building Products
Dec 5
Gun Sales Shoot Up on Black Friday
Disaster Preparedness Leads the Way in Holiday Shopping This Christmas Season
Pelosi: Dirt on Gingrich Coming ... When Time Is Right
Cracked Ohio Nuclear Plant Building Can Re-open
US Now at War Everywhere, Forever
The Deception of Media and Surprise Prediction at End
** 2
85-Year-Old Grandmother Strip Searched at JFK Airport
Alex Jones on the Shocking Newly Passed National Defense Authorization Act Pt 1 (starts at 2:28) Pt 2 – VOW 1
Gasoline: The New Big U.S. Export
Dec 2
20 Examples of the Obama Administration Assault on Domestic Civil Liberties
Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military
Critics: When Holder Loses Control, It’s ‘Not Good for the Country’ as ‘People End Up Dying’
Obama’s Record Low Job Approval: 2012 Last Chance to Fix What’s Wrong with USA
Dec 1
Media's Blackout Of The National Defense Authorization Act Is Shameful
Senate Votes to Let Military Detain Americans Indefinitely, WH Threatens Veto
How Did Your Senators Vote?
When Governments Go Rogue
Bloomberg's Army? The NYPD
Regional Planning Brings Regional Governance
iPhone, YouTube and the First Amendment
Obama: 'I'm Going to Need Another Term to Finish the Job'
Obama’s Dictatorship Is Almost Complete
Obama 101: Few Presidents Have Dashed So Many Illusions as Obama
Barack Obama: The Invisible Man
WH Big Dig Fuels Bunker Speculation
Occupiers Turn on Obama
Germany Probing Alleged Iran Plot to Attack U.S. Bases on Its Soil
Nov 30
The New National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867) Is Ridiculously Scary
Ayers' Pet Project Funded by Obama 'Stimulus' Plan
Obama Admin Seals Records of Murdered Border Patrol Agent Implicated in Fast and Furious
Canada and Mexico to Join U.S. in NAFTA of the Pacific
Holder Lashes Out at The Daily Caller While Refusing to Address Growing Calls for His Resignation
The End Is Near
Nov 29
30 Signs That the United States of America Is Being Turned into a Giant Prison
Silent Running – The Targeting of Americans
Treason from Within: The Road Towards a Police State in America
Americans to be Targeted As Terrorists Under NDAA Bill
** 1
Rand Paul Aims to Kill “Indefinite Detention” Provision of Controversial Bill
Is Obama Building a Bunker Under the White House Lawn?
Christie Tears into Obama: 'What the Hell Are We Paying You for?'
** 2
WH: It's a 'Mystery' Why Anyone Would Question That Kagan Should Judge Obamacare
Canada to US: You are Not the Only Hot Date for Keystone XL Party!
Homosexuals Aggressively Push Agenda in Federal Government
Nov 28
Pakistan Secretly Helps, Publicly Hits U.S. Interests
The Fall of the British Empire: Obama's Armageddon End-Game!
What a Turkey! Obama Leaves God Out of Thanksgiving Address
Gingrich on Fire Skewers Obama Repeatedly: 'I Actually Do Study History, and Unlike the President...'
** 1
9 Reasons Why Wired Readers Should Wear a Tinfoil Hat
More Women Are Canning, Becoming 'Urban Homesteaders'
Time to Stock Up on Light Bulbs HOLLY NOTE: See Lights Out for Incandescents
TSA to Cut Back on Holiday Groping of Kids
Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Is Not Just for Our Liberty, But Our Very Survival
10 Commandments Dispute in Va. Headed to Federal Court
Local Resistance Building on Virginia’s Eminent Domain Change
Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Character

Michelle Obama’s Warning to Gun Owners
Nov 25
WH Christmas Tree Arrives While Obama Golfs ... Again
The Broken President
Liberal Mitt’s Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn’t Want You to See
** 3
Gay Porn Movie Filmed at Occupy Oakland **
Occupy Miami Spokesman Led 'Nuke Israel' Rally
UC Davis Student Admits Protesters Surrounded Cops and Wouldn't Let Them Leave
Report: Occupy Protests Have Cost Cities $13 Million and Rising
The Entire Occupy Movement Summarized in 1 Sign **
Should Al Sharpton be Fired from MSNBC for Making Racist Comments?
Gooey Tar Paralyzes More Than 150 Vehicles in Pa.
Death of the Individual
Nov 23
US to Cease Observing Arms Treaty with Russia: State Dept
Russia May Target U.S. Missile Sites **
Even Russia Hates Obama **
A Story of Thanks: Joplin Tornado Survivor **
Trashing America: Litter Everywhere
Will You Support American Companies This Christmas?
"Challenger" a Magnificent Bald Eagle"
** 1
Nov 22
Obama 'Actively' Made Supercommittee's Job 'More Difficult,' Toomey Says **
Feces from Occupy Protesters Found in Cathedral
Occupiers Occupy While Soldiers Die: Enough Is Enough
Student Assaulted For Not Joining Protest
TSA Worker, Arrested for Sexual Assault **
Rep King: House Won't Defund Obamacare Because Leaders ‘Afraid' GOP Will be Blamed for Shutdown
Romney: Obama's Policies Are Bankrupt
** 3 (HOLLY NOTE: regardless on your feelings for Romney as candidate, he gives a valuable acct. of Obama's performance to date)
No Privacy on DC Roads, High-Tech Cameras "Pinpoint People's Movements All Over Town"
FBI Sanctioned for Lying About Existence of Surveillance Records
Air Force Bounces US Manufacturer for Brazilian Competitor
What Is Our First Priority for Victory in the 2012 Elections, If There Is One?
My Thanksgiving Prayer
Nov 21
New Occupy Plot: Flash Mobs
Outcry Over 'Chilling' Campus Pepper Spray Use
China's Fury Building Over Obama's New Asia Policy
The Pledge: Grover Norquist's Hold on the GOP
VOW ** 2
Will Congress Ever Pay Attention to What the American People Really Want? **
Perry 'Absolutely' Believes Obama Is a Socialist
** 1
Don’t Trust Barack Obama **
Reagan Statue Unveiled in Warsaw
Opinion: Where Is Our Reagan? **
Chu Defends Solyndra Loan Guarantee in 5-Hour Testimony **
UN Sign at the Grand Canyon **
Nov 18
Barack Obama and the Enemies Within
Controversial Professor Bill Ayers Speaks with Occupy Chicago Protesters
Ex-Radical: Wall Street Demonstrations Will Lead to Violent Revolution **
"F-ck the Police" – Uncut Interview with an Occupier on "Occupy the Banks" Day (Language Warning – and look at her pendant)
Nov 17
Obama Cracks Down on Hunters **
Obama’s Half-Billion-Dollar Crony Drug Deal; Related Non-Shocker: SEIU Endorses Obama **
Asia-Pacific: US Ramps Up Global War Agenda **
Pentagon Gets Biggest 'Bunker Bomb' **
House Approves National Concealed Carry Gun Bill **
Protesters Cause Mayhem Across City Ahead of B'klyn Bridge March, 177 Arrested
NYC Braces for 'Tens of Thousands' of Protesters Set to March on Financial District **
Violence Escalates at 'Occupy' Protests in NYC **
Angry 'Occupy' Protesters Plan to Take It to the Streets, as Some Threaten Violence **
Obama Tells Asia: US ‘Here to Stay’ **
Use of Wood Stoves on Rise in U.S. **
EPA Targets... **
Nov 16
43 Members of Congress Now Call for Holder’s Resignation **
Anti-Capitalist Teach-In Leader: ‘We Have People Organizing Inside of the Military’ **
Massive Chaos, Gridlock to be Unleashed on NYC **
Plans to Shut Down Stock Exchange on Thursday, Nov. 17
Union PAYS Occupy Protesters
** 1
Proposed List of OWS Demands **
The Meaning of “Occupy”
Evicting Occupy Wall Street
Latest Obama Controversy: Who's ID'd as Organ Donor
Entire Case File on Brian Terry Killing Missing
Tom DeWeese on Agenda 21
** 4
Conn. Professor: Collecting Care Packages for Troops is 'Shameful'
U.S. to Expand Military in Australia Over China Risk **
Obama Must Yield Now to the Flag, the Bible, and the Law - Prophetic **
Nov 15
NYPD Raiders Roust OWS Rabble **
House Vote Coming Soon on CCW Reciprocity Bill **
Man Facing 105 Years in Prison for Shooting at Would-Be Thief **
GOP Candidates in 4-Way Dead Heat **
“We Are at War and the Enemy is the Media”
Obama's Newest Excuse: Lazy Americans **
Complainer-in-Chief to China: Behave Like a ‘Grown up;’ Golfer-in-Chief to Hawaii: Republicans ‘Lack Urgency for Job Creation’
USHCC Urges Swift Action on Pipeline Construction – 20,000 Jobs at Stake **
TransCanada Says It Will Reroute Planned Pipeline **
...Original Proposed Route
Mr. President - It's Time to Make a Decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline **
Nearly 3 Months after Virginia Quake Nuclear Power Plant Back Online Today **
'Minor Repairs' to Power Plant: $21 Million **
83-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Muggers

Nov 14
On the Verge of Gutting Individual Constitutional Protections? **
Decker: Obama: China’s Stooge **
'Occupy' Protesters Shifting to College Campuses **
Exaggerations, Misstatements in Latest GOP Debate
Despite Deceit and Lies Obama Syndicate and Dems Continue Push for Gun and People Control **
Mexican Drug Suspect: U.S. Gave Me Immunity

"Grenade-walking" Part of "Gunwalker" Scandal
14 New Ways That the Government Is Watching You **
Our Brave New World of Snitches and Surveillance **
Taser: An Officer's Weapon of Choice **
Utah Man Receives War Medals 66 Years Late **
Nov 12
Shock or Not: Polled Americans Prefer Israel's Netanyahu to Obama **
Gunshots Reported a Few Blocks from White House
Barack Obama Accused by 2 Men of Inappropriate Behavior **
"America Better Damn WAKE UP!" Jesse Ventura on His Lawsuit Against the TSA Being Thrown Out
** 2
Occupy Denver Protesters Try to Storm Conference of Conservative Bloggers **
Occupy Protests Becoming Health Hazard as Conditions Becoming Breeding Grounds for Infectious Disease **
You Heard It Right: Occupy Oakland Deposits $20K Donation into Wells Fargo **
Veterans Day Tribute 2011

