Dec 30
Nuclear Threats in the Mideast
IDF Chief: Nuclear Iran a Threat to Entire Region, Not Just to Israel
Strait of Hormuz Standoff: Iran Films US Aircraft Carrier
US Missile Sub Departs for Persian Gulf
US Aircraft Carrier Filmed by Iran in Strait of Hormuz Standoff
Iran Adept at Chipping Away at Bigger Enemies, Analysts Say
Secret Network in Northern Ireland Prepares for WW3
Fire in a Russian Nuclear Submarine, 9 Injured
Syrians Stage Mass Anti-Assad Protests Across Country

Syrian Security Forces Resort to Nail Bombs Facing Huge Protests
Civilians in Syria Face Fight for Supplies
Military Buildup Worldwide: The Globalization of War 2
Analysts: Expect Attack from Chinese Military
China's Rare Earth Quotas May Have Broader Impact Than You Think
Dec 29
Syrian Forces Kill Civilians after Opening Fire on Protesters
Middle East / Outrageous, Iinspired, Inevitable
Middle East Revolution Has Only Just Begun
War Imminent in Straits of Hormuz? $200 a Barrel Oil?
Iran Raises anti-US Threat Level. Israel's C-of-S Warns of Potential for Regional War
Iran Official: U.S. Cannot Stop Us from Cutting Off World Oil
U.S. Warns Iran Over Key Oil Route – U.S. Aircraft Carrier Has Entered Zone
Professors' Proposed Calendar Synchronizes Dates with Days
Dec 28
Top 12 Threats to Watch in 2012
Islamic Awakening Is A Political Earthquake for the West
Syria Frees 755 Prisoners Detained in Crackdown
Daniel Craig: Pols are 'Sh**heads'
Dec 27
'Anonymous' Plans for 'Violent Revolution'
Anonymous: Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution
Iran: We Will Cut Oil Flow If West Imposes Economic Sanctions
20,000 Syrians Protest as Arab League Monitors Homs
Official: Iran Stands Ready to Expand Defensive Ties with Iraq
Iraq: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Screwed?
Dec 23
Sunni Fighters Launch War of Terror in Damascus and Baghdad
Saudi King Calls for Arab Super State
Iran Navy to Hold 10-Day War Games in Persian Gulf
Wave of Attacks Kills Dozens in Iraq
Witnesses Claim 200+ Killed in Syria – Citizens Being "Mowed Down"
** 2
Baghdad Explosions Kill at Least 60 People
Report: Hamas Moves to Join PLO
Outgoing Medvedev Proposes Sweeping Political Reforms
Patriot Missiles Uncovered on Ship in Finland
Dec 21
Top US General: Iran's Dangerous Game Could Draw Mid East and US into Conflict
Panetta: Iran Will Not Be Allowed Nukes
Syrian Military Holds Live-fire Exercises Killing at Least 100 People
** 1
Assad Losing Control as 10,000 Soldiers Desert Syrian Military
Russians Put New “Satan” Nuke into Play
Mexico Mayan Region Launches Apocalypse Countdown
Dec 20
Europe's Islamic Future
Panetta: Iran Can Assemble Bomb in Year or Less
The Dirty Little Secret about NKorea
U.S. Official: NKorea Leader Died Just as Deal Was Struck to Halt Nuclear Program
NKorea: The Most Bizarre Country on Earth Is Now Even More Unstable
Will North Korea Destroy the World?
Kim Jong Il's Dark Legacy
Syria: The Forgotten Revolution
A Severe Decrease in Oil Supply Could Devastate the World Population 
Dec 19
Kim Jong-il Dead
NKorea Tells Country to Rally Behind the ‘Great Successor’
His People Were Not So Dear
SKorean News Reports NKorea Conducts Missile Test Hours after Announcing Death of Leader
Pyongyang Poser: Nix Nukes for Fast Food?
Egypt's Gas Pipeline to Israel Bombed for 10th Time
Israel, U.S. ‘Determined’ to Halt Tehran’s Nuclear Drive: Barak
Iran: We Delayed News of Drone Capture to Test U.S. Reaction
It's Getting Very Hot
Middle East Female Protesters Brutally Beaten and Dragged Through Streets by Their Hair
200+ Asylum Seekers Feared Dead When Boat Overturns
Dec 16
Syria Deploys Russian Anti-Sea Missiles on Coast, Scuds on Turkish Border
The Syria Crisis: Assessing Foreign Intervention
Israeli Officials Say Syria’s Bashar al-Assad Is Doomed
U.S. Worried Iran ion Verge of Underground Nuclear Enrichment
Iran Reports All Its Nuke Installations Now Underground
Iran Uranium to Go into Nuclear Plant Mid-February
Russia Seizes Radioactive Objects from Flight to Iran
How Iran Hacked Super-secret CIA Stealth Drone
Dec 14
Iran Threatens to Block Key Oil Route
EU Report to Back Construction of 40 New Nuclear Power Plants by 2030
Sarkozy: We Need Britain, But There Are Now '2 Europes'
UN Says Nearly 5,000 Dead in Syria as Activists Fear Assad Massacre
US Troops Surround Syria on the Eve of Invasion?
Dec 12
Nuclear Knowhow, S300 Are Iran's Price for Russian, Chinese Access to US Drone
Iran Says It Will Not Return Drone
Bolton: Russia May Have Helped Iran Down Spy Drone
Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border
Battles Spread Across Syria, Regional Conflagration Feared
Iran to Practice Strait of Hormuz Closure While Unlocking US Drone Secrets
Syrian Opposition: Deadline Nears for Homs Residents to Stop Dissent or Face Attack
Iran Renews Threat to Attack Turkey
‘Small Countries Join EU, Big Countries Bargain’
Japan is Dying
Dec 9
Risk of Israel, US Strike on Iran Has Tripled
Fear, Speculation in Iran
Russia, China Asked to Inspect Downed US Drone
Drones' Goal Is to Curb Iran's Nuclear Weapons
Putin Harks Back to Cold War of 20 Years Ago
Blames US for Post-Election Protests
Outspoken Cleric Guides Arabs on Revolution
Karzai Afghan "President for Life?" Bad for Democracy, Good for Pipelines
Dec 7
A New Cold War in Asia? Obama Threatens China
China's Hu Urges Navy to Prepare for Combat
Putin Files for Presidential Bid
Hundreds of anti-Putin Protesters Arrested
New Arms Race Looms Between Russia and America
Towards the New Cold War. "NWO to be Built on the Wreckage of Russia"
US Diplomatic Bid to Defuse Syrian Trigger for Regional War
Dec 6
Afghan Police Say Almost 50 Killed in Two Separate, Rare Bombings on Shiites
NKorea Making Missile Able to Hit U.S.
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Prepare for War
Has the War with Iran Already Begun?
Warning From a Chinese Professor
Iran Could be Nuclear in 1 Year
Clinton to Meet with Syrian Opposition Leaders
Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah Makes Rare Appearance
Dec 5
Political Islam Poised to Dominate the World
Least Corrupt Place: New Zealand. Worst: Somalia, NKorea
25 Die in Syria, as Defectors Battle Regime Forces
Syria on High Alert
 VOW 2
Dec 2
UN: Syria Now in Civil War with 4,000 Dead
Egypt's Parliament Isn't Muslim Brotherhood's First Win This Year
Brown Accused MoD Over Radiation on Scotland Beach
Dec 1
Furious at Latest U.S. Attack, Pakistan Shuts Down Resupply Routes to Afghanistan “Permanently”
Mideast Chaos Reigns Supreme As Peace Talks Continue to Stall
NKorea Supplying Syria, Iran with Prohibited Nuclear Tech, Report
Russia Ramps Up Its Opposition to the West
Georgetown Students Shed Light on China’s Tunnel System for Nuclear Weapons
Nov 30
Russia Arms Cuba Amid Rising Tension With U.S.
The Gathering Storm
** 2
How International Oil Companies Have Thwarted Canadian Energy Independence
UK Strike: Millions of Parents Forced to Stay Home as Majority of Schools Close and Routine Surgery Is Cancelled
65% Want to End Aid to Pakistan
Nov 29
Iranian Protesters Storm UK Compound in Tehran **
UK Outraged
Untouchable: Subject of Iran and Nukes
Sat Images Show Iranian Missile Base Destroyed **
Who’s Blowing Up Iran?
Russia to Send Warships to Syria in 2012
Turkey Raises Option of Syria Military Intervention
US and Pakistan Enter the Danger Zone
How to Lose in Afghanistan
Middle East: Crisis, What Crisis?
Is a Nuclear War with China Possible? **
Nov 28
Enraged Pakistanis Burn Obama Effigy, Slam U.S.
The Russian Bear Is Back, the Soviet Union Is Being Revived and the Cold War Is Not Over **
Iran to Hit Turkey If Nuclear Program Targeted by Israel, U.S.
Arab Sanctions Find Syria's 7 Neighbors on Alert. Russian Missiles for Assad
Nov 25
US Government Urges American Citizens to Leave Syria as US Aircraft Carrier Approaches
Reports: Russian Ships in Syrian Waters Delivered Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missile System, Technicians
With Strike Capability, Russia Threatens US about Missile-Defense Plan in Europe **
Nov 23
Tantawi: Presidential Elections Next June, Muslim Brothers in Government
France and Russia Deepen Nuclear Cooperation
Nov 22
Russian Warships off Syria, US Carriers Near Iran **
Russian Air Force to Get 90 Aircraft in 2012 **
Joseph Stalin Appearing on Campaign Posters in Russia
Israeli Strike on Iran will 'Jam, Blind, Deafen' Defenses **
Iran Begs Israel to Attack and Be Buried
Egyptians Vow Another Million-Man Rally
Egyptian Cabinet Resigns
Goodbye, UNESCO
Nov 21
Documents Suggest Pakistan Spread Nuclear Weapon Technology **
US, UK, Canada to Announce New Sanctions on Iran **
Bolton: New Round of Sanctions on Iran Pointless
** 3
Israel: 'Time Has Come' to Act on Iran
Mousavian: The West Is Pushing Iran in the Wrong Direction **
Egypt: at Least 35 Dead in Tahrir Square Clashes **
What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East **
Jordan's Abdullah in Ramallah for Talks on Syria, Hamas, Israel-Palestinian Issue **
Report: Hezbollah Captures U.S. Spies in Lebanon, Iran **
Russian Response to NATO Missile Defense to be 'Reasonable' – Medvedev **
Nov 18
Israel May Target Iran Civilian Infrastructure as Part of Military Strike **
U.S. Defense Secretary: Iran Strike Will Hurt World Economy
Top Russian General: NATO Expansion Raises Danger of Nuclear Conflict **
Report: Russia Warships to eNter Syria Waters in Bid to Stem Foreign Intervention
Suspicion in Iran That Stuxnet Caused Revolutionary Guards Base Explosions
Nov 17
Barak: Iran Is Testing Uranium- and Plutonium-Based Bombs – Not Tactical Arms **
Iran Expert: U.S. Elections Increase Likelihood of Israeli Strike **
Airstrike Against Iranian Nuclear Facilities Could Kill 100s of North Koreans and Russians **
Danger of Trafficked Nuclear, Radiological Materials Lingers: Experts **
Russia Rises, Europe Responds **
Nov 16
Iran's Nuclear Armageddon **
NKorea Helping Iran with Nuke Program
Syrian Army Deserters Strike First Big Security Facility at Heart of Assad Regime **
Eurozone Crisis: Merkel Willing to Cede German Sovereignty to EU **
Nov 15
France Objects to Strike on Iran; Would Drag World into 'Uncontrollable Spiral' **
Iranian Students Form Human Shield Near Nuke Site Amid Fears of Israeli Attack – Protesters Chant 'Death to Israel', 'Death to America' **
Trilateral Commission Influence in the Eurozone **
Nov 14
Mid-East War Fears after Iranian Base Blasts, Syria's Arab League Suspension **
Syrian FM: Suspension Illegitimate
Netanyahu: Iran Closer to Bomb Than Assumed **
Israel Hails Deadly Blast at Iranian Guards **
US Blog: Mossad Behind Iran Blast **
Obama Doesn’t Rule Out Military Option **
Socializing Losses: Trilateral Takeover of Europe? **
Nov 12
United Russia to Nominate Putin for President
Nuke Agency Reports Unusual Radiation in Europe **
Iran on Nuclear Threshold **
Santorum Raises Possibility of Iran Strikes **
Explosion at Iran's Weapons Depot Kills 27 at Military Base **
World's New 7 Wonders of Nature

