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Today's Ugly Weather Forecast

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Dec 31
9 Die as Bus Crashes on Icy Oregon Highway
2012: The Year of Drought and Heat
Weather That Changed Us in 2012

Nature’s Fury: 2012 Was Full of Wild Weather

2012: Top Three Worst Tornado, Severe Weather Outbreaks
Dec 28
Worst in Decades: More Snow, More Frustrations as Powerful Storm Pushes On
New Snowstorm Before the New Year in NYC, I-95
Montreal Begins Heavy Task of Carting Away Record Snow
U.S. Drought 3rd Highest on Record
Larry Taylor Blog
Dec 27
Snow, Rain, Possible Floods as Storm Slams Northeast
'Pretty Nasty' Snow Storm to Hit Eastern Canada
Massive Gas & Liquid from La. Sinkhole

Storm Leaves 6 Dead in Philippines
Heatwave and Fires Continue in Perth
30 Dead in 24 Hours as Cold Wave Sweeps Northeast India
Worst Rains to Hit Baghdad in 30 Years Left 4 People Dead
Heat Wave Kills City Zoo Polar Bear in Argentina
Nicaragua Volcano: Hundreds Flee San Cristobal Eruptions
Nicaraguan Farmers Ignore Volcano Warning
When Ice Melts, Earth Spews Fire
Georgians Panicky, Expect Major Earthquake on Black Sea Coast
3.3 Earthquake Wednesday Night in Haro Strait Shakes Victoria
Dec 26
Christmas Day Tornado Outbreak Wreaks Havoc
34 Tornadoes Reported...
Caught on Cam: Terrifying Mobile Twister

Massive Winter Storm Hits Indiana to Maine
No End in Sight for Britain's Floods: Forecasters Warn 6 Weeks' Worth of Rain to Fall Before New Year
Boiling Water Freezes Instantly in Siberia's -41ºF (-41ºC)
Nicaragua's San Cristobal Volcano Blows More Ash
'Volcano Man' Gets Dangerously Close to Kilauea's 2,000ºF Lava on Hawaii
Monster 25-foot Waves Pound Hawaii
Hawaiian Islands Are Dissolving from Within
End-of-the-World Scenarios
Dec 25
More Than 150 Million Americans Wake to a White Christmas
Russia's Brutal Early Winter Claims 123 Lives
Dec 24
Christmas Day Tornadoes: Southeast Texas to Florida
Storms Threaten More Holiday Travel Chaos
Rare Christmas Snow for Dallas, OKC, Little Rock
U.S. Weather Hazards for the Next 7 Days
Hundreds of Flights Hit Again as Winter Weather Continues
Huge Landslide After Appalling Weather Leaves Homes Inundated with Mud and Debris, Woman Clinging to Tree in Flood Is Rescued
UK Floods Force Evacuations

Alabama Woman Sleeps Through Tornado Ripping Off Roof

In Low Rivers, Long-Forgotten History Resurfaces
4.5 Earthquake Hits Gulf of California Following 6.8 Quake in Vanuatu
4.0 Rattles Southern California Early Saturday Afternoon
Red Alert for Volcano Chile-Argentina Border
Volcano Eruption: The World Hasn't Ended But Things Are Hotting Up
Extreme Weather Was Front and Center in 2012

West Antarctica Warming Faster Than Thought
New Lives Emerge from Colo. Wildfire Ashes, Still Scarred
Dec 21
Stan's Comments on 12-21-2012 – What Might Be Coming
Deadly Storm Soaks Northeast, Triggers Travel Chaos, Kills 6
Wind Flips Car Like Toy During Severe Weather Outbreak
Britain on Flood Alert as Rain Forecast to Lash Country for 24 Hours from This Evening
Travel Chaos as Floods Force Road Closures – All Trains to Heathrow Cancelled on Busiest Day of Festive Getaway
Extreme Weather Causes Damage All Over Israel
The Climate Danger Nobody's Talking About
11 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters in 2012
Forget the Mayan Apocalypse: 6 Real Threats Facing the US
Unsettling Report: Most U.S. States Unprepared for Emergencies
Unstable Sea Slab Near Barrier Reef Could Cause Monster Tsunami in North Queensland
An Earthquake a Day in Indonesia Recorded Throughout Past Year
Dec 20
Blizzard Conditions Threaten to Bring Chaos to Plains, Midwest
Severe Storms Hit Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
Possible Alabama Tornado Is Flipping Cars
Motorists Rescued from Cars and Villages Flooded as Britain Is Hit By 24 Hours of Continuous Rain
Massive Texas Dust Storm Causes Chain-Reaction Car Crashes Leaving 1 Dead, 17 Injured
Deep Freeze Across Russia Dips to -50, at Least 45 Die
Flash floods Kill at Least 25 People in Sri Lanka, Leave More Than 250,000 Marooned
Frost Quake Mechanisms as a Trigger for Major New Madrid Fault Earthquakes

Risk of Volcanic Eruption in Turkey
Russia's Plosky Tolbachik Volcano Erupts After Almost 40 Years
Dec 19
15 Signs That The Ring of Fire Is Waking Up as We Head into 2013
Windswept Snow to Cause Travel Problems for Denver, I-25 Corridor
Major Lake-Effect Snow Event Follows Midwest Blizzard
Northwest Mountains Get 3 Feet of Snow; More Coming
60 Cars Involved in Pileup Near Oregon-California Border
Tennessee Univ. Study Predicts Extreme Climate in Eastern US
Mudslide Knocks Train Off Tracks

1 Pothole Damaged 25 Vehicles in 1 Day
Stormier Pattern Increasing White Christmas Odds
Russian Winter Continues to Kill
Gulf Oil Sheen at BP's Deepwater Horizon Rig Disaster Site Remains a Mystery
Scotland on Flood Alert as 60mph Winds and Rain Are Forecast
Japan Just Hit with 3rd Earthquake Today as 177 Temblors Have Peppered the Western Pacific
Cost of Christchurch Earthquake Hits $30B
6,000-Sq-Km – an Area Twice the Size of Tohyo – Sank Following Japan's 9.3 Earthquake Last Year
Dec 18
800 Eruptions in 6 Months: Indonesian Volcano Spews Ash, Lava
High Winds, Mountain Snows Slam Northwest
Denver to Green Bay Snowstorm in the Works
Louis. Salt Dome Collapse 'Sinkhole' Lake Might Be 30 Football Fields Large
Sinkhole Many Never Heard of Continues to Displace Residents
Texas Brine Fined Another $160,000 in the Louisiana Sinkhole Scandal
Nepal Quake Points to Himalayan Threat
Thousands Remain Displaced from Sandy Without Heat and Power

Dec 17
Blizzard, Rain and Wind Slam the Northwest
Ecuador Declares Volcano Alert
Weather Warnings Issued as Potent Storm Approaches W. Wash.
Cyclone Evan Batters Fiji: 'This Will Be Much Worse'
Flash Flood in Samoa Described as Inland Tsunami
Noosa National Park Bushfire Still Burning in Australia
Thousands of Cattle in Queensland at Risk of Starving After Bushfires
Pictured: Incredible 'Tsunami' of Clouds Roll Over Mountain Top to Engulf City
Large Dock from Japanese Tsunami Reported Floating Off Wash. Coast
Extreme Weather of the Week
Dec 14-15
Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Belches Sudden Strong Explosion
'King Tides' Give Calif. Taste of Sea-Level Rise
Philippines Death Toll Rises to 902 after Typhoon Bopha; 80,000 Homeless
Strong Earthquake Strikes Off California Coast
Stan Forecast the 6.3 and 4.7 Calif. Quakes 5 Days Ago – See Map Verification
Earthquake Confirmed in Dallas-Fort Worth Area
5.5 Earthquake Recorded Near El Salvador
– Stan Forecast These on Dec. 10.
Ancient Earthquake Foreshadowed 2011 Japan Disaster
Weird Underwater Volcano Discovered Near Baja
Kilauea’s Past Doesn’t Lie: What Happened Once Can Happen Again
2 Earthquakes Off California Coast
Timeline of Sandy, Controversy Surrounding the Storm
Dec 13
'Once in 50-Year Storm' Dumps Over 4" of Rain on West Australia, Cuts Power to Over 2,000 Homes
Eye-witness Account of Massive Iceberg Breakup

2 Dead in Cyclone Evan
Poland Cold Snap Death Toll Hits 30
Which Quakes Predict Eruption?

4.4 Earthquake Strikes North of Quebec City
1,500 Earthquakes Hit Iceland in November
Anxieties Rise as Surge of Tremors Makes Chilean Town a Shaky Place in World’s Shakiest Nation
Dec 12
Scientists Warn of Unrest Along New Zealand's North Island Volcano Belt
White Island Volcanic Alert Level Raised
The Strange Spine of New Zealand’s White Island
Russian Volcano Spilling Record Amount of Lava
NSW Firefighters Baffled By Eternal Flame at Lake Woytchugga
4.5 Quake Rattles Costa Rica
Dec 11
Storm Damages 40 Homes Near Edgewater
Rare December Tornadoes Slam South

Sandy Unprecedented But Not Unexpected

Record Setting Snow Blankets the Twin Cities

Dec 10
Storm Pounds Midwest, Plains With Heavy Snow, Wind
Blizzard Causes Nearly 600 Crashes in Minn.
Hundreds of Fishermen Missing in Philippine Super Typhoon
Victims Beg for Food After Deadly Typhoon
Sandy-struck Victims Facing 'Greatest Historical Challenge'
60% Expect Killer Catastrophe in Lifetime
50% America: I'd Kill to Protect My Own: Survey Reveals Stunning Attitudes About Surviving Catastrophes – HOLLY COMMENT: This survey was conducted during normal times, when most people are in warm homes with plenty of food – at least those who would be in a position to respond to this survey. Take those normal expectations away and it's likely this 50% number will skyrocket. What a person would never consider doing in most circumstances, once their loved ones are threatened, could turn this statistic on its ear.
Snowfall Records Fall in Midwest
Waterfalls of Lava on Hawaii's Big Island
Stanford Geophysicists: Major Earthquakes Coming
Big Earthquake Felt Across Both Islands of New Zealand
Dec 7-8
Obama Seeking $60 Billion for Sandy Recovery
Stubborn US Drought Could Be Costlier Than Hurricane Sandy
Nearly 600 Dead, 600 Missing After Philippines Typhoon
2012 Warmest Year in US? Odds Rise to 99.7%
Mt. Lokon Enters 2nd Day of Eruption
Swarm of Quakes Rattles New Zealand
Tsunami Hits Japan After 7.3 Quake
Stan's Hugely Accurate Quake Forecast – The Hits – Verify them via his daily maps
Tsunamis, Earthquakes Overdue in Lake Tahoe
Mystery Booms Heard Across the U.S. Within 24 Hours
Alaska Burning: Explosion Near Eagle Leads to Mysterious Geologic Ground Craters
Heavy Rains and Floods Cripple Cities Across Indonesia
Dec 6
'Families Washed Away'; At Least 477 Die, 380 Missing; 250,000 Homeless in Typhoon
...Disaster Warnings Ignored
Rare Tornado Kills 3 in New Zealand's Largest City
NHC Hurricane Warning Definition Modified in Wake of Sandy
Canada's Capital Region in White-Out as Snowfall Blankets Area
8 Dead in Iran Earthquake
Mystery Tremors in Texas Puzzle Experts
Dec 5
Typhoon Bopha Kills at Least 230, Leaves Hundreds Missing in Philippines
Heavy Snow Closes Airports, Wreaks Havoc on UK Railways and Turns Roads into Ice Rinks... Met Office Blindsided
Scores of Wildfires Sparked in Queensland Heat
Perth's Sea Level Rise Three Times Global Average
Blizzard Halts Traffic at Sweden's Main Airport
Midwest Snowless Streaks Nearing Record
Coldest U.S. Temperature of Season Recorded in Alaska
New December Severe Weather Outbreak?
Catastrophic Storms’ Costs Put Cloud Over Federal Budgets
'Black Swan' Storms: Extreme Cyclones Linked to Warming Seas
Huge Waterfall Runs Dry

Extreme Weather Is New Normal, UN
World Bank: Climate Change Will Hit Middle East, North Africa Hard
FEMA 'Ill Equipped' for Disasters in Cities, Congressman Says
Scientists Warn of Major Earthquakes in Pacific Northwest and Himalayas
3.9 Quake Hits Southern Colorado
Shale Shocked: Studies Tie Rise of Significant Earthquakes in U.S to Wastewater Injection
New Map Highlights Hotspots for Mega-Quakes
Related: The Link Between Great Earthquakes and the Subduction of Oceanic Fracture Zones
Earthquake Swarms Could Indicate Eruption Near Nisyros, Greece
Volcano Erupts in Russia, Spews Plume of Ash 4Km into Sky

Dec 4
Drenched Northern California to Get 4th Storm
5.8 Quake Near Anchorage, Alaska, Knocks Items Off Shelves; No Reported Injuries
Aftershocks Expected
5.1 Earthquake Reported Off Coast of Central America
2012 Breaks Records for Heat, Drought, Weather Extremes
40 Dead or Missing as Typhoon Hits Philippines
Blizzards, Freezing Temperatures Cause Chaos Across Northeast China
Heavy Snowstorm Envelopes Moscow
Louisiana Sinkhole Company Fined $100,000 for Failing to Protect Citizens
Sinkhole Evacuees Won't Be Home for Awhile
Enviros Warn Fracking-Related Earthquakes Could Threaten Dams
Dec 3
Third Storm in Less Than Week Drenches Northern California
Port Authority Details Sandy's Damage to Ports
Super-Soaker Storms Flood Pacific Northwest
Portions of Texas Move Back into Severe Drought
Frying, Dying Times
It Just Keeps Getting Drier, and Drier, and Drier! Gardens Spring Back to Life
Drought of 2012 — Sign of Times?
Thousands Evacuated in U.K. as Major Flooding Follows Record Drought
Hundreds Flee Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park
New Accurate Location of the Magnetic Pole Shift at Half Way Point & Factual Events Occurring
5.9 Quake Shook Awake Residents of Alaska Friday Night
A Violent 6.4 Earthquake Jolts Vanuatu Region
Monster Sinkholes an Indication That Major Earth Changes Are Coming Along the New Madrid?
Fracking Confirmed as Cause of Texas Earthquakes
Rare Rumbling Storm May Have Registered as Earthquake
Rising Tides - With Perplexity The Sea and Waves Roaring November 2012

Nov 30
Drought Worsens in High Plains; Winter Outlook Grim
West Coast Hit with Power Outages, Battering Surf
Staten Island Sandy Recovery Meeting Gets Heated, Victims Beg FEMA for Help
Sandy Victims, in Tears, Beg FEMA for Help as Work Comes to a Standstill

Moscow Records Heaviest November Snow for 50 Years
19 Atlantic Tropical Storms 3 Consecutive Years: a Very Rare Event
Earth Quake Swarm Hits Alaska
Russia's Kamchatka Volcano Eruption Destroys Science Camps
Could Russia's Tolbachik Volcano Be the Next Eyjafjallajokull?
Iceland Volcano Eruption Caused By Chain Reaction
Ice Sheet Loss at Both Poles Increasing, Major Study Finds
Polar Ice Melting 5x Faster Than in the Early 90's

Victorians Swelter Through Hottest November Day in More Than a Century – Temperature Soars Above 113ºF
Customers Fume after Heat Knocks Out Phone Service
A Legendary Ship's Final Hours Battling Sandy
Tsunami Debris Washes Up in Hawaii

Nov 29
Sandy Destroyed 305,000 Houses in New York Alone - a Number That's Likely to Grow
The House That Floated Away -- and Other Post-Sandy Reflections
Storms Threaten Flooding, Damage in California
2012 Marked By Extreme Weather, Arctic Thaw: UN
UN: 2012 Likely in Top 10 Warmest Years Globally
Freak Twister Rips Through Europe's Largest Steel Plant

Upswing in Earthquakes at Long Valley Caldera, California
Earthquake Swarm Puts Southern California Town on Edge
Another Small Earthquake in Eastern Kentucky
Explosive Volcanic Eruption Starts in Russia’s Far East
Guatemala: Increased Eruptions at Santiaguito Volcano
Guatemala on Alert as Santiaguito Volcano Dumps Plumes of Smoke and Ash

Intense Volcanic Activity on Pagan
First Photos of the Tolbachik Eruption
Giant Louisiana Sinkhole "Burps" Up Debris
Massive Louisiana ‘Sinkhole’ Leaking Radiation, Catastrophe Concerns
Large Sinkhole Closes SR 516 in Dover, Ohio
Nov 28
UK Floods Claim 4th Life, Leave Worst Insurance Bills for 5 Years
Warnings: Risk of More Chaos to Come
MINUS 20C? Britain Faces Coldest Winter for 100 Years, Warn Forecasters as Big Freeze Follows Flood
Russia's Tolbachik Erupts for First Time in 36 Years
Hawaii Volcano Spills Lava into Ocean Creating Spectacular Show
4.2 Quake Rattles Quebec Region
Strong Earthquake Shakes Eastern Indonesia; No Immediate Damage Reported
Major Earthquakes Can Trigger Faraway 'Slow' Quakes
New Orleans' Levee Future: $38 Million a Year to Maintain
Roller Coaster Submerged During Sandy Won't Stay as 'Tourist Attraction'
Glacier National Park May Have to Change Its Name: How Global Warming Has Taken Its Toll on America's Wilderness
Beaches Are Back After Grand Canyon Flooding
Nov 27
Is the New Madrid Fault Line Waking Up? – HOLLY NOTE: Since this article was first published 6 days ago, another 4 quakes have hit the New Madrid area right in the Missouri Bootheel
5.5 Earthquake Strikes Western China
Tourists in Australia Flee Rare Algae Bloom as Bondi Beach Turns into a 'Red Sea'
Slew of Storms to Slam West
Damaging Katrina-level Storm Surges Twice as Likely in Warm Years
Rising Seas, More Frequent Storms Have People Questioning Whether to Rebuild
England Sees a Month of Rain in 1 Day, Issues 300 Flood Warnings
City Under Water: Devastation in Wales – Hundreds Evacuated as River Explodes from Banks
...Lives in Danger
Drought-Parched Mississippi River is Halting Barges
Louisiana Sinkhole Area Quaked, Dome Collapsed More as Oil Drilling Reached 12,340 Feet
Nov 26
Dunes That Saved NY Island from Sandy Are Now Gone
Can New York Prevent Future Storm Surges?
New Jersey: At Least $29.4 Billion in Sandy Damages
N.Y. State Damage Damages from Superstorm Sandy May Total More Than $50 Billion
2 Small Earthquakes Rumble Ground in East Tennessee
Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tornadoes: Coming to Terms with Natural Disasters
Lava from Kilauea Travels to the Ocean
UK: We're at Saturation: Just When Britain Can't Take Any More Rain, Here Comes Another Deluge
HAARP Unleashes Tesla Death Ray
HARRP Status Map – Trouble for Western 1/3 of US
Monster Sinkhole Sparks Catastrophe Worries
Iran's August Earthquake Leaves 100000 Without Shelter as Winter Descends
Nov 23
Chile Shaken by 5.9 Quake Stan's Quake Maps Forecast It as Early as Nov. 19
Small Earthquake Shakes New Jersey
Japan Should Prepare for Worst-Case Magnitude 10 Earthquake, Researcher
140-car Pileup in Texas Fog Kills 2, Injures More Than 80
Increased Seismic Activity Recorded at Giant Louisiana Sinkhole
Giant Sinkholes in Queens after Hurricane Sandy’ – ‘Alarm Street May Collapse’

Before-and-After Views of Sandy Destruction
Woman Dies After Rogue Wave Capsizes Dive Boat
Worst US Drought in Decades Deepens, Covers 60% of CONUS
Roads, Airports Not Ready for Extreme Weather
90-Year-Old Missing Feared Drowned in River as UK Is Lashed By 100 MPH Gales – More Coming This Weekend
Volcano Waiting to Explode in Philippine City
Nov 21
Storm Slams Northwest With Record Rain, Wind
Coldest Winter in 100 Years on Way to UK
Weather Hell: Britain to Face Floods for 100 Years, Experts Warn
Long Quiet Volcano Erupts in New Zealand for 2nd Time in 4 Months, Flights Told to Avoid Area
Mount Ruapehu Likely to Blow Soon
Ecuador's Reventador Volcano Lava Dome Grows, Changes to More Explosive Eruption Style
500 Homes Destroyed By Fire So Powerful It Spawned Intense Storms
Nov 20
No Sandy, But New Storm System Likely Off East Coast Could Snarl Holiday Travel
Northwest Storm to "Feel Like a Hurricane"

Pacific Northwest Storm Already Claims 1 Life
Sandy a Sign of Winter to Come
Flooding Affects Dozens of Scottish Homes
More Users and Less Water Are Stressing the Colorado River
Magnetic Pole Shifting Happening Now
Worst Snow in 50 Years Damages 400 Greenhouses
Great U.S. Drought of 2012 to Last Into Spring of 2013
Nov 18-19
Sandy Debris Piles Up at NY Site -- 4,500 Tons So Far
Sandy Uprooted Trees by the Thousands in NY, NJ
Some New Yorkers May Not Have Electricity Until Christmas (excerpt):
Anderson Cooper: Councilman, you met with LIPA officials today. They said some people here on Long Island may not have power until Christmas? Is that true?
James Sanders, NYC Councilman: When I raised the question to the man and said, how soon will everyone have power, they wouldn't give me an answer, and I said, well, can we say November? Can we say December? How about Christmas? At that point they said, it is possible.
Sandy Victim Says Government Was Unprepared for Storm

2 Weeks (Now 3) and No Electricity: Brooklyn Citizens Feel Abandoned After Hurricane Sandy

Map of Long Island Power Outages
Superstorm Sandy: Pets Displaced by Storm Get Help in California
Left with Tornado Damage, Ala. Town Blames FEMA
New Map Targets Australia's Earthquake Hotspots
Louisiana Sinkhole Grows to 8 Acres – 80,000 Gallons of Oil Removed from the Surface
Weather Service Under Fire After Weekend of Wild Weather Pounds Queensland and Lefy Many Unprepared
Massive Waterspout Forms in Australia Bay
HOLLY NOTE: Stan's Quake Forecast Map picked up the electrical charge for this storm marked with a red arrow.
Eruption Fears Rise at New Zealand's 'Mount Doom'
Yellowstone Volcano Alert Status at "Yellow"
Drought Affecting Ski Areas
Drought Worsens in Food Basket
Mississippi River Water Levels Critically Low – May Halt Barges Carrying Necessities: Coal, Food, Petroleum
Top 10 Costs of the BP Oil Spill That Won't Be Covered by the $4.5 Billion Fine
BP's Billion Dollar Settlement: Here's Where the Money Will Go
Red Rain Falls for Over 15 Minutes in Sri Lanka
Nov 16
Superstorm Shaz Threatens to Smash New South Wales and Queensland This Weekend
Drought Persists in High Plains Despite Recent Rain
Human Waste Still Pouring into NY Harbor After Sandy
US East Coast Faces Variety of Tsunami Threats
Less Fortunate in U.S. Hit Hardest By Extreme Weather
New Madrid Under Gas Attack? 6 New Madrid Explosions in a Month
Pressure Builds Under Mt. Ruapehu, Likely to Erupt
Only "Lunatics" Prepare for the Worst?
Nov 15
Could a Big New Madrid Quake Be Next for the Midwest?
Oregon's Future Earthquake Scenario Pt 1, Pt 2
Mexico Rattled By 6.0 Earthquake – HOLLY COMMENT: Notice how close this quake is to the rumbling Popocatépetl volcano
World-wide Volcanic Activity November 14-15
Sandy Aftermath a War Zone

Long Island Still a Disaster 2 Weeks After Sandy
No Sandy, But Storm Likely That Could Snarl Holiday Travel
Terrifying Twin Twisters Spotted Over Japanese

New Oil Sheen Prompts Another Investigation of BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Scene
High Alert for Potentially Toxic Algae
Travel Chaos for Air, Road, Rail Passengers as Blanket of Fog Causes Heathrow to Cancel 84 Flights
Millions Displaced Facing 'Secondary Disaster'
Louisiana Bayou Seismos Very 'Busy'
More Louis. Sinkhole Methane Safety Precautions Ordered
Colorado Drought to Hurt Lake Powell, Lake Mead
Drought Killed Christmas Trees, But Farmers Say It Won't Affect Prices
Nov 14
Rains Swell Rome's Tiber River, Flooding Suburbs
2 Weeks After Sandy, Residents Still Struggling

Power Worker Beaten While Helping in N.Y.