Idaho National Lab Workers Possibly Exposed to Radiation
Nov 8
U.S. Mum After Open-Mic Diss Targets Israeli PM **
Holder to Blame Congress for Not Supporting ATF **
Army Charges Soldier from Alaska with Attempted Espionage **
Obama Team Says Prayer 'Dilutes' WWII Memorial Message **
Open Letter to the Foreign Policy Establishment: If You See Something Disastrous, Say Something **
SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine **
Look Who's Behind Occupy Jew-hating **
Obama Flips on New Sanctions, Leaves Israel, Saudis Head to Head with Iran **
FEC Allows Foreigner to Run for President **
Poll: Independents Trending in New Direction **
Waiting Out Obama
Voters Are Angry, Especially at Congress and Bailed-Out Banks **
HR 1505 Is a Fatal Betrayal of America **
Mississippi Amendment on 'Personhood' Divides Christians **
Tanker Carrying 8,500 Gallons of Fuel Explodes
12 Mistakes That Welcome a Home Invasion
Nov 7
WH Rejects Subpoena Request for Solyndra Docs **
Voting Without Photo ID Pushed for All 50 States **
Mo. Residents Upset by Order to Move Lake Homes **
North Anna Nuclear Plant Earthquake Risk: 1977 Memo Details Cover-Up of Seismic Knowledge **
Oil and Gas Regulatory War Heating Up in Colorado **
Jack Abramoff: The Lobbyist's Playbook
** 4
Troubling Trend: 'Mama's Boys' on the Rise
** 5
Victims Speak Out About No. Carolina Sterilization Program **
Nov 4
Ex-Radical: "Demonstrations Could Stop Presidential Election" **
Obama Adviser Urges 'Militancy' in Nationwide Occupy Protests **
Occupy Oakland's State-Sponsored Riots **
Occupy Seattle Mob Tries to Pull Off ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ of JP Morgan CEO
ACORN Officials Scramble, Firing Workers, Shredding Documents After Exposed as Players Behind Occupy Wall Street Protests **
Men's Wearhouse Stands With Occupy Wall Street
As Predicted, Violence Escalating Among 'Occupiers'
** 1
11/11/11 Protesters: 'Time for Talking Has Passed'
Sheriffs Stand TALL for the Constitution
** 3
Justice Department Drops Rule That Would Let It Deny Existence of Sensitive Documents **
HR 1505: Giant Land Grab for the Police State **
Air Force Academy Backs Away from Christmas Charity **
Romney in 2002: Hey, Liberals, “You Really Need Me in Washington”
Student Suspended for Breaking 'No-Hugs' Rule
Nov 3
Port Shut Down Indefinitely After 'Occupy' Protests **
Thousands of 'Occupy Oakland' Protesters Take to Streets Causing Major Disruptions
** 1
Occupy Protests in Oakland Turn Ugly **
End the Occupation **
Should Women Carry a Gun?
** 2
Warning: Obama Ed Aims at U.S. Takeover **
Obama Jabs Congress for 'In God We Trust' Vote, Ignoring Jobs Bill **
Ryan Schools Obama on America **
Air Force Pink Slips 400+ Officers
Patriot’s Handbook – a Practical Guide to Restoring Liberty
Cain's Shadow War
Report: Now Rahm Emanuel Allegedly Behind Cain Sexual Harassment Leak **
Rick Perry's Marriage Problems
Eminent Domain Fires Up Voters **
Nov 2
House Votes to Reaffirm 'In God We Trust' as National Motto **
New Green Energy Scandal Rocking Obama Administration
** 2
'Fast and Furious' Guns Seized in Arizona Drug Raid
** 3
Concealed Carry Conundrum in Wisconsin
** 4
Quinnipiac U. National Poll: American Voters Like Obama Better This Week; Cain, Gingrich Up, Romney Stalls, Perry Fades
74-year-old Man Beaten to Death with Bat at Walmart
Nov 1
Politics Marxist Prof. to Protesters: Violence Only Avoidable If ‘1% Accept the Decisions of the 99%’ **
Nationwide Occupy Wall Street Crackdown Continues with More Police Brutality
The 99%: Official List of OWS’s Supporters, Sponsors and Sympathizers **
Media Glorifying Violent 'Occupy' Protests?
** 1
The Lucis Trust Behind Occupy Wall Street  **
Sheriff: Time for Citizens to Arm Themselves **
The President Who Hates to Govern
Wedding Days Are Losing Their Way
What's Choking U.S. Troops? Feds Have No Idea **
Oct 31
Cain Denies Report of Sexual Harassment **
Occupy Denver Protesters, Law Enforcement Officers Clash; 20 Arrested **
The Hard-Left OWS Plan
The Dark Side of Halloween: The Lure of the Occult **
The Unholy Transformation of America! **
Oct 28
Obama's Army: How America's Labor Unions Serve as Ground Troops for the Radical Left **
Obamacare Catch for Married Couples?
** 3
Kaiser Poll: Opposition to Obamacare Hits Highest Point **
The Divider vs. the Thinker **
Poll: 76% Dissatisfied With Direction of Country **
Obama’s Chief of Staff: It‘s Been ’Brutal,‘ ’Ungodly,‘ We Need to ’Push the Envelope!’…& ‘F**k’ **
Holder’s Days as Attorney General May be Numbered – Resignation Calls Double Overnight **
Wall Street Isn't Winning – It's Cheating **
How Are Occupy Wall Street Protesters Preparing for Frigid Winter Weather? Like This…
2 Die Aboard Cruise Ship Headed for Boston
Oct 27
Is the POTUS Stirring Up a Revolution? **
More Violence from the 'Occupiers'
** 1 **
Occupy Boston Arrested for Selling Heroin
Occupy Chicago Demonstrators Seek Meeting About G8/NATO Summits
An Open Message to the 99%
** 4
Rep. Joe Walsh to Eric Holder: ‘Resign Immediately and Take Responsibility’ for Operation Fast and Furious
Napolitano Grilled Over ATF Scandal **
Feds Order You Tube to Remove Video for Containing “Government Criticism” **
The U.S. Supreme Court Has Ruled **
Judge Rules American Courts Can Use Sharia Law
** 2
Cotter Plans to Reopen Uranium Mill in Colo.
The Dark Side of Halloween: The Kind of Stuff That Real Life Nightmares Are Made of **
Crockett Keller's Controversial Gun Training Ad
** 3
Oct 26
Record Low Number of Americans Favor Hand Gun Ban **
Justice Dept. Proposes Lying, Hiding Existence of Records Under New FOIA Rule
Patriot Act Turns 10, With No Signs of Retirement
ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in 'Occupy' Movement **
Bill Ayers Wows Adoring Audience at OccupyChicago **
Thugs Surround Cops, Hurl Paint Bombs as OccupyOakland Activists Attack Police **
OWS Spontaneous? Not So Much Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6
Obama 'Can't Wait' for the Rule of Law **
Dem Congressman: "We Turned the Economy Around"
State Dept. Spends $70K on Obama Books
What Happened to Obama in Vegas **
Stick a Fork in Obama — He’s Done **

The Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions of Preppers Preparing Feverishly for the End of the World as We Know It? **
Oct 25
Obama to Go Around Congress on ‘Regular Basis’ to ‘Heal Economy’ **
Obama Housing Plan to Be Overseen by Feckless, Leaderless Agency
Where Are the Jobs? House & Senate Moving In Opposite Directions **
Rick Perry Proposes Flat Tax, Corporate Tax Cut **
...Doubles Down on Entitlements
Perry Doubles Down on 'Birtherism'
Senators Outraged U.S. Borrowing $1T from China While Also Giving It Aid **
Most Powerful U.S. Nuclear Bomb Being Dismantled
The State Can ‘Seize Control’ and ‘There Is Nothing I Can Do’: Glenn Weighs in on Nov. 9th Emergency Broadcast Test **
Obama Wakes a Sleeping Nation?
Jihad Alert – Is the Muslim Brotherhood Directing Occupy Orlando?
A Day in the Life of an Occupy Wall St. Participant
(language warning) ** 3
Oct 24
Drivers Face Drug Checkpoints on Highways Near Flint **
Soros, Piven and SEIU Working to Destroy Americas Financial System to Create Revolution
** 3
Poll: Most Voters Say the U.S. Is in Decline **
Grinding America Down – VOW 1
We Have Eaten Our Seed Corn **
2011 National Gang Threat Assessment – Emerging Trends **
TVs, Fridges, Fishing Boats: How 20 MILLION Tons of Japan Tsunami Debris Is Closing In on Hawaii **
Oct 21
Fast and Furious Scandal Cannot be Contained **
Occupy Wall Street: A Drive for One-World Gov't?
Homeowners Complain About 'Occupy Wall Street' Taunting
** 1
More Arrests Coming for Wall St. Protesters, Bloomberg Says
Government Against the People **
Obama Approval Rating Falls to New Low: Poll ** MINI PIC
Back to 1969? **
California Becomes First State to Adopt Cap-and-Trade **
Hurt: Visits to Small Towns Expose Obama’s Big Problem
Romney Wins in 'Blowout' Over Obama in 2012, Newsmas Poll
Oh, This Is Good Obama Channels Jimmy Carter
Mexico’s Pemex to Drill for Oil in Deep Waters of Gulf of Mexico
Oct 20
The Indoctrination of American Youth and the Marxist Nature of the Occupy Movement **
U.S. 'Misery Index' Rises to Highest Since 1983 **
Occupy Wall Street Shows People Want Democracy, Not Corporatocracy: Jeffrey Sachs **
Look Who's Behind Uprising in Orlando
"I Took My Opportunity" Explosive Debate Between Fox Business' Charles Payne and Union Leader
** 4
Pat Buchanan on 'America Live'
** 3
Pat Buchanan Is Right!
Tennessee 1st to Use TSA on Random Highway Checks **
TSA Checkpoints Now on TN Highways
** 2
Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Call for Flat Tax **
College Student Credited with Uncovering Possible Election Fraud
Oct 19
U.S. Government Refuses FOIA Request to Turn Over ‘Secret’ Interpretation of Patriot Act **
Barbara from Harlem - Patriot Powderkeg
** 1
US Troop Deaths in Afghan War Under Obama Now Twice That Under Bush **
NORAD to Conduct Intercept and Identification Exercises Over Nova Scotia
Louisiana's Second Hand Dealer Law – No Cash Allowed **
Government Cameras in Cars Could Become Reality **
Public Urged to Stay Indoors After Exotic Animals Escape From Ohio Preserve **
Oct 18
Schlafly: Obama Rushing US to Socialism 'As Rapidly As He Can' **
Poll: Almost 1/3rd of ‘Occupiers’ Say Violence Is OK **
President Obama and 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters
** 2
Pat Buchanan on the State of America's Economy
The Scapegoat Strategy **
Obama's Teleprompter, Podium Stolen in Va. (OMG! Obama Will be Tongue-Tied!)
Oct 17
After 3 Disasters, No Federal Help For Virginia Town **
Occupy Portland: Protesters Sing F*ck the USA
** 5
Protesters a Result of Leftist Stronghold? "We Are Looking the First Generation of American Socialists
** 3
Decorated U.S. Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas on Occupy Wall Street
** 4
Nugent: Nobody Needs Michael Moore's Hypocritical Advice **
Vadum: Marxist Mobocracy
Thousands of Fraud Cases Called just 'Tip of Iceberg' **
John McCain Warns Barack Obama of Miring US in an African War **
Oct 14
Clashes as Occupy Protesters March on Wall Street **
Arrests Made as Occupy Denver Camp Site Cleared **
Afterburner with Bill Whittle: 3-1/2 Days
** 1
OccupyChicago Joins ‘Destroy Israel’ Anti-war, Anti-America ‘Peace’ March **
More Anti-Semitism at Occupy Los Angeles **
‘We Can Not Sleep Through the Revolution’: Al Sharpton Tells Black Community to Join the Revolution Because Those Kids on Wall Street Are Right about Redistributing the Wealth
** 4
Uniformed Coast Guard Member Spat on by OccupyBoston Protesters