Nov 8
How the US and Israel Let Iran Get Nuclear Arms Capability **
IAEA Says Foreign Expertise Brought Iran to Threshold of Nuclear Capability **
Russian Scientist May be Key to Iranian Nuclear Weapons **
Think Tank: World in Greater Danger of Nuclear War – Pakistan’s Nukes Getting More Dangerous **
Why Iran's Top Leaders Believe That the End of Days Has Come **
The Catholic Church’s One-World Government **
Nov 7
Coming World War – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3
Nov 4
Proof of the Coming Merger of Canada, Mexico and USA **
'15,000 Strong' Army Gathers to Take on Syria **
Iran Attack 'Drawn Up by UK and US' as Middle East Tensions Rise
Thousands of Iranians Protest Against Israel, US **
Nasrallah: Hizballah Can Fight Israel Without Aid from Iran or Syria **
China Mine Disaster: Dozens Trapped by 'Rock Burst'
Nov 3
Syria Unrest: Tanks 'Open Fire' in Homs **
India to Deploy Nearly 100,000 Soldiers Along China Border **
China-Iran Missile Sales **
Backgrounder on Iran's Nuke Program
Brazil's Desire for Superpower Status **
The Illuminati Mentality **
Pirates Seize Oil Tanker, Kidnap Crew Near Nigeria **
Nov 1
1-World Plot Thickens: U.S. Money Faces Swap for Global Currency **
New Suspected Nuclear Complex Exposed in Syria **
Man Publicly Beheaded in a Saudi Arabian Car Park for Being a 'Sorcerer' **
Israel Warns West: Window of Opportunity to Thwart Iran Nuclear Program Is Closing **
Oct 31
Libya's Prime Minister Confirms Presence of Chemical Weapons **
Syrian President Warns of 'Earthquake That Will Burn the Whole Region' **
US to Cut Off Funding to UN Agency Over Palestinian Membership Vote **
US Fears Unilateral Israeli Strike on Iran **
Oct 28
Kahlili: Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons **
Syria Sows Mines Along Lebanese, Jordanian, Turkish Borders **
Where Are You in World Population?
Oct 27
NATO Preps for World War? **
Iran Rallies in Support of U.S. Protesters, Urges U.N. to Probe Police Response **
From 7B to 500M People – The Sick Population Control Agenda of the Global Elite **
Oct 26
Merkel Wants 'Permanent' Supervision of Greece, Warns of War **
Vatican Calls for Global Economic Body **
Oct 25
Canada Tables Bill to Scrap Long-Gun Registry **
U.S.-Syrian Relations Devolve Further as Ambassadors Are Pulled Out **
Largest Ever EU Rebellion Rocks British PM **
In Qaddafi's Hometown, Signs of Trouble for Libya
GlobalPost: Qaddafi Apparently Sodomized After Capture
Gaffney: Rise of Sharia Law Will Bring War to the Middle East **
New Libyan Government Tries to Calm Sharia Fears, Tells World We ‘Are Moderate’ **
Oct 24
Afghans Back Pakistan Over U.S.? **
Islamic Sharia Law Will be the 'Basic Source' of Legislation in New Libya **
The Islamization of London **
Damascus Will be First
** VOW 2
Vatican Calling for One World Authority
Huge Turnout in Tunisia's Arab Spring Election
Is Occupy Wall Street Just the First Step in a Global Anxiety Attack
Population of World 'Could Grow to 15bn by 2100' **
Oct 21
Iran to Move Nuclear Material Underground in Near Future **
De Borchgrave: Former al-Qaida Leader Emerging as Strongman in Libya **
What Next for Libya?
Oct 20
'Qaddafi Is Dead ... Absolutely Dead' **
Obama’s Last Words to Gaddafi **
Report: US Forces Massing on Pakistan Border
2600 Year Old Proof That Western Forces Are Doomed If War Ensues with Iran and Syria
Turkey Sends 10,000 Elite Forces After Kurds **
Oct 19
Looking Ahead as Greece Prepares for the “Mother of All Strikes” **
Turkey Reportedly Launches Incursion into Iraq
U.S. Forces Amass on Afghan-Pakistan Border, Ready for Attack on Taliban **
Ayatollah Khamenei Warns Ahmadinejad: We May Eliminate Presidential Position **
Oct 18
Iran and the Bomb: How Far Away Is Iran from Producing a Nuke? **
US Worries Over China's Underground Nuclear Network **
Oct 17
Iran's Former President Warns of Possible US Attack **
Friends' Shock at 'Iran Plot' Suspect Manssor Arbabsiar **
Iran to Dispatch Ships to Atlantic Ocean **
17% See War with Iran as Very Likely Within 5 Years
Obama's Worst Nightmare **
State Department Awards 4,453 Diversity Visa Applications to Iranians
Iran Trying to Break Sanctions Through Turkey **
Lenin’s 99 Percenters
Understanding the Saudi-Iran Rivalry
$2.5M Chinese Yacht Goes Straight Down on Maiden Voyage – HOLLY NOTE: Another testament of why to avoid 'Made in China'
Oct 14
Race With Terrorists to Find Missing Libyan Missiles **
Egypt Intercepts Libyan Surface-to-Air Missiles in Sinai **
Arab Spring' Actually 'Islamic Tsunami **
Is the New World Order Unraveling? **
Oct 13
War Drums: Iran Calls 'Terror Plot' Lie **
State Department, Lawmakers Raise Alarm Over Iran Amid Questions on Plot Details **
Russia 'Concerned' Over New EU Sanctions Against Iran, Belarus **
Who Owns Rena?
Egypt Warplanes Patrol Sinai without Israel's Consent **
Indictment Alleges Syrian Plot to Silence U.S. Protestors **
The Shape of the Middle East to Come **
Oct 11
Russian PM Putin in China Seeking Closer Ties **
Iraq Threatens to Break Military Links with US **
Egyptian Leaders Vow Probe, Anti-Discrimination Push After Deadly Clashes **
Thousands Gather for Funeral of Copts Killed in Egypt Clashes