Massive Sinkhole Swallows Home's Front Lawn
Earthquake Death Toll Climbs After Additional Bodies Discovered In Guatemala
Alaska's Redoubt Volcano Blows Off Some Steam
6.1 Earthquake Strikes Chile, No Damage, Injuries Reported
3 Indonesian Volcanoes Rumbling: Raung, Sangeang Api and Rokatenda
Climate Change Withered the Maya Civilization
Nov 13
Largest Quake in Nearly 25 Years Strikes Gulf of Alaska Region; No Tsunami
Alert Level Raised for Alaska Volcano
Geologists: Kentucky Earthquake Too Deep to be Spurred By Region's Mining, Blasting
Univ. of Tennessee Scientist Says Statee Could See 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake
Death Toll from Myanmar Earthquake Rises to 26, with 231 Hurt
Recent China Earthquakes May Be Aftershocks of 1976 Quake
US Military Warned to Prepare for Consequences of Climate Change
Diary of a Disaster: Living Off Grid After Superstorm Sandy
Transportation Disrupted and Schools Closed as Snowstorms Hit
Nov 12
After Sandy: Devastation and Determination in Belle Harbor
Parts of New York City Descending into Absolute Chaos
Bloomberg's Food Donation Ban Still in Place
Camp FEMA Update: “We Feel Like We’re in a Concentration Camp”
After Sandy: Devastation and Determination in Belle Harbor

Superstorm Sandy: Interactive Before and After Images
SNL Skit Hurricane Sandy Bloomberg Christie Press Conference ASL Deaf Interpreter

6.4 Quake Rumbles in Alaskan Waters
6.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Guatemala's Coast; Days After Deadly Quake
Kentucky's 4.3 Earthquake Rattles Widespread Region
2.7 Earthquake Off Coast of Alabama HOLLY NOTE: This small quake is mentioned due to its location rarity.
6.8 Quake Kills 13 in Myanmar, Shakes Temples
6.0 Earthquake Rattles Eastern Peru
New Mysterious "Booms" Reported in New Jersey
Heavy Rain Floods Nearlyy 3/4 of Venice, Forcing Evacuations
US Military Planning for Climate Crisis
Volcano Rainbow: Breathtaking Beauty of Multi-Coloured Caverns Created by Molten Rock
Nov 9
Israel’s Demand: Bring in James Lee Witt, Former FEMA Director, to Expedite Power Restoration on Long Island – HOLLY COMMENT: James Witt has been the only government person to call a spade and spade and tell Americans the truth. Being a long-time preparedness advocate, I will never forget this warning: On Oct. 14, 1997, Dir. Witt spoke at a major press conference in Santa Monica, California. warning people that they must, MUST take preparedness into their own hands, that FEMA had neither the manpower or the resources to care for people in upcoming disasters. Do NOT wait on government to bail you out. At the time, the massive 97-98 El Niño was baring down on us.

Two years later, Witt warned again. "All Americans should have on hand supplies to weather interruptions that may happen for a variety of reasons. It's a good time to make disaster preparedness a regular New Year's resolution."

From 1993 - 2001 Witt oversaw 350 disasters. He stepped up. Witt was no withering, inept leader like Michael Brown of Katrina disgrace. He got the job done. Now, 15 years later – nearly to the day, govt. treats us like children sweeping disconcerting scenarios under the carpet, ignoring them at our peril to maintain calm and enforce the status quo.

It goes against every raw instinct to put personal safety and that of my family in the hands of anyone, especially not govt. When people do, they die. No wonder Americans are sickened by govt. on all fronts and say "F*cK FEMA!" See following article.
"F*ck FEMA" Residents Organize Own Relief Efforts, Want Election Recount
Officials Want Military to Take Over Power Restoration on Long Island – HOLLY NOTE: Is this part of the conditioning to override Posse Comitatus? P.C. was already teetering on shaky legs after whacks from Bush nullifying the long-standing promise of no military ever overseeing Americans on our soil.
Fed Up! Staten Island Resident Organizes Own 'FEMA'

Insight: In Sandy Crisis, Motorists Stranded at Big Oil's Pumps
12 Days Later, Nearly 300,000 Will Not Have Power Until After Thanksgiving
N.Y. Governor Slams '1950s' Power Grid
After Superstorm Sandy, Should You Pay Your Bills?
Evacuees Moved to Tent City
Evacuees Complain of Cold in Tents – HOLLY COMMENT: Temps are at freezing, what does FEMA expect?
Wave of Marines Help in Hurricane-Battered Areas – HOLLY COMMENT: This is necessary since FEMA remains as incompetent as in the regrettable Katrina days of Michael Brown
Is the Coast Guard Saving the Drowning FEMA, By Taking Over Its Duties?

Guatemala Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 52, Dozens Still Missing, Family of 10 Buried Alive
Deceptive Beauty: Volcanoes Ready to Blow
Nov 8
Record Snowfalls, Flood Warnings as Storm Slams Northeast
Tens of Thousands of Homes and Businesses Lose Power Again, Transit Services Suspended
Despair Deepens, Transportation Snarled
FEMA Disaster Centers Shut Doors 'Due to Weather' – HOLLY COMMENT: This is why people prepare themselves and do NOT depend on govt.
Sandy Victims Beg for Help
HOLLY NOTE: Though this vid was made 4 days ago, some in the path of Sandy STILL have received no help.
Forgotten By FEMA? Sandy Victims: 'It's Beyond Infuriating'
Official: Long Island, Staten Isalnd, NYC to Start 'Odd-Even' Gas Rationing
1,700 Flights Cancelled
Con Edison: Power Out to 55,000 Customers – HOLLY NOTE: A Net friend said his son in New Jersey was told he won't see power restored until around Thanksgiving
Living Hell in NYCHA Houses: Agency Ignores Blackout Victims Trapped Since Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Climbs Above 110
...Destroyed Up to 250,000 Cars
Facts About Hurricane Sandy That Will Shock You
Extreme Weather Events October 2012

48 Dead, 150 Injured After Earthquake Rocks Guatemala
...100 More Missing
Guatemala Quake Throws Off Arizona's Official Scales
6.3 Earthquake Strikes Near Vancouver Island
5.1 Earthquake Hits Northwestern Iran, Injuring 50
Louisiana Sinkhole Deadly Weather Warning Raises Explosion Concerns
Supervolcano Rained Acid on Both Poles – But Wasn't So Bad After All?
Nov 7
7.4 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Guatemala
Some Evacuations Ahead of Snowy Nor'easter; Mother Nature 'Going to Keep Kicking Us'
...Threatens Up to Foot of Snow in Wake of Sandy
Snow from Delaware to Maine
30,000 May Lose Power
Staten Island 'Desperate' for Underwear, Official Says
Disorganized Federal Workers Add to Mayhem
Gas Sold in New York for $8 a Gallon on Craigslist
Gas Still Hard to Come by; N.Y. Probes Gouging
Possible Weekend Blizzard for Northern Plains, Rockies
Geologists: East Coast Earthquakes Travel Farther, Do More Damage Than Previously Thought
2011 Virginia Earthquake Triggered Landslides at Extraordinary Distances
Lava Lake the Star of Volcanoes National Park Light Show
Nigeria Floods Kill 363, Displace 2.1 Million Since July
Force of Nature: Dramatic Photos Show the Brutality and Beauty of Australia's Changing Seasons
Massive Flood That Caused Ancient 'Big Freeze' Located
TEPCO Believes Fukushima May Cost $125 Billion
Oceans Rising -- NASA/JPL Data Confirms Dramatic Rise Over Past 60 Years

Nov 6
Sandy Is the New Katrina
Sandy-Ravaged Areas: Brace for Nor'easter
Katrina2. No Food. No Water. FEMA Efficiently Going Door-to-Door Condemning Homes

3.3 Quake Hits Santa Monica Bay, Calif.
4.2 Early Morning Earthquake Shakes Ottawa Region
7 Earthquakes Hit Lima, Peru in 5 Days
Sat. Imagery Identifies 'Inflation' of Volcanoes Prior to Eruption
Hurricane Sandy May Affect Election Outcome – If Obama Wins, Thank Sandy
Nov 5
Nor'easter to Cause Flooding, Damage, More Power Outages
...May 'Add Insult to Injury' Following Sandy; NYC Commuting Remains a Challenge
Sandy Death Toll in US Rises to 113, Nearly 2 Million Still Without Power
New York Faces 'Massive Housing Problem' After Sandy
FEMA Out of Water, Delivery Expected Monday
Marathon Canceled, But Generators and Supplies Still Sit UNUSED in Park
Staten Islanders on Sandy Response: We’ve Been Left FAR Behind HOLLY NOTE: After a week, people are still asking "Where is the help?"
Mayor Rudy Giuliani Rips Obama on Hurricane Response – “A Disaster”
FEMA's Inept Food Purchasing Continues
Red Cross: We Can't Get There That Fast When There's Flooding and Broken Infrastructure
Superstorm Sandy (1st 2 hours, starts 9:28 min. in)
Feds Lie, People Die in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath!

The Storm That Broke Records, and Hearts
Thoughts on Hurricane Sandy: Take a moment and appreciate what you have. Just a warm cup of coffee in your warm home is a lot to be grateful for. I never thought this could happen here. You never know.
Overlooked Southwest Volcano Threat Finally Draws Attention
Southwest's Most Hazardous Volcanoes

Authorities Remind Residents of Danger at Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano
2.0 Quake Shakes N.J.
Tsunami Debris -- NASA/JPL Simulation

HAARP Map Is Lit
Nov 2
Sandy Aftermath: 95 Dead, Nor'easter Likely to Hit East Coast Next Week
Sandy Not Even Worst-Case Scenario, Long-Term Pattern Worrisome
Officials Concerned About a Sandy Event:
When Experts Sketch Out Nightmare Hurricane Scenarios, a New York Strike Tends to be High on the List

Hurricane Forecasters Zero in on Threat of Surge

Rising Seas and Stronger Storms Threaten New York City

Next Hurricane Disaster Could Strike Anywhere from Texas to New York

History of New York Hurricanes – Including the Day That Hog Island Disappeared for Good

Texas Survives Hurricane But New York May Be Next – New York 5th Most Vulnerable Area in the Country
U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook for Nov. 1 to Jan. 31, 2013 – HOLLY COMMENT: Two thirds of CONUS is forecast to be engulfed in the worst drought categories. We'd hoped dry times would loosen their horrific grip on America by now. Instead, the drought is deepening. This is devastating news especially for winter wheat growers, our food supply and ultimately, our wallets. A great practical suggestion for Christmas / Hanukkah would be a year's supply of food for your family. Toys, gadgets and other presents eventually get shoved to the closet, but in these difficult financial times, consider the greater gift of food security.
‘It’s Just Dried Up’: Canada's 7.7 Quake Pulls Plug on Centuries-old Hot Springs
The Real Terror: 6,408 Deaths Caused By Extreme Weather Since 9/11
The Risk of Extreme Weather on Upswing
Extreme Global Weather: 'The Unprecedented Is The New Normal'

Yellowstone Sees Elevated Seismic Activity, But Considered 'Normal'
Kilauea Activity Suggests New Eruption Possible
Costa Rican Volcano Awakens
HAARP...California Has Gone Red
Nov 1
We Will Rebuild: Defiant Families Who Lost Everything in Breezy Point tragedy Raise Stars and Stripes Over Their Decimated Homes
The Inside Story of Breezy Point's Terrible Night
Sandy Leaves Coast Vulnerable to Nor'easters
Pollution & Debris Stirred by Sandy Threaten Coastal Waters
Sandy Lives Up to Hype: Predictions Were on Track
Wind Kicks Up 100-Year-Old Volcano Ash in Alaska
Extreme Weather Events October 2012

Oil Spill Off Storm-Battered New York
336,000 Gallons of Diesel Leak into Waters Between Staten Island and New Jersey
1600 Sq. Ft. of Land Collapsed into Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Yesterday

2 Mudslides in Langley, B.C Force Evacuation
4 Dead, 5 Missing as Cyclone Nilam Hits India
HAARP West Coast Earthquake Signal as HAARP Is “in Full Blast”
Why Some Earthquakes Are More Destructive?
It's Possible for Major Quake to (Further) 'Stress' a Faultline
Oct 31
East Coast Starts Recovery after Sandy Kills at Least 58, Destruction in Wake, 4M Still Without Power
Storm's Cost May Hit $50B; Rebuilding to Ease Blow
The $50 Billion Superstorm in Pics
Sandy Leaves Trail of Destruction, Disbelief in Its Path
Breezy Point Man: "Whatever Wasn't Flooded Was on Fire

Sandy Victims Reflect on Disaster

'It Won't Be the Same'
18 Startling Quotes About the Incredible Destruction Caused By Hurricane Sandy
Sandy Changes Lives Forever -- Here Are 3 of Their Stories
Sandy: Status and Maps
Sandy: Worst of Storm is Over, Impact Continues
Blizzards Cripple W. Virginia
After a Disaster: 12 Unexpected Things Victims Need
Second Major Quake in 3 Days Strikes British Columbia
Australian Volcano About to Erupt?
Scientists, Risk-aversion, Earthquakes and Transparency
Oct 30
Obama Declares 'Major Disaster' in New York, New Jersey as 17 People Die in Superstorm Sandy, Large Swathes of the City Under Water – amazing photos!
Sandy: Obama Declares Major Disaster in NY, New Jersey
NJ Gov. Chris Christie: "Losses Will Be Almost Incalculable"
Christie: Not Evacuating Is ‘Both Stupid And Selfish’
Christie: "I Don't Give a Damn About Presidential Politics at this Point"
Gov. Chris Christie on the Shocking New Jersey Devastation

Possible Levee Break in New Jersey Floods 3 Towns
Many Trapped in Homes as Streets Turn to Rivers
Transit Crippled
15,000 Fights Cancelled
Nuclear Plant Shuts Down
Transformer Blows in Lower Manhattan

State by State Impact
At Least 80-100 Flooded Houses Burn as Blaze Rages in NY Fire
People Will Be ‘Fighting in the Streets’ for Gas, Food in Sandy Wake
How You Can Help
Another Costa Rica Volcano Rumbles to Life, Spits Ash, Big Roar Heard
Mega-Dams in China's Earthquake Zones Could Have “Disastrous Consequences”
Oct 29
East Coast Shuts Down, Threatens Up to 50M with 11-Foot Wall of Water, 2 Feet of Snow
'This One's Going to Do Us In'
Floodwaters Rising in Long Island, NY Backyards

Interactive: New York City Evacuation Zones
Updates: Impending Northeast Disaster
...Could Be Biggest Hurricane to Hit US Mainland
Storm Nearly 1,000 Miles Wide...
Travel Plans in Tailspin – 9,000 Flights Grounded
Feds Warn: 'If You Do Not Survive'
Hurricane Sandy Predicted in 1997 on the Same Track, Using a Drill

HAARP Engineering 'Frankenstorm' Hurricane Sandy - Caught on Satellite and Radar
Ex-NASA Employee Leaks Pole Shift Info: Gag Order Placed
'We Got Lucky:' 7.7 Canadian Earthquake Could Have Been Much Worse
Canadian Quake Unrelated to Volcano Fracking
4.2 Earthquake Hits Central California Wilderness
2.9 Quake Hits North Carolina
8 Aftershocks Follow 3.9 Newhall, Calif. Earthquake
8 Minor Quakes Jolt Philippines Town in a Day
La. Sinkhole Unusual Geological Event but Mum’s the Word, DHS Explains Why
Powerful Storm Kills at Least 30 in Philippines, Vietnam
Oct 28
Tsunami Hits Hawaii After 7.7 Quake in Canada; Evacuees Told to Stay Put
Hawaii Tsunami: First Waves from Haida Gwaii Quake Arrive, No Major Damage Reported
Batten Down the Hatches: Superstorm Sandy Could Impact 60 Million

East Coast Residents Prep for Sandy's Wrath

Oct 26-27
Sandy Regains Hurricane Strength; Kills 43 in Caribbean, Heads Toward US
East Coast Prepares for pre-Halloween 'Frankenstorm'
Worst Storm in 100 Years...
Historic Sandy Targets New York, New Jersey, Delmarva
New York Faces Most Intense Storm in History
Fire Island Evacuated
NYC May Evacuate 375,000 Ahead of Hurricane Sandy
IN THE PATH OF A MONSTER: Sandy 'Unprecedented,' Storm Will Cost Billions; Millions of People in the Northeast Could Be Without Power for Days, Even Weeks, Experts Predict
Hurricane Sandy: Potential Serious U.S. Impacts

Extended Power Outages Expected from Sandy
Northeast Preps for Hurricane Sandy

NRC Watches Reactors in Frankenstorm's Path
Sandy's Path
With Irene and Snowtober in Mind, Millions to Prep for Sandy
HAARP Status Map Shows Strongest-Ever Readings
How Hurricane Sandy Could Affect the Election
Busy Atlantic Storm Season Tied to Lack of El Nino
Deadly Tropical Storm Son-Tinh Batters Philippines
Larry Taylor Blog
Strong Quake in Southern Italy Causes Panic, Kills Elderly Man
Iceland Warns of Threat of Big Earthquake
Earthquake Could Cost Israel NIS 150B ($39B)
Israel Unprepared...
5.6 Quake Hits Off Japan Coast
Tokyo Prepares for the 'Big One'
Researchers May Need to Revise Volcano Threat in So. Calif.
Arizona Prepping for Next Volcanic Eruption
PENGUIN PANIC: Is This Volcano on Heard Island Exploding?
Kilauea Lava Lake 100 Feet Away from Overflow
Kilauea Has the Shakes – Up and Down the Rift
Kilauea and Mauna Loa Volcanoes Linked
Popocatepetl Volcano Snorts 70 Times in 24 Hours
New Zealand Undersea Volcano Forms New Eruptive Cone
Scientists Warn Soufriere Hills Volcano Has Not Gone to Sleep
Radon to Predict Earthquakes? Most Scientists Still Skeptical
Oct 25
Hurricane Sandy Makes Landfall in Jamaica
Get Ready for an Arctic Blast! Cold Winds to Blow Snow Showers in as Temperatures Dive By More Than 10C
Australian Volcano Starts to Blow
Oct 24
Hurricane Sandy a Possible Threat for DC to NYC
6.6 Earthquake Strikes Costa Rica's Pacific Coast
The Deeper Issues Behind Italy's Conviction of Earthquake Scientists
Is the Holy Land Due a Big One?
Hawaii Volcano's Lava Lake Threatens to Overflow
1,742-acre Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Southern Colorado Town and Destroys at Least 12 Homes, 386 Homes Evaced
... Caused By Wind, Power Lines
Man Tells Shocking Story About Escape from Destructive Wetmore Wildfire
Oct 23
Earthquake-Causing Fracking to Be Allowed Within 500 Feet of Nuclear Plants
Kilauea Crater Lava Lake Rises to Highest-Ever Levels
Study Explains Connection Between Hawaii's Dueling Volcanoes
Sandy Forms: Caribbean Threat First, U.S. Next?
Tornadoes in California on Monday a "Remarkable Oddity"
Wild Weather in California: Tornadoes, Rain and Snow
Maryland Tornado Touchdown Confirmed
Twister Touches Down in Northern Californi

Strongest Earthquake in 55 Years Hits VietNam
Earthquake Experts Condemn 'Appalling' Italy Manslaughter Verdict
Italy Disaster Head Luciano Maiani Quits Over L'Aquila Decision
HAARP Map Busy
Blame It on Rain: Proposed Links Between Severe Storms and Earthquakes
Oct 22
Italian Scientists Sentenced to 6 YEARS for Failure to Warn Citizens About Earthquake – HOLLY COMMENT: This is bloody crazy! First people say earthquakes can't be predicted. Then in the same breath they sentence 7 scientists to jail FOR 6 YEARS for not warning about a deadly earthquake in 2009. You can't have it both ways. Scientists can't be alternately 'bravo'ed' and crucified for research. Half the time when you do warn people to prepare for certain events, it blows in one ear and out the other. And jail is the thanks these scientists get. Amazing. This is simultaneously shocking and shameful! No wonder a person doesn't want to stick his head out these days. To do so is to be decapitated. Bloody damn sorry state of affairs.
T.D. 18 Forms: Caribbean Threat First, U.S. Next?
California Hit With 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake, Aftershocks
Multiple Quakes Strike Central Calif. 3.7 and 3.1
3.5 Earthquake Strikes Near Eureka, (Northern), Calif.
New Fault Discovered in the Hayward Fault Earthquake Zone
Earthquake Probability in New England Doubles after Maine Temblor
Why the Eastern US has Fewer Earthquakes than the West
6.2 Earthquake Rattles Vanuatu
Tjornes Fracture Zone (North of Iceland) Experiences Strong Earthquake Swarm with 5.2 Quake
Strongest Earthquake in 34 Years Hits Iceland
Aquifer Drain Caused Deadly Italy Quake
Scientists Face Verdict for Failing to Predict Italy Quake
Rain, Snow Pound California, Northwest
Mystery Ground Shaking Rattles South Jersey
Anak Krakatoa Volcano Kicks up Alert in Indonesia
Lava Dome on Top of Mt. Merapi Collapses
Oct 19
Reminders of 'Dust Bowl Days' Return as Oklahoma Storm Causes Highway Pileup, Injuries
Louisiana Explosions, Bayou Corne Sinkhole: Dutchsinse and Tat

Winds Leave Thousands Without Power in Colorado
Elusive El Niño Challenges NOAA’s 2012 U.S. Winter Outlook
US Winter Outlook: Warm in West, Question Mark in East
Drought Likely to Persist
Global Drought a 'New Normal': Report – HOLLY NOTE: Drought may not be the most 'exciting' story, but its effects are overall more long-ranging, more devastating and more costly than most other natural disasters. For these events you really need to store food, water and water purification as well as implementing water catchment (where permissible and I it rains).As you will see in this video, food prices have increased astonishingly so plus they are predicted to rise further next year.
Drought Called 'Super Slow-Motion Disaster'
5.0 Earthquake Rattles Egypt, Felt in Israel
Oct 18
Rare Earthquake Rattles Western Nebraska
Wild Weather Leaves Thousands Without Power
Multiple Tornadoes Strike Arkansas, Mississippi
Late-Night Tornadoes Keep People Up All Night

Intense Winds Blasting Plains
Kilauea Volcano Lava Lake Reaches Highest Level

New Zealander Journeys into Heart of Active Volcano
Wildfire Threatens Homes Outside Santa Barbara
Maine Quake Prompts 'Unusual Event' at Seabrook Nuke Plant
Many States Preparing for Earthquakes
Southeastern States Join Millions in National Earthquake Drill
Bugs Invade Utah Town, Covering Kids, Dogs and Food – 'They Just Crawl Everywhere'
Most Most Disaster-Prone Countries, New Study
UK's Year of Drought and Flooding Unprecedented, Experts
Climate Change a Factor in Spiralling Weather Disaster Costs
Oct 17
4.0 Maine Earthquake Rattles New England
5.5 Earthquake Hits Near Taupo, Felt Across North Island
Winter Forecast: Not Mild, But Wild for Eastern U.S.
Cold Makes a Comeback in Canada This Winter
Tornado Blows Through Southern France

Dire Drought Ahead, May Lead to Massive Tree Death
Tropical Cyclones Are Occurring More Frequently Than Before
Underwater Volcano Erupts Near Japan, Could Create New Island
Pakistan Floods Killed 455 Since September
Ice Age Polarity Reversal Was Global Event: Extremely Brief Reversal of Geomagnetic Field, Climate Variability, and Super Volcano
Oct 16
Dozens of Earthquakes Hit Yellowstone
Last 10 Years of Yellowstone Quakes
100+ Small Earthquakes Shake Spanish Springs, Nev.
Himalayan Quakes and Seismic Activity in Eastern Canada
Californians Urged to Add Earthquake 'Help' Signs to Readiness Kits
Worldwide Earthquake Drill Is Seeing Its Biggest Turnout in its History
Something Shakes Northwest Louisiana
Assumption Parish Sinkhole/Gulf Update Pt 1, Pt 2

Near-Hurricane Winds Montana to Missouri Midweek – HOLLY NOTE: Stan predicted these events in 1996, coining the term "landicane"
Hurricane Paul to Hit Baja California Soon
Wild Weather Overseas
September Ties World Warmth Record
Highest Elevation Russian Volcano Erupting
Speedy Bubble Growth Triggers Violent Volcanic Eruptions
HAARP Status
Oct 15
Next Fuji Eruption Could Be a Mega-Event: Scientist Warns of Eruption Chaos – Magma Chamber 'Under Immense Pressure'
Volcanic Eruptions Trigger Discovered, Trigger for Eruptions in the Canary Islands Discovered
Quake Swarm Shakes Nevada Town
Nearly 600,000 in Virginia Sign Up for Multistate Earthquake Drill on Thursday
Nilda Rego: Memories of Massive Earthquake Along Hayward Fault
8+ Aftershocks Hit Costa Rica after Friday's 5.2 Temblor
6 Earthquakes Hit Azerbaijan in 24 Hours
Schools Under State of Emergency...
2 Earthquakes Rattle Central Chile
5.1 Quake Strikes Georgia
Wellington 'Hum' Becomes Nationwide Obsession
Deep 5.2 Earthquake Rattles New Zealand North Island
Risk of Death after Christchurch Quake 100x Higher Than Dying in a Car Crash
Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Grows to 4 Acres
Louisiana Sinkhole & New Orleans – Massive Number of Generators Brought in Overnight

Tropical Storm Rafael Strengthens, Heads Toward Bermuda
Hurricane Paul Set to Graze Mexico
Scientists Uncover Diversion of Gulf Stream Path in Late 2011
Top 13 Natural Disasters in Western U.S.
Flood Displaces 100,000 in Nigeria
Floods in India Displace 1.8 Million Children
Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago, Met Office Report Quietly Released
Oct 12
Severe Storm Outbreak, Tornado Threat in Central US
Gas Below La. Sinkhole Could Explode and Millions of Pounds of Bombs on Gulf Sea Floor?