Breitbart: I Have E-Mails Showing Organized Plan for OWS Protests to Destabilize Government
** 2
Feds Admit: No Loan Like Solyndra **
Glenn Beck on President's Assassination Program
** 3
Openly Gay Military Veteran to Run for Colorado House
Rep. Rehberg’s Legislation Protects Veterans’ 2nd Amendment Rights
ATF: Illegal to Sell Guns to Medical Marijuana Users
San Jose Man Charged with Dealing Guns from Taco Cart
Olive Garden Apologizes After Staff Refuses to Let Patron Display American Flag **
TSA Agent Charged with Child Porn
Watchdog: Air Traffic Controller Errors Soaring
U.S. Preparing for Coming Shortages in Metals and Minerals **
Oct 13
Jackson, Jr: Obama Should ‘Declare a National Emergency,’ Add Jobs with ‘Extra-Constitutional’ Action **
Predator-in-Chief **
Apologies Not Accepted **
Who's Behind the Wall St. Protests? **
OWS: Communism's Clueless Foot Soldiers **
Van Jones Media Mouthpiece Caught Taking Russian Cash **
Muslim Brotherhood Gaining Foothold in U.S. Gov't?
2 **
Study Shows Shariah Religious Law Actually Replacing America's Secular Standards **
Rep. Jim Moran to Keynote CAIR Annual Banquet
John Malone Now Biggest Landowner in the U.S.
Oct 12
Sheriffs Blast "Fast and Furious" Operation **
Ultimately Violence Will be Necessary Says Occupy LA Speaker
3 **
Bolton: Obama Needs a Reality Check on Iran **
SunPower: Twice as Bad as Solyndra, Twice as Bad for Obama **
Issa Issues Subpoena to Holder in Fast and Furious Investigation **
Oct 11
Issa to Holder: “You OWN Fast and Furious;” Resignation Calls Grow **
House Committee to Subpoena Holder on 'Fast and Furious'
** 1
Undrained Swamp Update: Things You Can’t Believe are Legal Inside the Beltway, Part 27
About 100 Arrested as Police Break Up Occupy Boston Protest Camp
Wall Street Protesters March on Millionaires' NYC Homes
Sex, Drugs and Criminals: Occupy Wall Street Getting Ugly
** 2
A Very Privileged Protest: Wearing $300 Jeans and From Some of the Most Exclusive Schools, the Children of the 1% Out for a Good Time at Occupy Wall Street **
GOP: Obama, Biden Incite Wall Street Protests **
CNN Poll: Only 27% Have Favorable Opinion of Wall Street Occupiers, 73% Disagree or Have No Opinion…
Head of DOE Loans Program Resigns Following Solyndra Scandal **
Herman Cain Takes on 'Occupy Wall Street' Part 1
** 3
Democrats Scramble to Save Face on President Obama's Jobs Bill **
Jobs Bill to Be Passed in Pieces?
Aimless Obama Walks Alone **
Obama Is Occupying America
Guess Who Presidential Candidates Want Most in Their Corner
Oct 10
Wall Street Insider: Obama 2012 Re-Election “Not an Option”
Darrell Issa Talks Fast and Furious Fallout
** 2
Invisible Surveillance State: DHS and the End of America as We Know It
Oct 9
Ron Paul Revolution Organizes to Win Values Voters Straw Poll **
Secret US Memo Made Legal Case for Assassinating American Citizen **
Hacker Group Challenges Wall St.
** 1
Shocking Photos Show Occupy Wall Street Protester Defecating on Police Car **
Clergy Members to March Alongside "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters
Hanna: Lies, Failure and Wasted Money – What the WH Doesn’t Want You to Know **
Obama’s Excuses Are Wearing Thin **
Decker: Reigniting the American Dream **
Oct 7
It Begins…Democrats Introduce Bill to Seal Obama’s Presidential Records **
Obama's Sept. Approval Rating Remains at Term-Low 41% **
The End of Pax Americana? **
Holder May Have Had Fingers in 'Fast and Furious' for Years **
Received 5 'Fast and Furious' Memos in 2010 **
Fast and Furious Testimony Fallout: ‘Attorney General Holder Must Step Down Immediately’
Breitbart Comments on How WH Handled Reporters Digging into Fast and Furious
** 2
Beck Has 'Verified ... An Attack on Wall St. Next Week' Tells Listeners to Have Cash and Food Ready!"
** 1
Live from Wall Street – Journalist Goes Undercover With Protesters **
‘God Bless Them’: Pelosi Praises ‘Young,‘ ’Spontaneous,’ & ‘Affective’ Wall St. Protests
DC Organizer Admits to Paying ‘Occupy DC’ Protesters
** 3
Herman Cain Fires Back in Highly Offensive MSNBC Interview
** 4
Poll: Cain Surges, Opens Up 20-Point Lead on Romney
Tipping Points in the Race for the Presidency? **
Call to Action: A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic **
Oct 6
Secret Panel Can Put Americans on "Kill List' **
Informant: ATF "Gun Walking" Went on for Years
Quinnipiac Poll: All-Time Low: 55% Disapprove of the Job Obama Is Doing **
Return of Van Jones and Marxist Street Protests **
ACORN Linked to Occupy Wall Street Protest, Says DC Watchdog **
Wall Street Protesters: Mad at Bankers or Mad at the World? **
OccupySt. Louis Protesters Arrested at Kiener Plaza for Curfew Violation
Alinsky Rules Return for Obama
Oct 5
The Riots Are Getting Closer **
Unions to Join Occupy Wall Street Protests
Fate of Obamacare, Individual Liberties, Could Be Decided by This Judge **
Fast and Furious II **
Obama AG Eric Holder Lied Under Oath
** 2
New Report: Attorney General Briefed on ‘Fast and Furious’ Back in July 2010
CBS Reporter: White House Official ‘Screamed’ & ‘Cussed’ at Me for Coverage of ‘Fast and Furious’ **
Obama's New Black Panther Problem **
Michelle Obama's Africa Vacation Cost More Than $424,142 – Just for Flights
Poll Finds Pride in Military, But Not for Afghanistan, Iraq Wars **
Christie: "You Can't Be Taught How to Lead" & Obama's "FAILED The Leadership Test"
** 3
Obama Presidency by the Numbers
** 3
U.S. Citizenship Should Not be for Sale **
Oct 4
Did Holder Know More Than He Claimed? **
New Document Sheds Light on Fast and Furious
** 1
E-Mails Show Obama Was Warned; Bitter OMB, DOE Divide Over Solyndra
Occupy Wall Street Protests Full of Useful Idiot Communists and Socialists **
NYPD Takes Over Public Buses to Use in Mass Arrests, Union Fights Back
Do Not Allow Obama to Impose Martial Law **
Obama ‘Bordering on Lawlessness’ by Letting Military Chaplains Perform Gay 'Marriages'
Coming Soon: Kagangate
9 Reasons Why Republicans Ought to Nominate Herman Cain **
Massive Chemical Plant Fire in Texas
** 2
Oct 3
Supremes Open Today with Decisions That Could Change the Face of America **
Amanda Knox Acquitted – Free to Go Home **
Bombshell: DOJ Considering Elimination of ATF **
Quake Cracks in Washington Monument 1 1/4" Wide **
After Virginia Quake, North Anna Reactors to Stay Shut for Inspections
FEMA Aid a Disaster in the Making? **
The EPA Gets Caught in a Big Fat Lie **
House Bill Would Waive Environmental Laws within 100 Miles of Borders, Coasts **
The 10 Commandments - Guidelines to Surviving in a Post Peak Oil World **
Sept 30
35 Nuclear Reactors Could Fail During an Earthquake, Maker Says **
Biden: Voters Should Blame Obama, Not Bush, for Economy **
May 2012 Be a Referendum on Obama's Perverse Vision for America
Obama Hits Rock Bottom With Independents - 9% **
Chris Christie Seriously Considering Run for President in 2012 **
2012 Presidential Matchups Obama 44%, Christie 43% **
Arizona Sheriff Explains Fast and Furious
** 3
Mitt Romney and Gun Control
Home Invasion Gun Fight
** 4
FEMA Detention Camps & Gun Confiscation **
Michael Savage - Can Anyone Tell Me How The Republicans Are Not Demanding Impeachment
** 2
Crony Capitalism: $737 Million Green Jobs Loan Given to Nancy Pelosi's Brother-in-Law **
Sept 29
‘Chicks with Guns’: 15 Million US Women Pack Heat **
Sept 28
Re-Election of Obama by Suspended Elections? **
Gov Chris Christie on American Exceptionalism and Obama Pt 1, Pt 2
North Carolina Gov. Suggests Suspending Elections to Spur Economic Solutions **
The Disastrous Yields of Socialism
Raising Cain on Obama 'Lies' and 'Highway Robbery'
2 **
President Obama's Plan to Win Re-election
1 **
Sept 27
Washington Reinterprets Constitutional Eligibility **
Obama's Department of Injustice **
Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse Than Solyndra? **
Heckler Calls Obama "The Antichrist" at LA Fundraiser **
No Rocky Mountain High for Barack Obama **
Chris Christie Definitely a 'No' for 2012 **
Bake Sale Targets 'Racist' College Bill **
Operation Garden Plot Plan Unfolding
** 1
Cuban Drilling off Florida Keys to Begin by End of the Year **
Obama's Interior Chokehold on America **
Electrical Problems Trigger Radioactive Steam Release at Mich. Nuclear Power Plant
Sept 26
FEMA Funding Becoming a Disaster **
Is the U.S. Government Stockpiling Food in Anticipation of a Major Economic Crisis? **
6 Most Popular Types of Fuel to Store for Emergencies (Dare To Prepare shows you how to store fuel long-term and do it safely)
Obama Tells Blacks to 'Stop Complainin' and Fight **
Obama Loses Cool at Black Caucus Dinner
** 3
New Gaffe: Obama Confuses Jews with Janitors **
Obama Administration Set to Ban Asthma Inhalers **
Why Does the Good Life End? **
Freed Hikers Recount 2 Years of 'Lies and False Hope'
Controversy Erupts Over College Bake Sale
Sept 23
Solyndra Silence: Execs Take the 5th **
Republican Presidential Debate: Gay Soldier Booed, Asks About DADT
Student Punished for Opposing Homosexuality **
House, Senate Clash Anew Over Disaster Aid Bill **
Southern Utah Residents Heard on Ongoing Nuclear Activity **
Creator of TSA Airport Security Now Says "Dismantle It!" **
Sept 22
GOP: Ohio Visit Not 'Fooling Anybody' **
Obama's Biggest Big Lies **
The Thief-in-Chief **
Fast and Furious Scandal Grows **
Issa Confirms 200 Mexicans Killed by Fast and Furious Weapons
War on Terror or War on Freedom?
Marines Shouldn't be Forced to Affirm and Promote Homosexuality **
Military Stronger Without Gay Ban, Mullen Says
America’s Culpability in 9/11
Waterproof Matches, Make Them or Buy Them?
Rare Earths Market – Another Reason To Stock-Up on Incandescent Lightbulbs
Sept 20
House to Probe Obama Actions on Solyndra, Lightsquared **
Social Security – Are You Kidding Me? **
Don't Ask, Don't Tell Ends Quietly **
Maher: Christians Are "People Who Hate Charity and Love Killing"
** 1
Sept 19
Obama's Solyndra Scandal Reeks of the Chicago Way **
Congress Wanting to End Local TV Stations, Creates National Control over Media **
Ryan: Class Warrior Obama Appeals to ‘Fear, Envy, Anxiety’
** 4
Canadian Commentator: The Press Gave America 'an Untried, Unknown,' 'Incompetent' President **
Why Obama Should Withdraw
Congressman Mike Quigley to Islam Conference: “I Apologize on Behalf of America” **
Packs of Motorcycles Swarming St. Louis Area Highways **
'Ride of the Century' Invades St. Louis
** 3
Life after an EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking, No Internet **
Whistleblower Cases on Rise
Sept 16
Sources: General Pressured to Alter Testimony About WH-Backed Project **
Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz. on Lockdown; Reasons Not Clear **
LightSquared: Another Solyndra? **
Obama's 'Jobs Bill' Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion in Taxpayer Money **
Obama's 'Attack Watch' a Target of Mockery **
Perry Drops 'Socialist' Bomb on Obama
Special Election Panic Attack **
U.S. Can’t Track Tons of Weapons-Grade Uranium, Plutonium **
Flash Mob Attack in Denver?
Sept 15
3 More Murders Linked to Gunwalker **
Would Obama Retaliate Against a Nuclear Attack? **
Obama Deliberately Kills Jobs
Just 17% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction
Obama's Big Green Boondoggles
FEMA 'Running Out of Money,' Senate Will Vote on Replenishment **
Marine Receives Modal of Honor for 'Worst Day' of His Life **
Marine to Get Medal of Honor at White House Ceremony
** 3
Painting the Flag – spell-binding until the last drop of paint is in place (sound on)
** 1
Sept 14
Obama Launches Website to Kill ‘Negative’ Stories about Dear Leader **
Emails Reveal WH 'Pressure' to Fast-Track Questionable Solar Loan **
GOP Wins in NY House Race, Seen as Obama Rebuke **
Obama's Israel Policy Seen as Factor That Cost Him House Seat **
After Turner Earthquake in Weiner District, Democrats’ Civil War Against Obama Begins **
New Bill Pits States' Rights Against Gun Rights **
The Bomb Plant **
Iran Official: Jailed US hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal will NOT be Freed Soon
Underwater Tunnel May Soon be Constructed Between Russia and US
** 3
Sept 13
'Day of Rage' Targets Capitalism, Demands New U.S. Constitution **
Limbaugh: Obama “Day of Service” Is Like America Being Punished for 9/11
** 2
Dam Liars, Crooks and Killers **
Sept 12
Obama Selects Psalm at Ground Zero Enabling Him to Proclaim ‘I Am God’ **
Let’s Roll Over
PBS Censors/Sanitizes/Rewrites Obama Speech to Hide Big Mistake **
Ceremonies Around World Honor 9/11 Victims
A History Lesson We All Ought to Remember
The 9/11 Monument in New Jersey You Never Heard About
14,000 Rounds of Ammunition Missing from Fort Bragg **
1 Dead, 4 Injured After French Nuclear Plant Explosion **
UN Nuclear Agency 'Increasingly Concerned' About Iran **
US Reactors More Shaken in Last Month’S Quake Than Initially Reported, Says NRC **
Economic Collapse Approaches - Preppers Shall Inherit the Earth
 VOW ** 1
John B. Wells - Unanswered Questions – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10, Pt 11
VOW ** 3
Sept 10
An Early Hard Winter and End Times **
Sept 9
Current Updates of Massive Power Outage Affecting Millions **
California's Worst Power Failure Started in the Arizona Deserts
Eric Holder Now Denies Prior Knowledge of ‘Fast and Furious
Ignore the Constitution - It Just Gets in the Way
US Military Plane Forced Down By North Korean Electronic Attack
Virginia Quake Shook Nuke Plant More Than Design Allowed **
NRC Increases Oversight at Fort Calhoun Nuke Plant
** 4
Arnie Gundersen: How Nuclear Power Plants Have Been Pushed Beyond Their Design Limits ** 1
When an Earthquake Shuts a Reactor
Union Goons Attack Cops, Damage Grain Train
Survey: US Public Still Unprepared for Catastrophe **
Sept 8
Wall Street Insider: President Obama’s Plan to Unionize Military **
For the Campaigns, It’s Already About Electoral College Math
News Outlets Twist Numbers to Exaggerate Same-Sex Statistics
Wounded Warriors & Pres. Bush
** 4
Channel 4 Picks Packers Over Obama **
Rudy Slams Bloomberg: "the Microphone Will Not Melt" If We Have Clergy at the 9-11 Memorial
** 2
Appeals Court Rules Virginia Has No Right to Challenge Obama's Health Care Law **
Farewell My Mailbox **
BP Oil Spill Legal Battle Costing Feds Millions **
BP Discovers New Oil Sources in Gulf of Mexico **
Sept 7
ATF Scandal Widens to Include Cartel Grenades **
St. Lucie Reactors on NRC List with Increased Earthquake Risk **
The Cult of Obama **
Wall Street Insider: "The President Was…Just an Empty Shell" **
Evangelicals Left Off National Cathedral 9/11 Program
WH Insiders: The Great Obama Tragedy Pt 1, Pt 2 **
Firefighters Balk at New Digital Radios, as Failures Risk Lives **
Stop the UN's Agenda 21 & 'Sustainable Development'
These US Cities Have Sold Out to UN Agenda 21 (scroll down to United States of America)
Public Funding of 'Occult' Teachings Challenged in Court **
Sept 6
As Obama Prepares Jobs Plan, His Own Ratings Hit New Low **
Romney Says His Jobs Plan Will Create 11.5 Million Jobs in His First Term **
2012 Election Already Decided?
** 2
Barack Obama and Fossil Fuels: Reality Starting to Settle In
Special Interest Racial Incitement at Peak **
Outrageous: NY Times Op-Ed Defends Sharia Law ... in America **
Obama Admin. to Drop Troop Levels in Iraq to 3,000 **
10 Reasons to Become Self-Sufficient and 10 Steps to Help You Get There **
Postal Service Chief: Losses Near $10B This Year, Default Looms **
Can the Post Office Survive the Digital Age?
Dutchsinse YouTube Account Terminated for Video Explaining HAARP Rings
NY Lawmaker Pushing Bill to Make WTC Cross a National Monument
Tea Party Groups Condemn Hoffa 'SOB' Remark **
Aug 23
WH Insider: The Obama Plan Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 **
Abracadabra! 'Obama's Alias' Vanishing Quickly from Web **
Post 9/11, Surveillance Cameras Everywhere **
BP’s Gusher May be Gushing Again. If So, Can’t be Stopped **
Aug 22
US Set for Wave of Power Plant Shutdowns **
Utilities Warn of Higher Rates Because of Pollution Rules **
Obama’s Energy Obstructionism Driving Oil Rigs Away from the Gulf of Mexico
Ron Paul: “They’re Setting the Stage for Violence in This Country” **
Dem Rep. Maxine Waters: “The Tea Party Can Go Straight to Hell”
** 5
Cowing the Population **
65 Arrested Outside White House in Oil Pipeline Protest
Obama’s Boldface Lies About GM Service and Warranties
US Judges Rule for Teacher Who Called Creationism ‘Superstitious Nonsense’ **
Aug 19
Oh, How America Has Changed **
Obama’s Vineyard Break Teeing Off Many Critics **
Nero in the White House **
Nancy Pelosi Heckled at Town Hall Over Debt Bill: "Sell-Out" **
Study to Counter FEMA Floodplain
HOLLY NOTE: Once again, news of a region being redistricted into a floodplain has people's hair on fire. This time it involves the county area where Stan and I live. Fortunately our home site is on a rise so there never has been a chance of flooding, but once again, FEMA is busy reassessing their interpretation of "flood-likely" areas and the financial poo rolls downward. more
Congressional Black Caucus Fed Up with Obama?
** 1
DutchSinse (Michael Janich) on Project Camelot Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3