Post-War Apology and Reconciliation
Oct 10
Egyptian Cabinet Calls Emergency Meeting Over Cairo Violence Against Christians **
Dozens Killed in Syrian Clashes, Activists Say **
Very Cool 'Hobbit House' for $6000
Killer Sharks Invade Golf Course in Australia
Oct 9
Iran Reactor Disaster Warning from Whistleblower **
Afghanistan 'Risks Turning into Civil War'
Oct 7
Putin’s New Vision of Eurasia **
Putin Enters China – the Dragon's Den **
Russia May Sell Syria Advanced Weapons as NATO Prepares to Attack **
China's New Army Air Force is Largest in the World
Venezuela's Chavez Eyes New Oil Cartel **
Spain Will Port U.S. Ships to Support NATO Missile Defense
Karachi Is a Volcano - Once It Erupts the Govt Won't be Able to Do Anything
Oct 6
World Report: Iranian Warship Route to U.S. Coast Leaked Online **
Syria and the Russian Hypocrisy
Hundreds of Nazi Probes Reopened **
Oct 5
Turkey to Hold Military Exercise on Syrian Border **
Guns and Yellowcake for Everyone! **
Syria Unrest: Western Anger at UN Vetoes **
Saudi Reinforcements Rushed to Oil Regions to Quell Machine-Gun Toting Shiites **
China Believes it has Indisputable Sovereignty Over South China Seas
Oct 4
Syria Threatens to Set Middle East on Fire **
Russia's Putin Says Wants to Build "Eurasian Union" **
Thousands of Civilians Granted Power to Issue Fines **
Oct 3
Hunt on for Russian Nuclear Smuggler: US Report **
Gaddafi’s Missing Guns **
Iranian Jihadists at the Gate **
'Brink of Civil War': Syrian Opposition Asks World for Help **
Majority of IEDs Traced to Pakistan **
Russia, U.S. Will Agree on Missile Defense Data Exchange System - U.S. Envoy
62% Now See China as Threat to America **
Sept 30
To Isolate Abbas, US Prods Jordan to Host Hamas-Damascus **
China to North America: Send Us Your Oil
Sept 29
US 'Threat' of Military Action Unites Pakistan **
Microsoft, Red Cross and UN Sucked into Global News Fixing Row **
Nearly 7,000-Year-Old City Unearthed
U.S. Presses Egypt to Mend Ties With Israel **
Sept 28
Ghader Anti-Ship Missile Was Mass-Produced and in Hands of Iranian Navy
3 **
Iran Says its New Cruise Missile Delivered to Navy **
Iranian Navy Plans to Send Ships Near U.S. Waters **
France Threatens Military Action Against Iran **
Turkey Introduces First Self-Produced Warship **
Michele Bachmann Warns That Hezbollah Could be Planning Missile Site in Cuba **
Nuclear Engineer Assassinated in Syria **
Sept 27
Turkey’s Growing Ties with Iran Unsettle Washington **
North Korea and a New Earth Penetrator? **
Sept 26
Widespread Power Blackout Darkens Much of Chile; Subway Riders Evacuated in Capital **
Putin to Return as Russian President **
Qaddafi Enlists New 12,000-Strong Army of Tuareg Tribal Fighters
Iran, Pakistan to Press Forward with Natural Gas Pipeline **
Fracking Coming to the UK Following Massive Natural Gas Discovery in Lancashire **
Sept 23
Palestinians' Abbas Asks UN for Full Membership **
As Tensions Rise, Pakistan Warns US: 'You Will Lose an Ally' **
Iran, Russia to Shape New World Order **
Zimbabwe: a New Wave of Whites' Land Seizures?
World Leaders Will be in Recess During Elenin Alignment on Sept. 26-27
Sept 20
Turkey Rising **
Britain to Legalize Homosexual ‘Marriage’ **
Sept 16
U.S. Urges Ccitizens to Leave Syria Immediately **
Saudis 'Eye Pakistani Nukes' to Face Iran **
Saudi Arabia’s Hypocritical U.S. Threat
Australian Capitol on Alert as Factory Fire Sparks Toxic Smoke Fears
Giant Chemical Plant Blast, Toxic Cloud Poisons Canberra
** 3
Sept 15
Former Congressman: ‘I Saw NATO Troops Behead Libyans’ **
Sept 14
NATO 'Welcomes' Romania Agreement to Host U.S. Interceptors
Sept 13
Cheney: Israel to Attack Iranian Nuclear Facilities **
Erdogan Stokes the Flames in Egypt **
'Turkey and Egypt Hand in Hand,' Erdogan Tells Cheering Egyptian Crowd
Jihadis in Syria: Myth or Reality?
Thunder Down Under - Western Australia Talks Secession over Canberra’s Energy Policies
Sept 12
Libya - Concerns Over Missing Weapons
** 3
At Least 2,600 Killed in Syria Protests: UN **
Anarchy in Egypt: Whose Embassy is Next? **
55 Killed in Kenya Pipeline Fire, Police Say
Sept 9
Assad Declares State of War, Opposition Calls for Protest **
Former Japan PM ‘Prevented Nuclear Plant Pullout’
Sept 8
Thousands of Surface to Air Missiles Stolen in Libya **
Syria Forces Kill 19 in anti-Assad Protests in Country's North **
Sept 7
Iran Warns Over NATO's Anti-Missile Radar in Turkey **
Former Rebels Say Qaddafi Surrounded **
Ex-PM Feared for Japan's Survival in Nuke Crisis **
Russia Rejects Western Plan for Further Syrian Sanctions **
Sept 6
Hail of Bullets Strikes Syrians Fleeing to Turkey **
Mounting Pressure on Assad as EU Bans Syrian Oil Imports **
Iran Runs Nuclear Missile Payload Tests, Moves onto 60% Fuel Enrichment **
Iran Launches Mass Air Drill **
China Using Rare Earths as a Weapon
Aug 23
Qaddafi Missing After Rebels Take Compound **
A Strange Way of Doing Business
Nuclear Engineer: NRC Now Says Reactors And Containments Have Breached and Released Plutonium Off-Site — “Much Worse” Than If from Spent Fuel Pools **
Aug 22
US Faces New Mideast Test, as Chaos Casts Doubt on Libya's Future **
US, Australia Call on Gaddafi to Step Aside Immediately **
Syria's Assad: 'I Am Not Worried' About Security **
Russia in Talks to Build More Nuclear Plants in Iran: Report **
Iran Moves Some Centrifuges to Underground Site **
74% of Japan's Nuclear Plants to Halt This Month **
Constitution for the Federation of Earth
Aug 19
Dozens Killed in Attack at Pakistani Mosque
Shell Spill 200 Tonnes of Oil into North Sea - and UK Govt Press Cover It Up **
BP Investigates New Oil Sheen Near Green Canyon Block in Gulf of Mexico
Russia is Rapidly Building 5000 Survival Shelters by 2012 ** – flashback
Aug 18
Syria: Assad Must Resign, Says Obama **
Syria Unrest: Why the World Has Waited So Long
Gadhafi Prepares for Blitz of Scud Missiles **
Aug 17
Rise of 4th Reich, How Germany Is Using Financial Crisis to Conquer Europe **
Tasered Man Dies in English Town
Assad Exploits the Shalit Affair to Play His Palestinian Card
Aug 16
Dozens Dead in Siege on Latakia, Syrian **
Gunfire Heard 'All Night and Morning' in Besieged Syrian City **
Egypt's 5,000 Troops Take on 2,000 al Qaeda in Sinai, 3 Officers Kidnapped **
Libyan Rebel "Gains" Smokescreen for Talks in Tunisia to End War **
Effective Global Governance Must Be Goal of Humanity Today **
Analysis: Iran Sees Ally Syria Surrounded by US, Arab 'Wolves' **
Russian Military to Get World's 10 Largest Cargo Planes **
Sudan Accused of Chemical Attacks on Civilians **
Aug 14
Syrian Naval And Tank Assault on Latakia Kills at Least 21 **
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: 'We Had No Idea How Much Worse It Would Get.' **
TEPCO Says It Has Lost Contact with 143 Nuclear Plant Workers **
TEPCO's Darkest Secret **
How Japan's Fukushima Disaster May Exacerbate Population Woes
Russia Plans 2 More Bulava Missile Trials in 2011 **
Aug 11
Britain's Liberal Intelligentsia Has Smashed Virtually Every Social Value **
British MEP Calls for Martial Law
Riots Crackdown: Evictions, Social Media Bans and Jail **
Militant Groups Fuel the Fires **
NKorea Has 165,000 'Terror Troops' Trained to Paralyze South's Command Structure
Arab Revolution Caught Between Euphoria and Despair
10 Ways the World Could Get a Whole Lot Scarier ... and Why Barack Obama Shouldn't Run in 2012 **
Libyan Rebels Embrace U.S. and Its Flag
Aug 10
Police Flood London Streets Amid Renewed Fears of Rioting **
Swedish Man Arrested for Building a Nuclear Reactor in His Kitchen **
Syria Goads Turkey by Attacking Towns Along Their Border **
Syrian Troops Take Control of Hama
Syrian Forces Kill 15 as US Slaps Sanctions
Aug 9
16,000 Cops on London's Streets as Rioting Worsens; Violence Spreads to 4 Other Cities **
Syria Faces Global Condemnation
Davutoglu to Visit Syria as Turkey's 'Patience Is Running Out' **
NATO Envoy: Military Planning Against Iran and Syria is Underway **
Egypt ‘Losing Control Over the Sinai,’ Says Israeli Intelligence **
Serious People Are Starting To Realize That We May Be Looking At World War III **
Aug 7
Riot Hits London After Police Shooting **
Bloodbath in Berlin as 'Honour Killing Sees Jilted Lover Shoots Dead Mother and Sister of Ex-Wife’ **
Aug 4
Syrian Leader Assad 'Has Lost All Humanity': UN Chief **
Live Videos of Armed Terrorists Groups in Hama Dragging Mutilated Army Members' Bodies, Throwing them into Orontes River **
Iran Seen Working Through Assad's Brother in Syria Crackdown **
Aug 2
Japan: N. Korea Seeks New Missile, China Navy Active **
Aug 1
Assad's Tanks Blast All of Northern Syria Day After 150 Die in 2 Cities **
July 31
Syria Kills 100 in Overnight Attacks, Groups Say **
Kenya Is on the Brink of Its Own Disaster **
July 29
Turkey's Military Chiefs Quit Ahead of Key Meeting **
World Population Hits 7B by November **
Who Is Killing Iran's Nuclear Scientists? **
July 28
Libyan Rebel Deadline for Gadhafi Expires **
China's Military Flexes Its Muscle **
The Convoy of No Confidence Is Amassing Towards Canberra
July 9th Saw Birth of Africa's Newest Nation **
July 27
NKorean Threat Intensifies **
China’s Plan to Beat U.S.: Missiles, Missiles and More Missiles **
July 26
Knights Templar: In Mexico, Like Norway, Criminals Look to Past for Legitimacy **
China, Iran Discussing Barter System to Bypass Sanctions **
July 22
Report: China Building EMP Weapons for Use Against U.S. Carriers **
July 21
Iran Mulls Russian Proposal for Nuclear Talks **
Iran’s Relations with China Allow Bypassing UN Sanctions **
Iran’s Southern Regions Producing 3 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day
Chinese Traffic Jam Stretches 100 Km
** 4
Rare Look Inside Egyptian Pyramids
** 3
July 20
Iran Continues to Change the Balance of Power in Middle East **
Stuxnet Returns to Bedevil Iran's Nuke Systems **
Iranian Media: Iran Downs U.S. 'Spy Drone'
Australia to Tax Its Worst Polluters
Subs Explore Mysterious, Murky Depths of Lake Geneva
July 19
Iran to 'Speed Up' Uranium Enrichment at Nuclear Plants **
July 18
64 Missile Warheads Stolen from Train **
Iran Opens Oil Bourse - Harbinger of Trouble for New York and London? **
Mubarak Emerges from Coma After Suffering Stroke
Egypt Approves Massive Bridge to Saudi Arabia **
July 17
Syrian Forces Detain Hundreds After Storming Border Town
Syrian Activists Discuss Ways to Oust Assad **
Hizballah Rides High in Lebanon, Installs Member as Security Chief **
July 15
UN Briefed on Syria's Alleged Nuclear Activities **
July 14
China Sells Missile to Iran, Syria and Pakistan **
Iran to Enrich Higher-Grade Uranium in Underground Bunker **
World Sea Attacks Rise as Pirates Become Bolder **
July 13
Women under Sharia Law: Dilemma of "Wife Beating Protocol" **
July 12
Gunmen Blow Up Egyptian Gas Pipeline to Israel
The Bilderbergers Want War **
Phone Hacking: 9/11 Victims 'May Have Had Mobiles Tapped by News of the World Reporters' **
July 11
Protesters in Syria Attack US Embassy **
Great Darkness in Egypt: Special: Uprising Hopes Give Way to Growing Islamism, Racism and anti-Israel Venom **
July 8
Phone-Hacking Scandal Is Biggest PR Disaster of Murdoch’s Career **
July 7
Danish Border Controls Shake EU Foundations **
Scientist: NKorea Paid Pakistanis for Nuclear Tech **
July 6
Russia to Build Nuclear Aircraft Carrier by 2023 **
July 5
'Indiana Jones' Drama in Temple Treasure Discovery
June 30
U.S., EU to Present Mideast Peace Plan in Last Push to Prevent Palestinian UN Bid
Greece Rioting Videos: A Country in Collapse
3 **
June 29
Report: Turkey Tells West It Might Launch Offensive Against Syria **
NKorea Shuts Down Universities for 10 Months
UK: Iran Conducting Secret Ballistic Missile Tests Alongside Public Military Maneuvers
Iran Has Secretly Tested Nuclear-Capable Missiles **
How the Demise of a Trusted Adviser Could Bring Down Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Greek Parliament Passes £25Bn Cuts Plan **
Athens Burns in Riots **
Russia Cuts Off Power to Belarus **
Rothbard & Rucker: The U.N.’s Climate of Desperation
June 28
5,000 Cops Deployed as Greeks Launch 'Massive' 48-Hour Strike **
Silenced Voices: Languages Dying Off Around the Globe
Iran Fires 14 Missiles in 2nd Day of War Games **
June 27
Iran to Stage Missile War Games **
Russia: Iran's Nuke Plant to Start up in August **
Israeli Cabinet Moves to Tighten Sanctions Against Iran **
Swedish Feminists Dance Around a Vagina Instead of Maypole
June 23
Witnesses: Syrian Troops Mass on Turkish Border **
All Signs Say Iran Is Racing Toward a Nuclear Bomb **
Nuclear Experts Killed in Russia Plane Crash Helped Design Iran Facility
Surgery Silences Venezuela's Chavez, Controversy Grows
Chinese Warships Cross High Seas Off Japan Island **
Geert Wilders Cleared of Hate Charges by Dutch Court **
June 22
The Immorality of Scapegoating Greece's Jews **
UN's Earth Summit Agenda 21
Assessing Monetary Collapse: Exposing Agenda 21 and Understanding Freedom
Agenda 21 Links
Syria: Waiting for Friday **
June 21
29 Reasons to Be Angry and/or Scared **
Chinese Military Says US Launched Global War to Bring Down China, Promises Retaliation **
China's Ghost Towns: New Sat. Photos Show Massive Skyscraper Cities Still Completely Empty
June 20
Globalists Call for ’Big War’
NATO Preparing Ground War in Libya
Syrian Tanks Storm Town Near Turkey Border **
Assad's Shrinking Options
Turkey Warns Assad: You Have Less Than a Week to Start Implementing Reforms **
Assad Promises Elections, Complete Reform Within Months
NATO Strike on Tripoli Kills 9 Civilians
Hamas-Fatah Meeting Canceled, in Major Setback to Palestinian Unity **
AP Sources: Pakistanis Tip Off Militants Again
43+ Million Worldwide Forced from Their Homes, UN Says
Turkey Develops Domestic Missile, Rocket
Resource Wars: Geopolitics in a World of Dwindling Energy Supplies
June 17
Water Shortages Threatening France's Nuclear Reactor Complex
NKorea Tests 'Super-EMP' Nuke
Syrian Security Forces Take Over Maarat al-Numaan **
US Naval Movements Around Syria; Hizballah Moves Rockets **
Lebanon Has Radical New Government, Giving Assad His 2nd Front **
Heavy Exchanges Near Key Libyan Western Town
Greece Is the Word
Swedish Kids Invited to Neo-Nazi Summer Camp
Postage Stamp Issued in Kazakhstan Looks Very Similar to Obama Logo **
June 14
Classes Teaching Children as Young as 3 Learn to Pole Dance **
Brit FM Hague: 'We Are Facing Momentous Change in Arab World' **
CIA Preparing Secret Drone Strikes in Yemen
June 13
Landslide Islamist Victory in Turkey **
Syrian Army Defectors Tell of Rape in Front of Husbands, Indiscriminate Murder **
Syrian Forces Round Up Hundreds Near Northern Town **
Iran Helping Syria to Crush Anti-Government Protests **
U.S. Intercepts NKorean Ship Carrying Missiles **
Afghan Militants Torch 20 NATO Tankers **
Triggers to Armageddon: Conflict Tension Points Around the World Increasing **
Police Use Tear Gas to Quell Riot in Southern China
June 12
IAEA: Bombed Syrian Plant Linked to 3 More Suspected Nuclear Sites **
Syria's Scorched Earth: Troops Shell Rebel Town after Burning Farmland and Setting Cows on Fire
Syrians Fear All-Out Assault Near Turkish Border **
Syria Live Blog **
Tony Blair’s Nightmare Vision of a European Superstate **
Victims of Communism Remembered at June 9 Wreath Laying
June 10
UN's Environment Program is an Administrative Mess, Internal Study Reveals
Palestinians Are Pawns in Hands of Syria, Iran, Hezbollah **
June 8
United Russia Pushes for Putin to Lead Election Campaign **
Israel to UN: Syria Border Provocation Has Potential for Serious Escalation **
Arab Spring Withering in the Summer Heat
Iran Says No Offer Can Stop It Enriching Uranium **
Plans Nuclear Fuel Production Increase
Iran Sends Submarines to Red Sea in Move That Could Anger Israel **
June 7
Researcher: Iran Can Produce Nuke Within 2 Months **
U.S., France: Mideast Peace Conference Useless If Sides Unwilling to Negotiate **
China Defends Naval Actions **
June 5
Russia: NATO 'One Step' from Land War in Libya **
Yemen Celebrates Leader's Exit
Arabs See Yemen as Turning Point for Uprisings **
June 3
Blazing Arms Depot Forces 30,000 to Flee **
Yemen's Chaos Is Boost to al-Qaida **
13 Black Bears Guarding Major Pot Field humor **
June 1
Iran Working on Nuclear Trigger **
Syrian Troops Kill 8 in Southern Town
Yemen Street Battles Leave Scores Dead **
7 NATO Tankers Torched in Pakistan  **
Rise of the Red Market – Underground Organ-Trafficking
May 31
Germany to Forsake Its Nuclear Reactors by 2022
May 29
West to Have 80,000 Cruise Missiles by 2020
Video of Brutal Spain Riot Police Crackdown, Over 100 Protesters Injured
** 3
Mysterious Markings Discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza
May 27
Tens of Thousands Rally in Iraq Against U.S. Troops **
Yemen on the Brink of Civil War **
Kuwait Warns Over 'Day of Rage' Protest **
Report: Syrian Forces Shoot Dead 30 in Protests
G8 Leaders Urge Gaddafi to Step Down **
Russia, U.S. Fail to Agree on Missile Defense **
Russia 'Lacks Personnel to Dismantle Nuclear Sites' **
By Peace They Will Deceive the World
17 Lost Pyramids Found by Satellite
May 25
US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack **
May 23
Putin Decides to Retake Presidency **
Iran Arrests 30 in Alleged US Spy Ring
Severe Electricity Shortages Crippling East China’s Industrial Province
May 20
Over 20 Dead as Syrian Forces Fire into Crowds of Protesters **
NATO Destroys 8 Libyan Warships
May 19
Russia Warns of 'New Cold War' as US Focuses on Mideast **
Fox News Poll: Voters Say Stop U.S. Aid to Pakistan
EU Will Sharply Expand Iran Sanctions, Diplomats Say
The Puzzle and the Key
Computer Glitches Plague Australian DoD
May 18
Russia Threatens Nuclear Build-Up Over U.S. Missile Shield **
China, Russia Increasing Speed of Military Modernization **
'Arab Spring' Excuse for Iran to Take Over **
Iran Says Bushehr Nuke Plant Becomes Operational **
Diplomats: UN Nuclear Agency Fears Iranian Hackers **
May 17
Queen Arrives in Ireland as Military Defuses Bomb **
Iran Moving Ahead on Venezuelan Missile Bases that Bring Miami Well Within Range **
Iran Sticks to Building Nuke Plants
Mexican Drug Cartel Suspected After 29 Decapitated in Guatemala **
Brazilians Forced to Embrace Homosexuality **
May 15
Iran Gets Another Nuclear Fuel Batch from Russia: Report **
Iran Operating 'Worldwide Smuggling Network' **
N. Korea, Iran Trading Missile Tech
British Woman Beheaded in Supermarket Attack Identified
Ultimate Prepper Bug Out Home
May 12
Egypt Brotherhood Member to Run for Presidency **
Lawmakers Tell WH to Take a Stand on Syria **
Negotiators' Letters Show Nuclear Split Between Iran, 6 World Powers
Study: 420K Congolese Women Are Raped Each Year – 48 Per Hour
May 11
Pakistan Hints China Wants a Peek at Secret Helicopter
EU to Britain: Fly Our Flag or Else
May 10
U.N. Can't Track War, Famine Aid **
Special Report on World Corruption
Full Speed Ahead for China’s Nuclear Program
May 9
France to Test 58 Reactors for Surviving Earthquakes, Not Terrorists
Iran's Nuke Power Plant Starts Operation
Inside the U.S.' Secret Sabotage of Iran
May 8
Damascus' Troops Have Country's 3rd Largest City Under Siege; Cut Power, Phone Lines **
Human Rights Group: Over 800 Dead in Syria Protests **
Medvedev Signs into Law Bill Ratifying Russian-Turkish Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Deal **
Mexicans Vent Anger Over Toll of 'Calderon's War' on Drugs
May 5
Libyan Rebels Fear Gadhafi Is Preparing Mustard Gas **
International Crisis Group Sweating Over Syria **
Israel Builds Up Border Forces Against Syrian Refugee Exodus **
After bin Laden: Could Mistrust Between US and Pakistan be Opportunity for China?
May 3
Canada's Conservatives Win Coveted Majority **
Qaddafi Shells City Amid Chemical Weapon Fears **
US, Israel, Baghdad Deny Report of IAF Jets in Iraq **
May 1
Imam's Call to Add Crescent Moon Symbol to Russian Emblem Met with Alarm **
Muslim Brotherhood Will Run for Half of Egypt's Parliament **
Egypt Calls on US to Recognize Palestinian State **
Gadhafi's Son, Grandchildren Killed in NATO Airstrike; Gadhafi Survives **
April 29
Syrian Security Forces Open Fire on Demonstrations **
Muslim Brotherhood Endorses Syria Protests
Kate, William Take Vows Under Their "Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ"