La. Sinkhole Grows 500 Square Feet Larger After Seismic Activity
25 Foot Pipeline Section Floats to Sinkhole Surface
5.5 Earthquake Shakes Chilean Capital
Panic as 6.7 Quake Strikes Indonesia
Tenggara Volcano Erupts, 2 Others on Alert
Mt. Rokatenda's Volcanic Activities Increase, Residents Evacuate
Ballooning Magma Creates Stunning Sombrero-Shaped Volcano
Tropical Storm Patty Forms in Atlantic
Pessimism Dominates as Drought Persists
Arctic Summer Wind Shift Could Affect Sea Ice Loss and U.S./European Weather, NOAA-led Study
Poll: Americans Are Feeling Climate Change
19 Killed, 1,500 Fishermen Missing in Bangladesh Storm
Oct 11
Severe Storm Threat, Including Tornadoes in Central US
Early Winter Weather Hits Across US

Extreme Weather Having Serious Impact on US
Gas Trapped Near Louisiana Sinkhole
Legal Expert Says Sinkhole Incredibly Dangerous Situation, Gas Explosive Force
New Madrid Mega Quake Tied to Sinkhole: Perhaps Imminent? Man Made or an Act of God?
Giant Asteroid, Mega-Tsunami May Have Triggered Ice Age
Keep Your Guard Up: Secondary Hurricane Season Begins
Skunks Add to Sights and Smells of Drought
Oct 10
4.5 Shakes Montreal Area
5.8 Quake Strikes Costa Rica
Shocker for Scientists: Indian Temblor Triggers More Quakes
New Strange Sound in Louisiana Due to Gases Pushed Through New Madrid Fault System?
'Warmest Year' Looking More Likely for US in 2012
Drought Deepens, Lakes Fall
Inflow at Lake Powell Just 29% of Normal
Lake Powell's Water Drops
Drought Produces Bumper Crop of Abandoned Baby Squirrels
Indonesian Islands: Where Tectonic Plates Meet Sits One of World's Deadliest Volcanoes
Worst Volcanic Eruptions That Destroyed All
Oct 9
Mt. Lokon Spews Ash Clouds in 7th Eruption Since Sept.
Indonesia's Mt. Lokon Volcano Erupts Spewing Ash 3,000 Meters into the Air

Turrialba Volcano Emitting More Gases After Costa Rica Earthquake
Ash Plume from Shiveluch Volcano Travels 140 Miles
3.0 Quake Shakes Central Oklahoma
Earth's Outer Layers May Be Spinning Over Molten Core
2053 Nuclear Explosions at LA Sinkhole – Strange Rumbles, Roaring Sounds Heard
Freeze, Drought Take Bite Out of Fall Tourism
Oct 8
Winter Forecast: Atlanta to NYC Above-Normal Snow
Summer’s Over: Canada Blasts Down Arctic Chill – Scores of Records Shattered

Historic Dry Spell in Seattle, Portland to Soon End
2 Minute News: Magnetic Storm in Progress

6.0 Earthquake Strikes Gulf of Mexico
Midwest Quake to Unleash Nuclear Hell
Volcano Erupts in Indonesia
Rare Fogbow Seen in the Cumbrian Sky
VERY Tall Dust Devil Caught on Cam

Oct 5
14 Inches! Rare October Snowstorm Hits Minn., N.D.
Weather Gone Wild
Blue Norther to Bring Sudden Chill to Plains, Texas
Extreme Weather: Drought of 2011 Was Gut-Kicking Even By Texas Standards
First Snow of the Season Shocks Denver Residents
Atlantic's 2nd Longest-Ever Tropical Storm of All-Time Is Finally Dead
New Wildfires Threaten Homes in Tinder-Dry Wash
Reports of Mysterious Loud Earthquakes Flooding in to Louisiana Towns
China Landslide Claims 19 Lives, Including 18 Children
Coast Guard: 4-mile Stretch of Oil Has Appeared Near BP’s Macondo Well in Gulf
Oct 4
Earth’s Magnetic Field Overdue for Chaos-Causing (Possibly Life-Altering) Flip
Oscar Becomes 15th Named Storm of Season
Earth’s Southern Hemisphere Becoming Drier, New Study
Drought Worsens in Some Key Midwest Farming States
Human Greenhouse Gas Emissions Traced to Roman Times
Oct 3
Winter Forecast: Not Mild, But Wild for Eastern U.S.
Cold, Frost to Claim Midwest, Appalachian Gardens
Tuesday's Storms Bring Flooding, Record Rain to East

Australian Coastline at Risk of Destructive Tsunamis, Reveal Simulations
Tsunami Debris Cleanup on Alaska Beaches Hamstrung by Funding Shortfalls
State Police Flyover of Louisina's Massive Sinkhole

Hydrocarbons Breaching Sinkhole Cavern Bottom, Oil 75% Atop Hole
Grass Thieves? Drought Has Ranchers on Lookout
Oct 2
4.5 Quake Strikes Near Ocotillo
6.2 Quake Hits off Japan’s East Coast
Active Faults More Accessible to Geologists
Dog Aggression Rises After Earthquakes
Earth Is Undergoing True Polar Wander, Scientists Say
Powerful Typhoon Hits Japan's Mainland Kills 1, Injures 140
Typhoon Jelawat Flips Car at U.S. Marine Base in Okinawa
Major Winter Storms, Like Hurricanes, to Get Names
T.S. Oscar Likely to Form in Atlantic
‘Major Decline’ of Great Barrier Reef Coral
Oct 1
7.3 Quake Strikes Colombia
2 Quakes Rattle Dallas-Fort Worth Area
Large Earthquakes Linked to Large Global Aftershocks
Distress of Nations: Extreme weather and Global Unrest September 2012

Tornado Hits Fair in Spain, Flood Deaths Reach 10
Rain and Gales to Batter Britain Again
Typhoon Jelawat to Impact 100 Million People
HAARP Status/ Weather Alert – HOLLY NOTE: It's busy today
Mysterious Bayou Sinkhole Continues to Cave In: Radiation, Hydrocarbons Detected
Sinkhole Grows, Hits Assumption Business and Home Values
Sept 28
Rare September Tornado Hits Near Pittsburgh, Pa.
Rare Tornadic Outbreak Strikes Colorado's Front Range
6.2 Earthquake Jolts Alaska's Aleutian Islands
Bizarre 2012 Earthquake Signals Birth of World's Newest Tectonic Plate
Big Earthquakes Can Trigger Temblors Across Globe, USGS Says – HOLLY NOTE: This is something Stan has lectured on repeatedly over nearly 2 decades. He discovered that a major quake often produces an 'answering event' on the (antipodal) opposite side of the globe. USGS figuring this out late is better than not at all.
New Report: California's Silicon Valley Faults Could Set Off Global Tremors
3.3 Quake Strikes Near Vegas
Watch How Costa Rica Quake Vibrations Rattled Beneath US
Site of One of the Largest Volcanic Events in 2,000 Years, Is Acting Up Again – Scientists Keeping Wary Eye
Volcanoes Erupting in Indonesia Rises to 5
Drought Reduces Some Tributaries to a Trickle
Water Troubles Ahead as US Drought Lingers – 38 States Anticipate Shortages by Next Year
Sept 27
April's Sumatran Quakes Were Part of Tectonic Plate Breakup
Drought Spreads to 2/3 of Lower 48
Time-lapse Video: Drought Turns Crops Crisp

Italian Seismologists Facing 4 Years in Jail for Failing to Predict 2009 Earthquake That Killed 300
Mt. Marapi Volcano Erupts with Thick Smoke
Sept 26
Tornadoes, Lightning Hail, High Winds Hammer Midwest
Storms, Tornadoes Ransack Illinois to Oklahoma
Weather: Worst September Storm in 30 Years Continues to Batter Britain
Hundreds Evacuated, More Rain Coming
Texas Drought Killed Over 300 Million Trees Last Year
Lack of Rain, Low Humidity Fuels Wildfires
Yet Another Super Typhoon: Jelawat
Report: 100 Million Could Die Due to Climate Change
6.2 Earthquake Panics Mexico's Baja Residents
6.2 Earthquake in Gulf of California

Mexican Volcano Popocatepetl Eruptions Increase
Developing El Nino May Impact Winter Weather
Late Fall, Early Winter Outlook
Debates Rages Over What Caused Massive Louis. Sinkhole
Sept 25
6.2 Quake Strikes Gulf of California
Waterspouts Across Great Lakes Part of Record Year
Earthquake Damage May Be Causing Low Water in Lake Jackson
Extreme Weather: "Only Drive If Necessary, Motorists Warned After 2 Babies Killed
Homes Evacuated after Roads Turn to Rivers
4.5 Earthquake Shakes Northern California
3.1 Quake Strikes Near SoCal
Earth Changes Update
Climate Change Could Cause Whole Marine Ecosystems to Move
Key U.S. Weather Satellite Goes Offline
Monster Typhoon Jelawat Eyes Philippines, Taiwan, Japan
Sept 24
‘Shockey Fire’ Ravages San Diego, 20 Homes Destroyed, Evacuations Ordered
Washington's 'Worst Wildfires in Years' Spread Dangerous Smoke Clouds – Residents Warned to Relocate

Massive Wash. Wildfire Just 10% Contained
2,000 Evacuated as Wildfire Hits East Spain
5 Dead, 73 Hurt in Ecuador Bush Fires
Miriam Becomes Cat 3 Hurricane, Could Impact Baja
Nadine Becomes a Tropical Storm, Again
Awesome Waterspout Photos Over the Great Lakes
Farmers' Almanac Winter Forecast
5.4 Quake Shakes Southern Mexico
3.1 Earthquake Gives Ottawa a Shake
More Than 2,000 Aftershocks Rattle Costa Rica
More than 20 Quakes Struck Viet Nam This Month
2 Years After Deadly Quakes New Zealanders in Social Crisis
All Ready for New Zealand's Nationwide Earthquake Drill
1 of 5 Volcanoes on High Alert Erupts in Indonesia
Yellowstone Supervolcano Discovery—Where Will It Erupt?
Floods, Slides Displace 1 Million in India; 33 Dead
9 Swept to Death in Nepal Avalanche
NASA Says Rare Arctic Cyclone Caused Ice Melt

Sept 21
Flooding in Alaska Causes Road Closures and Evacuations
Drought Area Expands in Northern U.S., Eases in South
California Man Drowns When Swept Away by Rogue Wave in Mexico
Migrating North Pole Contributing to Severe Weather?
Sept 20
Chunks of Flying, Burning Bark Cause New Evacuations in Washington Wildfires
3 Big Washington Wildfires Will Merge into "Monster Fire"

More Residents Told to Flee Wash. Wildfires
Firefighter Collapses, Dies
Wildfires Report Suggests Accelerating Burn Risk for Western U.S.
Thousands Still Without Power in NYC After Storms
East Coast Wild Weather Causes Mess
Drought Halts Traffic on Mississippi
Dust Storm Swallows City

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches New Low, Shattering Record Set Just 3 Weeks Ago
South American Storm Causes Death, Damage
Communities, Crops Swallowed as Hispaniola Lakes Mysteriously Swell
US May Only Get 6-Hour Tsunami Warning
Fallen Water Levels Reveal 400-year-old Polish Artifacts
Sea Surface Temperatures Reach Record Highs off Northeast Coast
Insane Footage of a Volcano Is Like Staring into the Jaws of Hell

4 Volcanoes Rumble in Indonesia
Sept 18
Fire Tornadoes Ripped Through Australia's Outback Last Week
I-95 Mid-Atlantic On Alert for Strong Winds, Tornadoes
First Frost, Freeze for Upper Midwest, Great Lakes Comes Early
Weather Concerns for the US

For 2nd Day in a Row, Hail Turns Parts of NSW Town White
5.5 Quake Felt in Kodiak, Alaska
Rash of Rumbles Prompts Earthquake Safety Plan Reminders
Earthquake Swarms on Iceland - Reykjanes Ridge and Tjornes Fracture Zone
More Tremors Shake Viet Nam Central Power Plant
Mt. Gamalama Spews Ash, Lava
Spain's El Hierro Island's Underwater Volcano Starts Erupting
Global Swelter: World Has 3rd-Warmest Summer on Record
Climate: Dim Outlook for Ringed Seals as Sea Ice Dwindles
Sept 17
Terrifying Typhoon Hits SKorea with 100mph Winds So Strong Rocks Are Sent Flying Through the Air
Parched Soils Trigger More Storms
The Gravity of Water
2 Indonesian Volcanoes Awaken, Rattling Nerves
Huge Volcanic Steam Plume Eruption in Southern California

HAARP Status Joint Network Magnitude Map – HOLLY NOTE: The only action is right around the Salton Sea area
Seismic Unrest at El Hierro Island (Canary Islands)
Both Poles Moving

Antarctic Ice Area Sets Another Record – NSIDC Is Silent
Sept 15
Nadine Now a Hurricane, Possible Azores Threat
Sept 14
Wake-Up Call from 4.5 Earthquake in Northern Calif.
Pacific Plate Earthquakes and Fault Lines: Costa Rica and California
Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Erupts, Forcing 33,000 to Evacuate
Dramatic Fuego Eruption Footage

Super Typhoon Sanba Sets Sights on Japan, Korea Packing 172mph Winds
Drought Area Expands in US, Now Most Extensive This Summer
...Nears Record Levels
Current U.S. Drought Monitor
Starving Polar Bears a Sign of Warming Arctic
Sept 13
What Gives? Seattle Near-Record Dry, Vegas Heavy Rain
Colorado's Largest-ever Fire Human Caused, But Intent Unknown
Volcanic Eruption Possible Near Salton Sea, So. Calif.

Seismic Unrest at El Hierro Island (Canary Islands) in 2011-12
USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report
Major Typhoon, Sanba, to Plow into SKorea
The Puerto Rico Trench Tsunami Threat
Sept 12
Parts of Vegas, Navajo Land, Other Areas Flood
Flood Threat Shifts to Colorado, New Mexico
Tropical Storm Nadine Forms in the Atlantic
Drastic Changes: First Snow of Season in Colorado Rockies
Isaac Reversed Flow of Miss. River
BP Wants OK for 'Deep-Cleaning' Oil After Isaac
Japan's Mt. Sakurajima Volcano Erupts Live on Camera

Droughts Pushing Trees to the Limit – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind trees are the main CO2 recyclers, providing air to breathe. They die, we die.
Costa Rican Officials: Expect Another Strong Earthquake
Latest Report from Costa Rica: 1,650 Aftershocks
Northwest Wildfires Vex Crews in Washington, Wyoming, Montana
Sept 11
Leslie Slams Newfoundland with Flooding Rain, Wind
Strange Sulphur Smells Coming from Southern California

Rotten Smell Reeks Havoc Across SoCal
Thousands of Crocs Emerge from Water in China, Sign of Imminent Earthquake?
Flooding in Pakistan Kills at Least 78 People in 3 Days
Sept 10
Cleanup After Rare NYC Twisters; Power Back in DC Area
4 Die as Storms Sweep Midwest, Plains
Surprise! Dust Storm Rolls in Out of Nowhere!
Growing Western Wildfire Threat
Leslie Eyes Newfoundland
Giant 'Balloon of Magma' Inflates Under Santorini
4 Costa Rica Volcanoes Being Closely Watched After Earthquake
Researchers Believe Huge Underwater Volcanoes 'Killed Off All the Sea-Life First' – HOLLY NOTE: A similar event is prophesied in Rev 8:8-9, when a volcano kills off 1/3 of all sea life.
Nicaragua Eruption Forces 3000 to Evacuate
Mass Evacuation After Volcano Blows

Beverly Hills Earthquakes Reminders of Dangerous LA Fault Lines
China Quake Survivors Wait for Aid as Aftershocks Rumble, Death Toll Rises
Sinkhole Swallows Canadian Motorist, Driver Survives
First Snowflakes Fall in Alaska – Road Closures Due to Snow, Ice
Sept 7
Series of Earthquakes Jolt SW China, Killing at Least 64, Damaging 30,000 Homes
3.5 Earthquake Is Second of Week in Beverly Hills
500 Aftershocks Rattle Costa Rica
Costa Rica Earthquake Motivates Preparedness
Earthquake Overview: 2 Weeks of Major Unrest

Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild to Take 5 Years
Merciless Windstorm Leaves Anchorage, Mat-Su 'Like a War Zone'

Bermuda Closes Schools as Hurricane Leslie Advances
Isaac Remnant Less Likely to Spawn New Storm
Christchurch Hailstorm Was 'Like a Bomb'
Mount Fuji 'Under More Pressure Than Last Eruption'
Awesome Photos of Hot Lava Flowing into Crashing Seas

Hurricane Isaac: U.S. Drought Persists Despite Rains
2,500 Ft. High Dust Storm Envelops Phoenix - Again – HOLLY NOTE: New development: In recent years, AZ's monsoons have produced massive dust storms that only occur in Arizona, Africa's Sahara desert and parts of the Middle East because of dry conditions and large amounts of sand. source
Sept 6
Rare Tornado Hits New Jersey
Hurricane Michael Becomes Year's First Cat 3 Storm; Leslie Eyes Bermuda
Hail, Gusty Winds from Lubbock to Kansas City
BP Spill Resurfaces on Louisiana Beaches as Gulf Depopulation Agenda Looms in the Distance
Tests Confirm...
2 Dead, 20 Injured, 2 Missing in 7.6 Costa Rica Quake
Calif. Town Assesses Earthquake Damages
Artist's Dramatic Blended Images Show How San Francisco Would Look If 1906 Quake Struck Today

Tsunami Debris Task Force: The Worst Is Yet to Come
Volcano Erupts in Guatemala

Anak Krakatau Unleashes Cloud of Ash, Warnings Issued
New Lava Breakouts Above Hawaii Volcano Pali
Is That a Volcano You Smell 5 Miles in the Air?
Climate Change So Serious, Dems Mention It Once in Over 80 Speeches
Sinkhole Nearly Swallows North Carolina Driver
Sept 4
Thousands Still in the Dark After Isaac
New Threat for Isaac Survivors: Dangerous Heat
Wildfire in SoCal's Angeles National Forest Grows to 4,000 Acres, Chases Out Holiday Campers
Beverly Hills Earthquake Sets Off Alarms, But No Damage Reported
6.4 Quake Strikes Indonesia Near Bali
Philippine Earthquake 'Equivalent to 32 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs'
Earthquake Drill Set for Oct. 18 to Involve Entire West Coast
Geohazard Expert: Prepare for Arkansas Quake, Pipelines at Risk
Indonesia Warns of Increasing Eruption of Anak Krakatau Volcano
How Deadly Is a Supervolcano?
Rock And Ash Spew from Guatemala's Fuego Volcano
Underground Volcano in Italy Could Threaten Lives of Millions
12 Sizzling Volcanoes
The U.S. Drought and Electricity Generation
Aug 31
Floods, Power Cuts: More Isaac Misery for La.
7.6, 5.5 Quakes Rock Philippines, Leaves 1 Dead
6.6 Quake Strikes in Greenland Sea
5.3 Earthquake Strikes Near Haast
Scientists Identify Hot Spots That Trigger Earthquakes
Earthquake Swarms Raise Alert Level at Alaskan Volcano
Finding Faults: Evidence of Past Earthquakes
Tiny Gravity Changes Show Magma's Underground Movements
Aug 30
More Evacuations as Isaac Brings Record Rainfall
'Door-to-Door' Warnings to Flee Isaac's Floodwaters
Flooding and Tornado Threat All Day
Evacuee: 'The Water Kept Coming'
Man, 4 Dogs Rescued from Flooded House
Wind Damage Could Reach Branson, Mo.
Isaac Stirs Up Horrible Memories for New Orleans Residents
Tropical Storm Kirk, Plus Another Low to Watch in Atlantic
California Town Declares Emergency Over Quake Swarm
4.1 Earthquake Rocks Southern California
Southern Vancouver Island Rattled by 3.0 Quake
4.4 Kenai Peninsula Quake Felt in Anchorage
Giant Japan Offshore Quake Could Kill 320,000: Government
5.1 Chile Strikes Outside of Arauco
Scientists Discover Mechanism Increasing Magnitude of Earthquakes
How a Supervolcano Can Threaten Earth
Supervolcano Discovered in Hong Kong