Aug 18
Fast and Furious 'Flawed From the Start': An Interview With Rep. Paul Gosar
Americans' Satisfaction With National Conditions Dips to 11% **
It Took a Decade, But the Taliban Will No Longer Receive American Money to Use Against US Troops
Aug 17
'Fast and Furious' a Prelude to Gun Registration? **
AWOL Staff Sergeant Doubts Obama’s Citizenship **
When Will Obama Crack in Public?
70 Democrat Members of Congress Who Are Members of the Socialist Party (scroll down to "votersrights says" to see who's on the list)
Flash Mobs, Riots Prompt Debate About Social Media Crackdown **
Ohio Business Owner Terrorized & Shot for Being Non-Union **
Brace for Another U.S.-Mideast War
Ed Schultz and Team Use Deceptive Editing to Make Rick Perry Look Like a Racist **
Update: Schultz Apologizes …Sort of
** 4
Aug 16
Obama's Bust Tour USA: And the Spending Keeps Rolling Along **
Obama Fences, Parries at Start of Midwestern Tour **
Rove Still Sees Ryan, Christie as Possible GOP '12 Candidates
Ron Paul Supporters Decry Media Neglect **
GOP Primary: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%
White House Mischief
Congressional Job Approval Ties Historic Low of 13% **
Police Shut Down San Francisco Transit Station After Protests **
Social Degeneration **
"Loud Bang" at Florida Nuclear Plant Near Miami **
Aug 14
Martial Law in America Will Peel Away the Veil of Freedom, Democracy and Civility **
Man Challenges Army Use of BLM Lands at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site **
Detroit Police Raid 90 Homes, Arrest Over 600, Net $3.5M in Drugs **
First Time Ever: Obama Approval Sinks Below 40%, Gallup **
Fallen Heroes: What the SEALS Taught Us Last Weekend
Army Suicides Hit Record in July **
Aug 12
There’s a Muslim in the White House
America's 14 Most Ready to Riot Cities **
5 Reasons Why American Riots Will be the Worst in the World
Chaos Is Coming America!
** 1
Over the Cliff at Any Speed
Just 6% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction **
Nugent: Presidential Master of Economic Disaster **
Kuhner: Don’t Go on Vacation - Just GO
Compensate Victims of U.S. Chemical Warfare in Vietnam
Aug 11
Gallup: Muslim Americans Give Obama 80% Approval, Highest of Major Religions **
Krauthammer: Obama Is "Clueless and, for Now, Irrelevant"
** 2
O’Reilly Warns: England’s Class Warfare Violence Could Come to America
** 1
U.S. Mayors Wary as London Burns **
Karl Rove: Congressional Acrimony Irritates Americans **
Residents: No Surprise 'Dougherty Gang' Chose Colo. **
Rick Perry: I Want to be President
** 3
Aug 10
‘U.S. Day of Rage’ Being Orchestrated for ‘Worldwide Democracy’ **
Obama Considers Becoming National Landlord **
Tea Party Made Up of 'Freaked Out White Men': Whitney
Possible Explosive Device Found on Okla. Gas Line **
"Dougherty Gang" Siblings Caught in Colorado **
Rainbow Connection? Online Push Under Way for Bert and Ernie to Get Married on 'Sesame Street'
"Oh, Donna" Will Never be the Same
2 **
The Sleeping Giant Awakens
White House Cleanses Israel from Its Website
4 **
Aug 9
Schieffer Blows Back Axelrod: 'Things Are Worse' Since Obama Took Office
President Priss **
Trump: Nation Has Become 'All Talk, No Action'
How 'President Bachmann' Would Fix the Economy
The Tea Party Was Right, and You Know It **
Scarborough: 'Terminally Stupid Ideologues' Should 'Stop Using the Tea Party as a Piñata' **
Rating Falls, Markets Plunge, Critics Rage. But Tea Party Isn't Blinking. **
Video Shows White Teens Driving Over, Killing Black Man, Says DA **
The Taboo on Mentioning Black Mob Violence
Citizen Who Subdued Suspected Shooter Speaks
Obama Calls for More Federal Money for Roads, Bridges and Airports to Create Jobs HOLLY NOTE: Anyone who looks around can see that our bridges and roads are in terrible disrepair. However, this is a short term jobs fix - only. Once again, taxpayers will be the ones financing these projects.
Obama and Tisha B'Av: An American Calamity **
Power Play Video: FCC Commissioner Warns of Back Door to Fairness Doctrine **
Aug 7
SEALs Killed in Afghan Crash on Rescue Mission **
13 Texans Looking to Unseat Obama in 2012 **
Blacks on Whites: Quiet Night Friday Follows Unprecedented State Fair Melees: "You could just tell they were after white people. That was the main thing. If you were white, they were coming after you." **
State Fair Not All Fun and Games After Rampage
Officials say Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant Won't Restart Until Needed Flood Repairs Done **
Army Preps for 'Complex Catastrophes' Stateside **
What's So Urgent That FEMA's Spending a Billion Dollars on Survival
FEMA Requests Info on 140 M Food Packets, Blankets, Body Bags
Things Aren't Looking So "Pretend" Anymore

Moneychanger's 8 Suggestions for Self-Protection **
Doomsday Preppers
VOW ** 1
Aug 5
Satirical Mints Poking Fun at Obama Yanked from Tenn. Bookstore **
Decline and Fall of the American Empire **
Brutal: Disapproval of Congress Now at 82% **
Texas, I Rather We Secede Than Ruled by a Super Congress and Dictator
Low Flying Helicopters Over Boston – Military Movements Increase
Napolitano: Is a Cell Phone a Civil Right?
** 3
Jury Convicts 5 Police Officers in Post-Katrina Shootings **
Aug 4
Guns Groups to Sue Over New Obama Regulations, DOJ Vows to 'Vigorously Oppose' **
Mustard Gas Vapors Detected at Army Weapons Depot
Radioactive Strontium Found in Fish in Conn River Near Vermont Yankee Nuke Plant **
Tennessee Awaits Tons of German Nuclear Waste **
Home Radiation Counter Goes on Sale **
Doomsday Preppers

Aug 2
Biden Criticized for Tea Party 'Terrorists' Remark **
Obama Launches Gun Grab
** 1
Aug 1
WSJ: Debt Deal is Rare Bipartisan Victory for Smaller Government **
Kuhner: President’s Socialist Takeover Must be Stopped **
Quiet Revolution: Latin America Moving Away from Washington’s Influence **
July 31
America's Big Shift Right **
Quartzsite Town Council Broke Open Meeting Law, Says AG Horne
Arizona Breaks Silence on Madness in 'Nazi'-Cop Town **
Police Arrest Cameraman for Recording Police Chase
** 1
Military Train Convoy of Tanks and Jeeps Seen Near Bakersfield California **
Dozens of Assault Rifles Stolen from Military Base **
New Radiation Scanners Coming to Airports **
Pro-Gay Groups Sue MN School District for Not Discussing Homosexuality in the Classroom **
Homeland Security Surveillance Detected on Christian Website
Scandals in the Classroom
Cities Now Abrogating Our Rights **
Is the Mystery of DB Cooper About to be Solved? **
July 29
Gallup: Obama Approval Drops to New Low of 40% **
50% Give Obama Poor Marks on Economy **
Recruiters Pressed to Reach Out to Gays Once Ban Is Lifted **
They've Lost That Lovin' Feeling for Obama **
The Birth Certificate Please! Subpoena to be Delivered **
Fast & Furious Hearing Sending Shockwaves Towards WH & Eric Holder **
IRS, DEA, ICE Connected to Project Gunrunner
New Low: 6% Think Congress Is Doing a Good or Excellent Job **
New High: 46% Think Most in Congress Are Corrupt **
3 Freedoms You Lost This Week

