make sure you're feeding Your Pets Good Food

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

Dec 26
Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome

Dec 24
Rescued Dog from Afghanistan Saves Owner's Life
Mississippi Puppy Pipeline Helping Families This Christmas

Dec 21
Australian Boy's Egg Collection Hatches into Poisonous Snakes
Dec 19
Found: Whale Thought Extinct for 2 Million Years
Dec 17
Thieves Steal Christmas Presents, Family Dog from Home
Mystery of Mass Squid 'Suicides' Possibly Solved
Dec 7-8
Big Cats in Crisis: Populations Dramatically Decline
Dec 5
Cop Shoots Puppy, Writes Owner Parking Ticket
Jellyfish Invade Australian Beaches
Glass Hopper: The Astonishing Transparent Frogs of Costa Rica
Why Are Cows Tails Dropping Off?
Dogs Learn to Drive Cars in New Zealand

Dec 3
Livestock Falling Ill in Fracking Regions
Oklahoma Hunter Kills Deer Unlike Any Other
PETA and the Death of Sanity
Nov 28
Dog Thefts on the Rise, AKC Says; Owners on Alert – HOLLY NOTE: After two neighbors pets were stolen at Thanksgiving, I looked into how often this happens. It's shocking to see that this under-reported crime is up 32% in just 1 year. Dogs are being resold, sold to laboratories and used in fights. Motivation? Money
Dog Thefts on the Rise

Tips to Protect Your Pet from Theft – HOLLY NOTE: The AKC suggests microchipping your pet. Before you do, read Dr. Katherine Albrecht's article Chipped Pets Develop Fast-Growing, Lethal Tumors.
Family's Attempt to Save Dog Turns Fatal

Nov 26
Why Your Lost Dog May Not Run Back to You – HOLLY HEADS UP: We're seeing a rash of missing dogs in our area. One was a Red Tick Bloodhound and along the same block, a Husky taken within 24 hours. Owners are understandably heartsick and both were stolen out of their fenced backyards.
Adorable Baby Lemurs Born at Melbourne Zoo
Surf's Up Dude, Er, Uh, Dogs

Nov 23
Shepherd Dog Adopts 3 Baby Tigers in Russia

Nov 20
English Town Hit by 'Mutant Super Rat' Invasion
Nov 18-19
Dolphins Found Shot, Mutilated in Gulf of Mexico
Mystery of Dead Birds in Missouri Town Causes Concern
20 Rare Birds Dead, 13 Poisoned by Highly-Toxic Pesticide
Nov 16
180 Million Rats Face 22 Tons of Poison on Galapagos
Paws de Deux: Therapy Dogs Perform ‘Nutcracker’
Nov 15
Incredibly Rare White Humpback Whale Spotted Off Norway Coast
Who Doesn't Want This Dog

Nov 14
Some Horses Starving as Hay Prices Continue to Rise
Nov 13
Animal Odd Couples
Tiger Cub Romping With Doggy Chum Is Cutest Thing Ever — for Now

Nov 8
Over 500 Pigeons Drop Dead in Indian Village
Nov 6
Genetically-modified Ingredients in Pet Food
The Darker Side of Pet Vaccination
Oct 26-27
Yawning Dogs Empathizing with Owners, Study
Birds Hold Gatherings to Acknowledge Their Dead
Oct 19
Please Move the Deer Crossing

Oct 16
Salmonella Scare Causes Recall of Dog Treats
Man Killed, Partially Eaten By Brown Bear
Texas Man, 65, Dies in Bee Attack
Oct 15
Disease Kills Hundreds of Deer in NC Foothills
Hundreds of Dead Deer in S. Dakota, Nebraska Won't Kill Hunt
Capuchin Monkey and Cat Boxing Match

Oct 12
Taco, the Lovesick Emu, Stops Rush Hour Traffic on Florida Highway

Dog Dies After Biting Exotic Toad

Oct 10
Scientists Say Dogs, Cats Catch Flu from Humans
6 Penguins Die at London Zoo After Being Bitten By Mosquitoes in Avian Malaria Outbreak
Oct 5
Dog Tracks Down Ailing Owner at Hospital
Honey Bees Fight Back Against Varroa Vice
Oct 1
Where Have the Birds Gone? HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I noticed this several months ago. There were greater-than-normal hummingbirds; the usual flocks of doves, quail and thrashers, but other birds like killdeer, cedar waxwings, red-headed finches and sparrows were very few. Normally these last 2 are those with the largest numbers. It was sad to see the absence of Cassin finches, because as tiny as these birds are, their songs are the most beautiful. It's a surprise that such a big song comes from such a tiny animal.
Ark. Farmers Struggle with Grasshopper Population
Hantavirus in Yosemite: Shape of Things to Come?
Sept 28
Squirrel Goes on Rampage Through Woman’s Kitchen