April 27
Syrian Protesters Gain Anti-Tank Guns. Iranian Officers Direct Assad's Troops
Assad's Brother Tops List of Syrians Hit by US Sanctions
Terrorist Syria Seeks Spot on Human Rights Council
April 26
Obama Presses Assad; Syrian Violence Rises
Europeans Urge Sanctions on Syria **
U.S. Reduces Diplomatic Corps in Syria, Urges Americans to Leave
April 23
90 Million Live Within 19 Miles of a Nuclear Reactor
500 Afghan Taliban Stage Successful Prison Break **
First Syrian Tanks and Infantry Storm Protest Centers **
NATO Fails to Kill Muammar Qaddafi **
Man Overpowered Trying to Hijack Alitalia Flight **
Mainland Tourists Flocking to 3-D Porn Film in Hong Kong
April 23
'Brutal Force' Used in Syria: at Least 300 Protesters Shot Dead **
Syria Faces More Bloodshed; Obama: Iran Helps Assad
Europe Considering Recognition of Palestine **
April 21
Syria City Defies Crackdown Following Killing of 21 Protesters **
April 20
Assad's Bloody Crackdown on Protest Threatens a Tipover into Sectarian War **
US Rejects Palestinian Bid to Seek UN Approval for State **
Quartet May Formally Recognize Palestinian State If Peace Talks Not Renewed **
Saudis Give Up on US, Instigate Direct Gulf Action Against Iran
Libya Rebels Execute, Behead, Mutilate Gaddafi Army Who Surrender

