It Just Keeps Getting Drier, and Drier, and Drier! A Report from North Central Arkansas

December 3, 2012
Ron Klinefelter

Hello Holly,

Thought I’d try and jot down a few thoughts on the deepening drought. As the times get worse, I wish I had neighbors like you and Stan, instead of the mostly comatose ones that seem to be all around us.

The last time I wrote to you, this summer, we were in the grip of extreme drought. As the weather finally cooled down for fall, and gardening season ended,  few seemed to be noticing that the drought never ended. It just keeps getting drier, and drier, and drier! We’ve had less than an inch of rain since mid October, and it took several “rains” to even total up that much. Our last “rain” was a couple of  weeks ago, and was less than a half of one tenth inch!

In the fall, I loan out my big, high sided trailer to a lawn service, who fills it up with chopped leaves and grass, and then brings it out to me. You almost have to wear a dust mask while unloading, it is so dry. At this rate, it would take entire seasons to get it soaked down to the bottom on the 20 cubic yard pile in my pasture.  

Also, as the leaves fall, the true scope of the trees dying has begun to show up. I lost a giant, which was the most wonderful shade for the area outside my door where I park my trucks, and that was with some watering. But a friend of mine in nearby Stone county has a beautiful hand crafted log cabin in a piney woods overlooking a huge canyon. He told me that he lost enough trees this summer to saw out 65 saw logs!

I’ve noticed something else. The soil temperature is way too high for this time of year. We can still germinate lettuce, if you keep it watered, in just a few days.

I was reading an article on the final year of the drought during the dust bowl days. It was 1936, after 6 years of drought, that they were taking soil temperature readings at a depth of 4 inches below the soil surface in Nebraska, and they got readings as high as 200 degrees! That would sterilize every living thing in the soil! We’ll, we certainly aren’t that bad, but it has been unusually warm for too long of a stretch for this time of year.

It was in the low 70’s today, and will be in the mid 70’s tomorrow. It’s not unusual to have days like this sometimes in the late fall, but not this many in a row.

My old army friend that runs the loader at the sawmill was saying yesterday that we’ve got to be down at least 12” of rain this summer. I’d say it was a lot more than that!

Compounding the problem, has been 20-30 mph winds from the south that are really drying things out. The leaves just kind of crunch when you walk in the woods, and fire danger is high. Seems like the only ones who are doing real well these days are the heavy equipment owners, who are doing a booming business cleaning out farm ponds that have completely dried up, and water trucks, filling empty cisterns, because there’s no rain to catch.

With the leaves falling, and the gardening and lawn mowing season ending, and Christmas just around the corner, people aren’t noticing what is going on around them. Neither are they looking UP, and seeing the almost daily chemtrail spraying going on, which is probably a big part of the reason we’re not getting the rains. If this drought doesn’t break, and if we don’t get lots more rain and snow this winter, and we go into next spring this dry, there won’t be much food grown next summer.

This would be a REAL GOOD time to be looking ahead  and seeing the big picture, and preparing accordingly as if your life depended on it.............. because it could very well be precisely that. Stay strong, and pray hard. These are no times for weaklings!