Republican Girls Gone Wild at Pool Party – Warning: nudity

Sept 27
Are Zombie Bees Infiltrating Your Neighborhood?
Sept 25
Deer Disease Kills Thousands, Weeks Before Hunting Season
Decision on Cop Who Shot Dog 'for No Reason'
Sept 24
Dog Given Up During Katrina Turns Up in NC
‘Distraught’ Model Blames Airline for Dog's Death – HOLLY NOTE: When Stan and I moved back to America, we had originally booked us and our 2 Australian Kelpies on United. When Stan investigated their pet safety track record, he found United showed an abnormally higher number of pet deaths. In fact, compared to all other international flights, they ranked worst. One chronic accusation was that animals were left on the tarmac to "fry" in their containers, especially during connecting flights. This was in 2001. Apparently the problem hasn't been resolved. Stan immediately rebooked us on Qantas and though these tickets were $2000 higher, at least all family members all arrived home safely.
State's First Case of 'Zombie Bees' Reported
Sept 21
Mudd on a Trampoline

Sept 18
Baby Lion Learning to Roar

Grizzly Attacks Hunter in Idaho
Black Bear Mauls Sleeping Camper in Montana
World's Tallest Dog
Sept 17
Owner of Dog, Missy, Left on 14er Gives Up Custody in Plea Deal
Sept 15
China-Made Pet Jerky Treat Kills 360 Dogs, 1 Cat
Sept 14
Loyal Dog Ran Away from Home to Find His Dead Master's Grave, Stayed by Its Side for 6 Years
Deer-killing Virus Spreading Across Nebraska
Rare Spider Found in Texas Shuts Down $15M Construction Project
Sept 13
Salton Sea Authority Not Surprised By SoCal Stink
Sept 7
Whales Beach Themselves in UK, US
Honeybees and Wild Bees Need Our Help to Keep Going
Worldwide Mass Animal Deaths for 2012
Sept 6
‘Something Really Wrong’: Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up on Lake Erie Shore
Surviving Whales Sent to SeaWorld to Rehab
Aug 29
Britain’s Smallest Dog Mini Born Weighing Just 1.3oz – So Tiny She Can Sit on Top of an iPhone
Aug 28
Koala Hitches Ride in Canoe
Pancake the Kitten and Her 2 Dog Protectors
Aug 27
California Man Dies in First Fatal Bear Attack at Alaska's Denali National Park
Aug 24
3 Million Bees Seized from Queens Man's Home
Aug 22
China Says No to FDA on Testing Pet Treats – Their garbage can kill your 4-legged family members. Never buy anything not American-produced. Your pet's life may depend on it. See what happened to our dog-kids from eating China-made poison.
S. Carolina County Investigates Animal Mutilations
Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm After Being Implicated in Bee Colony Collapse
Stunning Moment a Humpback Whale Breaches the Water Next to Small Boat
6-ton Feathered Dinosaurs Once Flocked to Denali
Drought and Wildfires Threaten Utah's Wild Horses
Aug 20
Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charge After Abandoning Dog on Colorado Mountain – see this video Abandoned Dog Rescued from Mountain
Internet Rages Over Abandoned Dog
Aug 17
Abandoned Dog Rescued from Mountain
Driver Swerves to Avoid Moose, Hits Bear
Worldwide Mass Animal Deaths for 2012
Aug 14
Stray Dog Drags Severely Injured Woman 100 Feet to Get Help
New Species Thrive in Ramle Underworld
17-Foot Python Found with 87 Eggs
Aug 13
Brave Mother Dog Carried Her Puppies to Safety in Fire Truck after Fleeing Burning Home
Aug 10
Petco Warns on Radioactive Stainless Steel Pet Food Bowls
Pet Fooled July 2012
Best Friends for Life: Heart-Melting Picture of Man Easing Pain of His Dying Arthritic Dog 19-Years After Saving Him as a Puppy
Naked Fisherman Hoisted from Sharks' Reach
Honey Oozes from Walls of Bee-infested Home
Africanized Bees Sting Texas Man 300+ Times
Aug 6
Fishermen Rescue Bear Cub from Alaska River