Cause of Colorado's Largest-Ever Fire Determined
Aug 29
Isaac Surge Overtops 18 Miles of La. Levee
Unusual Earthquake Swarm Shakes Southern California
Quake Swarm Rumbles Under Peru's Active El Misti Volcano
Arctic Ice Shrinks to Record Low
Pacific Quake Destroys 45,000 Rare Turtle Eggs
Scientists warn: Auckland Unprepared for Volcanic Eruption Under the City
NKorea Reports Storm Damage Typhoon Bolaven, 15 Dead, 2 Million Without Power
Aug 28
Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall in Louisiana
Isaac: (Thankfully) Not a Katrina, Tracks Farther West
...Shifts Toward Sinkhole, ‘Extremely Dangerous,’ Mobile Command Demobilizes
New Levee System in New Orleans Faces First Big Test
Typhoon Pounds South Korea, Smashes Ships; 9 Dead
Global Warming Theory Fails Again
Aug 27
Louisiana, Mississippi Brace for Hurricane Isaac
Emergency Declared in 3 States
Isaac, Not Another Katrina, But Still Dangerous
Isaac Follows Track of Katrina Almost 7 Years Ago to the Day; Evacs Ordered for Coast
Dome Sweet Home
Massive Typhoon Bolaven Roars Over Okinawa, Heads for Koreas
Quake Swarm Shakes S. California
...Expected to "Last for Days", Damages Buildlings, Mobile Homes
Swarm Felt in Arizona, Mexico, USGS Says
MASSIVE Earthquake Swarm in South California = BE PREPARED
Is the BIG ONE Coming to the Midwest?
Major Quake Hits Off Coast of El Salvador
6.4 Quake Hits Indonesia
5.1 Earthquake Hits Japan
Earthquake Leaves 30-Mile Smoking Crack
Powerful Typhoon Bolaven Lashes Japan's Island of Okinawa
Drought Exposes Mississippi River’s Mean Side
Heavy Rains in India's Rajasthan Kill 36 People
Crossing Borders to Escape Natural Calamities Is No Easy Option
Aug 24
Isaac Targets Florida, Central Gulf
Dr. Masters: Isaac Is Strengthening
Fla. Residents Told to Prepare Now
Realtime Path for Isaac
Isaac Path 2
Goes Animated Satellite Image
Typhoon Tembin Pounds Taiwan, Injuring 5
...Forecasters Warn It Could Return
2 Powerful Typhoons to Hit China Coasts
Shallow 3.3 Quake Strikes North of Los Angeles
North Carolina to Take Part in Earthquake Drill
Current Volcano Activity: Tungurahua, Etna, El Hierro, Long Valley, Shiveluch, Popocatépetl, Fuego, Santiaguito, Nevado del Ruiz, Batu Tara, Sakurajima
Mississippi Seesaw: Extreme Weather Begets Extreme River Levels
Aug 23
Fire Fury: Calif. Governor Declares State of Emergency
Tampa Mayor 'Prepared' to Order Evacuation If Convention City Threatened by Hurricane
500,000 People in Lava's Line of Fire
Awakened East Coast to Unfamiliar Threat a Year Ago, Shook Up Emergency Prep Plans
2011 Virginia Earthquake Felt by Third of US
Drought-Starved Rivers Clog Cargo Traffic
Incredible Pictures: There's More to Clouds Than 'Dull or Grey' and 'White and Fluffy'
Aug 22
Isaac May Impact Republican National Convention
Flash Flood Risk This Week for Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson
At Least 50 Buildings Destroyed in Northern Calif. Fire
Ecuador Volcano Eruption Prompts Evacuation of 110 Families
Auckland Highly Susceptible to Lava Flows - Study
Oregon Coast Residents Stash Tsunami Survival Kits on High Ground
Officials Find Another "Bubbles on the Bayou" Site in Louisiana
Rash of Sinkholes Appear in China’s Harbin
New Deadly Flood Hits Russia’S South: 4 Killed, Over 1,500 Affected
U.S. CO2 Emissions January to March Were Lowest in 2 Decades
Global Warming Science in Shambles: G-d is Unveiling His Power and Glory
Droughts Only Expected to Worsen with Time, U.N.
Salt Water Infiltrating the Mississippi
Aug 21
Fire Threatens 3,500 Calif. Homes: 'All We Can Do Is Pray'
Raging Wildfires Threaten Thousands of Homes in California
Low Water Levels Close 11-Mile Stretch of the Mississippi
Storm Wreaks Havoc in Jacksonville, Fla.; Flooding and Road Closures
Tropical Storm Warnings After New Depression Forms: Potential U.S. Threat?
Typhoon "Igme" (Tembin) Claims First Victim in Philippines
Tembin to Make Landfall in China Thursday
Scientists Discover New Super Volcano
Alaska's Cleveland Volcano Has Small Eruption
Quake Swarm Continues at Iceland's Katla Volcano
Torrential Rains Cause Numerous Woes in Alaska
Earthquake Prediction: Technology to Warn of Next Big Quake in Advance
What's Causing Extreme Weather?
Aug 20
5.6 Quake Hits Off Coast of Washington State
2 Small Earthquakes Hit Central Arkansas
Lightning Kills Boy, 9, on Lake Superior Boat
Northern Calif. Fire Forces Thousands to Evacuate
More Dry Lightning to Spark Fires in the West
Idaho Town Emptied as State's Worst Wildfire Nears
74 Have Drowned in the Warm Great Lakes this Year
6 Killed in Weekend Earthquake on Indonesia
Volcanic Activity Today: Tungurahua, El Hierro, Popocatépetl, Nevado del Ruiz, Krisuvik, Batu Tara, Sakurajima
Gordon Slams the Azores
Tropical Storm Helene Slams Mexico
3 Atlantic Threat Areas May Develop; A Record Fire Season for the U.S.
Do Animals Sense Hurricanes?
9 Waterspouts Spotted on Lake Michigan
Hard Times, Drought Push Owners to Abandon Horses
Aug 17
Oregon Gov Declares State of Emergency
In Washington, Idaho and California Evacuees Return to Find Homes Gone
Fires Currently Blazing
500 Million Tons of Shipping May Grind to a Halt If Mississippi River Keeps Getting Lower
Parched Regions to Remain Overheated into Fall
Sinkhole Grows by 50 Feet, Now as Big as a Football Field
Are Methane Hydrates Dissolving?
Aug 16
Miracle! Washington House Narrowly Survives Raging Wildfires That Have Scorched the NW
Idaho Towns Pack Up As Massive Wildfire Nears
Wildfires Roast Western States
Hot Now, But Forecasters See Big Winter Coming
Massive Galveston Fish Kill Linked to Red Tide
New Quake Swarm Started Under El Hierro
2/3 of CONUS in Drought
Winter 2012-2013 Will Be "Snow" Joke
Tropical Storm Gordon Forms; 5th Earliest Appearance a Season's 7th Storm
Aug 15
Urban Flooding, Strong Storms Threaten Cities Up and Down I-95
Lightning Injures 10 NJ soldiers at NY’s Ft. Drum
Nearly 1000 Earthquakes Recorded in Arizona Over 3 Years
Wildfires Blaze Across West, Burning Homes, At Least 900 People Evacuated
Low River Level Reveals Historic Ship
Drought Sends Mississippi into 'Uncharted Territory'
Wells Run Dry Leaving Many Without Water in Rural America
Reactors Go Offline Amid Heat, Problems
Current Volcano Activity: Tofua, Yasur, Popocatepetl, Tungurahua, Sakurajima, Galeras, Sotara, Nevado del Ruiz
3 Dead as Typhoon Kai-Tak Moves Through Cagayan Philippines
Aug 14
2012 Drought Makes History
Drought Increases Suicides for Rural Men, Researchers Say
June Derecho 3rd-Worst Natural Disaster in Ohio History
62 Wildfires Blaze Through Western States
Fire in Spain's Canary Islands Forces La Gomera Exodus
Flash Floods, Tornados, Oppressive Heat: When Will It End?
Lightning Rips 25' Trench Through Backyard and into Mass. Home
7.7 Pacific Quake Causes No Damage
...Causes False Temblor Reports in California
Earthquake Study Raises Risk Potential Around Central Washington Dams
Life at the Epicenter: Preparing for the Mega-Quake
Idaho Firefighter Killed as Western Fire Season Peaks
The Worst is Yet to Come With the Atlantic Hurricane Season
Aug 13
Iran's Hospitals Struggle to Cope with Quake Victims; 300+ Killed, Livestock Wiped Out; Thousands Injured; 1,000+ Villages Affected
6.2 Quake Strikes Far-Western China
6.2 Earthquake Hits Alaska's Aleutians
Mandatory Evacs Ordered as Wildfires Advance Toward California Town
Enormous 400ft Deep Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows 100Ft Tall Trees and Raises Concerns of Explosions, Radiation Leaks
Louisiana Sink Hole Explained – Possible Huge Catastrophe in the Making
Experts Say Big Oregon Earthquake Imminent
Prof. Harry Smedes Predicts "Different" Quake Lasting 4-5 Minutes
More Flooding Could Close Roads in California, Four Corners
"Rare" Tornado Hits Long Island, NY Knocking Down Trees
Waterspout Reaches Land to Become Duluth, Minn.'s First Tornado on Record
Torrential Rain Wrecks Havoc in New Zealand, Forecasters Have Warned More Coming
Strongest Winds in 6 Years Hit Sydney, Rip Roofs, Toss Boats
Alert Crust Destabilization Happening Now
13 Dead as Lightning Strikes Bangladesh Mosque
Climate: Extreme Rainfall Events Increasingly Common – HOLLY COMMENT: I wrote about these events in 1998 in the original edition of Dare To Prepare – that we would see a massive increase in weather extremes. This was 14 years ago when people were largely asleep about any major Earth Changes and the global implication. I stated we would (and are now) seeing wild weather swings in full throttle. While extreme rain is seen in some parts of the U.S., this year the majority of America is seeing massive drought. Current climatological wisdom suggests the U.S. Southwest will see more frequent drier times while other areas will see increased massive flooding. No happy medium for anyone.
Volcanic Mudslides Pose New Risk on Mt Tongariro
Map Highlights Volcano Hotspots
Pacific Quake Swarm Sparked Underwater Volcano Eruption
China Reservoir Collapse Kills at Least 10
Intense Heat Kills 10,000 Earthworms in China – HOLLY NOTE: Earthworms are reasonably sensitive animals. When we've gotten huge rains, they surface from the lawns, beach themselves on the cement driveways and die there. Then there's the big "scrape off" cleaning up their carcasses.
Aug 10
Magma Bubbles Higher in Mt. Tongariro – More Eruptions Likely
"Dangerously High Levels of Magma" Could Trigger Another Blow
Scientists Inch Close to Rumbling Tongariro + Pic of Vent
Toxic Chemical Found in Tongariro Eruption Ash
3rd NZ Volcano Thought to Have Erupted
Our New Island? Pumice Float Stuns Navy
Lightning Seen Around Erupting White Island
Heavy Rain as Hurricane Ernesto Makes Landfall in Mexico, at Least 3 Dead
Tropical Storm Gordon Could Form by Tonight
Typhoon Haikui Kills 4 in China, Affects 2 Million
Louisiana Probes Cause of Huge Bayou Sinkhole
California Braces for Power-Grid Test Amid Heat Wave
Sudden Fall Chill for Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo
Home Gas Explosion Blamed on Calif. Quake
Earthquake Record Shakes Up Pacific Northwest Predictions
Earthquake/Solar Flare Predictions: August 12-18
Aussie Tourist Survives 'Iceberg Tsunami'
No Respite from Rain, Floods in Philippines
Aug 9
Quake Swarm Strikes Southern California
Seismologists Studying So. California Quake Swarm
Dramatic Footage: Mt. Tongariro Volcano Erupts In New Zealand
Drought-Hit Us Busts Heat Record From Dust Bowl Days
July 2012 Marks Hottest Month on Record Ever
Another Monster Durst Storm Blankets Phoenix
US Forecasters Raise Atlantic Hurricane Outlook
Second New Zealand Volcano 'Burps' After Eruption
New Zealand Volcano Is Still Steaming
Eruption Updates for White Island and Tongariro
Mexico, Veracruz Brace for Ernesto's Landfall, Flooding
Aug 8
'It's Like Waterworld': Monsoon Rains Swamp Manila, Force 270,000 to Flee
Ernesto Races across Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
Fall: Snow for Rockies; Warmth Grips Northeast
Rare Snowfall Stuns Johannesburg
3 New Lakes Formed by Mt. Tongariro Eruption
4.4 Temblor Jolts Orange County, Calif.
5.4 Earthquake Shakes Up Costa Rica
Warned Again: Big One Is Closer Than First Thought
Earthquake Near Major City with Death Toll "Unprecedented in Human History" a Matter of Time: Professor Iain Stewart
Northeast Sees Warmest Year on Record So Far

Aug 7
Ash Cloud Over NZ as Giant Volcano Erupts for First Time in 115 Years
...Surprises Scientists

More Risk to Visitors After White Island Erupts
Torrential Rainfall Devastates Parts of Scotland, England
Worldwide Volcanic Activity Today: Tongariro, Etna, Stromboli, Popocatépetl, volcanoes in Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador
Small Quake Strikes Arkansas; Drought Damage Looks to be Cause of Quakes
How 1 Major Southern California Earthquake Could Become 2
Dead Crops, Extreme Drought, Endless Wildfires Are the New Normal in America
The Mighty Mississippi to Run Dry?
Flooding Brings Chaos to Philippine Capital
Aug 6
Towns' Residents Flee Oklahoma Wildfires That Have Destroyed Dozens of Homes
Okla. Wildfires Likely to Persist
33 Fires Blaze Through Hot, Dry Northwest
Weeks Later, Waldo Canyon Fire Still No (Publicly Stated) Cause Cited, Investigation Continues
Heavy Rain, Wind from Ernesto Eye Honduras, Belize
100,000 Fans Evacuated as Iconic Festival Lollapalooza Shut Down after
1 Killed, 9 Hurt After Lightning Strikes NASCAR Race
Chicago Hit by Thunderstorms and 70mph Winds

UK Pounded by Weekend of Tornadoes and Torrential Downpours
Giant Sinkhole in Louisiana Parrish Prompts Emergency Declaration
Thousands Evacuated as Chile Volcano Erupts Violently
Visitors Warned Off Erupting White Island Volcano
'Super Volcano' Could Kill Millions, Scientists Warn
America's 10 Most Dangerous Volcanoes – HOLLY NOTE: As pointed out in the following article, you don't have to live "next door" to a volcano for it to give you a very bad day.
Mass Grave in London Reveals How a Volcano Caused Global Catastrophe
The Science of Living with Dangerous Volcanoes
4.6 Quake Strikes Northeast of Paso Robles, Calif.
Dominican Republic Shaken by 4.4 Quake
100+ High Temperature Records in July Outnumber Cold Records 17 to 1
Thousands of Fish Die as US Streams Heat Up
Blame Blistering Heat Waves on Global Warming, Study
Aug 3
Scientists Monitor White Island's Rumblings
Don't Unzip That Zipper! STAN NOTE: Scientists keep close watch on White Island because it may act as New Zealand's 'volcanic zipper'. When WI goes, it may trigger other eruptions in the area. Check this map to see 7 other volcanoes in a straight close line right "below" WI.
White Island Tours Planned Despite Volcanic Alert and Warning on Sulfur Gases, Magma – HOLLY NOTE: This is crazy, tourism at all costs. This same thing happened while Mt. Ruapehu erupted. While ash fell on skiers, no evacuation notice was issued.
U.S. Drought in 2012: Shocking Animated Map
Barge Runs Aground on Mississippi River; Historic Drought Continues

More Than Half of U.S. Counties Now Natural Disaster Areas
Dust from Asia Fills North America's Atmosphere
Gold Beach Ore. Experiencing Off-Shore Earthquake Swarm
NW Earthquake Risk Looms Large; Oregon Especially Vulnerable
Study Warns the Big One Is Nearing
6.1 Quake Strikes Peru
Major Recent Earthquakes Across the Globe Probably Not Linked
Earthquake Clusters Do Not Exist Per USGS – HOLLY COMMENT: Fact or panacea? – facts state otherwise
How Earth's 'Hums' Could Give a Heads Up on Earthquakes
Gigantic Sinkhole Opens Up in Bay Ridge and Nearly Swallows Parked Car
Typhoon Saola Strikes Taiwan, the Philippines, Kills at Least 26, 58 Inches of Rain and Counting
2 Tropical Cyclones Strike Chinese Coast in Quick Succession
Tropical Storm Ernesto Heading into Caribbean... Where It'll Turn into a Hurricane
Prelude to Catastrophe: “The Volcano Could Be Nearing a Major Event”
Endless Winter for Alaska's Mountains This Year
Natural Disasters Exhaust Russian Economy
Aug 2
The Worst is Yet to Come: Atlantic Hurricane Season
Tropical Depression 5 Forms Over Atlantic
An Astonishing 4,313 Heat Records Smashed in July
Half of US Counties Called 'Natural Disaster Areas'

Drought-Related Loans Open to Nonfarm Businesses
Water Drying Up Fast Across Arkansas
Western Wildfire Recovery Likely to Take Years
Scientists Warn Congress About Disastrous Effects of Climate Change
New Zealand's White Island Volcano Showing Signs of Unrest
Aug 1
Historic Drought, Giant Dust Storms and Massive Power Grid Failures - A Glimpse into Our Future
At Least 4 Waterspouts Strike North Carolina's Outer Banks
Study: West's Forests Could See 100-Year Drought
Drought-hit Cattlemen: Ethanol Hurting Us – Give Us a Break!
Extreme Weather Up 30% Across the U.S. – STAN NOTE: These events are what I've warned about for 15 years especially on Coast To Coast AM and other radio programs. Now we're seeing this in real time. As a refresher on extreme events, looked through our archived Earth Changes News.
Group Warns About More Extreme Weather in Colorado
Severe Storm Risk: Atlanta, Tallahassee, Jacksonville
'Extremely Rare' Colorado Tornado Is Second-Highest in US History
3 South Carolina Quakes in a Week: A Warning?
5 Quakes Hit Santa Clara County, Calif.
6 Quakes in Week Off Southern Oregon Coast
11 Missing in Rain-Triggered Flooding in China
Western North America Faces 21st Century 'Mega-drought'
Extreme Drought Persists Across US
...Strains US Oil Production
Typhoon Kills at Least 7 in the Philippines
New Zealand's Tongariro Volcano Increases in Earthquakes and Unrest
Earth's Magnetic Reversal May Be Underway
63 Fishermen Rescued from Rogue Waves in Butuan Bay
July 30
Phoenix Blanketed of Dust Twice in a Week as Massive Cloud Rolls In from Desert
6.0 Quake Hits Off Mexico Coast
3 Quakes Hit Santa Cruz County, Calif
U.S. Fears Overdue 'Megathrust' Earthquake Will Trigger Tsunami and Decimate Unprepared Cities on NW Coast
MegaQuake Could Hit North America
6.6 Quake Hits Papua New Guinea
'Shortage of Dialysis Tubes' After Earthquake Hits Factories
Tropics Heating Up
US 'Extreme Drought' Areas Triple in Size in 7 Days
USA's Drought Is Changing How Business Is Done
Larry Taylor Blog ~ July 30, 2012
Drought Kills Fish, Waterfowl Threatened Too
370 Million Sweltering in Heatwave after India's Power Grid Crashes
Floods Force Evacuations in Costa Rica
Tornado Hits Bohol; 85 Houses, Boats Destroyed
Severe Flooding Hits North Korea, Kills 88
July 27
Storms Knock Out Power to Tens of Thousands from Plains to Northeast
...Severe Storms Kill 2, Leave Trail of Damage
2 Dead as Storms Rip East, Midwest; Twister Hits NY Town
Power Line Explodes During New York Storm
1 (jump to about 55 seconds in)
Severe Threat Shifts to Northern Georgia, Carolinas
Worst U.S. Drought in 50 Years to Raise Food Prices in 2013
Grand Canyon-Sized Rift Found Under Antarctic Ice
Miss. River Level Keeps Dropping in Memphis
Drought Reveals an Ind. City Under a Reservoir
Areas in Worst Drought Categories Rise by 50%, US Says
In 1 Week, Drought Increases Dramatically

Wash. Couple's Yard Falls Down 200-Foot Cliff, Threatening House
House Poised to Fall Off 200-Foot Cliff into Massive Sinkhole

Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Erupts, Showers Town in Ash
Impressive Time Lapse Video of Sakurajima Eruption Spewing 18" Rock More Than a Mile Away
Typhoon Vincente after Killing at Least 7 Is Still Deadly
Sweeping 'Grand Canyon' Discovered Beneath Antarctic Ice
Beijing Hammered Hard by Flood Waters

July 26
Roads, Rails and Planes Mangled by U.S. Weather Extremes
To Derecho or Not to Derecho
Drought Could Cost $12 Billion, Most Since 1988
32 Million Americans in Line to be Clobbered by This Storm: Damaging Storm Outbreak Today: Ohio Valley, Northeast
8.6 Quake Possible in Southern California? Caltech Suggests New 'Mega-Earthquake'
New Swarm of Quakes Hit S. California
Iran Shattered by Earthquake
Alpine Fault Study Shows New Evidence for Regular Magnitude 8 Earthquakes
Man Dies after 6.6 Quake in Indonesia
Rumors Swirl Over Flooding Death Toll in Beijing
In Last 24 Hours, Popocatepetl Blows 45 Blasts of Vapor and Gas
July 25
Derecho Hits the Chicago Area Downing Trees And Power Lines; 183,000 Lose Power
Derechos and Super Derechos Becoming More Frequent
3.8 Quake Rattles Los Angeles
Climate Change and the American West: Fires and Drought Point to New Norm
Western Wildfires—Horrific, Destructive…and Unnecessary
Satellites Reveal Sudden Greenland Ice Melt
Hurricane Forecast Numbers Increased
IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Junk
July 24
Live: Derecho Hammering Indiana; Dayton Next
Dust Storm Cause 17-car Pileup on Texas Freeway, Killing 2
Amazing Pictures Capture Another Phoenix Haboob
Nebraska Wildfire Scorches 50,000 Acres
Extreme Heat into Late Summer and Early Fall
1 – HOLLY COMMENT: Think about what this means for crops loss, rising food prices, water restrictions. This event is huge, maybe not the most exciting, but its consequences are more wide-ranging, long-lasting and devastating than any earthquake or tornado thought of being. Prepare your stored food, water and seed supplies accordingly.
Phoenix Dust Storm from Above
Strongest Typhoon to Hit Hong Kong in 13 Years Injures 118
...Hits China as Cat 4
Spain Wildfire Scorches Over 22,000 Acres
Seaweed, Sharks, Storms Linked to Warm Atlantic Ocean
Leaders Say Climate Is Changing Native Way of Life
12 Years of Fires
July 23
Massive Duststorm Attacks Arizona
More 100-Degree Temps Across the Midwest
Utilities Brace for Heat Wave
Midwest Drought and Heat Increase Water Supply Worries
Drought Encompassing 2/3 of U.S. Could Last Months
"Sudden Rise" in Volcanic Activity After 35 Years Dormancy at Raises Tongariro Alert to New High (See Stan's Dream/Vision Concerning Lake Taupo Volcanoes in New Zealand)
5.8 Earthquake off NZ Coast Felt in Bay of Plenty
50+ Aftershocks Detected After China Quake
Dominican Republic Reports 500 Earthquakes So Far This Year
The John Moore Show: Alert Level 3.6 Nibiru is Near – HOLLY COMMENT: Always assume these type maps are approximations – not "gospel". Any location bordering these outlined boundaries may go either way. Also, since this image is a screen snap from the video, it further degrades exact flooded area. Last, John Moore states in the video that people will want to see if their own home is "safe" or not. That's understandable, but as these borders are not exact, please take that into account.
Mudslides Cut Off Villages, Kill Man in Austria
Beijing’s Heaviest Rain in 60 Years Kills at Least 37 People
Extreme Weather Tests Nerves – Temp Hits 122ºF and Higher in UAE
Risk Assessment Co. Expands Suite of Catastrophe Models for Australia
WH Won't Say If Climate Change Is Responsible for Natural Disasters
July 20
Another Earthquake Shakes Victoria, Australia
Quake Swarm Rumbles under NZ's Tongariro Volcano
Widespread Drought Is Likely to Worsen
U.S. Drought: Comparing Dust Bowl Days to 2012
Extreme Weather Events July 2012

July 19
This Week's Drought Map Expands Yet Again
rought Unlikely to Budge Through October
Silver Lining in Historic U.S. Drought: Fewer Mosquitoes
Summer 2012 in Running for Hottest Summer on Record
June Arctic Ice Melt Sets Records
How Low Can You Go, Mississippi?
Storms Knocks Out Power to Thousands in Conn.
Is Earth Tilting?

July 18
'No Relief' from Drought; Temps Above 90 -- Again
It's So Hot ...
Midwest Drought Shows Little Sign of Abating
How the Drought Will Cost You
Vicious Storms Wednesday: Boston, NYC, Philly, DC
Strong Thunderstorms Knock Out Power to Over 24,000 New Hampshire Homes
Weather Modification Meets Hurricane
Severe Weather of 2011 Linked to La Nina, Climate Change
Larger Than Manhattan-Size Iceberg Breaks Away from Greenland Glacier
More Rain in Japan After Flooding, Many Dead
Anger in India after Floods Leave 109 Dead, 400,000 Homeless
July 17
The Largest Natural Disaster in U.S. History Will Bake America Well into August
Scientists Analyze Potential of Using Lasers to Make Rain
Why Extreme Heat Follows Dry Spells
The Biggest Problem in the World May Not Be Financial
Floods in Japan Leave Hundreds Stranded
Flood-Battered Japan Warily Eyes Typhoon
Mount Merapi Spews High-Pressure Gas and Ash, Crater Wall Collapses
July 16
Sizzling Heat to Expand From Midwest to Northeast
Wildfire Threatens 170 Homes in Calif.
More Wildfire Fallout:
Streams, Rivers Near Colo. Wildfire Burn Zones Tainted with Ash
Black Sludge Coats Poudre River After High Park Fire
Growing Hole Will Keep Colorado U.S. 24 Near Tennessee Pass Closed for a Month
U.S. Declares Drought-Stricken States Largest Natural Disaster Area Ever – HOLLY COMMENT: Yes, we posted this news last week, but it again brings to mind something I've been meaning to mention. Some people are talking about Earth cooling. When we've just come off the hottest year ever, it's pretty hard to document that point of view. More importantly scripture warns of the Sun's heat becoming so mighty people must hide in Revelation 16:8-9. Howver, this is down the road a bit in prophetic events, but we might being witnessing the "warm up". We are seeing extraordinary events on the Sun last week with 2 X-class flares. Saturday when bringing in laundry, the light didn't look right. There aren't better terms to describe it, but the latest CME impacted Earth around 2 a.m. MDT and it must have had a big effect on the magnetosphere – the protective field around our planet. When Stan checked the proton storm readings at Boulder it showed they were about 100x normal.
Drought May Stall Mississippi River Barge Traffic
Des Moines, Chicago, NYC, Boston to Once Again Sizzle
Warming Eyed in Huge 5-Mile-Long Alaska Landslide
Vicious Storm Lights Night in Washington in ‘Most Intense’ Ever Lightning Storm
Lightning Strikes Houston Soccer Field; 2 Killed, 1 Injured
Eyewitness: Ontario Lightning Strike 'Sounded Like a Bomb,' 17 Sends to Hospital
Poland Shocked by Freak Wave of Tornadoes, 1 Dead, 10 Injured, 100+ Homes Destroyed
Tornadoes Cause Chaos in Poland

Torrential Rain Kills at Least 28 in Japan
3.5 Quake Hits West of Richmond, Utah
Another North Texas Quake Raises More Questions About Drilling
Scientists Warn of Reef Peril at Australian Summit
Giant Sinkhole Swallows Pasture in Florida
July 13
Drought Leads to Declaration of Natural Disaster in 26 US States
Exploding Hay, Watering Bans Are Latest Signs of Worsening Drought
Drought Blankets More Than Half the US
California Wildfire Spreading, Perils 150 Homes at Foresthill
Federal Obstacles Hamper Battle on Wildfires
Amazing 5 Day Timelapse of Colorado's Waldo Canyon Fire – HOLLY COMMENT: Heaven help us if fires of this magnitude continue. Even watching half of this is a stunner. It's a vivid reminder of how quickly "normal life" can go up in smoke – literally.

