Lamb With Will to Survive

This is from a Net friend in Queensland who is witnessing devastating flooding in her state and in New South Wales. Thankfully she and her family have been spared the misery. —Holly

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February 16, 2012
Lynette in Queensland, AU

I can’t begin to understand what some of the folk in northern NSW have gone through but this morning my friend told me the story of a family who had to be evacuated by helicopter. The wife had a poddy lamb (that’s what we call ones that are hand-reared for various reasons) and she said the hardest thing she had to do was push the poddy lamb back after it tried to go in the helicopter too.

Apparently this lamb had become best mates with one of the dogs and when they left the people had secured the dogs up on a high level of their cotton gin out of the water. The lamb must have heard the dogs because when the people came back they found the lamb sitting up with the dogs after having found its way up into the cotton gin somehow. That’s one smart little lamb.

And all power to the dogs as there were several of them including pig dogs but the little lamb was perfectly safe and didn’t end up as their dinner.

Then, the husband did a bit of a reconnaissance of the place and this involved him wading in water up to his neck. He thought he heard a little noise and when he looked around here was the little lamb swimming to try and catch up to him, obviously concerned that she was going to be left alone again.

So, I reckon those people should have that lamb as a pet for life now! Amazing how animals behave in emergencies and how species can get on when they want to.