Swarm of Thousands of Bees Delays Pittsburgh Flight
Dolphin Kisses Dog, Jumps for Joy!
Aug 3
Fisherman Rescues Bear Cub in Grip of Alaskan River Whirlpool
Skin Cancer in Wild Fish Under Ozone Hole
July 26
Man Living in 'Terror' as His Home Is Overrun by Venomous Spiders
July 24
Live Cam: Brown Bear & Salmon at Brooks Falls – mesmerizing!
July 19
1,800 Dogs Sick From Jerky; Few Toxins Found
July 18
Thousands of Tiny Crabs Wash Up on Oahu Beaches
21-Pound Lobster Caught Off Cape Cod Beach
July 13
Helping the Helpless: There is something truly messed up with a Nation that tolerates abused children, abused animals, people who can't defend themselves. If you see this disturbing trend and do nothing, may God have mercy on you. We must stand up for aborted, abused, molested children, helpless animals. Give where you can: Give for kids, and here and here, for Animals
July 12
Elephants Walk Miles to Honor Their Saviour
Caterpillar Outbreak Near Mt. St. Helens
July 6
Horrific Testicle-Eating Fish Invade IL Lake + Video
What's Behind Illinois Stealing Local Hero's Bee Hives?
July 4
Philippine Crocodile Declared Largest in Captivity
Can Dogs Love? A True Story
Live Export Sheep Swims to Freedom
July 2
16Ft Great White Shark Spotted Off Cape Cod Coast
June 28
Adorable Video of First Baby Sumatran Rhino Born in Captivity Taking His First Steps
How Meows and Barks Can Change Your Life
June 26
GM Grass Linked to Texas Cattle Deaths
GMO Grass Kills Cows in Texas: Cyanide Gas!
Bear Cub Rescued from garage by Its Mother in Calif.
Things Your Pets Do While You’re Away
Prairie Dogs 'Threatened'? – Overrun Towns: No, We Are
Bison Gores Man in Yellowstone, Throws Him 10 Feet in Air
June 15
Adorable Chipmunk in Slow Motion
June 14
Cougars Again Spreading Across Midwest
Joyful Beagle Sees Owner After 6 Months
June 11
Radioactive Mosquitoes Blamed for Contaminated Bird Droppings at Sellafield Nuke Site
Penguins' Graphic Sexual Acts Shocked Researcher
June 8
Dogs Learn Sign Language
Oregon Woman Finds Mystery Spider in Yard; Is It Deadly?
June 6
Tons of Dead Sardines Wash Up on Japan's Shore
June 4
2 People Dead After Swarms of Venomous Spiders Invade Indian Town
More Than 800 Starving Starfish Stranded on Japan Beach
June 1
Massachusetts Woman Spots Deformed Baby Cardinal With 2 Heads, 3 Beaks
May 30
Baltimore-area Fish Kills Continue
Disease Wiping Out Bats Hits 7th Species, Spreads West
Rabid Bat Found in Kansas County
Bear Cools Off in California Infinity Pool
May 29
Australian Mom Says Kangaroo Stalked Her for 2 Days Then Attacked
Algal Bloom Kills Millions of Abalone in China
May 25
Pesticide Kills Bee Colonies by Turning Insects into 'Picky Eaters' Who Crave Sweeter Nectar - and Ignore Nearby Food
Clever Dog in China Masters Scooter Skills
May 23
Crow Alarm in Berlin - Birds Attacking People

May 22
Nearly 1,000 Dogs Sick from Jerky Treats Now – If you haven't read this article yet, please do so now. It may save your 4-legged family member's life. Avoid at all costs giving your pet anything from sources outside of America – especially China.
May 21
Minnesota's Moose in Sharp, Unexplained Decline

May 18
Swarm of Bees Delays Rockies-Diamondbacks Game
Thousands of Dead Pelicans Wash Up Along Peru's Shores

May 17
Fake Pig Ears Latest China Food Scandal: Report

May 14
Second Time in 1 Week Massive Fish Deaths Clog India River Banks

May 12
Thousands of Dead Birds Wash Ashore on Chilean Beaches
'Twister' Survives Tornado, Now He Needs a Home
Pit Bull Dog, Lily, Sacrifices Limb to Save a Life
May 9
Where's PETA on Obama's Dog-chowing?
Why Is Obama Considering Degrading Our Military Dogs' Training?
May 8
Are Peruvian Animal Deaths a Sign of El Nino?
Doggy Daydreams: Brain Scans Reveal Fido's Thoughts