'Governator' May Have Sights on EU Presidency **
April 19
Military Police Seize Old Training Manuals from Book Shop
April 18
Syria City 'Boiling' after Security Forces Reportedly Kill 12 Protesters **
Assad's Own Smuggling Network Commandeered for Arming His Opposition
Senior Syria Officer Assassinated over Unwillingness to Open Fire at Protesters
Turkey, Iran Open Third Border Crossing **
Violent Neo-Nazi Activity on Rise in Germany **
Saudi Arabia Has Not Made up for the Drop in Libyan Oil Production **
The Collapse of Family Life: Half of Children See Parents Split by 16, Births Outside Marriage Hit Highest Level for 2 Centuries **
Two Thumbs Up for Atlas Shrugged
April 17
Libyan Troops Shell Rebel-Held City **
US, West Seeking Country of Refuge for Gaddafi **
Thousands Hold Anti-Govt. Rally in Yemen **
'Wear a Headscarf or We Will Kill You': 'London Taliban' Targeting Women and Gays in Bid to Impose Sharia **
April 15
Now It IS Regime Change: Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy Promise to Keep Bombing Libya Until Gaddafi Is Gone **
Al-Qaida Leader Calls on Muslim Nations to Fight Western Coalition in Libya **
Iran Aiding Syria in Crackdown on anti-Assad Protests
Saudi Arabia Warns U.S. of Impending Nuclear Disaster in Iran. Obama Yawns **
Saudis Seek Navy Buildup to Face Iran
Thousands of Protesters Demand Reform in Syria **
First Panic in Assad Regime: High Syrian Officials Evacuate Families
Chavez: No One Can Topple Venezuelan Revolution
China Blocks Coastal Waters, Enlarges Military **
April 13
Rise of New World Power – Without America **
Iran Stops Fueling European Aircraft
Over 10,000 Rebels, Civilians Killed in Libya So Far
Gang-raped for 2 Days, Tortured, Strangled: Libyan Woman Reveals Horrific Details of Attack by Gaddafi's Thugs
Ahmadinejad: Israel, US Plotting Iranian-Arabian Conflict **
April 12
Is This Obama's Next Target After Libya?
April 10
Group Says Spies Have Found Secret Iranian Nuclear Facility **
Iran Confirms Facility Producing Nuclear Materials **
Ahmadinejad: ‘A Mideast Without Israel and America Now Possible **
Iraqi Cleric Warns of Violence if U.S. Troops Don’t Go **
Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos
April 7
Libya - The DC/NATO Agenda and the Next Great War **
Geopolitical Summary: Conflicts, Protests, Oil Exploration and Drug Trafficking **
April 5
Qaeda Exploits Libya Situation to Get Arms
April 4
Troops Fire on Yemen Protest, at Least 12 Killed, Dozens Wounded **
West Braces for Gadhafi's Terror Counterpunch **
Iran Squares Off Against Saudi Arabia over Bahrain's Annexation
Border Crisis - Libya