Canadian Rescue Efforts Resume in British Columbia, After Massive Slide Leaves 4 Missing
Death Toll in French Alps Avalanche Climbs to 9
Hottest Year on Record, Worst Drought in a Generation Force Ranchers to Plan B
Texas: From Drought-Stricken to Flood
Why Earthquakes Are Shaking North Texas
3.9 Quake Strikes Near Eureka, Calif.
Fault from California to Vancouver Island Could Generate "Colossal" Quakes, Research
USGS: Earthquakes Were Real That Hit Louisiana
July 12
Damaging Storms in Parts of Metro Atlanta Again
Captured: Thunderstorm Sucking Up Wildfire Smoke
Torrential Rains Leave 6 Dead, 20 Missing in Japan
Avalanche in French Alps Kills 6 Climbers
5.8 Earthquake in Afghanistan, Tremors Felt in India, Pakistan
July 11
Extreme Heat Roasts Western U.S.
Flight Turbulence So Severe Passengers Thought They Were Going to Die
2011 Texas Drought Was 20 Times More Likely Due to Warming, Study Says
First Half of 2012 Is Warmest on Record
Fuji Quake Left 65-Foot Crack
Asian Mountains Show That Glaciers Are NOT Melting - And Some Are Actually Gaining New Ice – HOLLY COMMENT: This further illustrates the vast extremes seen in weather events today.
Sea Levels Online – HOLLY COMMENT: Green, red and yellow arrows indicate rising levels; blue arrows are lowering. Click arrows for details. As expected CONUS is in trouble. We have advised coastal residents for more than a decade to more inland.
England Flood Risk to Rise Fourfold by 2035: Report
Emilia Weakens Over Open Pacific; Now a Cat 2 Storm
"Super Derecho" Ambushed Mid-Atlantic Before We Knew What One Was
Firefighters Gain Ground in West, Struggle in Idaho
How Fire Could Change the Face of the West
5.6 Earthquake shakes Turkey and Greece
2 Earthquakes Shake The Geysers, Calif.
After Earthquake, Washington Monument Could Stay Closed into 2014 for Repairs
Virginia to Get Earthquake Mapping of Faults That Caused 5.8-mag 2011 Quake
Latest Swarm of Minor Earthquakes Shakes Texas County
"New Madrid" State of Tenn. Holding "Catastrophic" Earthquake Drill
Deep Trouble? Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage May Cause Quakes
More Than Quarter Million Register to Take Part in New Zealand's Biggest-ever Earthquake Drill – HOLLY COMMENT: Considering their population for the entire country is less than Colorado's, this is a massive turnout.
Over the Last 12 Months, Six Power Outages Have Kept People in the Dark for Extended Periods
July 9
Temperatures Cool Some after Record Breaking Heatwave Leaves 46 Dead in Scorching Weather That Saw Planes Melt into the Tarmac
Heatwave Blamed for at Least 74 Death Across U.S.
40,000 in Penn. County Lost Power in Sat. Storms
Power Outages Linger 10 Days After Storm
Earth Tremors, Gas Bubbles Puzzle Louisiana Parish Residents
Thousands of Fish Die in Lakes and Rivers Across U.S. as Stifling Heat Continues
Creature Comforts – Animals Try to Stay Cool
Just 9 Days after "Super Derecho Slams Fredericksburg, Tornado Strikes
Destroyed & Devastated: Russia Grieves in Wake of Tsunami-Like Flood
Russia in Blame Game After Floods Kill More Than 170 People
Firefighters Battle Large Blaze in Idaho
'Super Fires' Like That in Colo. Nearly Inevitable in Northern Calif., Forest Service Scientist Says
India Floods Kill 121, Displace 6 Million
Expert: Nankai Trough Quake Could Kill 400,000 Just South of Tokyo
Rogue Waves Sweep Teen Kayakers into Pacific Ocean
5.7 Quake Widely Felt Across New Zealand's North Island 
Underwater Eruption in Canaries Erases All of Region's Fish
Anak Krakatau's Lava Dome Has Disappeared and New Hydrothermal Vents Appear
Emilia Expected to Become Major Hurricane in Pacific
Hurricane Daniel Could Impact Hawaii by Late Week
History Repeats…Reliving the 1950s (and 1890s): the 60 Year Cycle
Very Effective Chemtrail Wakeup Call
July 6
After Floods, Firestorms and Tornadoes Now DROUGHT Sweeps America: More Than Half the U.S. Devastated in Heatwave
Hundreds of Thousands Still Without Power Brace for More Blistering Heat
Extreme Heat Breaks 4,500 Records – and Counting
...Raises Climate Change Questions, Concerns
Heat Wave Expands, as Do Signs of the Times: Buckled Roads
Rising Heat at Beaches Threatens Largest Sea Turtles
Torrid Weather Sears Canada, Eastern Us with Record Temperatures
Severe Storms Lash Great Smokies Park, Visitors Hurt
Flood Warnings Across UK as a Month's Rain Will Fall in 24 Hour
Colorado Wildfire: Ignition Point of Waldo Canyon Fire ID'ed
Colorado Wildfires Leave Behind a Barren Wasteland
3.5 Earthquake 'Rumbled' Big Bear, Calif. During Busy Holiday Week
6.3 Quake Strikes Near Vanuatu in Pacific
Deep Tremors Are Possible Earthquake Clues
El Niño to Impact 2012 Hurricane Season
Storms, Volcanoes Could Cool the Earth
July 5
Fourth of July monsoon Floods Homes, Streets in Arizona City
Blistering Heat Wave to Continue into Weekend – Forecast Predicts More Heat Records Will Fall
Much of US Sizzling, Friday's Storms Blamed for at Least 26 Deaths
Heat Misery Not Letting Up
For Those Without Power, Patience Wears Thin, Tempers Flare
Rain Cools Colo. Fires, While Other Wildfires Grow
More Than 50 Large Wildfires Burning America
'Surreal' Roar Before Big New Zealand Quake Strikes
Quakes Keeping Kiwis on Drugs, Alcohol
Kiwis Hanging onto Port Potties "Just in Case"
Big Quake Could Leave Wellington Cut Off from the Rest of North Island for 4 Months, Study
Earthquake Shakes St. Kitts
Nearly 100 Quakes Hit Peru First Half of 2012
Drought Hits Texas Part of Ogallala Aquifer
Drought, Floods: Scientists Call US Summer a Global Warming Preview
Drought Fears Rise in India
Santos to Residents Near Volcano: Leave
Volcano activity of July 4, 2012 – Canary Islands, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Washington, Papua New Guinea and Philippines
New Report Blasts Japan's Preparation for, Response to Fukushima Disaster
July 4
Triple-Digit Temps Back as Power Slowly Restored – Nearly 1M Still in the Dark
Unrelenting Heat: St. Louis, Chicago, DC, Philly
Power Outages Continue to Plague the East Coast

Wait for Power Continues for Tens of Thousands in Chicago

Air Quality to Suffer as Heat Plagues Midwest, East
More Than 2,000+ Heat Records Matched or Broken
Heat Forecast
What's Behind the Record Heat?
Storms, Dangerous Heat to Continue into July 4 and Beyond 
Storms Kill 3, Injures 40 in N.C.
Millions Find Ways to Cope Without Power After Storms 
Storms Damage South Suburbs
Newt Gingrich on D.C. Weather: 'Mild Taste of What an EMP Attack Would Do'
Wyoming Now Firefighting Focus as Hundreds Flee  
Montana Fire Burns Toward Area Proposed for Logging to Moderate Fires
Colorado's Most Destructive Wildfire History Now 70% Contained, Officials
Colorado Wildfire: Former Chief "Knew" Waldo Canyon Would Happen
Waldo Toll Hits $110 Million for Lost Homes
Russia May Fight Fires in the U.S.
Study Warns of Continued Rise in Wildfires in Western U.S., Elsewhere
7.0 New Zealand Quake Quake Region's Largest in 100 Years
Best Chemtrail Evidence?
Colombian Volcano Erupts, Spewing Ash and Gas
NW Braces for 1.5 Million-Ton Onslaught of Tsunami

Warming Oceans Change Britain's Sea Life
July 2
Chaotic Commute as Storms Leave 2M Without Power
Transformers Blow, Trees Down in Home Video of "Insane" Storm
Accuweather Callas Sunday Eastern U.S Storm a "LAND HURRICANE" – HOLLY NOTE: Stan predicted these events in 1996, coining the term "landicane"
Heat Adds Misery to Mid-Atlantic Power Outage
...Outages Could Last Days
10 Sobering Realizations The Eastern U.S. Power Grid Failure Is Teaching Us About A Real Collapse
Devastating Heat Wave to Continue Kansas City to Washington
Colorado Wildfire: Waldo Canyon Residents Sift Through Charred Remains for Bits of Life
Residents Visit Fire-Ravaged Remains
Intensity of Waldo Cnyon Fire Shocked Even the Experts
How to Help Those Affected by Waldo Canyon, High Park and Other Colorado Wildfires – comprehensive site
After 11 Years, Fire Program Analysis System Still Isn't Ready
Rep. Schiff Again Presses for Forest Service Verdict on Nighttime Flight Ban
The Concern of the Limits of Nighttime Firefighting Aircraft Is Not New
Officials Say Plane That Crashed in SD Forest Fire Was Based in Colorado
Rip Currents Continue to Plague Coastline
Thousands Evacuated in Eastern Spain after Country's Worst Forest Fires in a Decade Rages Out of Control
Earthquake Swarm in San Diego Sunday
Quakes Swarm Shakes California-Mexico Border Region
Recent Quakes in California: The Need for Govt. and Private Sector Planning
6.6 Earthquake Rocks China's Xinjiang Region; 35 Injured, 64,500 Affected
After Massive Flood Earthquake Shakes Assam
Kiwis Living with Earthquake Risk
Incredible Map of World's Earthquakes Creates Internet Buzz
Sea Levels 'will Continue Rising' Regardless of Greenhouse Gas Treaties, Warn Scientists
June 29
Millions Without Power as Storms Pound U.S.
Warnings After 9 Die Amid Searing Heat, Storms
Indiana to Mid-Atlantic in Peril: Record Heat, No Power
Heat Wave Smashing All-Time Records
Heatwaves Smash Records, Millions Without Power, This Device May Save Your Life
Colorado's Worst Fire in History: 346 Homes Lost, at Least 1 Dead
De Beque (Grand Junction, Colo.) Blaze Grows, Forcing Evacuations
Colorado’s 2012 Wildfire Season “Unprecedented”
No End in Sight to...
Sweltering Heat Blast for Chicago, Atlanta, DC, Philly, NYC
Heat Hub for US Is Kansas Farm Town – Not Death Valley
Firework Bans Sparked by Drought
Volcanic Activity Lifts Canary Island
India Floods Displace More Than 850,000
June 28
Colorado Fires: TV Anchors Break Down in Tears, Offer Prayers
Raging Colorado Wildfire Prompts FBI Investigation
New Lightning-Sparked Wildfire Burns Near Grand Junction, CO
Colorado Wildfires to Raise Insurance Rates in Future Years
Massive Dust Storm Descends on Phoenix
'Ring of Fire' Storms Target Nebraska to New York
Sweatin' Bullets: 1,000+ Records Fall in Week
Man Swept Away by Floodwater as Inch of Rain Hits Midlands in Just 1 Hour After 'Apocalyptic Thunderstorm'
Floods, Landslides Leave 100 Dead, 1000s Homeless as Monsoon Rains Lash Bangladesh
Sinkholes Around the World
New Zealand's Big Alpine Fault Quake May Be 'in Near Future'
Related: New Zealand Coming Apart at the Seams
Related: Stan's DreamVison of 1997
June 27
HOLLY NOTE: Colorado Springs Wildfire Situation Update – June 27 — Oh dear, our troubles have now garnered the attention of Obama. But wait, he's not showing for another 2 days. Regardless, you have to wonder what he wants in return.... – 12 pints of blood? No, much more, your vote.
Colorado: 'Fire of Epic Proportions': Tens of Thousands Evacuated Ahead of Ferocious Colorado Blaze
Wildfire Burns Homes in Colorado Springs Neighborhood
Colorado Springs Utilities Turns Off Electric and Gas
Colorado's Historic Flying W Ranch Burns to Ground
Colorado Wildfire Spreads, Threatens Air Force Academy
Ft. Carson Opening Up Shelters to USAFA
Mandatory Evacuation Map
Gusty Storms Threaten Massive Colorado Wildfire
Map of Colorado Fires
Places for Co. Springs Evacuees to Take Pets
Colorado Wildfire Victims, How to Donate and Help
How to Donate to Evacuees of the Waldo Canyon Fire (please designate gifts for the Waldo Canyon Fire)
Pueblo Businesses Collect for Fire Victims
Care and Share Donation
Flagstaff Fire: 2,400 Pre-evacuation Orders for South Boulder
Montana: Governor Issues Executive Emergency Order as Fires Erupt Across State
Montana: Homes Destroyed, More Than 200 Homes Evacuated
Utah: County Sheriff – One Dead in Utah's Wood Hollow Fire, Fairview to be Evacuated
Alaska: Lightning Contributes to Spread of Wildfires in Interior
Alaska: 13 New Fires as of Sunday
Arizona: 2 New Wildfires Burning in S. Arizona
Nevada: State Gets C- for Fire Safety
New Mexico: One of the Worst Wildfires in State's History Scorches 44,000 Acres, Destroys 254 Structures
Wyoming: Firefighters Seek to Suppress New Wildfire – Grew from 300 to 2,000 Acres on Tuesday
Arkansas: Fire Danger Picking Up in State
Alabama: In Last 7 Days, 57 Fires Have Burned 684 Acres Statewide
Aided by Heat, Wildfires' Toll Reaches Almost 1.4 Million Acres
Heatwave Breaking All-Time Records Across the Plains Will Shift into Midwest and East
Drought-Stricken Wyo. Ranchers Look to ND Pastures
Colorado Springs Sees Hottest Day Ever, Record-High for 5th Straight Day
Debby Aftermath: Flooded Homes, Busted Roads
Debby Creates Dozens of Sinkholes in Hernando County
20 Sinkholes Swallowing Up More Florida County
Virginia Storm Leaves Tens of Thousands Without Power
Thunderstorms Topple Trees, Cut Power Across Western Montana
"Unusually Strong Earthquake Swarm" Continues Under El Hierro Island
East Coast Faces Faster Sea-Level Rise
Ugandan Village Digs Through Mudslide in Attempt to Search for Missing
June 26
HOLLY NOTE: Thank you, all of you who have written/called with your prayers and well wishes. So many other Coloradans are in much greater need. We started watering the native grass around our property again this morning at 5 a.m. It's crispy crittered. With high wind and high heat of 107ºF in the shade, we doubt it's doing much good, evaporating as quickly as it's sprayed.

Penrose, which is about 35 minutes west of us on Hwy. 50, is taking in Colorado Springs residents' large animals. Preparations have already been made should fire threaten the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Stan and I visited a number of times and this facility is home to a number of large animals – giraffe, rhinos, elephants. Have no idea what provisions could be made for the polar bears, sea lions and other water animals. Yesterday, the Humane Society was already filled for being able to take in cats; a few spaces were available for dogs.

It is simply heartbreaking seeing people lose everything. News agencies are busy coughing out numbers, but when you put a face to these tragedies, it becomes personal. One woman interviewed sat in her car with nothing but the clothes on her back and 2 Labrador dogs. They are her 4-legged kids. She cried, "My house is gone. And now I'm not gonna have a home and I have no place to go." This is a story that's being retold many times over, just the names and address change.

Now maybe this is too 'woo-woo' for some, but America IS under judgment. Stan and I feel this judgment is focusing on Colorado as we are the 2nd home to our God-forsaking government. It's not a stretch when one looks at the current Drought Forecast and see that 2/3 of America is expected to be in the WORST category possible. It brings to mind the prophecy of America Will Burn. Dimitru Duduman prophesied this in 1984. Pray for America. Ask for forgiveness and mercy.

Half of Nation's Firefighters Are in Colorado
Wildfires: Military on Attack
Record Heat Harms Efforts to Fight Wildfires
High Park Fire: Citizens Still Waiting to Go Home
Red Flag Warnings in Effect from Kansas Westward
Wildfire Threatens Tourist Spots, Military Academy
Colorado Fireworks Ban Doesn't Stop Sales
Colorado's Largest-Ever Wildfires
Debby's Deluge: Fla. Highway Cut Off, Sinkholes Appear; 26" of Rain in County, 2012 Sets Record for Most Named Storms So Early in Atlantic Season
Debbie' Deluge Leaves Sunshine State Soaked
Duluth Sinkhole Creates Tourist Attraction
Sinkholes Galore
3.4 Temblor Strikes Outside
5 Earthquake in 3 Days Shakes Texas
4 Dead, 100 Others Injured in China Earthquake
Indiana's Drought to Have Long-Term Impact; Fish, Wildlife Feeling the Effects
It's Going to be a Long, Hot Summer
Both Koreas Suffering Worst Drought in a Century
June 25
HOLLY NOTE: Yes, news is posted later today than we'd like. There IS a reason. Local agencies are asking ALL area residents to be fire pro-active. This means remove all pine needles/leaves from gutters, soak your roof, irrigate any landscape, have 72-hr. kits packed, have your gas tank topped off. At 5 a.m. today we began doing this as we've been in 106º temps for 4 days running and 100º days are forecast for this week. Tomorroww 107ºF (42ºC)

Though we're just on 1-3/4 acres, this property has more than 70 pine trees. These are fire bombs on trunks. When you see Colo. fire photos with black smoke going up, those are the Ponderosa pines (ours our mostly Austrian pines) in flames. Pine trees by definition, regardless of variety, are full of fire-explosive sap. White smoke is grass and underbrush burning. The closest fire is still an hour away.

But because water pressure here only supports 2 hoses / overhead sprinklers in operation at once – as everybody is trying to protect their property, I'm hopping outside every 30 minutes to reposition them. It greatly cuts into train of thought for news posting. While we love you guys, our property and its safety is the prime consideration at the moment. Please understand... as we're getting "flames" for not posting in a timely manner. We're in an exceptionally dry time here in Colorado exceeded only by the extreme drought and subsequent fires of 2002. Thank you for your patience.
Hundreds of Homes Now Destroyed in Colo. Wildfire – Resident: "It was just this God-awful orange glow. It honestly looked like hell was opening up."
Grim News: High Park Fire by Ft. Collins Expanded from 60% Containment to Just 45% Overnight – Now at a Cost of $29. 6 Million
Wildfires Leave Colo. Tourism High and Dry – as I mentioned here last Friday.
Waldo Canyon Fire (West of Colorado Springs): As Fire Rages, Pets Flood Humane Society
In Colorado as of June 25, nearly 117,000 acres have burned. This seems like a lot, especially for this early in the season. The 2002 Hayman fire alone in the San Isabel National Forest exceeded this with 137,760 acres charred.
Yellowstone Geysers Become Active Again After Dormant Periods
Slow-Moving T.S. Debby Drenches Fla., Spawns Tornadoes
37 Dead In Afghanistan Flooding
June 22
HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday, our normally comfortable Colorado temperature, was sandwiched between days of blow-torch, brain-withering heat. Apologize for not posting news in a timely manner. We had to make the most of opportunities for outdoor wook during this 83ºF day, instead of 20 additional degrees plastered onto a melting thermometer.
Colorado Wildfires Started by Terrorists? Nyet! HOLLY NOTE: A number of folks sent in news stories promulgating the thought that Russians started the Colorado wildfires. I've personally responded to each email. Most who have their head on straight appreciated the firsthand analysis debunking same. One can only assume that those who continue to perpetuate these myths ascribe to yet another conspiracy theory. It may not be as sexy or run a thrill up your leg, but we choose to post more unbiased info.
For Colorado Wildfire Evacuees, Days Filled with Anxiety and Waiting
Meteor Reports Ground Colo. Firefighting Planes
Fires Danger at "All-Time High" Across Colorado
Hot, Dry West Means Firing Guns Can Start Blazes
Heat Wave Shatters Records from Rockies to East Coast
Heat Returns, Complicating High Park Fire Fight
Flooding Ravages Duluth, Drowns Zoo Animals
Irreplaceable Items Feared Lost in NE Minn. Flood
Despite Record-Breaking Flooding, Escaped Seal Steals Day
Study Predicts Hot Spells in S. Calif. Will Jump by 5 Times
East and Gulf Coast Tropical Concern
Gulf of Mexico on Alert for Debby: 3 Scenarios
"Zombie" Chris a Record-Breaking Tropical Storm
Dozens of People Feel Earthquake in North Carolina
3.8 Earthquake Rattles New South Wales
Victoria's Next Quake Could Be Larger: Seismologist
6.0 Quake Strikes Off Australia's Macquarie Island
Back-to-back Earthquakes Hit Oman
New Zealanders Rate Earthquake Rebuild as Poor-to-Awful
Increased Seismic Activity in Iceland’s Katla Volcano
Forest Fires Ravage Parts of Russia
State of Emergency Declared in Siberia
Colombia Closes 2nd Airport Due to Volcanic Ash Clouds
Super-Volcano May Have Doomed Neanderthals
John Kerry and His First Cousin: Both Pushing Hard for the U.N. Climate Change Agenda
June 20
Good News: After Burning 60,000 Acres, No. Colorado's High Park Fire 55% Contained
Springer Fire: 1,100 Acres Aflame West of Colo. Springs
"Zombie" Tropical Storm Chris Staggers in Atlantic
'Extensive Damage' from Flooding in Duluth, Minn.
Dangerous Heat Blast for DC, Philly, NYC, Boston
...Expected to Fry Mid-Atlantic States
Heatwave Causing Concrete to Buckle on Roads and Sidewalks
New York Tops Hurricane Storm Surge Risk in 2012
Victoria Struck by More Than 60 Aftershocks Since Yesterday's 5.3 Earthquake
Quake Witness: "I Thought the Quake Was a Landslide'
6.0 Quake Hits Alaska's Aleutian Islands
Researchers Say Earthquakes Would Let Stored CO2 Escape
Swarm of Quakes Rattle Bay of Plenty, NZ
New Zealand's Christchurch, South Island Tourism Industry Battered by Earthquakes
Colombian Volcano at Risk of Eruption
Eruption Update for Nevado del Ruiz and Popocatépetl
Long-Grumbling Alaska Volcano Sends Explosive Ash Burst 35,000 Feet
Long-Ago Geologic Events Still Felt
Giant Waves High Hammer India's Shores
Where Do People Flee When Disaster Strikes?
June 19
Victoria, AU. Shaken by Largest Quake in 3 Decades: "The Whole House Shook for Ages" – HOLLY NOTE: Australia is both blessed and cursed by the kind of quakes it gets. Their temblors don't result from one plate banging into, scraping along side of or pushing under another plate. Because these earthquakes are less predictable, shallower and felt over a larger area, smaller events do greater damage.
Dangerous Riptides Claim 3 Lives at Florida Beaches
Rip Currents Likely on Lake Michigan Beaches Today
Severe Storms, Tornadoes Eye Nebraska to Michigan
Guchol Strikes Japan, Talim Next
Phoenix Sandstorm Blackens Sky in New Time-lapse Video
Could You Survive 122 Degrees?
June 18
Extreme Weather Conditions Stoke Colorado's High Park Fire, Tax Firefighters
Strong Winds Ground Air Support to High Park Fire Crews; More Evacuations, Over 58,000 Acres Consumed
Record Number 181 Homes Burn: Fire Most Destructive in Colo. History, 45% Contained
New Colorado Wildfire: Firefighters Fear Springer Fire Will Roar Again Monday
Across the West, Wildfire Scorches Land in Wyom., Calif., Nev., New Mexico and Arizona
Extreme Fire Danger Across San Diego Mountains, Deserts
Wildfire: Red Slurry's Toxic Dark Side
New Madrid Quake Rattles Area Between MO, TN
3.1 Quake Strikes Near California's Geysers
Catastrophic Earthquake in Vancouver: "It Is a Matter of When, Not If"
5.4 Quake Hits Western Argentina
6.4 Quake Strikes 72 Miles Off Japan
Quake Swarm Hits Taiwan
6.1 Earthquake Jolts Philippines
Earthquake Fallout Leaves Auckland Heritage Buildings Uninsurable
Fracking Can Cause Earthquakes, but So Can Oil and Gas Extraction
Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano Growing More Active
Colombian Volcano Nevado Del Ruiz Spews Ash and Gas
Historic Volcano Eruption in Australia
China's Mysterious Giant Mushroom Cloud
Catastrophic Events
1 (starts 40:40 min. in)
Typhoon Guchol Sets Aim at Japan
Guchol Alert – Tokyo and Fukushima
June 15
Powerful Thunderstorms to Hammer Cheyenne, Denver, Lubbock
Lightning Strike Causes Explosion, Fire at Nebr. Meat Packing Plant
Colorado's 3rd Largest-Ever Fire Jumps Poudre River, New Evacuations Ordered
1,300 Firefighters Battle Colorado Wildfire at a Cost of $7.2 Million – So Far
Forest Fire Consumes 30,000 Acres, Forces Canadians to Evacuate Labrador Towns
Western Wildfires Fuel Urgency for Forest Restoration
Record Heat Continues to Bake Puerto Rico
Hurricane Carlotta on Track for Acapulco; Could Dump 15 Inches of Rain
UK Twister Sighted Off Cornwall as Britain Is Hit with Floods, Gale Force Winds; Met Office Warns of Long Period of Severe Weather
10 Aftershocks Followed Los Angeles 4.0 Quake
...Raises Fears of ‘Big One’ to Come
Saint Louis Missouri Shakes - Charts Show It - USGS Doesn't Report It

People Jump from Buildings in Panic after Moderate Quake Strikes Turkey
Typhoon Guchol Poses Dangers to Philippines, Taiwan, Japan
Indonesia’s Mt. Gamkonora Blows 2-Mile High Ash Cloud, Hundreds Evacuate
June 14
Freakish Hail Storm Pummels Dallas
Dangerous Storms Hits Southwest at Rush Hour – No Warning for Supercell

"Apocalyptic-like" Dallas Hail

About 88,000 Without Power in Houston Area after Storm
Carlotta Expected to Strike Mexico as Hurricane
3 Injured after Severe Turbulence Shakes Plane
L.A. Rattled by Shallow 4.1 Quake
Colorado Wildfire Chars ~50,000 Acres; Containment: 10%
Firefighters Battle 18 Major Blazes
Northern Colorado Fire Rages on
Coloradans Wait to Learn If Homes Still Standing after High Park Fire
Yellowstone Volcano Risk May Hinder Wyoming Data Center Efforts
Extreme Natural Events May Be More Common
Waterspout in Venice