May 7
Salmonella in Dog Food Puts 5 People in Hospital
Rare White Buffalo Sacred to Some in Native American Community Killed and Skinned

May 4
50,000+ Dead Fish Found in China Pond May Have Been Poisoned

Flea and Tick Season 2012: It's Early and It's Ugly
May 3
Best Dog Ever Guards a Bicycle - Then Does Something So Hilarious
May 2
Frozen Cattle to Be Cut Up, Removed from Abandoned Hut

April 30
Peru to Investigate Mass Die-Off of Pelicans
Australia Expected to List Koalas as Endangered Species
Cuddly Koala Numbers Decimated By Cars and Dogs
Mounting Evidence Suggests Sharks Are in Serious Trouble

April 27
Bear Tranquilized After Wandering onto Univ. of Colorado Campus
Giant Cannibal Shrimp More Than a Foot Long Invade Waters Off Gulf Coast

Jellyfish-Like Organisms Shut Down California Power Plant
How to Tell If a Pet Food Manufacturer is Untrustworthy
April 26
Nearly 30,000 Fish Turn Up Dead in Ohio River
April 19
Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm
Preparedness Plans for Animals
Double Dutch Dog Blows Your Mind
April 17
"Strawberry" Leopard Discovered – A First
Loyal Dog Who Stayed by Dead Dog's Side Reunited with Family
April 13
Bereaved Dog Owners Claim Consumers Should Watch Out for Jerky Treats Made in China

April 11
Beekeeper Suffers 30 Stings after Being Attacked by Swarm of 100,000 Insects Genetically Linked to 'Killer Bees'
Horse Deaths in W. Australia Baffle Vets

April 10
Military Dog, Rex, Finally Reunited with Marine He Was Blown Up with in Iraq
Bird Flies Onstage to Join The Band
‘Backyard Beekeeping’ Encouraged to Battle Shortage
City of Roswell, GA, Bullies Andrew Wordes to Death Over His Backyard Chickens

April 9
Drought, Cholera Kill 10,000 Birds at Vital Refuge

April 5
Bat-Killing Fungus Continues Deadly Spread; Death Toll Now at 7 Million

615 Dolphins Found Dead in Peru, Oil to Blame?
March 30
Baxter, 19-yr-old Therapy Dog, Gives Meaning to Dying Woman
Polar Bear Shot Dead in Newfoundland after House Break-in and Livestock Attack
Pesticides Harming Bee Populations
March 29
Hundreds of Donkeys Abandoned in Lingering Drought
March 28
Harry the Hungry Hippo Gives His Happy Handler a Loving Lick
March 27
Giant Nine-Pound Rats Are Coming
Gardener: All About Backyard Chickens
Eagle Cam: Iowa Bald Eagle Eggs Hatching Live
Caring for Backyard Chickens
March 22
Monarch Butterflies Down Again This Year as Decline Continues
March 21
Polar Bear Triplets Melt Hearts of Russian Visitors
March 19
Honeybee Die-Offs Linked to Insecticide, Study Says
Incredibly Dear Baby Deer
March 16
Dangers of Rawhide Chews – A Word from Seismo and Taco – HOLLY NOTE: In light of the new poisonous dog treats from China we've been asked to repost this article I wrote on the shocking dangers of rawhide chews.
Slithering Surprise in NYC Toilet
Sick Pets May Feel Pain of Drug Shortage Too, Vets Warn
March 14
600 Dogs Sickened Due to Chicken Jerky Treats from China
Indian Tribe Gets Permits to Kill Bald Eagles
March 13
Are Honey Bees Headed Towards Extinction?
March 12
Injured Marine Seeks to Adopt Dog (Sergeant Rex) from Afghanistan Before Put to Sleep
Sign the “Save Sergeant Rex Petition”
Wild Boars with Razor-Sharp Tusks Invade New York
Thousands of Snowy Owls Migrate South in Unbelievable Wildlife Event
March 9
30 Dolphins Stranded and Incredibly Saved! Extremely Rare Event!
March 7
Bat Invasion in Northern Australian Town Prompt Disease Warning
March 6
After Surviving 53 Days in Nevada Desert Dog Reunited with Owner