CAIR Chief's Designs to 'Run' U.S. Revealed **
April 3
Israel to Russia: Reconsider Syria Arms Deal in Light of Mideast Turmoil **
Aid Workers Find 1,000 Bodies in Ivory Coast **
April 1
Amid Region's Unrest, al-Qaeda Makes Inroads in Yemen **
Kuhner: Obama’s Islamist Middle East **
Past Ties Between Gadhafi, Farrakhan, Obama, U.S. Muslim Groups Raising Questions
March 31
The Syrian Time Bomb
Libyan Rebels Sold Hizballah and Hamas Chemical Shells **
Obama Accepts Prospect of Nuclear-Armed Iran
March 30
Defiant Qaddafi Battles Back, Forcing Rebel Retreat from Key Oil Port **
Deadly Cartels Targeting U.S. Teens as Drug Mules **
Poll: Mexicans Think Cartels Are Winning Drug War **
El Salvador Gang Ties Are More Than Skin Deep
March 29
Syria's Cabinet Resigns Amid Violent Anti-Government Unrest
100 Protesters Killed as Syria Erupts in Violence **
The Syrian Spring
Raped Libyan Woman Faces Criminal Charges Lodged by Perpetrators **
EU Plans to Ban All Gas, Diesel Cars from Cities to Force Drivers to Go Green
Obama’s Libyan Strategy: Recipe for a Deeper, Lengthier US Military Role
Gaddafi Forces Push Libya Rebels Back
45 Dead in Iraq Government Hostage Siege **
March 27
'Al-Qaeda Snatched Missiles' in Libya **
Gates: Gadhafi Placing Bodies at Sites of Coalition Attacks
Canada's Government Falls after No-Confidence Vote **
Researcher Warned 2 Yrs Ago of Massive Tsunami Striking Japan's Nuke Plant
Syrian Army Reportedly Enters Damascus **
Syria Unrest May be First Step Toward Deposing Assad
Bombing Attempt on Egypt-Israel Gas Pipeline Fails **
March 25
China to Sell Outdated Nuclear Reactors to Pakistan **
Syrian Troops Firing on Protesters **
...At Least 23 Dead
Damascus Protesters Seized, Deraa Chants "Freedom"
A Big Pot of Gold in Libya Could Finance Gadhafi’s Long War
Invasion of Libya on the Same Day as the Invasion of Iraq: The Vernal Equinox
Canadian General to Take Command of NATO's Libya Mission **
Israeli and Saudi Leaders in Moscow as Palestinians Ramp Up Missile Strikes **
Bin Laden Sets Alarm Bells Ringing
March 24
Mideast Expert: Gadhafi Losing Grip on Reality — Will Use Mustard Gas **
After Gaddafi, Democracy or Jihadists?
The World Is Coming Apart—Where Is America?
Iran, Syria Benefit from U.N. Nuclear Assistance Program, Which the State Dept. Insists on Funding in Full **
Iran Breaching Nuclear Sanctions **
March 23
Tomahawk Mission Ends as Airstrikes on Tripoli Continue
Russian Military to Buy 36 ICBMs, 2 Missile Subs in 2011
March 22
U.S. Air Force Top Gun Crashes in Libya after Third Night of Coalition Air Raids **
For the Sins of His Father: Gaddafi's Son 'Killed in Kamikaze Pilot Attack on Barracks'
4,000 Ton China Missile Frigate Off Libya Coast
Red Dawn Remake Targets NKorea Instead of China
The Surprising PNAC Connection to Libya
March 21
Libyan Rebels Say Gaddafi Forces Use Human Shields **
Allies Expand Attack as Qaddafi Vows to Repel ‘Christian States’
Pentagon: Libya No-Fly Zone Working
Putin Condemns 'Trend' of US Military Intervention
March 20
U.S. Says No-Fly Zone in Place over Libya
Qaddafi's Air Defenses Suffer Big Blow from Military Strikes **
Gaddafi Vows 'Long War'
Signs of Hope in Sendai
March 19
U.S., European Allies Begin Military Campaign Against Qaddafi **
Snipers Target Demonstrators in Yemen; at Least 46 Killed **
Ahmadinejad: God Has Chosen My Successor **
WWIII: One Nation at a Time
Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food to Chinese Troops South of Laredo, TX in Mexico

March 18
Libyan Declares Cease-Fire after UN Vote **
Libya Threatens Retaliation as US Seeks UN Resolution Authorizing Strikes **
Airstrikes Could Start 'Within Hours of Resolution' **
Singapore, SKorea Intercept Nuclear, Weapon Materials Bound for Tehran **
Netanyahu: Only Fear of Possible Strike Could Stop Iran's Nuclear Progress **
March 17
Qaddafi Bombs Benghazi as Son Says ‘Too Late’ for No-Fly Zone Over Libya **
5 Potential Nuclear Disasters Just Waiting to Happen
March 16
One Dead, 200 Wounded in Yemen Anti-Government Protests **
97 Ships Stuck in Ice Near St. Petersburg
Worldwide 670 Pedophile Suspects I.D.ed, 184 Arrested
March 15
China Prepares for Radioactive Threat **
Analysis: Tiny Bahrain Could Provoke Regional Conflict **
Saudis Send 3,500 Troops to Bahrain: 2 Brigades Plus Tank Battalion
Demonstrators in Germany Demand Closing of Nuclear Plants
G8 Can't Agree on No-Fly Zone over Libya
March 14
Scientist: We've Found Atlantis (maybe)
March 10
Libya: Gaddafi Forces Detain and Beat BBC Team
Oil Slips under $104 Despite Battles in Libya
March 9
NKorea Nears Completion of Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb **
Gaddafi Grips on Oil Pipelines **
Gaddafi: Libyan People Will Take up Arms Against No-Fly Zone **
Bahrain and the Battle Between Iran and Saudi Arabia
March 8
No Fly Zone Means War on Libya by US
Ahmadinejad Calls for New World Order
March 7
Syrian Mercenaries, Warplanes Aiding Gaddafi **
America's Secret Plan to Arm Libya's Rebels
Border Camp for Displaced Laborers Taking Shape
Is Gaddafi an Oil Robber Baron?
Zimbabwe to Sell Uranium to Iran **
Possible Human Foot Washes Up on Beach in Powell River
March 6
Libyan Rebels Surge Toward Capital **
Gaddafi Recaptures Coastal Cities, Cuts Import Tariffs
Tanks Fire on Libyan Citizens **
Saudi Arabia Bans All Protests **
US Warns Against Travel to Yemen
Thousands Line Sydney Streets for Gay Mardi Gras
March 4
Libya's Ground Attack: Chemical Weapons, Soviet Tanks, Rifles **
Armed Guards Open Fire as Ship Attacked off Yemen
Extraordinary Events in the Middle East and the Coming Global Tsunami
3 Dutch Marines Held by Gadhafi Regime after Failed Rescue
Iran for First Time Warns Saudis Not to Crack Down on Shi'ites **
March 3
Rebels Surround Key Libyan Oil Hub **
The Extraordinary Events in the Middle East and the Coming Global Tsunami
Syria Suspected of Nuke Activity **
Russia Ready to Pay $1.5B Euros for French Mistral-class Warship
March 2
Qaddafi Promises a Fight to The 'Last Man and Woman' **
Fierce Battles Rage in Libya – Volunteers Train
Obama Said to Back Turkey Offer to Invade Libya
HMCS Charlottetown Readies for Libya
Mass Exodus of Libyan Workers Squeezes Food Supply, Economy
Iran to Build Permanent Naval Base in Syria **
March 1
Body Bags Reveal Fate of Soldiers Who Refused to Fire on Their Own People **
US UK French Forces Land in Libya **
Pro-reform Protests in Vietnam