June 13
224 Homes Destroyed in NM Wildfire
1000 Firefighters Battle Ft. Collins Blaze, Wildfire Grows to 46,600 Acres, 10% Containment
Smoke from Colorado Wildfire 60 Miles Away Blankets Denver
Ft. Collins Fire a Hair's Breath Away from City
More Big Wildfires May Be Future Norm for US
Afghan Quake Zone May Become Mass Grave
2 Earthquakes Shake Central Oklahoma
More Ohioans Looking into Earthquake Coverage
Hammers Alaska's Interior Hammered by Quake Swarm
Fukushima's Osaka Bay Looking Yellow – Like Before the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995
Caught on Tape! Undersea Volcano Erupts Off Oregon's NW Coast
Potential Iceland Eruption Could Pump Acid into European Airspace
... Could Shut Down Airspace for Months
Erupting Undersea Volcano Near Oregon Caught in the Act
Volcanic Gases Could Deplete Ozone Layer
Scientists Move Closer to Predicting Volcanic Eruptions
Fuego Volcano Erupts in Guatemala
Lessons to Be Learned from Chile Eruption
June 12
Colorado Wildfire Explodes: Charred Land Soars Overnight from 20,000 to 43,433 Acres; 118 Structures Burned, 1 Dead, 0% Contained
New Mexico's Little Bear Fire Burns at Least 125 Structures, Gov. Declares Emergency
New Mexico, Colo. Fires Rage Out of Control – At Least 18 Large Wildfires Are Burning in 9 States
Colorado Firefighting Efforts Stepped Up as 300 Ft. Flames Lick the Air
Fatal Wildfire Takes Spreads 40 Ft/Minute, Moving in Multiple Directions, Needs "Dire", Blaze "Could Burn for Weeks"
U.S. Gulf Coast Communities Struggle Amid Record Flooding
Drenching Downpours Shift into Northeast
Large Hail Threat: Amarillo, Lubbock, Dallas
Southeast UK Battered by 36 Hours of Continuous Rain... Sparking Flood Alerts in 46 Areas
El Nino, More Snow for Upcoming Winter?
Powerful Earthquake Hits Off Northeastern Taiwan
June 11
Colorado Wildfire Grows to 20,000 Acres, Rages Uncontrolled, Stoking Worries That Its Power Will Only Grow
Florida Floods Close Roads, Cut Power to Jail, Torrential Rains Left 4 Feet of Water
Weather Extremes: Floods and Wildfires
Severe Weather Threat from Great Lakes to Arkansas
Extremely Rare Warmth for the US the Past 12 Months
Month's Worth of Rain to Fall in UK Over Next 24 Hours After Non-Stop Deluge Across Swathes of England Overnight
Series of Earthquakes Shake Iceland's Katla Volcano
Volcano Gave off Warning Ahead of Deep-Sea Eruption
Guatemala's Fuego Volcano Erupts Hurling Red Hot Lava
Science Says: Earth on Brink of Catastrophic Tipping Point
Frack Up: Map, Earthquake Led to Dismissal of Ohio Geologist
Twin 4.2 Quakes Shake New South Wales
Powerful Earthquake Shakes Areas of Greece, Turkey
Scores Feared Dead in Deadly Afghan Earthquake, 25-30 Homes Buried
Earthquake 1,000 Sensors to be Distributed Across Southern California
2 Die as Torrential Rains in Taiwan Trigger Major Landslide
Japan Looks Set to Power Up Nuclear Reactors Despite Protest
June 8
Lightning-Sparked Fires, Flooding, Outages Caused by Colorado Overnight Storm – Fire Chief: "It Was Just Absolutely Crazy"
Denver Metro Area Storms Leave Catastrophe Behind, Insurers Declare
Hail, Flooding Swamp Cars in Colorado
Powerful Storms Damage Homes in Colo., Wyo.
"Once Every 100 Year" Storm Hammers Colorado
Wildfires Burning Out of Control in West
Nearly 100 Federal, State and Honolulu Firefighters Work to Extinguish Oahu's Largest Wildfire of Year
80mph Storm Batters All of Britain . . . And This Is Just the Start
Tornado Rips Through Suburban Perth, 5,000 Without Power
US: Spring Was Warmest on Record
Prelude to Catastrophe: “One of the Most Active, in the Cascade Range”
24 Families Ordered to Evacuate from Colombian Volcano
Quake Swarm with No Known Historic Activity Hits Chile's San Pedro Pellado (Tatara-San Pedro) Volcano
Katmai National Park Volcano's Blast Still Biggest in Nearly 2 Centuries
Could Super-Volcano Eruptions Lead to World's End?
Geoengineering Could Disrupt Rainfall Patterns
June 6
Number of Tornadoes Spawned by Friday Storms Rises to 13
Tornadoes Spotted as Storm Slams Southern Alberta
Unique Weather Conditions Produce Funnel Clouds Across N.J., But No Tornadoes
Surge in Tornado Frequency and Severity Should Be a “Wake-Up Call”
Very Rare 4.0 Earthquake Hits Ireland
Italy Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 25
“Whopping” Number of Earthquakes Shake Around Hawaii Volcano
Washington State Getting Ready for the Big One
New Volcanic Eruptions on PNG Island Come with Warnings to Residents to Take Precautions
Air Attacks Fighting Fires across Rocky Mountain Region
Another "Mothership Cloud" Swoops in This Time in Montana
Giant Freak Wave Sweeps 3 Teens off Lake Erie Beach
Rare Snowstorm Cripples Travel in Christchurch
Biggest Bang of the 20Th Century: 1912 Eruption of Novarupta in Alaska
Countrywide Dust Storms Kill 15 in Pakistan
At Least 1500 People Hospitalized in Kuwait During Sandstorm
Death Toll from India's Heatwave Rises to Over 100
June 5
Fire Threatens Portion of California's Famed Sequoia National Forest
Evacuations Ordered as Colorado Wildfire Grows
3 Dead in Wake of Missouri Severe Storms
8 Quakes Rattle Santa Clara County
Trees Downed as Heavy Rain, 65mph Winds Batter Sydney
20,000+ in Victoria, NSW Without Power as Wild Weather Slams Coast
Heavy Rain, Gales and Snow Batter New Zealand
Freak Tides in New Zealand Could Flood Auckland Motorways
Heavy Sandstorm in Blinds Much of Saudi Arabia
Africa's Glaciers 'Gone in 20 Years'
Blistering Heatwave Kills at Least 32 in India
Kermadec Ridge: New Zealand Scientists Discover Hydrothermal Vents
The Raging Inferno Under Yellowstone
June 4
Strong Earthquake Hits Off Panama
Disturbing North-Trending Path for Large S. American Quakes
6.6 Quake Strikes Panama -- Cursory Global Overview – HOLLY NOTE: Stan agrees and has warned about this possibility of seismic activity up the W. Coast of the U.S. for some time now.
Strong Earthquake Sways Buildings in Indonesia, No Tsunami
Eruption Update Popocatépetl, Nevado del Ruiz, Kilauea
Tornadoes, Heavy Rains Leave U.S. Mid-Atlantic Battered
Firefighters Battle Largest Wildfire in New Mexico's History
Wildfire Burns Through New Mexico – May Continue for Months
In Michigan 60ft Trees Snapped Off After House Shaking Booms
300,000 Malians Flee Drought, War and Famine
Power Cuts, Tossed Boats from mid-Atlantic Storms
Okla., Not Texas, Had Hottest Summer on Record
Fukushima Quake, Tsunami Disturbed Upper Atmosphere: NASA
What If the Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts?
Last Month's Solar Flare Created a Mysterious Pulse on Earth That Seemed to 'Answer' Sun's Blast
June 1
New Mexico Wildfire Burns More Than 190,000 Acres
...Expected to Burn for Weeks – On Scene: 1,200+ Firefighters, 59 Fire Engines, 27 Water Tenders, 10 Choppers
Hurricane Season Officially Starts: 3 More U.S. Landfalls
Top 5 Hurricane Wake-Up Calls
Strong Earthquake Hits Eastern Indonesia
5.2 Quake Hits Eastern Japan
Massive Quake Expected Off Japan's Boso Peninsula – HOLLY NOTE: Think about what this means for the crippled Fukushima reactor
Big Pressure Surge Seen in Kilauea Lava
Volcano Threatens Millions in Mexico
Nevado del Ruiz Likely to Erupt 'Within Days or Weeks'
Secrets of Volcano Lightning Probed During Alaska Eruption
Alaskan Volcano Saw Largest Eruption of 20th Century
Can Another Great Volcanic Eruption Happen in Alaska?
Novarupta Volcanoe Erupts and Blows Mt. Katmai's Top

May 31
Beryl Twister Destroys or Damages 68 Homes
Freakish Extreme Wind Conditions Cause 747 to Lift in Place
Over 1.000 Earthquakes Recorded in Azerbaijan This Year
Worries That a 7.5 Earthquake May Hit Quetta, Pakistan
Second Earthquake in 2 Days Occurs Off So. California Coast
San Andreas Fault in Santa Cruz Mountains – Large Quakes More Frequent Than Previously Thought
Preventive Alert Declared for 3 Costa Rican Volcanoes
Colombia Volcano Blast Prompts Evacuations
Kamchatka Volcano Blasts Powerful Ash Explosions, Plumes
Supervolcanoes May Have Shorter Fuse Than Thought – Buildup to Eruption May Take Only 100s or 1,000s of Years
How to Predict a Supervolcano Eruption
Rain-Triggered Landslides Strand 4000 Tourists in India
Chile Mudslide Leaves 3000 Stranded
May 30
Severe Storms, Softball-size Hail Hammer Oklahoma for 2 Days Leaving 100,000 in the Dark
Beryl Gets a Second Wind
Today's Severe Storm Threat – Even Worse Tomorrow
3 Dead, 1 Missing in China Rain-Triggered Landslide
'Unusual' Wall of Rain Causes Flash Floods, Closes Subways, Evacuations in Montreal
Dry, Hot Conditions Continue to Fuel Fires
Wildfire Shatters Record for Largest in New Mexico – 265 Sq. Mi. Burned in National Forest; 12 Cabins Destroyed, 0% Containment
Michigan Wildfire Destroys Nearly 3 Dozen Homes
4.1 Quake Strikes Near Malibu
Faults Show Lake Tahoe's Shaky Past – and Future
20 Quakes Shake Kilauea Volcano in 2 Days
Italy Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 17
800 Aftershocks in Italian Quake – 'More to Come'
Colombia's Notorious Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Starts New Eruptive Phase
Indonesia's Mt. Soputan Alert Status Raised to Standby
Lunar Eclipses and Killer Earthquakes
Volcano Covers Colombian Cities in Ash
Dedication: The Geologists Who Died at Mount St. Helens
Toxic Japanese Debris Piles Up on Alaska's Shore
...Soon to Hit Oregon
Climate Change Led to Collapse of Ancient Indus Civilization
10 Million Years to Recover from Mass Extinction
May 29
At Least 15 Dead as Italy Is Struck by 2nd Major Quake 9 Days after Tremor Killed 7 in Same Region
More Aftershocks Hit Italy, Thousands Still Homeless from May 20 Earthquake
4th Earthquake in 16 Days Rocks East Texas
6.4 Earthquake Strikes Northern Argentina
Swaziland Earthquake's Tremors Felt in SA
Bulgarian Earthquake Damages 'Worse than Expected'
Shocking Earthquake Claim 36 Years in the Making
Beryl – Strongest May Storm Since 1908 – Soaks Fla., Ga; Thousands Lose Power
Beryl to Regain Tropical Storm Status
Record Heat Fuels Wildfires Across 9 States
700 People Treated for Heat Illness as Relentless Heat Plagues 17 States

Crews Make Gains Against Western Wildfires
100 Properties Damaged as Michigan Wildfires Blaze Out of Control
Severe Storms to Rumble Montreal to Cincinnati
Many Sinkholes This Past Month
Tornado Leaves Trail of Damage in Florida
2 Tornadoes Strike Communities Near Montreal
May 25
Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?
UV Index Forecast – You'll have to take our word for it unless you look at UV history provide on this site's history, radiation counts are unusually high for this time of year. It is another foretelling of the Sun gone nuts.
6.2 Quake Hits in Norwegian Sea
Fast-Moving Wildfire in Michigan Consumes 9,500 Acres
New Mexico Wildfires Merge into Massive Inferno; Blazes Rage in 5 States
Bud Poised to Make Landfall in Mexico
Alaska Prepares to Clear '40 Tons' of Tsunami Debris
Faults Discovered Near Lake Tahoe Could Generate Earthquakes Ranging from 6.3 to 6.9
Is Kilauea Conjuring “Plans” for Summer?
Expert Says Mt. Paektu Could Erupt Like Mt. St. Helens
Autopsy of a Eruption: Linking Crystal Growth to Volcano Seismicity
Reporter's Epic Anti-Global Warming Monologue
May 24
Hurricane Bud off Coast of Mexico Picks Up Steam
Bud's Expected Path
Sanvu is First Pacific Typhoon in 2012
Pre-Season Tropical Storms Rare, But Not Unheard Of
Memorial Day Weekend Heat Wave
Base of an Active Volcano Is No Place for Oil Storage – HOLLY NOTE: Doesn't this seem like stating the obvious?
Costa Rica Braces as Volcano Rumbles and Spews
Chile's Lake Cachet II Vanished in Less Than 24 Hours – 53,000,000 Gallons of Water Gone
Nev. Wildfire Guts Homes, Casts Haze Over Las Vegas
Eco-Fascism Bares Its Teeth: Global Warming Alarmist Wants to Barcode Babies
May 23
'Creeping Quakes' Rumble New Zealand
Japan Quake Aftershock Tally at 5,000+
9th Earthquake in 7 Months Hits South Carolina
6.1 Quake Strikes Off Coast of Japan
Tornado Backdrop in Kansas Wedding Photos 3
Canary Island Landslide Tsunami Simulation
Research Finds World’s Oceans ‘Plasticized’ and Trashed
Mexican Volcano Delivers New Scare
Up for Tsunami Debris on the Oregon Coast
May 22
5.8 Quake Rocks Bulgaria, at Least 15 Aftershocks Follow
Earthquakes Continue to Hit East Texas
Why Italy's Earthquake Was Weird - and Unexpected
300+ Evacuate Forest Fire in Ontario
Mystery Boom Shakes Buildings
Drought-Sensitive Southern Hemisphere Regions May Experience Even Less Rainfall
A Nuclear-Coloured Omen? Sky Over Baghdad Turns Orange after Sandstorm Hits City as It Prepares to Host Atomic Talks with Iran
Global Warming Alarmism, Anyone? The Public Is Cooling to the Rhetoric

May 21
Italy Quake Kills 7; Survivors Huddle in Tents, Cars
...Centuries of History Destroyed
5 Videos Show Massive Damage from Northern Italy’s Deadly Quake
Quake Swarm Continues to Rock So. Cal.
Okla. Earthquake Damaged Memorial Hall in Joplin, MO
Earthquake Destroys Over $400M Worth of Cheese. Holy Cow! – NO, Cheese!
Trio of 6.2 Quakes Strike Chile in 1 Week
Earthquake Insurance Rates Set to Increase in Certain Areas
T.S. Alberto to Bypass Northeast; Weather to Still Worsen
After a Week Ariz. Wildfires Only 12% Contained
Weather Helps Crews Battling Colo. Wildfire
Fresh Evidence on Rising Sea Levels
Mt. Marapi Volcano Erupts Again
Spectacular Eruption of Guatemala's Fuego Volcano
Is an Eruption at Costa Rica's Turrialba Volcano imminent?
Flash Flooding Kills 19 People in Afghan Capital; 60 Others Missing
May 18
Nation Swelters Through Its Warmest Year on Record: Summer Forecast Sparks Concern Over Fires, Water Shortages
Feds Spend $70 Billion to Combat Climate Change

Millennium of Data Proves Warming HOLLY NOTE: It doesn't matter whether people attribute warming to the sun or greenhouse gases, we still have to deal with the consequences.
6.2 Earthquake Strikes Far Off Chile's Coast; No Chance of Tsunami
Mystery Earthquake Near McCall, ID Puzzles Scientists
Busy Quake Action in CA, UT, WA and AK
Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Earthquakes? HOLLY NOTE: Though we don't live in a seismically active area because quakes are popping up in unusual places and with greater intensity quake insurance is something we added to our homeowners policy 3 years ago.
4.8 Quake Shakes Buildings in Tokyo
Fastest-Ever Growing Volcano Found
What Happens to All That Volcanic Ash?
Blasts Continue to Menace People Near Mexican Volcano
Mexican Volcano Spews Ash and Gas
Kilauea Activity Update
May 17
Arizona Gladiator Fire Devours 5,400 Acres, Homes in Peril
Arizona Sunflower Wildfire Passes 12,000 Acres Burned
Fire Triples, 350 Residents Evacuate, 5% Containment
Colorado Wildfire Grows from 1,000 to 5,000+ Acres Overnight, Prompts More Evacuation Notices, 5% Contained
One Alberta Wildfire Listed as “Out of Control”
Cash-strapped California Firefighters Consider Charging Residents for Services
April Was 5th Warmest Month Globally on Record
Approaching Cataclysm? A Conclusion of the Underground Bases
New Mexico Makes Drought Official
El Popo' Remains Active in Central Mexico
Alaska's Mt. Redoubt Puts on Spectacular Lightning Show
Eruption Update: Iceland, Kilauea, Popocatépetl and Rubber Ducks
Where the Ash from Iceland Volcano's Eruption Went
4.3 Earthquake Rattles East Texas
In Alaska, Earthquake Rumbles Beneath Anchorage, Awaking Residents Wednesday
6.0 Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea
Israel Plans for Quake Aid to Palestinians
The Strange Winter of 2011-2012; Prelude to a Pole Shift?
Tracking Ocean Sulfur Could Help Test Gaia Hypothesis

Hawaii’s Beaches Are in Retreat, and Its Way of Life May Follow
May 15
Hundreds Evacuated as Wildfires Spread Across Northern Arizona
Early Start to Season Stokes Fears Across South-Western US
Fire Near Fort Collins, CO Growing Rapidly
Heatwaves, Bushfires Predicted to Hammer NSW, Australia
Eastern Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season Begins Today
Tropical Storm Aletta Forms in Eastern Pacific
Another Massive Sinkhole Opens Up in Florida and Chases Family from Home They Built 37 Years Ago
'Noisy' 4.4 Earthquake Rattles Christchurch
Ash from Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano Closes Airport Again After Eruptions Intensify
Worst Drought in 50 Years Takes Toll in Northern Brazil

May 14
Arizona Wildfire Grows, Prompts Evacuations
Earthquake Recap: 6 Quakes Jostle Santa Clara County
No Damage after 2 Quakes Rattle Sonoma County
6.2 Earthquake Downs Walls, Cuts Power in Northern Chile
5.7 Earthquake in Tajikistan Kills 1, Destroys Buildings
‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ Insights into Earthquake Cycles
Underwater Volcano Erupts in Pulses
Get Out the Shovels: Heavy Snowfall Surprises Bosnians after a Hot May Weekend
Windstorm Kills 4, Injures 20 in Nigeria

May 12
Quake Study Offers New Clues on California Fault's Mystery
4 New Earthquake Faults Discovered Beneath Pasadena Elementary School
$64 Million Ok'd for Studying Earthquake, Tsunami Hazards at Nuclear Plant
Amazing Footing of 2011 Japan Tsunami from Inside Moving Car Before It Sinks
5.3 Earthquake Shakes Israel, Lebanon
Mexico Volcano Spews Huge Ash Cloud, Frightens Villagers
Kilauea Volcano’s Spattering Lava Lake Continues
Worst Flooding Seen in Peru for Over 20 Years Causes Leptospirosis Outbreak
More Rain on the Way after China Hit by Deadly Storms
Global Temperature Trends from 2500 B.C. to 2040 A.D.
Cuba's Massive Offshore Drilling Rig Could Spell Disaster for Florida Coast
MIT Yale USGS NASA Climate Warning!! Earthquakes, Nuclear problems, Food Death

May 11
Rare Twin Waterspouts Caught on Camera
Update: Earthquake Shakes Deep East Texas
2 Small Earthquakes Rattle SW Indiana – Just North of the New Madrid Seismic Zone
Why the Recent Sumatra Quake Was So Strange
Satellite Spots Pacific Volcano Activity
Western Canada Flood Risk "Exceptional"
Powerful Storms Break Rainfall Record
U.S. 2012 Weather the Warmest, Most Extreme on Record

Nearly 20-Mile-Long Active Fault May Lie Directly Beneath Mt. Fuji
...Could Collapse Parts of Fuji
Earthquake Forecasts: Scientists Trying to Pinpoint the 'Big One'
Oklahoma: Tornado Alley Is Now Home to Large Number of Earthquakes
8 Injured after Tornado Hits High School, Topples Train in Texas
Landslide Kills Dozens in China
May 10
Mexico's Volcano Shuts Down International Airport
Chile Earthquake and Tsunami Dramatically Altered Ecosystems
Climate Change Will Trigger Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions
7 Volcanoes We Should Be Watching for Impending Eruptions
Arizona Dust Storm

Weird Weather for 6 Cities So Far in 2012
Earliest Thunderstorm in 28 Years in Fairbanks
3.7 Earthquake Hits East Texas
Peru Marine Animal Die-Offs Heralding El Niño?
After the Quake, Japanese Shop for Survival

Scientists Discover New Site of Potential Instability in West Antarctic Ice Sheet
May 9
US Sees Warmest 12 Months on Record
At Least 20 Dead in Nepal Flood, 44 Missing
Crews Launch Soil Nails to Stabilize I-75 Landslide in Tenn. County
Peru Issues Quake Warning after 2 Days of Unusual Seismic Activity
Severe Storm, Flood Threat in Drought-Stricken Parts of Texas
State of Emergency: Brazil Suffering Worst Drought in 30 Years after Worst-ever Flood
Kiluaea's Lava Surges with Increased Pressure
15-ton Boulder Crashes onto Boulder, Colo. Road
House-sized Boulder Kills 6 Religious Pilgrims in Vietnam
Mudslides in India Kill 3, Injure 1
Vermont Poised to be First State to Outlaw Fracking
Study: Plastic in 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' Increases 100-fold
Tsunami Debris Flooding onto Gulf of Alaska Shores Arriving Months Early

May 8
Eruption Updates for Popocatépetl, Iliamna, Lokon-Empung and Pair of Japanese Volcanoes
Fears Increase of Big Earthquake Near Tokyo in Foreseeable Future
Scientist Finds Possible Cause of Nov. 2011 5.6 Oklahoma Earthquake

May 7
Damaging Winds, Hail, Heavy Rain Today: Texas to Ohio
1 Dead, Dozens Injured After Rare Tornado Strikes City Near Tokyo
In UK, Winter to Last Until June
La Niña Gone, But El Niño May Strike
Looking Back at La Niña's Impacts
Giant Sinkhole Forces Family from Home
2 Quakes Shake New Zealand
Afghan Flash Flood Kills at Least 21

May 4
May Feeling Like June in Most of US
Large Hail Pummels St. Louis Suburb
Hail of a Spring So Far – Millions of Dollars in Damage This Year, and Worst May Be Yet to Come
Circle Sweep / 'HAARP Ring" Causes Storm = 'Smoking Gun Proof'
Beautiful But Terrifying Rotating Wall Cloud in Ohio
Texas Could Be in Store for a 10-15 Year Drought
Spring Arriving Earlier, New Study
Locations of Recent Tornadoes in Oklahoma Surprises NWS
Amazing Pictures of a "Strange" Alabama Cloud
Swarm of Earthquake Activity Off Vancouver Island This Week
5.5 Earthquake Shakes Iran
Earthquake Swarm SW of Santorini Volcano
Java Volcano May Be Building Up to Fresh Blasts
Giant Eruptions from Yellowstone Caldera May Have Taken Millennia

Crews Collect Mounds of Debris in Wake of Norman's Tornado
May 3
Summer Outlook
Beautiful But Terrifying Rotating Wall Cloud
Lightning Destroys Home of Man Who Provides Disaster Relief
Earthquake Swarm Strikes Off West Coast Again
5.5 Quake Jolts Western Iran
"Connecting the Dots" Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change – 82% of Americans Have Experienced a Natural Disaster or Extreme Weather Event
Report Warns of Diminished Tornado Tracking, Hurricane Forecasting, Climate
Popocatepetl Continues Blowing Ash, Steam Eruptions
The Surprising Threat from Mexico's Awakened Volcano
New Maps Unlock Seafloor Secrets Off Oregon Coast
"Staggering Mess": Tsunami Debris Onslaught Called Worse Than Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Made in America, Lost in Tsunami, Found in Canada
Tsunami Debris Washes Ashore on the West Coast
May 2
Swarm of So. Calif. Quakes Called "Purely Random"
3 Earthquakes Shake Western Mexico; No Damage
Rumbling Mexican Volcano Threatens Millions
Sitting on a Landmine: The Huge Eruptions of the Super-Volcano Under Yellowstone Could be More Frequent Than Scientists Thought
Merapi May be Preparing to Erupt: Expert
5 Volcanoes You Should Keep Your Eye On
Lightning Kills 26 in India
Large “Dust Devil” in Colorado Captured on Video

Hurricane Forecast: East Coast vulnerable
May 1
Severe Threat Shifts into the Upper Mississippi Valley
4.0 Quake Strikes SE Wyoming – oops cancelled by USGS – it didn't really happen you understand
Canadians Make a Racket About Mysterious 'Hum' Coming from US Side of Border
103 Dead, 100 Missing After Ferry Capsizes in India
Heavy Rains, Hail Affect Nearly 800,000 in China
Earthquake May Have Spurred Unusual Rain, Claims Expert
Warm Ocean Currents (Not Global Warming) Cause Majority of Ice Loss from Antarctica
BP Whistleblowers, Over a Dozen of Them Assassinated, Missing or Kidnapped in Last 2 Years
April 30
1 Dead, 100 Hurt Injured in St. Louis Tent Collapse During Violent Storm
4.7 Quake Strikes Off Vancouver Island
May 20th Megaquake Syzygy – Prepare & Pray
5th Tornado Confirmed in Destructive Colo. Storm
Spectacular Tornado Videos from South of France
Vicious Winds, Rain Capsize Boat: 35 Dead, 165 Feared Missing in India
Caribbean Again Put on Tsunami Watch
Malaysia Told to Be Prepared for Tsunami
Tsunami Survival Gear Sees Booming Sales in Wake of March 11 Disasters
Tons of Suspected Japan Tsunami Debris Wash Ashore in Alaska
Pair of 5.8 Earthquakes Strike Near Fukushima
3 Die, 500 Houses Collapse in Indian Rain Storm
Yellowstone 'Super-Eruption' Less Super, More Frequent Than Thought
More Families Building Their Own Tornado Shelters
New Strombolian Activity from Etna's New SE Crater
Nicaragua's Masaya Volcano Main Crater is Cracking
Moscow Swelters in Record Heat
Extreme Floods Could be Yearly
Are You Ready for Doomsday?