City Attorney Considers Filing Charges in Near Riot in Hollywood
Kuhner: Matthews the Mad Natterer
Nugent: NEA - Master of Disaster
July 28
Riot Breaks Out on Hollywood Boulevard **
Black Helicopters Seen in Multiple States as Pentagon's Deployment of 20,000 Troops Inside US to be Ready This Year **
Adult Children of America **
Fast and Furious: Enter the IRS and WH: Scandal Grows Wider, Deeper **
Obama Assaults Gun Freedoms **
Polls: Obama's Popularity Plunging in 2012 'Battleground' States **
Good Samaritan Shot Feeding Homeless
70-Year-Old Grandma Beats Naked Intruder with Bat
** 1
July 27
Obama Following in Hitler’s Footsteps **
How Big Is the Federal Gov't? Over 100 Million Checks Sent Monthly
DHS Fears a Modified Stuxnet Could Attack U.S. Infrastructure **
US Missile Destroyed After Flight 'Anomaly' **
Armed Man Shuts Down Section of I-70 – Second Time in 3 Days
Ark. Man Arrested After Hazmat Incident Closed 20 Miles of Interstate-70
Athiests Sue to Stop 9/11 Cross **
Prayer Ban at National Cemetery Sparks Outrage **
Hundreds of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Sent to Save Overseas Mosques
** 2
9 of Quartzsite’s 14 Cops Suspended After Blowing Whistle on Chief; Governor Ignores
Monsters of Anarchy - Post Collapse Security Considerations
VOW **
July 26
Number of Homeless Veterans Explodes **
Limbaugh: 4 More Years of Obama and America Is Transformed
Our Petulant and Inept President
Are You Kidding Me!
** 1
Krauthammer: Obama Gone from Emperor to Bystander in Debt Talks
** 2
Pentagon to Deploy 20,000 Troops in CONUS for Civil Unrest **
Fast and Furious Allegedly 'Armed' Cartel for 'War' **
Do Your Senators Oppose UN Gun Grab?
Sex Scandal Forces Rep. David Wu to Resign **
July 24
World Trade Center Cross Moved to Permanent Home **
Feds Can't Make Up Minds on Mercury Bulbs **
July 22
WH: Obama Ends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' **
DHS Denies “Racial Overtones” in ‘White Middle Class Terrorists’ Video **
Operation Fast and Furious: Justice Dept. Inspector General Opens Investigation **
Raw Sewage Flowing into Hudson River Following Fire at Treatment Plant
NRC: How Safe Are U.S. Reactors?
July 21
Dem Poll: Weakened Obama Would Lose Today **
Anti-American Activities: A Cold War-style Effort to Root out Civilizational Jihad **
Islamic Supremacism Trumps Christianity at Ground Zero **
The Surveillance State Rolls On **
New Proposed Passport Application Requires More Personal Data **
UN's Arms Trade Treaty Endangers Your Right to Bear Arms **
TSA Announces Privacy Changes in Security Checks
July 20
Obama Backs Repeal of Federal Gay Marriage Ban **
Building a Religion 2012 Edition-Barack Obama
** 1
Black Privilege
As Obama Talks of “Sacrifice,” He Prepares for Lavish Martha’s Vineyard Vacation **
Man to be Executed for 9/11 Revenge Killing
Nuclear Whistleblower: “The Books Are Being Cooked” Fukushima in American Will Happen **
Texas Clerk Faces Grand Jury for Defending Pledge, Possible Jail, Removal from Office
Why the World Needs a Strong America **
This 72,000 Sq. Ft. Eco-Mansion Is Going Up in the Ozark Mountains – Why? **
Spokane Sustainable Preparedness EXPO 2011
July 19
Report: SEIU ‘Intimidation Manual’ Uncovered Detailing Union’s Dirty Tactics **
Paul Hellyer: Abolishing Fed and New Energy Disclosure Key to U.S. Survival **
Ark. Town Wants to Ban Free Speech and Assembly, No “Group” Could Meet Without City's Permission **
Obama Vows to Veto Republican Budget Plan **
Steve Wynn Goes on Epic Anti-Obama Rant on Company Conference Call
** 1
Reporter to WH Budget Director: "Why Does the Admin. Scare Seniors by Threatening to Cut Off Social Security Checks?"
Russian-backed Propaganda Networks Claim Obama Is a CIA Agent
US Stability Police Force: Obama’s Brown Shirts?
Fast and Furious Justice for Project Gunrunner Culprits
July 18
No WH Recession: Obama’s 454 Staffers Cost Taxpayers $37,121,463 **
‘Cracker’: Man Says He Was Assaulted on NYC Subway for Being White **
Alternative Media Is Today’s Free Press
July 17
Divide and Conquer: The President’s Real Agenda **
Joseph Farah's (WND) Interview with Obama SSN Investigator
** 2
Diner Forced to Remove Flags
** 3
July 15
The Real 'Under the Radar' Target of Operation Fast and Furious **
ATF Florida Gun Probe Earns Congressional Scrutiny in Wake of 'Fast and Furious' **
The Soft Dictatorship **
West: Goebbels Would be Pleased at Type of People in Obama Admin.
Update: California Gov. Signs Bill that Mandates Gay History Lessons in Public Schools
North American Union Update **
'Victory Mosque' at Ground Zero?
** 3
America Drowned in Blood. Obama Only Shoots Black or Brown People, New Black Panthers, Farrakhan
** 5
July 14
Obama Conspiracy to Regulate, List Gun Owners, Calls on Holder to Resign
** 1
Websites Launched to Support Obama Impeachment & Protests **
Cops to Use Facial Recognition iPhone **
Mom Arrested After Refusing TSA Molestation of Daughter **
20 Really Bad Ideas That Are Almost Too Stupid to Believe **
Nugent: You Have the Right to Remain Stupid **
Accused Child Molester Allowed Child Porn in Jail
** 5
Nuclear Plants Plan for Worst
July 13
Obama’s Ineligibility: Prepare to Defend America – A Political Insurgency **
Birther Issue Resurfaces, But Now Dems Are Raising It **
Obama Raises More Than $86M for Campaign, DNC **
The Video Congress Does Not Want You to See
** 4
House Turns Out the Lights on Bulb Ban
Short-Sighted U.S. Policy Towards Pakistan Imperils All of South Asia
New Port Richey Couple Says TSA Search Went Too Far **
Admin's Support for UN Ocean Treaty is All at Sea
Police: Woman Jailed After Cutting Off Husband's Penis
Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio – humor
July 12
Obama’s Watergate **
Project Gunrunner: Now in Theaters Everywhere!
Another Scandal That Could Take Obama Down
** 1
Obama Orders Launched Fast and Furious
** 2
GOA and Gun Rights: At the Center of the Debt Limit Fight
Obama's Marxist Immersion Shows in Presser
The Left Starts to Dump Obama **
Lawmaker Seeks to Make South California 51st State **
CIA Organized Fake Vaccination Drive to Get Osama bin Laden's DNA
July 11
TSA: 6-year-olds Thoroughly Searched, Stun Guns Let Through **
Tyrannus Obama Rex **
Mayor Claims Quartzsite, AZ Under Martial Law after State of Emergency Declared During Secret Meeting **
Obama Caught Staging Terror Attack Pt 1, Pt 2
Man Dies While Raping Elderly South Texas Woman
It's D-Day in Washington for Light as You Know It **
Texas Aglow with Effort to Save the Incandescent Bulb
The “War On Drugs” Is a $2.5 Trillion: Big Banks, Private Military Companies and the Prison Industry Cash In
July 8
Obama’s Ineligibility: When Government Declares War on The People **
$10M for Gunrunner (Fast & Furious) Funded by 2009 Stimulus: Obama Signed For It **
Obama Adm. Not Enforcing Gun Laws, Rep. Issa Says
The Boy President **
The Agenda - Grinding America Down
** 1
Does Michelle Obama Know About This?
Democrats Upset Over GOP Plans to Tighten Voting Laws **
Woman Arrested for Exposing Corruption
** 2
July 7
"Fast and Furious" Blows Sky-High **
ATF Director Claims DOJ Obstructing 'Fast and Furious' Probe
** 1
'Nazi' Police 'Kidnap' Woman at Town Hall
DADT: Court Lifts Stay; FRC Says Judges Wrong **
How Marxofascism is Being Systematically Implemented in American Neighborhoods
Dick Morris: Obama Is Losing Jewish Voters, 'Too Biased Against Israel' **
Just 25% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction **
July 6
POTUS Embodies Marxist Arrogance **
Obama Campaign Website Hacked
Obama's E.O.13575 Creates White House Rural Council
** 1
Does the New 'White House Rural Council' = UN's Agenda 21? **
Residents of Alto, Texas Brace for Crime Spike After City Furloughs Police Force
Prepper's View of Independence and 4th of July
Bill Mandating Gay History Heads to Calif. Governor **
July 5
Casey Anthony Walks on Murder Charge **
Senator: Constitution Doesn't Define Presidential Eligibility **
American Constitution Faces 'Progressive' Threat
Obama May be in Deep Trouble… Chief Justice John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court **
'Whites Are Liars' Obama's 20 year Mentor Rev. Wright Tells Church Youth All Whites Are Liars

Major Teachers Union Endorses Obama's Re-election
American Judeo-Christian Values and the Declaration of Independence
76-Year-Old Army Medic on 4th Tour in War Zones
** 3
George Will Brilliantly Traps Liberal Panelists with ObamaCare Constitutional Challenge
** 2
White Supremacist Stampede
July 1
Is Another Ballot Heist Coming?
Pruden: No Panic Yet, But Real Fear
Bogus Obama Document 'Bigger Than Watergate'
Vegas Officials Consider Marketing Gay Honeymoons
Texas Passes Bill to Keep Incandescent Lights 
June 30
Nerves Show on Team Obama
Mark Halperin Calls Obama 'a Dick' on Live TV
June 29
The Un-American American President
Something Catastrophic Is Brewing in U.S.A.
Insurgent American’s 32-Point Practical Guide for Action **
June 28
Whistleblower: ATF Wants to Fire Me Over "Project Gunrunner" Scandal **
Obama’s Ineligibility: Prepare for Martial Law **
Rove's PAC Launches Ads Against Obama
Voters Give Obama Lowest Rating Yet on Economy **
The Ulsterman Report: The Obama Scandal Buried by Eric Holder’s "Justice" **
New Documents Prove TSA “Mischaracterized” Safety Aspects of Full Body Scanners
Texas TSA Bill Revived **
Losing the Plot in Libya and Afghanistan **
How Much Is Oil from the Strategic Reserve Going to Cost Us, Again? **
L.A. Station That Dumped PBS Now Broadcasting Al Jazeera English
Commentary: The truth About the Postal Service
June 27
Preparing for a Disaster? Think Big, Expert Says **
Peoria Mob Yells "Kill All the White People" **
Elderly Woman Asked to Remove Adult Diaper During TSA Search **
Supreme Court Rejects Calif. Law Banning Sale or Rental of Violent Video Games to Children **
Bachmann Talks Earmarks, Obamacare and Gay Marriage
Bachmann: Marriage for Man, Woman
Veteran Faces Legal Action for Flying American Flag
Gun Control Quote of the Day
Hotbed of Educational Indoctrination
June 23
Energy Dept. to Release 30 Million Barrels from Strategic Petroleum Reserve **
Lindsey Williams Discusses His Forecasts for Oil Prices – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4
Obama: Surge Troops Will Be Out by Summer 2012 **
Another Sex Scandal Hits Capitol Hill **
Bipartisan Bill Seeks to Legalize Marijuana
Census: Most US Babies Are Minorities
June 22
Health Care Law Lets Early Retirees Qualify for Medicaid **
NY Inches Toward Action on Its Gay Marriage Bill **
Obama Shops for Libya Advice That Lets Him Ignore the Law **
Obama Omits ‘Creator’ When Citing ‘Inalienable Rights’ of LGBTs
Just 30% of Americans Would Re-Elect Obama **
Larry Taylor Blog News **
New L.A. Budget Is Ushering Cops, Firemen Out the Door **
Man Flies US Airways in Women's Underwear
12 Things Mainstream Media Is Being Strangely Quiet About Right Now **
Texans Halting Light Bulb Ban **
Katrina Shootings: Federal Trial Gets Underway This Week
PolitiFact Rates Stewart’s Remark About Fox News Misinformation as False **
June 21
BP Hopes to Restart Gulf of Mexico Production Soon **
BP Wants to Dismiss 12 Oil-Spill Claims
Texas Governor Asks Lawmakers to Pass Airport "Groping" Bill
TSA Now Storming Public Places 8,000 Times a Year **
Iranian Commander: ‘We Have Infiltrated America and the UK’ **
The CIA’s Fake “Arab Spring” Becoming a Long, Hot Summer of War **
Republicans Flicker on Light Bulb Ban Repeal
Michele Bachmann Speaks at RightOnline 2011
6 **
It Begins… Woman Arrested for Protesting Smart Meter Installation
4 **
June 20
House Will Move This Week to Limit Funding for Libyan War
Obama No-Show Miffs Hispanics **
Obama's Puerto Rico Visit Spurs Anger, Discontent
Obama Slammed at Liberal Conference **
Obama's Views on Gay Marriage 'Evolving' – May Endorse **
USDA Gay-Sensitivity Training Seeks Larger Audience **
Man Burns Self to Death at Courthouse in Protest
Lies, Hypocracy in Mainstream Media
Survey: Yes, America Is Going to Hell
June 17
2 Neb. Nuclear Plants Partially Submerged by Mo. Floodwaters **
Bad Combination: Floodplains, Nuke Materials and Understated Risk
What the Talking Heads Don’t Tell You About the NBC/WSJ Polls
10 Congressmen Brings Obama to Federal Court About Illegal Wars
** 1
Obama Claims the UN Can Usurp Congressional War Authority
The Definitive Scandal: ‘Gunwalker’ Much Worse Than ‘Iran-Contra’
Faux Beggars Scout Homes to Burgle, Police Say
Stewart Blasts Obama for His Accented Pronunciation of 'Puerto Rico'
humor ** 2
Ex-NY Giant David Tyree Says Gay Marriage Could Lead U.S. Down Path Toward ‘Anarchy’
June 15
Lawmakers to File Suit Against Obama Admin. Over Libya Ops
'Satan's Lair': Family Flees Snake-Infested Home
June 14
Obama Forgers Admit They Produced Phony Documents **
Obama: 'There Are Days When I Say One Term Is Enough' **
Panetta: Obama Can Unilaterally Use Military to Protect ‘National Interests’ **
Cain: I Would Make Sure Muslim Nominees Were "Committed to the Constitution"
** 1
Coca-Cola Still Imports Coca Leaves Used to Manufacture Cocaine in the US
Doomsday Bunkers for Under $10,000!
Dirty Dancing Just Got Filthy
** 3
June 13
An American Descent Into Hell **
The Dark Side of Sexting
Invasive Sex Surveys 'Specifically Prohibited by Federal Law and Regulations' **
City Gov. Demands All Keys to Properties Belonging to Cedar Falls Residents **
Don't Come Back! Police Threaten CNN Journalist Looking for "Secret Morgue"
** 1
FBI to Dig Through Trash Avoiding Search Warrants **
Broken Bible Belt: Homes in Ruins from Tornadoes Denied Aid by FEMA for ‘Insufficient Damage’ **
Ex-ACORN Organizer Launches Reincarnation
June 12
Obama Skips Family Time at Camp David, Goes Golfing **
Agenda 21 Part II: Globalist Totalitarian Dictatorship Invading a Town Near You – With Your Permission **
Obama Complies with Agenda 21 and Expands Federal Power
How Free Is Your State – Relative to Each Other **
June 10
Forecast for U.S. Cities: Confrontation, Chaos? **
Obama's Undeclared War on America **
Chicago Rapper Calls Obama 'Biggest Terrorist' in US
Utility Giant AEP Says It Will Close 5 Coal Plants to Comply with EPA **
EPA Out of Control, Coal-State Senator Says **
America's Next War Theater: Syria and Lebanon? **
June 8
Is the U.N. Trying to Strip Americans’ Second Amendment Rights? **
U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up in Arms
China Wants to Construct a 50 Sq. Mi. Self-Sustaining City in Idaho **
Obama and the End of Western Civilization
National Anthem Banned at Mennonite College's Sporting Events, Sparking Outcry
Salon’s Joan Walsh: Weiner ‘Made Me Look Stupid’

