Message from Farming Family in Midsouthern Illinois

July 20, 2012

Hi, love your site. Thank you.

I truly don't think the average person, especially in the non-farm areas have any idea of how this drought will affect them. My hubby and I farm approx 300 acres (rent). Not only will food prices soar but farmers in this area will not be replacing equipment which will affect workers in all ag areas, including building new farm equipment, sales, etc... There are already ads in our local papers to buy corn off the field for sileage. Mainly, that consists of the stalk, leaves and very little kernels. To put out 300 acres of corn and soybeans, our cost minus the fuel and upkeep of equip. is approx $75,000. At this point, we are hoping to only lose half of this! No where near breaking even.

We also operate a large excavating company. Rarely do we take a day off. Most of our clothes, etc.. are used from yard sales, thrift shops, clearance racks. We just replaced our 14 yr old minivan with an 8 yr old minivan. We have 3 sons all still in school. Our health insurance is $20,000 per yr. Needless to say, we live on a tight budget but the Good Lord has shown His love for us daily. We love our simple life and are so thankful to God for our children.

Thanks for the site and I listen to Stan on shows.