Stan's Comments on 12-21-2012 – What Might Be Coming

December 21, 2012
Stan Deyo

Although I do not believe life as we know it will end today, I do believe drastic changes in geophysics are starting to escalate across the planet. In my opinion the end of the 12th Mayan Baktun today is just a marker for cyclic changes that begin around this date and that these changes could eventually result in:

a) increased seismic and volcanic activity
b) chaotic climate changes (clobbering world food production)
c) weakened geomagnetic fields (including the magneto-pause and magnetosphere)
d) possible inversion of the magnetic poles
e) increased wobble in the Earth's spin resulting in relocated geophysical poles
f) possible increase of the Earth's mean diameter (by a few percent)
g) weakening of the Earth's gravity
h) a small lengthening of the day
i) a small lengthening of the year
j) possible changes in the Sun itself that produce a dark cloud around the Sun

Q: What do I believe could cause these things?

A: Primarily, all these changes could result from quantized changes in the Sun and Earth due to the normal aging of our star and our planet. I have been writing and illustrating a paper on the nature of these changes for the last three years. Hopefully I will publish it before we lose the Internet in 2013.