U.S. - Venezuelan Relations - Just Frozen or Beyond Repair?
June 7
Weinergate Weiner Confesses It Was His Weiner – Won't Resign **
Delusional Nancy Pelosi: "Drain the Swamp We Did, As This Was a Terrible Place"
Congressional Sex Scandals
We the People
** 3
ABC News Poll: Romney Even Against Obama in Match-Up **
A Nation Without Natural Affection
June 6
Another American Legend Gone, James Arness Dies at Age 88
Message from California: “American Citizens Need Not Apply”
Who Was Behind Net Neutrality?
June 5
Schools to Kids: You Can Be Boys or Girls or Both **
Welcome to ShariAmerica
How Free Is America?
Atty Stephen Pidgeon Found Record of Name Change for Barack Obama in British Columbia
** 1
Feds Seize Elderberry Juice from Kansas Winery **
Choose MyPlate Logo Design ‘Only’ $2 Million **
June 3
Obama Declares June Gay Pride Month **
‘She Just Molested Me!’ Woman’s Emotional Plea During TSA Search
** 2
John Edwards Indicted **
'Dr. Death' Dead: Heart Trouble Claims Kevorkian **
U.S. Bishops to Vote on Document Condemning Assisted Suicide
'Sesame Street' Bigotry Charge, Author of 'Primetime Propaganda' Book Attacked
June 2
Congress as Terrorists
A Canadian Writer to His American Readers
June 1
MSNBC Anchor: Palin‘s Use of American Flag Could be ’Breach of Federal Law’  **
US Military to Remain in Asia: Gates **
Soldier Foils Bank Robbery
FEMA Eyes Debt Take-Back as Hurricane Season Looms
Warrantless Cell Phone Searches Spread to More States **
TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda
May 31
Utah Depot Sees Last of Its Mustard Agent
91-yr-old Woman Selling 'Suicide Kits' Reignites Right-to-die Debate
May 29
Congressman Warns: "Those Who Can, Should Move Their Families Out of the City **
Urban Danger – must see
New Abortion Law Faces Planned Parenthood Fight **
John Pilger on Barack Obama. Obama Worked for Company Linked to CIA
** 1
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Americans
** 2
May 27
Where’s the Outrage? **
How Obama Barely Beat Deadline to Sign Patriot Act Extension -- Without Picking Up a Pen **
Obama Calls for ‘Patience and Persistence’ on his Unapproved, Directionless War in Libya **
Obama Orders 100% Alternative Fuels in Govt by 2015
Air Force Speaks Out Against Biofuel Use: Costs 10x the Amount of Jet Fuel
Musharraf: Obama Is Arrogant
Report: Marine Never Fired on SWAT Officers Who Fatally Shot Him
** 3
FBI Targeting Political Activists as Terrorists **
The Last Nail
** 1
A Second Texan Republic?
** 2
Top 10 Things the TSA Could Do If Its Power Is Not Sensibly Limited **
Barney Frank's Friends with Benefits
US Hispanic Population Tops 50M, Firmly Nation's No. 2 Group
May 26
Obama: We're Working on Gun Control 'Under the Radar' **
Obama Opens National Petroleum Reserve
California 'High Risk' Prisoners Wrongly Released Due to Computer Errors **
Closets and Christians
May 25
Obama Code-Named ‘Smart Alec’ in Britain **
NY Power Company Charges Town Honoring War Hero Flag Fee

Reid Preempts Paul, Slips Patriot Act in Small Business Bill **
Gates Pushes for Military Pay Cuts **
Did Fonda Commit a Crime with Threat on Obama?
Trump Pumps Corsi for Latest on Obama
"Free Speech Zones" Killing Free Speech Across Orwellian America
Reloading Basics
1 **
May 24
Baucus, Tester Fail to Halt Renewal of Patriot Act
Rand Paul on Extension of the Patriot Act
1 **
Warning to Politicians, Police and Military: You’re Building a Prison for Us All
Chaplains: Troops May Fear Sharing Beliefs on Gays
NAU: Big Business Pushing for a Single Unified North American Regulatory Regime **
Supreme Court Rules California Must Free Tens of Thousands of Inmates **
Does America Have a Culture?
O'Bama? Oh Puh-lease!
May 23
Obama in Ireland to Explore Family Roots
Supreme Courts Affirm the Police State
Yes, We Cain
Obama’s False Comparison
KISS' Gene Simmons: Obama "Has No F***ing Idea What the World Is Like"

WH on War Powers Deadline: 'Limited' US Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congressional Authorization
Defense Contractors Using Prison Labor to Build High-Tech Weapons Systems
May 19
White House Panic: Corsi Book Targeted **
When the People Lose All Faith in Their Government **
Gassing Up with Obama

May 18
Now the Supremes Follows Indiana in Destroying the 4th Amendment in Ruling **
Secret Service Interrogates a 7th Grader Without Parental Consent! **
Uttering 'Jesus' in School 'Not Protected Free Speech'
Why Is Soros Spending Over $48 Million Funding Media Organizations? **
Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century?
Obama Christ: ‘My People, You Continue to Have My Blessing’
May 17
Indiana Trounces 4th Amendment **
Indiana Supreme Court Rule Cops Don't Need Warrant to Enter Your Home

10 Indications the United States Is a Dictatorship **
Blacks Flee Failed Liberal Northern Cities for Conservative South
US Reactor Outages 50% Higher **
Congress to Vote on Declaration of WW3 – Endless War with No Borders, No Clear Enemies
May 15
Inside the FBI’s ‘Threat Matrix,’ from Nuclear Urinals to Osama’s USBs **
Nuke Plant Emergency Equipment Flaws Cited in Checks **
Nuke Plant May Face 2nd Violation
Panel Backs New Storage Site for Nuclear Waste
Transformers Explode in 3 Cities: Ft. Worth, Las Vegas, Ft. Atkinson, Wisc.
America Becoming a Third World Country
Fed. Legislation Would Greatly Expand Limits on Who Can Own a Gun
House Dem Tries, Fails to Put Gun Control Law in Patriot Act
With Huckabee Out, Which GOP Presidential Hopefuls Benefit?
America's Secret Nuclear Test Revealed in Area 51
May 12
10,000 Pervasive Cameras Over Chicago Big Brother

Could Rupture of Aging Pipeline Ignite Nuclear Plant's Control Room? **
GAO Accuses Obama WH of Politics in Yucca Mountain Closure **
The Future of Nuclear Power in Japan and Across the Globe
Smith: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Fudge the Results
May 11
Navy Nixes Same-Sex Unions Plan **
Government: Congress Holds Absolute Power Over Consumers **
Pending Patent Bill Puts 'Global Harmonization' Above American Innovation **
Paywatch – Orange County Lifeguards Making $200k+
Ala. Nuclear Plant Cited for Serious Safety Issue
May 10
FCC Readies Cell Phone Emergency Alert System **
Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities **
Great Job on Bin Laden, Mr. President. Now, About Gas Prices, the Debt Ceiling, and Unemployment… **
Poll: Americans Want a 3rd Political Party **
Bombshell: U.S. Govt Questioned Obama Citizenship **
Navy Chaplains to Officiate Gay Marriages
May 9
A Volcano of Lies **
Newly Discovered Fault Puts Diablo Canyon High on List of Seismic Concerns **
Nuclear Agency Is Criticized as Too Close to Its Industry
Geopolitics & Terrorism – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9
2 **
May 8
The Sword and the Shield: Protecting America from Within **
The Filthy Rich **
May 6
Obama Has American Flag Removed from Ground Zero Site Moments Before Photo Shoot
Firearms Industry Numbers Reflect Record Pace of Gun Sales
Marxist Militia Being Trained Discovered in Arizona **
Property Rights Under Attack In NJ Re-zoning Land Grab
Plan to Divide and Conquer America at the New Madrid Fault **
Herman Cain Makes Splash at First 2012 GOP Debate
Herman Cain on Energy Independence
** 1
Linked: White House and 'Urban Terrorism'
ISSA to NRA News: Attorney General Should Have Known about ATF's Fast & Furious ** 4
May 5
As Disasters Roll on, Relief Agencies Need Help **
Ore. Train Derailment Sparks Huge Fire, Evacuations
WikiLeaks Founder: Facebook Is “Most Appalling Spying Machine Ever Invented”
May 4
Heat Waves Putting Pressure on Nuclear Power's Outmoded Cooling Technologies **
New U.S. Nuclear Reactors Close to Construction **
Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Preparation **
Texas Man First Inmate Killed with New Drug Cocktail
Parent Angry after 10-yr-old Daughter Given ‘Graphic Sex Book’ by School
May 3
Are We Gonna Get Our Rights Back?
Mass Arrests, Tear Gas, Sound Weapons Used Against WIU Students
** 2
May 1
Ted Nugent: Obama WH Is 'Mao Zedong Fan Club' **
The Obama Doctrine: Leading from Behind **
Trump and the Hunt for Red Obama
Top 10 Barack Obama Blunderings
Obama Gets Last Laugh at Trump's Expense **
Dearborn, Mich: America's First Sharia-Compliant Muslim Enclave?
Isn’t It Just a Little Bit Racist to Blame Racism for Everything?
FEMA Trailer Residents Face $800 Monthly Fine Starting Today
April 29
Socialism and the State
New US Security Appointments – Dangerous Separation of State and Military
Behar: ‘Illiterate’ Palin Returns ‘Like Jock Itch,’ Guest Accuses Palin of ‘Anti-Semitic Jokes’
Obama: Born to be Mild
He Talketh Like a Black Man
Obama Doctrine: Leading from Behind
Hate Speech Makes a Comeback **
The Broken Zipper
April 28
Fed Will Make Sure Obama Wins in 2012: Strategist **
Here Is the Problem with Obama's Birth Certificate **
San Jose to Lay Off 106 Police Officers
April 27
Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate **
States of Rebellion: How Legislators, Governors Nationwide Are Openly Challenging a Rogue President **
The Marxist in the Mirror **
The Sham of Our Government and the First Amendment - Sharia Has Come to America
Mass. House Votes to Limit Union Bargaining Rights
Donald Trump with Hannity – On Obama: He’s Killing this Country
Largest Detention Camp in World History Is Almost Complete **
April 26
Shock Poll: Only 38% Say Obama 'Definitely' Born in USA **
Former Obama Adviser Van Jones Helping to Push 'Human' Rights for Mother Nature **
BP Texas City Loses Power, Residents Warned
Colorado County Commissioners Nix Idea of Nuclear Power Plant
April 25
More Colo. Residents Preparing for Disasters **
People Moving into Colorado Faster Than State Creates Jobs for Them
April 23
Poll: Only 26% Think US Is on Right Track **
22% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction, Ties Lowest Level of Obama's Presidency
Is Obama Stoking Class Warfare?
** 2
FBI Calls Wyoming Sovereign Citizen Movement a 'Sensitive Subject' **
Minot AFB Shores Up Nuclear Missile Sites to Guard Against Snow Runoff
Violence in Another McDonalds Almost Kills Customer
** 4
April 21
Obama Skips Tornado Destruction, Heads West to Raise Money **
Will Ignorance Lead to a Second Term for the King of Fools?
Why Do 3 Supporters Own Obama's Home? **
Homeland Security Black Helicopters Seen In Drill Over Downtown Miami

Wake Up, Critics: Here’s Obama's Grand Plan **
Leaked: Obama Executive Order Intends to Implement Portions of DISCLOSE Act
Right to Life
April 20
Barack Obama's Arrogant Marxist Rhetoric **
Chemical Spill Forces Evacuation of Homes in Monument, Colo.
Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops
MI Township Rules Against American Flag
April 19
Obama Welcomes the 'Boss' of Terror Channel Al-Jazeera as 'Your Highness' **
Obama Preps for Declaration of Palestinian State **
April 18
American Voters Disapprove of Obama's Cabinet
Va. Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down After Storm
April 15
Kuhner: Our Demagogue in Chief **
Obama Disappointed With Lack of 'Cool' Phone in Oval Office
New Media Catches Obama Bribing the Fourth Estate **
Arizona Legislature OKs Presidential 'Birther' Bill
Obama Has a Dead Persons Social Security Number **
Pelosi's Influence Fades in House and Her Party **
Carol Cain: Prostitution, Pot Legalization Could Make Detroit Attractive, Fieger Says
CA Senate Bill Mandates Gay History in Schools
NY, San Diego No Longer Have White Majorities
Nuclear Neighbors: Population Soars Near US Reactors **
April 14
The Presidential Divider
Obama's Increasing Fed. Debt of $1,148/mo. Per Household – Enough to Buy a Car or Pay Tuition at State College
Republicans React to Obama’s Speech: ‘And I Missed Lunch for This?”
April 13
San Onofre Nuclear Plant Holds Mock Nuclear Disaster Drill **
The Collapse
Defeat Barack Obama Site Launched
April 12
FEMA Coffins Videotaped on I-35 Near Kansas City **
Mayoral Recall Drives Go Viral in Cities Across the U.S. **
Rasmussen: President Hits New Low 'Strongly Approve' -- 19%
TSA Still Groping Children ...and Drug Testing Them
April 10
Obama Fiddles While America Burns **
Top 10 Reasons Eric Holder Should Not Be Attorney General **
Cerebral Rectumitis
April 8
Budget Deal Done!
IRS Awards $4.5M to Whistleblower **
'Unusual Event' Declared at Wash. Nuclear Plant
How Safe Are Nuclear Power Plant in the U.S.?