Thousands Clash with Police in Croatia, Dozens Injured

New Al Qaeda Tape: Don't Stop Rebelling Until Islamic Regimes Created
Fears over New Leak at Chernobyl Spark Plea for Radiation Shield **
February 28
Russian Army to Receive Advanced Weaponry in 2011
NKorea Threatens Seoul with 'Sea of Fire'
February 27
Libya Rebels Gear for Fight in City Near Capital
1000s Die in Libya, Reports of Poison Gas **
Reports of Growing Food Shortages
UN Passes Gaddafi Sanction Vote **
France Cuts Diplomatic Ties
UK Military Planes Rescue 150 from Libyan Desert
Middle East Oil War Spreads. First Demos in Saudi Arabia, Iraq Refinery Blasted **
NKorea Threatens to Fire at SKorea **
How About Adding a NKorea Crisis to the Mix? **
Is Barack Obama about to Order the US Military to Invade Libya?
Signs of Serious Trouble at Iran's Nuclear Reactor **
Defense Secretary Warns Against Fighting More Ground Wars
Russia Vows to Sell Missiles to Syria
Canadian Judge under Review for Controversial Remarks in Sex Case
February 25
U.N.: Libyan Crackdown 'Escalating Alarmingly' **
...Troops Kill Protesters as Revolt Swells
Gadhafi's Palace Torched and Trashed – video **
Chaos, Tears in Tripoli as Evacuation Continues for Nearly 200 Canadians
Irish Voters Set to Take Revenge on Ruling Party **
Palestinians Expected to Hold 'Day of Rage' against US Veto **
Syria Rejects IAEA Request for New Inspections
February 24
Qaddafi Forces Strike Back at Protesters' Revolt Near Tripoli **
Report: NATO May Attack Libya If Violence Continues **
Mass Burial - Graves Already Dug in Tripoli Feb. 22 **
Libya Crew Abort Bombing Mission on Benghazi
Americans, Turks Among the Thousands Fleeing Libya
Canadians Await Evacuation from Libya
Qaddafi Tied to Rev. Jeremiah Wright
EU and US Consider Sanctions on Libya
4 Nuclear Sites Found in Syria **
Iran Warships Dock in Syria for Joint Navel Drill **
Saudi King Returns to Reshaped Region
Pirates Add Ammo, Men to Ships after 4 US Deaths **
February 23
Italy: 1000 People Slaughtered in Libyan Protests
Libyan Soldiers Burned for Refusing Orders to Kill Demonstrator
Gunfire Continues in Tripoli after Gadhafi Vows to Die a 'Martyr'
US to Evac Americans from Libya by Ferry
Gaddafi's Next Move: Sabotage Oil Facilities and Sow Chaos **
Loose Nukes Lockdown to Take Longer Than 4 Years **
Chavez Caught Red-Handed Sending Gasoline to Iran
February 22
Scores of Bodies Reported on Streets of Tripoli **
Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Orders Gaddafi Killed **
Iran Naval Ships Enter Suez
Putin to Discuss New Russia-Eu Deal, WTO Entry in Brussels
February 21
Iran Warships to Begin Suez Canal Passage Tuesday
Gaddafi Flees Tripoli as Protesters Set the Libyan Parliament Building Alight
US Must be Removed from Islamic World: Khamenei
February 20
Report: N. Korea Digging Tunnels for Likely Nuke Test **
SKorea Holds Massive Meeting, as US Navy Warns of Growing Threat in the North **
Libyan Forces Again Fire on Protesters; 200 Dead Since Riots Started **
...Cuts Off Internet **
Libya Muslim Leaders Tell Security: Stop 'Massacre'
China Web Users Call for 'Jasmine Revolution'
Al-Qaida’s Zawahiri to Egypt: Establish Islamic State
Ulsterman Report: Apologies to Glenn Beck – He Was Right on Egypt
Iran’s Opposition to Hold Mass Protest Today **
Soros: Iran Regime Will Fall Soon
Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa – Country by Country
Ahmadinejad: Enemy Does Not Fear Nuclear Bombs
February 18
Israel on High Alert for Iranian Warships' Suez Transit. Kharg Brings Missiles
Abbas Calls Emergency PLO, Fatah Meeting Over UN Resolution **
Bahrain, Libya Protests Resume after Deadly Clashes **
Thousands Call for Execution of Iran Opposition Leaders
Saudi Prince Talal Warns of Uprising Threat **
Netanyahu Lets Egypt Build Up Sinai Army to 4,000 Troops
Ties Between Pakistan, U.S. Intel Agencies Hit Low Point
February 17
Iran's Man in Ecuador
February 16
Jordan: King's Bodyguards Shoot Protesters
First Riots in Libya after Yemen, Jordan, Saudis Ready to Aid Bahraini Ruler
February 15
Ahmadinejad: Egypt Revolution Reveals Hand of the 'Mahdi' **
Will the Muslim Brotherhood Win in Egypt?
Elites Set Orwellian War Against China and Islam
MSNBC Mika Gets Epic Smack of Reality on Egypt
'Biblical Exodus': Thousands of Tunisians Arrive in Italy
Mideast Unrest Spreads to Iran, Bahrain, Libya; Egypt Dissolves Parliament, Sets Elections
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Seeks Political Party Status
Iran Lawmakers Call for Execution of Opposition Leaders
February 14
Gaddafi Tells Palestinians: Revolt Against Israel
IAEA Affirms Iran 'Steadily' Enriching Uranium **
Dual Uprisings Show Potent New Threats to Arab States
Scholars from 57 countries Heading to Tehran for Islamic Unity Conference
February 13
Egyptian Military Solidifies Control, Suspending Parliament, Constitution **
Military Offers Assurances to Egypt and Neighbors
Mubarak Used Last 18 Days in Power to Secure His Fortune
Thousands Demand Reforms in Algeria; 400 Arrested **
Thousands March to Oust President in Yemen **
Shame of Britain's Muslim Schools: Secret Filming Shows Pupils Being Beaten
February 11
"Egypt Is Free! Egypt Is Free!" Mubarak Steps Down **
Mubarak 'Flees Cairo as Thousands of Protesters Descend on Palace **
Mubarak Fails to Quell Protests, Raising Fear Egypt 'Will Explode' **
The American Debacle in Egypt
Saudis Fault Obama
Deep US-Saudi Rift over Egypt: Abdullah Stands by Mubarak, Turns to Tehran
11 Countries at Risk of Becoming the Next Egypt
Dead or Not Dead? Saudia Arabia's King Abdullah Passed Away **
Ahmadinejad Calls for Mideast without Israel and US **
Irish to Block EU Integration
February 10
Mubark Will Step Down, Transfer Power to Military Council
Egypt's Working Class Joins anti-Government Revolt **
Middle East on Brink of Grand Transformation **
Pakistan Successfully Test Fires Hatf-VII Missile
February 9
Egypt: Hizbullah and Iran Want to 'Ignite the Region' **
Al-Qaida in Iraq Calls for Holy War Against Egypt's Gov't **
The Chameleon Identity of Egypt’s Elite
Muslim Brotherhood Text Reveals Scope of Radical Creed
Turkey and Iran to Triple Bilateral Trade Despite Nuclear Sanctions
Did You Know?