March 5
Pet Spending Passes $50B
SeaWorld Launches Penguin Cam
March 2
Kangaroo Helps Special Needs Girl
Freeze-Dried Pets Comfort Grieving Owners
March 1
Obama Administration Plan Would Kill Rival Bird to Save Spotted Owl
February 24
PETA: America’s Pet Slaughterhouse – Butchers 95% of Animals in Its ‘Care’

February 24
Mysterious Rattlesnake-Killing Infection Emerges – HOLLY NOTE: Before you think "oh good", remember snakes eat a lot of plague-carrying rodents

February 21
Bathers Attacked by Carnivorous Fish in Brazil

February 17
Scientists Amazed as Pacific Whales Turn Up Far from Home
Butterball Workers Charged With Animal Cruelty, Vet Tipped Them Off

Animal Cruelty Claims Hit Sydney Abattoir
February 15
World's Tiniest Chameleon Discovered

February 13
Hundreds of Dead Dolphins Found Off Peru

February 10
800 Birds Found Dead in Christchurch
Purple Squirrel Baffles Experts in Southern England

February 8
Dolphins and Boy Wake Surf Together
Fast-Spreading Animal Virus Leaps Europe, UK Borders
Purple Squirrel Found in Pennsylvania

February 7
Honeybees Dying in Large Numbers
Mystery: Mass Dolphin Deaths by Beaching

February 6
Mississippi Co. Animal Shelter Has Had Nearly 60 Calls About Missing Dogs in Past Week

February 3
Arizona Author Bethe Bennett Saved by Dog Who Brought Her Phone, Paper
Horse Slaughtering Resumes in US as Legislation Languishes in Congress
Supergiant Amphipod Discovered in Deep Sea Near New Zealand
Balancing Dog Is International Hit
More Ozzie Clips

February 1
A Special Lioness and Her Cubs
January 30
Dolphin, Seal Deaths Plague New England
Don't Tease the Frog

January 27
Outbreak of Deadly Equine Virus Has Horse Owners on Edge
Waterskiing Squirrel Shows Off Skills
January 26
Humane Society Saves Zoo Animals Amid Severe Storms
5 Pet Poisons Hiding in Your Purse, Backpack or Work Bag
Animals Left to Die in Fukushima Zone
Worst Fish-Kill In Recent Times Off Guyana and Suriname
January 25
Do Dolphins Sleep Talk in Whale?
5,000 Fish Found Dead in Perth’s Swan River
Wild Gorilla Encounter
January 24
Fight to Save Whales Stranded in New Zealand
Dozens of Dolphins Stranded at Cape Cod

January 20
Alarming New Pet Food Branded by Celebrity Ellen DeGeneres

January 19
Dog, Deer Are Best Friends

January 18
Dog Rescuer Arrested After 128 Dogs Found in U-Haul
Possible Extinction Event Threatens Bats Already Kills 6.7M HOLLY NOTE: Contrary to the bad rap given to bats, they perform important tasks. One bat can eat 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour. They also pollinate plants. Their demise has huge implications for humans and plants alike.
State AG Fears DC Law May Relocate Rat 'Families' to Virginia
Baby Polar Bear in Special Care After Being Rejected by Mum in Zoo
Snowboarding Crow
January 17
53 Dead Fur Seals Wash Up on South Australia Beach
New Animal Virus Takes Northern Europe by Surprise
Goodbye, Fish: Rising CO2 Direct Threat to Sea Life

January 16
Up to 30 Dolphins Beach on Cape Cod, 10 to 12 Dead

January 14
Don’t Feed Fish to Your Cats and Dogs!
Kayaker Finds Dog Paddling in Gulf of Mexico
Three German Shepherds in a British Pub

January 11
Texas Mayor Kicks Some Horse Slaughter Tail
Large Number of Dead Fish Found in China River
Anthrax Outbreak Claims Lives of More Than 165 Wild Animals in Zimbabwe

January 9
Horse Left at Ohio Amish-Area Walmart Needs Home
Dogs Help the Healing Process
Albino Hummingbird

January 6
Another Reason Dogs Rule: They Know What You're Thinking
January 2
20 TONS of Dead Fish Off Norway
First Sign of Apocalyptic Year? Thousands of Blackbirds Fall from Sky in Beebe, Ark.
The Bear