Mystery Scars on Obama's Head Prompt Question – Has He Had Brain Surgery? **
Future Expansion of Drones Over U.S.
April 7
Will Ignorance Lead to a Second Obama Term? **
ACORN Pleads Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud
Donald Trump Conducting Investigation into Obama’s Birthplace
TSA Failed at Least 23 Times to Detect Terror Suspects as They Boarded Planes in U.S. **
April 5
When Government Turns Predator **
It's B-a-a-ck! Trans-Texas Corridor Rises from Dead **
How Long?
10 Reasons Obama is Just as Bad or Worse Than Bush
They're All in Bed Together: Girl Traces US Presidents' Family Tree, All Related But One

Sister of 9/11 Victim, Rep. King. Slam Holder
** 1
Many Schools Skipping the Pledge
** 2
State Requirements on Pledge of Allegiance in Schools **
NC Bill Threatens to Criminalize Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Herbalists, Midwives, Aromatherapists as Felons **
April 4
Fast and Furious' White House Gun Control **
Obama Flip-Flop: 9/11 Suspects to Face Gitmo Military Tribunal **
The Perils of a Birth Certificate **
Obama's Birth Certificate
Fukushima Forces Nuclear Regulators Into ‘Unprecedented’ Industry Review **
Japan Crisis Spurs Survival Planning by U.S. LDS **
April 3
Obama Wants Govt to Buy Up Yet More Lands **
Southwest Grounds 80 Planes after Mid-Air Fuselage Rupture
Earthquake Risk at TVA Nuclear Plants Upgraded **
Japan's Nuclear Crisis Reshapes Landscape for Indian Point's Relicensing
While Nuclear Waste Piles Up in US, Billions in Fund to Handle It Sit Unused **
April 1
U.S. Still Unprepared for Threats, 9-11 Panel Chiefs Say **
Sales of Doomsday Nuclear Bunkers Soar 1000% **
What the Patriot Act Does for You
Obama Theater: Now Playing – ‘My Dumb War with Libya’
Obama’s Stealth "Globull" Warming Adaption E.O. **
Only 33% Think Most Americans Blame Humans for Global Warming
Obama Humpty Dumpty
Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates Win No Love on Capitol Hill
Herman Cain: Media Scared A "Real Black Man" May Run against Obama
Kory Shore Crying for America
Colo. Civil Unions Bill Dies in House **
Colorado Springs Man's Claim to Have Obama Records Starts Buzz **
Republicans Grill DHS Officials on FOIA Delays **
28 Things Will Make You Think That There's Something Seriously Wrong **
March 30
Survey: Obama's Approval Rating at All-Time Low 42% **
69% Still Angry at Government's Current Policies
Only 16% Think Country Would Be Better Off If Most Incumbents in Congress Reelected **
Obama's Libyan Lies
S.C. Bill Would Further Loosen Gun Laws
EPA Air Chief Is CO2 Clueless
How to Talk with Women and Newbies about Prepping
Sen. Graham: Secure the Border First, Then ‘I’m More Than Willing to Give a Legal Status’ to Illegal Aliens
March 29
Conservatives: Obama's Libya Plan Bankrupting America with No Exit Strategy
'Obama Doctrine'? In Libya Decision, There Isn't One **
US Refuses to Rule Out Arming Libyan Rebels **
Obama Administration Under Mounting Pressure for Botched Gun Trafficking Investigation **
Donald Trump: I've Got My Birth Certificate, Where President Barack Obama's?
Young Girls Banned from Selling Girl Scout Cookies on Their Own Front Lawn
Evicting a President
March 27
Three Mile Island, Like Fukushima, Broke Spring's Promise **
Monday Is 32nd Anniv. of Three Mile Island
Where US Stores 345,000 Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods
Who is the Real Cowboy?
Wolf: Loudest Obamacare Cheerleader Wants Out **
Jack Cashill on Obama's Social Security Number Problem
Montana Store Offers Free Firearm with Satellite Dish
Herman Cain at CPAC
Atlas Shrugged Premiere Review
March 25
30% of U.S. Nuclear Plants Fail to Report Safety Defects **
Storage of Nuclear Waste Gets New Scrutiny **
ACLU: 'Communism is the Goal' **
Obama Sneaks Anti-Gun Laws Past Congress **
Concerns Grow in U.S. Over Nuclear Plants
Obama's 'Birth Hospital' Hides White House Letter
March 24
Japan Nuclear Crisis Revives Long U.S. Fight on Spent Fuel **
Earthquake Science Advances - Does Nuclear Safety Keep Up? **
Obama Faces Political Storm on 6-day-old Libyan Mission **
Pamphlet Instructs U.S. Military Leaders How to Handle Gay Kissing **
ISAF: Bringing Islamic Law... to U.S. Troops **
Wave of Anti-Abortion Bills Advance in the States
Massive Fire Breaks Out at Miami International Airport
March 23
Florida Judge OKs Use of Islamic Law Over State, Federal Statutes **
Gaffney Lambastes Florida Judge as 'Unfit' for Decision to Follow Shariah
Is There Nuclear Waste in Your State? **
Obama's Libya Strategy Explained
March 22
Obama Administration Announces Creation of Conservation Youth Corps of America **
Obama’s Worst Nightmare: 3 Simultaneous Wars **
FBI Center Takes on $1 Billion ID Project **
Everything You Need to Know about the Most Recent Gun-Control Debate
Media Ignore Anti-Obama Protests in Brazil, Report Him Playing Soccer
Parents Hot Over Florida Teacher's Sexual Tension Quiz
March 21
Only 9% Believe Obama Has Documented Eligibility **
Obama in Exile **
Canada Blasts Plans for U.S. Border-Crossing Fee **
School in Philadelphia Teaches Brotherly 'Jihad'
March 20
Disturbing Similarities Between the Fall of Rome and Today's America **
"Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?" Farrakhan Blasts Obama for Calling Qaddafi to Step Down

Rudy Giuliani: "Hillary Would Have Been Better" **
When Will Our Government Serve Our Needs?
FOIA Eyes Only: How Buried Statutes Are Keeping Information Secret **
How to Quake-Proof Your Home – interactive
The Sky is Falling
March 18
Indian Point Ranked Highest Quake Risk in US
Pickering Nuke Plant Reports Water Leak
What If Disaster Struck the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant? **
Top 10 U.S. Nuclear Plants Facing Highest Quake Risk
US is Just 5 Days Away from Crisis **
Where the Elites Will Go When TSHTF
Amid Crises, Obama to Take Trip to Latin America
Sen. Rubio Questions Obama's "Puzzling Inaction" Over Libya
** 2
Obama Couldn’t Care Less: The President Parties While World Burns
Obama: Weakest President in History?
Obama's First Two Years a Disaster for America
Obama Reflects on His Vacation, Er, Presidency
New Proposal to Wiretap Suspected Infringers Raises Privacy Concerns
Dem Rep Wants to Make Bullying a Federal Offense
March 17
US Nuclear Plants Located Near Geologic Faults **
US Nuke Plants Ranked by Quake Risk **
Gov. Cuomo: It's Too Risky to Keep Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Open
Obama’s ‘Openness’ a Transparent Lie
What Would a Desperate Wimp Do?
March 16
Reducing America’s Reliance on Foreign Oil
WH Insider: "Something Was Not Right with This President" **
Trump: For Obama to be Playing Golf at This Time Is ‘Totally Inappropriate **’
The 'Untouchable' $23.6 Billion ObamaCare Fallacy
Can the Law Treat a Blogger Differently Than a Print Journalist?
March 15
Crisis at Japanese Nuke Complex Prompts Calls for US Review
Obama, Wright, Farrakhan and Gaddafi
Just Warm Enough for Golf, Obama Back on the Course
Rasmussen: Obama Strong Approval: -22
'Seal My Lips': No New Census
March 14
In Op-Ed, Pres. Obama Advocates for ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control **
Dana Perino: It's Interesting How Obama Says Things That Are So Quickly Proven False

Jury Says Blogger Has to Pay for His Words Even Though He Did Not Lie
Uncanny 1958 Prediction Coming True; America's Destruction from Inside

March 10
Wisconsin Votes to Strip Union Rights **
White House Stands by NPR: "A Worthwhile and Important Priority"
5 Ways DHS Violates the Constitution with Website Domain Seizures
82% of Schools Could Fail under No Child Left Behind **
Former Bush EPA Official Says Fracking Exemption Went Too Far; Congress Should Revisit
Obama Born In Hawaii, Because He Says So
Americans See US on Wrong Track: Reuters/Ipsos Poll **
Gun-Rights Advocates Target Two Objectives This Week
March 9
Dems Admit to Cooking the Books **
More States Use Purchasing Power to 'Buy American,' Create Jobs **
Report: Too Many Whites, Men Leading Military **
Why Do America's Police Need an Armored Tank?
Herman Cain on 2012: We've Got to Get This Country Back on Track

Obama Mimics Bush: Libyan Intervention Ahead
Vicious Assault Shakes Texas Town
Hacker Group Vows 'Cyberwar' on US Government, Business
March 8
Texas Lawmakers Look to Limit TSA Scans, Pat-Downs **
March 7
Hearings on Muslim Radicalization
Crowd in New York Rallies Against
White House Promotes Muslim Help Against Terrorism
The Powers of This President **
Bachmann: Dems Hid $105 Billion in Obamacare **
Michele Bachmann: Actions Taken by Obama Administration Are “Thoroughly Corrupt”
On, Wisconsin!
Texas Nationalist Group Rallies for Secession **
Towering Illusions
Freedom Fest 2011 – Press Conference
Motorists Illegally Detained at Florida Tolls for Using Large Bills
Protester to Tea Partier: “Why Do You Have a Right to Your Money”

Homeland Security Delays Launch of 'Real ID' – Again
March 6
Romney Calls for 'a New President' **
Romney's Prescription for ‘Obamacare’: Repeal It **
Utah to Washington: This Land Is My Land!
March 4
Wisconsin Workers Brace for Layoffs **
How Do We Check Runaway National Power? **
Will Statue of Liberty be Fitted with Muslim Burkha?
March 3
1st Call for Impeachment by Member of Congress
Obama Says Race a Key Component in Tea Party Protests
Colorado State House Passes Constitutional Carry 40 to 25
Constitutional Carry Now the Law In Wyoming
Illinois Officials Spar over Order to Make List of Gun Owners Public **
TSA's Proposal to Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers
Conservative Email Service by Reagan.com
March 2
2 US Airmen Killed in Airport Attack
Rhode Island Teachers to Rally in Protest Over Mass Pink Slips
Ohio Bill Would Ban Worker Strikes, Punish Walkout
Tenn. Bill Would Make Following Shariah a Felony
America's 51st State: Baja Arizona?
Larry Taylor Post - March 2
Ron Paul and Secretary Clinton Spar Over US Support for Mideast Strongmen
Army's New Fitness Tests Add Taste of Battlefield
March 1
Leaked Documents Show Army’s Bold Plan to Acquire 10,000 Sq. Mi. of Colorado
US Lawmakers Move Against Aircraft Laser Pointers
‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Has Not Been Repealed?
Pictures Show How US Experimented on Disabled Citizens, Prison Inmates
February 28
Proof the Government Is Preparing for a Catastrophe
Obama to be Tried by Muslims 'When They Take Over US?'
Report: Obama Quietly Appoints Muslim Brotherhood to Key Posts
Farrakhan: Mideast Uprisings will Come to US
Politicians Slash Budget of Watchdog Agencies
Obama Picks Openly Gay Man as Social Secretary
February 27
Court Case Warns EPA Could 'Own' Your Land! **
Mob Robbers and Rampant Looting: Is This the Future of America?
DNA "Genetic Patdown" Introduced to Airports by DHS
The Ulsterman Report: Obama’s Communist Love Story **
Texas Demographer: 'It's Basically Over for Anglos'
Defense Secretary Warns Against Fighting More Ground Wars
February 25
Rubicon: A river in Wisconsin **
The New Uncivil War
Groups Officially Begin Recall Process for 7 WI Lawmakers **
Obama Completes His Trifecta
Girl Scouts Feared Jail for Selling Cookies, Leaders Say **
New Google Algorithm is Live: News Aggregators Will Be Punished **
Active ‘Patriot’ Groups in the US
House Votes to Put Anti-gun ObamaCare and ATF on Chopping Block **
Radicals Bringing Campaign for Shariah to WH **
Chris Wallace to Obama on Libya: Stop Saying ‘Unacceptable’ If You’re Not Going to Do Anything
The Glenn Beck Secret - Alex Jones
February 24
Obama's Mystery Links to Gadhafi Uncovered
Wis. Assembly Agrees to End Union Bill Debate
Obama Sitting Out State Fights with Unions
Will TSA Unionization Jeopardize Air Safety?
WH: Obama Still 'Grappling' with Gay Marriage
Supreme Court Refuses Appeal about 10 Commandments Displays
Gov't Orders Tobacco Companies to Run Ads Criticizing Themselves
Army Wants Rapid-Fire Rubber Bullets for Crowd Control **
US Concerned about Security for Mustard Gas, Chemicals
Elderly 'Teabaggers' Not Dying 'Fast Enough' Laments Libtalker Mike Papantonio
Anti-government Extremist Groups on Rise in US: Study **
February 23
Ahmadinejad: Anti-government Upheaval will Reach Europe, US **
What's So Urgent That FEMA's Spending a Billion Dollars on Survival **
Polic Captain Investigated for Refusing to Order Officers’ Attendance at Mosque Event
New Monopoly Features a Computer Tower Monitoring Every Move
February 22
4 Americans Abducted by Somali Pirates Have Been Killed **
TX Gun Buybacks to Have a Second Shot
February 20
High Winds Topple National Christmas Tree Behind the White House **
Muslim Cleric Plans White House Protest in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law in America **
Obama Double Standard: Family Goes Skiing Just Days after Telling Americans to Sacrifice Their Own Holidays
War Hero Heckled and Jeered at Obama's Almamater
Government Worker Unions: The Long Good-bye **
The View from Wisconsin: 'Our Political Process Has been Stopped by a Mob'
Gov. Scott Walker: We Don't Have Any More Money

Police Detain Union Operative after He Attempts to Disable Tea Party Sound System at Rally
Tea Partiers Strike Back in Madison **
Herman Cain Rallies Tea Party in Madison