February 8
Lawlessness Spreads in Sinai as Hamas Transfers al-Qaeda Cells **
Coming ME Flashpoint: Hizballah Faces Terror, Murder Charges at Hariri Tribunal **
Egypt Investigator: Pipeline Explosion Caused by Bomb **
The Egyptian Riots - What's Next?
Banned Islamists Plan Feb. 20 Protest in Morocco
China's Hostile Space Capabilities Worry US: Official
Why Is China Building Eerie 'Ghost Cities'?
Moscow Expels Guardian Reporter
CSIS Watchdog Cool to Foreign Spy Service
February 7
Iran Unveils Missiles, Satellites as Warning to Foes **
February 6
We Are Witnessing the Collapse of the Middle East **
Egypt Riots, World War 3, Obama deception, Israel War
Top Leadership Quits Egypt Ruling Party
Tunisia Police Shoot Dead at Least 2 at Kef Protest
American Warships Moving to Egypt
..."Multiple Marine Platoons" Deployed
Egypt's Revolutionary Crisis Parallels with Iran, China and Romania
Canadian Cities Hold More Egypt Rallies
Egypt Pipeline Explosion Cuts Gas Supply to Israel **
Gas Pipeline Blows Near Port Sinai, Egypt
Egypt in Crisis: the Revolutionary Parallels with Iran, China and Romania
Revolution in Egypt and the Hidden Hand
Walid Shoebat: We Need Egyptian Army on Our Side
Iran Supreme Leader: Egypt Unrest Inspired by Our Islamic Revolution **
Has Revelation's 'Pale Rider' Shown Up in Egypt?
As the Arab World Fights, America Sleeps
Mass anti-Government Rally Held in Serbia
Cameron: State Multiculturalism Has Failed
February 4
Middle East Egyptians Turn Out for Final Push **
Egyptian Police Van Runs Over Pedestrians
Security Up Near Syrian Parliament Ahead of Protests
CNN Ordered by Police Not to Film Egypt Protests
Iran: Riots Sign of Islamic Awakening **
Hizballah Team Breaks 22 Members Out of Egyptian Jail
Iran Could Have Nuke by Next Year **
Red Alert in Britain's Forests as Black Death Sweeps In
February 3
Blood in Cairo Square: Mubarak Backers, Foes Clash; 6 Dead, 800 Hurt **
Obama to Egyptian Army: Remove Mubarak Now, Start Transition **
Sean Hannity VS Radical Imam
Sights and Sounds: Clashes Over Mubarak
Pro Mubarak “Thugs” Paid to Cause Violence, Attack Anti Government Protesters
...Anderson Cooper Attacked by Mob
Egytptian Revolution
Study: Coup Possible in Morocco, Saudi Arabia Too **
Tens of Thousands Fill Yemen Streets for 'Day of Rage' **
Russia Fields Ballistic Missiles
February 2
Egypt Crisis: Police Returning to Cairo Streets Amid Violence, US Says

Clashes Between Pro- and Anti-Government Demonstrators Escalate Sharply in Cairo – video
Gerald Celente: Revolutionary Fervor to Spread Beyond Arab States; Europe Next
February 1
Internet Cut as Egypt Braces for 'March of Millions' **
Mubarak Gives Army Shoot-to-Kill Order
...Army Refuses
Egyptian Activists Distributed Guide on How to Fight Riot Police
Concerns Grow about Security of Suez Canal Shipping
US Army to Send Aerial Backup to Sinai
Unrest in North Africa and Middle East May Spread to Syria **
Jordan's King Sacks Cabinet Amid Street Protests **
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: A Force to be Feared?
Fear the Muslim Brotherhood **
The Islamic World
Does This Mean an Israel Egypt War?
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January 31
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Worldwide Islamist Revolution Explodes **
January 30
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Muslim Brotherhood Moves to Form Mubarak-Less Egypt Unity Gov't **
... Fighter Jets Fly above Protesters
...Thousands of Prisoners Escape
Hamas Gunmen Battle Egyptian Forces in Sinai
... Egypt Shuts Shared Border
...Al Jazeera Taken Off Air
30,000 British Tourists Stranded; Americans Urged to Leave, 102 Dead, 2,000+ Injured **
19 Jets Carrying Families of Egyptian Businessmen Leave Cairo **
Dramatic Video as Thousands Clash with Egypt Riot Police in Cairo

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McCotter: America Must Stand with Her Ally Egypt

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Over 99% in Southern Sudan Vote for Secession
Newly-formed Thai Airline Recruits 'Ladyboys' as Air Hostesses
January 28
Egypt Sends Army into Streets Amid Mass Protests *
‘We’re Living on a Volcano,’ Experts Warn **
Protests in Cairo: The Revolution Will Not be Twittered
Man Shot in Egypt Protest
...1,000 Arrested
Arab Earthquake: Egypt Is the Region's Turning Point
Suez Canal Closure Concerns Go Viral
Thousands in Jordan Protest, Demand PM Step Down **
Tens of Thousands Protest Government in Albania **
January 27
Unrest Spreads to Yemen as Egypt Enters 3rd Day of Riots **
...40 Protesters Charged with Trying to Overthrow Regime
...Markets Plummet
Egypt Braces for Further Protests

Syria Urges 'All Lebanon Parties' to Join Unity Government **
Palestinian Distrust of Iran Revealed in Leaked Papers **
January 26
Mass Protest Against Egypt Leader
Russia's Upper House Unanimously OKs New START **
The World Is on Fire in the "Non-Integrating Gap"
January 25
New Russian Missile Penetrates Missile Defense **
'Day of Rage': Lebanese Rally Against Hezbollah **
Egyptians Denounce Mubarak, Clash with Riot Police **
January 24
Iranium 90 Second Trailer
Lawrence Solomon: China’s Coming Fall
January 23
Army of Islam Behind Church Bomb Attack **
Islamic Parties Emerge in Tunisia
'Islamization' of Paris a Warning to the West
Author Sees Islam's 20-Year Plan for US

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Muslims Are Taking Over the World at an Alarming Rate **
Islamic Takeover of the World
Islamic Parties Emerge in Tunisia
Iranian Warships Coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas **
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Now Even Tunisian police Are Protesting on the Streets
The Science of Subversion
January 21
Is China Trying to Divide U.S., Europe?
WikiLeaks: Iran Clears Major Milestone in Quest for Nuke **
Iran: No Talks on Enrichment Freeze
Iran Begins Nuclear Talks with 6 World Powers in Turkey
Like a Foolish Man Who Built His House on Sand: Dubai World Is Sinking
January 20
Scientists Warn Iran Could Produce Enough Nuclear Material for Warhead in 5 Months **
Iran: Military Strike Would Not Stop Uranium Enrichment **
Lebanon Sits on Volcano That Could Erupt Any Moment **
Bitten and Baited by the Russian Bear
Aussie Couple Rescued from Water after Using Sex Doll as a Raft
January 19
China Got Stealth Tech from Russia: US Lawmaker **
Russian Government Now Largest Shareholder in BP
Iran Test-Fires Missile Successfully at Nuclear Sites **
German Think Tank Told US to Sabotage Iran
Pakistan: Short on Natural Gas, Locals Are Shivering and Angry
January 18
China Builds Underground 5,000km 'Great Wall' against Nuke Attack **
Tunisia: 78+ Deaths in Unrest, Unity Govt May Not Satisfy Protesters **
Paris of the Middle East
January 17
Russia Warns of 'Iranian Chernobyl'
Child Sex Trafficking in UK Rising with Even Younger Victims Targeted
January 16
WikiLeaks: Iran Developing Nuclear Bomb with Help of 30+ Countries **
...Searching for Nuke Bomb Materials: Cables
Israel Tests on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay **
Critics Left Off of Iran Nuke Site Tour
China to Send Troops to NKorea **
US Targets Hong Kong Shipping Firms as Iran Fronts
Venezuela Says Oil Reserves Surpass Saudi Arabia's **
BP and Russia in Arctic Oil Deal
January 14
NKorea Seen as Drawing Bead on Both Seoul, US **
US Warns on China's Cyber, Space Capabilities **
Freedom in Decline Worldwide: US Report
New Order of the Barbarians – Pt 1, 2 – 1969 transcript how the NWO is implemented
January 13
Iran Says Istanbul Talks Could be West's 'Last Chance' **
Iran, Hezbollah Lay Down Gauntlet to Obama on Lebanon -- Guess Who's Losing
UK Court Battle for Right to Have DIY Abortion at Home **
Switzerland Considers Legalizing Incest **
11 nuclear Sites in Britain Pose Risks
January 12
Lebanon in Crisis: Hizballah Quits Government, US-French Buildup, Israel on Standby **
Turkey Threatens Israel If Israel Attacks Lebanon or the Gaza Strip
January 11
Iran Says More Than 10 Suspects Linked to Mossad
...Opens 3 Intelligence Fronts Against Israel
January 10
China's Stealth Jet Coming on, Gates Confirms **
Turkish Min. Calls for Establishing Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce
January 9
Origins of a Killer State
Russia, China Open Milestone Pipeline **
January 6
Chinese Expansion Fears Revealed **
Is China Closer Than Thought to Matching US Fighter Jet Prowess?
Pentagon’s New Report on China’s Military Power
China Military Eyes Preemptive Nuclear Attack In Event of Crisis
"May Our Blood be Shed," Arab Kids in Jerusalem School Taught to Sing, on Hamas TV
January 5
...Thousands Mourn Pakistan Governor
Voice of Moderation Silenced in Pakistan
Tower of Babel’s Ruins Waiting for Archaeologists
January 4
Nudge, Nudge, Wink Wink... How Gov't Wants to Change the Way We Think
Iran Confirms Nuke Tour Invite
WikiLeaks: Iran Can Attack Israel Within 10-12 Minutes **
Pakistani Governor Murdered
Pakistan's Coalition Government Crumbling
January 2
NKorea Warns That War with South Would Bring 'Nuclear Holocaust' **
India, Pakistan and Their Growing Nuclear Arsenals **
'Big Brother' Keeps Millions of Innocent People on File Who Report a Crime
Iran Says It Shot Down 2 Spy Planes over Persian Gulf
Egypt Discovers New Deep-Water Gas Field