April 27
New Dangers and Earthquake Risks Found in Washington – 3 More Potentially Disastrous Faults Discovered
Volcano Watch: Kilauea Activity Update for April 26
Russian Volcano Spews Ash Nearly 7 Miles Above Sea Level
Rare Night Tornadoes Reported on Colorado Plains
Floods and Drought in Britain as Rain Comes at Wrong Time
Feds Prepare for Another Busy US Fire Season
Mysterious Green Clouds Over Moscow Spark Disaster Fears
Earthquake, Tsunami Debris Heads to US
Sun Solar Maximum Ramps Up Earth Cataclysms

April 26
Lava from Kiluaea Spreads Over Coastal Plain
Live Panorama of Halema'uma'u Overlook Vent
Scary Wind Whips Jetliner Across Runway

Cost of Tropical Cyclones Expected to Rise
Weather Channel: Expect 6 Atlantic Hurricanes
AccuWeather Says Expect 5...
Rare Weather Phenomenon Hit Part of Twin Lakes, Ark.
Mystery 'Boom' in Georgia Confirmed as Minor Quake
Earthquakes Shake Mt. Lokon
Communities Prepare for Tsunami Debris

April 25
Mt. Etna Spews Ash and Lava in Stunning Display
Huge Forest Fire in New Zealand
Ex-BP Engineer Arrested in Gulf Oil Spill Case

April 24
Heat Wave Shifts to Central US; Records May Fall - Drought-Hit Texas in Crosshairs
Northeast Wild Weather Wrap Up
Spring Nor'easter Cuts Power to 75,000; Around Foot of Snow in Places
Mexican Volcano Keeps Locals Awake
Volcano Behind Atlantis Legend Re-awakens
Indonesia's Mount Lokon Erupts
Orange County Quake Could Be First on Recently Discovered Fault
NASA Tests GPS Monitoring System for Big U.S. Earthquakes

April 23
April Weather 2012: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Other States Face Unusual Storm
Las Vegas Hits Record High As Heat Wave Continues
8 Small Tremors Shake California County
Nearby Earthquake Shakes Valley Sunday
Friday's 6.6 Earthquake Causes Panic in Indonesia
EarthQuake & Volcano Update for April 22nd, and It Isn't Good - Updated
NZ's Taupo Super-Volcano Eruption Revealed
No Evacuation as Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano Belches Ash
Mexico Volcano Roars, Spews Glowing Rocks

Quadri-Polar Sun = Last Occurred 300 Years Ago (Per Japanese)
Rare Tornado Hits the Netherlands
Sea-Level Rise Looms as a Major Threat for U.S. Coastal Cities, Infrastructure
April 20
Lone Star State Severe Threat Late Today
Earthquake Rattles Australia's Capital
Swarm of Earthquakes Recorded Throughout W. Washington
Drought Forecast for Southwest, California 'Not Optimistic'
Mexican Volcano Hurls Hot Rock Half-Mile into Sky
Ancient 'Wave of Poseidon' Was Real Tsunami, Geologist Says
Long-term Tsunami Risk Rises After Indonesia Quake
When it Comes to Volcanic Hazards, It Is All About Location
Scientists: Fish Are Sick Where BP's Oil Spill Hit
Humans Behind Strongest Oklahoma Quake Ever Recorded, Research Suggests
Fracking-Linked Earthquakes Spurring State Regulations
Storms Kill 6, Injure 100 All Across Turkey

April 19
High Lava Levels, Kilauea's Flows Advance on Coast
Popocatepetl Volcano Raising Concerns in Mexico
Eyeless Shrimp, Oozing Sores, Mutant Fish Raise Concerns Over BP Spill Effects
Icebergs Visit Canada City
US Oil Boom Fuels Earthquake Rise – But Fracking Not to Blame, Scientists Say
Geologists Identify New Earthquake Faults Near Bellingham
How Would Portland Fare in an Earthquake? HOLLY NOTE: When geologists estimate there's a 10% chance of a mag. 9 quake and a 37% chance of a mag. 8 or less occurring in Portland over the next 50 years that doesn't mean it will take 50 years. It could be tomorrow.
Last Week's 8.6 Indonesia Quake Added Pressure to Key Fault
Japan's Updated Tsunami Risk Assessment Warns Country to Prepare for Much Larger Earthquakes and Waves
Latest Tokyo Earthquake Projection: 9,700 Could Die
Tsunami Debris Hits NW coast; Poster Tells How to Deal with It
Russia's Shiveluch Volcano Spews Ash to 4 Miles Above Sea Level
April 18
Mexico Raises Volcano Alert to 5th Highest Level
Russian Volcano Spewing Ash Nearly 6 Miles High
Rumblings Continue at Alaska's Cleveland Volcano
Santorini Volcano Caldera Is Awake Again and Rapidly Deforming
New Brunswick Town Plagued for Weeks by Quake Swarm – and No One Knows Why
BLM Approves Geothermal Demo Project at Oregon's Newberry Volcano – Warns Process Will Produce Small Seismic Events
Phuket Repeatedly Shaken by Earthquakes
4 Injured in Severe Turbulence on Flight to Denver
Yearly Sandstorm Strikes Egypt, Paralyzing Highways
Rogue Wave Hits 38-foot Boat Leaves 1 Dead, Four Others Still Missing

Global Supply Disruptions Due to Adverse Weather, Labor Strikes, Political Instability and Earthquakes Continue to Impact Companies in 2012
4:44 Last Day on Earth Official Trailer #1
April 17
Quake Expert: Earth Cracking Up
Did N. Sumatra Earthquakes Set Off a Chain-Reaction? Planet Shaken by Shocking Number of Tremors Since April 11
3.9 Earthquake, Aftershocks Hit Near Sparks, Okla.
Utah to Hold State's Largest Ever Earthquake Drill Today
Nearly Minute-Long 6.7 Temblor Prompts Evacuation Along Chile's Coastline, Man Dies of Heart Attack
Powerful 6.8 Quake Strikes off Papua New Guinea
Mexico Raises Alert for Popocatepetl after Volcano Spews Red Hot Lava
Ecuador's Sangay Volcano's Lava Dome Grows and Lava Flows
2nd Ecuador Volcano Shows Crater Heating
Oklahoma Woman Finds Dog, Wedding Ring Amid Tornado Rubble
Underground Water in Calif. County Mysteriously Disappears

April 16
Residents Assess Damage Across Midwest After Day of Twisters, Storms Kill 5 6
As Twisters Struck, People Screamed
Storm Center Logs Nearly 100 Reports of Tornadoes in Kansas Alone, EF4 Tornado Confirmed
Record Heat for Boston Marathon Monday
Hail Storm in Norfolk, Neb
England's Drought Could Last Until Christmas
Mexico's Popocatépetl Sleeping Volcano Awakens
Top Scientists, Government Agencies and Publications Have – For Over 100 Years – Been Terrified of a New Ice Age
Some Asian Glaciers 'Putting on Mass'
Climate Control: Tiny Switches, Big Effects
Survival Bartering Will Keep You Alive After a Disaster

April 13
Ring of Fire Is Roaring to Life and There Will Be Earthquakes of Historic Importance on the US West Coast
5.7 Quake Thumps Mexico Again
Earthquakes Disappear 13,000 Meters of Beach in Mexico
5.9 Quake Jolts Fukushima, Kanto Regions
Drought Expands Throughout USA
Fracking Tied to Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U.S.
Life-Threatening Tornado Outbreak This Weekend
'Tornado Alley' More Than Doubles in Size
Western States Prepare for Vicious Fire Season
Mount Etna Erupts: Volcano Spews Crimson Lava and Ash Cloud
Huge Icelandic Volcano Shows Activity
10 Bizarre Ways a Volcano Can Kill You
What Triggers a Mass Extinction?
Once-in-a-Lifetime Picture Captures of Lightning Striking Iconic San Francisco Bridge
Frank Hill: Future Sunspot Drop, But No New Ice Age
Rising Pacific Seas Linked to Climate Change: Study

2 Minute Earth Change Report & Magnetic Storm
April 12
Two Strong Quakes Strike Off Mexico
Dual Quakes Shake the Baja
4.5 Quake Strikes Off Coast of Maine
4.3 Quake Strikes Utah
Earthquake Unrest: 7.0M in Mexico, 6.0M Near Oregon, THREE 8.0M and a 6.0M in Sumatra
New Madrid Seismic Zone Waking Up? HOLLY NOTE: For this map, keep in mind that "past week" is any quake that occurs after 24 hrs. and "past 6 months" means any event after 7 days.
Arizona Earthquake Numbers Saw a Large Increase in 2011
Latest Earthquakes M5.0+ in the World - Past 7 Days
Scientists Had Expected Indonesia Quake
No Tsunami? Why Earthquake Spared Indonesia Today
Cascades Volcanoes, Sleeping Giants
Hail, Tornado Threat Ramps Up Today Across the Plains
Unbelievable Hail Storm in Texas
Storm Piles Hail 4 FEET High in TX
Golf Ball-Sized Hailstones Kill 3 People, Injures 25
Potential Tornado Outbreak into the Weekend
What the Hail Happened to Spring? April Showers Could Turn into TORNADOES for UK
'Perfect Recipe' for Wildfires As Season Starts Early
NBC, ABC Scare Viewers: 'Extreme Weather' Could Kill 10,000 People
Rare Tornado Touches Down in Calif. County
As Weather Gets Biblical, Insurers Go Missing
Hurricane Irene Flood Victims: Where Did Federal Aid Millions Go?

April 11
Is the Planet Unzipping? Today —
Indonesia: 8.6 & 8.2
Oregon: 5.9
Mexico: 7.0
Massive activity throughout Alaska clear into the interior – mostly it's in the Aleutions
So. Calif. is also very active
Tsunami Alerts Cancelled After Powerful Quakes Hit off Indonesia
Planetary Tremors: 8.7 Magnitude Quake Rocks Indonesia - Tsunami Warning Issued

Warmth, Wind Fan Fires from Long Island to Florida
NASA Rocked by Global Warming Rebellion

April 10
Florida Drought Fuels Wildfires
Wind-Fueled Brush Fires Continue to Wreak Havoc in Northeast
2 People Hurt as Severe Weather, Tornadoes Pound Oklahoma
Hazardous Outlook for Next 3-7 Days – Something for HALF of the U.S.
Major Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico
Unprecedented March Warmth
Swarm of Small Earthquakes Hit Tahoe Area
Series of 3.2 Earthquakes Rattle San Diego County
Utah Leaders Warn of Possible Major Earthquake
Baja Earthquake Shook Up View of Southern California Faults
Oklahoma Geologist Disagrees with U.S. Report, Says It's Unlikely That Area's Earthquakes Man-Made
Iceland Volcano: And You Thought the Last Eruption Was Bad...
Krakatau Volcano: New Ash Venting
Increase in Seismic Activity in Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano
Low-Level Eruption Continues at Alaska's Cleveland Volcano

April 9
First U.S. Billion-Dollar Disaster of 2012: March 2-3 Tornado Outbreak
Wildfire Consumes 600 Acres in New Jersey; Threatens 25 Homes
Himalayan Avalanche Buries 139+ Pakistani Troops, Search Resumes
It's Official... Warmest March Ever!
Winter 2011-2012: All-Time Snowiest for Anchorage
Thunderstorms Pound Sydney – Thousands of Homes and Businesses Lose Power
Clintonville Administrator: I Heard a Large Exploding Boom Coming from Underground
Mudslides Kill 5 in Brazil
Red Alert Over Possible Eruption of Colombian Volcano

April 6
Red Cross: 1,100 Homes Struck by Texas Twisters
Dangerous Colombia Volcano May Erupt Soon
Storm Kills at Least 13 in Argentina
Cleaning Up Pollutants Fueled Hurricanes, Study Finds
Texas Drought Destroys Half a Billion Trees
20M in England Hit by Drought
Caribbean Volcano Raises Ash with Tremors

Unexplained Melting at the Askja Crater Lake in Iceland
China Builds Scores of Dams in Earthquake Hazard Zones
April 5
Global Weirding: The New Big Lie
Below Average Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast
Drenching, Damaging Storms Target Deep South
800 Homes Hit in Dallas Area During 'Very Unusual' Tornado Season
Extreme Weather USA: 2012 Kicks Off with Record Heat, Tornadoes & Drought
Worst Easter Getaway Ever? Chaos Expected as Fuel Tanker Drivers' Dispute Continues, Airports Will Be a Nightmare and You Could Be Snowed in
What Thawed the Last Ice Age?
Much of UK Gripped by Drought Millions Subject to Water Restrictions
Etna Keeps Up Pace in 2012 with Another Eruption
How to Trigger a Volcanic Eruption on Purpose

April 4
Texas Picks Up Pieces After Unprecedented Twin Tornadoes Tossed TRUCKS Across the Skies
Texas Tornado Videos Show Flying Semi-Trailers, Golf Ball-Sized Hail
Southeast US Braces for More Twisters
Massive Storm Leaves 4 Dead in Japan
April 3
Winds at 140 Km/H: Strongest Storm in Decades Batters Japan
6.0 Earthquake Shakes Mexico
4.0 Okla. Quake Felt in Tulsa
Triple Quakes Strike New Zealand's White Island Area
Experts Confirm Small Earthquake, Boom Recorded in Clintonville
New Tool Reveals Hidden Earthquake Damage
Earthquakes - US Reactors Prepare to Review Seismic Hazards
Number of Tornadoes Running High This Year
Tornadoes Increasing in Frequency and Striking More Parts of the U.S., Study
'CATASTROPHIC': Tornado Warnings to be Explicit
Arctic Sea Ice Loss Tied to Unusual Jet Stream Patterns
Tungurahua "the Black Giant" Is Currently in the Middle of an Eruptive Phase
Vanuatu's Ambrym Volcano Lava Lakes Still Active

April 2
Major Quake Impact on Tokyo Could Be Worse Than Thought
Japan Experts Warn of Future Risk of Giant Tsunami
Earthquake Warning Systems: Preparing for the 'Big One'
Statue Damaged in Rare Quake on Top of N.J. Hospital
Mount Etna Spews Fiery Lava for the 5th Time This Year
Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia May Erupt in “Days to Weeks”
Big Wave Injures 4 on West Australian Yacht
'Astonishing' Heat in March Set Records for the Month
March 2012 Warmest in DC History
Siberia Plane Crashes, Killing at Least 32, in Unsettled Weather
Residents Report Saturday Night Sounds that Shook Michigan Homes
Clintonville Booms: Residents Say Recent Shaking Worst Yet
‘That Noise Was Not Thunder,’ Poconos Residents Say: Boom Violently Shakes Houses in Pa. Town
Flood Chaos in Fiji as Cyclone Nears
...Likened to Warzone
...Boy Drowns
Lloyd's of London Hit by Record Catastrophe Claims

March 30
Softball-sized Hail Smashes Windshields in Kansas
Colorado Wildfire: Some Didn't Get Automated Emergency Calls
Cattle Drought Hits Mexico Herds
Lack of Water Plagues Birds; Thousands Dying in Oregon's Dry Refuge Marshes
Snow a No-Show in Colorado's Dry, Windy March
Typhoon Pakhar Aims Rain, Wind Towards Vietnam
Courageous Bus Driver Likely Saved Kids' Lives – Inside a School Bus Thrown by the Henryville Tornado
March 29
Victims of Colorado Fires Say Warning Never Came
Governor Suspends Prescribed Burns
CO Fires Trap 4 Sheriff's Officers: “I'm Stuck in My Vehicle … and There’s Fire All Over”
Colorado Family's Harrowing Escape from the Wildfire
Drought Spreading in Britain
Number of Tornadoes Running High So Far This Year
Milkshakes: Unusual Earthquakes Strike Wisconsin
Anak Krakatau Lava Dome Is Growing
Montserrat Earthquakes and Ash Fall – Volcano Active Again
March 28
Wildland Fires Southwest of Denver Claim Elderly Couple, Torch 4,500 Acres, 6,500 Families Might Have to Flee Deadly Colo. Fire
Colorado Wildfires Out of Control
West Antarctic Ice Shelves Tearing Apart at the Seams
Signs of Thawing Permafrost Revealed from Space
Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Emits Gas and Steam
Swiss Re Says 2011 Natural Disasters Cost Insurers $110 Billion
March 27
Colorado Wildfire Kills 1, Chars Homes, Forces Evac of 900 Homes
High Wildfire Risk on the Plains
3.6 Quake Strikes So. Calif.
6.0 Quake Strikes Near East Coast of Honshu
Popocatepétl Volcano Showing Signs of Increasing Activity
Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Has Constant Ash Emissions
Geologist Warns of Pollution, Earthquake Risks of Fracking
2 Earthquakes Rock Namibia
Snow, Drought, Mudslides and Tornadoes Start Off 2012
Exceptional Signs in Sun, Moon, and Stars During First 3 Months of 2012
Climate Change Linked to EXTREME Weather Surge
Lightning Kills 4 Family Members in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest, Caught in Storm Picking Fruit
Chile Defends Response to Quake, Threat of Tsunami
Guatemalan Volcanoes Increase Activity – See 33 Explosions in 24 Hours
Catastrophic Climate Change to Hit Africa and the Middle East within a Decade
March 25
3.1 Earthquake Rocks Virginia
Powerful 7.1 Quake Hammers Chile
4.9 Quake 'Widely Felt' Rattles Hawaii’s Big Island
Earthquake Insurance in High Demand in Clintonville – Town of Mystery Booms
One Dead in Illinois as Tornadoes Roar Across Ohio Valley
6000 Weather Records Broken in March
2001-2010 Warmest Decade on Record: WMO
Virginians, Carolinians Asking 'What the Hail?'
Hailstone Declared Largest on Record to Hit Hawaii
Sensationalist and Distorted Climate Stories Increase As Climate Science Failures Exposed
Since 1989 the US Gov't. Has Given Nearly $80B to Climate Change Industry – We Paid to Find a "Crisis"
Japan Tsunami Before and After
Climate Change – AOW
Pole Shift Data Coverup – 2012
March 23
Adelaide Hit by Rare 6.1 Earthquake – Biggest in Australia in 15 Years
7.4 Mexico Earthquake May Have Been Caused by Forming Volcano
"New" Mexican Volcano Caused by the Oaxaca Earthquake? Not Likely
Earthquake in Guerrero – Oaxaca, Mexico – at Least 32,000 Houses Damaged in Guerrero, 11 Injured
Increased Seismic Activity at Montserrat Volcano Forces Zone Closure
6 Earthquakes Reported in San Salvador Volcano
El Hierro Volcano : Yellow Alert – One of the Strongest Jacuzzi’s in Recent Weeks
Chicago Hits 9 Record Highs in a Row
Once Every 100 Years Flooding for Sunshine Coast Hits Homes
South American Drought Spreads to Brazil
Stubborn Drought Expected to Tax Mexico for Years
"Persistent Snowfall" Causes Food Shortage in China, Kills 90,000+ Livestock, Cuts Power
Spring Heat Wave Like No Other in U.S. and Canadian History Peaks
Tsunami Debris Reaches Canada
AccuWeather Offers Explanation for Wildly Inaccurate Winter Forecast – Japanese Tsunami Debris
March 22
Wisconsin Town is Booming-- Er, Literally. Is Rapid Warming to Blame?
Freak Canada Warmth Shatters March Records
Warmth in Northern US Stoking Fire Concerns
Texas' 2011 Drought Costliest in State History
Eruption Updates for Santorini, Nevado del Ruiz, Etna and Iliamna
Volcanoes and Hurricanes: Mortal Enemies, Best Friends?
'We Need Help': Mexicans Count Cost of 7.4 Earthquake
Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 22, 2012
March 21
Mexico Earthquake 2012: Two Quakes Damage 800 Homes in Worst, Strongest Since 1985
How Quake-Prone Is the Region?
Mexico 7.9M Quake Drill Pre-Planned – Verified Simulation for March 20, 2012

Tremble for Mega-Drill in Chiapas
Life-Threatening Flooding Louisiana to Missouri
National Geographic Doomsday Earth - Mega Quake
Spring Delivers Tornado, Flooding to Central US
Interactive Maps of Tsunami Evacuation Zones in Both Oregon and Washington
Heavy Rain Disrupts Auckland Flights
Severe Sandstorm Brings Chaos to China, Will Likely Continue
Vancouver Island Barn Collapses After Tremors
March 20
7.4 Earthquake Hits Mexico
6.2 Quake Hits Indonesia
March 22, 2012 Press Release - Quake Warning – view with discernment
Houston, Shreveport, Little Rock at Risk for Severe Storms
Latest on Severe Storm, Flood Situation on the Plains
Live Tracking Radar
Unprecedented Warmth Makes for Historic St. Patrick's Day Weekend for the U.S.
Snow Arrives with Spring in Spain
Storm Smashes Townsville Homes
Severe Sandstorms Engulf Saudi Cities
March 19
Latest on the Tornado Situation Facing the Plains – Worst Has Yet to Come
Tornadoes Strike Nebraska, Flipping Tractor-Trailer and Rail Cars
Arizona Digs Out from Mega Snow Storm 1 Day Before Spring
California, Rockies End Weekend with Feet of Snow
NSW Flood 'Not Going Away Soon', Govt
More Rain on the Way for Flood-Hit New Zealand
Popocatepetl Records Another 14 Emissions
Mount Etna Flares Again
Alaska's Largest City Eyes Snow Record
Unprecedented Warm Streak in Chicago
Flood Evacuations Continue in New South Wales
Quake May Have Sunk Washington Monument
March 16
110+ 200 Homes Homes Damaged After Tornado Hits Michigan
Unprecedented Early-Year Heat Smashes All-Time Records in Midwest
Powerful Tornado Rips Apart Homes in Dexter, Mich.
Popocatepetl Volcano Unleashes 9 Exhalations in the Last Hours – at Alert Level 2
Lamongan Volcano Awakens from 114-year Slumber
Swarm of Earthquakes Strike Japan, Fuel Concern of Bigger Temblor
5.9 Quake Sparks Mall Stampede in Philippines, Causes Some Damage, Hurting 23
Queensland Flood Failures Damned
Rogue Wave Strikes Family Boat Leaving Tragedy in Its Wake
Drought in Britain: What's the Worst-Case Scenario?
Extreme Weather Brings Lasting Sometimes Hidden Dangers, Says Study
Arctic Summer Sea Ice Could Be Gone by 2015
March 15
Earthquake Swarm Shakes New Brunswick Village
6.4 Earthquake Hits Near Papua New Guinea
Climate Change: Causing Volcanoes to Go Pop
Cleveland Volcano Explodes for Third Time
Santorini Volcano’s Magma Chamber Is Filling – Could Eruption in Greece Could Result in Default?
Warm Spell Breaks 138 Records, More on the Way
March 14
Series Earthquakes Jolt Japan's Tsunami-Hit Region
3MIN News Mar14: Earthquake, Cosmic Ray Flux + Magnetopause Flip
Two 6.8 Magnitude Earthquakes and One 6.2M — Japan Is Showing Serious Movement
Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Erupts; Foot-and-a Half-Wide Rocks Land Mile Away
Increased Volcanic Activity Monitored in Colombia
Underwater Greek Volcano Brewing Lara Croft Style Earthquake
Volcanic Island of Santorini Shows Activity
Costa Rican Volcano on Slow Boil
Wildfire Rages in Saskatchewan
'Invisible Tsunami' of Rising Sea Levels Puts US Coasts at Risk, Expert
Bulk of Tsunami Debris Expected to Strike Vancouver Island Next Year
March 13
Louisiana Parishes Declare States of Emergency After 19 Inches of Rain
Spring Fever: Record Warmth Likely in Parts of US
Record Heat Cooks Perth, Australia
Sakurajima Erupts Violently for Second Day
Elevated Volcanic Activity for U.S. Volcanoes
Did BP Permanently Rip Open the Gulf Sea Floor Around the Macondo Well?
U.S. Causal Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes Deepens
Santorini: The Ground Is Moving Again in Paradise
March 12
Hurricane-Force Wind Gusts, Snow Hammer Northwest
Warmest Spring in Years to Fuel Active Severe Weather
2nd Canada Avalanche This Week Kills Snowmobiler
Hail. Floods. Tornado. Big Mess in Hawaii
Mexico Withers Under Worst Drought in 71 Years – HOLLY NOTE: This could affect US food prices as 53% of our imported fruit and veggies come from Mexico
NHC Implements New Hurricane Categorization Scale
New Video Shows Fury of Kentucky Tornado
March 9
Tsunami Couldn't Happen Here? Think Again, Say Expert
Japan Earthquakes Increase 500% in 1 Year
Quake Researchers Warn of Tokyo's 'Big One'
7.1 Earthquake Rocks Vanuatu
6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Xinjiang
4.1 Earthquake Hits as Scientists Watch Alaska's Iliamna Volcano
Philippines Rocked by 5.3 Earthquake; No Damage Reported
Easter 2010 Earthquake Revealed New Fault Along California's Salton Sea
Massive Dust Storm Closes N.M. Interstate, Causes Power Outages
Gas Drilling Waste Behind Ohio Quakes
Entire Pacific Nation Could One Day Move to Fiji
Increasing Volcanic Unrest at Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia
Volcano / Earthquake Watch March 8-12, 2012
Two Alaska Volcanoes Show Signs of Activity
Blast Shakes Restless Volcano in Aleutians, Could Affect Air Travel
Mt. Etna Began Erupting March 8, 1669 Eventually Killed Over 20,000
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: 478 Bodies Remain Unidentified One Year On
NOAA: 4th Warmest Winter on Record
March 8
One Year After Disaster at Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Town Remains Frozen in Time
Warmest Spring in Years to Fuel Active Severe Weather
Forecasters: La Niña Gone by End of April, Dry Spell May Plague US South
Strange: “Vertical Earthquake” Caused Explosion at Fukushima's Reactor No. 1
Tropical Storm Irina Killed 73 in Madagascar
Russia Volcano Bezymianny Put on Code Red for Imminent Eruption
March 7
Seismologist Says More Earthquakes Are Inevitable in El Paso
8 Injured as Earthquake Jolts Philippines
Spiders Spin Massive Webs to Survive Aussie Floods
Biggest Single Day March Temp Surge in 36 Years Takes Tuesday Temperatures to 68º – More Typical of May
Rescuers Search for Survivors After Avalanche Kills at Least 47 In Afghanistan Village
The Moment Huge Argentinian Glacier Collapses into Lake Leaves Tourists Awestruck
March 6
Firefighters Battle Brush Fires in Florida
More Than 13,000 Flee East Australia Floods
How Severe an Impact Would the Keystone XL Pipeline Have on the Environment?
Lake’s Water Level Mysteriously Decreasing By the Foot
UN Says 2011 Disasters Were Costliest Ever
Survey: 60% of Californians Not Ready for Big Quake
Japan Tsunami Rubble May Be Headed for Hawaii
Caught on Tape: Cars Skid Over Ohio Black Ice
March 5
4.0 Quake Strikes Near San Francisco
50 Miles of 'Total Devastation' by Twister
Snow Threatens More Misery After Twisters Kill at Least 39
Tornado Drops Boy on Highway, 350 Ft. from Home
Ind. Mom Loses Legs But Saves Kids
Orphaned Toddler, Angel, Found Alone in Field, Dies
Tornados' Path of Destruction – Aerial View
Friday's Tornado Outbreak: Single Day Record for March Broken – at Least 77 Confirmed Tornadoes
Why So Many Tornadoes Are Striking the US
When a Tornado Destroys Everything, What Can You Expect to See?
Etna Has Third Major Eruption of 2012
Owner : "It's Like a Funeral" as Lava Claims Last Home in Hawaii Community
Volcanoes Keep Erupting