Unknown Illness Takes Life of LSU's Beloved Gulf Coast Scientist
February 18
Amendments Passed to Eliminate Obama Czars and Defund FCC Net Neutrality Rules **
Stunner! Supremes to Give Eligibility Case Another Look **
Obama's Economics of Deception
The Doomed President
Wis. Dems Flee to Avoid Anti-Union Vote; Other States Eye Similar Measures
Wis. Senate GOP Asks Gov to Use Police to Summon Top Dem Leader
Bill Introduced to Repeal Incandescent Light Bulb Ban **
Duty, Honor, Country: Betrayal
Forget Gold: Why Investors Are Targeting Guns
U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’ **
Righthaven Appeals Loss of "Fair-use" Ruling, Settles with Drudge **
The Real Choice: Individual Liberty vs Government Control **
NRC Censors Flub Opportunity to Move Yucca Debate Forward
Ala. Man Accused of Poisoning Auburn Trees

February 17
Experts: Chris Christie's Moment Is Now
Possible Fuel Rod Hazard Seen at Some Nuclear Plants **
NORAD Conducts Exercise over Central Canada to Test Response Capability
Florida Scraps Obama’s High-Speed Rail Plan **
Obama's Innovation Push: Has US Really Fallen Off the Cutting Edge?
Hawaii OKs Same-Sex Civil Unions
Quick Facts: FEMA, Secret US Government
February 16
Argentina Holds Confiscated US Air Force Cargo
Wisc. National Guard Preps for Worker Unrest after Gov. Unveils Emergency Budget
IA Town Seeks $200 Million in State Flood Aid; “Survival of City” at Stake
'America's Toughest Sheriff' Arpaio Considering Senate Run in AZ
US Veterans Sue Pentagon 'after They Were Raped and Sexually Abused by Comrades'
February 15
House Votes to Extend Key Patriot Act Provisions **
Corruption at Highest Levels Continue, Obama Takes His Turn in Preventing Settlements
Integrity or a Missing Birth Certificate **
10 Tips to Simplify or Survive During Hard Times
Texas Grid Operator Faces Questions Over Blackouts
February 14
GOP Warns: "We're Broke" as Obama Sends Congress $3.73 Trillion Spending Plan
Hamas Chief Declares: US Empire Will Fall
February 13
Texas Rep. Ron Paul Captures TWT/CPAC Presidential Straw Poll **
Air Force Jet Drops Bombs; Witnesses Rattled and Surprised
US Lawmaker Unveils Internet, Finance Privacy Bills
Decker: Obama’s Fake Christianity?
Landmark Meeting of Chemtrail Activists and Local EPA
February 11
Gas Explosion Rocks Ohio Countryside
New Drilling Method Opens Vast Oil Fields in US **
China Gains Chokehold Over US Defense **
Obama Signature Advances North American Union **
28 Govs. Request Fast Review of Health Law Suits **
Obama Admin. Corrects Clapper's Claim That Muslim Brotherhood Is 'Secular'
13 States Ask for Federal Help on Execution Drug Shortage
1 in 3 Utah Women will be Sexually Assaulted in Their Lifetime
WH Insider: Michelle Obama is Flat Out Lying
February 10
Survey: 16% of Veterans Homeless **
Lawmakers Warn Not to Cut Funds for Military Morale Programs
1 Dead, 5 Missing in Pa. Gas Blast
Obama Must Go
How the Spill Has Affected the People of the Gulf

FEMA Comes to NM after Gas Shortage
Can American Values Radicalize Muslims Both Here and Abroad?
WikiLeaks: Cuba Expected to Survive Recession
February 9
House Defeats Bill Extending Patriot Act Provisions until December **
Mont. Lawmaker Wants to Create Official State Militia
February 8
Obama Seeks $53 Billion to Fund Bailed out GE for High-Speed Rail
First-Ever Presidential Alert to Air across Emergency System
New Website to Open Spy Agency to Public: CIA
Peter Schiff - Prepare or Die Pt 1, Pt 2

Snopes Heavily Financed by George Soros
February 7
DHS Seizes Websites for Merely Linking to Copyrighted Material **
AOL-Huffpo Merger Gives Liberal Media a Huge, New Platform
We Need Another Reagan
February 6
US Lawmakers Clash on Patriot Act Measures
James Simpson: Which Side Is Obama on: America or its Islamic Enemies?
WikiLeaks: MI6 Warns of New Suicide Bomb Wave **
Obama Administration Found in Contempt of Court, Media Silent
WikiLeaks: US and China in Military Standoff Over Space Missiles
February 4
New Mexico Out of Natural Gas Indefinitely **
...Run on Water Seen in Local Stores
Shivering Mexico Cancels Offer to Send Electricity to Texas
Do We Want Obama to "Reorganize the Federal Government"?
White House, Egypt Discuss Plan for Mubarak’s Exit
WH Insider: Obama is Clueless. Totally Clueless
Why Obama Has to Get Egypt Right
WikiLeaks: Ransom for Canadian Diplomats Strengthened al-Qaida **
February 3
Obama Stands by Muslim Brotherhood Endorsement **
Egypt Now Fears Obama a 'Manchurian President'
Student Punished Over Ziploc Bag as Eco Fascists Move to Further Control Society
February 2
WikiLeaks: 'al-Qaida on Brink of Using Nuke Bomb'
WikiLeaks: Tension in Middle East, Asia Has 'Direct Potential' to Lead to Nuclear War
WikiLeaks: 9/11 Commission Report Hinted at Network of US 'Accomplices'
WikiLeaks: FBI Hunts the 9/11 Gang That Got Away
February 1
Judge Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional **
Illinois Gov. Signs Historic Bill Legalizing Civil Unions for Gay, Lesbian Couples **
US Seeks Formula for Regime's Exit
Kill Switch: Obama Administration Fears Egypt-Style Revolt in US
Obama's Dangerous Game in Egypt
January 31
Syrian President Claims Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt Suffering for Connection with US, Israel
Cairo: Anger Starting to Focus on Israel, US **
Nugent: Do Nothing, Get Nothing
January 30
TSA Shuts Door on Private Airport Screening Program **
Obama Will Go Down in History as the President Who Lost Egypt **
The Old Obama in New Clothing
January 28
The Tipping Point Has Passed: Sweeping Change Is at Hand **
America after the Economy Collapses?
FBI Misconduct Reveals Sex, Lies and Videotape **
Is Obama Up to a New State of the Union?
Cavuto: We're Losing Our Country

Andrew Klavan: Highway to Hell, Leftist Remix Edition

It Is Happening Here in America as You Read This!
America Needs Community, Not Collectivism
January 27
Dugway Base Reopens after Missing Nerve Agent Vial Located
Journalist Backs Off Obama Birth Doc Claim
January 26
For Obama and the GOP, a Night of Dueling Messages
SOTU Sets Big Objectives, Lacks Leadership on Debt **
Paul Ryan Warns of Economic 'Moment of Reckoning'
Tea Party State of the Union Response
Fact-checking Obama's SOTU
Obama will 'Have to Produce Birth Certificate' to Run Again **
Map of Your Neighborhood Felons
January 25
Authorities Fear 'War on Cops' After 11 Officers Shot **
Judge Scraps Ban on Online Ammo Sales **
Hawaii Official Now Swears: No Obama Birth Certificate **
The One Thing You Won't See on TV at the State of the Union
January 24
The Empire and the Boiling Frog **
Obama 2.O: The First Big Lie
Cooking the Gun Homicide Numbers at the NYT
Homefront Trailer
Homefront Occupation Trailer
– graphic new video game portraying America's coming occupation
January 23
Wounded Marine, 1st Lt. McClary, ‘Too Evangelical’ for AFA Prayer Luncheon **
January 21
US Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void **
January 20
FBI Rounds Up 100 Mobsters in Biggest Mafia Bust in New York History **
Obama Signs New EO; Congress Officially Irrelevant **
Judge OKs 'Flag of Islam on American Soil' **
PLO Raises Flag over Washington DC **
The Witch Hunt Begins: Citizen Spy Network Targets Political Speech, Gun Owners

Michael Moore: People Own Guns Because They’re Racist


January 19
Wary Powers, China and US, Set to Square Off **
US, China in New Nuke Security Deal
Hawaii Governor Can’t Find Obama’s Birth Certificate **
Tucson Video Shows Judge Saving Other Victim **
Utah City May Use Blimp as Anti-Crime Spy in the Sky
January 18
It’s Hard to Watch Your Country Die **
Auto Union Wants to Organize Non-Big-Three Plants
Economy Causes U.S.-China Strain
What's at Stake in US-China Summit? Pretty Much Everything **
Palin: 'I Am Not Going to Shut Up'
On Gun Control and Violence
Catholic Church Firmly, Quietly Opposes Firearms for Civilians
January 16
Reactionary Gun Laws Being Proposed in SC after Tucson Shooting
Obama Admin's New Proposed Gun Reg. Met with Bipartisan Dissent
Gun Control after Arizona: Will NRA Block a High-Ammo Clip Ban?
Military Widow Asked to Repay Benefits
Bill Maher Heckled by 'Tonight Show' Crowd for Saying Conservatives Want to Kill People They Disagree With

In Rare Moment of Honesty, Gov't. Warns People to Prepare
Ready.gov Info. 'Generic, Incorrect Throughout the Site, Inadequate' **
Houston Stops Homeless Outreach
January 14
Congress Quietly Prepares to Renew Patriot Act
Attempt by Obama Operatives to Turn Memorial into Political Rally Backfires
Will Dems Use Rampage Backlash in Bid to Kill Talk Radio? **
Gallup: Conservatives Blameless for Ariz. Shootings
So You Still Doubt FEMA Camps? OK… **
January 13
'Like Watching a Miracle': Giffords Opens an Eye **
Branding the Tucson Massacre: “Together We Thrive” in White and Blue
Was That a Memorial Service a or a Pep Rally?
Guns Are Not the Problem, and Gun Control Is Not the Answer
Glock: America's Gun
Dr. Ruth to be Named Honorary Secretary of Love & Relationships
Obama’s Disgusting Disparity – Fort Hood vs Tucson **
Hillary Clinton’s Dangerous Bout of Moral Equivalency
The Media Has Declared... WAR!
Portents of a Collapsed Society
January 12
Innocents Betrayed: The History of Gun Control Pt 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Glock Pistol Sales Surge in Aftermath of Arizona Shootings **
Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have
January 11
Arizona Unites Against Funeral Protest
Jared Loughner Appears in Court; Gabrielle Giffords Gives ‘Thumbs-Up‘ to Doctors
More Leftist Violence Exposes Dangers of Gun Free Zones
Politicizing the Arizona Tragedy: Changes in the Senate?
What Mainstream Media Isn't Saying about the Giffords' Shooting
Assange: We're Stepping Up Release of Leaked Docs
Recruited by DHS, Author Meltzer, 'Horrified' at How Easy US Is to Attack **
Gates: NKorea will Pose Direct Threat to US **
January 10
Alleged Tuscon Loughner Shooter May Have Been a Devil Worshiper **
Political Vultures: The Sick Art of Turning Insanity into Politics
Explaining the Acts of Madmen...
Violence and Politics Merge
Journalists Who Urged ‘Caution’ after Ft. Hood Shootings Now Race to Blame Palin
Meet Daniel Hernandez, the Intern Who Likely Saved Gabrielle Giffords’ Life
Tucson Mourns Deadly Shooting
Dem Planning Bill That Would Outlaw Threatening Lawmakers
And So It Begins… Carolyn McCarthy Prepares Gun Control Bill
ATF Plans Gun Registration in Border States
All of this: In just the FIRST week of 2011
January 9
Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot
Brother Archangel's Predictions about the "Tucson Shooting", Aftermath
Rep. Giffords Critical after Being Shot in the Head; 6 Dead,12 More Shot **
Nuke Facilities Lack Emergency Preparedness, Report
Leak Shuts Alaska Pipeline
Why Americans Are So Angry **
Chilling: 41% of NYC Babies Aborted
American Woman Jailed in Iran is Free
January 7
Ron and Rand Paul: Gov't Is Bankrupt **
Constitutionalism **
January 6
Missile Seen Off Texas Coast Jan. 2?

Iran 'Arrests' US Woman on Spy Charges
January 5
Tom & Nita Horn's Home Burns to the Ground – Everything Lost
Calif. Supreme Court Approves Warrantless Data Seizures by Police
Minnesota under Attack from Sharia Law **
For Fans of 70's Music, Sad Note: 'Baker Street' Singer Gerry Rafferty Dead at 63
Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
January 4
Drilling Stalls Even after Ban Is Lifted **
New Laws Govern Guns, Web, Banks **
Senate anti-Gun Advocates Seek Rules Changes **
Pro-Union Poster Display Required by All Private Businesses – Federal Law Soon
Who Will Protect the People from the Unions?
Can You Hear Me Now?
7 Mass. High School Teachers Hold Assembly Telling Students How They "Came Out" as Homosexuals – Encouraging Students to Do Same
US Marshals Threaten Violence Against Human Rights Defender
Ghost of Kyoto: Government Control by Any Means
Globalists Say It’s Their Time
January 3
GOP to Scrutinize Obama's Feats
GOP Newcomers Set Out to Undo ObamaCare
House GOP Plans Two-Pronged Assault on Health Law
Funding Fight Looms over Newly Passed S510 Food-Safety Legislation
January 2
Socialized America: Gluttonous Hogs Suckling at the Teat of Government
Issa: Obama Administration 'One of Most Corrupt in Modern Times' **
Ronald Reagan Had It Right - Bring Back Project Socrates
Will Durst’s Predictions for the Year 2011 – humor
2010's Lost Stars – pics
Joel Skousen: Geopolitics, War & the NWO Pt 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 **
Rape Rampant in US Military