Kauai, Parts of Oahu Under Flood Warning; Hanalei Bridge Closed
Historic Floods Force N.J. Families to Leave Lifetime of Memories
Tense Wait as Flood Water in Victoria Creeps Higher
BP Reaches $7.8-Billion Settlement with Oil Spill Plaintiffs
March 2
Town 'Gone,' Others Flattened, Dozens Dead, Many Missing: Twisters Rip Midwest, South
'Enormous Outbreak' of Apparent Tornadoes Hits U.S.
Tornado Wrecks Indiana Town – Reportedly "Gone"
Morning Storms Precede Dangerous Tornado Outbreak
Today's Tornado Setup Similar to 1974 Super Outbreak
Tornado's Aftermath: Illinois City Is Stunned … and Roused to Action
Plumes Erupt from New Madrid Seismic Zone, 2.9M Quake Follows... More Coming?
Driest Winter Since 1940S Raises Red Flags in Spain
Jordan Hit by Rare Snow Storm
Americans Will Need “Black Markets” to Survive
When Catastrophic Weather Hits, 'Disaster Junkies' Form Backbone of US Recovery Network
March 1
Large, Dangerous Tornado Swarm Friday
12 Killed as Violent Storms Ravage Midwest, South
30 Tornadoes...
Powerful Deadly Storms Leave Destruction and Death in Their Wake
Up to 5 Feet of Snow Expected in Calif. Mountains
Nature’s 'Icy Finger of Death' Caught on Tape for First Time
February 29
At Lease 9 Dead, Dozens Injured as Tornadoes Rip Through Heartland
Richmond VA — Washington DC = ‘Force Field’ Repelling or Will It Induce Severe Weather
February 28
Leap Day Blizzard Forecast
End of Month Busy for Severe Weather
Frigid Winters Like Last Year's Could Become More Common as Less Arctic Ice Means More U.S. Snow
Cold Kills 35 Afghan Children
4 Quakes Mag. 4 and Higher Hit Japan in 4 Hours
BP May Settle With Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Victims as Trial Postponed

February 27
Climate Change Will Shake the Earth
New Eruptions at Rincon de la Vieja in Costa Rica
Strongest Quake in 15 years Hits France
6.8 Earthquake Shakes Southwest Siberia
Strong Earthquake Hits South Taiwan
Kilauea Status Report
California Snowpack at 30% of Normal
Blizzard to Close Out February
Queensland's Storm-Battered Sunshine Coast Cleans Up
BP Oil Spill Trial Delayed for Settlement Talks

February 24
Ga. Twister Damages Dozens of Homes
Warm Winter Breeds Early Bug Bonanza

Wildly Different Winter Weather
'We've Got a Billion Dollar Problem, But We Don't Have a Billion Dollars'
Scientists Studying Impact of Virginia's 5.8 Quake
4.4 Earthquake Rattles Kilauea as Swarm Continues
Japan Grows Uneasy About Earthquake Forecasts
Japanese Quake an Ominous Sign for BC 'Megaquake'
Amateur Cameraman Captures Stunning Glowing Cloud in Sky Over Russia
Sky Actually Falling, Scientists
February 23
Earthquake "Swarm" Hits Hawaii's Big Island
Nww Zealand Earthquake: Hard to Move on When Ground Keeps Moving
Winter Storm Blasts Rockies, Plains: Closes Major Highways, Knocks Out Power to Thousands, Raises Avalanche Dangers
Possible Tornado Leaves 1 Dead in Georgia
Top 5 Tornado Myths Debunked
Icelandic Volcano Erupts During Aurora Borealis
Massive Avalanches Kill 16 Soldiers in Indian Kashmir
Japan Monitoring 6 Active Volcanoes in Philippines
Preparing for the Worst as Weather Turns

February 22
Above-Normal Number of Tornadoes Expected in 2012
Why Don't Tornadoes Hit Cities More Often?
Winter Storm Warning for Hawaii's Big Island
Weather Slams Europe, While US Gets Break
6.1 Quake Strikes Eastern Indonesia
Path of Tsunami Debris Mapped Out

England Faces Worst Drought in Generation – Head of Farmers’ Union Warns Food Prices Will Go Up
February 21
Mega Quake in Pacific NW Could Be a Lot Worse Than Experts Have Predicted
4.0 Quake Hits New Madrid Seismic Zone
New Madrid Earthquake Drills: Cover-up Showing Their Hand?
FEMA Friends Will Be Gone "for Some Time"
Tokyo Prepares as Scientists Predict Big Quake
Woman Killed as Thunderstorms Move Through Oklahoma
Tens of Thousands in W.Va. Still Without Power After Snowstorm
New Sinkhole Shocks Philippine Town
Series of Tremors and Quakes Rock Iceland Volcano Katla
Disaster Declarations Extended in NSW

February 20
Denver to Fargo: Snow for Presidents Day
Killer Avalanche Leaves 3 Dead in Washington State
Avalanche Kills 2 Skiers in Norway
Swedish Man Survives Being Trapped in Snow-Covered Car for 2 Months
Chunks of Melting Ice Damage Hundreds of Boats on the Danube
Hottest Weather in 24 Years Hits Miami
Heavy Snow Causes Chaos Across Southern U.S., Leaves 75,000 Without Power
Sun Turns Waterfall into Rare 'Flowing Lava' Spectacle
Drought Summit as Rivers in England Dry Up
Huge Explosion at Japan's Sakurajima Volcano

Restless Aleutian Volcano Could Erupt, Scientists
Unknown Volcanoes Caused the Little Ice Age
World's Driest Desert Hit by Heavy Rains Causing Floods and Mudslides

February 17
Ukraine's Death Toll from Cold Hits 151
Tragedy Unfolding in Europe - Is U.S. Media Trying to Ignore It?
Europe Hammered by Winter, Is North America Next?
Int'l. Disaster Drill Simulates 8.0 Quake Hitting Mexico Unleashing Volcanic Firestorm

Extreme Summer Temperatures Occur More Frequently in U.S. Now, Analysis
Recent Extreme Weather Affected 80% of Americans
Texas Drought Sparks Water Well Drilling Frenzy
February 16
Cold in Eastern Europe Kills More Than 650
25 Million Tons of Tsunami Debris Floating Toward US Shores
8000+ Flood Victims Will Be Isolated Until April
Goats Sit in Trees to Escape Flooding
Lamb With Will to Survive
Volcanologists Monitor New Swarm of Tremors Under El Hierro Island
Vicious Volcanoes Around the World
February 15
Strong 6.0 Earthquake Strikes Off Oregon Coast
One of the Largest Recorded in Oregon's History
California Quake: Officials Warn of Aftershocks after 5.6 Temblor Rocks Northern Coast
5.1 Earthquake Strikes Baja, Mexico
Alaska's Mt. Cleveland Lava Dome Grows 25%
Cat 4 Cyclone Pummels Madagascar
With Climate Change, Today's '100-Year Floods' May Happen Every 3 to 20 Years: Research
Catastrophic Flood Could Sink Sydney Suburbs
Massive Water Tornado Caught on Camera in New Zealand

Scientists a Step Closer to Predicting Tornadoes

What If Earth's Magnetic Poles Flip?
Larry Taylor Blog
February 14
Florida Freeze Snaps Weather Records
Fukushima at Increased Earthquake Risk, Scientists Report
Huge Hail Storm Pummels Sydney's Blue Mountains
Arizona Earthquakes, 1852-2011, Video Time Line
Chaos Rules as Aid Floods into Freezing Refugee Camps
17" Rain Hammers South Africa
Krakatoa: Volcano That Brought Darkness
Volcanoes That Threatens Europe

February 13
Scientists Warn Supervolcano Will Destroy U.S.
Will Breack The Super – Volcano This Year?
Lava Dome in Alaska's Cleveland Volcano Continues to Grow
Disaster Declaration for Hawaii Vog Damage
Utah Earthquake Swarm @ Dormant Volcano Chain — Be Aware the Craton Is Moving

USGS California Volcano Observatory Opens; Clear Lake Volcanic Field on Watch List
Colder Than Moscow: Temperatures Plunge to -18C in Record-Breaking Cold Snap Leading to Major Ice Warning
Snow Blocks in Tens of Thousands as Cold Death Toll Rises
No. Calif. Quake Ugraded to 5.6
4.4 Quake Strikes Near Santa Rosa, Calif.
3.3 Quake Rattles Near Fort Bragg, Calif.
5.8 Earthquake Strikes Costa Rica
Earthquake Shakes Switzerland, No Damage Reported
A City in Ruins: Stunning Aerial Photo Captures Devastation from 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
9 Die in Kosovo Avalanche; Child Survives

Top 10 Disaster Movies That Could Become a Reality
February 10
Snow Sweeps in after 'Perfect Storm' of Showers Falling on Icy Ground Causes Scores of Crashes
Italy Braces for New Wave of Freezing Weather
Dust-clogged Air Sends Hundreds to Emergency Rooms in Israel
Amazing 3-D Images Show How Earthquakes Warp Earth's Surface
New Supercontinent 'Amasia' Will Form Over the Arctic

February 9
Strombolian Explosions from Mt. Etna Volcano and Increasing Tremors
45' Rogue Wave Hammers Huge Cargo Ship Off B.C. Coast
Breaking Global Warming Taboos
Next Supercontinent Will Form in Arctic, Geologists

February 8
3.3 Temblor Rattles Oklahoma 15 Minutes After Quake Drill
Continued Volcanic Rumblings from Pagan in the Mariana Islands
Over 1,200 Aftershocks Hamper Rescue
Hopes Fade for Dozens Buried
Filipino Quake Victims Appeal for Aid
Deadly Freeze, Heavy Snow Keep Slamming Europe
Iced-over Europe Now Hit with Deadly Floods
Death Toll from Europe’s Cold Snap Hits 400 as Explosive Experts Called in to Break Up Serbian Ice
Europe's Cold Will Last for Weeks
January Was USA's 4th-warmest on Record
Global Warming: Like 'Weather on Steroids'
Australian Flood Victims Waiting for Help

February 7
Massive Earthquake Drill Being Held Across Central U.S. Today
2012 Great Central U.S. ShakeOut: 2.3 Million People in 10 States Participate
Can a New Madrid Earthquake Happen Again?
'Unmapped' Fault Caused Philippine Earthquake
Death Toll from Philippines Quakes Jumps to 43
Could Volcanoes Erupt in California?
Washington Says Earthquake More Significant Risk Than Volcano at Mt. Hood
Canary Island Volcano Delights Scientists But Upsets Locals
New Type of Hot Spring May Predict Volcano Blasts
Mt. Cameroon Sends Out Flames in Brief Explosion
European Freeze Disrupts Schools, Transit
Newest Snowstorm Hammering Europe
Colorado Snowboarder Survives Avalanche by Deploying Airbag
Strange Sounds Proven by Scientist – Massive Effort to Cover It Up?

February 6
6.8 Quake in Philippines Kills at Least 13, Buries Homes – HOLLY NOTE: Art Bell and family were in the U.S. at time of the quake
Third Sizeable Earthquake in 2 Years Strikes Texas
Strong 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Vanuatu: Hong Kong Observatory
Extreme Cold Weather Kills Nearly 300 in Europe
Why Is It So Cold Across Europe?
Rare Snows in North Africa
Thousands Evacuated as Flood Waters Rise in Australia
Summer of Extremes Plagues Tasmania
Tropics Trying to Come Alive in the Gulf of Mexico
Why Is Earth Getting 50,000 Tonnes Lighter Each Year?

February 3
Storm Slams Colo. with 6 Feet of Snow, Goes East
Cold Weather Death Toll Passes 100 in Ukraine
Western Canada Struggling with Record Snow-Fall as Rest of Country Goes Dry
The Coming New Ice Age: End of the Global Warming Era?
Mexico Volcano Spews Gas Near Capital
17,000 Residents Trapped as Floodwaters Isolate Australian Towns
Dallas Area 1st in Texas to Emerge from Drought
Drought Forces Texas Town to Haul in Water by Truck
7.1 Earthquake Strikes Vanuatu Region
Scientists Worry Alaska Volcano, ‘Cleveland’, Could Blow Soon
Death Valley Volcano "May Explode at Any Time"

February 2
Blizzard Takes Aim at Colorado, Nebraska
-26.5ºF in Europe: Thousands Stranded, Leaves Over 100 Dead
Dozens Killed as Icy Weather Grips Japan
Worst Floods for 'Decades' Strike New South Wales Town
Mega Volcanoes 'May Be Predicted'
San Andreas Fault May Look Like a Propeller, Scientists Find
Methane Gas Hydrates - Vast Energy Resource or Ecological Disaster Awaiting?

More Winter for U.S., But Not 6 Weeks
February 1
Small Tremor Rattles Faults Around New Madrid Region
What If 'The Big One' Rocked St. Louis?
Fingerprints of a Monster Quake
New Quake Risks Seen for Nuclear Plants
Map of Earthquake Risks Is Updated
The Coming Apocalypse: The Pacific Ring of Fire Heating Up for Last 2 Years

Alaskan Volcano Could Erupt, Disrupt International Air Travel
Strangely Moving Antarctic Lakes Surprise Researchers
Europe Freeze: Heavy Snow Across the Continent
January 31
Bitter Cold Records Broken in Alaska – All Time Coldest Record Nearly Broken
Cold Weather Kills at Least 60 in Eastern Europe
30-Foot Waves Pound Shores of Hawaii
Study Finds 50-Year Burst of Tropical Eruptions Spawned Enduring ‘Little Ice Age’
Drought Dries Up Mexico's Marijuana Crop

January 30
Harshest Cold Spell in Years for Fairbanks, Alaska
Northeast Faces Dangerous Snow Squalls
Fla. Fire and Fog: 'End of the World' Feeling in Crashes That Killed 10
9th Avalanche Death of the Season – Experts Warn Risk of Slides Could Remain High All Winter
6.3 Earthquake Shakes Peru, at Least 60 Injured
U.S. to Begin Large-Scale Emergency Preparedness Drills for New Madrid Seismic Zone
More Strong Earthquakes Predicted for Haiti, Dominican Republic: Report
Where Did Haiti's Aid Go?
Popocatépetl Volcano Eruption Mayhem Reported by India TV News
Arigato from the Japan Earthquake Victims
Winter Cold Snap Kills 32 in Eastern Europe
Natural Disaster Zones Declared In Nsw After Flooding
January 27
Snow Buries Parts of East, Central Europe
Is First Major Storm of February Coming?
Weird Winter in Yosemite, Driest in 30 Years
Cyclone and Bushfires Threaten Western Australia
Fear Comes Flooding Back as Waters Rise Again
2nd Earthquake in 2 Days Rattles Greek Islands
Haiti Could Be in New Earthquake Cycle, Scientists
Massive Earthquake Coming Expected in Jamaica
Portugal on Verge of Extreme Drought
No Need to Panic About Global Warming
Global Cooling Coming? Archibald Uses Solar and Surface Data to Predict 4.9°C (9ºF) Fall

January 26
Drivers, Residents Rescued from High Waters in Texas
2 Tornadoes Confirmed in Southeast Texas
Weak Snowpack, Heavy Snow Raising Avalanche Danger
Snow Collapses Hockey Rink Roof Seconds after Kids Skate Off
Mississippi, Alabama on Edge with New Severe Storm Risk
Rumblings on Vancouver Island Sparks Mystery

Hundreds of Tourists Stranded as Kruger National Park Floods
Magnetic Reversal “Imminent,” Says National Geographic
USDA Confirms Warm Latitudes Move North = New Plants Will Grow = Russia North Pole
Landslides Hit Third Country in 24 Hours- 15 Feared Dead in Fiji and Pakistan
Fiji Declares Disaster as Flood Toll Rises to 6
The Groaning Earth
Google Adds Emergency Alerts to Maps

January 25
60 Dead or Missing as Massive Landslide Buries 2 Towns
Colorado Deaths Sad Reminder That Ski Resorts Not Immune to Avalanches
Tornado Warning for Houston
2 Moderate Earthquakes Shake Northern Italy
What the Frack? It’s Damaging Water Supplies and Causing Earthquakes
Are January Tornadoes a Sign of a Bad Severe Weather Season?

Rivers Burst, Towns Flood in New South Wales
Queensland Gets Drenching Amid Warnings of 8 More Inches Rain Coming
January 24
Violent Tornadoes Decimate Alabama Towns
Birmingham Alabama Tornado: Video, Ten January F4 Tornadoes in US Since 1959
6.2 Offshore Earthquake Causes Panic, No Tsunami in Chile
Tokyo 'Has 70% Chance of Powerful Earthquake Within 4 Years'
Fracking Shakes the Earth
Fracking Gets Its Own "Occupy" Movement
Explosive Volcano May Lurk Beneath Death Valley
Situation Deteriorating in Flooded South-East Qld

January 23
2, Possibly 3, Killed in Alabama as Storms, Tornadoes Sweep Southeast
'Unusual' Winter Tornado May Have Been on Ground for 2 Hours
'Bama Twisters Destroy at Least 170 Homes, 150 More Damaged
Reno Wildfire That Destroyed 29 Homes Contained – Flash Floods Feared Follow
Downed Tree Kills Man at Yosemite as Storm Hits CA
6.2 Mexico Earthquake in Chiapas Shakes Region
17 Die When Wild Weather Capsizes Boat in Iran
Blizzard in Northern Israel Shuts Down Ski Resort
Avalanche Danger Rises to ‘High' Across Colorado
5.0 Earthquake Hits Hawaii, at Least 20 Aftershocks Felt
Tropical Cyclone Funso Threatens Southeast Africa
5 Killed by First Tropical Storm to Hit Southern Mozambique Since 1984
Utah Snow Storm Brings Car Crashes
5 (skip to 2:15)
January 20
About 250,000 Customers Without Power from NW Storm That Now Threatens Flooding
State of Emergency in Washington Declared
Last Night's Northeast Snow and Cold Just an Appetizer
Officials Warn of Extreme Avalanche Dangers in Utah Mountains
What Happened to All the Snow?
Weather Gone Wild: Snow in the Sahara Desert
Nevada Evacuates 10,000 People, at Least 20 Homes Burn, 1 Dead in Reno Wildfire Earthquake Shakes Missoula, Montana
Iran Quake Leaves at Least 230 Injured
3 Struck by Lightning in Perth
Turrialba Volcano Still Active and Keeping Neighbors on Edge
2 More Billion-Dollar Disasters Added to 'Extreme' 2011

January 19
Freak Snowstorm Slams Japan, Breaks All Records

Widespread Snowstorm Wallops Pacific NW
9 Tornadoes Confirmed in Kentucky
Heavy Snow Paralyses Most of Turkey – Breaks Gas Record Use
Extreme Wind Chill Hits Canada
Chill Map
New Alert for Costa Rica Volcano
5.6 Quake Strikes Iran Injuring 36 People
Skyquakes: Warnings from Earth's Destabilizing Core
Disasters in 2011 Cost Record $366 Billion
Can La Niña Predict the Next Pandemic?
January 18
Seattle: Winter's Worth of Snow in 1 Day
Rare Snowstorm Shuts Down Seattle
Ohio Storms Flood Streets, Knock Out Power, Take 2 Columbus Television
Extreme Wind Chill Continues to Grip Region B.C.

January 17
Worst Blizzard Since '85? Seattle Braces for Storm That Could Dump TWICE Its Annual Snowfall
Massive Alaska Snowfall Cancels Dog Sledding's 'Toughest 300 Miles'
Extreme Cold Closes Canada Olympic Park

Fire Destroys 3,500-year-old Tree
Debilitating Drought to Continue Across Southern US
January 16
25 Volcanoes Showing Abnormal Activity
Volcano Creates New Island in the Red Sea
Very Strong Earthquakes Near Antarctic Elephant Island
Large-scale Seismic Activity Rising Along Planet’s Southern Pole
Behind the Ohio Earthquakes: Big Money Leads to Big Risks
Rare Caterpillar-like Horizontal Earthquake Discovered
Ingredients on Deck for Historic Seattle Snowstorm
Scientists Say Cut Soot, Methane to Curb Warming

January 13
First Tornado of 2012 Confirmed in Texas
First Winter Blast Disrupts Flights, Schools

January 12
Rain Worsens Alaska Town's 'Snowpocalypse'
25-foot Sea Ice Ridge Confronts Alaska Fuel Convoy – Gas Already $6/Gallon
Anchorage on Pace for Snowiest Winter on Record
Near Blizzard Impacting the Midwest
Vicious, Rare January Tornado Rips Through North Carolina Injuring at Least 15 People
Earthquakes Expected Along Rio Grande Rift in Colorado and New Mexico, New Study Says

January 11
European Ski Resorts in 'Lockdown' After Freak Snowfalls Cut Road, Rail And Air Links
Snow-starved California Preps for Its Driest Year on Record
No Shortage of Winter: It's Blasting Alaska
U.S. is 1 Storm Away from Energy Crisis
From Record Highs to Bitter Cold in 24 Hours
6 Earthquakes in South Carolina Foreshadows 'the Big One'
7.3 Quake Hits Off Coast of Indonesia
Haiti Still Suffering 2 Years After Earthquake
Australia Port Shut as Cyclone Heidi Bears Down
Fire Chief Worries Cool, Wet Summer Has Dampened Bushfire Vigilance
Earthchanges: Time Acceleration and Collapse
January 10
Heavy Storms in Houston Cut Power, Delay Airline Flights
Severe Storm, Tornado Threat Shifts to Central Gulf Coast
At Least 8 Dead in Brazil Landslide
Death Toll from ComVal Landslide up to 36

January 9
Roofs Collapse in Alaska Town Hit by 18 Feet of Snow
State of Emergency Continues – National Guardsmen Called In
Philippine Rescuers Dig Deep for Landslide Missing
Comet and Great Drought of 2011-2012: Rain Absent from China to South America
7 Indonesian Volcanoes on Alert
Mexico Suffered Drought, Freeze, Floods in 2011
Drought Threatens Only Surviving Whooping Cranes
In Texas' Worst Drought on Record, Trees Dying by the Millions
Extreme Is the New Normal
Grass Fire Damage Surveyed in Southern Alberta
Strong Earthquake Strikes Off Santa Cruz Islands, No Damage

January 6
U.S. Snow Drought Could Have Serious Implications
Record-Shattering Warmth in the Plains Moves East
50 Chile Wildfires Kill 6 Firefighters, 3 Missing
Wildfires Rage in Australia and New Zealand
** 1
La Niña Forecast to Last into Spring 2012

January 5
Mt. Etna Spews Fire in 1st Eruption of 2012
Low Visibility Sparks Massive Pileup on Texas Highway 73
Sea Shepherd Vessel Severely Damaged by Rogue Wave
Magma Causing Uplift in Oregon – May Indicate Imminent Eruption
Europe's Super Volcano Shows Signs of life (Updated)
German Volcano Could Devastate Europe
Drought Doomed Ancient City of Angkor
2011 Was Costliest Year in World Disasters

January 3
Wintry Weather Causes 41-Car Pileup in Kentucky
95 mph Gale-Force Winds Close Bridges, Ports – Bringing Floods, Power Cuts, Misery to Millions
Extreme Cold Weather Continues to Pound Toronto
Is a Super-Volcano Just 390 Miles from London About to Erupt?
Earth at its Closest Point to Sun this Week
Inuit People on Sun Wrong, Stars Wrong, Earth Tilting on Axis
El Hierro’s Unprecedented Long Eruptive Phase Surprises Scientists
Iceland's Super-Volcano Threatens to Erupt
Haiti: 7 Places Where the Earthquake Money Did and Did Not Go
European Airline Prepares for Next Volcano
How Cosmic Rays Can Image the Throat of an Active Volcano

January 2
Blinding Lake-Effect Snow, Squalls into Tuesday
Extreme Cold Weather Alert Issued for Toronto
An Extreme Fire Warning Issued for Victoria During 104ºF Degree Weather
Why Was Mother Nature Raging in 2011 1
Official: 4 Ohio Wells Cannot Open in Wake of 4.0 Quake
Ohio Geologist: More Earthquakes Possible
Earthquakes Rising by Unprecedented Levels
5.5 Quake Leaves 10,000 New Zealanders Without Power
NZ Earthquake Woes to Intensify
7.0 Quake Shakes Japan

Hellish Wind Torpedoes Branch Through Car Window Skewering Driver
South Pole Records Warmest Temperature on Record
Extreme Weather Losses Massive in 2011